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CoE Chair's Harvard+Einstein-educated Prof. Tsiodras (Greece/Australia): HCQ+ is Safe Cure v. Virus

Written by ACM
Monday, 01 June 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- KickStarting the 1st ever PanEuropean CoE Series of High Level Public Debates on the Pandemic Virus and Human Rights, which aims to "Examine All the Angles" in order to Prepare, at the End, the "GuideLines" on Pandemics, for 47 Member Countries (including Russia, etc), due to be adopted by CoE's  Top Political Body, its Committee of Ministers, at their Summit of November 2020 in Athens, as said Today the New CoE's Chairmann-in-office, Greek Minister for European affairs, Miltiades Varvitsiotis, (a Young but Experienced Long-Time former MEP at CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, where he was Recently Elected vice-President of its Biggest Group, that of Christian-Democrats/EPP),




the "Harvard" and "Einstein"-educated Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, PhD, Head of the "National Team of Experts" on the Virus in Greece (which Chairs the CoE from May to November 2020), Specialized on Infections, including HIV, and Leading-Author of a Recent Study on "COVID-19" Published at the USA,  

Surprized Positively by stressing that "HCQ+AZ" Cure is "Safely" still "Used" to Help "Cure" People against that Deadly Virus,  

Despite Recent Controversies "in Some Countries", notoriously Provoked Only by a (as "Eurofora" found, See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html, etc) "Bogus Study" (with more than 11 Big Flaws : See ibid), Earlier published by an Indo-Pakistani Cardiologist (sic !) at a UK Review, currently with an Anti-Trump Manager, (which served as Pretext for some "Temporary" Doubts, Falsely Attibuted to the "WHO" itself, as "Eurofora" observed, Based on Facts : See Infra, and at: ..., etc).


Even if he spoke, as a matter of Principle, at least for the 850 Millions of COE's Total Population at the PanEuropean Area, (including Russia, etc), nevertheless, even the particular Experience of Greece, appears Interesting, Because of its Moderate/"Good" Results, with Comparatively Less Infections and Deaths than Many Other Countries in Europe. However, Tsiodras' Overall View on the Pandemic, naturally Includes also China and the USA, etc., as we shall see, (Comp. Infra).



Australia-Born (Sydney) Tsiodras, after Graduating as a Dr. of Pathology from Athens' University, Worked at "Albert EINSTEIN HealthCare (and Research) Network", HeadQuartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA), and Specialized in Infectious Diseases at "Beth Israel Deaconess" Medical Center and "HARVARD" Medical School, (USA), where he Became a "Research Fellow", and Obtained a "MASTER of Arts" on Medical Science, before his "PhD" Thesis on "HIV Infection", at Athens University, "Cum Laude".

+ Recently(April 2020), Professor Tsiodras became the Leading Author of a New Collective Study on COVID-19's Origins, Published by USA's "National Center for Biotechnology Information" (NCBI), part of the NIH Network, i.e. "the Largest BioMedical Research facility in the World".

++ In Addition, he has Nowadays become very Popular, according to several Polls in Greece, (as Head of the National Team of Experts in the Fight against the Virus), according to several Polls, as well as many Medias, including the French mainstream Newspaper "Figaro", and "RFI", the "New York Times", etc.



- "Therapy was a Big Issue", Because, "as it's well-Known, there was No Proven Therapy When all this Started", (around December 2019 in China, and February 2020 in the EU), Professor Tsiordas Carefully stressed from the outset.

=> - That's why "we are talking", more Precisely, "about <<Potentialy Effective Therapies>> against the Virus", until Now, he observed.

>>> This includes, First of all, "ChloroQuine" (HCQ+), "and the Combination between (Hydroxy)ChloroQuine and Azithromycine, from a French Group, against the CoronoVirus, and Some Other Combinations", he Characteristicaly Resumed.

    + "Including Anti-<<HIV>> Medication (i.e. "Lopinavir", etc. : See Infra), and Other Medications, like One which had been Tried, in the Past, against <<Ebola>> (in Africa, But notoriously Failed there, i.e. "Remdesivir" : See Infra), that we found (but, until now, Only) in the Lab, to be effective also against this Virus", he added.

    - Another, but Related (See Infra), "Big Thing, was : - <<Who to Treat ?>>. And there was (Initially) a Consensus, accross (most) Countries, and Decisions by Scientific Councils, to Focus" (at First) "on Therapy for <<Moderate to Severe>> Diseases' Patients" mainly, Tsiodras Observed.

    - "Some Countries elected to Treat those Patients by Including them Only into Clinical Trials. Certain Other Countries, prefered to give them WhatEver was supposedly Effective, at this Point, and, then, Add, any New Therapy, as an <<Add-On>> Therapy", he continued with Flexibility.

     - But, this "was Not Allowed for Some Protocols, like for the <<Ebola>> Drug, <<Remdesivir>>, so they Had to give them Just that (Only). And, we Moved accross a very, very <<Thin Line>>, in order to Decide what to Give to our Patients", intialy mainly "Moderate and Severe Patients", (Comp. Supra), he Warned.   

    + "And, especially, gain ACCESS : Give Access to Everybody who Needed it, Not Only to the High-Risk Patients", (But Also to those who, at least Initially, appeared to have, comparatively, Moderate Symptoms, up to a certain point : See Infra).

    - In Fact, ..."Nobody Knows" Yet, if something is Only a so-called "Confort" Drug, but, perhaps, "Not an Actual" Drug, which can Cure, as some say. "Until you have the Results of what we call <<Randomized>> Clinical Trials". I.e. there, "where you give to (about) Half of the People a <<Placebo>>, essentialy a Non-Drug, But a Pill which (Only) Looks like the Drug to receive, or a Vial, for the Intra-Veinus Injection (in the case of "Remdesivir"), and the Other Half gets the (Real) Therapy", Tsiodras reminded Carefully.         

    + "And", there, "People have what we call <<Adapted Design>>, that could Give you 4 or 5 Different Regiments" : F.ex., "A Man has taken the So and So ("HCQ+AZ") Regiment, anOther has taken the "Ebola" Drug ("Remdesivir" : Comp. Supra), Others have taken the "Combination" Drug (... : Ibid), and anOther was given the "Placebo". In order to Ensure that the vast Majority of Patients would be Receiving something Potentialy Efficient". "But", perhaps, "Potentialy Toxic, as well", he Admited..., (at least as long as there is Not Yet a sufficient Scientific Knowledge of a Virus).

    * => - "This is part of our List", showed to the Audience, Professor Tsiodras, pointing Today at a Board where ..."HCQ" (with or withOut "AZ") Figured at ...the FIRST RANK, of 3 Main Groups of potential Cures against the Deadly Virus, (even Marked with a Mention to an Official "GUIDANCE", apparently concerning the Way to Use it efficiently)...

    * On the Contrary, "Remdesivir" figured Only at the 2nd Rank, and accompagnied by a Mention of the Fact that it aWaited, still, for the Results of "Clinical Trials" to come. (Particularly after 2 Trials in China were Notoriously ... Abandoned, while a 3rd one, Resulted in very Negative Conclusions, Revealing Dangerous "Side-Effects", No real Cure, and Even a Risk for slightly More Deaths ! See : ..., etc).

    * At a 3rd Group, figured at least Three "Other" Potential Cures, considered in a "Dynamic (i.e. currently Evolving) Process", for which another "Guidance" was also mentioned (Comp. Supra) :

- (a) -  "Lopinavir" etc., ("Anti-HIV" Drug) in "Combination" with "Interferon" (Comp. Supra) ;

- (b) - "Immune...=> Anti-Corps, Convalescent Plasma", (an initialy Practiced in China Idea, Backed in the West, particularly by the Director of USA's powerful "Food and Drug Administration" : FDA, with some Reserves, however, on the Quantity or Quality of Various possible Versions) ;

- (c) - Vaguely, a Diverse Group of "Other Trials", including, f.ex., with "Colchicine", different Anti-Corps, and/or "Solidarity", (Series of Collective Projects, currently by 17 Countries, inside the WHO, [the Two Thirds of which is, however, Composed, once again, by "HCQ+" and "Remdesivir" ... Comp. Supra]), "etc"...

    => Indeed, according to "Our List", "we Gave <<ChloroQuine or HydroxyChloroquine, (HCQ)>>, with or withOut <<AZ>>, which was Included in our Scientific Guidance", Professor Tsiordas confirmed, from the outset.

    + But, "Remdesivir we gave as a Part, Initially, of what we called "Expanded Access" Program, then a "Clinical Trial" Program, and Now an "Early Access" Program, where several Hosts Participate", he analytically highlighted. "And, Now, (i.e. Just After the Slandering of "HCQ+" via a Bogus "Study", full of Big Flaws: See .., etc), I Hear that the EU's Medicine Agency (Earlier Based in the UK) is going to Fast-Track this Drug, in order for People to have it", he noted.

    - However, even if "this Drug has shown to be, Approximatively 60% Effective in Severely ill Patients" Only, Nevertheless, "we do Not Know (yet) what its Effect might (eventualy) be in Mild to Modestly severe Diseases", he pointed out.  And this is Part of the Problem", he Regretted : I.e., "When you face a New Virus, a New Pandemic, there is No Established Therapy !"

    + "At the Same Time (Comp. Supra), there was a New Protocol Published for the (initialy) Anti-HIV Drug "Lopinovar" (?) with "Ribavirin", a well Known Anti-Virus Agent, But with some Toxicity"..., he Warned.

    - Together "with Inteferon, (See in relevant overall Schema), which is a Normal Reply to Viruses. This <<Combined>> Regiment, (L + R + I) is, Now, part of a New Guidance, which was Issued Last Week (f.ex.) in Greece, and Can be Given to Patients, Alone, or With the "Remdesivir", IF they have it", he Announced.


    >>> However, "We Continue (to Use) the Guidance for "HCQ" (i.e., initially the 1st, and Most Popular Candidate Cure, as even an International Poll among Doctors, recently Published at "Washington Times" clearly revealed : Comp. Supra), Professor Tsiodras Firmly stressed.

    - Even if there has been, Recently, "a Big Debate, about it, and Some Countries actually Banned the Use of "HCQ" among the Patients and Populations", he Observed. (Curiously, f.ex., France, which has, paradoxically, Both some among its Best Supporters, and the Most Dogmatic Opponents of it...).

    - Tsiodras attributed that Sudden Negative Move, Mainly "Because they said we Want to See the <<Randomized>> Trials", i.e. "<<Placebo>> Versus Drug", (Comp. Supra).

    But he certainly Knows that this InSufficiency of Trials with "Placebo" Groups in such Trials (i.e. Patients who do Not Take Any Drug against this Deadly Virus) Pre-Existed, Already, since a Long Time ago... It's, moreover, an Obvious HYPOCRISY to Ask for More Trials' Data, at the Same Time that some, notoriously, look Eager to Hinder not only the simple Use, but also the Trials of HCQ+ (sic !), Undermining even Science !



    + And, as he, Also, Observed Himshelf, Later Today (See Infra), there is, indeed, "an Ethical Problem" about Not Giving, to some Patients, Any Drug for Cure at all, against a "Deadly" Virus, But "Only a Placebo" which canNot Protect their "Lives", when they are at Stake, as it's Obviously the case Nowadays vis-a-vis "COVID-19", which, Already, has Notoriously made a Record-High Number of Deaths in Europe, transforming it in ...the Most Deadly Continent, by that Virus, in the World ! (This was, by the way, also the Main Argument of the Strongest Supporter of "HCQ+" in France, Professor Didier Raoult, evoking, at this point, Every Medical Doctor's Main Duty to Heal and Save Human Lives, (according to the Elementary "Oath of HIppocrates" !).

    ++ In fact, he shouldn't ignore, no more, that the Main Pretext for such a Sudden "U-Turn", (and/or a Serious Aggravation of the Obstacles Curiously Put by some Against "HCQ"'s use in the Fight versus "COVID-19"), was, just a Few Days Ago, the Publication, in a UK Review, (currently Managed by an Openly "Anti-Trump" CEO !), of an Excessively Negative and mainly ...Bogus "Study", led by an Indo-Pakistani ...Cardiologist (sic !), Not a Virus/Infections' Specialist, and Stained by at least ...11 Big Flaws (as "Eurofora" found : See ... + ..., etc),  made by a Team who ..."Never Saw, Not even One, Patient" affected by that Virus, (as Professor Raoult Denounced), But Merely ...Copied Remotely Collected Data, Registered by Other People, Elsewhere in the World, and, therefore, Practically very Difficult, if not Impossible, to Check and Verify, Automatically Harvested Only via Internet Computer Networks set up by a Commercial Company, (Founded and Controlled by one of those Controversial co-Authors) !    

