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EPP Head Daul to EF: a Top Political Trip throughout Europe, concludes at its Heartland: Zagreb ?

Written by ACM
Monday, 18 November 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- At the Age that US President Trump just got a Medical Check by 12 Doctors to prepare himself for the 2020 Elections, suddenly, in Europe, the Head of the Biggest Party in the Continent : that of ChristianDemocrats/EPP, French Long-Time MEP of Strasbourg, Joseph Daul, in a brief but topical phone Interview with "Eurofora", at the eve of EPP's Congress this week in Zagreb, Croatia, (next EU rotating Chair from January 2020), while the Sudden News about his Departure from EPP's Top Job, where he's due to be succeeded by Donald Tusk, outgoing EU Council's President and former Polish Prime Minister, had just Started to Circulate among Medias, claimed, clearly and strongly, that he, Simply, decided, in a Free and UnImposed way, that, simply, he didn't want to Stay President at 76 Years of age or more, (as he would be obliged to do, if he seeked to be re-elected anew now at Zagreb)...

 - "If Everybody could and wanted to Work until 76 Years of Age, our (EU's) Economy would thrive !", Joked, on this occasion, Daul, who Leads during More than 6 Years the Biggest European Party (2013 - 2019), but had reportedly Started to Work since 14 Years of Age, at his Family Agricultural production unit, near Strasbourg, at the Franco-German Borders, which is always active, continued by his Son, with the Help of his Wife.

A quite "Spicy" observation Nowadays, when the Public Controversies about the Age for Pensioners have become too "Hot" in France, in view of a Reform prepared by the Young President Emmanuel Macron, (Comp., also, a relevant "Eurofora"s INTW, recently, with the French Government Spokeswoman, Sibeth Ndiaye, on that issue, at: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/frenchgovernmentspokeswomantoef.html, etc)...

- "In Fact, I've been Thinking about it, already during almost a whole Year, now", Daul told "Eurofora", i.e. pointing at a Date Before the Latest, May 2019, EU Elections and their "Bumpy" aftermath, as far as EU Parliament's role, in relation to Heads of State/Government's EU Council was concerned this time...

Daul, Elected MEP since 1999, (reportedly incited by Historic President Jacques Chirac), after a Long Career as Top Representative of the Agricultural World, in France and Europe, since his Young Age on 1976, Mayor, Head of Family SME independent Business, Member of France's National and Economic Council (1991-1999), etc, and former Chairman of EU Parliament's Committee on Agriculture, became Chairman of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Political Group of MEPs at the European Parliament since 2007, (when "Eurofora"s co-Founder Published a 1st Interview that he gave us, then at "TCWeekly").

Meanwhile, inter alia, Daul had actively participated also in EU Parliament's Delegations to the WTO Global Ministerial Rounds at Seattle (1999), Doha (2001) and Cancun (2003), and engaged in the preparations at nearby Geneva, in Switzerland.

He Brillantly led the EPP at a Three-Fold, Landmark Victory in the 2009 EU Elections, Winning Both the 1st Place in his own Strasbourg's Region of Alsace, and at a National level in France, as well as throughout All European Union, (See main Facts at "Eurofora"s NewsReport, then : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/daulelections.html, etc).

On 2014 EU Elections, he managed to Kick-Start the so-called "Spitzen-Candidaten" Democratic Principle, due to Boost EU Parliament's role in the Choice of the influent New EU Commission's President, (Chief of EU's Executive Power), by strongly Electing the Experienced, Long-Time Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and former Chairman of €uroGroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, (a profoundly convinced ChristianDemocrat/Social, and Good-Tempered Top Politician, with a rare Sens of Fidelity but also of Humour), at the Top of EU Commission, after he Won the 1st Popular Vote among EU Parliament's MEPs.

Significantly, Juncker's pre-Electoral Campaign had practicaly Started at Daul's Agricultural SME Family Business, on a Beautiful Hill, at Pfetisheim Village, near Strasbourg, surrounded by Many Journalists, including "Eurofora", Back on 2014, (See f.ex. relevant Photo of Juncker and Daul in a tiny Agricultural Tractor, etc).

Later, on 2017, Daul praised Juncker for aiming to "place the European People at the Heart of his Vision for Europe’s Future", at the latter's "State of the Union" Annual Speech, and stressed that "there is No EU withOut its People :  It is high Time to Break the Image of Brussels’ "Ivory Tower". We Need ... to Address the main Concerns of our Citizens, and ... engage in direct Dialogue with them", (as he said then, obviously Approaching "Eurofora"s Project : Comp. also Juncke's relevant Statement, then, to "Eurofora", at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/schaublejunckerandmerkel.html, etc).

Meanwhile, Daul had practicaly succeeded, (initialy on a provisionary base, covering an Urgency), to EPP's Long-Time President, and former Belgium's Prime Minister, Wilfried Martens, (with whom he used to already Cooperate closely Together on several Topical Issues throughout Europe), at his demand, when he Faced Health Problems, back on Autumn 2013, and Decided, after 2014, to Resign from the EU Parliament, in order to Focus to his New Responsibilities in Brussels, as New Head of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Party, where he was initially Elected on 2015 in Madrid's EPP Congress, and Re-Elected, Later-on, (proving that Strasbourg's real Europeans can Work well also in Brussels)...

After the Deadly Incidents Provoked at Kiev, on February 2014, which led to a Conflict skiping a Peace Agreement earlier brokered under 3 EU Foreign Ministers' auspices, (from France, Germany and Poland), the Ukranian Problem with Russia Dividing anew the European Continent, Daul toured almost All European Countries Neighbouring Russia, meeting their Leaders, in order to both hear and alleviate their Concerns, but Also met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom "We (EU) Must Talk and hold a Dialogue", as he stressed, (withOut, however, backtracking on his Criticism, whenever necessary), in Reply to an "Eurofora"s relevant Question at Strasbourg's Press Club, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/daulonukraineandrussia.html, etc).

When, during the 2015-2016's UnPrecedented Giant "Tsunami" of more than +1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants Suddenly spread into Europe through Turkey, almost at the Same Time that ISIS Deadly Islamist Terrorists, Cowardly Targetting innocent Civilian People, had Started Horrible Massacres from Paris to Brussels, and elsewhere in Europe, (at least Some among them, having, even, entered the EU by coming from Turkey, via Greece, etc), Daul, in an Exceptional Conference at Strasbourg's University, was among the First to clearly Acknowledge and Denounce the Fact that "Turkey is Blackmailing Europe", concerning Ankara's notoriously Pressing Demands for More than 3 Billions € in full Grants each Year, "Free Visa" for 80 Millions of Turks, Boost Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU Accession bid, (etc : Comp. relevant "Eurofora"s NewsReport of March 2016, at : ..., etc).

In the MeanTime, while UK's Growing Anti-EU Scepticism, in general, even Before "BREXIT" Referendum, had, inter-alia, pushed Brittish MEPs to Leave the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group in EU Parliament, shortly After Juncker had Warned, at a premonitory Speech in Strasbourg's University, about a "Risk for the UK to Become, step by step, an Only Partial EU Member" (sic !), Daul was Criticized by some UK MEPs for Not Speaking Fluenty English, (sic !). To which, he used to Reply that, in fact, "with the French and German Languages, I managed to practical Tour All Europe, from the South, up to the Northern, Scandinavian Coutries, withOut any Problem", as he Claimed...

As a man from Strasbourg's Region of Alsace, widely BuiLingual, at the Franco-German Borders of Rhine river, Daul had been provocatively Questioned, by someone, when he had been Elected EPP's President, whether he Prefered to Pronounce his Family Name in French or in German, (i.e. "DOL" or "DAOUL"), to which he had Calmly Replied, with a serene Smile : - "Feel Free to Call me as you like, IF you make it Clear that you are speaking about me !"...

This Basic, Franco-German Dimension, of Daul's character, (Often Balanced, inter alia, also by a much Wider, "Christian" Dimension), might, also, have been Behind what reportedly made the current EU Group of MEPs' Chairman, Manfred Weber's (former "Spitzen-Kandidate") allegedly Regret the Strasbourg-born Politician's Not as "Hot" as he would have liked Stance, Against recent Pressure to Skip him as EU Parliament's 1st Candidate to the Job of EU Commission's President, after the May 2019 EU Elections, when, French Liberal President Macron, had notoriously said to Prefer, (curiously, at the Last Minute), someone Else, alegedly with More Government Experience, Speaking also French, etc, (as, f.ex., the current, new EU Commission's President-Elect, former Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen):  In fact, whatever Daul might have thought about it, it seems almost Inevitable, for such a Franco-German Politician, to feel Embarassed, whenever, Exceptionaly, there was No Franco-German Agreement...

+ Last, but not least, Speaking Today to "Eurofora", Daul appeared Proud also for the landmark Victory, among 4 Strong Competitors, of Marija Buric, former vice-Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Croatia, at the Recent, June 2019 Election as New Secretary General at the PanEuropean, 47 Member States-strong (including Russia, etc), CoE, the Strasbourg-based Organisation for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, for the Period of 2019-2024 :

Indeed, it's the 1st Time, After 3 Previous SG from the Socialist Party, during 15 Years, that CoE, at last, has anew a ChristianDemocrat/EPP Leader !

