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EU Chair Kurz points at Egypt solution on Mass Migration + stronger Borders

Written by ACM
Thursday, 20 September 2018

*Salzburg/EU Summit/Angelo Marcopolo/- In a Surprize-move, New EU President-in-office, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, during his Joint Press Conference, on the Conclusions of the EU Heads of State/Government's Summit in Salzburg, Together with EU Council's President Donald Tusk and EU Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker, (them too Former Prime Ministers of Poland and Luxembourg, respectively), in Addition to More Measures destinated to Strengthen EU's External Borders' Monitoring, as well as Financial Support to 3rd African and other Neighbouring 3rd Countries' Economies, (etc), pointed, in particular, to a kind of Model Role reportedly played by Egypt into acting in order for Ships full of Irregular Mass Migrants, do Not Reach Europe, Neither get Lost somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, but Return Safely Back to Africa.

Even if Egypt is Not Willing to Host Collective "Centers" for such People on its national Territory, on the Contrary, it would be Ready to Offer that Alternative Solution to the recent and manifold Challenge of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, since that 2015/2016 Big, sudden "Tsunami" of more than +1,5 Millions People massively Intruding in Europe through Turkey, whose manifold repercussions notoriously were at the Core of the present Salzburg's EU Summit, (Comp., f.ex. : .., etc).

Currently, Egypt is the Only Mediterranean Country from which Not even 1 such Ship, usually Exploited by Traffickers and Smugglers, did Not Reach Europe recently, while also Preventing eventual Tragedies, Kurz told in substance here Journalists, including Eurofora.

In order to Support and Develop such Activities, a special EU - Egypt Summit is currently Scheduled for November 2018, Sebastian Kurz announced.

But, in Parallel, EU Intends to Boost Similar a.o. Actions also by Many Other South-Mediterranean Countries, inter alia, also in the Framework of various, already existing, as well as new EU - Africa Cooperation Programs. (Comp., among others, also the EU+CoE Programme "SUD" etc., which can include a Fight against Humman Trafficking, as well as adequate Migration Policies, etc., f.ex. at: ..., etc).

Egypt has recently developed also frequent Top Level, Key Strategic Regional Summits, Together with EU Member States Cyprus and Greece, concerning both the Fight against Terrorism, and the Use and Transports of New Natural Energy findings at the South-Eastern Mediterranean, (parallel, and in Addition also with those recently Evolving, Israel-Cyprus-Greece, EU-sponsored Plans for Direct Energy Transports to EU's core Industrial Regions.

The Latest such Egypt-Greece-Cyprus Regional Summit has just taken place a few Days ago, before this Salzburg EU Summit on Mass Migration, (See also : ...)



EPP Leaders to EF on Orban/Hungary+ : Unity in Democratic+Mediatic Polyphony, eve of 2019 Elections

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

*Salzburg(Austria)s/EPP Summit/Angelo Marcopolo/- Salzburg U-Turn ? While some had speculated that the EPP might, eventually, push the embattled Prime Minister Victor Orban (See: ...., etc) out of the mainstream EPP Group, on the occasion of an exceptional Party's Summit in Salzburg Today, at the eve of all EU Heads of State/Governments' informal Summit here, under Austrian EU Presidency (July - December 2018), on the Contrary, Top ChristianDemocrat/EPP Leaders, speaking to "Eurofora", pointed rather at Better Results to the forthcoming, crucial EU Elections of May 2019, if even positions closer to many EU Citizens recent Feelings and Concerns could be heard inside a more PolyPhonic Music,

alike to what the New EU President-in-office, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Symbolically chose to Play, later on, ToNight, before all EU Heads of State/Governments' Working Diner, precisely Focused on the currently "Burning" Issues related to that special Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants' Big "Tsunami" of more than +1,5 Millions People suddenly entering Europe through Turkey since 2015/2016+, including, particularly, the Massive Harassments and/or Bloody Terrorist Attacks targetting Civilian People, concerned for their Safety, (Comp., f.ex., among many others, also :..., etc, and See Infra).

