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Presidential Elections: French People to extend Spring 2017 into Summer-Time ?..

Written by ACM
Sunday, 23 April 2017

*Strasbourg/Prefectoral Palace/Angelo Marcopolo/- The often Unpredictable French People, (as also the American People, recently), may reserve More Surprizes in the forthcoming, 2nd and Final Round of the 2017 Presidential Elections, crucial for all Europe, and even the World (which is eagerly Watching what is going on in France, just before the German Elections of September 2017), and, at any case, has already indicated, Today, indirectly but clealy, that the Main Power Game will be, exceptionaly, played, this Time, around the Next Elections, of June 2017, for the New French Parliament, necessary in order to Give a Legislative and Budget Majority to the President who will be Elected on May.

Despite a Relentless Harassment of all Top Politicians of the Right (initialy the Popular former President Sarkozy of the Center-Right, followed by his former Prime Minister Fillon, as well as the Rightist Marine Le Pen), by various Judges and Prosecutors (See: ....+...), added to Etablishment's Medias, etc, of the Out-Going Socialist regime of President Hollande, (who was obliged to Decide to Withdraw from the race, even before it starts), and Nonobstant a Good Showing by his "Baby", Macron, (a Socialist-Liberal appointed Counselor and afterwards Minister, before Chosing to become Candidate to the Presidency, even without Party), nevertheless, France still remains, with the Results of the 1st Round of the 2017 Presidential Elections Today, a Country almost Equaly Divided between the Right and the Left :

- The Governing Socialist Party practicaly Broke Down, its Representative, former Minister and MEP Hamon, receiving Only about 6% of the Votes, while, on the Center-Left, Macron gathered about 23,5%, and at the Left, Melenchon Surprized by Growing up to 19,5%. Some 1,5% was shared between 2 Small Leftist Groups.

- On the Contrary, the Mainstream Opposition Party of the Center-Right, the ChristianDemocrats/EPP of the "Republicans", (Created by Sarkozy on 2015, as a Successor of the former "UMP" Governing Party during Chirac's and Sarkozy's Presidencies : 1997-2012), Despite being Exceptionaly Excluded from the 2nd Round of these 2017 Presidential Elections just for a Tiny Difference of about 1%, Nevertheless, Succeeded to Keep intact its main Strength, Gathering around 20% of the Votes with Fillon. But it was OutNumbered, (for the 1st Time in History), as Foreseen by Polls, by Marine Le Pen's Rightist "FN" Party, which reached almost 22%, being Qualified for the 2nd Round.
To this was Added a Good Performance also by Independent Right's Neo-Gaullist Candidate Dupond-Aignan, with almost 5%, together with some 2,5% Shared by 3 Small Center-Right Candidates.

So that it all Resulted at another Cut in Half of the Overall Electorate, again in 2 Parts of approximatively 50 - 50 % Each, between the Right and the Left Side of the Political Spectrum, while Macron and Marine Le Pen will Fight, at the Beginning of  May, for the Final and Decisive 2nd Round, which will Determine the New French President for the Next Period of 5 Years (2017-2022).

But the Point, notoriously, is that Le Pen's Family, (already since her Father and Founder of the "FN" Party), has been systematicaly "Diabolized", in the Past, as a so-called "Extreme Right" tendency, from which Marine herself has done a lot Recently, in order to Alleviate, if not Completely Change such an Old Characterisation, which is Systematicaly Abused by the Socialist Party, in order to Divide the Right, and Govern Often even with a Minority against a Majority of People, already since the 1980ies and 1990ies, up to 2012 Presidentials included, (as well as, in the Meantime,  also at a Local, Municipal Council's level, f.ex. Strasbourg City included on 2014, etc).

So that Macron's Qualification to the 2nd Round, Facing Marine Le Pen, was routinely seen as Inevitably triggering an Obligation for All Other, Bid and Small, Political Parties of the Left and of the Right, to Vote, Both in the Presidentials and in the subsequent Parliamentary Elections, always in favor Whom has managed to Challenge "FN"s Rightists, almost without any Dicussion on that matter. So that Everything would have been Played, already from that Preliminary Stege, withOut any Other, Alternative Choice allowed for the People in the 2nd and Decisive Round of the Elections.

But, Recently in Europe, such a "Taboo" has been practicaly Broken, and Starts to Look at least Partly OutDated, as the Various Contrary Examples, Nowadays Spreading throughout Countries such as, f.ex., Norway, Denmark and Switzerand, had been Partialy Tested in the Netherlands in the Past, is currently approaching in Finland, and, perhaps, even soon in Sweden and/or Austria, already Now in Bulgaria, etc., where several other Mainstream Center-Right Parties have Started, for the 1st Time, to Make various kinds of Governing Coalitions with former so-called "Rightist" Parties, apparently withOut so serious problems, at least until now, (Comp., f.ex., also the relevant Reply given to "Eurofora"s Question by the President of the Norwegian Parliament, at : ....).

It's True that, anOther Important Controversial Issue, in this regard, is the reported, Traditionaly Critical Stance of the "FN" Rightists against some Key Parts of the current EU Institutions, (such as the Shenghen System, €uroZone, etc), to which is Often Added also a quite Popular Denonciation of "Bureaucracy", some so-called "Anti-Democratis" Slipery slopes' Drifts, etc., (which, in Fact, are, regarding Many among them, also Criticized by certain ...Real Pro-Europeans, precisely in the Name of a more Healthy, more Democratic and Efficient Functioning of Europe in the foreseeable Future)...

However, Marine Le Pen promissed, recently, that she would First Ask the French People with a Referendum, (in case it might become necessary, because of possible Disagreements between Paris and Brussels), whether they want f.ex. to get out of the €uro Currency, and/or Other EU Standards, and, If the Reply "No", then, she will be Obliged to Make one or another Compromise, (which looks very Probable, since a Majority of French People reportedly Prefers to Stay inside the €uroZone, use Shenghen's Freedom of Movement, etc). Moreover, at least Some among "FN"s recent Politicians, (including, f.ex., MEP Schafhauser from Strasbourg, etc), have Declares themselves in Favour of an Alternative Construction of Europe, instead of being 100% "Anti-Europeans", as some Persist to Claim, probably Exagerating the Real Dimension of such Issues.

And, Nowadays, from the Other Side of the Coin, Center-Left's Macron, despite his alleged Charming Public Relations capacities, (notoriously Supported by a Big Part of the Establishement, from Paris to London and/or former US President Obama, etc), nevertheless, canNot Hide the Fact that he Personaly is a pure Creation of the Out-Going Socialist President Hollande, (to whom he owed, until now, all his Political Top Jobs, in which he had Appointed him), to the point that he has, notoriously, been often called by the Press even as his ..."Baby" (given also his Exceptioaly Young Age) ! So that it's, obviously, Difficult for him to be Presented as a kind of really "New" Politician, who would realy "Change" the overall Situation and/or Policy radicaly, or as a real and profound "Alternative" to the Establishment, (even if Macron tried to speak a lot against the Traditional Parties).

Moreover, concerning the Key Issue, Nowadays, of the Fight against Deadly Islamist Terrorism, who Often Targets even Innocent Civilian People, Macron has just Committed, may be unintentionaly, what looks for Many People to be quite an unexpected Blunder : At the Eve of this Presidential Election, he said, at an Important TV Debate for all 11 Candidates, reacting to the Latest Deadly Attack by an ISIS' supporter, that People would have to be prepared to Live "for a Long Time ["durablement"] With that Terrorism" (sic !). This Started to be Immediately Exploited by Critics, First of all Marine Le Pen herself, but Even pro-Trump USA NewsMedia "Breitbart" (whose former Chief Editor, Steve Bannon, is currently the White House's "Strategy" Counselor for the New US President), etc., who, naturaly, Launched Vibrant Calls to Urgently Act in order to put a Full Stop to ISIS and other Deadly Islamisty Terrorism the soonest.

But, the Most Important, probably is Elsewhere : Today, indeed, Various Converging Indications clearly Accumulated towards One and Same Main Direction : In Fact, it seems that Much More French People than previously Expected, mostly from the Right but Also from the Left sides of the Political Forum, do Not realy Want for Macron to be so Easily Imposed, already from this Controversial (Comp. Supra + Infra) 1st Round, with Full and UnShared Powers, over All the Country's Political Life, Extending, in practice, for at least 5 Years, the UnGloriously Ending Mandate of his Mentor, the Out-Going President Hollande and his "Socialist" Party, hastily refurbished and almost disguished into a makeshift "Let's Go" ("en Marche") allegedly Citizens' Movement, at the Last Minute, but still Gathering around it the Vast Majority of Socialist Politicians and Apparatchiks, etc... On the Contrary it seems that More French People than initialy Expected, still Wish for a Real Political Alternative, in Substantial Issues, and not just an, at least Partly, only Verbal one...

This Challenge clearly Started to Emerge ToNight, much More Energeticaly than what had been Expected, in Various Ways, Setting in Motion Dynamics moving from Different Directions :

- F.ex., among several other Concrete Examples, when Fillon Decided to Immediately Call his Supporters to "Vote for Macron" at the 2nd Round, in order to Block the Rightists of Marine Le Pen's "FN" Party, deemed to be opposed to so-called "Republical Values", then, Suddenly, his own Twitter/Facebook Web-Pages, where he had Published that Controversial Speech, were Immediately Submerged by a Fast-Growing, Huge Mass of Individual Persons, mainly Supporters of the Center-Right, ChristianDemocrat/EPP "Republican" Party, 99% out of 100 of whom, (while Most Expressing Sympathy for Fillon), Clearly and Repeatedly REFUSED to "Vote Macron".... Creating an Impressive Giant Flow full of Angry People, willing to Fight a real Political Battle with a real Democratic Debate, and not merely obey to a stiched-in result, largely pushed by Establishment's Medias with the Outgoing Socialist Government's Judges and/or Prosecutors, etc. who had Targetted First Sarkozy and afterwards Fillon himself (See, f.ex. Infra)...

+ Moreover, already, BioEthical NGO "Sens Commun" (Common Sense), which had Worked recently to Help Fillon, clearly Stated that its Supporters would Not Back the former Socialist Minister Macron, and such a move was also Extended by a Small Chrtiandemocrat Party.
Various Other Top Politicians of the Center-Right have Not yet pronounced themselves on that Controversial matter, (remaining curiousyly Silent ToNight), so that More seems Possible to Comme in the Next Few Days...

++ To this was Added, in Parallel, also a kind of a Compromise Call, Launched Now by Top Politician Laurent Wauquiez, an Important former Minister and currently President of Region, (who is also, rightfuly considered to Stand very Close to former President Sarkozy's own positions), Proposing, on the Contrary, WithOut necessarily Voting for Macron himself, at least to just Refuse Voting for Marine Le Pen herself. This practicaly Means that People would preferably Abstain from the 2nd Round, or Vote "Blanc", cast an Invalid Vote (f.ex. many Suggested to put again Fillon's Name, even if he has been Excluded from the 2nd Round, (etc). On the Contrary, Wauquiez Urged to Focus on the Subsequent, Parliamentary Elections of June 2017, and Struggle for a Majority of MPs from the Center-Right.

Indeed, in such a case, Macron (even if he had managed, meanwhile, to get the Presidential Job), would be Obliged to Broker a Political Compromise, to strike a Deal with such MPs from the Center-Right "Republican" Party, because, Otherwise, he would be Unable to Pass New Legislation, and/or to Adopt the Yearly Budget, etc., Not even to Have a fully-fledged Government, since, according to the French Constitution, any Government must be Supported by a Majority of MPs at the National Assembly. Otherwise, New Elections have to be Organized, and this May Result f.ex. to Political Changes, and/or to a "Co-Habitation" of Differend, even Opposed Political Parties, (as it has already happened in the Past, during the 1990ies), i.e.  something which had notoriously Obliged the Experienced, former Long-Time President Chirac, even to ... Shorten his own Presidential Mandate for - 2 Years Less (from 7, initialy, Down to just 5), in an Attempt to Avoid Other such "Co-Habitations" and their problems... One can Easily Guess, Today, what Problems would have any French President who might Try to Govern the Country withOut having a Stable Parliamentary Majority, "a fortiori", when we see all those Obstacles that Faces even the New US President Don Trump, in order Start Implementing the Program for which he was Elected, in several "Hot" Key Issues, while Facing a Harsh Opposition inside the State's Institutional machinery, from Judges up to Senators, etc.,  - even if in USA the President can, at least, Chose, Appoint and Keep all his Top Government Officials, (the Equivalent to European "Ministers", etc), by his own decisions, something that in France and other EU Countries is Not Possible without a Parliamentary Majority.

But, meanwhile, several Other Fillon's Supporters, ostensibly Started either to Insinuate, indirectly but Clearly, or even to Openly Urge to "Vote Marine Le Pen" (alias Nicknamed : "MLP"), i.e. for the Rightist "FN" Party, in the Crucial, forthcoming, 2nd and Final Round of these Exceptional, 2017 French Presidential Elections...

Echoing and Stimulating such Moves among Parts of the People of the Mainstream Right, Marine Le Pen herself Launched a Vibrant Call, stressing that, as she said : -"At Last, the Time has Come, to Let the People Free !" (i.e. to Vote for whoever they might want).

+ In Addition, it's also the Independent Candidate of the Right, Dupont - Aignan, (almost 5% of the Votes), who Refused to Call immediately his Supporters to Vote for Macron, at the forthcoming, 2nd Round of the Presidential Elections, but Prefered, instead, to Consult, previously, his Movement's Instances, Next Week. Meanwhile, he also Revealed a Probable Wish to Get some MPs Elected at the French Parliament on June, for his own Political Movement. And Observers have Not even Excluded the Possibility for Dupond-Aignan to, eventualy, Prefer to Support Marine Le Pen's Rightists, instead of Macron's post-Socialist Center-Left...

- But, perhaps, the Most Dangerous for Macron, might be ... Leftist Melenchon's supporters' stance, (who represent about 19,5%). Instead of being considered, as in the Past, an already Given and pre-Determined Support for the Center-Left, on the Contrary, this Time, Melenchon, Exceptionaly, Decided to Abstain from Calling to Vote Macron, but, instead, to Raise that Issue to his "450.000" Supporters, who should "Vote" First, what they Wish to Do : I.e. Vote Macron, or Vote Marine Le Pen, Abstain, or Vote Each one according to his Conscience, etc. An Interesting, and New Phenomenon was the Fact that, Suddenly, his Supporters became Enthousiastic about that Idea, and Loudly Applauded a Smiling Melenchon for having made  such a Choice ! Here, once again, the Political Leader of a Revived Left, spoke in a way which gave a clear Impression that he may Intend to Present, for the 1st Time, his own Candidate MPs at the French Natonal Assembly, next June : - "Stay Grouped", he Urged his Supporters, Stressing that his Political "Movement has just Started, like a Bright Morning"...