- "I know her quite well : I Campaigned for her !", spontaneously reacts Today the EPP President, Joseph Daul, obviously considering that as the latest Important Electoral Victory for Europe's Biggest Party, on 2019...

=> "I really Hope that she will be a Good" new CoE's Leader, Daul wished, in conclusion, speaking to "Eurofora", for Marija Buric.                             

Last, but not least, the Experienced Top European Politician, who holds a Long Practice of Both Multilateral Policies in EU Parliament, and on relations with Key Heads of State/Government at EPP's Summits in Brussels and elsewhere, in Addition to Awards of "Knight of the National Order of Merit" and "Knight of the Legion of Honour", etc., Surprisingly, told us, Today, that, at least, as things stand for the moment, he might not intend to Share yet his Extensive and Rich European/Paneuropean, EU/CoE History, (since he was Regularly Following Both Organisations' main activities, also with Regular Visits in Strasbourg, etc), with numerous interested readers in a forthcoming Book !

Hopefully, President Daul should Change Views on this Key Point, the soonest possible, for the General Interest of all European a.o. People...                                                              




Trump sees NE Syria CeaseFire Complicated, Praises Kurds. Erdogan eyes Raqqa+El Zor, Not Peace+Talks

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 13 November 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-  Today's Press Conference of USA President Don Trump and his Turkish counterpart Tayip Erdogan, was, in fact, more Interesting and revelatory, that it might appear at First Sight, and White House's Direct Video Transmission at the Web, with approximate "Live" Transcript provided, etc., helped spot some Key Points, which, otherwise, risked to pass unnoticed, given, inter alia, also the Rapid and mainly Subtle way in which Trump and others Highlighted certain "Hot" Issues, in an, Apparently, Good Tempered Atmosphere, Handling Explosive Nitroglycerine...


- Right from the Start, Trump characterized their Talks as a "FRANK Discussion", (but also "productive"), and Erdogan (speaking through a Translator) as "Honest" : Usual Diplomatic Terms for something "Hot" and Contradictory...


 - Things went Concrete, when Trump twice spoke about a "COMPLICATED situation" Nowadays on the ground, at the N/E Syrian Kurdish Region invaded and occupied by Turkey's Armed Forces, and, particularly, on the "CeaseFire" attempt :

 - "I know that the CEASE-FIRE is quite Complicated", he reiterated, "But", at least, "it's Moving Forward", and "a lot of people Want To See that Work", the US President Urged, (i.e., again Indicating that, in practice, it has Not Yet Started to be Really, Neither Fully Applied)...

>>> Concerning Facts on the Ground, it's enough to just read a series of Concrete Observations, at least during the Last 2 Days, in order to clearly understand, that, ... there is No Real "Cease-Fire" yet, Until Now :

- Indeed, already, the Syrian Kurdish Region's Media Center, has just Denounced, on 11 November 2019, that, Since that "Complicated Cease-Fire" was Declared, the Turkish Army had Launched ...190 ATTACKS on N/E Syria, including 82 AIR-STRIKES, ...during which "182 SDF Fighters were KILLED, and 243 were WOUNDED" !

+ Moreover, in Addition, during these Same Days, according to the, usually Well Informed "syriancivilwarmap" Web-News Site :

<<11/09: At least 5 soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army were killed by the Turkish Army artillery near Tall Tamr.

11/09: The Turkish Air Force is bombing civilians near Tall Tamr.

11/11: Artillery shelling on Manakh by the Turkish Army.

11/11: Clashes between Turkish-backed jihadists and SAA near Tall Abu Rasayn.

11/11: Khafiyah is already under Turkish control. No further gains in this area today.

11/11: The Turkish-backed jihadists are attacking Qasimiya, Rashidiya, and Aziziayah with heavy weapons.

11/11: Turkish-backed jihadists are shelling Sharaqraq. 2 civilians were wounded.

11/11: Two car-bombs exploded in Qamishlo (NDLR: Controlled by Syrian Kurds). Until now 6 civilians were killed and 22 civilians were injured.

11/12: Today there was a big protest against the Turkish aggression in Syria. (At Kobane+).

11/12: Four civilians were wounded today when Turkish forces opened fire on demonstrators and the local press in the Kobane area during their joint patrol with Russia.

11/12: Heavy artillery attack on Umm al Kayf by the Turkish Army.

11/12: Heavy clashes between SAA/SDF and Turkish Army/jihadists in Qasimiya.

11/12: Intense fight in Umm al-Kayf between SAA/SDF and Turkish-backed jihadists

11/12: The Syrian Arab Army sent reinforcements towards Umm al-Kayf to stop the Turkish advance in this area.

11/12: The Turkish Army and their jihadist forces are advancing towards Tall Tamr.

11/12: The Turkish Army captured Dawudiyah from the Syrian Arab Army.

11/12: The Turkish Army captured Rashidiya and Qasimiya from the Syrian Arab Army.

11/12: The Turkish-backed jihadists captured Amiriyah from the Syrian Arab Army/ SDF.

11/12: There some reports about ground attack by the Turkish-backed jihadists in Umm al-Kayf.

11/12: Turkish drones are bombing Rashidiya village.

11/13: In this area there is still intense fighting.

11/13: The Syrian Democratic Forces and SAA managed to recapture Qasimiya and Rashidiya from Turkish Army and jihadists.

11/13: The Syrian Democratic Forces and SAA recaptured Amiriyah from Turkish-backed jihadists.

11/13: Two SAA soldiers were wounded due to Turkish artillery shelling. >>



+ Things, obviously, became much More Nasty, when Erdogan, Suddenly Announced, for the 1st Time, that, in Addition to a Huge "Zone" all Acrosss the Syrian-Turkish Border, 444 km km Long, and 32 Km. Thick, (to Invade and Occupy by Turkey's Forces, under Pretext of alleged "Security" Concerns), the Turkish President, in fact, eyed Also anOther, absolutely Different, and totaly UnRelated area (which hasn't, Obviously, Nothing to do with Ankara's alleged "Security" Border-line pretexts), going very Deep Towards the South, even until "RAQQA" (notorious former Capital of "ISIS"' Khaliphate, in the Past), and reaching even ... "Deir az-ZOR" (sic !), i.e., at the very END of Syria's extreme South-Eastern Borders with ...IRAQ, very Far Away from Turkey !.. (See MAP).


As we could Install about "1 Million" so-called "Refugees" at that Border-line "Zone" accross the Turkish/Syrian Borders, we could Also Transfert and Install Even anOther such "1 Million", so Far as those "Cities such as Raqqa and Deir az-Zor", i.e. "a Total of 2 Millions" of individuals, Boasted, indeed, the Turkish President, for the 1st Time, today !

This was Not at all any eventually accidental, and/or approximate "Slip of Tongue", but a Calculated Move, as it results from the Fact that Erdogan Repeated, Exactly the Same Claim, Both in that Public Press Conference with Trump, and in a Private Meeting with GOP Senators Invited at the White House to Discuss with him, (for which, another official Transcript was just Published)...

And, Erdogan also Revealed, UnWillingly, what he Really Means by such Massive Population Movements : Indeed, he spoke about "Many TOWNS and Many VILLAGES", that Turkey is on the process of Invading and Occupying by Force Nowadays in the Northern-East Syrian Kurdish Region, (Comp. Supra), where, "SETTLERS" (sic !), as he said, are due to arrive asap !

But, on the Contrary, he didN't say, not even 1 word, about What might Happen to those, Already about 400.000 real Refugees/Displaced persons, among the Original, Traditionnal, Peaceful and Lawfull Inhabitants of such "Towns" and "Villages", who were Obliged to Flee the Military Invasion of Turkey's Army and/or Proxy Islamist EXTREMIST Armed Gangs, Forcibly Chassed Away from their Family Homes, Livelihood Properties, and/or Ancestral Lands, where notoriously live Not Only Kurds, but also Arabs, and, particularly Assyrians : the Most Ancient Christians in History, as well as Yazidi, Armenians, etc...

As for What Exactly means Turkey when it speaks about Sending away such so-called "Refugees" (alias "Settlers" : Comp. Supra), the European People had, Unfortuately, an Awful and Sad, sometimes even Tragic, Opportunity to personally Witness recently, during that Sudden, UnWarned and UnPrecedented, Huge "Tsunami" of More than +1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, Smuggled through Turkey into Europe's External Borders in Greece, in Conditions which notoriously Provoked a Havoc, Chaos, and fueled even Bloody ISIS Terrorism, Cowardly Targetting Civilian People, throughout almost All European Countries, (Except from those who Refused to Let them Massively in) : Indeed, as several US Journalistes had Already Warned, with Original Interviews Published already from Turkey, where they had Investigated and met several among those so-called "Refugees", in fact, the Real "War Refugees" from Syria etc. were Only a Minority of Less than 1/3 (as it was, Later-on, Found also by German Authorities, a.o.), while, Many among all the Others, were from absolutely Other, even Far Away located and irrelevant Countries, such as, mainly Pakistan, or Aghanistan, etc, and Even from the Maghreb, and Other African Countries, Including several former Ordinary former Prisoners for Thefts, Drug Dealers, Rapes, etc, and Various Other kinds of Thugs, who, in Fact, had Nothing to do with Real Refugees, and Discredited that, Traditionaly "Sacred", Noble Word...     

