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POTUS Trump fans Back Iran f. President Ahmadinejad move v. Labo-made Virus +Anti-Human Criminals /A

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 10 March 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- An astonishing New Fact is the UnExpected Convergence between USA President Trump's Fans and former Iranian President Ahmadinejad, (usually Opposed against eachother), into Raising Critical Questions about whether the Deadly Virus COVID-19 was artificially Fabricated in a Labo, via Genetic Manipulations, eventually by a Group of Criminals Hidding behind that "Anti-Human" Pandemia, or not.

The New CoranoVirus is notoriously a part of a Series of similar Virus, as that of "SARS", which had striken against China etc. at around 2000-2003, (i.e. when the Human Genome was decifered, for the 1st Time in History). Curiously, even if it Killed a lot of People, neverteless, No Treatment, Neither any Vaccine wasn't yet found against SARS, until Now (2020). But it was Followed Later also by another "Parent" Virus, that of "MERS", (for "Mediterrannean Respiratory Syndrom"), etc., also Dangerous. And Nowadays, (2019-2020), the New offspring of "COVID-19" appears Faster and Wider Spreading, as well as More Deadly, without clearly Knowing yet how Long it might durate.

Ahmadinejad, who had been Twice Elected President of Iran, on 2005 and 2009, with a 61%  and 62% High score of Votes, but apparently Hindered by the Regime of Islamist Clerics to take part anew at the 2017 Elections, has reportedly Questioned, already, the Emergence of "HIV", (also against the Human Immunity System), and had Asked for an International Investigation on Who might be really Behind the 9/11 Massive Deadly Barbaric Terrorism.

However, this time, Despite a Notorious Tension and Conflict between the Ruling Political Right in the USA and Iran Nowadays, when, After Iran was Hardly Hit by that New Virus, Ahmadinejad send 2 Letters to UNO's Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, and WHO's Director Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on 9 and 10 March 2020 respectively, attributing "the Mutated CoronaVirus" to the "Production in a Lab", "by the Warfare stock houses of Biological War", constituting "a Threat on Humanity", against the Instigators of which, he called to take certain International Measures,  Surprisingly, a lot of US President Don Trump Fans, immediately rushed to Exceptionaly Welcome and Support such a Message !

Such an UnExpected and extremely Rare (if not withOut any known Precedent) Attitude, became Obvious, inter alia, also at the Famous pro-Trump Web NewsMedia "Breitbart", whose numerous Readers and Registered Commentators are Notoriously Known for having always been a Core-Part of the Northern American alternative Right, as well as particularly "Hot", Convinced and Deeply Faithful socio-Political Supporters of USA President Don Trump (See Infra).  

- In his 1st Letter to UNO's SG, Ahmadinejad stresses that "the Mutated and Intelligent CoronaVirus 2019, was Produced in Laboratories", and "is much more Anti-Human, Destructive and Horrible, than ...Other Anti-Human Weapons", provoking an "Imposed War and Invasion against Humanity".

- In fact, this is used as "a New Weapon, for establishing and/or maintaining Political and Economic Upper Hand in the Global Arena, by some (UnNamed) Domineering Powers", seeking to deepen "the Dominance of Devilish/Anti-Human Powers", by "Mass-Killing Weapons and ...perpetration of Anti-Human Crimes", he denounced.

=> In consequence, Ahmadinejad, in his 2nd Letter, to WHO's DG, calls for the "immediate Identification of the Lab that Produced, and the elements that Spread the Virus, as well as Other Centers that Support this Biological War, and identifying the Perpetrators to the Global Community".

- Indeed, "Transparent, Public and UnBiased Dissemination of Informaton regarding the Perpetrators of this Anti-Human Crime, is an Important Factor in Controlling that Anti-Human Weapon", he pointed out.

>>> This should help, "with special Scrutiny", to "Identify the elements involved in the Production and Use of (such) Biologic Weapons, and strictly Penalize them, at World-wide scale", he continued at his 1st Letter to UNO's SG. Because, Otherwise, "Indifference and Lack of Serious and Effective Confrontaton with them, can Ruin the Relations among Countries and Nations, and Threaten seriously the Existence of Nations", Ahmadinejad warned.