Melenchon Succeeded Today even to Arrive 1st, among All, in several Areas, including, f.ex. the Socio-Politicaly Interesting City area of Grenoble, (where an Original, Leftist, Ecologic and BioEthical Popular Movement has already Started to Emerge during Recent Years, (and about which "Eurofora" had Spoken with Melenchon himself, on the sidelines of EU Parliament's Sessions Earlier in Strasbourg), and was, also, Initialy Arriving 1st at Strasbourg City's "European Capital", according to the First Estimations, before, Finaly getting an Important 2nd Place, i.e. OutNumbering Both Hamon, Fillon, and Marine Le Pen, (but Tackled finaly by Macron, at the Last Minute, with a Small Difference) !

The Risk for Macron, obviously is that Melenchon might, eventualy, be convinced by his Supporters (Comp. Supra), to Refuse to Vote, Neither for Marine le Pen, Nor for Macron... Indeed, he clearly stressed, meanwhile, that "Both" these 2 Competitors from the Left and Right side of the Political Spectrum, equaly Opposed his Views for Institutional Reforms in order to Boost Citizens' Monitoring on their Politician's Work, Ecology and Social Acquis.

Such a "Nor - "Neither" Attitude, vis a vis Macron and Marine Le Pen, was Clearly Adopted, ToNight, by Leftist Politician Poutou, (who's got about 1,2%), calling, repeatedly, Both of them "Corrupted Lackeys of Capitalism" (sic !), and Explicitly Refusing to Support (in the 2nd Round) Anyone among them...

Nobody should Under-Estimate such Critical Moves from Nowadays Leftists in France (and, Maybe, also Elsewhere) : Another Symptom was also the Unprecedented Fact that All the 11 Posters arboring the Candidates' Photo, Name and Short Mention of their Main Political Credo, routinely Placed out of Each Voting Station, were Found Grossly Vandalized, in an Exceptionaly Negative Spectacle, right Out of Strasbourg's Historic City Hall, (near the Prefectoral Palace and the Opera), there where CoE had been Created by Europe's Foreign Ministers, Back on 1949 (See relevant, Original Photo by "Eurofora") :



Macron, Marine Le Pen and Fillon were particularly Targeted, but also Hamon, Dupont-Aignan, and Even Small Candidates' Posters, such as Lassale, Asselinau, Charade, (2,4% all), Even Leftist Nathalie Arthaud, etc.,With the Only, perhaps, Exception of Melenchon himself, (which was, However, also Tagged, even if with a Friendly : - "Good Guy : Don't Forget to Change the Institutions !", while Other Gross Graffitis Urged to "Demonstrate at the Streets !", Put an "End (to) this Comedy of Pseudo-Elections !", etc.

+ Almost at the Same Time, in anOther Socialist-held City of France : Nantes, (Local Political Headquarters of former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Out-Going Socialist Government, Ayraud), quasi-Violent Troubles or Riots broke out, between Various Groups of Often Masked Youngters and the Police, Holding Big Protest Posters with Inscriptios of the kind : - "No Banquers, Neither Racists !", with Huge Photos of Macron and Marine Le Pen, respectively, which Made a Tour All Over the World, since Even North American Medias published them !

In the Middle of such an Exceptional, UnPrecedented Context in France, Marine Le Pen Extended her Calls (comp. Supra) to Join her at the 2nd Round, 2 Weeks Later on May, to "All Patriots, who Love their Fatherland", as she said, Directing her Invitations even towards the Left Side of the Political Spectrum... Including even Melenchon's Leftists (formerly "Communists")... To what, Melenchon appeared to, somehow, indirectly, Echoe the Move, by curiously Adding, at the Conclusion of his Short but Sharp Speech, several Unusual Mentions of the Fact that f.ex. he "Love(s) our beautiful Fatherland", etc., (Bis), which inevitably raised some Eyebrows... To the point that Macron Reacted, almost Immediately, choosing to Launch, even himself, an Opposite Call, for all real "Patriots" to Join HIM, instead, trying to Distinguish and Distance them from the (Supposed Extremist) "Nationalists" of Marine Le Pen's "FN"...

But, "Marine 2017"'s potential to Attract also herself a Greater Number of People than Expected, if not so much in the Presidentials of May, at least in the subsequent Parliamentary Elections of June, should Not be Under-Estimated.

Already, f.ex., throughout the "Great East" Region of Strasbourg, (HeadQuarters of EU Parliament's full weekly Plenary Sessions, EU Ombudman, the CoE, ECHR, EuroCorps, Shengen System's Secretariat, etc), Marine Le Pen succeeded Today to Arrive Widely 1st, Scoring almost 28 % of the Votes, Followed (at a Distance) by Macron with Only about 20,5%. For the rest, at the Right Side of the Political Forum stands Fillon with almost 20%, and Dupont-Aignan with some 6,2%, as well as 3 Smaller Center-Right Candidates with about 2,5%. While, at the Left Side, stands Melenchon with nearly 16,5%, Followed by Hamon with Only 5%, and Two Small Leftist Candidates with a Slightly More than 2%. I.e. a Total which theoreticaly Gives a Big Absolute Majority to the Right, with More than 56 % against Only 44% to the Left ! And this is a Phenomenon also witnessed in Other Key, Big Regions, (as, f.ex., the South-East PACA around Marseille-Cannes-Nice, etc).

It's True that, in the Smaller Area of Strasbourg City itself, it's almost ...the Contrary which happened : Macron, Finaly, managed, at the Last Minute, to OutNumber a Strong Competition by ...Melenchon (initialy 1st in Earlier Estimations), with Nearly 28%, compared to almost 24,5%, completing the Left side of the Political spectrum also with Hamon's 9,5%, and 2 Small Leftist Candidates with almist 1,5%. While on the Right, Fillon Scored 20%, Followed by Marine Le Pen with 12,2% and Dupont-Aignan with just 3%, added to 3 Small Center-Right Candidates with about 2,3%. I.e. Totaling something like about a 60% - 40% Majority for the Left DownTown.

However, in Fact, the Reality may be quite Different : Indeed, well Informed Local Strasbourg Sources and Medias alerted "Eurofora" about a Strange, Recently Massive Phenomenon of Many People  Complaining for having been allegedly "Arbitrarily Stroken Out if the Roll", i.e. Erased from the List of Voters, under various Fallacious or Abusive Pretexts, to the point that they eve Lodged Applications to the Courts : They'd Total "at least 17.000 People", i.e. a Number which represents about 13 % of the Votes : Something which Might Change a Lot of things If it has Reversed... Last, but not least, Strasbourg's main City has Recently experienced a Spectacular, Massive "Pupulation Replacement", in several Key Quarters and/or Suburbs, where almost all its Autochton, French-Origin and/or Socio-Culturaly well Integrated Peuple were Incited and/or pushed to go Away, at the Same Time that these Sale Urban Areas were Rapidly Inundated and almost Taken over by Other Populations, Not Only from Out of France, but even from Outside of Europe, and/or Not Western Civilisations, Massively Parked in what risks to become soon a series of "Ghettos" even Worse than those which were notoriously Linked with Islamist Terrorism even in Brussels... So that, this City has notoriously become Atypical of All the Rest of France, (and a kind of Small "Island" of the Left, lost amidst an "Ocean" of the Right, in almost All the Surrounding Areas...  

+ In Addition, as far as All France is concerned, anOther Important Phenomenon of this 2017 Presidential Election, is that the Number of Registered Voters who did NOT Express themselves at all, (either by Abstention, or by "Blanc" and/or "Non Void" Votes, etc), Grew Today Up to about 24% ! I.e.,  - 3,5% More "Abstention/Blanc Votes" than what had been the case Back on 2012 (about 79,5% of Participation), and, Even More Important : About - 8% More "Abstention/Blanc Votes" than what was the case during the Previous 2007 Presidential Election in the Past (84% of Participation)...

>>> In this regard too, the Historically Exceptional and UnParalleled yet, Record High Popular Participation, Back in those landmark 2007 Presidential Elections, as well as the also Record-High score Marked then by the mainstream Center-Right, ChristianDemocrat/EPP frontrunner Candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, right from the 1st Round : More than 31%, still Remain obviously Out of Reach for all Nowadays Competitors !

So that, more Widely, Today Sarkozy's Shadow looms even Deeper inside what really Happened in these 2017 Tricky French Presidential Elections' 1st Round, as Many People have Started to Realize, and even Denounce at the Web (f.ex. in Reaction to Fillon's above mentioned Call to Vote Macron at the 2nd Round : Comp. Supra and See Infra) : Nobody Understood, indeed, why the Experienced and Active former President of France, who had just Created the New "Republican" Party, and even largely Won its Presidency in a 2015 Election, suddenly, was Obliged to submit even to a Second Electoral Test on 2016 among his peers, which was even "Open" to Anyone who paid 2 €uros (sic !), so that, Inevitably, Many , in fact, Leftist or Rightist Fans, who had Nothing to do with the Center-Left, ChristianDemocrat/EPP "Republicans", could Easily Vote, even Massively, in order to Negatively Influence and Seriously Alter the Choice of the Candidate that would represent the France's Main Opposition Party... In the USA, f.ex., both GOP's and Dems' "Primaries" are Generaly Conducted just and Only Among duly attested Members or Supporters of the Party, (any eventual, f.ex. Partial interference, here or there, by a Number of Other, External People, coming from the Outside, withOut being yet Fans and/or Members of the Party inside which they to Interfere, being generaly  Strictly Limited to an Anodynous Minimum, only in some Loal Exceptions, usualy Small and almost Negligeable Tiny Number, in a Few Rare and Exceptional Cases... But, curiously, in France's 2016 case, such a Gross Blunder was openly Committed, with Millions of apparently ill-meaning Individuals Abusing of such a Unique Opportunity to Slyly Undermine the Leading Candidate of France's Main Opposition Party, (as several People have Started to Realize, even more Tonight)...So that, at least a Part of that Bigger Abstention Today, could, most probably, be due also to the Bitterness felt by a Part of Sarkozy's supporters, (despite his Repeated, and crystal-clear Calls to Support Fillon now).

Fillon notoriously thought that he could offer an unquestionable Alternative, Not yet affected then (Back on 2016) by the Socialist Establishment Medias' Relentless slandering and some Controversial Judges/Prosecutors' Eagerness to Harass and/or Pursue Sarkozy, (Comp. f.ex.: ...), but, Finaly, on 2017, he Obviously Fell himself, suddenly, Victim of a Same and even Worse, Last Minute Harassment, (Comp., f.ex.: ...). But things could, very Probably, be quite Differend Today, if Nicolas Sarkozy had been let Free to participate in a Fair Political Competition for the 2017 Presidential Election, many People start to Realize now.

As for Macron, Despite his Qualities, he certainly is Not ... Jacques Chirac, in order to Play so Easily a ReMake of Chirac's 2002 Win versus "FN"' Jean Marie Le Pen (Marine's Father), since de doesn't yet have his Long Political Experience and Authority, and even Less a well Prepared, Rock -Solid Party, like the former "RPR" of Chirac then... (Comp. Supra). And 2017 is Not 2002 in nowadays European and Global Context.


=> The Overall Trend, more or less Common to almost All of these Various but Converging Critical Reactions, Both from the Right and the Left Side of the Political Spectrum, is that a Wide-Spread Popular Rejection of Establishment's notorious Plans to Impose a Macron-led Government in France, fueled also by the Young Politician's personal Talent and Declared Wish to Attract and "Gather", around him, for a Modern "Transformation" of France "towards the Future", a lot of various People, "Independently of their Political Origins", as he Stressed, (Comp. also his Favorite Moto : "A Chance for All !",; which, by a Coincidence, repeats almost Precisely a characteristic Expression that Macron had Chosen to use, Initialy, at his Reply to an absolutely Different Question previously raised by "Eurofora" during a Ministerial Visit in Strasbourg that he had paid in the Recent Past : See f.ex, Mutatis-Mutandis, also : ...), Might Not Work as perfectly as some wish..., or even BackFire, in one way, or another !

At any case, the Ambiant Feeling from Tonights' Events is that, in Fact, Nothing should be Taken as Granded, from Advance, and Nobody should Under-Estimate the possible Reactions of French Peuple, who really seem, at least as things stand Now, to kind of ...Extend an Exceptionaly "Hot" Spring of 2017, towards a, perhaps even "Hotter", Summer-Time, (particularly around June's forthcoming Parliamentary Elections, which risk to become, Nowadays, More Important and Crucial than Ever, inter alia, also because of the notorious Fact that Macron has Not Yet set up any Real and Solid Political Party of his own, Experienced and Able to Take over the National Assembly, and guide it along what seems well to be a Longer and more Bumpy Way that some had initialy planified...






Declarations des premiers Candidats Présidentiels après Attentats Meurtriers de Terrorisme Islamiste

Written by ACM
Friday, 21 April 2017
*Strasbourg(France)/Texte Integral/- ...Réagissant tous, pour la première fois, à conditions égales et "à chaud", de suite après l' Aggression armée aux Champs Elysées, au coeur de Paris, la soirée du dernier débat public télévisé, la veille du 1er (et décisif) tour des Elections Présidentielles 2017.


(Dans l'Ordre réellement suivi, attribué au hasard du "Tirage au Sort").


(NDLR: Fillon commencait sa principale intervention, lorsque l'attentat terroriste meurtrier a été annoncé. C'est une des raisons pour lesquelles il en parle plus, et résume seulement l'essentiel, lors des breves interventions concluantes de tous les candidats, ensuite).



(L' attentat a eu lieu devant un "Centre culturel Turc", dépendant de l' Ambassade de la Turquie, près de la rue Berri, entre "Le Fouquet" et la "VISA Agency" de Paris, etc)



* Fillon :

  - "La Nation est solidaire avec les Policiers : Il y en a un policier qui a été tué, 2 qui ont été blessés, dont 1 grievement, on ne sait même pas si ses jours sont en danger.

