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EUDefense Coop with 3 FrancoGerman AirFighters+EUROCORPS in Strasbourg Later Enlarged to UK in Paris

Written by ACM
Saturday, 13 July 2019

*Strasbourg/Rhine Palace-Republic Square/Angelo Marcopolo/- It's in front of the superbe Rhine Palace, at Republic's Square, Top of the landmark "NeueStad" Historic part of Strasbourg City, recently Classified by UNESCO, that EU's Franco-German core, Symbolicaly kickStarted Today, by a "First", UnPrecedented Joint Flight of 3 AIrFighter Planes : 1 "EuroFighter" from Germany, and 2 "Rafales" from France, (See Photo), followed by "EUROCORPS"" Army HeadQuarters' Top Staff pioneer 9 EU Countries: 5 Framework Nations (France, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium), and 4 Associated (Greece, Italy, Romania, Poland), a Movement towards a Wider European Defense Cooperation, UK included, due to be Highlighted Tomorrow in Paris.



The Main Symbol of this 2019 celebration of the French National Day in Strasbourg, i.e. the Joint Flight of 3 Fighter Airplanes from France and Germany, (which crossed Twice the Sky above the Officials and the People gathered for the Traditional Event, most vainly Trying to See those too Fast-Moving Flying Objects),




is Obviously a Timely Reminder of the Recent Franco-German Political Will to Create soon, Together, 1 New Joint Fighter Airplane of Top Efficiency, for the foreseable Future.



EUROCORPS, already Created since 1993 in Strasbourg, has aquired an Important Experience for a really Multi-National and Multi-Modal (i.e. operating in Land, Sea, Air/Space) Force's Headquarters' Staff, by Leading Top Missions inter alia, also, f.ex. at Kosovo, Afganistan, Mali, Central Africa, etc. It can serve also as "Rapid Action Force" for NATO.


Currently it's Germany which holds the Rotating Presidency of 2 Years, with EUROCORPS' Commander the Lieutenant-General Jürgen Weigt, (See, f.ex., Eurocorps Commander's replies to "Eurofora" Questions at: ..., etc). But from September 2019, it's France which will take over the Presidency for 2019-2021.




On the Contrary, the Subsequent relevant Event, which is due to Follow in Paris on Sunday (14/7/2019), significantly will include also the UK, among 10 European Nations, (France, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia and Finland), on the framework of the "European Initiative for Intervention", created just 1 Year Earlier on an idea advanced mainly by New French President Emmanuel Macron, in order to "Share a Strategic Culture" in Europe, (including also Non-NATO Countries, as Finland).

Meanwhile, recently, France and Germany have Agreed also on the Creation of a "European Defense Council", Together with the UK, due to function even After an eventual "BREXIT", (i.e. probably After the current Deadline of October 31st, 2019).

In other words, Today Strasbourg emerges anew as a Symbol of Core EU Cooperation on Defense, (Often strongly Supported by EU Parliament), spearheaded by the Franco-German "engin", and including several Pioneer EU Countries, while, Tomorrow, in Paris, it will be mainly about a Wider Spectrum, designed to include also a "Post-BREXIT" UK, a NO-NATO Finland, etc, in the foreseable Future.



Thus, it's Also a German Army Brigade, (Nowadays the "291st JägerBataillon"), Recently Hosted inside France, (as a French Brigade is also Hosted at Nearby Germany), which Participated to Strasbourg's event Today, and was kindly Applauded by the People, (as well as, naturally, the EUROCORPS).

But the Most Popular Favorite related trans-national unit, still remains, that which stands Closer to the People's everyday lives : the Franco-German ...Bike Squad, lively Applauded once again, as also in the recent Past !



French Gendarmes' and Police's Motorcyclists, as well as Fire-Fighters, were also Popular, (particularly the "New" Unit of "Young Fire-Fighters" trainees, including several Children, who concluded the 2019 Parade, applauded).



The overall Ceremony was placed under the Direction of Strasbourg's Military Governor, (who is due to Protect also EU Parliament's plenaries', CoE's and Schengen System's Secretariat's Headquarters, located here), General Ollier (Commander of the 2nd Armored Brigade),



who saluted also the 3 other Brigades of French Army forming the Main Bulk of the parade, (including even some Heavily Armed Guys ...led by a Woman ! But we are in the Country of Historic "Joan of Arc", whose Statute guards also Strasbourg's "European" Commuity's Church of Saint-Guillaume, nearby...).


General Ollier Surprised by taking the unusual Initiative to Salute also the various Invitees' present on the spot Today, arriving almost aside "Eurofora"s Press Photograph-taking post !...



Last, but not least, among the List of Officers awarded a "Legion d'Honneur" distinction by General Ollier, in our Times of not only Terrorist Risks, but also ..."Global Warming", (with most France, and particularly Strasbourg, having been the Target of a Record-High "HeatWave" from Africa, just a few Days ago), it's not only "Intelligence" Officers, but also a Medical Doctor, and even a ..."Meteorologist" who were chosen to be honoured this year.



But, at the Same Time, Defense Issues become more and more Important for Europe in our Troubled Neighbourhood Nowadays, as Highlights, inter alia, also the Fact that the New Italian Minister for EU Affairs, Lorenzo Fontana, (close to popular vice-Prime Minister Mateo Salvini), who was appointed just a Few Days ago, notoriously considers that it's even the Historic "Roots of (Modern) Europe", which are linked with the Famous "Lepante Naval Battle" of 1.571, where a United European Army succeeded to Win against an Ottoman-Turc Military Ship Attack, taking the Lead throughout the Mediterranean Sea, which remained basically in Peace afterwards, after the European Countries (with a Strong Popular Support then) had decided to Concentrate their Forces in order to Punish the Massacre of Venician Soldiers who used to Guard Famagusta City in Cyprus, but had been Obliged by the Turks to render their arms in front of many Attacks, in exchange of a Promise to let them Go Free, which was, Later, Betrayed by the Ottoman-Turk Army, by Slaughtering those who had committed the Tragic Error to Trust them...

Lepante is, indeed, a landmark Historic Top Point in Europe's History, particularly because of that Popular European Cooperation on Defense, which Succeeded to bring Peace in the previously troubled Mediterannean Sea, since 1571, as, Later-on, it Started to be done also on the mainLand, f.ex. with the Succesful Defense of Wien, Austria's Capital City (1683), followed by the Liberation of Budapest (1691), the Capital of Hungary, (Semi-Occupied, until then, by the Ottoman-Turk Military Invasion and Occupation), and Afterwards All Hungary (1699), with a Growing Popular Support and Enthousiasm, as well as the English and the Russians Fighting, side by side, with the Italians, French and German-Speaking People, even the Russians, etc., at the Beginnning of the Historic Century of "Enlightenment".

- "Eurofora" (without going as far as Minister Fontana) had already used the Historic Reference to Lepante's Naval Battle of 1571, on December 2017, during the EU Summit in Brussels which Organized a special "PESCO" Event for the Beginning of EU Defense High-Tech Projects' Funding, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euhistoricdefenceevent.html), in order to Mark, with Friendly Irony, the Fact that such a Welcome, but Delayed Move, in fact, came ... "4,5 Centuries After the 1st European Army Victory" !


What to fill with Humility, but also Consciousness of the Duty to Take Good Care of the Few but potentially Important, European Defense Building Blocks, Nowadays existing in Strasbourg and elsewhere, at least the present French Local Officials, MEPs, National Assembly's vice-President and other MPs, "Great-East" Region vicce-President, Strasbourg's "Euro-Metropole" President, Prefect, Commander, etc., who closed this exceptionaly Simple, but Symbolic 2019 Annual Parade in fine...






US President Trump for Free Web Journalism v. Censoring ao Attacks by Big Tech+Corrupt Establishment

Written by ACM
Friday, 12 July 2019


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/(UPDATED)- Giving a Strong Boost to an Internet and Press Freedom Agenda which should, normally, interest CoE's PanEuropean Organisation for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, where USA has an Observer Status, (as well as Canada, Japan, Mexico, etc), the new USA President Don Trump Launched a Campaign to Support Free Web Journalism against Censorship and other various Attaks by "Big Tech" Corporations and/or Corrupted Establishment's Medias, starting by a "Social Media Summit" at the White House.

- Trump called "Historic" that Gathering of "so Many On-Line Journalists" in order "to Discuss the Future" of Web Medias, (according to White House's Press Service Data, including a Video of that Event, send to "Eurofora").


- "Each of You is fulfilling a Vital Role ... : You are Challenging the Medias-GateKeepers and the Corporate Censors to Bring the Facts Straight to the ...People", he stressed from the outset, with obvious Fighting Spirit.