+ In fact, "the United Nations" are "expected to Strongly Slam the Anti-Human action by World Criminal Powers, in imposing the Biologic War on Nations, aimed at Domineering, and doN't allow to the Perpetrators of such Crimes to realize their Political-Economic Crimes and Evil Plans ...by White-Washing" their wrong-doings.

- Perhaps, "the Weakness or Failure on the part of State Officials, in Some Countries, in performing their HealthCare Duties vis-a-vis the People, has had an effect on the size of Spread and the Damage caused by the Epidemic, which is a matter to be Judged by the Nations", Ahmadinejad rightfully notes in his Letter to the WHO, (given, indeed, some Astonishing Ommissions to Timely Protect the People, in certain Countries, particularly Compared to Others).  - "But the Main Responsibility of production and distribution of the Virus, by the Laboratories that Produced it, and those perpetrating a Biologic War on Nations, should never be overlooked".

++ Moreover, on this occasion, Widely speaking, his Letter to the UN adds "a Plan to Modify and ReinForce the (UN) Convention on the Ban on production and use of Biologic Weapons", should "be Drafted ad submitted to the UN General Assembly", in particular "foreseing Executive Measures for Effective/Strict Supervision and Control, and Penalizing any move in that direction, via the Transparent Participation of All Governments and Nations", as he also suggests.

Significantly, Ahmadinejad does Not Limit the Scope, concerning all those Responsible for such alleged "Anti-Human Crimes", only to some (UnNamed) States or Countries, but, by speaking repeatedly about "Powers", (Comp. Supra), he obviously includes also any eventual Trans-National, Public-private Networks...


=> Many Pro-Trump "Breitbart" USA Web-NewsMedia Registered Commentators' reactions (Comp. Supra) are, Surprizingly, exceptionaly Positive, at the above-mentioned  Critical Questions, Denonciations, and Calls by the Former Iranian President :

Among Many others, see, f.ex. also :

- "Even a BLIND squirrel finds a nut! Or, in this case it was the NUT finding the nut", ironically commented "Maus Guest" at Breitbart.

- "GeorgeSoros is manipulating the markets again?", suggested "MTK Henie".

 - "It's the global deep state. To me it's open season if what they did cost lives", suspected "Gordo".

- "Virtually no one seems to consider the possibility that the virus could have been released by globalist forces/entities from outside of China. Wuhan would be the perfect cover as a place to begin. Just ask Dean Koontz. In that same vein, it is just as plausible that the same forces/entities are intentionally spreading the virus to selected locations around the world. Instead, confirmation bias rules the day. Down with China! The likes of John Brennan and GS are just sitting back and laughing", observed "denver likeawow". 

- "Its possible, anything is possible, but I doubt that Globalists would want to do this much damage to their beloved international system of travel & commerce. On the other hand, this does have the potential to strengthen their grip on global politics & medicine. Trump's economy taking a beating is also a worthy goal for them. As I see it, this is a real virus and the Left/Globalists are just using the crisis to bash Trump, as usual. They are shameless", nuanced "Israel_Reconquista".

- "I would argue that China’s leading Bioweapons expert, Major General Chen Wei, is the one who knows something and needs to be questioned. She was dispatched to Wuhan very shortly after the outbreak. Now she has been put in charge of the lab in Wuhan. She spent many years of her career working specifically with Coronaviruses. A few days after the magnitude of the outbreak was understood, China sent out a directive to all of its biolabs that were “working with advanced coronaviruses” that they needed to “strengthen their containment protocols”. Scientists working at that lab have previously been arrested for selling lab animals to the very same “wet market” where the virus originated, and those animals were slaughtered live in the market and sold for human consumption, according to Stephen Mosher and the New York Post. Those are too many coincidences for me. If the General won’t submit to questioning, capture her and interrogated her in a secure military facility", suggested "Lycurgus_the_Law_Giver".

- "It's been reported that there's a connection to a Harvard professor paid by China to consult on setting up the Wuhan lab. He's been arrested", said, on the Contrary, "bwazcat  mercury".

- "Sørøs is on the top of the China situation, he is aiming to short the Chinese economy. Everyone is freed up to protest against communists at the DNC headquarters", insisted "Henie  mercury".

- "...We KNOW the patent numbers for the man-made ovid-19 virus, its man-made cure,and its man-made 'alleged' vaccine. We all know who developed it and owns it. Look up "Sir Pirbright" of the English peerage. Look up "Pirbright Institute, Wuhan China", also a British institution", observed "Howard Lewis".