 - On est en face d'un acte dont on ne peut pas encore clairement qualifier la nature, mais qui ressemble enormement à un acte Terroriste, par les evenements qui se sont produits. On nous laisse entendre qu'il y en a encore d'autres...

- Moi, dans ces conditions, j'annule les deplacements qui étaient prévus dans ma campagne. J' aurai l'occasion de m'exprimer dans la journée


- Je dois tout de suite dire, que, vraiment, la Lutte contre le Térrorisme, ca doit être la Priorité absolue du prochain Président de la République.


- Ce veut dire qu'il faut une Coalition Mondiale pour éradiquer tous les Mouvements Totalitaires qui sont à l' origine de cette violence : L' "Etat Islamique", bien sur, mais aussi tous les autres.

 - Elle n' existe pas : Elle est Divisée. Il y a les Occidentaux, d'un côté, il y a les Russes de l'autre. On se regarde en chiens de faillance. On discute de nos Influences respectives dans ces territoires, alors que ce Danger est en train de monter partout : Du Pakistan, jusqu'à l' Afrique occidentale...

 - Il faut accepter de s'allier avec les Russes, avec les Iraniens, et tous ceux qui sont prêts à mener le combat pour éradiquer cela le plus vite possible.

 - Ca va prendre du Temps : Tous ces mouvements, - et ce n'est pas seulement l' "Etat Islamique", c'est encore Boko Haram en Afrique, en Nigeria, c'est les Talibans en Afghanistan, etc. C'est ce que j' appèle "le Totalitarisme Islamiste".

 + Ensuite, il faut lutter contre la montée du Fondamentalisme à l' intérieur de la Réligion Musulmane. Et ca pose le problème des tous ces penseurs radicaux qui influencent les Musulmans, une Partie Minoritaire des musulmans dans le Monde, et qui sont, le plus souvent, hebergés en Arabie Saudite, et dans les Pays du Golfe.

- Après, ca pose une 3e Question : Les jeunes francais qui sont partis, fait le Jihad en Syrie : Evidement, je dis, une nouvelle fois, qu' ils Ne Reviendront pas, si je suis élu Président de la Répuplique. Car, j' utiliserais un Article, qui est tombé en désuetude dans notre Legislation, qui permet de les Rétirer la Nationalité francaise : Un article qui date du Front Populaire !

 - Enfin, tous les Suspects, cad. ceux qu'on appele "les Fichies "S", qui sont Surveillés en raison de leurs Liaisons avec le Fondamentalisme, je pense, qu'il faut, maintenant, tous ceux qui répresentent une Dangerosité évidente, soit les interpeller, qu'il y a une enquête, et qu'ils soient jugés : On peut le faire, en utilisant ce qu'on appele "l Intelligence avec l' Ennemi". Si l'on établi la preuve qu'ils ont des Rapports, soit avec les Mouvements Islamistes, soit avec des Recruteurs, et c'est d'ailleurs pour ca qu'ils sont classés "Fichier S".

 - Maintenant, la dernière chose que je voulais dire : Il y a des Mouvements qui se reclament du Salafisme, des "Frères Musulmans", etc., et qui sont parfaitement en phase, idéologiquement, avec ces combattants : Il faut les Interdire, et Expulser les persones qui réprésentent "un Danger pour la Securité l'Etat".

 -  En tout cas, on Ne peut pas continuer de vivre dans cette Crainte, dans ce Terreur, qui pèse fortement, évidement, aujourd'hui, sur l' Avenir du Pays, sur la Morale de Francais. C'est bien comprehensible".

    [Question : ... des Américains veulent combattre 2 Ennemis : A la fois l' EI.. et Assad. Vous, vous dites qu'il y a 1 seul Ennemi. Pourquoi ?]

    FF.: - "D'abord, il y a 1 Priorité, il y a un Danger Immédiat... (V. Supra)

Bashar Assad c'est un danger pour la Syrie, parce qu' c'est un des animateurs de la Guerre Civile en Syrie. Mais, ce n'est pas un Danger pour le Reste du Monde, pour le moment.

Mais, surtout, la Question Fondamentale  c'est la Russie :

C'est l'implication de la Russie dans le Conflit Syrien. Si l'on ne veut pas discuter avec la Russie, c'est à dire qu' à un moment, ou un autre, on va entrer en Conflit avec la Russie. On va entrer dans un Confrontation avec la Russie. Parce que les Intérêts des Occidentaux, et les intér....

[Interruption: "Mais on parle avec les Russes"]

On parle avec les Russes, heureusement. Je rappelle qu'ils sont un des plus Gros arsenaux Nucléairs sur la Terre, et on n'a pas intérêt à laisser - comme toutes les Guerres ont Commencé, d'ailleurs - par un Processus d' Enchainement des faits divers, d' évenements, laisser se declarer un Conflit, une Confrontation Directe : Imaginez ce qui pourrait se passer, le jour où un avion Américain abattra un avion Russe, ou des Soldats Russes seront tués dans un Bombardement, ou l'inverse : Le Risque est enorme, il est enorme...

- Enfin, on sait qu'aujourd'hui, on ne peut pas mettre le Régime de Bashar Assad dehors, sans l' accord de la Russie. Puisque la Russie assure la Sécurité de ce régime.

 - Donc, voila : on peut encore continuer comme ca pendant encore 4 ans, en se regardant en chiens de faillance, à prendre des Risques pour la Paix du Monde..

- Moi, je dit qu'il y a 1 Priorité : Il faut Discuter avec les Russes, Accepter un Compromis : ce compromis implique qu'ils gardent un certain nombre d'intérêts dans la région. Et c'est-ce que les Occidentaux n'ont pas encore jamais voulu faire, parce qu' ils pensent qu'ils sont les Mâitres du jeu, alors qu'ils ne le sont plus...


=> - "Derrière la question du Terrorisme, sur le Territoire Nationale, est la Question de l' Unité de nôtre Nation :

- L' Unité de la Nation est menacée par ce qu'on appele "le Communautarisme", et on voit bien que tous ces sujets sont liés.

- Je veux que l' Ecole de la République apprenne les Fondamentaux, mais apprenne aussi aux Jeunes Francais une Histoire, qui fasse que ces jeunes francais se Sentent Membres d'une Communauté Nationale, et qu'ils aient une Admiration et de la Fierté pour ce qu'est leur Communauté Nationale.

- Ensuite, il faut que nous Aidions les Musulmans de France,  - car ils sont, dans leur immense Majorité, des gens Modérés, qui veulent vivre en Paix, - que nous les aidons à éradiquer l' Integrisme, qui gagne du terrain à l' intérieur de la Réligion Musulmane.

- D'abord, en étant beaucoup plus Strictes sur les Preches dans les Mosqués. Quant ces Preches sont d' évidence Contraires aux Valeurs de la Rapublique, alors, on ne peut plus le tolérer. [1 Mosquée a été fermée recemment] J'ai vu, c'est bien, mais ce n'est pas suffisant : Il y a beaucoup du travail à faire dans ce domaine.

- Ensuite, il faut une Transparence absolue du Financement des Cultes Musulmans. Et, pour y parvenir, il faut mettre en place ce qu'on appele les "Associations Cultuelles", que, jusqu' à maintenant, on n'est pas arrivé d'obtenir des Responsables Musulmans  : Je me suis entretenu avec eux, il y a un peu de temps.

- Et puis, il faut, je le dis encore une fois, Interdire les Mouvements qui se reclament du Salafisme et des Frères Musulmans. Et, (en faisant cela), l'on sait qu'on touche à des Organisations qui ont, aujourd'hui, pignon sur la rue, en termes de Conduite de la Communauté Musulmane. Je pense à une partie d' IOIEF, qui, adhère aux thèses des Freres Musulmans, mais, enfin, la Discussion doit avoir lieu, la Question doit être posée : Pourquoi ?

- Parce que, si l'on laisse se développer cet Integrisme, il prend Hôtage la Communauté Musulmane, elle suscite des Réactions des autres Communautés, d'autres Populations Francaises, et, progressivement, on a cet Eclatement de la Société Francaise, qui est Extremement Dangereux".

[Q.: Vous n'êtes pas favrable à l' Interdiction du Voile à l'Université, ni à l' Interdiction des Signes Réligieux dand la rue].

Parce que je ne veux pas qu'on pénalise les Autres Réligions, au motif qu'il y a un Problème d'Integrisme à l'interieur de la Communauté Musulmane.

D'ailleurs, le Voile c'est un Symbole, c'est une Consequence. La Question c'est l' Integrisme. Donc, on peut, évidement, toujours Interdire des ténues, on peut se lancer sur des débats infinis sur la longeur des juppes; et la couleur des foulards, mais l'on ne réglera rien du tout, puisque la question ce n'est pas cela : La Question est : - Pourquoi ces femmes se voilent ? Pourquoi, il y a 20 ans, elles ne se voilaient pas ? Et pourquoi, aujourd'hui, elles se voilent ? Parce qu'il y a la montée d'une Pression Integriste, très puissante, à l'intérieur de la Communauté Musulmane.




* Melenchon :


- "Nous adressons une pensée émue à la Famille de la Victime, du Policier qui a été  tué, à la Famille et au Policier blessé, ainsi qu'aux Personnes qui ont été traumatisées".

- "Il faut que l'on sache bien que les Criminels ne seront jamais Impunis, dans ce pays, et les Complices ne seront jamais oubliés, quelqu'elle soit leur importance dans la Société".

- "Dans l' attente d' informations plus sures, il me parait nécessaire de répondre d'abord à nôtre dévoir de Citoyens : Pas de Panique. Ne pas interrompre le  processus de notre Démocracie, de manière à bien montrer que les Violents N'auront pas le dernier mot, contre les Républicains".


 - "Enfin, nôtre Dévoir de Citoyens est de Ne pas nous abaisser à des Polemiques dont revent les ..  , mais, au contraire, de réster Unis".


- "Puisque, maintenant, nous sommes à l'heure des Conclusions de la Campage Electorale, il m'incombe à dire, conformement à l' Ideologie qui m'anime, que nous serons d'autant plus Unis, que la Misère et l' Inegalité dans la Répartition des Richesses Ne nous aura pas Divisés".

 - "Nous serons d'autant plus Unis, que nous Ne serons pas dans les mains d'une pétite Caste de tout Puissants, qui disposent de tout, plutôt qu' Egaux en Droits, et Citoyens Libres, dans une République totalement ReNouvellée.

- "Et, enfin, parce qu'il Faut que la Vie toujours l' Emporte sur la Mort, et ceux qui en sont porteurs".

- "Nous serons d'autant plus Unis, que nous aurons un Grand Projet en Commun : celui de Changer note Mode de Production, de Consommation, la Decision de Sortir du plus grand Risque qui pèse sur nous : du Nucléaire".


- "Enfin, Savoir que nous pouvons vivre Heureux, du moment que nous Partageons, et que nous cherchons nous mettre en Harmonie avec la Nature, et les Animaux, comme c'est le dévoir de la Civilisation Humaine, à l'heure où elle est mise en Danger par le Changement Climatique".

 - "A l' Heure des Choix, chacun est juge, bien sur. Telle est la Patrie. Mais qu'on sache bien, que Nous avons bien une Feuille de Route en Commun".

- "Et que chaque Citoyen ... décide lequel d'entre nous est le plus digne. Et cette Feuille de route, nous est donnée par la Devise de la Patrie : Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité".



 * Hamon :

 - "Je voudrais, à mon tour, m'associer aux Pensées qui ont été exprimées, il y a un instant, et qui sont partagées par Tous ceux qui sont ici, ou nous regardent, en direction, évidemment, du Policier qui a été Tué, de ses collègues qui ont été grievement Blessés, de la Famille de ce Policier qui est dévenu, parce qu'il nous Protège, la Cible de ceux qui veulent mettre un nouveau Episode de Terrorisme dans notre vie - puisqu'll a été caractérisé ainsi par le Président de la République, il y a quelques minutes, et, je crois, la Section Anti-Terroriste du Parquet de Paris a été saisie".  

- "Dire que cet évenement nous rappelle que nous sommes au milieu d'une Crise. Une Crise que vivent Intensement les Francais, et qui n'est pas qu'une Crise Economique, qui n'est pas qu'une Crise Sociale".

- "Qui est aussi une Crise liée à l' Assaut des Forces qui Detestent nôtre modèle Démocratique, veulent nous Diviser, nous Ebranler".

- "Il faut être Implacable, à l'égard de ces Forces-là, tous ceux qu veulent reMettre en Cause les Principes que nous sommes Choisis, les Principes que nous sommes dotés dans la République, et qui veulent aujourd'hui que nous vivons en Démocratie".

- "Cette Crise présuppose que nous fassions aussi des Choix, parce que nous sommes confrontés à des Décisions qui sont Complexes :

 - "Je crois que cette Campagne N' était pas, tout à fait, à la Hauteur de ce que sont les Attented des Francais. Elle n'a pas été à la hauteur, parce qu'elle a été Polluée par l' Argent, elle a été Polluée par les Affaires, et nous aurions aimé avoir un Débat sur les Projets, sur les Programmes".

- Moi, je crois que cette Démocratie s' honore quant elle s'addresse à la Raison, à l' Intelligence Collective, quant les Responsables Politiques se hissent vraiment à la Hauteur des Attentes des Citoyens : Ce que j'ai essayé de faire, tout au long de cette Campagne, par Ethique Personelle".

- "Alors que nous sommes au Coeur du Processus Démocratique, et que nous devons Cherir ce moment Démocratique, justement pârce que d' Autres le Détestent : Notamment les Terroristes qui Assassinent".

- "Je n'ai rien dissimulé, dans cette campagne. Je n'ai pas dissimulé mes Convictions : Je suis un homme de Gauche, et je considère que, dans une Crise comme célà, il faut RéArmer l' Etat, (plutôt que diminuer les services publics)...

- "Qu'il faut RenForcer les Libertés chez nous, ... à l' égard des Libertés de tous les autres, à l' Etranger, etc. Qu'iil faut Cherir l' Europe, comme nous à faire Face à tous ces Assaults, qui, aujourd'hui, Visent à nous Diviser à nouveau".

- "Enfin la Cléf c'est Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité : Choisissez en fonction de votre Raison".


* Fillon
(résumé/réference : V. Supra+)

 - "Dans le Contexte que nous vivons, il y a pas lieu de suivre, ce soir, ni demain, une Campagne Electorale".