- "With amazing creativity and determination, you are Bypassing the Corrupt Establishment, ...and the very, very Corrupt Media", in order to "Communicate Directly with our Citizens, withOut going through the Fake News Filter", USA's new President praised.




Significantly, he was Speaking only 1 Year before Crucial US Presidential Elections on 2020, and after having Won the Previous, 2016 Race, notoriously with the Help of Alternative Internet Medias, and Web Activists recently Harassed by Big Tech. Corporations, Internet Providers, and Establishment's Medias, often at the demand of National Governments and/or some International Organisations, particularly recently in Europe, (f.ex. EU Commission, since June 2016, sometimes even CoE, etc, when some Calls to Fight "Fake News" and/or "Hate Speech", risk to provoke Abuses against Dissidents and/or People's Human Rights at the Internet era).




+ Moreover, "Together, You Reach More People than any Broadcast Medias or Television Network", he observed, speaking of Web Journalism and Critical "Influence" at the Internet.

- "Free Speech is a Bedrock" of Democratic Life, paticularly "in America", where the "1st Amendment's" and other People's "Constitutional Rights, Must be Protected", as he stressed.



Many "Conservative" Voices in the USA have notoriously Complained to be Censored, Shadow-Blocked, and/or Otherwise Oppressed, Discriminated or Harassed by Big Internet Corporations, while, in Europe, even a French Government Majority's MP has reportedly been Excluded recently from her Parliamentary Group just for Observing the active presence of "LGBTI Lobbies" in the National Assembly !




=> -That's why, "Today, I'm Directing our Administration to Explore All Regulary and Legislative Solutions to Protect Free Speech, and the Rights of Free Speech of All" Citizens, President Don Trump announced.

+ He also spoke about a planned Meeting with "Big. Tech" Corporations and Executives from Major Social Media Patforms at the Web, soon at the White House, in order to Try to Convince them to become more Neutral and Respecting Web Journalists' legitimate Rights.

>>> "We Hope to see More Transparency, more Accountability, and More Freedom !", he concluded, Lively Applauded.




 Many Conservative a.o. Web Actors have often Complained to face Censorship and Biais by Big Tech. Platforms, as those Headquartered in California's currently "Liberal" Hub, but the latter denied, claiming that they Equally Respect all People's socio-Political Views. However, inter alia, there are, recently, even "Google"s Staff Members who have notoriously launched a Succesful Legal Fight at the Courts, Denouncing various Discriminations, Pressure, Bias, Threats, etc., because of their Opinions, inside that Tech. Giant. Critical News WebSites (as, f.ex., "InfoWars", etc) have been Excluded by Twitter, Facebook and other GAFA in several cases. Even President Trump's famous personal Twitter Account (often used by Many Medias, Diplomats, Politicians, a.o.) was recently Blocked by an unknown and un-controlled, Part-Time precarious Staffer : a Foreigner, Muslim from Turkey, just before he Leaves the US at the Expiration of his Visa, who Afterwards Claimed that he wasn't motivated by any Political Disagreement at all vis a vis Trump, and that the incident was a pure coincidence ! "Eurofora" has been repeatedly Targetted by a Series of various Cyber-Aggressions mainly between 2014-2018+. Additionally, in the run-up to Nowadays' White House's "Social Medias Summit", more than 55.000 Twitter Accounts went notoriously "Down", for several Hours, with the Bulk of such incidents being Concentrated in Parts of the US and Europe (mainly between London, Paris and Strasbourg), where one of "Eurofora"s active Members denounced that she faced such an abnormal Outtage even until the Next Morning, included, (See relevant Map).



Some People have called to Regulate Big Internet Platforms (such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc), as a kind of "Essential Public Utilities".

But Many Others Disagree, considering that such a move risks to play right in the hands of Big Corporations' Interests, and Urge, on the Contrary, to launch a Critical Investigation on them, from the point of view of the Oligo-Monopolistic structure of such "Big. Tech" at the Web, in order to Start Breaking such Monopolies, and Bring in some much needed Oxygen by Healthy "Competition", (according to the Best-Rated and more Popular Comments, published by Web NewsMedias close to Don Trump's political movement, such as "Breitbart" a.o.).





=> In Consequence, Given also the Fact that almost All "GAFA"'s and other Relevant Big Internet Platforms are all ...from the USA, naturally, the Question arises Why Europe does not yet Launch an Original and Independent such New Web Platform, SmartPhones' Operating System, etc....

The Concept of "European Digital Sovereignity", in such circumstances, may Help Both Economy, Innovation and Democracy !









Greek Vote: Mitsotakis mainstream Right Wins Government Autonomy. Left keeps force. Rightist eclipse

Written by ACM
Sunday, 07 July 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- It's amidst an exceptionaly intense row on EU's Top Jobs, that the biggest European Political Party, the ChristianDemocrats/EPP, added a New Head of State/Government, with the Brillant Win of Young Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Greece Today, who Succeeded to get Enough Votes in order to be Able to form an Autonomous Government for 2019-2023, something which had tragically lacked to his immediate predecessors, and had resulted in an UnPrecedented there Division of the Right, that he looks keen to overcome now.


+ Moreover, it's Surrounded by the Moto "United we Can", that Mitsotakis declared his Ambition to "Govern for All Greeks", urging to "Advance Forward United", for "Growth, Jobs and Security", by pointing at his "Commitment for Less Taxes, More Investments, for Growth able to bring Better Work and better Salaries, as well as for an Efficient State, able to Offer to the Citizens, Safety (Security) and Fair Health and Education", acting with "Transparency, Accountability and Meritocracy", as he said.


But, Already, he has Surprisingly managed to get a "de facto" quasi-Unity of nearly All the Right side of the Political Spectrum in Greece, since, not only the 3rd Party of the Country : the controversial Rightists of "Golden Dawn", UnExpectedly Disappeared, suddenly, from the Parliament, (See Infra), while a "Softer" Conservative Small Party (3%), the New-Commer "Greek Solution", hastily set-up by a former Journalist only 1 or 2 Years ago, has already been hit by a Legal Complaint accusing its Leadership for "Fraud", lodged by the Number 2 Candidate in its EU Election List, at the Same Time that, Exceptionally, All Other, recently Numerous, Parties of the Right, Old and New, had now, curiously ...Vanished from this Race, leaving a Huge Open Space to Mitsotakis' mainstream Center-Right "New Democracy" for this time !




On the Contrary, the Left remainst still Divided, and now even more Dispersed in a Long List of Small and Medium various Parties, gravitating around Out-Going Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' "SYRIZA" Party, Now rejected to the Opposition, extended into more than ...Thirteen (13) Organisations, which include no less than Five (5 !) Different "Communist" Parties...


>>> Facing that, New Prime Minister Mitsotakis' Party Won Today almost 40% of the Votes, and got a Crystal-clear Absolute Majority in the Parliament with 158 MPs, which allow him to Govern Autonomously, (withOut needing any sort of controversial and/or weakening "Co-Habitation" with anyone else).




The Stability that this allows, becomes Obvious by the Fact that, if Tsipras' inexperienced SYRIZA Leftist Party managed to Govern during 4 Years (2015-2019), over Troubled Water and with several U-Turns, having just 145 MPs, then, Mitsotakis' experienced New Democracy Party of mainstream Center-Right christiandemocrats/EPP, with a more "Classic" Program, can certainly do even Better, with +13 More MPs : 158...

An OverView of the overall Structure of Political Parties resulting from this 2019 Election in Greece consists mainly of the 2 Big Parties of the Right and of the Left: "New Democracy" and "Syriza", with 158 MPs against Only 86 MPs now, (i.e. a Huge Difference !).



+ They are Followed by 2 other Small Parties : "Movement for Change" (former "Socialist" PASOK), and the "Communist Party", with about 8% and 5,5% of the Votes, getting 22  and 15 MPs, respectively.

++ Follow 3 More Tiny Parties, with around 3% of the Votes Each, among whom Only the Two First get MPs : 10 for the Conservatives of "Greek Solution" new Party (Comp. Supra), and 9 MPs for the "Day25" new Leftist Party of former Tsipras' Finance Minister Varufakis, a notorious Troublemaker, vowing to play a role of ..."Constructive Obstruction" (sic !), as he said recently to "Eurofora", at EU Parliament in Strasboug, (where he had been invited, by an irony of the sort, for an Event on the 20th Anniversary of €uro...).



But the 3rd of these Parties gets No MPs at all, because it was UnExpectedly found to reportedly  not cross the Threshhold of 3% of the Votes, exceptionaly, this time ... And this is a very Important Issue, because it concerns the twice 3rd Biggest Party in Greece : the Controversial Rightists of "Golden Dawn", who used to have around 7% of the Votes and 18 MPs. At a Recent Past they had even, reportedly, reached as High as More than 15% of the Voters, according to Polls !