On the Contrary, Many among those who were Real Refugees, and/or had a Sincere Will, Basic Culture and  Capacity to be smoothly and Efficiently Integrated into a Modern Society, were, reportedly, Often ...Systematically Blocked in Turkey, and practically Hindered to go to Europe, according to a Policy Forced by Turkish Authorities, as Revealed, Earlier on, some "Top Secret" Investigations by competent EU Authorities, which had Leaked in Brussels, and were Partly re-Published by maistream German Newspaper "Die Welt", and others, on 2016...


+ But, when various Journalists Raised some Critical but Elementary Questions in that Press Conference at the White House, the Turkish President, almost Systematically, practically Avoided to Give Any Clear Answer !


- F.ex., an American Journalist from Mainstream, pro-Trump, Center-Right Media "Fox", Reminded to Erdogan, that the US President had "Urged" him "Not to Launch any Military Action" in Northern/East Syria, even by Writting, in a "Letter" that he had send him. But the Turkish President had, obviously, "Ignored" that. So, he simply Asked him, Now, "Why ?".          

Astonishingly, Erdogan, in fact, did Not give Now Any Concrete, Neither Direct Reply in Public, to such an Elementary Query, But Prefered, in fact, to Merely Evoke something Vagua about a so-called "Doc" or "Letter" that he would have Given to Trump, Not then, i.e. Back around the 9 October 2019, when that Turkish Military Invasion/Occupation had Started, But Only Now, i.e. More than one Month Later-on...           

According to a White House "full" Transcript, published Later-on, the Turkish President would have Pushed that Matter so Far, that he'd Even ... Returned, contemptuously, i.e. "Gave Back, that Letter that we (Ankara) had Received" from USA's President, (calling for a Peaceful Solution, and Not War, in the Syrian Kurdish Region) !


- Even More Interesting,  a similar Attempt to, in Fact, Avoid Giving Any real Reply on the Substance of a Critical Press Question on an Important Issue, became Apparent towards the End of that Press Conference :


>>> Indeed, an Iraqi Kurdish Journalist, simply Asked Erdogan "Why" he seemed "Unable to Negotiate" with the Syrian Kurds, Contrary to what Turkey had Previously done with the Iraqi Kurds, so that, "in Future", they too might "Become Friends", as he, Optimistically, but Interestingly,  pointed out.

- The Turkish President, initialy appeared Upset by anOther Oral Intervention of Trump, who, Meanwhile, had Replied to a Previous, Different Question by that Same Journalist, (See Infra), But rapidly recovered, (after Trump obviously Suggested to him, Indirectly but surely, an Anodynous Way to React at such a Question), and Started to, apparently, give a kind of alleged "Reply", which, in fact, Wasn't one :

Erdogan, indeed, Strictly Limited himself into Merely Repeating a Leit-Motif, "Erzats", "Passe-Partout" stance, that he has notoriously already taken and several times used, Both in the Past, and Nowadays, Whenever anyone asks him something on his Views about Kurdish People :

- We Must "Distinguish" between most Kurdish People, who do "Not have Any Problem", not even Inside Turkey, (as he Claimed), and "TERRORISTS", he simply said. Because, "if they're Terrorists", "and that's Terrorists", then, "You" Must "FIGHT back", Otherwise, "you'll pay a very Hefty Price", Erdogan concluded, there, withOut saying anything else on that Important point...


>>> However, when it really came down into concretely, Speaking, or Not Speaking, with this or that Syrian Kurdish Leader, the Official Turkish Authorities stance, appeared to be, Not Only to Refuse to simpkly Speak to the Syrian Kurds' Leadership, but Even to ...Accuse the USA President himself, for having, recently, dared do so : I.e., simply Speak at the Phone with a Key Leader of Syrian Kurds, in order to Urgently Settle an Important Issue, (apparently concerning the Cease Fire) !

Indeed, when Trump Searched someoe, in that Press Conference, in order to Raise, as he said, "a Friendly Question" to Erdogan, and, naturally, chose the Only ... Scarfed Woman (except, naturally, of the Turkish Presiden's own Wife), among the Numerous Audience, she, (apparently a pro-Turkish Government Journalist), Focused Only on, practically, Urging the USA President Not to Speak, not even by Phone, (and, naturally, even Less give an Ivitation to the White House, as it had been reported), to the Head of Syrian Kurds' Defense (SDF), who have Notoriously Fought, Together with the International Coalition against the Deadly Islamist Terrorits of "ISIS" Cowards Targetting innocent Civilian People, reportedly Sacrificing around 11.000 Lives among those Syrian kurdish Fighters, Women Included, until they Succeeded to Win against ISIS, after Years of Hard Combats... Exactly the Same Attitude kept also Erdogan himself, at anOther Occasion Today, Claiming that the Turkish Government had already given, and augmented even Today, some Mysterious "Documents" which, obviously, Slandered that Person Behind his Back, Claiming that he would be a Dangerous "Terrorist", who "Should be in Prison, like Ocalan", (Turkish Kurds' former Long-Time Leader, Both during a Fighting, in a remote Past, and a more Recent, Peaceful Period, who was, notioriously, betrayed and finally kidnapped by Turkish Secret Services when he had Started to Seek to Negotiate with Ankara for a Peaceful Political Solution of the Kurdish Issue, back on 1998-1999 : See, particularly, EU Parliament's relevant Resolution of 9/1998, and Interviews to mainstream Italian Media, in Rome, on 1999, etc. But this did Not Help Settle the Kurdish Issue in Turkey, which, despite a Short Period of inconclusive Talks and Cease Fire, Continued, unfortunately, to Mark that Country with several Tragedies and Grave Human Rights Violations, f.ex. also on 2015, etc).

 - The Syrian Kurd now Targetted by the Turkish Government, known as Mazlum Abdi, (alias Ferhat Abdi Sahin, according to Turkey), is, reportedly, a Long Time militant, Initialy engaged in Political Work in Europe, between 1997-2003, before going to Iraq, then, for Defense tasks, and Finaly, since 2011, send Back to Syria, also for Defense purposes, (where he had been Born : at Kobane, the Historic City, almost Destroyed by ISIS' Islamist Terrorists, but Saved, after Fierce Fighting, and Restored with the Help of Europe, USA, and others : See, f.ex. CoE Assembly's relevant Resolution of 2014 in Strasbourg, at: .., etc). Abdi reportedly Negotiated and Concluded the Alliance between Syrian Kurdish Militia, USA and all the International Coalition against ISIS' Islamist Terrorists, who had, in the meantime, Established a "Khaliphate" in Many Invaded and Occupied Territories of Syria and Iraq, notoriously Helping to definitively Win against ISIS there, around 2018, and track its Leader, El Bagdadi, on 2019, (who was Found in a Turkey-Controlled Area of its Proxies, as well as his Press Spokesman, later-on, astonishingly Near the North-Western Syrian/Turkish Border, close to Afrin, which had just been Invaded and Occupied by the Turkish Army and its Islamists' Proxy Gangs since 2018 : See ..., etc).

+ More Recently, Abdi had, reportedly, Negotiated an Exceptional Deal with the Syrian National Government of Damascus, (with the intermediation of Russia), in order to Help Face the Turkish Military Invasion/Occupation of the Northern/East, Syrian Kurdish Region, by Sending the National Syrian Army to Help Protect Kobane and Other Areas of the Turkish/Syrian Borders on 2019.

++ Even more importantly, he had Told to the Medias, that he Contributed to Negotiate some Concrete Inflexions in the Initial Sochi Deal between Russian President Putin and Erdogan, about the Conditions of a CeaseFire Prolongation, along the US vice-Presidence Pence and Erdogan initial Deal lines, where Ankara notoriously Blackmailed the Syrian Kurds by Asking them to Evacuate their own Defense far Away from the Turkish/Syrian Borders, just a Few Weeks ago.

=> It's on this Latest Occasion, that Abdi had also Phoned and Spoken with US President Trump, After what, a Group of USA Senators had reportedly Asked for him to be given a Visa by the USA State Department, also in order to Discuss about modalities of a Peace-Deal for Northern East Syria.

>>> But, "it's bery Difficult for me to Understand that" : Because, Normaly, "a Person like this, should Not be Welcomed by a Country as the USA !", Claimed Today the Turkish President Erdogan.

+ "And, similarly, this person was (also) Welcomed by a Country such as Russia !", Erdogan Complained...