 - "Parce que nous dévons, d'abord manifester nôtre Solidarité avec les Policiers , celui qui a été Tué, et ceux qui ont Risqué leur Vie pour notre Sécurité".

 - "Et, puis, nous devons montrer nôtre Solidarité avec une Population francaise qui est, à juste titre, de plus en plus Inquiète, devant la Multiplication de ces Actes Terroristes".


 >>> - "Ce soir, la Seule chose que je Veux dire, est que le Combat Contre le Totalitarisme Islamiste, contre ceux qui Commanditent ces Attentats, contre ceux qui sont à l' Origine de la Montée de cette Intolerance, de cet Integrisme, doit être la Priorité Absolue du prochain Président de la République, et du prochain Gouvernement".


 - "Et ce Combat passe, d' abord, par une Mobilisation Mondiale contre ce Danger pour la Paix".


 - "Il passe, ensuite, par une Lutte sans merci Contre ceux qui Propagent ces Idées Integristes, ceux qui prennent en Hôtage la Communauté Musulmane, pour accomplir leur projet de Domination Politique sectaire"...

(V. Surpra ../..)


* Dupont-Aignan :

 - "Je pense à la Famille de ce Policier disparu. Je salue les Forces de l' Ordre, qui Risquent, chaque jour, leur Vie pour notre Liberté : Gendarmes, Policiers, Militaires, etc.

 - "Le meilleur Hommage qu'on peut leur rendre, c'est d' Agir, enfin, pour Vaincre les Barbares, qui Ménacent notre Survie de Nation Libre : C'est cela l' Enjeux".

- "Et c'est un Enjeux Immense. Tel est le Choix que vous allez faire Dimanche : C'est un Choix Historique"

 - "C'est le Choix de la Survie de la France comme Nation Libre".

 - "Notre pays affronte des Défis absolument Colossaux : Sur le plan Sécuritaire. En matiere de Defense Nationale. Sur le plan Economique, avec 6 Millions des Chomeurs. Sur le plan Social, avec une Misère qui gagne tous les jours du terrain".

 - "Dépuis des années, on ne traite pas les Causes du Problème. Je sais qu'une Autre Politique est possible".

- "Traiter avec bon sens les Causes des Problèmes, c'est, p.ex., savoir que, pour retablir la Sécurité, il faut Controler nos Frontières Nationales. Pour créer de l' Emploi, favoriser le fabriqué en France. Pour Ralancer l Activité il faut mieux Recompenser le Travail. Pour préparer la Jeunesse de notre pays, il faut ReFonder l' Ecole. Faire Reculer la Misère.

Mais, tout cela ne pourrait se faire que si le Pouvoir Revient à Paris, si on arrête d' obéir à Bruxelles.

Alors, le Choix est très Simple, Dimanche :

 Soit vous Continuez, 5 Ans de plus, avec ceux qui ont créé les Problèmes. Soit vous allez avec ceux qui ont fait le choix de Servir le pays.

Mais, vous n'avez plus du Temps à Attendre. Le Temps est vénu de Changer".


 *Macron :

- "Je veux, d'abord, vous dire, évidemment, toute ma Solidarité à l'égard de nos Forces de l'ordre, de la victime de ce soir, de ces attentats de ce soir".

- "Et mes pensées pour eux, les familles de ces victimes, comme des blessés".

- "Ce qui c'est passé ce soir, c'est la preuve, une fois  encore, que notre pays est attaqué, en son coeur, par des Terroristes".

- "Et que nous sommes et nous vivons, et que nous vivrons, Durablement, sous cette Ménace".

- "Présider c'est Protéger. C'est la 1ère Mission du Président de la République, desormais, d'abord de protéger ses con-citoyens".

- "Donc, aussi à l' Exterieur des nos Frontières, pour Lutter Partout contre le Terrorisme Islamiste".

- "A l' Interieur de nos frontières, renforcant les Moyens de Sécurité, de Renseignement".

- "Je veux aller Encore plus Loin : Je veux vous Protéger. Je suis prêt".

 - "Mais, ... nous Ne devons pas, aujourd'hui, Céder à la Peur. Nous ne devons, en aucune façon, donner le sentiment, à  nos assaillants, que nous nous Divisons, que nous cédons à leur dictat, ce qu' ils attendent, et c'est leur piège".

 - "Donc, le défi de nôtre Génération, c'est Pas seulement de Répondre à la Ménace Terroriste".

- "C'est aussi, à un moment de Doute, de doute sur l'Europe et le projet européen, à un moment de Doute sur ceux qui tiennent, dans notre Pays, à ses Valeurs, sa Laicité, sa Transformation Economique liée au Numerique, et à la Transition Ecologique, de faire un Choix :"

 - "Le choix de l' Avenir. Et c'est ce Choix, qui sera le vôtre, ce Dimanche".

- "Moi, je veux Rassembler. Rassembler nos con-citoyens, quelqu'elle soit leur Sensibilité d' Origine, autour d'un Projet cohérent : "

- "Un projet de Réforme. de Modernisation du pays. Un projet de Progrès".

- "Je veux Continuer à construire l' Europe".

- "Et, même, aller Plus Loin : la ReFonder. pour une Europe plus démocratique, plus juste. Pour une Europe plus efficace. Pour une Europe de l' investissement. Une Europe, aussi, qui protège".

- "Enfin, je veux, qu'ensemble, nous Transformons le pays, pour préparer l'Avenir. Par la culture, par l' éducation, par la Réforme économique", (etc).
- "Ce Projet, c'est celui que je porte".

- "La Question qui vous sera posée Dimanche, c'est celle qui consiste à continuer avec des partis fatigués, qui ne peuvent plus rassembler, avec un dictat que vous connaissez si bien :"

"- Si vous choisissez l' Alternance Profonde, celle que Je porte, celle de (l' Avenir ?)".





* Marine Le Pen :

- "... J' avais Reflechi à cette Conclusion : J' avais Pensé parler de la Mondialisation, de notre Civilisation, (etc).

 - "Et, puis, j' ai Ecouté le plateau (de TV News) tout à l'heure, et... j' ai Appris que le Cauchemar ReCommencait. Une fois Encore".

 - "J' ai été saisie par le même Sentiment, que j' ai déjà connu : De Tristesse et de Colère sourde, en même temps : "

- "Sentiment de Tristesse, evidemment, pour les Forces de l' Ordre, qui payent, une fois de plus, un Lourd tribut à la Lutte contre le Fondamentalisme Islamiste".

+ "Et de Colère sourde, parce que, tout de suite, je suis entrain par le sentiment que Tout N' est pas Fait pour Mettre nos compatriotes à l' Abri".

- "Voilà ! Je le dis, simplement, mais Clairement".  

 - "J' ai entendu, ...un  Souci, et Mots de compassion à l' égard des forces de l' ordre".
+ "Mais, je crois qu'il Faut aller Plus Loin : Car ils Attendent de nous, Autre chose que des Mots de compassion : Ils Attendent des Moyens pour pouvoir se Defendre, pour pouvoir Combattre ce Danger Gigantesque, que represente le Terrorisme Islamiste".

- "Je Ne veux pas qu'on <<s' Habitue>> au Terrorisme Islamiste !"


- "Je Ne veut pas qu'on dise à nôtre Jeuneusse, qu'elle vivra Avec le Danger, en Toutes Circonstances, Quotidiennement, et, Encore, "Durablement"...

 (Comp. Macron, Supra).

=> - "Je veux qu'on lance un Plan d' Attaque, clairement, Contre ce Terrorisme Islamiste", qui "passe par une Serie des Mésures :"

- "Aux Frontières, et à s'attaquer à la Racine du Mal, c'est à dire à cette Idéologie elle-même, qui pullule sur notre Territoire, dépuis des Années".

- "C'est Fini le Laxisme. C'est Fini la Naiveté !"

 - "On Ne peut pas Laisser à nos Enfants un Pays Impuissant à les Défendre !"

- "Il faut de la Lucidité. Il faut du Courage. Il faut de la Determination".

- "C'est cela que Vous, les Francais, vous devez, Maintenant, Exiger et Choisir".






[ NDLR : Le Peuple de la France est assez "majeur" pour Distinguer clairement entre un "Flou - Gris, ou Rose", et des Mésures Concretes, une Strategie Bien Définie. 

Les évidentes Differences entre divers Candidats à l' Election Présidentielle de 2017 en matière de Lutte contre le Terrorisme Islamiste (v. Supra),

n'a d' equivalent que la façon notoirement Inégale selon laquelle fûrent raités, jusqu'à maintenant, les divers soupçons de Corruption pour tous les Candidats principaux, par les Organes Etatiques lors du Gouvernement Socialiste sortant... 

V. p.ex. les Declarations à "Eurofora" par le Président du Mecanisme Anti-Corruption du Conseil de l'Europe M. Mrcela à : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/coegrecopresidentonfrenchelection.html]. 





("DraftNews", as already send to "Eurofora" Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be published asap).




CoE Anti-Torture Watchdog Chief Gnatovsky to EF: Turkey, Remand Prisoners +Obstacle to Publish Facts

Written by ACM
Thursday, 20 April 2017


*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/-
Just after having Denounced the "Extensive resort to Lengthy Remand Detention" of Dissidents "by the Turkish Authorities", often even Before any Trial might Start, (see Infra), CoE Slamed "Remand Detentions" as a matter of General Principle Today, in a Report Published by its Watchog against Torture and InHuman Treatments, CPT, whose President, Mykola Gnatovskyy, speaking to "Eurofora", observed that even its long awaited Latest Findings in Turkey, that CPT Visited on August-September 2016, just After the Mass Arrests of various Dissidents on pretext of the Short-lived, 6 Hours long only, alleged "Coup" of July 2016, could Not even be Published, as long as Ankara's Government has Not Accepted yet to Disclose that information.

President Gnatovskyy Revealed, in substance, Replying to specific "Eurofora"s Questions, that a Special CPT's Report on these Issues has Already been Completed and Given to the Turkish Authorities, so that the Ball is Now in their Yard, since it all Depends from whether, and when, they might Accept, or Not, to Publish CPT's Findings, as well as Comply with its Recommendations. At least for the Time being, Ankara appears to have Refused to do so, and CPT's Head did Not Exclude that CoE's Anti-Torture Watchdog, might, eventualy, find itself perhaps Obliged to Trigger a Procedure foreseen by CoE's Convention's Article 10, about Making a "Public Statement", or not, (See Infra).

The Move came on the occasion of a Press Briefing by the CPT's President, at the CoE in Strasbourg, about its Annual Report for 2016, precisely Focused on "Remand Detention" in general,  just After he was Heard by the PanEuropean Organisation's Highest Political body, that of its Committe of Ministers, Earlier this Same Day that it heard also the President of the PanEuropean Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, which has Recently Denounced "Extended" and "Lengthy" Remand Jailings in Turkey among Political Dissidents, (See Infra).

Apparently, Turkey seems to be Really Refusing to allow the Publication of that Report, since CPT's Draft was normaly Ready (as CPT's President Anounced to "Eurofora"), somewhere between the Beginning of November 2016 and January 2017, so that Ankara Government's Reply should, normaly, have been given on March or at the Beginning of April 2017, according to usual CPT's standards on Time Deadlines, which have just Lapsed.


   - "Eurofora" reminded to CPT's President, the Fact that:  "Everybody speaks, since Last Summer, about Very Harsh, Alarming Conditions, in which would have been Submitted Many People in the Turkish Prisons, that you have Visited : What has really Happened ? Will there be a Message coming from you (CPT), in one way, or another ? Sorry for this Question, to which, may be, your are Not Free to Answer" as such, "but, perhaps, you can Find anOther Way to Give a Message", we asked President Gnatovskyy.

 - "The (CoE's) Message will Only Appear If, and When that Report will be Published !", CPT's President immediately reacted.

  -  Indeed, Nowadays, "the (CPT) Report (on the Latest, August - September 2016 Visits to Turkish Prisons thoughout the Country) is there !", he clearly Announced.

  - In consequence, already, "The (Turkish) Authorities Can Authorize its Publication at Any Time. Now, it's up to them !", he pointed out.  

  - Otherwise, in the meantime, "We (CPT) CanNot do Anything, because the (CoE's) Convention is very Strict" about Confidentiality.

+ Questioned by "Eurofora" whethe he Might, eventualy, Find that the Real Situation, perhaps, Is, or Not, so Important as to Motivate, at least, an Unilateral Declaration by the CPT, using the Exceptional Power that CoE's Convention's "Article 10" gives to that body, its President declined to say now, but did not exclude anything a priori :

- "Article 10 (possibility), Any way, it's Something that I canNot Comment on", "Because it's an Internal matter", (to CPT's obligatorily  Confidential Functioning).

- However, Independently of that, Questioned, in fine, "if there is Something on the pipe-line there, any move, in the foreseeable Future", CPT's President did Not Deny :

- "I can't say. No Comment, No Comment on that", he Simply Replied, Kindly Excusing himself, But, nevertheless, withOut Denying such (and/or, perhaps, anOther, relevant), eventual Possibility...

+ Given, inter alia, also the Fact that, according to CoE's "Convention Convention for the Prevention fo Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment"'s Article 10, "if" a Member State "Fails to Cooperate, or Refuses to Improve the Situation, in the Light of (CPT's) Recommendations, the (CPT) May Decide ... to Make Known its Views", by "Making a Public Statement on the matter", such a Move (already used in the Past, particularly vis a vis Turkey), may Appear quite Logical, and rather Probable, according to relevant developments.

For that purpose, the concerned State should have "had an Opportunity to make known its (own) Views", (f.ex. by Publishing also its Reply to CPT's Report), while CoE must get "a Majority of 2/3 of (CPT's) Members", (i.e. at least 32 Member States, out of 47).


++ Already, in the Informations that CPT Published Today, on the Occasion of its Annual Report for 2016, it Underlined the Fact that "2016 was a Busy Year", mainly because of Exceptional, Non-Scheduled, "Ad Hoc Visits, some of them Organized at Short Notice, in Response to Current Events", as, f.ex., that which was made "to Turkey, following the Military Coup Attempt", in Addition to 2 Earlier Visits "to Greece, to Examine the situation in the so-called <<Hotspots>>", already Noted Before, as well as one in Belgium, for a quite Old Problem (Prison Staff's Strikes, etc), and Ukraine (mainly at the Eastern Region around "Kharkiv"), Russia, (at "Dagestan" in "Northern Caucasus", etc), and, at a Lesser extend in Spain.