The Rest, (i.e. the Numerous Other, much Smaller Parties : A Leftist and a Centrist Parties with Less than 1,5% of the Votes each, and Many Tiny Parties, mainly Leftists, with the Exception of  a Peasants' Grouping, etc), appears to be Less Important.

Obviously, what is more Important to know is Why these controversial Rightists of "Golden Dawn" Suddenly "Vanished", and What might happen Afterwards.

The Official Version is, simply, that, among all those Numerous Parties, it's Only them who, all out of a sudden, Stoped just a few steps Before Reaching the 3% Threshhold...

But Why should they do so Now, while, on the Contrary, everybody woud logically Expect that the People, After having Tested and Failed, at First, the "Socialists" of PASOK (2009-2011), Folowed by Both Mainstream Big Parties, led by mainstream Right's "ND" (2012-2014), and Afterwards, even the Leftists of "SYRIZA" (2015-2019), Greek People would, Now, be Naturally Curious about the ...Rightists' "Golden Dawn"'s recipes for a Solution (2019-2020+), (probably Together with certain Key parts of Mainstream Right, in the framework of a kind of "Unity of all the Right" as it Currently happens throughout Many European a.o. Countries, in one way or anOther : See Infra).


=> And here lies probably a very Important Issue, which is Central and Key also for the Justice and Efficiency of any Real Plan to seriously Settle the Economic Problems provoked in Greece, (and, by consequence, also to the rest of Europe, mutatis-mutandis), including even Mitsotakis' own overall Strategy and its Chances to become Succesfull nowadays :

This Key Point is too often Neglected by most superficial observers, and, at any case, it has Nothing to do with several Other Aspects of "Golden Dawn", which might, eventually, be, or not, more or less Controversial and/or, perhaps, even deserving, sometimes, to be Condemned, or not, for absolutely Other, Different Reasons.

- Obviously, the Main Thrust in Mitsotakis' Plan (Comp. Supra) is to Boost the Dynamism of the Private Sector of Economy, with Investments, Tax deductions, etc.

- But, "Eurofora"'s co-Founder had already Warned, (after an Original Analysis of Developments in Greece, Europe and the rest of the World, during the recent Decades), that, particularly since the 1970ies/1980ies, (and mainly in Greece after 1981, in comparison with the Proportions of its Smaller Private Poductive Sector), socio-political forces which control the State have Systematically Overloaded the Public Sector of the Economy, by Nepotism, with 3 Heavy Layers made by : 1) their Political Lackeys, arbitrarily Appointed by them in the Public Sector, and Often Abusing Citizens by Corruption, Oppression, Aggressions and/or Other serious Crimes, and 2) a Larger Group made of comparatively Privileged Civil Servants, appointed by Favoritism at Jobs that they did Not Deserve and/or for which they were not better qualified than others, to whom are added even  3) Many  Cushy-job Holders, hired at more or less unnecesssary, useless, and/or Counter-Productive jobs. The overall Result is a Dangerously Growing Public Debt, and a Counter-Productive Public Sector to the Detriment of a Shrinking, Productive Private Sector, which becomes Insufficient and/or Over-Taxed, unable to support the overall Economy of the Country.

=> To Face that, the only really Efficient Move is to Drastically Reduce such a DisProportionately OverLoaded Public Sector, and the Public Debt that it provokes, strongly Fighting against Nepotism and Clientelism :

- It's not a Surprise that this Key Point was, indeed, right from the Start, at the forefront of EU Council's main Conditions, when a "Socialist" Government from Greece asked, for the 1st Time, EU's Help to face an Exceptional Debt Crisis from December 2009 in Brussels' Summit :

- French President Nicolas Sarkozy, indeed, at an Exceptional Press Point, Urgently convoked then inside EU Council in Brussels, where "Eurofora" was also Invited to participate, Replied to a Question on what makes him believe that Greece would honor its commitments if EU provided Aid, by simply showing, at the List of Athens' promises, the Point about "Privatisation" worth more than 50 Billions € : - "That's Serious !", Sarkozy stressed.

    + In what Followed Afterwards, the infamous "Troika" of EU Commission, ECB and IMF's Experts, notoriously Reminded, several times, the various Greek Government's commitments to Privatise, Reform and Reduce the Public Sector's DisProportonately Numerous Staff, etc. But several Times, it seems that this was done mostly in Vain,...

    ++ Worse : On 2015, when SYRIZA entered, at first sight, in a row Opposing it to EU Commission during a Brussels' Summit, where "Eurofora" was present, as well as Later-on that same year, at least a Big Part of the Different concerned, in fact, the Massive Demands of what was perhaps the Biggest Influx of Staff ever Hired at the Public Sector in Greece by PASOK's Former Governments of the Past, in Controversial circumstances of Nepotism, Clientelism, etc., from about 1981+, who were, then (i.e. 35 Years Later) Arriving at the threshhold of their Claims for Retirement, during the Next few Decades, (i.e. a Huge Amount of Money, which Threatened to Aggravate Greece's Public Debt even more, in the foreseable Future, to the Detriment of Young People, who vainly searched Today to find a Job, and/or of Many very Poor People Nowadays, who had been Deprived even from the Elementary, during all these Years/Decades that PASOK's Cronies were still Wasting Public Funds for their Summer Holidays, 13th or 14th, even...15th Salaries, and various Other Abuses, often obtained in Scandalous Conditions of Corruption, Discrimination, Cronyism, etc. in a Public Sector notoriously DisProportionate in comparison with the Country's Productive capacities...

As it's quite well known, Finally, after several "U-Turns", and in the Middle of an UnPrecedented Huge "Tsunami" of more than 1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, suddenly brought inside Europe, from its External Borders in Greece, mainly through Turkey, and pushed (Even with Luxurious "Jet-propulsion" Cruise Ships !) to arrive Fast until Central Europe, Germany and even Scandinavia, Soon Followed by  Growing Popular Reactions in Most European Countries, and various Aggressions, both individual and massive, against defenseless Young Girls, even Children, etc, (including Rapes and Killings, etc), soon Added to a Long Wave of Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks, Cowardly Targetting innocent Civilian People, from Austria to France, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, etc., even in Brussels followed by Strasbourg, etc, as Never seen Before in History, SYRIZA's Negotiators apparently managed to Cover up the Payments of Most Retirement Claims by all those Cronies and/or Cushy-Job holders who had been Scandalously but Massively Hired by Former PASOK's Governments of the Past to the Public Sector, aggravating its Public Debt even More.

But Not for the Young People of Nowadays, Neither for the notoriously too many Poor or Impoverished Old People in the meantime...


- From the Beginning of 2015, just 1 Week Before the Elections in Greece, "Eurofora" had clearly Asked the very Experienced "SYRIZA"s Top MEP and EU Parliament's vice-President, Mr. Papademoulis, during a Press Conference in EU's Buildings in Strasbourg, whether, if his Party was going to Win that Election, he could Manage to Avoid the Trap in which had notoriously Fallen a lot of Other Former Governments in the Past (mainly PASOK's) to abusively Hire too Many Cronies and/or Cushy-job holders in the Public Sector, by Nepotism and/or Clientelism, etc., with the Consequence to Aggravate even further Greece's Debt, etc.

- Papademoulis' Reply to Our Question was that "SYRIZA" never did, and would Never do practice Any such kind of Clientelism, which was a Mark of Previous Governments in the Past, Only, but simply Use the "New Technologies" in order to meet the main Needs in a more Productive and Efficient Public Sector...

>>> However, Only a Few Months Afterwards, the New "SYRIZA" Government was Starting to practice several Massive Hiring tours, at various Sectors, and such Massive Incidents were, Later-on, Repeated even More and More, until it became again a kind of "Routine", (particularly "Exploding" just Before the recent Elections !)...

Inter alia, Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself, had notoriously Revealed, in Press Statements, that he had sincerely "Cried", when he suddenly learnt, Returning to Greece from a Visit Abroad, that such a "SYRIZA" Government had again Started to Launch Massive Campaigns of Nepotist/Clientelist Recruitments in the Public Sector of a so heavily InDebted Country....


    + Meanwhile, "Eurofora" had also the Opportunity, through the Italian President of EU Parliament's Committee for the Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime, (a Young Lady, who was the Daughter of an important Judge Murdered by the Mafia), to meet in Strasbourg several times also with the then Liberal (former ChristianDemocrat/EPP) MEP Theo Skylakakis, from Greece, (then EU Rapporteur on another Corruption-related issue), to whom she introduced us.