    +++ - Moreover, even Nowadays, "We saw some (real, Direct Trials') Data, from the initial Group (pro-HCQ) of (French) Professor RAOULT, that went (Recently) Up to MANY THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS", (More than 2.600 Now, and about 6.700 in Total, "Retrospectively", i.e. Since the Beginning of his Many, Successive Trials on HCQ+AZ), "with VERY GOOD RESULTS", (Nowadays Concluded on a ...99,5% Survival of People Affected by that Virus, i.e. "the Highest Survival Rate in the World !"), "and, thus, We DECIDED TO KEEP IT !", (the HCQ+ Cure), at least "For the Moment", Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, carefuly but clearly Announced.

    ++++ In Addition, - "We did NOT HAVE ANY Signal of TOXICITY IN OUR PATIENTS' Population !", by the Use of HCQ, Also Revealed Tsiodras Today, Contrary to what that Bogus "Study", Full of Big Flaws, (Comp. Supra), Obviously, had Excessively Claimed. - "But, I remind that Our Patients' Population (which uses HCQ+ Cure) is received at the Hospitals, it's ver, very Close to (Medical) Observers' Environment", he noted, (as Also that of Professor Raoult, whose Studies' Conclusions -particularly, f.ex., that of 1.061 Patients, Published Earlier- clearly show an Important "Attention" on eventual Counter-Indications of any kind).

    +++++ "And", (at any case), "We Shall Analyse Our Data (on HCQ+), as well, for some MORE EVIDENCE...", Finaly Announced the Key Medical Representative of CoE's Greek Presidency, (speaking, Timely, at a Moment when the WHO, at Nearby Geneva, is reportedly Seeking Urgently more relevant Informations on that "Hot" Issue).


    - Meanwhile, "Colchicine" (Comp. relevant "List" Supra), was Also Part of a Big Trial inn Greece, the very Interesting "GRECO" Trial, by Cardiologists, Because Colchicine has a Cardio-Protective Effect. It's a very Cheap Drug, (as, notoriously, also the HCQ), its' only Side Effect is Diarroia. Friends from the University have Used it, in More than 100 Patients, and we had some Good, but Preliminary, Data". So, "we'll see how this, very Cheap, and very Easy to use Drug, May Help in the Future Management fof this Disease", he, Optimistcally, observed.

    + "AnOther Big Thing was "Immune Modulations" (Comp. relevant "List", Supra), "Because, as it's well known, part of what was Important, for this Virus, were the Severe Manifestations, that, Usually, were seen a Few Days after the Initial Attack by that Virus", he added. Thus, "5 or 7 Days Afterwards, People would Develop that Huge Inflammatory Reaction".

    - But, in some cases, "we could be Talking, as we Talk Now, and, in a Couple of Hours, I would be InTubated !", he Warned. "That would be Part of he fact that the Virus was Attacking my Lungs, and giving me No Reserve, But would Follow in a Precipitacy"... Thus "it's very Important". "People speak about a Pulse ... to Monitor Oxygen, (and) we Face it (even) in the Hospital !", he Warned.

    - "So, in This Part of the Inflamatory Reaction, No Anti-Virus would be Succesful". On the Contrary, "the Only thing that Could be Succesful, would be Anti-Inflamatory Medication, like <<Anti-IL6>>, (Comp. relevant List, Supra), which was one of the Anti-Inflamatory Anti-Corps, that the Human Organism was Producing". But, initialy, "we were Beiieving that it was Part of a Reaction, which was Harmful"...  Also "anOther Big Greek Group, which was a Pioneer, from my Hospital, did Similar Studies", he confirmed.

    - However, "this one Can Have some Other Harmful Side-Effects :" F.ex. "it  Can Increase what we call "the Potential to be Attacked by Other Bacteria !", he Warned...

    => "So, it Supresses the Inflammatory Reaction, which is Part of your Body's Response to the Virus, But, at the Same Time, it Can Give you Susceptibility to Other Bacteria". I.e., "It's sort of <<Walking at the Edge>>, as we say"...


    + "And, of course, you have Heard about <<Convalescent Plasma>> (Comp. relevant "List", Supra), which is Plasma that comes from Donors, who had Suffered by this Disease" (COVID-19), But managed to Survive, "that we Take with a Special Procedure", he added.

    - F.ex., "a big Study from the University of Athens, is Coordinated for giving Plasma, and it's, I Think, 6 or 7 People who have Got it, so far, and we had, also, some Encouraging Results from Abroad, Last Week", he Optimisticaly observed.

    + "And we are Following the Convalescent Plasma, by (Angio)Therapy : It's a Cheap Therapy, where we use the People who passed the Disease, and they Give you the Plasma in 3 succesful Donations, every Other Day. Some Data to become Hopeful may come from Abroad, since, at least for the Time being, it's Too Early yet, for Countries like Greece, etc. since Only (comparatively) a Few People have already got that convalescent Plasma from Donors in Greee.


    Meawhile, "it's very Important to have Stock-Piles of Medicine, when you deal with such kind of things", "in Times of UnCertainty".  So, there was, f.ex. Procurement of "HCQ", etc., he observed.


    + And, as "whenever you Face something which is potentialy Lethal", there are "very Important" "Ethical Dilemmas with Placebo Trials", Professor Tsiodras added, saying that he's publishing on such BioEthical Issues mainly "with French and German collegues".

    Thus, f.ex., concerning, in particular, HCQ+ Trials, the "PLACEBO" Issue raises Key "Ethical Problems", as Also Professor Raoult has observed, (Comp. Supra), on the occasion of "Control Group" discussions, in relation to Trials, and the Need to Save Human Lives.


    For the rest, Professor Tsiodras Highlighted the current Importance of efficient Cures agaist the Virus, since a Vaccine (among the Many which are being prepared and Tested currently) might not arrive before the End of the Year, approximatively, at best..

    In fact, we do Not want to Hastily fabricate something which might Not be well "Accepted" by the People, he stressed, in substance,  in order to Avoid a Similar "Big Failure" as that which notoriously occured Back on 2009, (against the H1N1 Virus), when Most People had "Refused", then, the proposed Vaccines...


From this point o view, Obviously, the issues of a Vaccine and/or a Cure against the Virus, appear somehow interrelated :

- An Efficient and Well-Accepted Vaccine would, probably, Need a little bit More Time to prepare, so that, Meanwhile, (and as long as the Number of Deaths remains as High as it is now), Everything would practicaly depend from the Timely Existence of a Life-Saving Cure, of the Largest possible use...

On the Contrary, if there is Not Any Cure able to, at least, alleviate the current Gravity of that Virus' Threat against Human Lives, then, inevitably, the Pressure for an Urgently Needed Vaccine would Augment considerably, with the Risk to Push towards some too Hasty, precipitated, and/or Incomplete moves for a Vaccine, with the obvious Risk to make something too Hasty resulting in a Failure, as back on 2009 (Comp. Supra).

The WHO had, apparently, well understood that InterRelation, so that, Since March 2020 it had Not Launched, nor funded Other Research Programs and Trials, but just for Urgently Needed Cures, (such as HCQ+, Remdesivir, Lopinavir, etc. Comp. Supra), also because Vaccines would take a Too Long Time to Safely Develop...  

=> But, when, Recently, a Bogus "Study" appeared to Threaten and/or Delay the HCQ+ Cure Solution, (Comp. Supra), then, Suddenly, the WHO Announced its Decision to Start Launching also ...Vaccine Research Programs and Trials, for the 1st Time, just Last Week, from May 27 !


Now, Back on the Obviously Crucial Issue of Cures, Already since March 2020, in an Extensive Analysis Published at the Review "Science", the Authors clearly Leaned towards Not Predicting Any serious Chance to WHO's Cure Research Program's 3rd Branch, that which was related mainly with "Lopinavir", etc. The Following Developments, and even Professor Tsiodras' analysis Today, (Comp. Supra), Basically do Not Refute that prediction...        

Meanwhile, if not the Only, at least One of the Few Fully Published and Credible Studies, until now, on Trials with "Remdesivir", that of a Chinese Team, (even cooperating with "Gilead" Company which pushes that Drug), notoriously gave Negative Results : I.e., Not Any perceptible Amelioration of Patients' situation, (on the Contrary, even a slight trend towards More Deaths !), and, in Addition, much More Patients ...Abandoning the Remdesivir Group (Not the Others), because of Negative Side-Effects !

And, Notoriously, Remdesivir is much More Expensive, and Patent-Controlled by Big Pharma's "Gilead" Company, even More Cumbersome : Indeed, it needs an ...IntraVeinous Injection, every time, (Instead of a Simple Pil).

Last, but not least, "HCQ+" and "Remdesivir" (the 2 main Branches of WHO's Cure Research Program, until now), appear Based on clearly Opposed Strategies and even Philosophies :

- "HCQ+AZ" reportedly Aim to, basically, Help Strengthen the Natural Human Immune System, (particularly when Associated, more and more Often, also with "Zinc"), by Fighting against the Infection of Cells by the Virus, through the Protection of their DNA.

- On the Contrary, "Remdesivir"'s reported Aim is to Penetrate inside Human Cells' DNA, (already Infected by the Virus), and make some Genetic Manipulations which would Block the Virus' Replication (ReProduction) inside that.  

+ In Addition, "HCQ" is, notoriously, a Well Known and Succesfull Drug, largely Used, Already since the ...2nd World War, so that all its Contre-Indications, eventual Side-Effects, etc., are perfectly Known, making Easy for Medical Doctors to be able to do what is necessary in order to ensure the Protection of their Patients. That's one reason more, for which, if Patients are treated Carefully, it's generaly considered as a "Safe" Drug.

On the Contrary, the (initially) "Ebola"-designed "Remdesivir", notoriously is a Novel Drug whose Eventual Side-Effects and/or Counter-Indications, do Not yet Seem Entirely Controlled, (Comp. Supra), while, its Possible ...Long-Term Effects (f.ex. Years Later), Obviously still stay Completely UnKnown ! (F.ex., particularly by Manipulating Genes, it's like Jumping inside UnChartered Waters)...                                            


=> In these Conditions, it appears Both Astonishing and InComprehensible, for which Real Motives, some Lobbies, Suddenly, Rushed, even with a lot of Balderdash, Obviously Excessive and/or UnFounded Accusations and ill-Documented Claims, Abusing of Misleading and/or "Fake News", Caricatural Methods, Avoiding any Serious Public and/or Scientific Debate, constantly Multiplying blatantly Narrow Ultimatums, (f.ex.: "in 2 Days", "in 24 Hours", "in 1 Day", etc), adding Censorship (See Infra), and, in general, UnWarned Attacks, full of Relentless Hostility, etc., in order to rapidly and at any price, totaly Undermine, Restrict, and Exclude that "HCQ+AZ+Zinc" Cure against the Virus !

- However, it's notoriously Becoming the Most Popular Anti-Virus Drug in the World, (See, f.ex., recent International Poll, recently published by Washington Times, etc).

- However, in the Current Circumstances, as well as they were Today Resumed by Professor Tsiodras, in the above-mentioned CoE's Video-Conference, (Comp. Supra), "HCQ+"'s Potential Use, Also for "PROPHYLAXIS", (like, f.ex., even US President Don Trump just revealed that he did with his Medical Doctor, as well as Others in the USA, etc), appears, a priori, very Interesting and badly Needed, at least to Explore.

- However, it's probably the 1st Time in History that such a Bogus "Study", Abusing of an Exagerated Compilation of Remote Data automatically gathered by Others, and full of, at least, 11 Big Flaws, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html, etc), Serves as unique Pretext in order to "Kill" a Medical Cure, which has, apparently, Helped Save several Lives, and is Used, with Positive Results, as it seems, throughout a Growing Number of Many Countries in the World.