- "I would like nothing more then to send a Tomahawk missile toward this clown, but he (Ahmadinejad) DOES have a point", characteristically admits "American-Bird-of-Prey".

=> Thus, "We need to find this lab and go through it and see what other little nasty surprises that could be unleashed on the planet. The virus was not a natural virus and its targeting the most vulnerable among us by design, remember Communist regimes hate the elderly because they are a burden on the State and they don't produce, remember Obama's "Death Panels" from Obamacare?", he adds.

- "It’s a bio engineered virus. It was crossed with one or two other virus’s and DNA. It’s referred to as ‘gain of function’. Scientists who have studied it said it appears that it allows the virus to more easily attach to the host with the T receptors on its exterior, the corona, if u will", describes "TheMagnificentDeplorable".

- "Good luck with that!!! Heroic Dr.s in China sounded the alarm in NOV. and all they got was a death sentence ... China REFUSED to let specialist into their country until sometime in FEB. They waited for EVERYONE -- the world -- to finish their travels and celebrations during Dec. and new year's -- ie infecting the world in a short amount of time -- until something was really done about the C-Virus ... The reality is that China owns us ... look at Bloomberg and others like him who've sold us out to increase profits .. all the while ignoring the cost to our country.. the politicians are to blame as well as the VOTERS who elected them ...", suspects "A.T."

- "It was the Long duk wong lab", jokes "VictoriaRules".

- "I thought it came from the Hu Dik Tup labs", replies "Ric Parks".

- "The coronavirus came from the chicoms' P4 bioweapons lab in Wuhan. ....", for "MJAC".

- ""WHO Director-General Tedros said on Monday he believes the coronavirus could be “the first pandemic in history that could be controlled.” He noted that it is an “uneven epidemic,” with 93 percent of its cases grouped into four countries, one of which is Iran."...", noted "Don heve".

- "Ahmadinejad never once mentioned the Chinese...There's no doubt who he wants to pin this on...and it's not China. The question I ask is how did Iran get infected so fast while the rest of the Middle East is relatively unscathed...unless they had Chinese coming and going frequently...perhaps helping them with some 'project'...considering the number of Iranian officials who've contracted it suggests the Chinese exposure was at the 'highest levels' of the Iranian regime. BCNU...", suspects "John Drake".

- "ORGAN HARVESTING IS LEGAL IN IRAN.", claims "Bannaghar".

- "There's a damn good reason China disallowed CDC entry for samples, they could TELL early if it was engineered/edited and w/CRISPR clip& snip you can BET we'll see even MORE of this in the near future. VERY soon..And w/our reliance on China for RX's/chemicals we're screwed unless Trump ends this insanity. See testimony from Rosemary Gibson to House Energy & Commerce Comm. on 10/30/19, ten pages of sanity completely ignored by the "media", (www.energycommerce.house.gov) according to "steve merrill".

- "Compare the gene sequence with known gene sequences using a supercomputer.....bioinformatics", suggests "Cali Broheim".

-"We all know. ---------- Had U.S. investigators been allowed in they would have traced it back to the petri dish in the Wuhan Bio Lab", claims "Klay".

- "But that's almost too obvious. Funny truth is Sor@ss is invested in this lab, at this address : "WuXi PharmaTech Inc. 666 Gaoxin Road East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan 430075, China", denounces "Elf of Destruction".

- "My guess is after this Coronavirus took out a few of their Clerics and Mullahs, the Iranians view of China has been somewhat soured. Remember Mullahs are their religious leaders, it would be just like if the Coronavirus was running wild through the Vatican for Catholics and Christians. Wouldn't we feel the same way if that were the case? The Iranians want revenge now that it is confirmed to be a Chinese designed pathogen", imagined "American-Bird-of-Prey".

- "...who benefits from it starting in China? Not China", points out "Elf of Destruction".

- "I would normally dismiss anything Ahmdinejad says as nonsense, but given the timing of the virus, I suspect the CCP of fowl play. Remember, given the protests in Hong Kong, the CCP was amassing troops across the river. If they had mobilized those troops to murder demonstrators in Hong Kong the world would have baulked on the CCP and cut all financing. No...the CCP needed something less direct; something that would create fear of public gatherings. What better way to squash an uprising than to release a dangerous virus. The fact that the CCP refused access to the point of origin to US scientist and doctors is highly suspect. Sadly, with only propaganda machines", suggests "dbroms".