    Theo Skylakakis appeared, right from the outset, very receptive and Interested in almost all that "Eurofora" had to denounce about the Massive Clientelism/Nepotism mainly of former PASOK's Governments in the Past, particularly since 1981+, the Huge and silently Growing Public Debt that this had provoked since the Eighties (1980ies), amist a notoriously unhealthy Context of various Corruption and other "Affairs" of Abuse, (some of which might have even pushed at alleged cover Killings, in certain cases, it seems), until it notoriously "Exploded" in Public around 2009, pushing Greece to its knees, and seriously Threatening €uroZone with a Crisis.

    + "Eurofora" had also added, to Skylakakis, a Brief Analysis on How and Why all that Debt, which had been Growing since 1981 (according also to OECD, etc), was, in fact, Hidden from the Public's Eyes, mainly through a Shady "Deal" between some "PASOK"'s former Governments and USA's "Goldman and Sachs" Big Multinational Corporation, (as even Representatives from that Compagny had Described f.ex. during an EU Parliament's Investigation in Brussels) :

    - Indeed, such a Cover-up, particularly between 1998-2002+, had served mainly in order to Strike also anOther Big Deal, this time purely Political and Far-Reaching, between an Out-Going then former Government of PASOK, (notoriously headed by PM. Semites), and several "Socialist" then Governments in certain Big EU Countries, (such as Germany, UK, France, Italy, etc), in order to Allow to Athens to Enter inside €uroZone too much Earlier than Normaly, (i.e. even Before Greece makes then all the Necessary Reforms to Prepare the Country), so that a PASOK's Prime Minister may ensure to Win the April 2.000 Election by Boasting to the People that he would have succeeded to Bring the Country in the "€uroArea" Earlier than expected... This implied, naturally, that the Debt would be Hidden, meanwhile, and several Statistics flawed, (as it was revealed, later-on, with the "EuroStat" Scandal in Luxembourg)...

    >>> In Exchange, the "Catch", for those former "Socialist" Big Governments, already since the 12/1999 Helsinki Summit, (i.e. also during USA's "Socialist"/Liberal controversial President Bill Clinton, etc), was, in fact, that the Greek Government practically keeps its Mouth Shut, and does Not Oppose (inside EU Council, Commission, Parliament, etc), Turkey's controversial and UnPopular EU bid, allowing Ankara to become officially a "Candidate to EU Accession", Despite the fact that too many and heavy Violations of Human Rights, persisting Military Invasion/Occupation in Part of Cyprus, Refusal to Recognize the Armenian Genocide, War Threats against Greece in the Aegean Sea if it seeks to Applu the International Law of the Sea on Natural Resources, Violent Oppression of the Kurdish Minority, and other Democratic Deficits, (etc).

=> The Result of such a controversial Political Deal, notoriously were, inter alia, also to provoke an UpRise among most EU People, leading in a Series of Events such as 3 "No" to EuroReferenda on EU's Constitution Draft, in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, between 2005-2007, as well as the Elections of Angie Merkel in Germany and Nicolas Sarkozy in France, (Both Opposed to Turkey's UnPopular EU bid) on 2005 and 2007, respectively, (preceded also by Tassos Papadopoulos in Cyprus on 2003, and Costas Caramanlis in Greece on 2004, Both more Critical than the previous Governments)...

    + But, in the MeanTime, by cancelling that EU's Draft Constitution, initially scheduled for 2005, Europe had Lost Too much precious Time for Necessary Economic Reforms, due to accompagny the recently introduced €uro, so that EU had to Face the Next Economic Crisis of 2008-2011+ almost UnPrepared, (since the EU "Lisbon Treaty", which, at least, Saved the Essential Institutional Tools of that Former "Constitution", didn't Enter into Force Before 2010, i.e. Too Late !)...

    => So that, to Sum up in a Nutshell, that "Turkish Affair" of 1999/2000+ finally Costed to the EU an awfull lot of Heavy Damages, Both in terms of Corruption, Nepotism/Clientelism and Public Debt, as well as in Prejudicial Delays in the EU Construction (Comp. Supra), Socio-Political Crisis, etc...

    It's in the Middle of all that, as we saw above, that lays also the Scandalous Public Debt provoking Nepotism and Clientelism in the Public Sector, particularly during certain Former Governments, mainly PASOK's, in Greece (Comp. Supra), which, in Fact, is a MultiFacet and very Dangerous Problem, (Comp. Supra) needing to be adequately addressed.

>>> A Key Point is that a Necessary and Popular, Socio-Political Purge against Corruption, Crime, etc. and for Justice to be done, can meet, there, also the Vital Needs for a decisive and efficient Economic Reform, in such exceptional cases.

    => "Eurofora" spoke Several Times about it with MEP Theo Skylakakis in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, (and later-on even by Phone to Greece, etc), and his personal Keen Interest (Both as EU Rapporteur on Corruption, and as a Greek Politician of our Times), apparently incited him to make out of that Issue a Key Part of the New Political Party "Drasi" (Action) that he Headed Afterwards there, as well as of his relevant socio-political activities.


    But, in fact, he wasn't entirely Alone on that issue :

    - Inter alia, f.ex., "Eurofora" had a Chance to Speak freely, (even if Briefly), also with "New Democracy" Party's previous Chief, former Minister and MEP, Antonis Samaras, on the Sidelines of a ChristianDemocrat/EPP Summit in Marseilles (France), where we were Surprised by his, apparently quite Fast and Positive Agreement on at least the Main Points of the above-mentioned Critical Analysis !

    => Later-on, when Samaras became Prime Minister in Greece, by a Striking "Coincidence", he chose ...Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the Important Responsibility of Minister for Administrative Reform, (which, naturally, included also that of the Public Sector !).

    Mitsotakis with Samaras, then, apparently, had tried to Advance, Carefully, Step by Step, but Decisively, on that Public Sector Reform Issue, and had now arrived to the Thorny "ERT" Public RadioTV migmar : A notorious big Waste, mixed up with Nepotism, and a lot of vested petty selfish Interests, which made an "Explosive Mix" for anyone who dared touch it !

    We were, then, on 2013, and, during that Summer's Month of August, inter alia, there was an incredible Massive Censorship of which the Medias of the Left were Abusing, even Against ...the Democratically Elected Government of Greece, by "New Democracy"s Center-Right ChristianDemocrats/EPP, during its Attempt to Reform the National Radio-TV "ERT" : Indeed, then, the Goverment's Spokesman, Minister Simos Kedikoglou, had Denounced to "Eurofora" that even the Official Governemental Press Releases of General Interest Issues for the People, were Not Published, by most Private or "Public" Medias, to the point that the Governing Party's ..."Youth" movement, was Trying to Publish the Official Announements in a Makeshift "Web-Radio" Internet Site !...

 (Needless to say, CoE's competent Director on Freedom of Expression, then, was ...Stoned and made a great Effort to Understand what was really happening then, on August 2013 in Greece, when "Eurofora" called him ! But, finally, he managed to Find his words and Condemn, as a matter of General Principle, Any Violation of Freedom of Expression by systematic Censorship, including that committed by the PowerHolders in Private and Public Medias, even against the Democratically Elected Government of a CoE's Member Country)...


- But, Now, on 2019, the New Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, claims from the outset that he wants to preserve the "Unity" of Greek People, (Comp. Supra), and it seems that he has even promised, (according to some Press Reports), that there will be Not even One Dismissal or lay off among the Public Sector Workers !

- Naturally, he does not speak there about the Replacement or Not-Replacement in case of Pensioners' Departure, (but that's, obviously, Too Slow).  Neither of those who hold Only a Short-Term Contract, of a Determined Duration in Time. And he clearly added that he intends to make Transfers in order to place Workers in more Productive jobs. But, will that be enough ?  


At such a point it's a Good Surprise to Find that even a Political Party often Accused or Suspected to be "Populist", in fact, has a much More Strict Program, quite Critical vis a vis alleged abuses by Public Sector's Civil Servants !

- Indeed, the Rightists of "Golden Dawn" have clearly adopted a Political Program with Positions which include Strong Appeals to "Clean up the Public Sector", against some "State-fed" "Corporations" made up with some "Privileged ... Civil Servants withOut any concrete work for many Years", but who "continue to be remunerated by the Public Sector and Harass the People, Hidden behind their Corporative Privileges".

+ "In this Category, have been Added also Hundreds of Thousands of Civil Servants in the Public Sector, who have been Appointed withOut really Deserving that, and/or in positions withOut a concrete objective, but with the only aim to serve a Nepotist State", denounces their Political Program.

=> "Such a Rotten System must be Demolished", and, therefore, "the Public Sector must cease to exploit the People, but Start to Work Productively, and in the Interest of the Society".

>>> Therefore, "GD"'s "Political Positions" ask :

- "To Fire Immediately all those who have been Hired (in the Public Sector) illegaly and withOut Deserving that".