- However, it's Curious and Ridiculous to see some Erroneously Claim that an almost 200-Member States-strong, international Organisation as the "WHO" would have "Decided" a Temporary Suspension of HCQ Tests, While, in Fact, this was a move, Behind Closed Doors, by Only ...Ten (10) States, (the Biggest of whom is ...the SAME State whose Ministry notoriously Harasses pro-HCQ Professor Raoult to Stop his, apparetly Succesful Trials and Cures, neverheless Adopted by Many Other States in the World)...

+ As well as to watch, a so-called "High Scientific Council" Restrict a whole People's and Medical Doctors' Right to Try to Save (even their own) Human Lives, withOut Even Citting ...Any Scientific Argument, and WithOut Any Public Debate on the Scientific Issues at Stake !

++ As well as to see a so-called "Medical Drugs' Agency"  Suddenly Prohibit  ...Sixteen (16) Authorized Medical Trials, (seeking to Test, Check and Verify the Efficiency and Safety of a Life-Saving Drug), by Blocking Science in Only 1 Day Time and withOut Publishing Any Scientiic Argument !

*** As well as to see the Current Manager of a formerly respectable "Scientific Review" (LANCET), who has Openly Declared his personal Hostility against the Elected US President Don Trump, suddenly Publish a Bogus "Fake-Study", with more than 11 Big Flaws, grossly Slandering the HCQ+ Life-Saving Drug that Trump just used to Protect his Health against recent Virus' Infections in the White House, - while, on the Contrary, at the Same Time, that Manager Refused to Publish and Censored ... 2 Other Scientific Medical Studies, by the Specialist Professor Raoult and anOther Team of Medical Researchers, (as they have just Denounced), i.e. practically ...Muzzling any Scientific Debate, on such a "Hot" Issue Affecting the Lives of Millions of People Worldwide, traped in a Deadly Pandemic.      

(On All those Points, for more Concrete Details, See Facts cited also at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html + ..., etc)    


    For all those reasons, Today's CoE's Conference/Debate with Professor Tsiodras, Medical Expert of the current Greek Presidency of the PanEuropean Organisation, is really Timely, and Honours its Organizers.








Trump to Protect People's Free Web Debates against Muzzling by Big-Tech Titans

Written by ACM
Thursday, 28 May 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- In an Historic Move to officialy "Prevent OnLine Censorship", which reminds also the Emergence of "Public Service" in European Countries, combined with Human Rights at the Internet, mainly Focused on Free Speech and Democracy, as well as the Fight against Oligo/Monopoles, US President Don Trump published Today a landmark "Executive Order" froling "Eurofora" Project's core on Boosting Citizens' Digital Dialogue in Modern Decision-Making, just Before the Crucial forthcoming US Presidential Elections of November 2020.                     

The move comes less than 1 Year After a Pioneer and Popular Summit to Boost Independent Web News Journalism's Freedom, organized by President Trump last July 2019 at the White House, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/trumpforfreewebnews.html, etc)                                       


 - "Free Speech is the BedRock of ... Democracy.  ...The Freedom to Express and Debate ideas is (at) the Foundation for all of our Rights as a Free People", Trump stressed from the outset, presenting the "Policy" of his move.

 - Nowadays, "we canNot allow a limited number of OnLine platforms to Hand-Pick the Speech" that People "may Access and Convey on the Internet", he stressed, because such a "practice is fundamentally ...Anti-Democratic", since, "when large, Powerful social Media Companies Censor Opinions with which they disagree, they exercise a Dangerous Power", he Denounced.

- Indeed, Obviously, "the growth of OnLine platforms in Recent years raises important Questions about applying the Ideals" of Freedoms of Expression and Information Speech of the First Amendment "to Modern Communications Technology", given the Fact that, in real Practice, "Today", Many People "follow the News, stay in touch with Friends and Family, and share their Views on current Events through Social Media and Other OnLine platforms.  As a result, these platforms function in many ways as a 21st Century equivalent of the Public Square", he described.

- F.ex., "Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube wield immense, if not UnPrecedented, Power to Shape the Interpretation of public events; to Censor, Delete, or Disappear Information; and to Control what People See or do Not see", Trump rightfully Warned, in concreto.

=> In Consequence, "Free and Open Debate at the Internet" has become a "Clear Commitment" of Trump's Presidency, as he reminded, Because "Such Debate is just as Important online as it is in our Universities, our Town-Halls, and our Homes.  It is Essential to sustaining our Democracy".


- Because "There’s No Precedent in ...History for so Small a Number of Corporations to Control so Large a Sphere of interaction".  Social media Companies had “More Power and more reach” Than any Phone company or Newspaper or Media outlet : -"They’ve had UnChecked Power to Censor Restrict, Edit, Shape, Hide, Alter virtually Any form of Communication between private citizens or large public audiences,” he Added Oraly.

- But "What they Choose to Fact-Check, and what they choose to Ignore or Promote, is nothing more than a Political Activism group", Trump Denounced. F.ex., “the Choices that <<Twitter>> makes, when it chooses to Suppress, Edit, Black-List, Shadow-Ban" are "Inappropriate” "Decisions".


Notoriously, Trump Won the 2016 US Presidential Elections against a Hostile Majority of Establishment's Traditional Medias, Just Thanks, partially, to "Fox" News, and Mainly of "Breitbart"'s Web-Newspaper, "Limbaugh"'s Web-Radio, "Info-Wars" and"Rightside" Web-TVs, etc., Added to many American People's activism at the Internet. When a New Trump-Friendly Media emerged, Later-on : "AONN" TV and WebNewsite, its Press Correspondent at the White House was, Recently, even ...Excluded from the Press-Briefings, (after having been earlier copiously Slandered personally at Establishment's Web), under a Hollow, Procedural Pretext, by a Corporatist, Old-Fashioned "Association" of Established Mass Medias' cushy job "JINOs" ("Journalists in Name Only"), most of whom Date from Dems Party's Former POTUS Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, etc. !  

=> So that, Nowadays, it's Obviously, even More than Before, Mainly upon People's Web Activism, that Trump may Count at the Crucial Forthcoming US Presidential and Congress' Elections of November 2020, if he succesfully Strengthens, there, a Strategic "Objective Alliance" with any Honest Freedom-Loving Internet Actors. (A Hope which had initially Motivated, f.ex., Even an ...Australian Web Businessman, that a Local Establishment had reportedly ill-treated)...

>>> Most Probably for that reason too, Recently, Establisment's Big "Online Platforms are engaging in Selective Censorship that is Harming ...National DisCourse", while "Tens of Thousands of Americans have reported, among other Troubling behaviors, online platforms “Flagging” content as Inappropriate, even though it does not violate any stated terms of service; making UnAnnounced and unexplained Changes to company policies that have the effect of Disfavoring certain Viewpoints; and (even) Deleting content and entire accounts, with No Warning, No Rationale, and No Recourse", President Trump Denounced.

+ Moreover, inter alia, also "Twitter now Selectively decides to place a "Warning Label" on certain tweets in a manner that clearly reflects Political Bias". (Something which, indeed, meanwhile, has just been done even Against US President Trump himself, his Topical Tweet against Violent Riots having been Hidden below such a so-called "Warning Label", Accusing him to ..."Glorify Violence" [sic !], as he Warned that USA's National Guard might "Shoot" at Brutal Rioters if they Start "Looting", as a matter of "Fact", in order to Prevent such Clashes, and "Not" as a "Statement", as he Explained afterwards - UPDATED)...    On the Contrary, "as has been reported, Twitter seems Never to have placed such a label on Other Politician’s tweet". F.ex.,"as recently as last week, (Dems') Representative Adam Schiff was continuing to Mislead his followers by peddling the long-Disproved Russian Collusion Hoax", (i.e. the False Claim that the US President would have been Elected only because he allegedly Betrayed his Country by a Secret Deal with the Russian Government... A "Hoax" with which Dems notoriously Blocked any other Political Debate in the USA for More than 3 Years, until even the notorious Anti-Trump Attorney Mueller Droped a fruitless "Investigation"), "and Twitter did Not Flag Those tweets".  +Moreover, "UnSurprisingly, its Officer in charge of so-called ‘Site Integrity’ has Flaunted his Political Bias in his own tweets", (where he Notoriously Accused the "White House" even to host ..."NAZIS" inside it !)

- "At the same time online platforms are invoking Inconsistent, irrational, and GroundLess justifications to Censor or otherwise Restrict Americans’ Speech here at Home", on the Contrary, "several online platforms are Profiting from and Promoting the Aggression and Disinformation spread by Foreign Governments....  One United States company, for example, (NDLR : "Google") Created a Search Engine for [Foreign Officials] that would have Blacklisted searches for “Human Rights", Hid data UnFavorable to [those Foreign Officials], and Tracked Users determined appropriate for Surveillance.  It also established research Partnerships ...that provide direct Benefits to [that Foreign] Military.  Other companies have accepted Advertisements Paid for by [that Foreign] Government that spread False information about ... mass imPrisonment of Religious Minorities, thereby Enabling these Abuses of Human Rights.  They have also amplified [that Foreign Country's] Propaganda abroad, including by allowing [Foreign] Government Officials to use their platforms to spread Misinformation regarding the Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and to Undermine pro-Democracy Protests...", he accused.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


=> On the Contrary, - "We must Foster and Protect Diverse Wiewpoints in today’s Digital communications environment where All [Citizens] can and should have a Voice.  We must Seek Transparency and Accountability from OnLine Platforms, and Encourage Standards and Tools to Protect and preserve the Integrity and Openness of ...Discourse and Freedom of Expression", Trump Urged


    For that purpose, US President Trump, Clearl stressed that, as a matter of General Principle, : - "It is the Policy of the US to Foster clear ground Rules Promoting Free and Open Debate on the Internet".


    => Thus at First, he Decided to officialy "Clarify" that a Legal "Liability Immunity"'s "Scope" "should Not Extend ...for those Who Purport to provide users a Forum for free and open speech, But, in Reality, use their Power over a Vital means of Communication to engage in Deceptive or pretextual actions Stifling free and open Debate by Censoring certain Viewpoints", as he described it.

    - Because such "Immunity" had been established, in the Past, Only in order to "Not Discourage from Taking Down (really) Harmful material", f.ex. "to Protect Minors from Harmful Content", he reminded. While "the (US) Congress' Vision (was) that Internet is a “Forum for a True Diversity of Political Discourse".  

    => Therefore, that provision (Comp. Supra) must "Not be Distorted, to provide Liability Protection for OnLine platforms that — Far from acting in “Good faith” to remove Objectionable content — Instead engage in Deceptive or Pretextual Actions (often Contrary to their stated terms of service) to Stifle Viewpoints with which they Disagree". Because that "was Not intended to Allow a handful of Companies to Grow into Titans (sic !) Controlling Vital Avenues for ...National Discourse under the guise of promoting open forums for debate, and then to provide those behemoths Blanket Immunity When they use their Power to Censor content and Silence Viewpoints that they Dislike". In that case, "Such a Provider Should properly Lose (that) Liability Shield .... and be Exposed to Liability, like Any traditional Editor and Publisher", he explained.

    - Particularly when their actions are "Deceptive, Pretextual, or Inconsistent with a provider’s terms of service; or taken after Failing to provide adequate Notice, reasoned Explanation, or a meaningful opportunity to be Heard", Trump's "Executive Order" points out.


    + In Addition, at the Financial area, USA Authorities will "Review" any "Federal Spending on Advertising and Marketing Paid to Online Platforms", in order to "Protect Federal Taxpayer Dollars from Financing Online Platforms that Restrict Free Speech", according to Trumps' Executive Order.

    => Thus, "within 30 Days", the "Department of Justice" will "assess whether any OnLine Platfoms are Problematic Vehicles for Government Speech, due to Viewpoint Discrimination, Deception to consumers, or Other Bad practices".


    + Moreover, After the US "Supreme Court", on "2017", "noted that Social Media Sites, as the Modern <<Public Square>>, <<Can provide perhaps the Most Powerful Mechanisms available To a private Citizen to make his or her Voice Heard", while "Communication through those Channels has Become Important for meaningful Participation in ... Democracy, including to Petition Elected Leaders", "these Sites are providing an Important Forum to the Public for others to engage in Free Expression and Debate".