- While, "I have Underlined", to everybody involved, "that a Terrorist (sic !), such as Ferhat Sahin (Abdi), Should Not be considered as an Interlocutor", he stressed, with Severity, and with a Mean look, for having been Disobeyed by Both Tump and Putin !


 - "Well, I had a very Good Talk with him !" (Mazlum Abdi), simply Replied US President Don Trump, on the Contrary...

- - "We (the Chief of Syrian Kurds' Fighters, and the President of USA), had a Very Good (Talk by Phone) - Recently", (i.e. around the recent "Cease Fire" Deals).

=> "And We are Working very Closely Together", Trump said for Abdi; as "also" with Erdogan, he put them together...

- "And a lot of things are Happening. A lot of very Positive Developments", Trump added Optimisticaly.

- As for the so-called "Terrorism" Accusation, (notoriously usual from Turks of the Establishment), "a Lot of that is Definition" issue, he Carefully Warned : F.ex. -"What's Your Definition of the Various Groups within the Kurds - you call the "Kurds" - and then you have Various Groups. And, Some Like them, Some doN't".

- "But, I think that we've Gained a Tremendous Amount of Momentum, Strength, and Knowledge, over the Last Short Period of Time. So, We'll See what happens", he left things Pragmatically Open, given the current Speed of Developments.


- At any case, at least until now, "We (USA) have had a Great Relationship with the Kurds", Don Trump stressed, as a matter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       of Priciple, in Concluding the Press Conference Today.

- "And We Fought With them Very Successfully against ISIS. We Fought Together. ...it certainly Helped a lot. .. We were very, Very Successful".

- "We Captured ...100 percent (of ISIS' "Khaliphate"). ...When we were at 97 percent, I was ...thinking about stopping it then. But, a Lot of People said: "Please, go to 100". And very Quickly, very Rapidly, the Military got the 100. I wanted to have that"...

 - "We (USA) have a Great Relationship with the Kurds - we have had. We're With them Now ; We Get Along With them", USA President reiterated in conclusion, while Erdogan looked uneasy...


+ Last, but not least : At an adjacent Meeting, in the White House, between invited USA Senators, from the Governing Republican Party (GOP), and the two Countries' Presidents, Ted Cruz, the Number 2 of GOP's Presidential Cadidates back on 2016, (who Arrived just After Trump, among 14-15 initial Competitors, Became Afterwards his Ally, and is Widely considered as a Probable Successor of Trump in the US Presidency, on 2024 or 2028), from the Republican Stronghold of Texas, reportedly Stressed to Erdogan that the Main Issues at Stake Nowadays were the Russian "S400" Air Defense Missiles Bought by Ankara, Incompatible with USA's New AirFighter Plane, and the Turkish Military Invasion/Occupation in the Syrian Kurdish Region :

- "We (USA's Government) Do Not Want to see Turkey engage in Offensive action Against the Kurds", Top Senator Cruz clearly stressed Today to Erdogan at the White House.







Spanish People Boost Unity of the Right NationWide. Left+Center Fall. Regionalists = a key ?

Written by ACM
Sunday, 10 November 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- After Germany and Italy's latest Regional Elections and Polls, (See, inter alia, most Recently : ..., etc), Now Spain also Proves, even in its National Election Today, that more and more People in Europe, Nowadays, Aspire and Vote for a Unity of All the Right, which emerges Dynamicaly almost Everywhere.  

The Longevity of the Norwegian Governmental Coalition of EPP and Rightists (which Already Won 2 Elections on 2013 and 2017) has proved that Resilience is Possible. The Recent Raproachment in the UK between the Brittish Conservatives of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage's "Brexit" Party in view of December 2019 expected Elections, as well as Spain's National Results Today, mutatis-mutandis, indicate the Topical, NationWide Importance of this Political Trend at Present.

- Indeed, among the Big Parties, it's Just the Center-Right "People's Party", togeher with the Rightists of "Vox", who WIn +23 and +28 More MPs than before, thanks to an Increase of +4,1% and +4,8% in their Votes, respectively.

On the Contrary, all Others Diminish : The Socialists lose - 3 MPs Less than before, the Leftists of "Podemos" - 7 MPs less, and the Centrists of "Citizens" lose - 47 MPs. Because their Votes are Reduced for  -0,7%, -1,5%, and -9,1%, respectively.

All the Rest are several very Small, or even Tiny Parties, mainly various Regionalists.

=> Thus, in the Outgoing Government of the Socialists remain, now, Only a Minority of 120 MPs, (representing just 28% of the Voters !), while the slightest Majority would Need, au minimum, 176 MPs, (i.e. a Lack of, at least, - 50 MPs Missing)...

On the Contrary, Opposed to them, the Allies of the Center-Right, Gather, Now, 153 MPs, (89 from PP, 52 from Vox, and 10 from Cs). I.e. the Right gets a Lead of +33 MPs More than the Socialist former government.

It's true, However, that, If the Socialists ...swallowed their pride, and eventually Accepted, now, what they had always Refused in the Past : i.e. to Bring the Leftists of "Podemos" inside an hypothetic Government, which might have several Leftist Ministers, for the 1st Time in Modern Spain's History, then, they would, Perhaps, approach at about 155 MPs, all in all.

But, even then, they would Remain a Minority, since they would Lack at least -21 MPs, Still "Missing" for an UnReachable Majority...

In Addition, they would Even be a Minority Government of ..."Losers", since they Already have Lost Votes, and Less MPs than in the Past, (Comp. Supra).

At any case, already, the Outgoing Socialist former Goverment has reportedly Lost about 100.000 Jobs this Year, while official Growth Expectations have just been Revised and Downgraded for the foreseable Future...       

And they will Bear Alone the Heavy Responsibility for a another Failure, since Socialists have just Refused to eventualy form a Majority Government Together with the Center-Right EPP, (the Only Way to Avoid a Minority Weakness : Comp. Supra : UPDATED).

On the Contrary, as far as it concerns the Right, apparently, they can get Much More MPs than the Left, even in the Current Situation, if they play well the game of Alliances with Various Other, Small Parties : P.ex., among others, it seems that they could get at least 162 MPs, if they allied Together with "Sum Navara" (2 MPs), "Canarian Coalition" (CCa : 2)), "Teruel Exists", (1), and, particularly, the "Basque Nationalist Party (+ 6 MPs), which is a Traditional Party of the Right, (with Moto : "God and Old Laws !"), Not Secessionist at all, and has had attracted the Sympathy even of De Gaulle, and Picasso ("Guernica").

Even Most Important : an Analysis of the latest Electoral Facts by mainstream Newspaper "ABC", just revealed that, if the 3 Big Parties concerned, at the Right Side of the Political Spectrum (PP, Vox, Cs), had Formed a real, and fully-fledged "Coalition", (f.ex., by presenting themselves to National Elections under a Joint Umbrella, such as the Name "Espagna Suma", etc., then, they would Succeed to get even More than an Absolute Majority of MPs (177), with the current Electoral System, Thanks to the Number of Votes that the Spanish People has already just given them !      


I.e., an Even More Clear Unity of the Right, would have Already Won a fully-fledged, Absolute Majority Government...           

Something that, very Probably, they will, indeed, do, Soon, in the Forseable Future.





NE Syria: Protester Crashed by Turkish Army Vehicle at Birthplace of Woman Politician Raped+Killed

Written by ACM
Saturday, 09 November 2019


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/(*)- As unarmed Civilian People, including Women and Children, were throwing Rotten Tomatoes, Shoes and Stones to armoured Turkish Military Patrols, escorted by Russian mediators, in Semi-Occupied Syrian Kurdish Region at the Country's North-East, from where Anti-ISIS, Kurdish-led Militants have been Blackmailed to Withdraw under Brutal Threats, a Demonstrator was Hit, Crashed, and Killed by a Turkish Military Vehicle, Denounced many converging sources, (including AP, NYT, London-Based "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights",  Syrian Kurdish Leadership, etc).


By a Shocking Coincidence the News arrived at the 30th Anniversary of Berlin Walls' Fall, while Turkey has Invaded North-Eastern Syria in order to Impose a 32 km Thick and 445 km Long "Wall" Separating mainly Kurdish but also Assyrian People Traditionally living accross both sides of the current Turko-Syrian Borderline for Many Centuries, even Millenaries (particularly in the 2nd case : See MAP Infra).



The severely Wounded Civilian Victim later Died, with his Pelvis and Bones Crashed, and a lot of Blood lost by Many Hemorragies, etc., at a nearby Hospital, in that Area of Al-Malikiyah (alias Derik).


This is also the Birthplace of "Future Syria" Party's Leader, Hervin Khalech, a 35 years old Young Woman working for Unity of Kurds, Arabs, Christians, Yazidi, Armenians, etc, according to US Authorities, who was, notoriously, Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured and Murdered by Turkey's Forces earlier, with Horrible Videos posted at the Web showing Islamist Armed Gangs of Thugs, Ankara-backed Proxies, Humiliating and desacrating in Public the Killed Woman's body by Walking on it with their Boots, pointing their Guns at her Dead Corps and Head, etc, (See, f.ex. : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/turkeyinsyriasanctionsanddamasarmy.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euparliamentonsyriankurdishregion.html, etc).