>>> In particular, CoE's Anti-Torture Watchdog, during a Full Week-Long "Ad Hoc" Visit to Turkey, between 29 August and 6 September 2016, Visited Many Prisons in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, including 3 Controversial Isolation "F Type" Prisons, 2 "Closed" and 1 "High Security" Prison, added to "Ankara's Police Headquarters", etc.

- Indeed, the main "Purpose ... was to Examine the Treatment and Conditions of Detention of Persons detained in connection with the Military Coup Attempt of 15 July 2016", CPT confirmed. => "To this end, the (CoE's) Delegation Interviewed, in Private, several Hundred" Detainees throughout Turkey, Strasbourg's Organisation Revealed.


Meanwhile, CPT's President clearly Confirmed, on the occasion of the Publication of the Annual Report for 2016, as a matter of General Principle, that - "Publication of CPT's Reports is a Sign of Transparency, and also an Opportunity to Open a Wider Debate on the Issues raised in them".

A Growing, Recent Trend in this Direction, is currently Advancing further :
President Gnatovskyy "Welcomed the Decision" of 4 More CoE Member Countries, (Austria, Finland, Monaco and Sweden), "to Agree to the Automatic Publication of CPT Reports" recently. They are Added to anOther 4 Countries (Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova), which have Already Done so Previously, (i.e., Bringing Today this Group to a Total of 8 Pioneer Countries).      

+ Moreover, Already, a very Large Majority among CoE's 47 Member States, currently practice de Facto, a pro-Transparency policy, concerning CPT's Reports, since, 35 among them do Not have, Today, Any Pending Non-Published Report at all.  

AnOther 8 Member States, have Only 1 CPT Report which has Not yet been published, in Most of these Cases (5) the concerned Governments having Just Received that Report "Recently", as it results from the Statistics of CoE's Official Text, Published Today, so that the Number of 100% pro-Transparency States might Soon grow up to, at least, 40 out of 47, or, subsequently, even more.



 + Meanwhile, an "Extended Resort, by the Turkish Authorities, to Remand Detention" has been Recently Denounced by anOther CoE's Report on the Dire "Situation of Local Elected Representatives in Turkey", various Political Dissidents, Debated and Adopted in Strasbourg at the End of March 2017, (See Detailed Facts Infra).

In particular, a Resolution Adopted, on that occasion, with a Wider than 3/4 Majority of 109 Votes against Only 32 and 10 Abstentions, Slamed as "CounterProductive and ...Weakening the capacity of Turkey" to adequately  "Deal with" any "Threats" that it might face, that phenomenon of "Extensive resort to LENGTHY Remand Detention" by Ankara's Authorities".

This is a real "Feature of these Measures" of Massive Jailings of Dissident  Elected Politicians, "Many... carried out" not only After, but Even "Before the Attempted Coup" of the Short-lived, 6-Hours long alleged Army Move of July 2016, since CoE's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (CLRAE) had "Already Drew Attention to in its 2014 Report on <<The Situation of Lula Guven (a CLRAE Member) and Other Local Elected Representatives Detained in Turkey", on the base of which, a Public Debate and Vote in Strasbourg had resulted in the Adoption of "Resolution 367 (2014)".

+ A "Similarity with Situations Previously Condemned" by the CLRAE, "particularly" in a "2007" and a "2011" Earlier Reports, CoE's body observed.

=> Interestingly, Both CPT's President Gnatovskyy, and CLRAE's President Gudrun Mosler-Toenstroem, were Heard by, and Debated with 47 Member State's Ambassadors, in CoE's Highest Political body : its Committee of Ministers, on one and Same Day, Yesterday (19 of April 2017) in Strasbourg, as "Eurofora" was informed by Official sources.


>>> By a Topical "Coincidence", CoE Officialy "Urged" Today, as a matter of General Principle, all its 47 Member States, to Only Use on "Last Resort" the "Remand Detention", and, in that case, at least provide Remand Prisoners with "Adequate Detention Conditions".

+ Indeed, another well-informed CoE's Official stressed from the outset to "Eurofora" that, the Most Important Problem, in this regard, is Not so much the Number of Remand Prisoners, but "More the Conditions of their Detention".

So that CoE's Secretary General, Thornbjorn Jagland, clearly Denounced "Serious Shortcomings in the Conditions in which PreTrial Prisoners are Held", "Calling on States to Ensure that these Conditios of Detention are In Line with Human Rights Standards, and that Pre-Trial Detention is Only Applied If Absolutely Necessary".

CPT's President added, in this regard, that "Detention on Remand Can have Severe Psychological Effects", (pointing, f.ex. at "Suicide Rates" sometimes "Several Times Higher than among Sentenced Prisoners"), as well as "Other Serious Consequencies, such as the Breaking up of Family ties, or the Loss of Employment or Accomodation", etc.  


     + Replying to anOher "Eurofora" Question, on the occasion of the above-mentioned Press Briefing, CPT's President carefuly Observed that a relevant Statistical Table distributed Today, with Numbers from 47 CoE's Member States, may be Out-Dated, at least as far as the Real Magnitude of the Problem in Turkey is concerned :

     - "These are rather Old Figures ("from September 2015"), so that "Things might have Changed in Turkey" recently (i.e. on 2016-2017), President Gnatovskyy Warned, (given also CLRAE's latest Findings : Comp. Supra + Infra).

    -  Moreover, "Situations are Diverse", he said Earlier. F.ex., in Some Cases, it's "When there are Alternative" Sanctions, and/or "when the Justice System works well, that you'll have Less Remand Prisoners". But, obviously, this could Not Explain why Countries as ...San Marino, Andora, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, might have ... a Bigger Percentage of Remand Detainees, compared to the Total Number of All Jailed People, (i.e. also those who have become duly Sentenced Prisoners, than ... Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Spain, FYROM, Serbia, Bulgaria, Armenia,  Poland, Ukraine, etc., as that OutDated Statistical Table curiously suggests, (made Not by the CoE, but by anOther, Independent, External body). A possible Explanation of this Paradox, might, perhaps, be, that, at least in Certain Countries, a High Number of Remand Detainees, does Not Exclude an ...even Higher Number of Sentenced Prisoners, (so that an Approach based Only on the "Average" of "Remand" compared to "Sentenced" Inmates, would inevitably provoke False Appearances)...

Otherwise, such False Appearances might push to so Absurd Claims as, f.ex., to pretend that ...San Marino and Andorra  may have Bigger Problems in Prisons than Turkey !...

     - In fact, the Main Problem are "Bad Conditions, but also Lack of (Adequate) Regime", for Remand Detainees, CPT's President Explained, later-on, to "Eurofora".

     - F.ex., Problems Start, already when, simply, "they are Condemned to do Nothing for too many Hours". Indeed, "Remand Prisoners, in too Many (CoE) Member States, are Locked up, for 23 Hours, out of 24, in a Single Day, they Sit there Idle, withOut doing Anything. They don't have any Opportunities. They Might have Rights, but they are Not Implemented. Because, there are No Activities for them", he Replied. At best, - "They have just 1 Hour or so of Out-Door Exercice", where "they Just Walk. Sometimes it's even Only on a Roof, in a Concrete Cage, they Call it "Out-Door", becaue there is Some kind of Air, and there is Nothing Else. There is Nothing that they can do. Because, just Sitting there, for Years, ... That's the balk of the Concern, that's the Problem", already emerging even from such a Simple Fact, President Gnatovskyy told "Eurofora".

+CLRAE on Turkey and Remand Detainees among Political Dissidents :


Meanwhile, in a Related Move, CoE's Committee of Ministers held, this Same Day, also a Meeting for exchange of views with the President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CLRAE), Gudrun Mosler-Toenstroem, just after CoE's Local Democracy Watchdog's Plenary had Debated and Adopted, at the End of March 2017 in Strasbourg a Resolution and a Recommendation on the current Situation in Turkey, asking, inter alia, also for the CPT to "Examine Reports of Inhuman Treatment of Detained Local Elected Representatives in Turkey", (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/turkeylocaldemocracysuspended.html ).

This particular point was Voted by CLRAE with a Very Strong Majority of 118 Votes in favor, and Only 21 against : i.e. a large 4/5 Majority at that PanEuropean, 47 Member States strong body.

This is Doubly Related to CPT's Annual Report Published Today, since CLRAE had already Denounced clearly "the Extensive resort, by the Turikish Authorities, to Remand Detention, which Often Extends for Several Years", in the cases of more than a Hundred of Local Elected Representatives recently Jailed in Turkey, (some Before, some After the Short-lived, 6 Hours long, alleged "Coup Attempt" of July 2016).

Moreover, since "None of the 81 "Co-Mayors" in Prison have been Convicted of Any Offense, and Most have Yet to be Put on Trial", (which has Not yet occured for them), while, in Addition, "Most of the Charges, against these Elected Representatives relate to the Ideas that they have Expressed", (and Not Violence, Neither Corruption, etc), then, "such Detention canNot be Justified", said CLRAE's Official Report, which Resulted in a Resolution asking to "Release" many of them.

 "InHuman Treatment" specific  Concerns regarded, among others, "notably" the Victims' "Solitary Confinement", but also the Turkish Authorities' practice of a "Systematic Transfer to Prisons Far (Away) from their Homes".

This Latter "Systematic Practice" of Separation "Makes Contacts with their Lawyers and Families very Difficult", CLRAE's relevant Report "on the Situation of Local Elected Representatives in Turkey" observed.

+ Worse : There are even Complaints "that Many" Jailed Elected Local Representatives "were Placed in Solitary Confinement", Denounced that CLRAE's Report, drafted by 2 CoE's co-Rapporteurs, Anders Knape, Experienced Long-Time ChristianDemocrat MEP from Sweden, President of CLRAE's Chamber of Local Authorities, and Socialist MEP Leendert Verbeek, Head of the Dutch Delegation, and President of CLRAE's powerful "Monitoring" Committee.

That Official CoE's Text makes f.ex. a special "Mention of a Member of the Congress (CoE's body), Ms Nurhaya Altun, "co-Mayor" of Tunceli", who "was Arrested ... and Detained in Kocaeli <<F Type>> Prison", (i.e. those Controversial Jails with Confinement, against which, at least 2 Massive Collective Protests of various Other Prisoners in Turkey, Already as Early as since the 1990ies and on 2000-2001, had resulted in Violent Mass Oppression and Deaths of several Inmates, including Women, in Addition to Hunger Strikes, during which many Prisoners prefered Risks to Die, than to be Kept in Isolation, complaining also of Growing Threats of Torture/Inhuman-Degrading Treatments in such cases).

Ms Altun was "Arrested ...Shortly After her Participation in the ... Plenary of the (CoE's) Congress" in Strasbourg, since the "17 November 2016", CLRAE's Report Criticaly observed, as far as apparently  Politicaly Motivated Oppressive moves of the Turkish Authorities are concerned.

CPT Visits +

Even if the various Political Dissidents "Detained" in Turkey since that Strange, Failed and Short-lived : 6 Hours-long Only, Alleged "Coup Atempt" of July 2016 amount "110.000" People, according to CNN, from which, the Turkish Ministry of Interior admits "55.000 Arrested on specific Charges", i.e. More than the Total Number of Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers recently Trafficked by Turkish Smugglers into EU Member Greece and still remaining there ("around 47.400" according to Amnesty International) , Only a Part of whom currently are in "Reception and Identification Centres" alias "Hotspots", (Less than 15.000, ibid, or 13.500 according to "AsylumInEurope" NGO Website, almost 16.000 according to the Greek Ombudsman's last Report), nevertheless, CoE's Anti-Torture Watchdog, on 2016, paid 2 Visits to Greece's "Hotspots" and Other "Irregular Migrants" facilities (on 4/2016 and 7/2016), but Only 1 Visit in Turkey for the More Numerous and Dangerous Mass Arrests of Political Dissidents (on 8-9/2016).


+ AnOther, Earlier "Ad Hoc" CPT Visit to Turkey, on April 2016, was Exclusively Focused Only on the "Imrali" Island, controversial "F Type, High Security, Closed Prison", where is, notoriously, Jailed Kurdish Rebels' former Long-Time Leader Ocalan, since 1999.  

- "The Purpose... was to Examine the Treatment and the Conditions of Detention of the (4) Prisoners" there, and, particularly, "the Measures Taken by the Turkish Authorities", since "the Previous Visit, by the CPT, to that Prison, on January 2O13", ("in the Light of the Recomendations" that it had made then, as the Report Published Today reminds).

>>> Indeed, according to recent Kurdish NewsMedia, Ocalan "has Not Seen his Lawyers, since July 2011", while, "his custodial and Family have beern Barred from the Island, since October 2014", and even "the Political Delegation of HDP Parliamentarians could Not Confer with him, since April 2014", i.e. "After Turkish President Erdogan Halted (Peace) Talks with Ocalan and PKK", so that, in Practice, "No Independent Information whatsoever, from Imrali Island, exists, Since April 2014". Even "2 ..Other Inmates of Imrali Island Prison have been Moved to a(nOther) Prison, in Mainland Turkey, possibly on ...December 2015, withOut prior Notice to Family and/or Lawyers", who "sere Not Allowed to See their Clients", Not even "in their New Prison".

- So that, even the 2nd CPT "Ad Hoc" Visit to Turkey, on 2016 (Comp. Supra), "was also an opportunity to Raise, once Again, with the relevant Authorities, certain Issues related to the Situation of Abdulah Ocalan and other Prisoners held at Imrali", CPT's Annual Report for 2016 Revealed Today.


Until Now, Turkey has had Also 6 "Periodic" (i.e. Scheduled) Visits by CPT, i.e. ...Less than ... Portugal (7), Italy (7), Russia (7), Spain (7) and the UK (8), and Equal to Austria, France, Italy, Ukraine, Moldova and Greece (6 too).