    => In Consequence, "the White House launched", just 1 Year Ago, ("in May of 2019"), "a Tech Bias Reporting tool, to allow" Citizens "to Report Incidents of OnLine Censorship", and, "In just Weeks", it "Received over 16.000 Complaints of OnLine Platforms Censoring or otherwise taking Action Against Users, Based on their Political Viewpoints", Trump revealed.

    >>> Thus, now, "the White House will Submit such Complaints received to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)", in order to "consider Taking Action... to Prohibit Unfair or Deceptive acts or practices in or Affecting commerce". These "may Include ... Restrict(ing) Speech in ways that do Not Align with those entities' Public Representations".

    + And "for Large OnLine Platforms, that are Vast Arenas for Public Debate, (including the Social Media Platform "Twitter"), the FTC shall Also ... consider Whether Complaints allege Violations of Law", that "implicate" the above-mentioned official "Policy of the US, that Large OnLine Platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook", are "the Critical Means of promoting Free Flow of Speech and Ideas Today", which "Should Not Restrict protected Speech".

    - It would Also "develop... a Report describing such Complaints" by Affected Citizens, and "make (it) Publicly Available".


    ++ In Parallel, at the Level of USA's 50 "States", "the Attorney General shall establish a working Group regarding the potential Enforcement of State Statutes that Prohibit OnLine Platforms from engaging in Unfair or Deceptive acts or practices", according also to "Anti-Discrimination Laws".

    - That "Group shall Also develop Model Legislation" for States, in that area, and "shall Invite States' Attorneys General for Discussion and Consulation".

    - The ("over 16.000") above-mentioned "Complaints ...will be Shared with the Working Group", which "shall Also Collect publicily available Information, regarding" :

* "Increased Scrutiny of Users, based on the other users they choose to follow, or their interactions with other users;"

* "Algorithms to Suppress content or users, Based on indications of Political alignment or Viewpoint;"

* "Differential Policies allowing for otherwise Impermissible Behavior, when committed by accounts Associated with [a Foreign Country]  or other Anti-Democratic Associations or Governments;"

* "reliance on Third-party Entities, including contractors, media organizations, and individuals, with indicia of Bias, to Review content;" and

* "acts that Limit the ability of Users, with particular Viewpoints to Earn Money on the Platform, Compared with Other Users similarly situated."


    +++ Moreover, "he Attorney General shall develop a proposal for Federal Legislation ...to promote the Policy Objectives of this (US Presidential Executive) Order".


    >>> To Clarify its Scope in practice, this Trump's Executive Order concludes by a "Definition" of "the term <<OnLine Platform>>", which "means Any Website or Application that Allows Users to Create and Share Content, or Engage in Social Networking, or any general Search Engine".


    => A Key Part of the Main Thrust of that Issue was Also Presented and Further Developed by the New "White House"'s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, in Most of her almost parallel Press-Briefing :

- "It is Time to... “get the Facts” about Twitter and Other Social Media platforms Targeting their Bias Against President Trump and Conservatives OnLine", she stressed from the outset.

- F.ex., "If we were to judge the Bias of Twitter and its top employees by Their own Words, the case would be an Easy one to make.  Twitter’s Head of <<Site Integrity>> has tweeted that there are, quote, “actual Nazis” (sic !) in the White House, and No Fact-Check Label was ever applied to this absolutely OutRageous, Offensive, and False Claim made against the White House and its employees", she Denounced.

- "But let’s Judge Twitter based on their Actions". They "are No Better.  President Trump Recently received a so-called “Fact Check” Label for a tweet.  It was a False fact check, an Inaccurate fact check, But nevertheless, Twitter moved forward with it. + Dan Scavino, the Deputy Chief of Staff" in the White House, "was the ...1st User in the History of Twitter to receive a so-called, quote, ...“Manipulated Media” (sic !) Label for posting a Video that played a Verbatim clip.  It is No Coincidence that these 2 UnBelievable interventions by Twitter were Targeted against the President of the US and one of (his) Top Advisors.  This is Bias in action", she Criticized.

-  "And while <<Big-Tech>> is Quick to Censor the President, quick to censor some of his Top Employees, ...they are very Reluctant, it seems, to Label some of the actions by [Foreign] Officials, some of the MisInformation that has been Spread by" them, McEnany observed, Basically pointing at facts Denounced also by Trump himself, (Comp. Supra). Inter alia, f.ex., back in March, a [Foreign] Official began Spreading a "Conspiracy Theory" on Twitter — an e+Egregious one — that our U.S. Military was Responsible for the Spread of the CoronaVirus.  And that tweet, that Disinformation, it took all the way Until Today, when we raised concerns about it, to get a Fact Check" by Twitter, she regretted. "So they appear to be very hastily Eager to Censor President Trump and some of his Employees, But a little Reluctant when it comes to [a Foreign Country].  It’s a bit Defuddling !",

- Citting also "one other action of Twitter that I learned just before walking out here: that, on the <<Mueller Report>> (on a Hoax alleging that Trump would have Betrayed USA to Russia, which Manipulated 2016 US Presidential Elections in exchange : A Claim Later Droped), their Anti-Trump Headlines were Anti-Trump by a Ratio of 76 to 1 !  That’s Extraordinary"..  

+ "And it’s Not Just bias Aimed at President Trump and his Employees, it’s Also aimed at everyday Americans", she added. F.ex., "it’s aimed at the Movie “UnPlanned", (an Anti-Abortion Saga, Against "Planned Parenhood", which was Also Notoriously Denounced, by Others, Even to Sell ...Killed Babies' "Human Parts" !), as Twitter Suspended their Account, and, then, came up with an Excuse in the Aftermath"...

++ "And then, just anOther Example that "Liberals" (US Center-Left, of Dems' Party) are Allowed to Incite Violence against the "Covington Kids", (Christian Students at an Anti-Abortion Demonstration fin Favor of Human Embryos, Against Abortions and Genetic Manipulations, etc, who were notoriously Provoked, more or less, by 2 Different, Smaller Groups of Racial Minorities, But Initially Mis-rePresented as having Reportedly Insulted those Minorities, in kind of "Racist" way : Something which was Later Proved Totaly Wrong !), who were, in the End, proven Right and their Video was taken Out of context, and yet these (Opposed, Hostile) individuals were led — were allowed by Twitter to Incite Violence", (Including "Death Threats", according to "Wikipedia").  "It’s very Disturbing to see !". - "So those are some of the President’s Concerns"..., she Concluded.

>>> - "But No one Believes in the 1st Amendment (to USA's Constitution : on Free Speech), More than the President", McEnany stressed. So that  "the President Will take Action to ensure that <<Big Tech>> does Not Stifle "Free Speech", and that the Rights of All [Citizens] to Speak, Tweet, and Post, are Protected", she vowed.


 - But, "this President ...has made so Many False and Misleading sStatements that has put, you know, Fact-Checkers to work across the World (sic !)...  I mean, he’s uttered some 18,000 False or Misleading Statements, (re-sic !!) according to "The Washington Post" (Bought by Millionaire Bezos)...  If there’s any Political Leader out there who Should be Fact- Checked, isn’t it President Trump?  And aren’t You trying to Silence Fact-Checking by going after Twitter like this ? The President doesn't Lie ?", asked an Obviously Hostile "Journalist" of the Establishment.

 - "I Disagree with All, if not almost all, of those Assertions that you’re making there because, look, If you’re going to get into the Fact-Checking business— there’s No One that should be fact-checked More Than the Mainstream Media, that has been Continually Wrong about a Number of things", McEnany Denounced, in Reply...

=> - "To give you a List of some of the Most Egregious ones" :

* "That ABC News, in December of 2017, Falsely reported that Flynn (Former Trump's Security Advisor) would Testify that the President Directed him, during the campaign, to make Contact with the Russians.  That was False."

* "In 2017, Your network, CNN, Botched their "WikiLeaks email" Exclusive, and were Forced to make on-air Corrections".

* "CNN’s Jim Sciutto — anOther CNN one — dropped a ..Fictional Bombshell in 2018, July, claiming that Michael Cohen (a Former Trump's Lawyer) would Tell federal Investigators that the President Knew of the Trump Tower Meeting", (of one among his Sons with a Russian), at New York.

* 'The New York Times saying, “There AreN’t Enough Ventilators to Cope With the Coronavirus.”  In fact, we had an Excess of Ventilators, we’ve Shipped around the World".



- When an Opposed Journalist of the Establishment Claimed that it would be Also President Trump who wrote "Tweets that are Not True", giving as Example an Alleged Claim that "The Governor of  California (from the Dems) is Sending out Ballots to Millions of People", practically "Anyone ...In the State", while "that is Not True", since "California is Sending out absentee Ballots to Registered Voters, Not to “Anybody", suddenly the Controversy on Voting by Mail, went Viral :

- "Let me address this in Detail, on the issue of Ballots.  ...And, in that, I will get to the California Example", reacted McEnany.

- "First, ...there was a Pew Study done that shows there is Plenty of Reason to believe that ...in the Mass Mail-in system, that there is Fraud.  They estimated that approximately 24 Million — 1 out of every 8 Voters Registered in the U.S. — are No longer Valid or are significantly InAccurate.  So these are people who are on voter Registrations that have Not been Maintained, that have Not been Kept up"; F.ex., inter alia, "More than 1.8 Million have been Deceased, they estimated."

+ "And then, when you look ...into some of the Examples that we’ve seen in States, ...it just really struck me as a perfect example of what the President is concerned about with Mail-in ballots and the Fraud that Can be Inherent in that". F.ex. "Nevada mass-Mailed Ballots out To Voter Rolls that were Piling up ... Outside of apartment complexes in Las Vegas, sitting around in Trash Cans.  This is how we’re protecting ballots?  It’s extraordinary !"

++ Moreover, "Postal Workers — .... a 36-year veteran carrier, said she’s never seen anything like these Influx of absentee Ballots :  All of the People had Moved or Died, ...on her first Delivery route.  And this happened just Recently.... Last Week.  She found 65 Ballots of People who had Moved or Died.  On her Second carry, 100.  And then, as the Week progressed, Thousands just sitting in Crates !"...

+++ "In South Carolina, Dems — ...sued to Force a rush transfer of Mail-in Voting.  ...again Recently...  And Mail-in Ballots for South Carolina, Turned up ...In Maryland !...", she Denounced.

+++ "There’s anOther example of 700 Suspicious Mail-in Ballots in Dallas. And an Individual Charged with 2nd-degree Felony, illegal Voting : ..he’s Accused of visiting a woman in April to Collect her blank absentee Ballot, Filling it out, and Forging her Signature !..."

++++ "And then you go on: There’s a New Jersey example of over 3,000 Ballots that were seemingly Set Aside", she added.

+++++ "And going to California — you mentioned — California is one of those states that’s Notorious for Ballot Harvesting". F.ex., "in 2018, the Registrar in Orange County said that they reported that his office had People Dropping off maybe 100 or 200 Ballots at a time.  And somehow, in LA County, ...112 % (sic !) of LA County is Registered to Vote !"

=> "So, the Problem is this: When you doN’t Clean your Register, and you ...auto-Send out these (entire) Ballots, they End up in Trash Cans, like in Nevada.  they are Subject to Fraud, and that is Extremely Troubling !".

- And, precisely, in California, "there is an executive Order ...put into place Recently by Gavin Newsom, that would Auto-Send to Voter Rolls, and that would Lead to what the President was Suggesting", McEnany Warned.


Later-on, President Trump Added Even More on that Key Point :

- Some "said that Mail-in Balloting — ....No fraud.  “No fraud.”  Really?" ....[But]  There’s Cases All Over the Country !"...

- "If we went to Mail-in Balloting, our Election all over the world would look as a Total Joke", Because "there’s such Fraud and Abuse...", he Denounced.                                                                                                        

>>> And you know about Harvesting, where they harvest the Ballots, and they go and Grab them, and they go to People’s Houses, and then they say, “Sign here.”  No.  DoesN’t work", Trump Warned.

 - "Now", if it's "An Absentee Ballot — you can’t be there or you’re Sick, and you go and you register and you do all sorts of things to get that ballot, and there’s Good Security measures", he Distinguished.

 >>> "But when they Send out — like in California — Millions and millions of Ballots, to Anybody that’s breathing — Anybody in California that’s breathing, Gets a Ballot", he Warned.