-"Listen, I can understand that "Armored-Dinner-Jacket" is upset about the virus. But if he expects an organization from the New York Third World Free Buffet & Cocktail Lounge to penetrate China under Xi's nose and get answers, he's urinating in the wind", warns "availablcleo48".

- "I tend to agree with him (Ahmadinejad)--we have a right to know who it is that are trying to kill us. I keep hearing Bill Gates name.....", said "patty". 

- "They ran a huge conference last Fall on PANDEMICS. Event 201 and Pirbright Institute. Gates Funded", added "Bannaghar".

- "And Gates would profit", agreed "Maude".

- "Bill and Melinda Gates hosted “Event 201” back in October, described as a “high-level pandemic exercise” (https://dcdirtylaundry.com/...)", observed, moreover, "Bannaghar".

- "I have also heard at these conferences and games they play that they trade and sell novel viruses to each other to play with in their respective labs. Someone claimed Univ of Carolina sold one to Chinese and they modified it back in China and it escaped or was intentionally let loose", added, on this point, also "TheMagnificentDeplorable".

- "and he is all about depopulation.....", observed (on Gates) "patty".

- "PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE.", reminded "Bannaghar".

- "I heard that name but could not remember it--only remembered it started with a P--thanks", reacted "patty".

- "The WHO and CDC have vested interest in some of these labs. They are in up to their eyeballs in a coverup. It’s why they were so adamant about getting into China early on and trying to control the narrative. They need to shut down every one of these labs. Something a lot more sinister is easily available for some mad man to unleash hell on us.", warned "TheMagnificentDeplorable".

- "check out Amazing Polly new video--Event 201, very interesting", suggested, in addition, "patty".

- "Amazing that it takes, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to ask what every damn leader in the world should have been demanding a month ago. The release of this virus from a bio lab (which is the only place it could have been developed) is appalling. Who leaked it, where did it leak from and why the hell, if it wasn't for sinister purposes wasn't it appropriately handled must be revealed and there must be accountability and consequences", clearly agreed with Ahmadinejad, "Benedict".

- "The billionaires invested in China and the anti Trump liberals will NEVER allow this to happen", warned "Greg".

- "This is a valid demand.", agreed, however, also "The Iszling".

- "I would like to know myself. Why aren’t any legitimate leaders demanding answers?", wondered "FtheEstablishment".

- "What they did could be considered an act of war against not only us but every nation affected, we could be sitting on a powder keg if accusations start flying resulting in frayed nerves which could end up killing MORE people then the virus ever could. Its a very delicate process, we all know China is guilty as sin but our response is critical or we could be dealing with something that could very easily get out of our control.", advised, however, "American-Bird-of-Prey".

- "Because they already know. And not one of them wants the plebes to know that every government is up to their elbows in bioweapons. And agricultural weapons. The way of the future :)", denounced "Elf of Destruction".

- "Ask Hillary and John Kerry, they know!", suggested "G.I.Joe".

- "I have been saying from day one, the corona virus was man made and spread on purpose. There is nothing that will ever make me chamge my mind on that", stressed "Green Harvey".

- "I believe that too. The man made part anyway. Then there was an accidental breach in containment from employees. And off it went like wildfire", accepted, at least, "intellicad60".

- "Don’t delude yourselves Iran. If the US had made this virus, the mortality rate would be at a minimum of 80%. The US and Russia perfected Bio-Warfare", contested "Jamie".

- "Was Wuhan virus natural, or man made, ie "enhanced" ?No matter who asks the question, it should be answered. But, who will believe any info coming from the WHO, or any other "State" forensic lab ? We may learn the answer decades down the line. But expect only misinformation and disinformation, from those who have the ability to know", warned "JohnGalt".

- "Wasn't it stolen from a lab in Winnipeg, Canada by a Chinese and brought to Wuhan?", questioned "RK1975".

- "What did ("Socialist"/Liberal, Anti-Trump, PM) Trudeau know and when did he know it?", wondered, on this point, "Deplorably yours".

- "...[TEXT LOST] ...", replied "Mike".

- "Unbeknownst to this little tyrant, (Ahmadinejad), he hit the nail on the head ! Chances are the virus came out of the Chinese biological warfare lab in Wuhan. It's the only one they have", observed "Chicagobearcat".