It's true that Turkey has been, however, Monitored in 28 CPT's Reports, compared to 26 for Russia, 18 for the UK, 16 for Spain, 14 for Greece, 13 for FYROM and Ukraine, 12 for France, etc. But, in Real Practice, this Still represents, in Average, ...More CPT Monitoring Reports on Russia, than on Turkey, which was Already a Member of the PanEuropean Organisation since the Cold War era of the Past, while, on the Contrary, Russia only became CoE Member during the 1990ies, and Started to be Monitored by the CPT only 8 Years Later than Turkey : So that, During Just 18 Years of CPT Monitoring of Russia (1998-2016), Moscow Authorities have Faced 26 Reports, i.e. 1,44 Reports per Year, in Average, while, During 27 Years of CPT Monitoring on Turkey (1990-2016), Ankara's Authorities faced "Only" 28 Reports, i.e. just 1,03 Reports per Year, which is, Comparatively, Less.

As for the Non-Publication of CPT's Reports, it's also True that Russia, followed by Azerbaijan and Moldova, has apparently Refused More Times than Turkey, even this might be due also to the Fact that Russia, during recent years, Often Found several Critical CoE's Decisions on Human Rights to be "Biaised" by alleged "Double Standards" against Moscow, (a "Peak" being also a Last Week's ECHR Chamber's ruling Condemning the Russian Authorities for alleged Abuse during the Heavily Armed Deadly Islamist Terrorists' brutal Masacre of Children taken Hostages with Bombs and Explosives in Beslan School on 2004, Shortly After that same ECHR surprizingly Absolved entirely the 2005 UK's "Socialist" Government of Mr. Bliar from Any Responsibility for the Brutal Killing of a Peaceful, Calm and Innocent Student by an UnWarned Violent Armed Attack of its Secret Services in London, who had committed a Gross Blunder, Confusing a Totaly Innocent Youngster, a White Christian, with an Arab Islamist Extremist supected to prepare a Terrorist Attack : "Da Silva" of Menendez affair)... The particularity of the "Transnistrian" and/or "Nagorno Karabach" areas, with a notoriously Controversial Legal Status, might, eventualy, Explain also the Special Situations of Moldova and/or Azerbaijan for the rest, (which, however, in the case, at least, of the Moldovan Authorities, Left "just" 3 CPT Reports Non Published yet, i.e. Equal to Turkey's Refusals until now).

Moreover, concerning Greece, those remaining in those "Hotspots" near the Greco-Turkish Borders (which are also EU's External Borders), are "Not Detained" in normal Legal terms, according to the Greek Ombudsman, and they Stay there Only 1 or 2, up to 25 Days, except from those whose Asylum Demands were Rejected and are due to be Returned Back to Turkey, (even if several sources have Denounced a "De Facto Detention", which might be Longer). This is, almost Excusively, a notorious Consequence of the 2015-2016 initiated, sudden, Unprecedented, Giant "Tsunami" of Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers tresspassing in EU Member Greece through Turkey.

One of the Issues often raised, both in Greece and in Many Other EU Member Countries, since the above-mentioned "Tsunami" emerging though Turkey, is that of AbNormaly Numerous so-called "UnAccompagnied Minors", for whom, inter alia, "Separate" Areas have been strongly Recommended, from those used for Adults. But, given also the Fact that, notoriously, Most of them are of an UnDetermined real Age, (i.e. in Several Cases Adults, having Hidden or Lost their ID documents), recently Incidents have been Reported about "Rapes" of Small Children by Young Adults, probably Dissimulating their Real Age, inside that Group of Population, showing that "Promiscuity" Risks exist Also Among such "Non-Accompagnied Minors" themselves, (f.ex. at least 2 proven such Incidents in 2017 at the Islands Near Turkey, etc).

As for a Recent (March 2017) Tragic Incident of a Syrian Asylum Seeker reportedly committing "Suicide" while still Awaiting a Reply to his Demand for Asylum in Greece, it occcured Not in Detention at the Islands' "Hotspots", but in Mainland Greece, at the Pireus SeaPort, (i.e. Out of such facilities), eventualy Similar to Various such "Suicides" of Non-Detained Asylum Seekers reported f.ex. in Sweden, etc., (probably because, precisely, that Excessively "Massive" aspect of the  Giant Wave of Irregular Migrants/Asylum Seekers smuggled through Turkey has apparently Downgraded in a Public Opinion the Classic Image of real "Refugees", and almost "Hidden" and/or "Crashed", by its Huge Mass, certain Real Refugees among an indiferenciated "Tsunami" notoriously Including also Many Petty Criminals, some Deadly Terrorists, and a lot of Economic irregular Migrants, Scandalously Mixed with some realy Persecuted Political Dissidents.

At any case, such isolated Incidents, obviously have Nothing to do with the, Absolutely Differend, Cases of several "Suicides" reportedly Committed by real Political Dissidents Targetted, Arrested and Detained by Ankara's Authorities, particulaly after those Mass Purges in Turkey aggravated since the July 2016 alleged "Coup Attemp of July 2016...


Meanwhile, however, the Greek Police has just Found and Liberated more than 16 Immigrants ...Detained as "Hostages" by a Gang of Pakistani Traffickers, only two Weeks after being Smuggled into EU Member Greece by Turkish Smugglers, as it was Anounced Earlier this Week (16 April 2017), in one among Several such Incidents of "Hostage Taking" by Human Trafficking Gangs for Money (2.500 € being Asked by the Smugglers for the Release of Each Hostage in these latest cases) already also at various Other occasions recently.

Naturaly, it's No Question about any CPT Visits in such cases...




(NPLR : Text of 19 April, but Published on the 20th, according with an "Embargo" deal, to give Time for Brussels' Collegues, who had the  Press Briefing 1 Day Later there, since the CPT President had to Meet CoE's Committee of Ministers in Strasbourg's Headquarters Earlier).


("DraftNews", as already send to "Eurofora" Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be published asap).



Eurofora Wishes a Happy Easter 2017 to all its Readers

Written by ACM
Friday, 14 April 2017
... With Salvador Dali's "Christ on the Cross" (1951), as well as Mathias Grünewald's "Christ's Resurrection" (1515), 
+ added to Johan Sebastian Bach's "BWV 565" :

Fillon: People's Historic Culture=Oxygen to Integration, versus Islamist Radicals, for France+Europe

Written by ACM
Thursday, 06 April 2017

*Strasbourg/Rhenus Hall (Facing EU Parliament)/Angelo Marcopolo/- Today, also for Europe's sake, we Urgently Need to Turn on in France the Best Engine for Action, which is in People's Heart, (Targetted nowadays even by islamist Terrorists) : Pride for their common Culture, Both French and PanEuropean, including Art and Science, but also Humanistic Values, and Refusing to be Undermined by a "Multi-Culti" Sly Trap, stressed with an Inspired Speech in Strasbourg, Fosusing at the Franco-German Core of the EU and €uroZone, (more Necessary Today than ever, particularly after the recent BREXIT), a Front-Runner Candidate for the Crucial April-May 2017 Presidential Election, representing the Mainstream Center-Right "Republican" Party and well beyond, Experienced former Prime Minister, Francois Fillon.

For that purpose, inter alia, he also Proposed a landmark Franco-German Project, and almost ...Invented a New French Flag, by Calling to Join its Colors with Europe's Stars, before Saluting, Briefly but Warmly, several surprized People, including "Eurofora", (see Infra)...



    - At an Interesting Introduction, Luc Chatel, Experienced former Minister and currently President of Main Opposition "Republican" Party's National Council,  observed the "Change" marked "since Trocadero" March 2017 Meeting in Paris, (where Fillon appealed to the People for Support Facing an Unprecedented series of various Acusations by State Authorities suddenly at the last minute, eve of the crucial 2017 Presidential Election, against the frontrunners of the Right, while, on the Contrary, those of the Left remained all untouched : See, f.ex. : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/filloncallstofightislamictotalitarism.html , http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/allrightcandidatesinfrenchelectiontargetted.html , etc), and Started speaking on Economy, Following by Politics, but Concluded with Culture :

    - Particularly Germany, but also the UK, have much Better Results for Economic Growth and against UnEmployment, than OutGoing "Socialist" French President Hollande, and France should Inspire itself by those 2 Big EU Member Countries, "Stopping to always Blame Sarkozy, Merkel, and/or the Global Economy", he urged. + As for the €uro, it Helped to Avoid Bankruptcy, while, on the Contrary, eventual Devaluations of a National Currency would, inter alia, also Oblige to Pay much More in order to Reimburse our Debts, the French Politician Warned.

    - Meanwhile, the "Socialists" are always Trying to Divide the Right, since a Long Time ago, by pushing the "FN" Rightists of Marie Le Pen., he Denounced. But, already, here, in Strasbourg's "Great East" Region's Elections, Back on December 2015, the Socialist Party (which had come 3rd), had Decided to Maintain its List of Candidates even at the 2nd Round, Taking the Risk to let "FN"'s Rightists eventualy Win that Race, he observed. Nevertheless, Fillon has much Better Chances than Macron to Win versus Le Pen, he pleaded.

    >>> But, Now, it's "the Last Chance for a Revival (a Renaissance)" of France and Europe : A Task for which Macron (Fillon's Center-Left Competitor, a Socialist) lools like "a ... Sorcerer's Apprentice", (by his Young Age and the Fact that he has Not yet participated in any Election), while, on the Contary, "Fillon is Solid, Resilient and Able", as he said for the former Prime Minister.

    => For that purpose; "the 1st Tool is Culture", i.e. "History, Language, Values, Cartesian Way of Thinking", etc, stressed Chatel (who has also served as a Minister for Education, himself), Reminding, by the way, that "on the 18th Century, Europe spoke French since the Enlightnement", and Fustigating competitor Macron (former Socialist Minister) for having reportedly Claimed that  - "There is No such thing as a <<French Culture>>" !...


     - "Who is going to Deal with USA's Trump, and with Russia's Putin ?", Wondered Philippe Richert, President of Strasbourg's "Great East" Mega-Region, former Minister, and New Head of France's Nation-Wide Union of Regions, pointing also on Fillon's Political Experience, compared with his main Competitors' Lack of it.

    - "They (the Establishment) Tried to Undermine and Stop him, but he Succeeded to Firmly Hold on, and this Stimulates the People !", added Richert, making a point which really appears to be True, Judging also by the Number, Energy and Vivacity of Popular Applause, whenever was evoked Tonight the Issue of notorious Attempts to Slander Fillon, by Systematicaly Launching more and more Accusations, in order to Push him to Abandon the Electoral race, (See also Infra)...

    - Because "Fillon is Courageous, and has a Serious Plan" for France and Europe. Otherwise, "If there was No Fillon (in the 2017 French Presidential Election), then, we'd be Condemned to have to choose between the Socialists and the Rightists (FN)", and that would be "a Catastrophe", so that "we Must Strive to Prevent such Risky Adventures", he Warned.

    - From one Side, they (i.e. the Out-Going "Socialist" Government) have Distanced the French Economy from that of Other European Countries where Things Go Better", f.ex. on "Growth", Employment, etc., and from the Other Side (i.e. that of "FN"'s Rightists) they push towards an "Isolation" of France vis a vis the rest of Europe, which would be "Catastrophic", President Richert Denounced, Urging to Prevent such Dead End, Schyla-Haribdy Dillemas.

Fillon :  - "Ich Bin Elsascher !"...


    Surprizing with an unusual : - "Ich Bin ...Elsacher !", ( - "I am an Alsacian !" : Hommage to Strasbourg's Historic Region Alsace), Francois Fillon started by Slaming an Exceptionaly Dangerous, Repeated and Vicious Attack from 2 Sly Aggressors, Striking against him 5 Times in a Row, that he curiously Faced when he Arrived at the Meeting Room, (See full Facts at : ....).

     - "As you have just Seen, a Few Minutes ago, I am the Target of a Merciless Relentlessness. They make Any Attempt to Discourage me, Even the Most Shabby (Miserable)", he Denounced, Triggering a Strong and Wide Applause, with Cries, by a Lot of Motivated People, with their Combativity obviouysly Stimulated by that Exceptionaly Sly Incident, (See full Facts Infra).

    - "But I'm Firmly Holding on, Thanks to You !", Fillon replied to the Popular Applause, "Thanking" his Fans "for Your Resistance and your Faithfulness : They Seeked to Silence You (the People), to make you walk in the Shadows. But, Everywhere, throughout our Country, I see Growing this (Popular) Will to be Respected, and to Smash those Claims of Scenarios prepared in Advance", (by some Fake and/or Misleading Polls similar to those which had Faced the New US President Don Trump just Before he Unexpectedly but Brillantly Wins at the Hard-Fought November 2016 US Presidential Election)...

    - "French People are Free, and, when the Time will come, its Verdict will Surprize !", Fillon pointed out, in this regard, Lively Applauded, before Mentioning most Politicians Present Today in this Strasbourg Meeting, including several MEPs, as, among others, also Alain Le Talec, (former Minister and a Gaullist from Brittany), Anne Santer (from Strasbourg), Nadine Morano (another former Minister and mainstream Center-Right "UMP" Party f. Spokeswoman, from nearby Lorraine), as well as Joseph Daul, currently President of the European People's Party/Christian Democrats, Headquarted in Brussels, and Experienced former Long-Time Chairman of EU Parliament's ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group of MEPs, (etc).


    >>> "I came to Strasbourg in order to Speak to you about the Culture that we Share, our Roots, our History, and the Links which Weave our (National and/or European : See Infra) Identity", Fillon anounced from the outset, in his main Speech.

     - Also Because Here, "at Strasbourg's (Historic) City Council, Rouget de l' Isle sang "the Marseilleuse" (France's National Anthem) for the 1st Time", (inspired by "the Rhine's Army", before it was Transmitted Southwards to Marseilles City, from where Armed People went to Boost the 1789 Revolution in Paris, singing that same Song, which became Famous when they Succeeded to Help Free the Country from the Medieval Regime, towards a Modern Democracy recognizing Basic Human Rights).

    + And Strasbourg's Central "Square Kleber, reminds that ... Alsace (Region) gave to the Young Republic (of 1789, i.e. during the Century of the Enlightenement) some among its Most Brave Officers, Leading the Armies of Rhine or Moselle", and "Fighting for the National Borders at Valmy, Longwy or Mainz", etc, he recalled, (making also an indirect but unavoidable Link with General Kleber, to whom even German Chancelor Angie Merkel had referred, reminding taht he had Fought, Together with Napoleon, in Egypt, Facing the Ottoman-Turk Empire's attacks, when she made a Symbolic Gift to former Long-Time French President Jacques Chirac, back on 2007 in Berlin, at the Conclusion of an EU Summit, organized during the German EU Presidency and Focused on "Lisbon Treaty"'s Charter of Fundamental Freedoms and Democratic Liberties : Comp. "Eurofora" Co-Founder's NewsReports from the spot, Published then partly at "TCWeekly"+).