=> "The Republican Party canNot Let it happen", "because there’s Tremendous Controversy on Mail-in Voting", Trump pointed out.

 - F.ex., when California Governor, Gavin Newsom, "Sends out 28 Million Ballots, and they’re in All the Mail-Boxes, and Kids go and they Raid the Mail-Boxes, and they Hand them to People that are Ligning the ballots down the End of the Street, which Is Happening — they Grab the Ballots — ... There’s Ballot Harvesting ...— we had 7 Elections for Congress, and they were ...Tied.  And they Lost Every one of them, Because they (Dems) Came and Dropped the whole Pile of Ballots on the Table", ge Denounced.

+ F.ex.; "They Rip them Out of MailBoxes.  It’s all the time you read about it".  And "They do Worse than that : In some cases, they woN’t Sell [sic] them, like to a Republican community — a Conservative community.  They doN’t happen to Send the Ballots to Those Communities.  And there’s No Way of Checking..." So that—"we would be the Laughing-Stock of the World.  And if you just use common sense, you know that’s Going To Happen". "They Raid the MailBoxes.  They can Even ...Print Ballots:  They get the Same Paper, the Same Machine — nothing special — ...  They Print Ballots !".

    => So, in such massive Mail Voting, "you have >>>Tremendous Potential for Fraud and Abuse", he Warned, in Conclusion, (Showing, also, with All those Facts and Arguments, that his contested "Tweet" would be, indeed, Justified)...

    + It's true, however, that, once again, that same Opposed Journalist of the Establishment, Contested that such Mass-Mail Voting might Profit to one or another Party, citting a Stanford's Report for his Claim.

    >>> But, "Eurofora", remembers well, that, Already, f.ex., the Harshly Contested UK National Elections of 2005, (the Last for Controversial former "Labour"/Socialist Prime Minister Tony Bliar), were UnExpectedly snatched by that "Labour" out-going Government, with a Tiny Difference of Votes, strongly Denounced for Fraude, mainly through Massive Mail-Voting, which was Hotly Contested, and had to be Examined by CoE's Assembly in Strasbourg, with a very Controversial Report, after Many Irregularities and Incidents had been Reported...


=> -  Thus, Replying, Later Today, to a Provocative Question, by a Journalist of the Establishment, about Why he doesn't just "Delete" his "Twitter ... Account", and "Walk Away from this Platform", he's "been so Critical of ?", President Trump Pointed at the Heart of the Matter :

- "If You (i.e. Establishmet's Medias) wereN’t Fake, I would not even think about it.  I Would Do That in a heartbeat  !"..., he stressed.

- "But, the (Establisment's) News is Fake : if you look at What gets Printed in Newspapers, ... it’s Not Real in so Many Cases", Trump Denounced.  "I’m Not saying in Every case.  ...You have Some Journalists that I have Great Respect for.  But Largely, I find, ....there is So Much Fake news, it’s Disgraceful !".

- "IF we had a Fair Press..., I would ... Get Rid of my whole Twitter Account", "in a Heartbeat"...

- But, "if I get a Story that’s Wrong, I Can put a Social Media". "So I’m able to Refute Fake News, and that’s very Important".

 >>>  - "I’m able to get to, I guess, 186 Million People, when you add up all the different accounts and Add Facebook and Instagram.  That’s a Lot of people.  And that’s More than the (Traditional) Media Companies have, frankly, by a lot !". Indeed, "I put something out, and the Next Day or the next Hour or the next Minute, Everybody is Reading about it", he observed, as far as Internet's Potential really is...  


 But the Problem is that, even "Social Media", as Twitter, are Often Not Fair... (Comp. Supra).

- "Take a look at this as an Example : ... “Twitter Moments” on the Mueller Witch-Hunt, (on the Alleged "Russian Collusion" Hoax, in 2016 Election : Comp. Supra)  "So, We Won.  We were in the Right. You see what’s happened.  ... It was a total Fraud". But, nevertheless, "Seventy-six to one, okay?  Seventy-six to One", of Tweets doN't say so. They are Opposite ! (Comp. Supra)  "You look at it.  You Think that’s Fair ?"  

+ AnOther concrete Example : -"Twitter Classifies the Term <<illegal alien>> as <<Hate Speech>>.  “Illegal alien.”  And Viciously"...

- And, "this guy is the Arbiter of what’s supposed to go On Twitter.  He’s the one.  He ...used CNN as a Guide (sic !)— CNN, which is Fake News.  He uses CNN as a guide.  His name is Yoel Roth", he Denounced.

=> F.ex., "He’s the one that said that Mail-in balloting... — no fraud.  “No fraud.”  Really? ... But, "There’s cases all over the country. If we went to Mail-in balloting, our Election ...would be a Total Joke.  There’s such Fraud and Abuse", (Comp. Supra). ... So here’s your — Here’s Your Man, and that’s On Twitter". And the amazing thing is He’s Wrong".


    => Thus, "We’re here Today to Defend Free Speech from one of the Gravest Dangers it has faced in ... History", as US President Do Trump stressed just Before Signing his relevant Executive Order on that "Hot" and Topical Issue, (Comp. Supra).     

    - In fact, "a Small Handful of Powerful Social Media Monopolies Controls a Vast portion of all public and private Communications...  And we know who they are; we don’t have to name them", he observed.

     - "They’ve had UncChecked Power to Censor, Restrict, Edit, Shape, Hide, Alter virtually Any form of Communication between Private Citizens and large Public Audiences.  There’s No Precedent in ...History for so Small a Number of Corporations to Control so Large a Sphere of human interaction.  And that includes Individual People Controlling Vast Amounts of Areas", he Denounced.

    => So that, "we caN’t Allow that to happen, especially ... because they’re doing things InCorrectly.  They have Points of View.  And if we go by that, it’s actually Amazing that there was a(n Electoral) Success in 2016.  But we CaN’t Let this Continue to happen.  It’s very, Very UnFair", he Warned.

And you look at the statistics and you look at what is going on, and I think everybody would very much agree with that, including Democrats, by the way.  I saw quite a few Democrats are saying this is about time something is done.  So let’s see if they keep that decision after they hear that we agree with them.

The choices that Twitter makes when it chooses to suppress, edit, blacklist, shadow, ban are editorial decisions, pure and simple.  They’re editorial decisions.  


+ Questioned whether he "would consider Shutting Down Twitter", President Trump did Not Deny, But eyed Also Other Solutions (See Infra) :

- "If Twitter were not honorable — if you’re going to have a guy like this (Comp. Supra) be your judge and jury, I think just Shut it down !"... "If it were Legal, if it were able to be legally shut down, I Would Do It", he Agreed.

+ But, it's Also True that, inter alia, f.ex., "I have so much, it seems, Influence Over Twitter in the sense of People wanting to see — Go Twitter Because of what I have.  I have a Vast Number ...of platforms, as you know.  We have millions and Millions of People", (Comp. estimated Numbers, cited Supra).

=> In Consequence, "I’d be Hurting it very badly IF We didN’t Use it anymore", Trump Warned.  Indeed, "We Have Other Sites we Could Use, I guess", (f.ex., inter alia, Also "GAB", etc). "Or we’d have to Develop OTHER SITES", he Suggested...


+ However, some Readers' Comments at a relevant Article Published these Days at "Breitbart", half Ironically, Half Seriously, suggested even anOther eventual Solution :

F.ex., USA's Federal Government could ...TAX much Heavier, those "Big-Tech" Social Medias which use to Interfere Heavily and/or Abusively on "Hot" Political Publications at their Web Platforms, while, on the Contrary, those which Respected the Views Expressed by Citizens withOut attempting to Modify them in any way, would, on the Contrary, have much Lower Taxes to pay, as a kind of "Public Service" Medias...

=> Perhaps an Interesting Suggestion which might, eventually, also Help Find a more Adequate Compromise Solution at the Notorious USA - France and Other EU Countries' recent Quarell on a "GAFA" (for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc) Tax, (which would concern also Twitter, Instagram, etc) ?








Virus: Biggest Ever Trial on HCQ+AZ+Zinc Cure (3.700 Patients) Found World-Record Survival: 99,5 % !

Written by ACM
Monday, 25 May 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- In the Biggest Trial Study of HCQ+AZ+ against the Virus, just Concluded this Month, among about 3.700 Patients (i.e. the Larger Ever in the World in that area, until now), the Mortality Rate was Only ...0,5%, giving a Global Record-Breaking Survival Rate of 99,5%, as Announced Today French Professor Dr. Didier Raoult, an Experienced and Famous Infectiologist/MicroBiologist Expert, CEO of Mediterranean and Infection Hospitalo-Universitarian Institute (IHU) at Marseille City, who had been already EnTrusted by Historic French President Jacques Chirac (a Gaullist) to daft a 1st Report for the Strategy of the Country's Protection from any foreseable Risk of Epidemic, already, as Early as since the Beginning of 2000ies, (just After the SARS-1 Virus of 2003+).

- Moreover, among those circa 3.700 Patients "retrospectively", treated with HCQ+AZ+ Nowadays, "we NEVER Observed Any CARDIAC Death and Toxicity", it was added by the Two main Leaders of that New Trial, (D. Raoult and Matthieu Million), where "7.800 ECG were made" on all those Patients, by measure of Precaution.

+ Already, with  "ZERO (0) Deaths" of People Infected by the COVID-19 Virus "before 70 Years of Age", and just 8 Deaths among Only those Aged "74 to to 95 Years", in a CHQ+ Trial with More than 1.060 Patients, Concluded Previously, at the End of March, and Published at a Scientific Review on May 5, 2020, the Results appeared very Positive, (See Also Infra).

Such Landmark Results also have a Key Importance for Crucial and Topical Issues of International Health Strategy at Global Level, Nowadays :

 - Indeed, the International Health Organisation (WHO), at Nearby Geneva, had Chosen, Among about 50 Various Candidates, ("Based on Evidence from Laboratory, Animal, and [Human] Clinical Studies"), the HCQ+ as 1 Among the 3 Best "Most Promising" Candidate Drugs in the World Deserving to be Tested by its Research Program for Medical Treatment against the CoronoVirus, ("Solidarity"), with 108 Millions $ Funding and about 3.500 Patients from 17 Countries.

Competitors are Only "Remdesivir" (a Failed attempt Initially v. Ebola in Congo, where it did Not work, while Other Drugs did, But Later reportedly used in Animals v. SARS-1, Needing an IntraVenous, and Expensive, Based on Genetic Manipulations expected to Block Virus' Replication, and Backed by "Gilead" Big Pharma Corporation, holding its Patent) ; and "Lopinavir"'s Combinations, (Initialy destinated to "HIV", with "Ambiguous" Results v. SARS-1 or MERS, and "Not Encouraging" First Trials v. COVID-19, it may cause "Significant" Liver Damage, But is now Tested v. MERs in Saudi Arabia).

=> So that HCQ+ appeared, until now, to be, comparatively, the Best Hope for the World Health Organisation. A Succesful Drug already against Malaria and Arthritis, Used withOut Problem Since the 2nd World War, now a "Generic", Cheap and Simple Pill, it Might Protect Cells from Virus' Attacks, Strengthening the Natural Human Immune System, But it must Avoid Side Effects, with right Precautions. About 20 Chinese Studies reportedly were Succesful against this Virus, But a Lack of Full Published "Data" was reported, with the Exception of French Professor Raoult's Tests, that Some considered Initially "InSuficient", until his Recent Work, (which, therefore, has a Crucial Importance Nowadays).

>>> Even More Important, World-wide :  It's a Fact that the WHO has, Until Now, practicaly Excluded Vaccines from its above-mentioned International Research projects, Focused Only on Treatments and Cure, (Comp. Supra), mainly Because of a "Need for Speed", in order to "Reduce the Time" usually taken by Vaccines' testing, (may be 1 or 1,5 Year+), given the Urgency in this Deadly Virus' Crisis. In Consequence, (and given also the Facts cited Supra), at least Until Now, Serious HCQ+ Trials appeared to be, in Practice, probably the Only attainable Hope to Find a way to Urgently Save currently Threatened Human Lives throughout the Planet !