- "Can't believe it, I agree with the Islamist (Ahmadinejad). For once in his long miserable life, he is right", agreed, with sincerity, also "elkh1".

- "no one with a brain, not brain washed, believes this is a 'natural' virus. so, after fighting this war as best they can, victim nations/people must turn to exposing the perpetrators of this most evil of crimes", agreed and urged "neil sutherland".

- "And make them be punished for all the lives lost", called "Lizintexas".

- "Pinch me. I'm agreeing with him. (Ahmadinejad)", acknowledged also "Butch".

- "Exposing it's origin is never going to happen because no doubt this is the product of a University or lab in the United States or Canada. Alot if Universities screw with viruses all the time. They have been doing it for decades. Using viruses to conduct gene editing to make designer strains. Very dangerous stuff. Took a 400 level virology course at IU taught by a ND professor. That was 2011 and it was terrifying what Universities were up to and even more terrifying that we were educating foreign nationals from hostile countries to do this crap. Playing God won't end well", denounced "B King".

- "You do realize that a 400 level course in virology at IU taught by a ND professor is an entry level course at a place like Hopkins ...", compared "John Schmidt".

- "I wasn't a science major. Needed 3 credit hours for prerequisite and thought virology was interesting. Is there a point you're trying to make? Surely you aren't disputing American Universities having viral genetics programs in which they genetically engineer viruses and use viral gene editing to modify other genetic sequences as well?", sharply clarified "B King".

- "I am disputing that they are doing so at middle tier undergraduate programs. Sure their are graduate programs and PhDs who are experimenting with Gene sequencing but at the level and place you were at you would have had no exposure to the what, how and why they are doing it", distinguished "John Schmidt".

- "You're disputing a claim that was never made because I never mentioned undergrads, exposure, or methods. Point was that every single day some lab is playing Russian Roulette with the entire human race by creating pathogens they have no understanding of and that mother nature has no answer for. And of course that Windsor and Wuhan both shared a virologist who worked with Coronavirus. After being named as a possible link in the virus getting to wuhan that guy very conveniently died himself of COVID-19. Occums Razor from there", Denounced, in concreto, "B King".

- "How do you think it is we got an understanding of Polio or space travel? Do you think we just prayed about it and God gave us an answer? Research is necessary to advance and sometimes we get it wrong. Cost of progress", was obliged to admit "John Schmidt".

- "Suprising you inject prayer into the subject as if it would somehow be counterproductive. Multiple blind studies have shown prayer works. Most of the scientific advances we have came people who believe in God and pray. Boyle, Faraday, Mendel, Newton, Volta, Pascal, Kelvin. The list is endless. It's the pseudo science of Evolution Theory that has perverted true science from repeatable and demonstrable scientific method to a world of theoretical jibberish. Genetic mapping has disproved evolution already and the entire geologic scale was invented by a lawyer named Lyell in the 1850's. No species has ever evolved into another. But I can tell by your summary you're not a prayong man. Describing the creation bioweapons that can wipe out mankind as the "cost of progress" sounds very - Progressive", criticized "B King".

- "Is it true that this virus was stolen from a Canadian college by Chinese students?", wondered "Train to Hawaii".

- "This is how 3/4 of the human population is going to be wiped out", warned and deplored "CFLAP".

- "You American hating scum. You know damn well this thing originated in A Chinese biological laboratory. Take your propaganda somewhere else or show it up your keester", angered shouted "Keeper of Odd Knowledge".

- "How low IQ do you have to be to think American laboratories aren't doing "research" on dangerous pathogens? It's a fact. It's not even something that is up for debate. You sound like a Democrat. Can't debate an issue on factual information so you call me, an Infantry Vet, American hating scum? You tell me to shove information that I learned from a University about what kind of genetic research was being conducted up my keester? I bet you are a baby boomer that still listens to the nightly news and have voted for the same politician for 20 years", replied "B King", sticking on Facts.

- "Vietnam vet here. And unlike you I love my country. 1st place you go to is to accuse America of unleashing this Chinese made virus on the world. So, again, I advise you to shove your idiocracy and stupid ideas Were you normally maintain your head".