- And "to immediately Transfer into Productive positions of work, all those Civil Servants who haveN't any substantial object of occupation".

(This Last Point is apparently in Harmony with Mitsotakis' above-mentioned Position on Transfering Public Sector's Civil Servants into a more Productive Work : Comp. Supra)...


=> What might have Really Happened, then, at the last minute, which provoked that Strange, Sudden and UnExpected "Disappearance" of the Country's repeatedly elected 3rd Party, "Golden Dawn", Today ?

First of all, it's an Astonishing Fact, that, almost at the Same Time, it's also All Other Various, New and/or Old, more or less "Rightist" Political Parties and Groups, which practically ...Vanished from this Election, (Contrary to the Leftists', which remained still quite Numerous : Comp. Supra).

But, for those Other Rightist a.o. Parties, it seems that this was mainly the result of a Voluntary Abstention !

Indeed, Most of them, suddenly, this Time, simply did Not Present any List of Candidates in this Election...

This seems to be the case, f.ex., for "LAOS" of Katratzaferis', "AnEl" of Kamenos, for "Potami", for "Drasis" of Skylakakis, etc.

Theodoros Skylakakis, indeed, has become anew Associated with Mitsotakis' "New Democracy" since 2017, and more Recently, since the Beginning of 2019, he announced that he will Focus into Supporting him for New Prime Minister.

In Wider terms, it's also true that Kyriakos Mitsotakis made serious efforts to Convince most People at the Right Side of the Political Spectrum that, this time, they should Not Disperse their Votes, but, on the Contrary, Concentrate all of them in a maistream Electoral bid which has real Chances to Win. And, apparently, he Succeeded to Attract many among them around his "ND" Party.  


+ But, could that explain even that Sudden, Unexpected "Disappearance" also of the 3rd Party of Greece, i.e. "Golden Dawn"s faithful Supporters, who were have been Repeatedly Backing that Party since at least 2012 ?

According to some Speculations, they either Returned back to "New Democracy"s mainstream Right, or Abstained.

The 1st hypothesis was made by "Golden Dawn"'s Competitor, Velopoulos' "Greek Solution" new Party, which Denied that it might have disorientated 50% of them, (i.e. 3,5% out of 7,5% of Voters).

 While the 2nd Hypothesis, (which is Not InCompatible with the 1st) fits well also with the Fact that Both the 2 Latest Elections of 2015 and 2019 had an Exceptionaly Big Abstention, of more than 45%, coming Both just After many Citizens had felt Deceived by their own Party's performance in Government, but without having found yet a really better choice.

In that case, Nobody Knows what all those Voters of the Right and/or Rightists who may have Exceptionally Abstained Now, could do in the foreseable Future...

It would seem that Both the Right (by Partly Abstaining) and the Left (by Partly Voting "SYRIZA" etc., which, Even if it Lost - 4% of its Voters, Nevertheless, managed to Keep the rest of its Forces, would be Preparing their respective Political Camps for some New Electoral Battles, which might, perhaps, arrive Later-on, somewhere in the Future.

But, Why should also the repeatedly 3rd Party of the Country, suddenly ...commit an UnPrecedented Electoral "Harakiri", eventually by "sacrificing" itself, this time, so that Mitsotakis' mainstream Center-Right's Party can Win against the Leftists of "Syriza" ?

It's true that, at least a Strange (but very Popular at the Internet) Short Video, immediately Published by "Golden Dawn"s Leader, Manolis Mihaloliakos, after Today's Vote, by Simply Focusing into Announcing that "It's Not Finished, with "GD", Because "we shall Return Back to the Streets and the Squares, from where our Strength had come", in the Past, Vowing to Struggle against what he called "Bolshevism", "Wild Capitalism" and eventual "Sell out of our National Issues" (sic !),

(while saying Nothing yet, in order, f.ex., to Denounce an eventual miscarriage of Votes, and/or illegal/immoral Aggressions against his Party, which might, perhaps, explain at least a part of what happened),

=> may make some Wonder if he really accepted to "Sacrifice", at least for some time, his own Party, in order to Help get Enough Votes to the Mainstream Right, so that it will become able to Govern Autonomously, this Time, withOut any more of that Controversial and partly Failed "CoHabitation" with the "Socialists" of the "PASOK", etc., as in the Past (Comp. Supra).

It sounds like ..."Political Fiction", and, indeed, it seems Highly Improbable, but it's also True that Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his Friends had Recently Focused all Efforts, precisely into Attracting, as much of so-called "Usefull Votes" as possible, around them, with the Sole Aim to really Become an "Autonomous" Government.

=> And, in real Practice, this implied also that the Votes giving MPs to Any Other Party of the Right, should be Restricted to the Minimum !

Naturally, from a purely Mathematic point of view, the Chances for "New Democracy" mainstream Paty to reach a confortable "Autonomy" in the Number of its MPs, this was Regardless of which might be the Other, Smaller and/or Rightist Party which could, eventually, take some MPs :  So that, a priori, even if it is, now, that makeshift new small Conservative Party "Greek Solution" (Comp. Supra), which just crossed the 3% Threshhold, taking a few MPs, instead of "Golden Dawn" itself, the problem seems to be the same.

But, in fact, there is, at least, a Double Difference : First of all, if the "Golden Dawn" crossed that theshhold, normaly, as an already much Bigger Party than "GS", it was expected to take, (as usual, during the last 3 or 4 Elections) a much Greater Number or MPs (18 instead of only 9 or 10). And, Moreover, given the Highly Controversal reputation of "Golden Dawn" (See also Infra), it had been already pointed out, that several among those who are Lending Money to Greece risked to be indisposed...


    (+ UPDATED:) => So, at any case, that Party's Legal Service has, reportedly, just Started a Procedure aiming at a "Re-Count" of the casted Votes in All Electoral Centers throughout the whole Country, in order to Verify, for sure, that there was Not any MisCalculation, Error, and/or Fraud, which might have, eventually, affected that Tiny Difference between 2,93% and 3% which provoked, for the First Time, its UnExpected and Total Exclusion from the Parliament, for Lacking Less than -0,07% !...

 "GD" reportedly slamed that as "Scandalous", and even claimed that a Witness denounced that someone from the political Establishment, Curiously, knew such a "Result" even ..."5 Hours Before the Voting Stops !"

And this arrived to a Party which was Continuously Winning More than +7% of the Votes during a Long Series of 4 National Elections, already Since 2012, Becoming the 3rd Party of the Country since it Scored 9,39% at the European Election of 2014, (after having Polled 15% in 9/2013), Confirmed up to the 2 Elections of 2015, while in the latest EU Election it reportedly got among Young People 14%.

- What might have caused that ?

The Controversial Rightist "Golden Dawn" Political Party, had all its Public Funding entirely "Freezed" since 2013, its Press Announcements systematically Boycotted by private and Public mainstream Medias, and its Elected MPs initially Arrested and still Persecuted at the Courts, following the Death of an "Antifa" Militant after an alleged bullying against - and a quarell with a Fan of that Party, arrested and jailed, (Earlier fan of ...Communist Party !).

 While, on the Contrary, the unprovoked Murders of 2 Young Fans of "Golden Dawn", and Serious Wounds inflicted on a 3rd one, (who were Peacefully Guarding the Entrance of a Party's Office in Athens), in a Cold Blood Attack by a heavily Armed Gunman, (100% Filmed twice) soon afterwards, (Revendicated by a Self-Proclaimed, unknown yet, Far Leftist Extremist Grouplet), curiously still remain Totaly UnPunished, with Not even 1 Suspect having been prosecuted, even almost 6 Years After those Murders (11/2013-2019) !

- But all this had Not yet hindered "GD" to be re-Elected, Several Times in a row, as the 3rd Party of Greece, with about 18-20 MPs, (Comp. Supra).

=> Why Not Today ?...

Several Polls show a somewhat Lowering Curb since about April 2019, without any clearly known, nor convincing cause. And it's true that in the May 2016 EU Elections "GD" got - 1 MEP less. Meanwhile, at the cumbersome, 4 Years-Long Trial against the "GD"'s Party (Comp. Supra), the main Lawyers of its' Opponents, curiously, haven't any Breakthrough, nor New Finding or Proof to Report in Press Interviews, Focusing, instead, on repeated Calls to "Isolate" the "Golden Dawn" Party, in the run up to the EU and National Elections, to Multiply Harassments (by various "Antifa" and other Grouplets on the Streets) against All its Public Meetings, to Systematicaly "Cut off" its Regional Offices from the People, (etc), and, in general, to do Anything which might Hinder them to freely and equaly participate in a Democratic pre-Electoral Campaign ! Almost at the Same Time, "Golden Dawn" Denounces f.ex. that the Only (legaly obligatory) Public Radio-TV slot allocated to them was fixed at Obviously "Impossible" Hours : F.ex. at around "02h in the Early Morning !", and, shortly afterwards, that, Even that, would be Boycotted, because Left-leaning Trade Unions chose to make a "Strike" at that moment ( around 02h a.m. !), (etc)...