In this Context, Previously, Trials with HCQ+AZ+ by Prof. Raoult, concluded at the End of March, had Resulted Already High enough, with a 99,1 % Survival rate. But the New Overall Results, which just Concluded on this May, (Including Almost Four Times More Patients : See Infra),  Reached an Even Higher Survival rate : 99,5 % (i.e., by Far, the Best in the World) !


Professor Raoult's team had Initialy Tested 36 Patients, Afterwards 80, and Later 1.061, whlle Recent Rumours evoked anew a Doubling of the Number of Patients for a New, Bigger Trial,  (i.e. about 2.000). But, Finaly, he Revealed Today that it had just reached, Nowadays, almost a ...Quadripling in Tests, with about 3.700 People Affected by that Deadly Virus !

=> By so doing, obviously, this French Team largely Slamed the Accusations made Recently by a Bogus "Study", led by Dr. Mandeep Mehra, an Indo-Pakistani Cardiologist (sic !) at "Brigham and Women's Hospital" (USA), curiously Published by "LANCET" UK Review, with a Controversial Text, (Only Based on Remote, Automatic retrieval of Registry Data, by Computers' Networks, from 671 Hospitals in 6 Continents of the World, stained by at least 11 Gros Flaws ! See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html), Claiming that the pro-HCQ/AZ Scientists (as Raoult etc) would have been based Only on some ..."Anecdotal Experiences" and "Small Scale Studies" (sic !) for their Theories...

But, Already, Their "6.221" copied Case-Files reportedly Registered as Including HCQ+AZ+ Treatments, in fact, are Not Equivalent to that, but Only in 1/2 or 1/3 of cases, since they doN't concern Only Azythrimycine but Also Any Other among such "    " Category of substances, of which there are 2 or 3, etc... So that, in Fact, Only some 3.110 or even just 2.070, (Perhaps Less) Might concern Professor Raoult's HCQ+AZ Protocol !             

=> I.e., a Smaller amount of strictly "Virtual" Data Remotely and Automatically Retrieved by Computer Networks, than the "More than 3.700 Patients", in Real Physical Cases, Directly Observed and Treated by Prof. Raoult's team Nowadays...                   


- Indeed, "we made a Very, very Big Study, with More than 3.600 Patients, which Allows us to have a sufficiently Clear View of what is going on", Professor Raoult Announced Today.

- "Most of them were Treated by Associating CHQ + AZ, and, among them, Mortality is O,5%, that is to say, the Lowest in the World !", he stressed.             

=> - "So, ...Here, HCQ+ Saves Many Lives !", he Concluded.

+ Advancing (for the 1st Time), even towards a Control Group approach, he Pointed out that, "By Comparing also with Other Groups" of Patients, "who Came Too Late, Walked Out, or had Counter-Indications, because of their Coditions and Age, etc., so that they were UnAble to receive that HCQ+AZ Treatment, which gives Better Results, but Only got Other, Ordinary Treatments, there was a very Significant Difference"..., and "that's Interesting".

The "HCQ-AZ" Group included more than 3.000 Patients, while more almost 700 were "treated with Other Methods", he added later-on.

=> "Early Diagnosis, ...and Early Treatment, with at least 3 Days of HCQ-AZ, Result in a Significantly Better clinical Outcome", "with a Decreased risk of Transfer to the (Intensive Care) ICU, or  Death , ..., Decreased risk of Hospitalization ≥10 days", ... and Shorter Duration of Viral shedding", (ibid).

++ And, Now, "we Know that some things which (in the Past) had been UnderEstimated, as, f.ex., the ZINC", in fact, "Play a Role in the Severity" of cases, "f.ex. People who have a Severe Pathology, have Lower Zinc Rates than Others, in addition, also, to Other Things, too, which were, meanwhile, registered".

+++ However, "we made also", in Total, "More than 10.000 Electro-Cardio-Grams (ECG), and All were Examined by a Cardiologist", so that there wasN't any Heart Incident here at all, he pointed out. - "By the way", with the due care, "HCQ may affect People Less than... even Dolipran" (a Banal Pain-Killer) "which, in fact, is the 1st Cause in the World for Poisoning !", if taken in an inappropriate way, he extrapolated. - All and all, "we had a Total of 36 Deaths" (throughout All Trials, New and Old), "from which Not even One (1) wasn't Ever related with the Heart".

>>> In General, as a matter of Principle, Prof. Raoult's Team stands for an "Early" and "Carefully Controlled Treatment, with Safe and Well-Tolerated Drugs", "in individuals with Mild Symptoms, Before signs of Severity appear", and "paying Strict Attention ...to Contra-Indications and ...Inter-Actions with concomitant Medication", as he advised, Already in the Conclusions of the Previous Trial (of 1.061 Patients), Published at the Beginning of May, (Comp. Supra).

++++ In Parallel, Additionaly, "we have made about 130.000 Diagnostic Tests by PCR in some 50.000 Patients, including Diagnosis in about 5.000 Cases which were Treated Here", Raoult Noted Today.  

=> - "So that we were among the First to say that", in principle, "Children are Not Infected, are Not Affected" by that Virus, and - "Now, we Know Why !" Something that "we will Reveal Next Week", he promised, by the way.    

  - And "we Know that there are People who are Very Sick, and  have Big Lesions (visible only) at the Scanner, While they are Not Short of Breath", but with "Minimal" "Dyspnoea" (i.e. almost "ASymptomatic", etc).  -

 - So that, "the Evolution of (such) New Diseases canNot always be Foreseen based on that of Older Diseases : Each one may have Its Own Way to Evolve".

 =>  - Thus, "we Accumulated a Considerable Amount of Data, probaly Unique in the World", "from which we Have to Make several Conclusions, Later-on, at the Right Moment - which is Not always Similar to that of the Press-Medias : Everybody lives at his Own Pace"..., he Smiled, giving RDV in a foreseable Future.








Bogus "Study" Risks to give Pretext to Block HCQ/AZ/Zinc Cure (f.ex. in France+) !

Written by ACM
Saturday, 23 May 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-
Just After US President Tump revealed that he Personaly takes HCQ+ Treatment, Carefuly, as a Prophylaxis against the Virus, (See Infra), while Various Countries Decided to Stockpile HCQ Provisions, (See Ibid), Suddenly, a Bogus Fake-"Study" Published at the LANCET by some Shady, and, in fact, UnRelated Boston Technocrats, Claimed that HCQ would be Both ...Totaly InEfficient, and Greatly Dangerous, against Human Life (sic !), to the Point that, inter alia, it's also new French Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, who, Urgently seized a Top Experts' body, Asking to Immediately Check that Report, and, Take Measures (which Might, perhaps,  include a Total Ban against HCQ, already Heavily Restricted in France, and elsewhere), in only "2 Days"' Time !...


(On the Pre-existing, General Debate about HCQ, See also :  http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/mpsaskhcqagainstvirus.html, etc) 

However, at least as long as Europe (and soon USA+) is at the EpiCenter of such a Deadly Pandemic Virus, which Still Kills too Many Thousands of innocent People Each Day World-wide, Nobody should be Distracted by such Bogus Fake "Studies", plenty of various Flaws and/or MisLeading or UnSubstantiated Claims, as "Eurofora" Found, after a Thorough Analysis of that Controversial Text (See Infra).

=> Here are the (Main) FACTS,                                                            revealing 11 big FLAWS in that Controversial Text :


- (1)- First of all, contrary to some False Impressions, this is Not a clinical "Trial" or scientific "Test" at all, Nor a real medical "Study", But Only a clumsy (See Infra) Compilation of automaticaly distributed and stocked "Data" by Computers Networks : Indeed, it's a Mere ..."Registry analysis" (as the Authors admit themselves), of "Data Obtained by Automatic Data Extraction from ... Electronic Health Records, Supply Chain DataBases, and (even) Financial Records" (sic !), which "use a Cloud-based health-care Data analytics Platform, that includes specific Modules for Data Acquisition, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, and Data Reporting", exploited by "the Surgical Outcomes Collaborative (<<Surgisphere Corporation>>, Chicago, IL, USA)", (a Private Business "Founded" by one of the Authors)...

=> In Consequence, such a Text has Obvious "Limitations" : F.ex., "Due to (its) Observational ...Design (Comp. Supra), we canNot Exclude the possibility of UnMeasured confounding Factors", and/or "a Cause-and-Effect Relationship between Drug therapy and Survival should Not be inferred", as Even the Authors Warn, in fine... So that real "Clinical Trials will be Required Before Any Conclusion can be reached", particularly "regarding Benefit or Harm of these" HCQ a.o. "agents in COVID-19 patients", they Admit.


+ (2)- In Addition, even if they Blame most Pro-HCQ Publications to be "UnControlled Studies", as they repeatedly Accuse them,

However, they Base all their own Claims just on some Automatic Extractions of Data in Registries of ..."671 Hospitals in 6 Continents" of the "World", Totalling More than 96.000 Patients (sic !).

=> How might all those be really "Controlled", (f.ex. for their Veracity and Accuracy, or an elementary Equality of Conditions for so Many Patients and Tests in each Hospital and Country, etc) ?


- (3)- In Reality, from the point of view of Facts, ...there is NOTHING NEW in that Paper !

>>> Indeed, as its Authors admit, it Only takes into account, Already Known Treatments, which took place Until the ...Middle of April 2020.

=> If there was anything really Scandalous until then, it would have been Known a Long Time Ago...



- (4)- The Leading Author, Dr. Mandip Mehra, is Not a Virologist, Neither a Specialist in Infectious Diseases, (Contrary, f.ex., to the pro-HCQ Professor Didier Raoult, etc), but just a ...Cardiologist. And this Controvesial Text is "Funded" by his own "Hospital of Brigham and Women's", ..."Heart and Vascular Center" !

Moreover, that "Brigham and Women's Hospital", does Not have Any Virology Nor Infection "Center", or "Department", at all...

+Even the 2nd Co-Author of that Controversial Text, Dr. Frank Ruschitzka from Zurich, is Also a "Heart Center"'s Director, i.e. a Cardiologist too ! 

 => In Consequence, at least Both the 2 Main Authors are blatantly InCompetet in Infectious Diseases and Virology issues...


- (5)- Surprizingly, the main Treatments, to which refer Both US President Trump and Famous French Professor Didier Raoult, (i.e. composed of HCQ, AZ, and Zinc), stay always ...Invisible, withOut Knowing their Specific Results,

Because that Text widely Refers to 4 Groups of Patients using, in one way or another, Chloroquine, among which ...Only 1 Might have Included Also HCQ and AZ with Zinc, WITHOUT Ever Revealing the Numbers for those which, Eventualy, used AZ, since the Author Speaks just, Vaguely, of "Macrolides", which is a much Larger Term, that May Include AZ, But Not Only, given the Fact that there are Also Other Drugs routinely Named like this, (as that Text itself Notes, speaking, f.ex., of "Macrolides, such as Azithromycin and Clarithromycin", etc) !

Obviously, this is a Strange, and Big Failure...


 +(6)- ZINC is Essential in the most World Famous "Z-Package" of Treatment, to which Refer Both US President Trump and French Professor Didier Raoult, as well as Various People at the Internet (Explaining it mainly as a Boost for the Human Immunity protection system), against that Virus, but, Astonishingly, it's Totaly Absent from Mehra's data compilation !


 -(7)- In Addition, that Controversial Text is reportedly Based Only on Data concerning HCQ Treatments which have Started in just ...2 Days After a Virus' Infection was Confirmed : "Patients who received Treatment with these regimens (Chloroquine, etc) Starting More than 48 h. After Diagnosis, were Excluded (sic !)", it says. Mainly in order "to Avoid" reaching "a Critical Phase of Illness, which could Skew the Interpretation of the results, they Claim.

>>> But, if it's notoriously True that HCQ main Supporters, as, f.ex., Professor Raoult, former Health Minister Doust-Blazy, etc, indeed, strongly Advise to act Before reaching f.ex. a Mechanical Respirator and/or an Intensive Care Phase, etc., by Starting to give that Treatment Before serious Lesions may be provoked to the Patients,

Nevertheless, in general, they present that mostly in a kind of  about 10 Days or two Weeks' Period of Time, with a Lighter and an "Advanced" or "Critical" 2nd Phase, Advising to Better Act "at the Beginning", withOut having Ever gone As Far as to LImit everything at a so Extremely Tight and Short Laps of Time as Only 2 Days ! (With the Unique, probably, Exception of a Polish Doctor, according to some reports).