+ "By the way I know we are experimentings with biological agents in this country as is every other country with a 1/2 assed budget for such things. In this case the virus originated in China and you have to be an idiot to think otherwise", Partly admitted, partly insisted to contest, "Keeper of Odd Knowledge".

- "I don't have to hate my country to know government employees and University professors can be incompetent dolts".

- "The entire chain is known :  June 2012 Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Dr. Alli Mohammed Zaki isolates an unknown virus from a Saudi man. Dr. Zaki needs second opinion and sends sample to Ron Fouchier the leading virologist at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Fouchier sequenced the viral sample and sent the results to Scientific Director Dr. Frank Plummer at Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. Zaki-Fouchier-Plummer at NML Canada. In March 2019 a package was sent from the Canadian NML to the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory. The package contained viral bioweapons and the following investigation on the breach revealed two Chinese espionage agents working in Canada's NML had stolen the virus and sent it to the lab in Wuhan which is only 16 miles from the Hunan Seafood Market. The 34 year old doctor there that tried to blow the whistle conveniently died at 34 from COVID-19. Covid-19 came from Canada in March 2019. What manipulations, if any, the Canadians did to the original strain sent from the Netherlands in 2012 to turn it into Covid-19 we'll likely never know. ...", denounced "B King".

- "...you have a very interesting story. Why are you the only one reporting this?", asked "Keeper of Odd Knowledge".


 - "At least Ahmadinejad is not being lectured by CNN and MSNBC to be politically correct", joked "Bob L".

 - "From a Wuhan wet market lies just steps away the former Wuhan Institute of Virology. What could possibly go wrong?", observed "Deidre".

- "I think we all would like to know which lab it was too!", agreed (with Ahmadinejad) also "Vaughn H".

- "China only has one level 4 biological virus lab and it's located in Wuhan. Not too difficult to figure out which lab produced it", noted "Cowpow".

- "Look in Canada", advised "Neville" (Comp. Supra).

- "Sir the WHO couldn't find it own @** with both hands!", deplored "Duckman".

- "Ask the Chinese", advised "Thing is".

- "The same Winnipeg lab that sent Ebola and Henipah viruses to Beijing recently removed a number of researchers for an “administrative issue"", noted "Bannaghar".

- "This may be a first, I agree with an Iranian leader! (Ahmadinejad)", admitted also "CyclopsRooster".

- "I have to agree with this terrorist (Ahmadinejad): the bas-turds in the CCP should be held accountable for their incompetence", found "Jack_nSlvrSprng".

- "After the air clears and facts are layed out, I wouldn't be surprised to see some Nation's gang up on China. I have no doubts that the genetic sequence that the Chi Coms released to other countries was short a couple of components. When that's found, it's all bets off for China", suspected "Grumpy Gardner".

-"just what incompetence? seems to me that they pretty much got just what they wanted and needed to have happen", guessed "Michael G. Wilson".

-"1: I think the virus escaped from the lab accidentally. 2: I think they acted incompetently by supressing information about it", minimized responsibilities, "Jack_nSlvrSprng".

- "Considering China broke every international law in the book by creating bio-weapons, its worse this one was introduced to the public intentionally in Wuhun resulting in deaths worldwide I can well imagine China is getting an earful behind the scenes from diplomats from nations affected most, if they start getting slammed publicly we could very well start a war over this which could kill more then the actual virus in question", thought "American-Bird-of-Prey".

- "Whether intentionally released or not, the CCP bas-turds should be held accountable", believes "Jack_nSlvrSprng".

- "We already know the lab. It's the BLF-4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located about 300 yards from that open air food market. The genome sequences taken from coronavirus patients are 90% identical to the bat CoV ZC45 coronavirus used for testing (intermediate horseshoe bat). In February that same lab applied for a patent in China for the use of remdesivir, an experimental drug owned by Gilead Sciences (American biotech company)", observed "Buster000".

- "Try the CIA lab!", proposed "Totally Disgusted".

- "Someone did it. We have a right to know who did this", Urged "ctwatcher✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ".

-"WHO has their hand in this, along with the CCP", suspected "Wilder Napalm".

- "Don't remember the source.......... Lab test animals were being stolen and sold in the market after experiments", pointed out "DeplorableVietnamVet"

- "For the first time and probably the last time in my life I completely 100% agree and support an Iranian leader" (Ahmadinejad), added also "Les Deplorables".

- "This was an act of war by China and the deep state", thought "Saucy Wiener".