 + By another yet, Topical Symbolic Coincidence, the Arab Name for that Al-Malikiyah area comes from a Murdered Young Syrian Officer, Adnan al-Malki, from a Family faithful to BAATH Party of Damascus, and supporter of the World Famous Egyptian President NASSER, Historic co-Founder and co-Leader of the International "Non-Aligned" Movement (NAM), who was notoriously Critical vis a vis Turkey, but so Friendly to Syria that he had even declared a provisionary "Unity" between the 2 Countries around 1958-1961, and, particularly, Send Regiments of the Egyptian Army in order to Help Defend the Country precisely at those Syrian-Turkish Borders on 1957, when Ankara had again massed its Military Troops threatening another Invasion/Occupation, also in the Past, until he persuaded Turkey to Withdraw ! Currently, Egypt is Still supporting Syria's Territorial Integrity and has Strongly pushed, Recently, inter alia, also inside the "Arab League" a Resolution Condemning Turkey's Military Invasion, urging to Withdraw its Troops, and calling for Measures (including Military) to Help Syria Defend its HomeLand, (See, f.ex.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/turkeyinsyriasanctionsanddamasarmy.html, etc).



++ In Addition, NowaDays, more than 10 Other Civilian Protesters were also Hit by such Turkish Military armored Vehicled "Patrols", and "Hospitalized", according to a Syrian Kurdish Authorities' Press Spokesman and Rojava Information Center, on the spot.

Already, Earlier, at Kobane and elsewhere, Civilian People, Women and Children included, are reportedly Reacting with Vegetables and/or Stones Throwing against UnPopular Turkish Military Vehicle "Patrols", even if they are escorted by Russians, and this was the 3rd such attempt.



(From : "https://syriancivilwarmap.com")


 On the Deadly Incident, (which reportedly took place at the Village of Sarmasakh, part of Al-Malikiyah/Derik's area), Turkey said Nothing, except of merely Claiming that the Military Patrol would have been "Completed as Planned", "Against the Provocateurs", withOut Explaining what it meant exactly. Moscow, apparently, stayed Entirely Silent on that, but Russian President Putin phoned at Turkey's Erdogan, the Next Day. 

>>> Footage from a Video, Examined by "Eurofora", as it was published at the Web and reproduced also by the SOHR, shows a Bare-Handed  Youngster Civilian Demonstrator jumb at a Turkish Military Vehicle, approaching its Window, as if he Wanted to Speak with the Driver, who Accelerates, instead. The Protester seems to Grasp something close to that Window, but is soon Hit by something from inside, and Afterwards he is also been Thrown a Gas Shot towards his Head, Pushing him to Lose Control, and Fall Down, Hirozontaly Accross the Road, where he was apparently run over and Crushed by that Vehicle's Back Wheels. Follows, shortly Afterwards, also a Russian "Military" Patrol Vehicle, which should have probably seen a lot about what happened. Immediately, several People run to try to Rescue the Hit and Fallen Victim, who does Not Move, no more, not even his fingers, appears to have Suffered, and Looks completely KO. Terrified, many Children run away. 





++ Meanwhile, an Important Prison for ISIS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists Cowardly Targetting Civilian People, which is Located in that Area, has Faced one of the Biggest Collective Attempts by Hundreds of Dangerous Jihadists to Escape, earlier this Year (4/2019), reportedly Stopped at the Last Minute, by Syrian Kurdish Reinforcements and US Air Force, etc.*

Many among those Violent ISIS Rioters, who Attacked Simultaneously a lot of Prison's Guards, came, reportedly, from France, where Investigations on the 1st and one of the Biggest Massacres of Civilian People by ISIS' Terrorists, back on 2015, (those of "Charlie Hebdo"s Critical Journalists, and of "Bataclan" spectators, 1 and 11/2015 : respectively 12 + 130 Victims Murdered), were still Continuing, in view of Courts' Judgements, particularly on those who Provided Weapons to the Killers, some of them Suspected to have arrived and/or Escaped through Turkey to Syrian territories then Occupied by ISIS.    

Earlier, from the Beginning of that Controversial and illegal Turkey's Military Invasion in that N/E Syrian Kurdish Region, Air Bombings and Attacks towards anOther Camp of ISIS-relatives Detainees, near Ayn Issa, reportedly about 700 Individuals Escaped, and Afterwards the Camp's Installations (full also of ID documents) were set on Fire, in Addition to even Recent Days' Attempts by Turkey's Forces and Proxy Islamist Armed Gangs to Again Advance towards that area of Ayn Issa, Despite the Fact that it's Located much More Further to the South of the 32 km deep "Zone" that Ankara Claims to seek for alleged "Security" Pretexts. That Camp contained mainly Women related to ISIS' Terrorists, while French Authorities are Still Searching to Find out where is a Woman who reportedly Paid with her Car the Weapons that ISIS' Killers of "Charlie Hebdo" Journalists had Bought, apparently, from a Turk living in Belgium, back on 2015, before she Escapes to Turkey, and Afterwards into Syria's Territories then Occupied by ISIS.                            



+++ Concerning the Area where that Civilian Protester was run over, Crashed and Killed by a Turkish Military armoured Vehicle, Nowadays, (Comp. Supra), by anOther significant Coincidence, its local Population largely stems from Refugees of the Assyrian/Syriac Community, mainly Christians now, i.e. the most Ancient People at Syria's North-East, with a Long History of about 2,5 Thousands of Years, who had been Forced to Leave their Family Homes and Ancestral Land, located Norther, at nowadays Turkey, during the "Assyrian Genocide" (Parallel to the Othoman-Turkish Genocides of Armenians and Greeks of Anatolia, during 1914-1923), pushed to live towards the South, Together with Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, etc. Being one of the First Christian Religious Communities in the History of the World, Surprisingly, they have Also managed to be a Thriving Group in that Agricultural area, (whose  Kurdish Name "Dayrik" stems from the Syriac-Aramaic word for Monastery: "Dayr"), inter alia, also, f.ex. with a "New Church" being Built at Al-Malikiyah City in Recent Years.




 Syrian pro-Government Press Agency "Sana" recently reminded the First International Attempts to Redress the Massive Human Rights' Violations by Turkey against all those Ancient Civilisations' Populations, who had been Forcibly Expulsed from their Family Homes and Ancestral Lands, and/or Massively Massacrated in the 3 Genocides of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians who lived in Anatolia during Thousands of Years, by Publishing, f.ex., a relevant Map about the Sykes - Picot Agreement of 1916, which was Followed, on 1920, by the International Treaty of Sevres, (near Paris), etc., with obvious aims to Restore the situations existing Before Turkish "Ethnic Cleansing" Brutal and Bloody operations, particularly in the Areas concerned by the Nowadays' series of Tragic Events. But Turkey Never Applied them, Persisting to Expand by Violence, and Keep all its Bloody Conquests there... 




On the Contrary, Nowadays, the Syrian Kurdish Region's Authorities had, anew, to Warn against suspected Turkey's Plans to Impose anOther "Ethnic Cleansing" in that Same Area, Expanding much Further towards the South, and, this Time, reportedly Risking to implicate even some UN Agencies (sic !), on Ankara's attempts to Chasse Away the Diverse Local Populations and "Replace" them by Massively "Importing" Other, Radicaly Islamized Groups, currently Inside Turkey, that it Intends to Transport into the Territories of the Syrian Kurdish Region that it has just Invaded and Occupied : I.e. commiting what is notoriously Condemned as a "War Crime" by the International Criminal Court's legal Statute !...



"Salvation" (Parkana) by Nouri Iskandar, Aleppo.

(Assyrian/Syriac Historic Music)







[(*) NB : Pending Further Press Investigations, this Article May get a Major Change, because of an unexpected, Key Fact, currently needing Clarification].



ECHR President +German Ambassador to CoE +2 GDR Rescapees to EF on Berlin Wall Fall and Human Rights

Written by ACM
Saturday, 09 November 2019

*Strasbourg/ECHR+European area/Angelo Marcopolo/- Speaking to "Eurofora", ECHR President, Linos-Alexander Sicilianos, from Greece, stressed that "European ReUnification, Triggered by Berlin Wall's Fall on 1989, Boosted Historic Developments on Strasbourg's Court" itself, vis a vis CoE's Member States and Citizens' protection

Indeed, inter alia, it's during the Following Years that even the New, big and original Building of ECHR was Built and Inaugurated on 1992 in Strasbourg, by former French President Francois Mitterand and f. COE's Secretary General, Professor Catherine Lalumiere, while an Important Reform of ECHR's Statute considerably Strengthened Euro-Judges' Role and stream-lined its Decision-Making Procedures, entering into force on 1998, i.e. After the CoE Became Pan-European, with 47 instead of only 21 Member States, including Russia since 1996, Helping Prepare also EU's Historic Enlargments of 2004 and 2007. It's during that Same Period of Time that CoE held 3 Heads of State/Governments in a row, on 1993 in Vienna, 1997 in Strasbourg, and 2005 in Warsaw : A Unique Era, withOut any Equivalent yet, Neither Before, Nor After that, during CoE's 70 Years of History (1949 - 2019).