=> In Consequence, such an Excessively Strict "Exclusion" of a So Big Period of Time for Treatment, (i.e. Everything that may be done "After 2 Days" since Diagnosis), does Not seem Faithul at all to the Real Stance of most HCQ Supporters, (but rather a kind of Caricature of their position)... This inevitably Results, for this Controversial Text, into ...Ignoring a Great Part of HCQ utilisations in Hospitals, which might be very Interesting !


- (8)- Those Authors Claim that "the FUNDER" of that Text "had No Role (sic !) in study design, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, or writing of the report", had no role (sic !) in study design, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, or writing of the report",

While, in Fact, that "Funder" was Mehra's own Hospital of "Brigham and Women's", and Even his Personal Specialisation's Department of "Cardio-Vascular Medicine" !


- (9)- Despite pompously Claiming to cover Hospitals from "6 Continents" (i.e. accross All the Planet, being "Large, MultiNational" and "Real-World analysis", as they Boast),

However, it's  just a ...Small Minority of Only about 17% Europeans and 7% Asians patients who were Included, Nonobstant the  Notorious Fact that, Initially, China/South Korea and, Afterwards, Europe were the "EpiCenters" of that Virus' "Pandemic", During the Examined Period of "20 December 2019" and "14 April 2020"...


 -(10)- The main "Result" Claimed by that controversial text would be that, while "Mortality" in the "Control Group", receiving Ordinary Drugs, appeared to stand at just 9,3%, (throughout All Continents of the World : Comp. Supra), on the Contrary, that Other Group, which got HCQ and a Macrolide (Comp. Supra), looks as having a Very Much Higher Mortality, Up to : ...23,8% (sic !)

+ In Addition, while the "Control Group" would have Faced Only a "O,3%" "Risk of de-novo ventricular Arrythmia" as Heart Problem, on the Contrary, the HCQ + Macrolide Group would Jumb as High as Up to ..."8,1%" !

=> I.e., Obviously, Both two Excessively Exagerated Claims, Far Away from what Anyone Else has ever Argued in this "Hot" Controversy about HCQ Treatment against the Virus....


-(11)- The Latest relevant Scientific Publication by Professor Raoult about a Previous HCQ+ Trial on 1.061 Patients at his Hospital, made it Clear that his Team "Carefully" controlled all Candidates for such a Test, Excluding Many Cases considered more or less Dangerous for Eventual Side-Effects in Various cases, (f.ex., Heart, Taking Other Drugs with Counter-Indications, Certain Pre-Existing Conditions, Allergies, etc).

=> Did that Bogus, Remote "Study" (rather : hasty Compilation) of many Thousands of Registries' Automatically Collected "Data" in "671 Hospitals" accross "6 Continents" (Comp. Supra) VERIFY Whether such a "Careful" Previous "Control" and selection among All Candidates to a HCQ+AZ+Z Treatment was Really and Fully Made, or Not ?

>>> It does Not seem so... This is a Grave Ommission, a Serious Blunder, since, it would be Obviously Inevitable to Find, afterwards, a Lot of various Negative Side Effects, which shouldn't be a surprise, since they would have been Provoked simply by a Lack of the due "Care" in the Selection of Patients....


>>> In Conclusion, given all these Numerous and Big "Weaknesses" or even Blunders in such a Controversial Text, then, after all, ...WHY THIS RUSH ?

=> I.e., in Other Words, Why did, its Authors, Suddenly Feel, Now, ..."a PRESSING NEED to Provide ...GUIDANCE", (as they Note themselves), on this "Hot" but Long Controversy about the HCQ Treatment against the Virus ?

+ And Why did the Controversial French New Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, Suddenly ask Top Medical Experts to propose Action against HCQ's alleged "InEfficiency and Risks", (according to the Above-Mentioned Report), so Fast as ..."in 48 Hours" ?...



A Series of Various, but Converging, Facts, clealy indicate that what is Realy at Stake is Not Only a Purely Medical Issue...

- Indeed, among others, US President Trump's Recent Statements revealing that he has Personaly Started to use HCQ (with AZ and Zinc), after initialy provoking an Hysteric Fury from Establishment's Medias, Finaly Calmed Down when his Medical Doctor attested, in a Letter, that this was a Carefully planed move : 


- Dr Sean Conley, FACEP, Commander US Navy, and Physician to the President, at the White House, in a "Memorandum" written for Kayleigh Mcenany, Assistant to the Presient, White House Press Secretary, Published by AONN Media, clearly Reminded the Fact that it had all Started "2 Weeks Ago", when, Suddenly, "one of the President's support Staff Tested Positive for COVID-19", (including the Press Attaché of Vice-President Pence).

=> This made "Conclude", "After Numerous Discussions", between Trump and his Doctor, "regarding the Evidence For and Against the use of HydroxyChloroQuine" (HCQ), that "the Potential Benefit from Treatment OutWeighed the Relative Risks", as Dr Conley wrote in a Balanced way.

+ In Addition, Meanwhile, "I continue to Monitor the myriad Studies Investigating (also Various Other) potential COVID-19 Therapies", "in Consultatio with our Inter-Agency Partners and subject matter Experts, around the Country", he added, Vowing to "employ... the same Shared Medical Decision-Making, Based on Evidence at hand", also "in the Future".


Meanwhile, Earlier this Week, pro-Trump Brazilian President Bolsonaro has just Legalized HCQ Medicine in his huge Country, while, also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, reportedly put out to Tender a £ 35 Million Contract seeking 19 Million HCQ Tablets. Recently, it's even the French Army which made Massive HCQ Acquisitions, added to Russia's examination of that issue, in real Practice, (apparently Helping to keep the Country, Despite Galoping Infections, originated initially from the EU, comparatively, with an even More Limited Death Rate than ...Germany itself, widely considered to be an Exceptional "Miracle" in Human Lives' Saving, inside the EU). Previously, Morocco (which is also Particular into reportedly Producing itself abudant Filter Masks for all its People), was the 1st Country in the World to openly Adopt a HCQ Medical Protocol, and, since then, it apparently holds a particularly Low Rate of Deaths in proportion to its Population, Compared to Other similar Countries. And Currently, French Professor Didier Raoult, Head of a Mediterranean Anti-Infections Institute, is reportedly Preparing also anOther, Bigger than before, 2.000 Patients-Strong, Clinical Trial with HCQ, whose Results are due to be announced asap; (etc)...


>>> Why should such Moves make some HCQ Critics so Upset ?

=> Let's have a Closer Look at the Leading Author of that Controversial Text, (whose Hospital's Center Funded it, Comp. Supra) : Dr Mandip Mehra, from "Brigham and Women's" Hospital :

 - Mandip, (or, alias, Mandeep), who is, reportedly, Indian and holds a Bachelor's Degree from Gandi Institute at Maharashtra, (Not even Mentioned in his Harvard Medical School "Bio" page, which, on the Contrary, cites 2 UK Diplomas purely "Honorary"...), nevertheless, looks Better Treated by ...Pakistani Medias, Instead of Indian ones ! F.ex., among others, while Indian Medias, Among 3 Articles published on one and same Cardiology Issue at the "NEMJ" Review, mention that of Mehra Only at the ...End, too Briefly, and by mentioning the fact that his paper had been Strongly Criticized, on the Contrary, most Pakistani Medias, dealing with his Opposal to Trump's and Raoult's HCQ+ Medicine, give the Most Important place to Mehra ! Something probably natural, since his Name appears very Familiar and used Also by Many Other People, Both in the Penjab Province, (the Biggest Part of which Belongs to Pakistan, India having Only a Small one), and even at the Adjacent...Kashmir Province, (Notoriously Disputed to India by Pakistani Nationalists, even Terrorists, who Claim that it would be an "Occupied" area), where, f.ex., Even a Popular "Kashmiri" Singer is called "Kailash MEHRA"... Notoriously, indeed, many Pakistani are currently Against Trump, mainly because of Restrictions that he had Imposed on them Earlier, during the Struggle Against Islamist Terrorism, (which had made several innocent Victims inside the USA), while, on the Contrary, several Indians are in Favor of Trump Nowadays, (who had even Appointed, initialy, an Indian-Origin US Ambassador to the UNO).

- In Addition to Not being Related at all with Infectious Diseases and/or Virus, (working in a Hospital which, moreover, has Not Any Center or Department for Infections, Neither for Virus : Comp. Supra), Mandip Mehra, is in Charge of "Brigham and Women's" Hospital's Center for Heart Disease, but has apparently Specialized mainly in Transplantations.

=> Transplantations have incited him to Deal also with "ImmunoSuppressive" Issues, (as well as "Artificial Hearts" and "Genomic Bio-Markers", etc), Obviously Dear even to those who seek to Use Viruses as "Vehicles" able to Penetrate Cells for Genetic Manipulations, (See Infra).

On the Contrary, Trump's and Raoult's "Z-Pack" Medicine (with HCQ, AZ, and Zinc) aims to Strengthen the Natural Human Immunity System, Against Viruses...



Indeed, his entire Hospital Focuses on Transplantations of Human Parts : Nowadays, its Website's Frontpage boastes, f.ex., for what it calls the "Nations' 1sr Face Transplant for Black patient", picturing a 68 Years Old Bald Man who has taken the Face of a freshly Killed Young Man, with Brown Hair, (so that his Head now remains Half Bald, Half with Brown Hair...), after a "16 Hour Surgery involving ... over 45 physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, residents and research fellows". But Mehra's Hospital has Already done ... the Majority, i.e. 9 out of 15 other "Face Transplants" in the USA, and "has Long been Recognized as one of the World's Leaders in Transplanation", as it boasts, citting Also "Other Transplant Milestones", including of Kidneys (Since 1954), Hearts (since 1984), Lungs (since 1992), Hands (2014), etc, (Aways Taken from Freshly Killed People, of course).

+ AnOther Particularity of Mehra's Hospital is that its "International Collaborations" consist (Except from an ...1 Store, Tiny House at Bermuda, ...), Exclusively Four (4) Projects, ... All in China (sic !!!!), with Big Partner Companies, in Huge Sky-Rocketing Buildings at Boao, Jangsu, Chengdu, and Hangzhou.  

++ In Parallel, Dr. Mandip Mehra is also Professor at ...Harvard Medical School, whose Current Dean, George Daley, was a Key co-Organizer of that Exceptional "International Summit on Gene Editing" at Hong-Kong on November 2018, which made Big Publicity for a Maverick Young Chinese "Dr. Frankenstein", (Educated, Funded, Directed, and Backed by some USA's Big Technocratic Lobbies related to Former POTUS Barack Hussein Obama's "Liberal" Controversial Policies on Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, etc), Notoriously Revealed that he had Secretly made Genetic Manipulations to 3 Human Embryos, Transmissible to All Future Generations, and had pushed them until the Artificial Births in China of 3 Babies, all bearing in them Heritable Gene Editing (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/heritablegenemaniptrumpxihumanity.html, etc). Any such Alteration of Human Germ-Line affecting Generations, Risky for Human Health and Obviously extrmely Dangerous for Humanity's Future, is currently Prohibited, in one way or another, in Many Countries accross the World, (including USA, China, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, etc), But, that Obama era's Harvard Medical School Dean, had Pushed, (at an Interview Published then), for its ..."Acceptance" (sic !), in the foresable Future !

+ Dean Daley had Already being Pushing, (even Against former Republican US President GWBush's policies), Back on 2001-2008, for Controversial Federal Funding of Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, until former "Liberal" POTUS Barack Hussein Obama Legalizes that, since March 2009, (Immediately Followed, then, by anOther Deadly, Mysterious "Virus"' Pandemic, of H1N1, which Started somewhere around South California's Labs near the Mexican Borders).

The Chinese Government had Clearly Denounced, already since November 2018, the Above-Mentioned, Maverick "Dr. Frankenstein-Junior" for such Dangerous, "UnEthical" and "Criminal" Acts, already since 2018. But it's only on 30 December 2019 that Beijing Officially Announced the Condamnation of that Culprit to the Punishment of 5,5 Years in Jail for his Crime, etc., (while Experienced Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences strongly Criticized, in Parallel, the serious Dangers with which such Maverick Heritable Gene Editing, Affecting all Future Generations, Threatened Humanity's Future, See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/chinacondemnsheritablegeneediting.html).