+ The, almost Synchronous Emergence of just anOther "New" makeshift "Rightist" Competitor Small Party, (After Many such various Attempts to Impose one or another Short-lived Competitors, Suddenly Surfacing out of the blue, all Short-lived and, sooner or later, Failed), nick-named this time "Greek (instead of European ?!) Solution", which, Exceptionaly, managed to get some MPs now, does Not Look so Credible, neither due to durate for long :

Set up by a Foreign-Born, former TV-Salesman known for having tried to Sell even alleged copies of ...mysterious "Letters of Jesus Christ" in the Past (sic !), and/or Journalist at Various Radios, Failed former Candidate of Other "Rightists" of the Past, accused to have joined the Establshment, ("LAOS" of Karatzaferis), that Recently emerged Grouplet of so-called "Greek Solution" was Immediately struck by at least 2 Legal Complaints to the Police against its Founder, Velopoulos, lodged by some among its Front-runner Candidates to the Elections, who Accused him, by Writting, for various alleged Manouvers of "Fraud", Manipulation, Threats, etc., attempting to Impose one Candidate at the place of another, irregularly, etc... At any case, even its own Founder Denies that he might have recuperated a lot of "Golden Dawn'"s former fans, Claiming that, Instead, they would have Voted, this time, for Mitsotakis' mainstream Right "New Democracy".

But, other sources suggest that Only a Small Part of 1/4 of rightist "Golden Dawn"'s usual Voters Now chose mainstream "New Democracy",  another 1/4 might have Voted "Greek Solution" (Comp. Supra), while about the Half (50%) would have Joined, Exceptionally, the recently Growing, "Abstention" (Comp. Supra).

This is added to almost simultaneous rumours that a Part of "Golden Dawn" would Now Aspire to follow a Path SImilar to that of Italy's Salvini, and/or of "Visegrad" Countries, (etc), elsewhere in Europe.

This Fits also the alleged Behavior of Various Other former Small Parties of the Right or Far Right, who would have, reportedly, Joined Recently a Growing "Abstention" : + 12 % More than the usual Average in the Past, (partly, already Since 1/2015), some of them, now, perhaps also in order to realistically Give Mitsotakis, this time, a Chance to get an "Autonomous" Government, (i.e. witOut any Need to again Compromise with "PASOK"s "Socialists", nowadays re-named "KINAL", etc., as his Predecessor had been Obliged to do).


 + Curiously, Less Comments are published about the -also Exceptional- Succes of Famous former Finance Minister of Tsipras, the Leftist Professor Varufakis, (who had been Invited also elsewhere in Europe, f.ex. by Melenchon in France, etc), to get his "Day25" New Party of the Left, at last Elected in the Greek Parliament, (as also, recently, in EU Parliament, Last May), with about 3,5% and 9 MPs, for the First Time.

>>> This is the Only Success of the (otherwise Numerous) "Left" Side from Tsipras original "SYRIZA" Party coalition which had Initially Won the 1/2015 National Election in the Past, Before his Notorious "U-Turn" towards a more Conventional Compromise Policy with the EU's Majority Powerholders, at the End of that Year), since, Curiously, All Other similar Attempts from that Leftist Part of the Political Spectrum (f.ex., initially, All Leftist Dissidents Together, afterwards Divided in 2 or 3 Different Grouplets, Added to various Other, Older Leftists, etc), had astonishingly Failed, until now :

Today, only the "Flow of Freedom" Grouplet of a former, Short-lived, President of Parliament, (during 8 Months !), Zoe Konstantopoulou, is noteworthy, with its 1,5% of Votes, but, again, Not any MP...

>>> This does not mean that the Left side of the Political Spectrum, taken All Together, would have already Fallen in a Deep Abyss of a Weak and Negligeable Minority... Not at all !

    In fact, another Paradox of this Election is also the Fact that, at least in terms of Voters, taken All Together, the Various Parts of the "Left", apparently remain even with a slight Mathematic "Majority", still, in nowadays Greece...

    But they are Radically Divided in too Many and Different Political Parties, Old and New, Bigger or Smaller, (including the Pittoresque ... 5 Communist Parties !), that Most of them did Not even manage to get, at least, 1 MP, remaining Out of the Parliament, or are so Small that the Electoral System (which gives a "Bonus" to the Biggest Parties, in order to Help Government Stability) did Not give them but only a Few MPs.

    >>> On the Contrary, the People of the Right side in the Political Spectrum, have Now Either "Abstained", (f.ex., at least a Part of former "Golden Dawn" fans, Many Other, Various small "Rightist" Parties, etc : Comp. Supra), or Focused into a Concentrated Vote for Kyriakos Mitsotakis' Mainstream "New Democracy", Giving him a real Chance to Govern "Autonomously", (i.e. with a Strong enough Majority of MEPs : Comp. Supra).


=> So that, Now, the Main New Question is What could Bring in Europe this New ChristianDemocrat/EPP Head of Government, with Mitsotakis' Strong and Autonomous Majority of MPs, able to Boost a Stable Government in Greece, (but having notoriously to struggle against Debt left by various PASOK/SYRIZA Leftists of the Past),

which was, Symbolicaly, the 1st out of 28 EU Member Countries, that the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Leading Cadidate ("SpitzenKandidat") Winner of May 2019 EU Elections, Manfred Weber from Germany, (and still President of EU Parliament's Biggest Group : that of EPP), had notoriously Chosen to Start Visiting during his Pre-Electoral Campaign, as he had Announced, speaking to Journalists, including "Eurofora", earlier in Strasbourg (See, f.ex.: ...) ?!...







EU Parliament: Sassoli's Election Vote shows that Von der Leyen would face Problems...

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 03 July 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- EU Parliament's new President, David Sassoli's Fast-Track Election Today in Srasbourg, despite its Success on the 2nd Round, nevertheless, reveals that the controversial, subsequent Von der Leyen's bid for EU Commission's Presidency, designated as Part of one and Same cumbersome Package Deal (the 3rd in a Row !) just fixed by EU Council in Brussels, will Not be Easy at all !

Sassoli's Election was obtained in Less than 1 Day after a Surprise Announcement, Yesterday, of his UnExpected Candidature, according to a Last-Minute Adjustment of the Latest EU Council's Package Deal for EU's Top Jobs, (Commission, Council, Parliament and Central Bank), which had, initially, foreseen for anOther Socialist MEP, from a Central-Eastern EU Member Coutry : Bulgaria, to enter the race, before he desists in favour of his Italian collegue from the Same Group.

After Narrowly Missing to obtain a Relative Majority of the Votes Casted, during the 1st Round, (apparently for 7 Votes, as he indicated himself : See relevant Photo), finally, Sassoli managed to get Elected in the 2nd Round, with 345 Votes for, against 322 and 37 Blanks or InValid.

But a Careful Analysis of Today's Voting clearly shows that Von der Leyen's subsequent bid for the EU Commission President's presidency, after July 15, looks to be in real Trouble :

- Indeed, even Sassoli himshelf did Not Reach the Absolute Majority of the Voters, since the MEPs who Voted were 707, and this would have required 354 Votes for him, But he received - 9 Less than that, (345).

- In Fact, he faced a Threefold Competition: Both from the "Greens" (119) and the "Left" (43), as well as from the "Conservatives" of the Right (143), while several Other MEPs Abstained (See Infra) or Voted "Blank/Invalid" (37 : More than in the 1st Round).        

+ Moreover, for the Forthcoming Election of a New EU Commission's President, at the Next Plenary of EU Parliament, according to its Rules, Von der Leyen will Need an Absolute Majority of the Registered MEPs (751), i.e. 376 Votes, (+ 31 More than Sassoli) !

Given the (already mentioned: See ..., and much more) Critical Reactions Against her Controversial, Last-Minute Candidacy, it's Not Sure at all that she might, eventually, reach that threshhold, at least as things stand nowadays...  

Indeed, the Opposition of the "Greens" and of the "Left", already visible against Sassoli (Comp. Supra), should, logically, not only remain, but even become Stronger.

In Addition, Many among the Socialist MEPs (particularly German a.o.) are notoriously Opposed.

Most of the various Rightists, (particulary after the probably forthcoming Exclusions from EU Parliament's Committees' Officials, scheduled for next week in Brussels), should normaly Strengthen their Rejection of any such Establishment's "Inner Power circles"' Power-Sharing Deals. And it's naturally Not for Brittish Conservatives to be glad for anyone related to a Franco-German move, qui plus est, linked also to Defense...