- "I find it hard to believe a bioweapon can be leaked, but definitely stolen. Somebody wanted to create a pandemic. Can't say who, but Xi might be feeling threatened with all the China bashing and wanted to punish as many as possible. Nothing good comes out of communist countries", believed "LunaticLeft".

- "It will be interesting to see where the WHO point the finger!", wonders "Gano1".

 - "Ahmadinejad is a good man. Iran needs their leader back", praised "DaressoPoE".

 - "I've always quite liked this guy (Ahmadinejad) since he came to I think Columbia university and openly and frankly answered a lot of tough student questions. The MSM didn't like his answers, but he was a refreshing change from the drivel spouted by their protegees", praised also "Charles D Plorable".

-"I have to agree with Ahmadinejad on this one. There is no reason for any one or any Country to have BSL-4 Biotech Warfare Labs. This is the most vile inhumane research, worse than anything Mengele aspired to and just as evil...It all needs to stop", strongly stressed "AClearThought".

 - "I assume they work on how to counter Bio-weapons also!", wished "Mac-101".

-"BSL-3 does that", replied "AClearThought".

- "It's most lethal to the 60+ demographic. Wuhan spawned the SARS virus in 2015. Wuhan is where the COVID-19 virus originated spreading globally. Wuhan has a high security lab that leaked SARS. I'm betting the same for the COVID-19 virus. China's most dependent population is its elderly. 1+1=2", speculated "UtahYoda", (with some errors in Dates).

-"Seems like a lot of trouble to kill almost no one. Pretty sure they have spent about 1 thousand times what they would have spent to care for the few people it killed", Disagreed "Rob Simone", (obviously exagerating a bit)...

-"The main aim of biological weapons is not specifically deaths (although that's also an objective) - but that they incapacitate the enemy by forcing them to tie up vast amounts of their assets and expend their scarcest manpower resources at a time they can least afford it. You can bag up the dead and walk away. Mass casualties are a whole different ball game. One injured soldier can take another five off the battlefield. The drawback is when the agent is released on your own population. In this instance the CCP have the relative advantage. The unproductive will simply be welded up in tower blocks as is happening right now. In the numbers game, what's the loss of a few million if it removes the competitive advantage from the capitalists?", replied rightfully "Charles D Plorable".

-"Hey Ahmadinejad, Who's on first, What's on second, I don't know's on third!", wondered "Goatroper2211".

-"Oh holy hell, twice in one day...another m-fer (Ahmadinejad), that I thought I'd never agree with, said something I completely agree with...now I know the world is coming to an end", added also "Formerly GIF".

-"The Chinese stole it from a Canadian lab ~~ Took it home near Wuhan and allowed the genie out of the bottle", insisted, however, some like "Roxanne".

- "Dems aren’t too bright.  Roxanne", pointed at internal USA Politics "Avatar".

-" Harvard Chemistry Chairman Charged on Alleged Undisclosed Ties to China : Charles Lieber is accused of lying to Defense Department, National Institutes of Health about Chinese government funding" (https://www.wsj.com/article...), observed "Bannaghar".

- "Chinese scientists says COVID-19/coronavirus could have originated from government bioweapons research facility in Wuhan" (https://canadafreepress.com...)

+ "The WUHAN National Biosafety Laboratory is part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is classed "Cellular Level Biosafety Level 4" — meaning it works on the most dangerous pathogens, like Ebola, according to the lab's website. (http://lssf.cas.cn/en/facil...)", observed "Bannaghar".

-"Sometimes a dose of sanity comes from the craziest places...(Ahmadinejad)", agreed also "Goneriding".

- "wuhan china lab", pointed out "Eddie" too.

- "Fort Detrick.", preferred "Susan Sprig".

- "do they use animals in that lab? could the animals have been sold at the disgusting market which was ground zero for the outbreak??", wondered "ImForgivenToo".

- "Amazingly, I agree with what he (Ahmadinejad) is saying", added also "JrTx".

- "For once, I totally agree with the Iranian (Ahmadinejad)", "Knows too Much" joined the growing Group of supporters...






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Facing a 70% Abstention threat in 2009 Election, EU endorses EuroFora's idea for Citizens' debates on crucial EU decisions !