It's then that it was Decided to Enlarge CoE's Membership to Central-Eastern European Countries, but also Strengthen ECHR, create a PanEuropean Commissioner for Human Rights, and Focus CoE's overall Role on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law. In this Context, was, for the 1st Time, Published an Official ECHR Report on massive Human Rights Violations by Turkey in Cyprus on 1992, followed also by the 1st ECHR's Public Hearing on the Inter-State case "Cyprus v. Turkey" on 1993, which resulted in a landmark ECHR Judgement of 2001, preceded by another Famous ECHR Judgement since 1994 on an Individual Refugee Woman's application against Turkey's peristing Refusal of any Access to her Family Home in the Occupied Territories of the Island controlled by Ankara's Foreign Army, (a Case-Law which became Popular even at UNO's Global Level). But also the First Publication of ECHR's Reports on Torture - InHuman/Degrading Treatments by Turkey's Authorities against a Young Dissident who Lost the use of his Right Hand by Torture in Turkish Prisons, and was, Later, Murdered by Gunshots when he Refused to Withdraw his Application to Strasbourg's Court, as well as against a Kurdish Family Brutaly Expulsed from its Family Home, after their Fields and Livelihood were also Destroyed by Turkish Authorities' Forces, which Obliged them to Walk on the Streets for Hundreds of Kms, until they arrived at Poor Shanty-Towns in the Periphery of Smyrne/Izmir, Condemned to Suffer from Extreme Poverty, (Famous Cases of "Aksoy" and "Akdivar", respectively) on 1995. I.e. the Same Year that, in an Exceptional Press Conference in Strasbourg, COE's Leadership on Human Rights issues, Strongly Denounced the Exceptional Problem raised, already since then, by Turkey's Numerous and Extremely Grave Violations of Human Rights, Condemned by ECHR's Judgements, But Not Yet Applied by Ankara's Authorities. However, from a Political Viewpoint, the CoE's President-in-office then Finland's Ambassador, in an Exclusive INTW with "Eurofora"s co-Founder (Publishing then at "TCWeekly" Newspaper), had the Honesty to Warn us, since 1995/1996, that nobody should have excessive Illusions about such ECHR Judgements, Because, in Fact, the Principal Aim was mainly to Convince the Former Central-Eastern European Countries to Establish Legal Institutions allowing for Trade and Investments in Cooperation with the West for a Pan-European Economy. Nevetheless, in Addition to the Creation of "Trilateral" Summits between France, Germany and Russia, since CoE's 1997 PanEuropean Summit in Strasbourg, with Chirac, Kohl and Yeltsin, a Wider Human Rights "Spirit" ("Geist") Spread, then, Even to New Technologies' Modern Issues, such as the Access of all Citizens to Modern TeleCommunications Networks at the Internet, included, for the 1st Time, in a landmark Resolution adopted by CoE's Committee of Ministers in their 1998 Summit at Thessalloniki, during the rotating Presidency of the CoE by Greece, (See "Eurofora" co-Founder's relevant Publications, then, to "MPAgency", later Fusioned with the Biggest Greek Press Agency ANA-MPA, until Nowadays), as well as the Adoption and Signature by most CoE Member Countries of a landmark Convention on "Bio-Ethics", (known as "Oviedo Treaty"), Open Also to Other, Non-European Countries across the World, which Focuses, for the 1st Time in History, on "Human Rights and Bio-Medicine", including the New Area of "Genetic" Technologies, to which was Added, at the Last Minute, (on the Rush provoked by the Controversial "Dolly the Sheep" Cloning Disaster), also a Popular, Special "Protocol" for a Global Ban on Any Attempts to "Clone Humans", strongly Supported, then, particularly by the German and Greek rotating Presidencies of the CoE, on 1997-1998.

- However, when "Eurofora" asked, Today, ECHR's President Sicilianos, How he Felt about the Human Rights' Prospects in the COE, Despite the Current Lack of a so Important and Exceptional "Driving Force", as it was, 30 Years Earlier, the Berlin Wall's Fall, and the subsequent Re-Unification of Europe, his personal reaction Surprised :

- "I am Optimist !", the New ECHR's President, immediately and Clearly Replied to "Eurofora"s above mentioned Question, with a Bright Smile, (Despite an ambiant Pessimism by various others inside CoE who are Speaking, on the Contrary, about a current "Crisis"), while Walking in front of 2 or 3 Authentic Pieces from Berlin's Wall, Symbolically placed at ECHR's Garden, (Even if he didn't yet find enough Time to clearly Explain for which Concrete Reasons in particular)...


Was it, perhaps, just Because of an obvious overall Positive Ambiance, Today, at a Special CoE Ceremony for the 30th Anniversary since Berlin Wall's Fall (1989 - 2019), inside ECHR's protected Garden, where Authentic Pieces from that "Wall" were at the EpiCenter, Together with the European Anthem, and an Active Presence particularly of the Franco-German EU/CoE core's couple :  the Permanent Representatives/Ambassadors Jean-Baptiste Mattei (Current CoE's rotating President), and Rolf Mafael, (forthcoming CoE's President), respectively, who Both spoke to "Eurofora", on this occasion, added to an earlier special "Statement" of CoE's New Secretary General, Marija Buric ?


- "All Europeans have a Reason to Celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall", Because of Joint "Efforts in the East and West, to Unite our Continent", "through (a) Peaceful Revolution" where "People won Freedom and Democracy", and, "30 Years Later, Europe is Stronger", Both "Economically and Politically", compared to the Past, Buric stressed Today, (before participating to the Traditional Reception, Later this Evening at Strasbourg's PMC, which Attracted Many People).


- However, she also Warned that "Peace and Prosperity canNot be take for Granted". On the Contrary, further "Efforts to forge European Unity are as Important as ever", as well as "to SafeGuard Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law", particularly via "the Institutions created" for that purpose, as the CoE, that she obviously invited to Stimulate.



- Accepting to pose, with a Smile, for a Photograph by "Eurofora" in Front of ECHR's Monument from the Berlin Wall, the current President-in-office of the CoE, French Permanent Representative, Ambassador Jean-Baptiste Mattei, (who had just Heard his Collegue from Germany, Ambassador Mafael, metion more than 2 Times "France" in an Official Speech), briefly but substantially Stressed that:  - "We really Had to be Present Here Today !", pointing at this Highly Symbolic Day and Location (the European Court of Human Rights), before Saluting us kindly...



+ More Locacious on this occasion, the Future COE's Rotating President, German Ambassador Rolf Mafael, speaking later to "Eurofora", stressed, in particular, that - "This is a Moment of Happiness, Both for Germany, and for All Europe".

- "It was Only Possible with a Peaceful Revolution", particularly "Made by the People of (former) Eastern Germany" themselves, he observed, just Before 3 Authentic EyeWitnesses having Lived those Historic Moments there, give their Testimonies at a Following Event, organized Later Today, at the European area of Strasbourg, (See Infra).

- "So, the (Berlin) Wall was Torn Down by the People of the East (Germany), but this (Overall/Wider Change) could not be Possible without the Democratic Developments also in Poland, in Czechoslovak Republic, in Hungary, and in the Baltic Countries", etc, he added.

 - And, particularly, "the Confidence of our Western Partners" : especially "NATO Countries",  (i.e. ;Other EU Member States, such as France, the UK, Italy, etc, as well as USA, a.o.), "Church and Business, etc", Ambassador Mafael underlined.

+ "And, in the End, of course, all this could not have been possible without (Russian President) Mikhael Gorbatcev, and his Policy of "Glasnost"", he added, speaking to "Eurofora" at the PanEuropean Organisation of the CoE in Strasbourg, with 47 Member States, including Russia, since 1996.

=> In Consequence, concerning Berlin, "All this, for us Means another Long Period, in order to Make it Clear to the World, that the United Germany will be as Peaceful and Friendly, as the Separated Germany (FRG) has been".

+ "And", Moreover, "we are Willing to Contribute to the Peaceful Development of Democracy, Human Rights, and Rule of Law", (i.e. PanEuropean CoE's currently Core Mission : Comp. Supra), the German Ambassador ensured.

++ Nowadays, in Addition, "for us (Germany), this Also means a particular Responsibility, especially vis a vis (all) the Europeans" as a whole, "to Build a United Europe", he topicaly stressed, (given, particularly, the recent Challenges that EU has notoriously to Face, Both in Politics and Economy, etc), Ambassador Mafael underlined, on what is, probably, the most importat point;

- "We Hope that we (Germany) Shall Live up to this Responsibility, especially Next Year (2020), when we shall have, First, the Responsibility of the EU", (from July 2020), "and Later-on, of the Committee of Ministers of the CoE", (from November 2020),  he Highlighted, concerning an obviously Exceptionally Important Role for the foreseable Future. - "That's my Message", the German Ambassador to the CoE concluded, Saluting "Eurofora" with a smile.