Among ChristianDemocrat/EPP Members, several are still inevitably Shocked by the way that their Succesfull Leading Candidate ("SpitzenKandidat"), Manfred Weber was treated (Comp. Supra .., and: ..., etc), while also considering Von der Leyen's Controversial stance on Crucial Nowadays BioEthical Issues, particularly related to Genetic Manipulations on Human Genome, where New, Heritable Gene-Editing Technologies notoriously put Humanity at Risk.

And it's Not Nigel Farage's fans who might be charmed so easily...

As for the ex-"Liberals", will they All really Accept to just ...Swallow what happened vis a vis EU Parliament, EU Elections, and EU Citizens in this Controversial Deal, (See, f.ex. : ..., etc), or maybe Not ?

=> In the present circumstances, give Von der Leyen some More Time than Only ...a Few Days in order to really form her View on EU's next 5 Years, (to remind her own Statement, Today in Strasbourg, See : ...), as well as to MEPs in order to Better Examine all the Facts, f.ex. by Postponing her Public Hearing and/or the Vote in EU Parliament from July to September 2019, (as some already think), might, perhaps, be a Practical Solution, as things stand...






Row on EU Top Jobs risks to turn Nasty : => EU "Citizen Erased" ?

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 02 July 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Seen from EU Parliament's -and even more : EU Citizen's- viewpoint, Today, in Strasbourg, any Honest Observer would Feel that the current Brussels' EU Summits' prolonged, (and everyday changing, like in a superficial Roulette !), Row on EU's Top Jobs for the period of 2019-2024, has reached proportions which obviously Risk to push EU Democracy into Troubled Waters...

After a Many Months-long EU Parliament's Electoral Campaign, (initialy Backed, apparently, also by EU Commission and EU Council, as well as Faithfull to the pre-existing, since 2014 Logic), Focused on certain "Leading Candidates" ("SpitzenKandidaten") throughout all Europe, explicitly and officially destinated "for EU Commission's Presidency", (i.e. for EU's Executive's Top), including much-Publicized Public Debates between those "SpitzenKandidates" in Brussels, Florence, and elsewhere, European People democraticaly Voted mainly for ChristianDemocrats/EPP with their Top Candidate, Manfred Weber, at the 1st place.

The Rest, i.e. the 2nd and/or 3rd Places, etc., will, in Fact, depend also from he Repercussions of a probably Imminent UK's "BREXIT" from October this year, (which may only Bring More EPP's MEPs, withOut WithDrawing any former EPP MEP, Contrary to Other Political Groups, which May Loose some of their MEPs), as well as from the Final Re-Groupement of Various Emerging, Rightist and other New Political Forces Now Inside the 2019-2024 EU Parliament. For the Moment, it's the Traditional "Socialists, followed by Liberals"' familiar Landscape, but it may Change, more or less, here of there.

 F.ex., Liberals might Fall Down to even Lower than 100 MEPs (given the Importance of UK's Liberal Party now), Socialists could also Loose their "Labour" counterparts from the UK, etc. While, on the Contrary, ChristianDemocrats/EPP might become even Stronger, f.ex. by the Return of Victor Orban's 15 Hungarian MEPs, etc. And the Rightists Grow Stronger after also the Dissolution of Farage's "EFDD" Group, the Threats Looming over the Conservative Group in case of BREXIT, added to the Recent more than Doubling of MEPs by the "Identity and Democracy" Group (former NF).

All this Evolves in an EU Parliament issued from the May 2019 EU Elections, where the European People gave an Absolute Majority of MEPs to All the Right : I.e. to the mainstream Center-Right of ChristianDemocrats/EPP Followed by Various Rightists, (See: ..., etc). (If Liberals are Added to the Right Side of the Political Spectrum, then, this Majority becomes Overwhelming...).  At any case, Voters left Only a Minority for the Left, (with or without Liberals : ibid).  


- But, Surprizingly, the 1st Proposal from EU Council in Brussels came, Paradoxically, with a ..."Socialist" Party Candidate for EU Commission's New President, (the Dutch Commissioner Timermans), i.e. precisely that one who Played but Losed the Democratic Electoral Game, (which was notoriously Won by ChristianDemocrat/EPP Weber) !

=> After a refreshing (amidst a torrent, too "Hot" Summer Heatwave) "SnowStorm" of various Protests, Revolts, etc., (Both from EU Parliament and EU Citizens, as well as from inside the EU Council itself), this was Changed :

>>> I.e., Now, EU Council Send Back from Brussels to Strasbourg's new EU Parliament's 1st Plenary Session, this time a ChristianDemocrat/EPP from Germany (according to the 1st Party Voted by the People,

***  But ...only with Someone who (Independently of her Good or Bad Points, from various Other Points of View), has ...Never Spoken Before, Neither to EU Parliament's MEPs, Not Even to the People, (Most of whom have Never Met, Neither even Seen her Before !), and whose (Unknown) Political Program, or main Priorities have NOT yet been Presented to MEPs, neither to EU Citizens, (and, therefore, even Less Debated)...

+ Since such a move makes, Inevitably, necessary to Postpone the Election of EU Commission's President by EU Parliament for the Next Plenary Session in Strasbourg, starting on July 15, at least the new MEPs may get a Fast-Track Glimpse on a Draft "Program", (or merely "Views"), that Von der Leyen might now Present Only during the Next Few Days, (i.e. About a Week's Time !).

=> But, is that Enough, for a really Democratic, Serious and Thorough, in Depth "Information", Reflexion, Public Debate, and Vote (by MEPs) on All the Crucial Challenges that Europe has to Face during the foreseable Future 2019-2024 Horizon ?

     Most Probably Not !

++ Worse : At any case, EU Citizens seem Deprived from Timely Information, WithOut any Chance to Participate in any Serious Public Debate, and have Scandalously been Certainly EXCLUDED FROM any direct Democratic VOTE, (a Chance that they Only had Before : Until May 2019) on the Choice of EU Commission's President...

EU Citizens had notoriously been Officially Invited to Vote in the latest, May 2019 EU Elections, in order to Choose the New President of EU's Executive (i.e. Brussels' Commission), with a Lot of Publicity, Meetings, etc., and a Big Amount of EU Funds, various EU Pamphlets, Big Posters, High-Tech. TV/Internet Broadcasts, etc., and Both EU-level and National-level Pre-Electoral Communication Campains, during Many Months (Often Since Last Year: from 2018 !), precisely Focusing on this or that "Leading Candidate" ("SpitzenKandidat") for the Top Job of EU Commission's New President on 2019, (as it had Already been done Back Since 2014).

And, Indeed, the European People positively Replied to that Call, by a Record-High, Massive Turnout with an Absolute Majority Participation beyond +51% of Registered Voters : An UnExpected "First" and Positive Socio-Political Change, after more than a Decade of (on the Contrary) Falling ...Minority Participation between 1999 - 2019...

=> But Now, all those Millions of EU Citizens, suddenly find themselves, unexpectedly, without any previous Warning, Neither serious Explanation, Totaly Deprived from Any Democratic Possibility to have the slightest Say on the Choice for New EU Commission's President (made by Others, Behind Closed Doors) in the person of Von der Leyen, that they Never Met, Most have Not even Seen, Neither Heard about her before in relation to Europe, HadN't any Chance to Speak with, doN't yet Know what her position might be on Topical EU Issues, and  at any case, European People will Not have Any Chance, anymore, to Vote on her choice at all !

>>> That's precisely what, even Mainstream, Establishment's German Newspaper "Die Welt" immediately Denounced, in the First Published Viewpoint, as a ... "FRAUD ON EU ELECTIONS !", former EU Parliament's President Martin Schulz (Socialist) called it "a SLAP IN THE FACE OF PARLIAMENT !", for "Green" Leader Ska Keller it's only "a LUDICROUS... BACK-ROOM DEAL", while CSU(EPP) leader from Bavaria, Markus Söder, warned that "DEMOCRACY LOST !", and slamed that as "a DEFEAT OF EUROPE !".

=> Even in Germany, a CITIZENS' CONSULTATION by Internet, Organized by  mainstream Media "WELT" and still Going-on, found that "Very BAD", at an Overwhelming ABSOLUTE MAJORITY. While Chancellor Angie MERKEL was Obliged to ABSTAIN from Voting, because, at least the Socialists among the Governing  Coalition, found that this was AGAINST the "COALITION AGREEMENT, FOR A EUROPE OF DEMOCRACY, a STRENGTHENED EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, and a MORE TRASPARENT EUROPE, CLOSER TO CITIZENS", since "the ATTEMPT TO DEMOCRATIZE THE E.U. is LED AD ABSURDUM !"