- Different views on "Europe's Future", should be debated among Citizens at June 2009 EU Elections, thanks to political Parties' "Manifestos", says EU Parliament's Report

A main idea, initiated and promoted by EuroFora's founders since 1997: the vital need to develop European Citizens' democratic right to actively participate in multilingual debates on EU decisions, is formally endorsed by the EU from 2009 !

The move is a key attempt to overcome "catastrophic" Polls which warn that only ...30% of Citizens are ready to vote in the forthcoming June 2009 EU Election !  This was revealed by EU Commission's vice-president, in charge of Communication policy, Margot Wallstrom, during a "hot" meeting of EU Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education, during the December 2008 Strasbourg session.

Wallstrom faced criticism, but also suggestions from various MEPs, naturally worried by Abstention threats which herself found even "worse" than in 1999 or 2004...

A Report on "Active Dialogue with Citizens",examined at the same time, presented some useful practical tips, on "facilitating Interviews"; etc., but also a  potentialy important call to "incorporate the conclusions of ...debates...into (EU) policies, and take into consideration the expectations that Citizens have of the EU when deciding". An amendment even implies that Citizens' participation in debates on EU decisions is a democratic "Right".

More importantly, it finds that  a Debate "on the Future of Europe", (as French President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked since 2007), would be a good idea " for the 2009 European parliamentary Elections", because "clarifying the political differences between the EU political parties would help citizens to identify themselves with, and choose between various concepts", for which "all parties (should) present their Manifesto".

A "Joint political declaration on Communicating Europe in Partnership", co-signed by "the European Parliament, Council and ... Commission", confirms that they "attach the utmost importance to improving communication on EU issues", by "enabling European citizens to exercise their right to participate in the democratic life of the Union, in which decisions are taken as openly as possible and as closely as possible to the citizens, observing the principles of pluralism, participation, openness and transparency".

This should "enable Citizens to exercise their right to express their views and to participate actively in the public Debate on European Union issues", while also "promoting the respect of multilingualism". In this regard, EU confirms its "wish to develop synergies with national, regional and local authorities as well as with representatives of Civil Society".

    It's since 1997 that a group of EuroFora's founders have officially presented a pioneer Project (then called "EIW", for "Europe in the World"), which aimed to develop Strasbourg's "Polyphonic music", by providing "Interactive information", on "main issues ... during the Decision-making process of European Organizations which engage in Transparent and Public Democratic Debates"

    This should be done, inter alia, by "exploring the potential of New Communication Tools (mainly Internet)", as well as classic-form debates, the 1997 EIW pioneer project's anounced in its "Synopsis". It was formally "accepted for evaluation" by EU Commission in Brussels in order to be examined for a grant in the framework of the "Research/Technology/Development (RTD) Programme in the field of Information Technologies", then called "ESPRIT", as a "Best Practice Pilot Project".


        But the vital, urgent Political need for EU to search new, efficient ways to reach the People and interact with European Citizens, was really felt in Brussels and elsewhere only after the unprecedented in History 1999 and 2004 Majority Abstention in EU Elections, followed by 3 "NO" in Referenda in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, on 2005 and 2008...
    In this New Political Landscape, we prepared a new, actualised and more developed version of our initial idea, in a simplified and more efficient form, thanks also to a large Experience accumulated during many years of EU/CoE/UNO Press work and Multi-lingual debates, with the New project "EuroFora" :

    On 2006 we presented in Public its main lines during Questions/Replies that we raised at two Press Conferences by EU Commission President, Jose Baroso, and mainly EU Commission's vice-President, in charge of Communication policy, Margot Wallstrom, together with EU Parliament's vice-president, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, in Strasbourg, (Videos available), and we reminded it at various brief contacts with Commissioner Wallstrom in 2007 and 2008.

    Meanwhile, a new Text was also presented for "EuroFora" Project mainly to certain Political and other personalities, at European, National or Regional/Local level, mainly in 2007, but also in 2008..

    Now, after the unexpected 2008 Irish "NO", and before the 2009 EU Elections, which are due to be of exceptionally crucial importance for Europe's Future, the moment has obviously come to launch that project, progressively, but in real practice.

    Whoever really cares for Europe and its Citizens is welcome to join, in one way or another. Only anti-European, anti-democratic, obscure or ignorant groups might oppose or attempt to "steal" and deviate the main idea.

    But European Citizens, incited by enlightened political leaders, are those who will finally write the real History.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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