    + But, it's also "Here", that "the Reconciliation of Jewish, Protestant and Catholic (Religious) Communities was (initialy) melted in the Crucible of the Republic", Fillon added.


    >>> However, nowadays, "there is a Strange Taboo" : People "doN't Dare, anymore, even pronounce the Words "Nation", "Fatherland", "Roots", "Culture", etc., except, perhaps, by "Lowering their Voice", he Denounced.

    - Some, "by Ideological Weakness .. or Chlorophorm, have Become so Blind that they even Claim that : - "There is No such Thing as French Culture !", Fillon Criticized, making a Reference to Emmanuel Macron, former Socialist Minister, and one of his Main (Center-Left) Competitors in the present, 2017 French Presidential Election of April/May 2017...

    + He also Dismissed Rightist "FN" Leader Marine Le Pen's claims against "Globalisation", explaining that "it's Not an ideology, but a Reality", which "Obliges us to Change, in order to remain Competitive", "But, caN't be addressed just by Hidding Behind a "Maginot Line", without Fighting and waiting for a defeat", instead of "Believing", on the Contrary, "that we are a Major Player in the World Today, Able to Have a Say, and with sufficient Arms to Defend ourselves", as he said.

    >>> But, in Fact, "the Ideology against which I Fight, is More Pernicious : It Pleads for Self-Denial, sometimes even Self-Hatred", and "Sees in Our Culture a Shameful, Dangerous Accessory" :

    => "It's called <<Multi-Culturalism>>, in Fact, a Flattening of Culture", Fillon Denounced. (I.e. he brandissed the Same Ideological Arm, as German Chancelor Angie Merkel, former French President Sarkozy, and UK Prime Minister Cameroon, already since 2009-2010, which made them Win the 2009 EU Parliament Elections, as well as the British 2010 and 2015 National Elections, and the 2009 and 2013 German Federal Elections, (Comp. f.ex. Merkel's landmark Speech, at the Beginning of her Electoral Campaign, on August 2013, at Ludwigshafen : See "Eurofora"s NewsReport from the spot at ..., even if that was Forced to be at least partly abandoned, when, later-on, she was Obliged, after December 2013, to Accept a Delicate "CoHabitation" in a "GroKo" with the Socialists, just because of a Strange Disappearance, at the Last Minute of the Electoral Results' counting overNight, of Only 4 MPs, initialy attributed to her ChristianDemocrat/EPP Party, but Afterwards Taken Back)...

    - "During the Last 35 Years, that Ideology (of "Multi-Culti") Undermines us", and "Makes Feel Guilty those who Felt themselves as Patriots", he criticized. "It makes them believe that Loving their Country would be a kind of Rejection of Others", and "that such a Feeling would be Shameful", while "a Country would be nothing else than an Aggregate of Individuals".

    => "I do Not want any more of such a Credo ! It makes People Doubt about themselves" and "about the Future of their Nation". It's "an Ideology of Nihilism, which does Not bear Any Collective Progress, but Kills the People's Souls", Fillon slamed "Multi-Culti".

    + And "How could anyone Integrate himself inside a Country for which some Claim that it would have No Culture (Comp. Supra), and Not any Identity ?", he Wondered.

    - Both for France and all Europe, "That Claim, which Condemns our Common Heritage, is Irresponsible", he Denounced.

    >>> - "Worse : It makes of us, a Perfect Prey for Radical Islamism, which has well Understood that this was the "Western World's Weakness", "Its Achilles' Heel". In Fact, "it Abuses of our Humanistic Values, in order to better Deny them. If we sketch the Slightest Reaction, it Cries about Victimization and Discrimination. This Aberration was made Possible by our Cowardice". Because, "when we Retreated in Front of Communautarist Revendications, in the name of a so-called "Right to be Different", we have Betrayed Ourserlves, Betrayed Citizenship, Betrayed Equality, Brotherhood", he Strongly Criticized.

    => But Now, on the Contrary, "I want to Express the Voice of Miliions of French a.o. People, who are Proud of their Country. Who Want to form a Nation Together. Who Want to Succeed Together" : - "We Must Wake Up, and Protect our Civilisation !", Fillon Urged.

    - "The two Drifts which Threaten our Civilisation are the Barbary of an Abusive Islam, which has sworn to Ruin us, and Destroys the Gems even of its own Civilisation, Monuments, Libraries, Ancient Millenary Heritage", and "that of a (banalizing) Boredom", he Warned.

    - But, "Today, the Situation requires from us to Stand Firm against Barbarism, and to Stay Awake against Extremistm's sirens, both those of the Far Right, and of the Far Left, or even that Demagoguery of an "Extreme Centre"...

    - "We are at a Moment of Truth" : - "I am Alone, among the Candidates in this (Presidential 2017) Electoral Campaign, to Stress that it's Urgent to Speak about History, Transmission of Heritage and Culture" : "Transmission is a Golden Thread running through Generations", "it's to Pass the Torch, from Hand to Hand, and Preserve our Humanity from Obscurantism". It's too Refuse "to Sacrifice the Fate of Future Generations".

    => Indeed, "one of the Central Issues in this (2017 French Presidential) Election is -<<How to Warm up the French Soul, how to Share it, to make it be Loved ?>> - "My Reply is to give New Foundations to our Republic, from School, Family, and Culture", Fillon proposed, Strongly Applauded by the People.

              - "I propose to embody the Nation in a Story", with its concrete Heroes. F.ex.: - "Liberty is Joan of Arc (Historic Leader), Lucie Aubrac and Germaine Tillon (Anti-NAZI Resistants), the General De Gaulle", etc. Equality is Olympe de Gouges, Rousseau (Philosopher), and Julles Ferry !" (Politician and Founder of Educational Policies, with a Succesful Integration). "Brotherhood is Abbé Pierre (Philanthropist), Doctors without Borders", (Humanitarian NGO), etc. I.e., a Nation is composed by its Heroes", he evoked, following France's well known National moto.

    - But, "we have Lost the Thread of our History, by Forgetting that it has been Incarnated in Men and Women of whom we are Heirs, and who have Buld the Country with their Courage". "Our System of Education Teaches History cut in separate Pieces", while f.ex. the "Chinese Children Learn by Heart the List of Dynasties which have Ruled their Country for 3.000 Years, and Feel Proud of Belonging to a Great Civilisation !", Fillon compared.

    => In fact, "we Need to ReDiscover our Historic Heritage !", he Urged. For that purpose, We must "SaveGuard ... the Language Learning", the "History Teaching from the Primary School", and "Train Citizens", "Able to adhere to Long Term Political Projects", thanks to "the Story of the Nation, that Schools must Not Abandon", he advised.

    - Among by Competitors, (in the 2017 French Presidential Election), for the Leftists and/or Rightists, such as Melenchon, Hamon or Le Pen, the Nation is a Groundless Entity, Living in Autarchy, in an Utopian way".

    - But "for (Center-Left) Macron, the Nation is an Old-Fashioned idea", since "the Future is a Giant Co-Working area", where "Identity is a Straightjacket, Heritage is a Brake", and, f.ex., "the French History is Too Narrow", Opposed to "an Ideology of generalized Movement, Ennemy of anything Permanent", "against even the Idea of a French Culture", he described.

    - On the Contrary, "Instead of Self-Denial, I propose a Self-Knowledge. Instead of a Negation of Roots, I propose a Shared Memory. Instead of Marketing Emptiness (the Void), I propose to Appropriate a Truth in our Hearts".

    => So that, "this (2017) Electoral Campaign, should ReEstablish a Broken Link" : Let's "Dive deep in Our Culture and our Knowledge", "inviting to a most Exciting Adventure" : That "of Charles Peguy's project, for a Culture Incorporated into Every Citizen" !

    - "For that purpose, we should approach, f.ex., the French Culture, from the Wide Viewpoint of Malreaux, with the Curiosity of Michel Leiris, and the Militant Passion of Albert Camus" : "This Alchemy accompanies a vibrant History", where "Culture Starts when Superstitions, Myths, Customs, get Out of the Dark, Becoming Litterature, Religion, Paintings, Arts, Shows", he suggested.

    >>> In fact, "Cultures Live, Thrive or Die" : "They Might Disappear", "But they Die mainly because of Barbarism and/or Indifference, as, f.ex., at Palmyra, on 2016", in Syria, notoriously Attecked Twice by ISIL's Deadly and Destructive Islamist Terrorists, (before being Liberated and at least partialy Reestaured by the Syrian and Russian Armies in 2016 and 2017).

    - But, in Fact, "All those islamists, Even if they might still manage to Destroy that Great Arch of Triumph and Athena's Lion, nevertheless, they won't Never Destroy what that Civilisation brought as Original and Unique" : Since "it's by Being more Unique, that one Becomes more Universal, Because Irreplaceable", Fillon pointed out.

    + And, "as General De Gaulle used to say : -"Deep inside (Great) Alexander's Victories, we Always Find (the more Ancient Greek Philosopher) Aristote", Because "Great Achievements are Always Fed by an Education, a Memory, and Values which are Guiding the People. Great Cultures stem, First of all, from Peoples' Genius. They are Born there where Geography and History allowed them to Take Roots".

    - Thus, f.ex., "the Chinese Culture, has Nothing to do with Turkey", Fillon observed, (apparently with a Subtle Sense of Humour)... And "the French Culture is Not Alike the Indian Culture, No more than with the Engishs or Russian". Since "Each one of them is Exceptional, and stems from the Depths of a People". Because "Culture is the Oxygen that we Breath. It's What We Are".

    - F.ex., "the French Culture is Born out of 20 Centuries of Research" : "What have in Common, Pascal and Voltaire, Hugo and Claudel, Poussin and Manet, Mansart and Le Corbusier ?", he wondered. "They Share that Certainty, which Belongs to French People, to Complete the World by Adding Reason, Justice, Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood" : "Progress originates always from a Heritage, a stock of Knowledge, a Know-How, on which the Following Centuries Take Roots". So that, "whoever does Not Like his Culture, or is indifferent, sill Never become Able to call himself "Modern", he pointed out.

    => In Consequence, "a French Way to Culture exists, which, If it was Silenced, could Not be Replaced by Anything Else". So that, "Its Survival Concerns us all : We Must Pass on the Land of Richelieu, the Language of Victor Hugo, the Reasoning of Montesquieu, the Vision of Claude Monet, and of All those who have Lived, Loved and Defended the French Vibration", for which "Many Envy us" : - "With our 1.000 Museums, which welcome Twice more Visitors than the Rest of Europe", "our Heritage of 40.000 Churches", "our Castles", our Global (Artistic) Rendez-Vous (such as Cannes and Deauville : Cinema, Avignon and Montpellier : Theater, Arles and Montpelier (etc), while "83 Millions of Foreign Visitors came Last Year (2016) to See our Heritage".  

    + "But our Cultural Model is much More than that : It's also the Belief that Culture must also be a Public Service, which is Taught and Learned, and ... must be Everywhere Accessible to All the People", Fillon added. That's why "I want to Restore our Cultural Policy", "at First through Education", (f.ex., "by Integrating Better the Teaching of Arts .. already from the Nursery School", and "Beter Articulating the History of Art with the General History, during College and Lyceum), But also by "Protecting our Heritage" : "400 Millions € per Yea, in order to Restore and Stop Degrading the Monuments and Artworks", he promissed. "Finaly, let's Help the Ministry of Culture to remain the Motor of our Cultural Model, since the considerable Work done during Malraux's times : F.ex., "Local Communities, and Cultural Industries emerged, as well as Patronage, that we must Harmonize and Find an adequate way for Private Cultural Sector, he proposed.

    - Moreover, "Intellectuals" and "Inspired Minds", belong to "our History", and are "still Needed" in order "to EnLighten" our ways, so that, "those who are Involved in Action, may Rely on those who Observe it and Think about it".

    - Last, but not least, Fillon also urged tro "Defend the French Language", observing that "on 2030 there will be 600 Millions of French Speaking People accross the Planet", so that Books, Dictionaries and Education should Complete the Roles played, since Centuries, by Explorers, Scientists, Religious People, or Soldiers, etc., in Developing, Defending and Spreading that protective "Wall, LightHouse, Castle and Forum", as he called the Linguistic tool, (pointing at an Issue of Vital Importance also for several Other Important Historic Languages in Europe, whose Model is quite Pluri-Linguistic).



     - "I am Convinced, Today, that EU's ReVival (Recovery) comes through a Cultural Awareness (Realization, Consciousness)", stressed Fillon.

    - Because, "We (Europeans) have a common Heritage, which Forges Europe's Soul", (a term that German Chancelor Angie Merkel had used at her landmark Speech, in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, when she Chaired the EU, already as Early as since 2007) : Thus, "Honour our Roots, it's pay Honour to Our European Heritage : Greek and Roman, Ancient and Medieval,  Christian : All that Humanist Heritage which enlightened the World", he recalled.

    - "Our Continent Always was a Prodigious Source of Creation and Knowledge", also with "Millenary Universities, as those of Bologna (Italy), Sorbonne (France), Heidelberg (Germany), etc., which, through their Networks of Intellectuals, Artists, and Scientists Travelling around, have Founded a Land of endless Pioneers, inter-Linking All our National Cultures", Fillon observed.


     => That's why, inter alia, f.ex., "I proposed to (the German Chancelor) Angela Merkel, to Build here, in Strasbourg, a Franco-German Foundation to remind that (Historic Cultural) Renaissance, (Christian) Reformation, (Moral) Humanism, and (Philosophical) Enlightenment, were Born by Converging Minds and Artists of this (European) Continent", he anounced. "Such a Museum should celebrate this Saga of Many Centuries", "be Alive, with ArtWorks Circulating among Big European Museums", so that "the Message of European Humanism can be supported by the most Eloquent Master-Pieces", "and Radiate from Here : Strasbourg, Capital of Europe and Heir of the Republic of Humanistic Litterature".



    + Such a Precious Tool could also Become a Vital Source for European Scientific Research, stressed to "Eurofora" Strasbourg University's Communication Professor Hertzel, an Elected MP accompagnying Fillon, who has a Rare Experience as former Senior Official in the French Ministry for Universities and Research, (and even some Long but Real Family Links with the Historic Publisher of World-Famous Science Fiction Writer Jules Verne)...