- Already, Experienced EU Parliament's President, former twice EU Commissioner and Foreign Minister of Italy, Antonio Tajani, replying to an "Eurofora"s relevant Question, during that EPP's Summit in Salzburg, ensured that there is No Risk to Divide the Biggest Political Party in Europe, just because of a (Controversial) Resolution which criticized Hungary on certain points under discussion.



+ Followed an exceptional, recently announced, Press Point for Journalists present in Salzburg's EU Summit, including "Eurofora", by an Interesting Top Duo with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, as EU Chairman-in-office, and the Experienced ChristianDemocrat/EPP President, Joseph Daul from France, who Both stressed a Collective Will for Stronger Measures to Protect EU's External Borders, but Also to Cooperate with Transit and/or Origin Countries in order Both to Prevent and/or Redress such Massive Irregular intrusions, (Comp. also, inter alia : ..., etc).

++ It was later this Evening Added also an interesting relevant Statement to "Eurofora" by EPP Party's Secretary General, as well as Mainstream MEP, Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, in Reply to Our Question : - Yes, it's also true that, f.ex., Last Week in Strasbourg, during EU Parliament's plenary Session of a full Week, (See : ...), but also Before, as well as just After that, there was a Lot of Medias' Interest on EU's position about Victor Orban's popular political choices, particularly on that recent Mass Migration through Turkey :

Moves like this might also be a kind of Good Omen, in the run up to May 2019 EU Elections, since they Augment EU Citizens' Interest for such "Topical EU Debates", that "we, inside the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Party allow to democratic fleurish, while others don't", as he Critically pointed out vis a vis his "Socialists" competitors, (who had, however, "Urgently" organized an "Exceptional" EU Group's Office Meeting, Last Thursday Afternoon in Strasbourg, as "Eurofora" witnessed then on the spot).


Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, by a Topical Coincidencen was speaking to "Eurofora" Together with the Winner of the Recent Elections in Slovenia, former Prime Minister Janez Jansa, whose Party's MEPs were among those who Strongly Supported popular Prime Minister Victor Orban's poliicies in Hungary, at a recent, Controversial Vote in EU Parliament's Plenary Session in Strasbourg, (See : ..., etc). 

- In the rush, this EPP's Summit also Decided a rare "Family Photo" sequence, Announced at the Last Minute, here in Salzburg, while Victor Orban himself appeared exceptionaly smiling and reportedly agreeing that, after all, yes, it seems that Nowadays he's becoming quite Popular... - "And he Really is !", spontaneously told "Eufora" a Young Collegue Journalist, who appeared Thrilled...

- Meanwhile, Chancellor Angie Merkel and former Chancellor Helmut Kohl's well known Long-Time political Ally, currently President of the German Parliament, Wolfgang Schäuble, published, at the Eve of Salzburg's EU Summit, and sshortly after a Controversial Debate and Vote in EU Parliament in Strfasbourg, precisely on Victor Orban's policies in Hungary and more generaly, a Rare Call to "Understand the People"'s current concerns, (including on "Safety", particularly after a New Series of Brutal Killings Targetting Civilians, by Knife-stabbings from Mass Asylume Seekers/Irregular Migrants who massively entered Europe through Turkey since 2015-2016, and, where necessary, even to "Revise Policies", (See : ...).

Salzburg's EU Summit, topicaly deals Both with recent Mass Migration Issues and BREXIT, which wass Provoked also by that 2015 Big "Tsunami" through Turkey, (notoriously Exploited, during that Referendum's Voting Campaign, by some Pro-BREXIT Politicians then).