+ Human Emotions, Curiosity, often Sympathy and/or Astonishment, were Mixed during an Interesting, Next Round, Later this Afternoon, co-organized with the reknown "Goethe Institute", at nearby "European area", particularly with 2 Rescapees from the Former "GDR" at Eastern Germany, who had Both managed to Escape from Prison and/or Other Restrictions, in order to come to Work in the West, Before the Berlin Wall's fall :

- To a Question raised by "Eurofora", however, about whether, in Addition to their Personal Liberty's immediat Needs, they had also thought, then, also, about the Effect, that the Fall of Berlin's Wall could have, by facilitating the reUnification of Germany, and, therefore, Strengthening Europe, their Replies Diverged :

-- Karsten Dummel, a jailed Political Dissident who Left Eastern Germany just 1 Year Before the Fall of Berlin's Wall, Back on 1988, in order to Join his Brother, (who had already been Jailed and obliged to Leave Earlier, since 1984), at nearby Tubingen's University, where, nowadays, he teaches Rhetorics, after a Short Stay in USA's Michigan, clearly acknowledged Today that, "No", "I did Not really Thought about a Stronger Europe, then", all of his attenion being naturally Focused on, First of all, Ensuring "Freedom".

- But, it's a somewhat Different Story for Dr Karin Sorger, a Medical Specialist for Kidneys from Leipsig,  who had been included at a Ransom-paying schema by Western Germany in order to Free Detainees at the East, (which called that : Reimbursement of Expenses made for their Education), already since 1977, before arriving to Work at Mainz University, and afterwards, at nearby Baden-Wurtemberg Region, between Ulm and Stuttgard, appointed in charge of a Huge Hospital's department for Biopsis : A Big, Collective Resposibikity, since Kidneys can be affected by Various and Many Factors, going from up to the Head, until Down to the Feet of Human Body, as she told "Eurofora". At First, she, too, had Focused on Freedom-related matters, after having suffered a lot, mainly by Bad Conditions of Everyday Life and Work, Undermining her Marriage, f.ex. with InCompatible Time-tables, too Long Hours for Transports etc., even Deprivation of an independent Flat where her Family could live in Peace, withOut Everyday Promiscuity with Alien 3rd Persons at one of its Rooms, (reportedly Reserved "Only for Workers or Peasants", as Local Authorities claimed, to which she had Replied that : -"If you doN't Need us, then Tell us to Go Away !"), etc. Neverheless, Afterwards, when she had to flee to the West, she Started to "Realize the Importance that a ReUnification of Germany could have also for a Stronger Europe in the World", (these two issues being interlinked).

- In Fact, Things "evolved very Rapidly" then, and "Events were Precipitated", added the Experienced French Diplomat, Jean-Luis Lepretre, specialized in Cultural Affairs, (by the way: The "Door" through which almost All Central-Eastern European Countries Started to Enter into touch with the CoE, then, Before they Become full Members), who worked at Eastern Berlin for Many Years, Both Before and After the Fall of the Wall, between 1983-1988 and 1994-1998, as well as in Various Other Central-Eastern Countries, (f.ex.  Tchechoslovakia, ex-Yugoslavia, Latvia, etc), while Also Continuing to Work on Germany, particularly its Eastern part, and Culture, even when he returned to the Foreign Ministry's Headquarters in Paris.

- However, to a subsequent Question whether they Expected, or, on the Contrary, were Surprized by the Berlin Wall's Fall, almost All 3 Witnesses chose the Second Reply :

- F.ex., Dr Karin Sorger, simply said that, when she saw at the TV all those People Freely Walking through the Wall, for the 1st Time in History, she was Emotionaly Moved, and Cried...

- Even Jean-Luis Lepretre, despite being such a professional/Diplomatic "Connaisseur" of Eastern Germany, (Comp. Supra), and even after having attended, the Historic Popular Demonstration of Leipsig, (which was Surprisingly Calm, "as a Family Stroll", he described), practicaly at the Eve of Berlin Wall's Fall, nevertheless, he ...Missed the Exceptional, UnExpected Event, for ...only 2 Days, as he had, meanwhile, to return back to France, for routine matters, he regretted...



+ They were joined by the New Director of Strasbourg's "European Spot", here, Sophie Coumel : When the News had arrived even at a "Red" Suburb of Paris, stronghold of the French "Communist Party", her School Professor, an otherwise Good Professional, but also Editor at the Party's mouthpiece "Huma", Soberly Advised his Students to be "Careful" : Something Fishy might be going on, he reportedly suspected !


- More Mysterious, Karsten Dummel, apparently Revealed an Astonishing Paradox :

- "Already as Early as Since 1983, I had been Warned, by a German Ambassador in China, that something of that kind should happen "Before the End of this Decade", he Curiously Revealed.


- But, Even after that Historic, Giant Popular Demonstration in Leipsig on 1989, I did Not Believe that Any such Big Change might really occur in Eastern Germany, because, on the Contrary, I Expected something Similar with what had Happened Earlier in China, during the Tiananmen Square Events at Beijing, i.e., that the Regime would soon Take Over and use Power to maintain its order, he reminded.

=> So, I was really Surprized, when I saw that the Berlin Wall, Suddenly started to Fall Peacefully, withOut Any Intervention by Force, at least from the "Old Guard" of Eastern Germany's Regime, Opposite to what I Expected, the former Political Dissident pointed out...



- But, Despite the Fall of Berlin Wall, European ReUnification will still remain inComplete, withOut the "Western Balkans", Diplomat Lepretre Regretted, as far as "Eurofora"s Question was concerned.

- Speaking shortly after France and 3 or 4 other EU Member States notoriously Opposed an Attempt to Start EU Accession Negotiations with Albania, (partly still contested), and even with North Macedonia, (recently become Easier, after a controversial but operational Deal with Greece), particularly until the EU Reforms its Decision-Making process, to make it more Efficient, the veteran French Diplomat pointed, in fact, also at "the Problem of Kosovo", that some had recognized, but Nobody still accepts to do so inside Serbia, not even among the most pro-European Politicians, as he observed.

+ There is Also a Complicated Problem in Bosnia-Herzegovina, added the German Universitarian, Karsten Dümmel, (Comp. Supra) : It's mainly about some "Ethnic Groups", he pointed out. So that, if things remain as they are now, "all Young People may Leave Bosnia-Herzegovina for abroad, Leaving behind them Only a Country of Old Pensioners !", he Warned. But he also Acknowledged, Replying to Critical Reactions from People at the Audience, that, as a matter of General Principle, we shouldn't yet eye any such eventual EU Accession Negotiation, but Only "When the Conditions might be met" there.

Western Balkans are, indeed, also a Strategically Important "Corridor" between an Industrial Franco-German "Mittel-Europa" and straight towards the Energy Sources of Middle East : This Important Fact had become Visible, particularly during the 2nd World War, when Hitler, Seeking to Find Access to Oil/Gas, at First, tried to Pass Through the Western Balkans, until the Greek Island of Creta, facing Egypt etc., where he was Delayed by an UnExpected "No" even by a Rightist (but for National Independence) Greek Government then, so that Brittish and other Allied Forces found the Time to Block Access to Egypt from the Sea. Then, Hitler had to Launch the famous Rommel's Fast-Track Operation with Tanks, from Italy and through Northern Africa's Coasts, again Towards Lybia, Egypt, etc., which Won at First, but was, Finaly Stopped by Montgomery a.o. at the End. Lastly, Hitler attacked, shortly Afterwards, ...Russia, initialy giving the False Impression that he might Repeat Napoleon's Historic Error to go after Moscow, at the North, But, in fact, he Suddenly Changed Direction, and Started to Head Towards the South, through the Caucasus, i.e. Seeking to Reach Iraq's Oil/Gas Energy sources: Something that the Russians understood quite enough in order to Hastily but Efficiently set up a Stuborn Resistance at Volgograd/Stalingrad, and Win there. In Consequence, when the NAZI launched their Last Important Attack against the Allies advancing after USA a.o. Forces' arrival through Normandy, i.e. the Famous "Ardennes' (Forest) Counter-Offensive" of December 1944, by a lot of German Tanks, even if, at First, they had Started to Gain space against even the Americans, who had to Retreat, Nevertheless, a moment came, in which, Suddenly, all German Tanks ...Stopped, by Lack of Energy Supplies, and their Soldiers Abandoned them Empty, and Disappeared in a Fatal Retreat, (as a Spectacular USA Film from Hollywood has pictured)... In other words, If Hitler had Not been so much Hindered/Delayed at his 1st Attempt, Straight through the "Western Balkans Route", (Comp. Supra), then, he Might even have Won the War (or, at least, Blocked it in a "Pat") !..


>>> Thus, Shortly After the Fall of Berlin's Wall, at the Beginning of the 1990ies, "Eurofora" 's co-Founder Remembers well, f.ex., an Exceptional Meeting inside the CoE in Strasbourg, where Experienced German and other Senior Officers, were Showing Europe's MAPs Pointing, precisely, at that "Western Balkans' Route", and boasting about various Big Infrastructural Projects made possible Throughout it all...