    - "That Humanism faced Dire Hardhsips : Twice, during the 20th Century, it Risked to Disappear, and Europe with it". So that, "After the Atrocities of the 1st World War, we had to Re-Think that Humanism, previously thought to be intouchable". But "tyhe 2nd World War's shock was even Worse : After the unlimited Barbary of Auschwitz and Goulag, how was it possible to call itself, anew, as "Humanist" ?".

    - "However, European Humanism survived from those Death Camps, there where so many Artists, from all Europe, Lost their Lives....On the Ruines of War's Aftermath, Europeans accepted, Together, to ReStart anew to Write Poetry, Play Music, and Create, after having met an Abyss".

    => So that "I don't know a Bigger Message of Hope from such a ReVival (Rebond) that European Civilisation proved to be Able of", Fillon stressed. And "this Heritage gives us (Europeans) a Huge Responsibility".

    - Particularly "Today", when "Europe is Threatened to Break Down, to Divide itself", and "faced a serious Economic Crisis", while "it is challenged, Now", also "by a serious Political Crisis", he acknowledged.

    => Therefore, "if we want for the Next Generation too see in the Blue Stared Banner, something Else than just an ephemerous Perenthesis, we Must Act Fast", he urged.
    For that Purpose, "the European Nations", as he called EU's Member States, have to play an Important, but Original Role, according to Fillon :

     - "It's now 60 Years that France Builds Europe side by side with the European Nations", he noted. And "this Construction produced Huge Successes, But revealed also some Obvious Insufficiences" :

    - In this regard, the Historic Top Political Leader "General De Gaulle had, however, Warned us : - "Each People is Different, with a unique Personality". So that, "If you want for the Nations to Unite themselves, Do Not seek to Integrate them as we Mix ChestNuts in a Purée !"...

    >>> In Fact, "the European Construction is Made by States, and, First of all, by France and Germany", Fillon firmly stressed Today, Symbolicaly speaking in Strasbourg, Near the Franco-German Borders' central area at the Rhine river, Facing the adjacent EU Parliament and CoE's Buildings, close to Shenghen's Secretariat and "EuroCorps" Army Staff Headquarters, "ARTE" Franco-German RadioTV, etc.     

    => That's why, "Europe's Reality are its Member States, its Nations", and, Nowadays, "the Priority is to resettle (to put Back in Working Order) its Franco-German Motor, which is suffering since 5 Years" (2012-2017), he Urged.

     - But, "it's True that I am the Only Candidate, in this (2017 Presidential) Electoral Campaign to propose to Revive Europe in a Realistic way", Fillon observed nowadays :

    - Indeed, "for some, Europe is the Cause of all Evils, an ideal Scape-Goat for our weaknesses and failures : Marine Le Pen (of the Rightist "FN"), Melenchon (of the Left/NeoCommunists), and others, Dream to put an End to 60 Years of Cooperation" in Europe, "But, in view of What ?", he Wondered : - Perhaps, just in order "to Return Back to <<EveryOne for HimSelf>>, in front of 7 Billions of Inhabitants in our World ?"... What "they propose" is just "a Foolish Return Back to the Franc currency, to Limit the Weekly Working Hours to 32, the never-ending Deficits ?" And, perhaps, "to Sail Away on a Ship, when our Creditors arrive to Ask what we Owe them ?"... In fact, such an "End of Europe, would not only be a Betrayal of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman's projects", but almost a Suicide, as "Jumping into the Void" : "The appeal of the Worst", and "Not my Choice".

    - But, Fillon also Criticized "those who claim to be pro-European, But", in Fact, "do Not want to Change anything". F. ex., "Macron" (the main Socialist/Center-Left Competitor) "proposes to Continue to Dream on Europe", and "Invites the 27" EU Countries "to Dream Together", "in a great "Democratic Convention, for New Foundations", from where, "he Hopes that, One Day, a Project would emerge out of such a great Contemplative Meditation"... But, such "attitudes have Pushed Europe to the Wall !". Since, "5 More Years of Immobility, would Condem Europe for ever", he Warned.

    >>> Because, in Fact, nowadays, "the World is Waiting for a European Leap Forward !", Fillon urged.

    => "And it's up to France to Help Boost that move", he Firmly stressed, Pointing, at the Same Time, at the Franco-German EU Motor (Comp. Supra), here, in Strasbourg, where he said to be "Glad to bring that Message at the Capital of Europe", which "didn't have any Bridges over the Rhine, 70 Years Ago", but "Afterwards we Built the <<Bridge of Europe>> (Linking France and Germany), while, "just in a Few Days Time, we shall see even the 1st StreetCar Cross the Border up to Kehl's Railway Station", he anounced.

     - While, "You Know", best of all, "what Europe brought us, and still brings us", (as he said in an Adress to Strasbourg region's People, who have notoriously Suffered by Conflicts and Wars for Generations, but were also the First to Benefit from the Franco-German reconciliation and cooperation during More than Half a Century).

    >>> But, Now, "there is some Tension at (EU's) Rome Treaty's Anniversary", (Comp. "Eurofora"s NewsReport from the March 2017 EU 27 Heads of State/Government Summit in Rome : ....), since, "for its 60 Years of Age, Europe is Faced with a Choice : ReAct, or Disappear !", he warned.

    - Pointing at the "BREXIT" and EuroScepticism symptoms, closely Followed by "Bilateral Conflicts, which had Vanished inside the EU, such as about Gibraltar, Scotland", etc., Fillon stressed that "We Must put a full Stop to the Dislocation (Break down) of Europe, the Soonest !".  

    => In Fact, "Europe Needs a fully Determined President in France", and "I am Committed to help ReVive that Initiative which is France's and Germany's Responsibility to undertake, since the BREXIT", he promissed.

    >>> - "The Europe of the Future must be Political, and Focused on its Strategic Priorities", Fillon Highlighted.

    - "My Priority is to make €uro-Zone a Real Economic Power in the World, Able to ensure its Economic Sovereignity and Prosperity", by "a real Economic Government gathering Heads of State/Government", the "ambitious Aim to ensure Fiscal Convergence among its Members by 2025", and by "Making our Common Currency a Reserve and Payment Currency, as the American Dollar", with which "€uro must have the Same Crediblity on the Global Financial stage in Ten Years", i.e. 2027, he anounced.

    + Meanwhile, Fillon called "for a Europe with Lucidity on its Economic Interests, Daring practice a European Preference for their Defense vis a vis China and USA", in "Trade", which "is the New BattleField of Globalisation", by "equiping us (EU) with New Rules, based on the Principle of Strict Reciprocity". "The European way is Not about lifting Walls, ... but No more about Yielding to a  Free-Trade gone Wild, withOut Rules, Neither Checks and balances !". Because "We (EU) have to Defend our Businesses, our SMEs, Jobs and Agriculture", by "Stopping Yielding to Trade Negotiations", and by "Refusing those Free Trade Agreements which are Opposed to the Interests of our (EU) Economies and Jobs", he pointed out, speaking After the recent New US President Don Trump's moves in that area.

    - At the same time, "We (EU) must be as Strict as the Americans are vis a vis our Businesses, regarding Foreign Multinational Companies operating inside our (Common) Market", as long as "Hundreds of European Businesses are Threatened by American Sanctions absolutely Unjustfied vis a vis the International Law and European Rules", he added, (Citting f.ex., the case of "a French Bankn Fined 9 Billions $ for allegedly breaching the American Laws"). - "This Must Stop !", he urged, calling for the "Adoption of the Necessary (Legal) Tools in order to Enforce our Rules and Procedures, our Requirements and Fiscal Laws, vis a vis all those Multinationals which want to operated in our internal Market", while also "Asking from our (EU) Partners a Rigorous Reciprocity in Public Procurement". Because "it's Unacceptable for Europe to Open up its Public Procurement Markets to 95% of Foreign Businesses, while it's Not the case but Only 30% in the USA", he criticized.

    - "European Capitalism" built around the river "Rhine, is Singular and Different from the Economic Neo-Liberal Model of the Rest of the World", because "Europe has also a Special Model of Market Economy Based on Markets, But more Respectful of Workers'  Social Protection, and of the Environment" : ... "We (EU) are for Freedom, but in a Framework serving the General Interest", Fillon reminded. F.ex., even "Among us", the EU "Directive on Posted Workers", has progressively installed a real Social Dumping between our (EU) Nations", he Denounced, (speaking of a Topical Issue which was Recently examined at EU Parliament in Strasbourg). But, "Within each (EU) Member State, for Equal Work, Wages must be Equal, and Social Contributions as well". So that we (EU)'d have to "Re-Negotiate the whole (EU) Directive on Posted Workers, in order to Enforce that Principle". Otherwise, "We (EU)'d Suspend its Application", he Warned.


    + Moreover, Fillon confirmed a "Call to Build a New Union for Security" : "We (EU) have to make a Deep Reshuffle of "Schengen" system's Acquis", and "Unite our Forces in order to Ensure our (EU's) External Borders' Protection", so that "we (EU) can Deal Together with Asylum-Seekers, and Send Back Home those who don't get it".

    - "Advancing Further, the Coopêration in the Fight against Illegal Immigration must become a Priority for (International) Cooperation" : "It's No more Possible to Ask Europe's Help, and Refuse to Cooperate in the Fight against Illegal Immigration", he stressed. "France and all Europe must Stop Tresspassing, and this makes Necessary to Develop an Immigration Policy based on Quotas", and "a Policy which puts as a Condition for Welfare Benefits to have at least 2 Years of (Legal) presence" here.

    ++ "Last, but not least, it still remains to Build Europe's Defence". Particularly Now, that "our American Friend is in the process of Closing its Umbrella" : "Are we, or Not, Europeans Ready to Defend ourselves, or Mere Vassals, Consumers, Naive Pacifists, Unable to Protect Peace ?", he wondered. "All Europeans must dedicate to their Defence ... 2% of GDP", and "Ensure their Strategic Autonomy", by "'Maintaining in our Continent a High-Tech Military Industry, rather than systematicaly Buying American or Russian", as well as "Operate Together, when Europeans' Interests converge". "F.ex. in Sahel" : "France canNot Fight always Alone, when it defends, in fact, the Interests of All Europeans".

    - "Bilateral Cooperations are More Relistic, on such Topics, than the Large-scale Projects by 27" EU Member States", so that, After the "2010 Lancaster House Treaty signed with the UK, we(ll Need to sign also Others, with the Necessary Countries, and obviously Germany : ... The BREXIT, by Taking Out of Europe 1/3 of its Military Capabilities, made Obvious that a New Military Alliance for Defence, able to allow Europe to become Master of its own Destiny, is for France and Germany to build !", he concluded.



    - "But, all this, won't be really Possible, unless France is Strong inside : No European Revival, withOut French ReVival !"

    => I.e., "a France with its Budget in Order : My Goal is to Cut 100 Billions € of Public Expenditure, in 5 Years, to Avoid Bankruptcy". "Free the Economy and Employment", by "Massive Cuts on Businesses' Contributions, by Dropinng the 35 Hours Weekly Work" Limitation, "and making the Labour Market more Flexible, in order to Gain Full Employment".

    + Also "a France with a Restored Authority for the Republic : I'll restore the Minimum Penalties" for Criminals, "Ill' Modernize our Police and Gendarmes' Forces", etc.


    >>> However, "for Europe's sake, we Need to Turn on, in France, the Best Engine of Action : I.e.  what is in Your Heart : ...Pride !"

    => - "Be Proud ... for our Culture, our History", and  "because there is nothing more Noble than a People who Stands up to Seize its Future Destiny".

    - "Be Proud of Your (National) Flag, and Join its three Colors with Europe's Stars...", Fillon interestingly proposed, in an Artful Symbol,
(Comp. f.ex. relevant Photo).

    - "Let's Make" of French People's "Pride", "a Spark to Light up all the Prides around us" in Europe : "Turn them On, Unite them, Set them in Motion, and, All Together, all those Willing to Act, let's Grow the Lights of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, and We Shall Win !", Fillon optimisticaly urged in conclusion,

He was widely Applauded, (before Singing France's National Anthem, and Exchanging with several persons among those present, including some Press and, briefly, "Eurofora", etc., among a lot of People Eager to Meet him, in a generalized but Lively and Sympathetic broo-ha-ha)...




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But his energetic figure looked more like a youngster of 19 years old, eager to win the Olympic games !..

Visionary, 2P was, from many points of view :

His daughter, Antoinette, Artist-decorator, and Senator Jung, President of a group of friends, confirmed us an Historian's revelation, that Pflimlin had initially the idea to build all European institutions (EU Parliament, Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights, etc) at the spectacular heights of Oberhausbergen hills, with an eye-catching view of both French Vosges and German Black Forest Mountains, in the midst of a Forest : A real vision to create a brand New European Headquarters with a big ambition !

But, it seems, that "someone in Brussels" found that picture, precisely, too big for his taste, and threw a spanner on the works...

Pflimlin stroke back a Decade ago, at his Historic 1997 farewell speech :

He urged Europeans to find another, more substantial way, to lift Europe to more important Heights in Future :

- "On which basis can we imagine the birth of a great Europe ?", he asked.

"Certainly an Economic basis ! A solid market economy, meeting also the needs of social justice. A Political basis : Europe must become a strong Political Power, able to influence World's changes, naturally for Peace."

"But I believe that the essential foundation of a greater Europe should be of Spiritual nature : .... The great pacific Revolutions were Spiritual Victories" : They expressed "People's main motivation to live in a society with our Values of Liberty, Democracy, respect for Human Dignity".

"Then, the roadmap is ready : Yes, the foundation of the unity for a large Europe is the spiritual heritage, inspired by Christian Humanism and the Humanism of Renaissance, of Enlightenment, from which emerged a Civilisation focused on the Human person".

"Here is the task to be accomplished. It's very difficult".

"The Time approaches when I'll have to pass over the torchlight. God willing, this torch should enlighten the path of those who are going to build, tomorrow, the great Europe, marked by this Spirit".


(Extract from the Book "Pierre Pfilmin : Alsacian and European", 2007. Texts by Senator Louis Jung, by the long-time f. Director of Strasbourg's Newspaper DNA, Alain Howiller, and by f. EU Parliament's Press Director, Paul Collowald : See dedications, hand-written by the authors, the day the book for Pflimlin's 100th Aniversary was launched at Strasbourg's Press Club and European Parliamentary Association's headquarters, 13 April 2007).




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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