+ Last, but not least : Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz symbolically chose, even in World-Famous Mozart's Historic City : Salzburg, near a Superb "Mozarteum", to Associate, in 2 Music pieces played this Evening for EU's Heads of State/Governement, in a Surprizing Move, also a ...Xenakis Artwork, from the Famous Greco-French Modern Music Composer, (whose often "PolyPhonic" works used to Stimulate, inter alia, also ...Strasbourg International Modern "Musica" Annual Festival, since the Times that we were a Young Student passionately attending such events, almost at the same time that Jean-Claude Juncker attended there CoE's PanEuropean Parliamentary Assembly's "Hot" Debates)...




CoE Director+Ministers' Chair to EF for a Common Legal Space on Mediterranean States:Areas+Exchanges

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 18 September 2018


*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/- Both the EU and CoE's PanEuropean Organisation marked a joint wish to deal with South Mediterranean Countries by sending 2 Political Heavy-Weights in Today's Conference at Strasbourg for the Launch of a 3rd Phase, for the Period of 2018-2020, of their Programme for sustainable Democratic Governance and Human Rights in Southern Mediterranean, (known as "South III". For the Previous Phase II, See "Eurofora"s NewsReport http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/eucoesouthmediterraneanprogram2.html) :



- Experienced CoE's deputy Secretary General, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni from Italy, (as CoE's SG Thornbjorn Jagland was Visiting Greece, another Mediterranean Country, which prepares to soon Host on October 2018 a "North/South Center" event, destinated to an even Larger Circle of 3rd Countries Neighbouring Europe), Focused, from the outset, on the Strategic Aim to Help "Build a Common Legal Space".

- Well known former EU Commissioner, f. vice-Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Bulgaria (recently EU Chair for the 1st Half of 2018), Meglena Kuneva, revealed that this was her "1st Event" in her New role as EU (28 Member States' strong) Ambassador to the PanEuropean CoE (47 Member States strong, including Russia, etc), Confirmed EU's Will to "Continue" to "Support", in a "Sustainable" way, such "Cooperations" as a (Regional) "Bridge" towards a Better "Global Governance".

EU provides up to 90% of the Funding, (the rest 10% comming from the CoE), while CoE "Welcomes" the interested Southern Mediterranean Coutries to its extensive and manifold set of "Legal Conventions" in various fields, where, as CoE's Director for Information Society and Action against Crime, Jan Kleijssen from Austria (current EU Chair for the Period of July - December 2018) noted, in Addition to about 12 CoE's Legal Conventions already Signed by such Countries, anOther 12 Conventions are Open and Ready for Signature in the foreseable Future.



It's a Fact that even CoE's and EU's Historic Enlargment towards Central-Eastern European Countries, (including Russia for the CoE, towards the End of the 20th Century, Followed by an Extension of the EU to 28 Member States from the Beginning of the 21st Century), had been notoriously Prepared through a Previous Signature, Ratification and Participation of those Countries to CoE's "Cultural" Convention, initially.

Such Moves allow to "Anchor" Better Relations/Cooperation, Now Heading mainly towards a more "Multilateral Cooperation", stressed Battaini-Dragoni, while also Inviting Representatives of Southern Meiterranean Countries to Express their own "Views for Future Cooperation", Ensuring them of an Open "Dialogue".



(ECHR in Arab Language)

Thus, among others, f.ex., even if some really wished, inside CoE, to promote this time particularly a CoE's Convention known as "Istanbul" Treaty, against Violence on Women and inside Homes, (Hotly Supported by Out-Going former Turkish MEP Gülsün Bilgehan), nevertheless, other Participants observed also that more than 17 CoE's Member States have Not yet Ratified that particular Text, in Addition to the Fact that "Noone among the 3rd, Non-European Countries, hasn't even SIgned that".

Summing-up, in Conclusion, the Number 1 CoE's Senior Official in charge of these matters too, Verena Taylor, the PanEuropean Organisation's Director General of Programmes, pointed at a Will of "Flexibility" during "Sud III" (i.e. between 2018-2020), aiming mainly to "Reply to Calls" from the Willing Countries, preferably in a "Regional" Context.