+ And, precisely, Until Then, the Ex-"Yugoslavia" notoriously was the Nearest and Most Open to the West former "Socialist" Country in Europe, Both Geographically and ideologically/Politically, with Many of its Citizens Already Free to Travel in Western Europe Countries, withOut notable Hindrance, (a Fact which was an Exception throughout all Europe, up to that moment).

=> So, Normaly, ex-"Yugoslavia" appeared, then, to be the 1st former "Socialist" Country to Peacefully Integrate inside a ReUnified Europe, much More Easily and usefully than Others !

On the Contrary, Compared to that, f.ex., the former "Eastern Germany" Notoriously appeared, until then, to be (at least Ideologically) the Most "Hard Nut to Crack" of all, (Even More than the ex-USSR itself !)...

But, this was withOut Counting, inter alia, also, f.ex., with some Globalist "Socialist"/Liberal USA Presidents, then, as Bill Clinton, (i.e., a priori, More enclin than others to Impose a strictly Hierarchical, Bureaucratic International Division among Countries), during the 1990ies, and Barack Hussein Obama, on 2014, who, notoriously, played a Bad Role into Provoking Bloody Conflicts and Leaving Europe with 2 Big "WOUNDS, still Partly Open Bleeding", at its Former-YUGOSLAVIA area of the Western Balkans, Later Followed also by UKRAINE, in the North-East Borders with Russia, (Contrary to the Initial Vocation of Both these 2, until then Peaceful European Countries to become "Friendly Bridges" between Western and Eastern Europe in the foreseable Future)...


Concerning at least most among those "Ethnic a.o. Groups"' Problems, particularly in Bosnia, but even elsewhere, still nowadays, inside the Western Balkans, about which had spoken Today Karsten Dummel, (Comp. Supra), it's Also, among others, a Young man from Serbia, living in Strasbourg, who had also Denounced what he felt as a kind of Provocative Pressure, Risk, and/or Massive Spread of a more or less Extreme "Islamisation" throughout Some among those ex-Yugoslavia Areas, surprising "Eurofora" during a recent meeting. And, at any case, it's Impossible to Forget the crystal-clear Fact, that, even in that Notorious "CIA Video", Published just After 9/11 Terrorist Mass Murder of Civilian People, supposed to show Osama Bin Laden's Responsibility, in fact, OBL reacts to Gross Provocations by an Elder Islamist Extremist related to Bosnia.

Recently, North Macedonia was Criticized in CoE's Assembly for being reportedly reluctant to speak about so-called "Bosniac" and/or "Kosovar Minorities" inside the Country, where Publications of regularly updated MAPs showing the Demography of Ethnic/Religious Groups inhabiting each City or Village in that Country, have been Suspended, after showing Many White/Blanc spaces in the Latest Editions, (mostly suspected to correspond to various Muslim Albanian, Bosnian, Kosovar or Turkish origin). The area includes a lot of Forcibly Islamized Populations, already since it was invaded and occupied by the former Ottoman Turk Medieval Empire, (after Long and Fierce Armed Resistance, led by Historic Christian Albanian and Hungarian-Serb Leaders, as Skanderbeg and Hunyadi, etc), and it has Not yet Applied any Automatic Massive Cancelation of Forced "Conversions" to Islam (unless some might Individually Ask to maintain that), as it had been Ordered, f.ex., by the landmark International Treaty of Sevres since 1920 already. Moreover, various converging informations have circulated, Recently, among European Circles in Brussels and/or Strasbourg, about alleged Massive Distributions of Money often Paid by Foreign Countries and/or Networks to Poor Women in Bosnia or elsewhere in the Balkans, in order to convince them to systematically bear an Islamic Scarf, particularly in Public Areas.

Such Facts remind EPP President, Experienced Long-Time former MEP of Strasbourg, Joseph Daul's recent critical observation that "there are much Less Scarfed Women in ...Istanbul, than in some of our (EU's) Suburbs !", but also World Famous Arab and Non-Aligned Movement's Leader, Nasser of Egypt, who had Denounced the Fact that a Chief of Islamist Extremist "Muslim Brotherhood" Grouping (later OutLawed, as prone to Terrorism), had already asked him, back on 1953, to push All Women Walking in a Public Area to Bear an Islamic Scarf, as the ...Number 1 Demand for an eventual political deal : Something that Nasser naturally Rejected, as he described in a Landmark Video-taped Speech, which has regained Actuality Nowadays, after a relevant Controversy on Recent Statements by French President Macron, on a similar issue...





However, Despite such Problems in a Periphery, at least, in Core EU Areas, it seems that, Silently but Progressively, a Franco-German and/or other EU Integration among European Culture EU Citizens is Advancing with Concrete Steps, Naturally Facilitated by the European ReUnification trend, 30 Years After the Berlin Wall's Fall :

- F.ex., inter alia, Dr Karin Sorger, Despite her Origine as a "Hoch-Deutsch" (German of the North) from Leipsig, told "Eurofora", that, after having seeked and found adequate Working Conditions at nearby Southern German Cities, Near the French Borders, First at Mainz (Mayence), and Afterwards at the Baden-Wurtemberg Region, neighbouring Strasbourg, she became also Member of a Franco-German Friendship Association, and Started even to Learn the French Language, (in addition to her English)... As for Karsten Dummel, another "Hoch-Deutsch", his arrival to Nearby Tubingen University, also at Germany's South, was Even accompagnied by ...his Marriage with a French Lady, who has Helped to Make him Learn Nowadays to Hear and Speak also the French Language Fluently ! And even the New Director of Strasbourg's "European Spot", here, Sophie Coumel, a former Teacher of German Language and Litterature, from Paris' Sorbonne University, had also married with a German Gentleman, as she told "Eurofora"... 

Meanwhile, Both those two Rescapees from the Former "East Germany" regime, have Written and Published an Interesting and sympathetic Autobiographic Book for each, which would certainly gain if it was also Published at the Internet, sold as an "E-Book", Facilitating Both Material Access at any moment, and Digital Translations in Many European a.o. Languages. But, at least, as far as it concerns its FrontPage Heading Title, that of Karin Sorger, certainly can make People Dream :

- "The Secret of Happiness is Freedom !", it declares from the outset. "And the Secret of Freedom, is to be Audacious" ("to Dare"), it Concludes...


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Europe brings Development dynamics at Global Crisis' Summit debates


    Thanks also to EU Parliament Plenary's Strasbourg gathering, EU, during the French EU Presidency, managed to integrate the Development issues at Top Debates on the World Summit against the Economic Crisis  :

    For the 1st time, it's at the same moment with the Wahington G-20 Summit that EU Commissioner Louis Michel co-organizes here with the French EU Presidency parallel mega-events for the "European Development Days", starting from this Week-End and concluding at the eve of a landmark debate in EU Parliament, next Tuesday, on the outcome and follow-up of the Wash.DC Summit.

    EU and its Member Countries are the biggest donor for UNO's Millenium Development goals, with 56%, but the 27 are currently struggling to develop a collective leadership in Economic and social matters, that the 15 of EuroGroup (together with the UK and other countries interested to be usefully associated) are starting to spearhead, after the initial success of the 1st EuroZone Heads of State and Government Summit, of October 12 in Paris, according to a New Repport by MEPs Pervench Beres and Werner Langen on the 10 Years of EuroZone (1999-2009) debated Monday and voted on Tuesday.

    EU, CoE and World personalities will interact here with Heads of State or Government from Tanzania (African Union chair), Burkina Faso (CEDEAO + UEMOA chair), Zimbabwe (MDC chair), Madagascar, Haiti, Mali, Benin, etc, and some 3000 participants from the Economy, Civil Society, Media, Experts, etc, while the City of Strasbourg adds various related Citizen-events.

    Opened by French Secretary of State Alain Joyandet on November 15, and followed by a video-contact with EU Commission President Jose Baroso on the Washington Summit Sunday, the EDD are concluded by Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on Monday, while their main concerns cannot be ignored in the Debate that EU Parliament will hold on Tuesday, (followed by a Resolution on Wednesday), jointly on the G-20 Washington Summit and on EU Commission's work program for 2009.

    A practical opportunity for EU to reflect where it's better to spend EU Citizens' money...

    The move is prolonged in several Paris' meetings of EU chair, French President Nicolas Sarkozy with African Heads of State leading regional Organizations, as from Tanzania (A.U. Chair), Burkina Faso (chair of Economic African organizations), Togo, etc, (in parallel with a Ministerial EU - African Union conference in Ethiopia, followed by a visit to Tchad), logically concluded by a meeting with Robert Zoellic President of the World Bank.

    Many have already warned that an eventual aggravation of Development's Gap accross the World might become much more dangerous to Global Economy, Security, Values and Quality of Life, than Global Warming and/or other, even more serious challenges...

    Will they find an innovative and voluntarist way to really deal with the Development Gap, which might also contribute to help face the Economic Crisis ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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