 Such Critical Observations could be Easily Multiplied. But, for "Eurofora" what counts Most of all, is, naturally, the EU CITIZENS' point of view :

- Recently, EU Parliament's Winner Leading Candidate ("SpitzenKandidat") for EU Commission's Presidency, Manfred Weber, Re-Elected also as Chairman of MEPs' Biggest Group, that of ChristianDemocrats/EPP, in a landmark Press Publication, had launched a Call to Prevent the Risk for "the Outcome of the European Elections" to be "carried to an Absurdity" !

- "Only if we succeed in making Europe More Democratic, and in bringing it to the People, will Europe have a Good Future. If Europe’s Democratisation fails, the EU can be seriously Threatened as well", Weber rightfully Warned.

+ Particularly since, Nowadays, "People want to have a Say and an Influence. They No longer Accept things’ being Decided Outside the Public Space, and withOut their Participation", he Added, in the Direction of "Eurofora"s project, (Comp.: ...., etc).


[+ PARTLY UPDATED] Long-Time Minister and, Now, New Designate (by Today's EU Council in Brussels) for EU Commission's Presidency, Ursula Von der Leyen, has just Promised, in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, to Develop a Vision for the EU during Next 5 Years, in a Few Days, in order to hold a Dialogue with MEPs.

=> But, (Independently of the personal Capacities of anyone involved),

>>> is it really Serious to EnTrust the Delicate and Heavy Responsibility to practically Navigate the Ship of Europe in Nowadays' Troubled Waters, full of Crucial Challenges around the World,     

    to someone who didN't have more Time but ONLY A FEW DAYS TO THINK ABOUT EUROPE's FUTURE ?


    + And How will, MEPs, the Press, EU Citizens, etc., have a Chance to Seriously Investigate also those Sharp Criticisms, already Launched by various People (including Politicians) about that Latest Candidate, to have, reportedly, been Mixed in some Shady Affairs of various Consultants Hired and Paid for many Millions € withOut Respecting the Legal Procedures, and/or of Projects with so Slipery Slope Financial Costs, that they Start with 1 Digit Number, but End with a ...Triple (X3) Digits Number for Costs, Afterwards ? Or about anOther Claim, about alleged Links to some Bio-Tech. Lobbies which do Not Care so much for Bio-Ethics, not even Nowadays, when Technologies for Genetic Manipulations on Human Beings have notoriously taken Dangerous Proportions, Urgently Needing adequate Safeguards, for the sake of Humanity ? Can, All that, be Seriously Checked in Only a Few Days' Time ? At least in the USA, such matters, (of Top Officials' Nominations' vetting) usually take much More Time !

    ++ Moreover, it's also a Fact that All EU Citizens will be Excluded from any eventual "Dialogue" that Von der Leyen might, eventually, have with MEPs in some Hasty Meetings, mostly or entirely Behind Closed Doors !

    => Worse : At any case, Now, Obviously, there is a Serious Threat for EU Citizens to be Definitively Excluded from Any Chance to Timely Participate in any Meaningful Public DEBATE Before Final Decisions, and to have Lost Any Chance to Democratically VOTE on that Crucial Choice

+ But, the Reality, Today looks Even much Worse than that, and all those who really Care about Europe, have a Duty to tell the Truth about it :                             


(A) It's a Fact that, EU Citizens were called to Meet, Speak, Debate and Vote for a Candidate officially due to become EU Commission's President, but, who, after Winning the EU Election (Weber), is grossly Insulted as "Irrelevant" and even "Ectoplasm" in front of the Medias, and soon afterwards Replaced by anOther, (Timmerman : who had just Lost that Election !), followed also by anOther (Von der Leyen) Person, who has Never yet spoken to EU Citizens, Neither was she Voted by them, Nor even Met them at all, until now !...

And all this Risks to be Imposed to EU Citizens withOut giving them Any Chance to have a Say.

(B) + Moreover, Even at EU Parliament itself, the next President, (Voted in 1 Day Campaign Only !), is Not from the Party which Won the 2019 EU Elections (ChristianDemocrats/EPP), But from the Party which Lost them, ("Socialists"). And Not Even from the Governing Majority Elected by the People in his own Country, (Italy), but only from the Minority in Opposition, (as Italy's vice-Prime Minister Salvini critically observed) !

It's true that, (independently of his possible capacities), he does Not Need an Absolute Majority of All EU Parliament's Members (Abstentionists Included), as Von der Leyen will have, on the Contrary, to Try get, in a Few Days...

=> But, what about EU Institutions' CREDIBILITY, after all that, vis à vis European Citizens, both Now, and on 2024 ?


Moreover, by receiving only 345 Votes on the 2nd Round, Against 406 Votes (322 for Other Candidates + 84 Blank or Absents [Most Left Between the 2 Rounds !]), he Obviously does Not Represent the Majority of MEPs, but Only of a Minority...

=> In Fact, unfortunately, at least for the Time being, those Latest Developments, inevitably Look like ..."MUSE"'s Famous Song : "CITIZEN ERASED !"...

(NDLR - Necessary in our Times of "BREXIT" : Even if that Group is Brittish, nevertheless, his 3 Musicians have English, French and German Origins, as even their Family Names clearly indicate !...)




Citizen Erased - MUSE (With Lyrics)
muse - citizen erased.

Break me in,
Teach us to cheat
And to lie, cover up
What shouldn't be shared?

All the truth unwinding
Scraping away
At my mind
Please stop asking me to describe him

For one moment
I wish you'd hold your stage
With no feelings at all
Open minded
I'm sure I used to be so free

Self expressed, exhausting for all
To see and to be
What you want and what you need

The truth unwinding
Scraping away
At my mind
Please stop asking me to describe

For one moment
I wish you'd hold your stage
With no feelings at all
Open minded
I'm sure I used to be so free

For one moment
I wish you'd hold your stage
With no feelings at all
Open minded
I'm sure I used to be so free

Wash me away
Clean your body of me
Erase all the memories
They will only bring us pain
And I've seen all I'll ever need

Citizen Erased lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.






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EuroCorps, aged 15, may graduate in 2009, boosted by Strasbourg's Human Rights/Reconciliation symbols and fresh political will


 Popular : EuroCorps' chief, General Pittarch, and Strasbourg's Mayor Ries, speak to the People, downtown.


* EuroCorps, EU defence's etat major, which has just celebrated 15 years of age (1993 - 2008), is young enough to feel enthousiasm for missions to guarantee Human Rights, Peace and reconcilation : Strasbourg's Historic Symbols, but also maturing fast, (particularly under the current French EU Presidency), in order to prepare potentialy important developments in 2009 :

- "EUROCORPS" is a "unique tool" for "a Modern Europe", jointly managed by participating Nations without anyone deciding for others", to "support their efforts to promote Reconciliation, Peace and Human Rights' Values, which identify today's European ideal, with its Symbol-City : Strasbourg", stressed its Chief, Spanish General Pedro PITARCH, in a popular ceremony for the 15th Anniversary of the European Army Corps, at its Headquarters.

- "Today, we are ready and able to fullfil any Peace-keeping Mission may be decided by the Political leadership, since we can deploy up to 60.000 soldiers and/or other agents, mainly in land, but in coordination with Sea and Air operarions", (even to build vital Infrastructures, demining, keep public order, facilitate Elections, etc), said to EuroFora EUROCORPS' Spokesman and Press Director, Colonel Raul SUEVOS.

- "If there is an Agreement with the framework Nations, EUROCORPS could certainly contribute to guarantee manifold aspects of Peace setllements", told us recently General PITARCH.


EuroCorps framework Nations' flags in Strasbourg's central square, on 2008, under the eyes of Napoleon's general KLEBER, famous for its Egypt campain, (reminded by German chancelor Merkel at Berlin's March 2007 EU Summit in a symbolic 1799 gift to the French President)..

EU Parliament asked, Summer 2008 in Strasbourg, " to place Eurocorps as a standing force under EU command", and "invited all (EU) Member States to contribute to it".

France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Luxembourg (participating with Funds, Telecoms and Officers), are EUROCORPS"' main "Framework Nations", due to be joined by Italy in 2009. Greece and Austria participate as "Contributing Nations", while Poland decided to upgrade its role. Turkey has liaison Officers for NATO relations, and even USA decided to send Officers to Strasbourg on 2009.

Observers await with impatience also the outcome of NATO's April 2009 Summit in Strasbourg in order to have a better view of EuroCorps' future.

dsc00212_400  dsc00213_400 dsc00214_400

  Since modern Defence must be able to use all Arms nowadays, EuroCorps tried to charm Strasbourg's People with Music accross popular streets...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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