+=> But, as it is well Known, Surprizingly, just 1 Day Later, on 31 December 2019, it was Also Announced that this Strange, Deadly New Virus, suddenly Attacked China, (starting by Wuhan) !

++ And 6 Months Later, on May 2020, Earlier this Week, Distinguished Members from the Chinese Academy of Science, observed the Fact that, Still, the Open Question of "a Natural Origin of the Virus", Despite Many Scientifics persisting to Search Worldwide, nevertheless, still remains "a Mystery" !...

+++ Meanwhile, Notoriously, Various Hypothesis and/or Questions about an Eventual Artificial Fabrication of that New Virus "by a Lab", (for whatever Purpose : f.ex. "Vaccine" and/or "Bio-Weapon" Researches,  etc), have Surfaced, Together with Some (InSufficient yet) Facts, by several Sources, including a NOBEL Prize Winner Scientist, a Former, Twice-Elected Head of State, etc, (Comp., f.ex., among others, also : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/nobelprofonlabmadevirus.html, and : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/ahmadinejadonlabomadevirus1.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/ahmadinejadonlabomadevirus2.html, etc).

++++ And it's also Nowadays that People start to Realize the Potential Importance of the Questions Raised, Meanwhile, by the UnPrecedented Arrest of anOther ..."Dean of Harvard" (Comp. Supra), this time in Bio-Chemistry, Shortly Before the Virus becomes really apparent, Towards the End of 2019,  by the North American Authorities, 2 or 3 Months Before the Pandemic hits also the USA themselves, on 2020, quite Hard.

This "Harvard's Dean" was notoriously Accused for receiving a Lot of UnDeclared Money from Abroad, particularly China, where he reportedly Helped check and choose Scientists for the Top Security Bio-Labo (level 4) at Wuhan, as well as its own and other relevant Bio-Tech Big Projects.  

++++ Both Harvard's Medical School and Bio-Chemistry, as well as "Brigham and Women's Hospital" (Comp. Supra), are Located in Boston, Massachusetts, which Notoriously is a "Liberal" Hotspot for Opposition's Dem's Party of former POTUS Barack Hussein Obama and current Candidate to the November 2020 US Presidential Elections Joe Biden, i.e., of Political Adversaries to the Republican US President Don Trump...

=> Thus, Both current Presidents of China and USA, Xi and Trump,

who, Despite some Recurrent Trade and/or Other Issues, (often Provoked by sly interferences), had, in the Past and even Recently, Managed to Seek and Find some Friendly Compromises and Common Points, (f.ex. just after the Latest Phone Conversation between them, on the ways to Tackle the Virus, etc),

>>> Nowadays, Could and Should Realize that they have some Common Ennemies, (Hidden Both inside China and the US) : A Fact which Incites them to Decisively Become Friends, cooperating on such Core issues, for the Benefit of Humankind !...

And the Real Europeans (in Fact, the Most Hardly Hit by the Deadly Virus) should Play an Active and Important part on that,

withOut Falling in Any Sly Trap to eventually distract their Attention from the much Needed Focus on Urgently Saving so Many Threatened Human Lives !








Top Virus' Death Rate States are Not those on whom Establishment's Medias point the finger...

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- USA, China, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Iran, South Korea, etc., are Nowadays among those Countries on which Most Establishment's Medias usually Point an Accusing Finger, concerning the Deadly Virus' reportedly Worse Impact, even if Often they do that quite Vaguely. On the Contrary, a lot of Other Countries are either Presented, regularly, as more or less Ordinary cases, if they are not Even Ommitted from being mentioned at all...

But the Reality of Facts is completely Different ! Particularly if one takes into account the, effectively, Worse Impact of the Virus : i.e. Deaths, and the most Accurate, Fair and Meaningful way to Measure it : i.e. in Proportion to Each Country's Population.

=> Then, all out of a Sudden, various "Surprises" pop-up, Both in Absolute and in Relative terms, (i.e. in Comparison with Other Counties) !

- F.ex.: - Which Country has the Worst Virus' Death Rate in the World ?

Guessing by the main Medias-induced Impressions, one would say, most probably : - The USA, or Italy, may be (soon) Russia or Brazil, etc.

>>> In Fact, it's Nobody among them ! Not Even Any Other Country among those which are Usually Citted by those Medias.

=>  On the Contrary, it's someone that Nobody would guess, a priori : ...Belgium ! The main EU Capital, indeed, currently, Figures at the 1st Place in the whole World for the Most Numerous Deaths by the Virus, in Proportion to its Population, with about 800 Victims per 1 Million, (Followed, in Big Distance, by Spain, with about 600) !

Italy comes Only Afterwards (i.e. 3rd), with about 530 Victims per Million, (almost Equal to the UK, which is 4rth).

>>> As for USA, Despite some False Appearances, it still stands, in Fact, Far Away : just at the ...9th Place, with 280 Victims (i.e. Almost the Half of Italy !) per 1 Million of Population, (situated Between Ireland : 321, and Switzerland : 222)...     

Brazil, (for which Establishment's Medias recently Claimed that it would be so Bad, that it Risked to reach, soon, the 3rd Place in the World, close to Russia),  in Fact, (with Only 85 Victims per Million), is situated at the ... 18th (EIGHTEENTH) Place !

It's Immediately Followed by Austria (with 71 Victims per Million), and is, still, Much Better than ...Germany, which is Notoriously considered to be an Exceptionaly "Good Case" in Europe, particularly by having (with just 97 Victims per million) far Less Deaths than All Other Big EU Countries, ...

Iran too, Notoriously cited as Exceptionaly Hardly Hit by the Deadly Virus, in Fact, stands Near Brazil, even slightly Better, at the 17th Place, (with 87 Deaths per Million), i.e. Also ByPassing Germany, (Comp. Supra).

And Russia, often Cited Recently as having Become a very "Bad" case, (Comp. Supra) ?

UnExpectedly, Russia still Stands at the ...44th Place, with Only 19 Deaths per Million, situated Between Lithuania (21)  and Belarus (18), Not Far away from Greece, which is Considered to be a Fairly Medium/Good case, (coming at the 49th Place, with Only 15 Deaths per Million).

As for South Korea, (which Twice Sky-Rocketed in Medias' News Headlines as a Top "Hot-Spot" of this Virus' Crisis), it's Placed Only ...75th, (with Only 5 Victims per Million).

+ To Complete this "Reality Test", even China, (Widely Known as the Origin of that Virus), Now stands at the ...93rd Place, (with Only 3 Victims per Million) !


Last, but Not Least, Even in Absolute terms, the EU (with the UK) has, still Nowadays, much More People Killed by that Virus (about 160.000) than the USA (just about 92.000)... And, also the Wider Europe, in general, (i.e. the EU Together with Other Eastern European Countries and Russia, etc), has about 168.000 People Killed, Compared to just about 124.500 in Americas, (i.e. USA + Canada + Latin America).

In other words, the European People, after having been, Earlier, Scandalously Abandoned to Massive Infections by imported Virus, withOut Any Timely Protection, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/deadlyvirusheadstoeucore.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/virusriskbutnoeuprotection.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/delaytoprotecteupeoplefromvirus.html, etc), Still Remain, Today, the "EpiCenter" of the World, in terms of Tragic Losses of Human Lives !

So that it does'Nt Serve Anything to Vainly and Misleadingly, Too Often Attempt to Blame ...Xi's China, Trump's USA, Bolsonaro's Brasil, and/or Putin's Russia, (etc), as Establishment Medias' Too Easy "Scape-Goats",  in order to so Clumsily try to Hide some Pseudo-"Europeans"' Responsibilities, and/or the Obvious Need to Urgently Act, at last, Efficiently in order to Save the Threatened Lives of many innocent European People...





[NDLR : Front-Page PHOTO : Virus' World Top Killer Belgium's

RINO-Socialist backed PM Booed at Brussel's Hospital on 16 May 2020]




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*Paris/ACM/12 October 2008/-

When Europeans really feel a vital need to urgently launch common replies to challenging World Crisis, as the present Financial turmoil of Global Markets, they forge new decision-making tools and new dynamics :

The 1st in History EuroZone Heads of State and Government Summit, organized in Paris at the invitation of French President, and current EU chair, Nicolas Sarkozy, with the participation of 15 national leaders and EU institutions' chairmen, partly enlarged to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after a highly symbolic duo with German Chancelor Angie Merkel, at General De Gaulle's birth-village, 50 Years after he welcomed there former German chancellor Adenauer (1958-2008), may have not one, but two results :

- The first, and more urgent, was to launch an "ambitious", "coherent", and "efficient" common European movement, able to stimulate "solutions" to the World Economic Crisis, as Sarkozy anounced from the outset : State Garantees (to new Bank debts up to 5 years), fresh Capital input (f.ex. by buying shares), support to distressed banks, (while also restructuring them), incite the European Central Bank to facilitate commerial bills europe-wide, etc.

"Acting swiftly", from tomorrow, national measures will quantify all these targets, with coordinated actions from all EuroZone's Governments : France, Germany, Italy and others, decided to anounce, at the same time, such concrete measures, according to agreements that we have already made all together, revealed Sarkozy at the final Press Conference, flanked by EuroZone's chairmen : EuroGroup's Jean-Claude Juncker, and Central European Bank's Jean-Claude Truchet, as well as EU Commission's Jose Baroso, to solemnly stress the will to find common European solutions.

- "United and Determined, all EuroZone's Countries will act to prove that Citizens can Trust" the Economy, Sarkozy concluded. If we attract also all EU's 27 countries, Wednesday in Brussels, then we can coordinate action with our American Friends at a Global level, he anounced.


- "With this new Toolbox, we do not want to serve Bankers, but to work for Europe and its Citizens' interests", added Juncker.

- "For the moment, we want to act urgently to regulate the Crisis. But the time will come when those responsible for this, will have to account for their actions. Yes to real Capitalism, No to Speculators. Those who abused, will face sanctions, Sarkozy warned.

Need stimulates activities which create new organs, say biologists, and Gordon Brown, compatriot of Spencer, the famous bio-Historian, would certainly not deny that, after his surprise visit to EuroZone's Summit in Paris, which attracted him one hour more than scheduled...


Decisions include also the creation of a Crisis-management European mechanism, which "requires constant Monitoring", as well as strengthening Economic policy cooperation between EuroZone's countries.

Sarkozy will be judged by History not just by the immediate Economic results, expected at the end of this week's decision-making proces at National and EU level, but also by the more far-reaching consequences at the aftermath of this Historic EuroZone 1st Summit : Will it succeed to become a precursor forging a New era in European institution's revitalization ?

Significantly, the French President sat, during discussions, between German Chancelor Merkel, and British Prime Minister Brown, facing the chairmen of EuroGroup, Juncker, ECB : Truchet, and EU Commission, Baroso, with Prime Ministers of Spain, Zapatero (a hot partisan of EuroZone's Summit) at his right side, and Italy's Berlusconi, at his left, surrounded by Austrian, Belgian, Cyprus', Finland's, Greece's, and Ireland's leaders, as well as Slovakia's, Slovenia's, Portugal's, Netherlands', Malta's and Luxembourg's leaders.


Meanwhile, those who tabled for a rift between French and German positions were faced with a smiling Merkel at De Gaulle-Adenauer's meeting place, a sunny Saturday morning, and a particularly active-looking Merkel inside the French Presidential Palace at Elysee's gardens on Sunday, (as happy few photographers discovered)..

- "De Gaulle's hilltop, at Colombey-les-2-Eglises, gave an astonishing overview to a huge landscape, entirely surrounded by splendid Nature, as far as eyes could see", said to EuroFora an obviously charmed German Journalist.


She was describing Saturday's inauguration of a High-Tech Memorial close to the Historic Giant Double Lorraine's Cross, built by famous Novelist Andre Malraux, to perpetuate the Memory of his famous call for "Resistance" to NAZI, and his vision for the creation of New Institutions and Franco-German reconciliation, to foster Europe's role in the World, also for the Future.


Children playing at Elysee's gardens before the Historic 1st EuroZone's Summit : What Europe's Future will look like ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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