+ And, Speaking afterwards with "Eurofora", Verena Taylor Confirmed, as CoE's Programmes' competent Director, that, eve if there is, currently as wish to propose that Istanbul Convention, nevertheless, Strasbourg's PanEuropean Organisation would be Ready to Use Also a Great Variety of Manifold Other Key Legal Conventions, open to 3rd Countries, during the Period to come, (Comp. Supra). She didn't go as far as to explicitly suggest that they might also be "Tailor-made", but her Smile have an Impression that it might not be so far away from such an eventually "Flexible" approach, (Comp. Supra).

++ Furthermore, this Key point of overall Strategy was also Supported, and even Concretely ReInforced, with several Particular Mentions of Various Real Examples, by the President of CoE's Ministers' "EX" Group, in charge of External Relations, Ambassador Katrin Kivi, from Estonia, speaking, later-on, with "Eurofora" :



- Among others, f.ex., it's also on Helping to Fight against "Cyber-Crime", on Protecting "Personal Data", (where CoE intends to Launch a ReNovated Legal Convention, in Agreement with the EU, during its Parliamentary Assembly's Plenary Session of October 2018 in Strasbourg), as well as in Preventing "Radicalisation", Fighting against Terrorism, but also Elections, Constitutions, Anti-Corruption Measures, Reform of the Judiciary, etc, Added also Ambassador Kivi to "Eurofora", in a purely Indicative, but suggesting way.



* Concerning the Prestigious "Venice Commission", CoE's Top Legal Experts' body for Democracy and Human Rights through mainly Constitutional Law, its Experienced Director, Thomas Markert from Germany, speaking to "Eurofora", observed, f.ex., the Interesting Fact that, particularly with Tunisia, Morocco and Jordany, but also Other South Mediterranean Countries, CoE has Efficiently Cooperated, inter alia, also in the Creation of several "Independent Authorities" in various Key Sectors, probably because, inter alia, they did not wish for an Instable Parliament to eventually Dominate all Social Life in their Countries, but Preferred to have a More Resilient Civil Society build around Stable Values and elementary Democratic Pluralism, Markert practically highlighted.



Moreover, a Young Morocco Expert on Audio-Visual affairs, Amine Elbouazzaoui Haca, told "Eurofora" that Rabat was already Participating inside Strasbourg-based CoE's PanEuropean Audio-Visual Observatory, (a "Hit" nowadays particularly for V.O.D. in its Annual Press Conference at Cannes' International Festival). Indeed, how could it be Otherwise for the Country of World-Famous "Casablanca" Hollywood Film, starring the Historic legends of Humphrey Bogart with Lawren Bacall ?...

But Verena Taylor's "Dialogue" (Comp. Supra) went sometimes "Spicy", particularly when a Tunisian Expert Imed Hazgui, President of the (Independent) Authority for Access to Information, launched a Friendly Challenge to the Experienced President of CoE's "Venice Commission" (Comp. Supra), Gianni Buquicchio, by Claiming that the Tunisian Constitution of 2014 and subsequent Legislation would have Developed "Better Legal Standards" Citizens' "Access to Information" and/or "Participation" to Public Authorities Decisions-Making !

Surprizingly, President Buquicchio did Not Deny that, and, on the Contrary, spoke, as a matter of General Principle, in favor of "Sharing" the Best Legal Standards accross North and South Mediterranean Countries...


"Eurofora" subsequently Spoke with President Hazgui on that Key Point for Citizens nowadays, and we reminded him, inter alia, also the Fact that, when that New Tunisian Constitution of 2014 was still being Prepared on 2012, We had raised a relevant Question, in a Press Conference at the CoE in Strasbourg, to the Head of Tunisia's Constituent Assembly, Ben Jafaar, precisely about eventual Innovations concerning Citizens' Participation to the Decision-Making process by Pubic Authorities, and Jafaar had, indeed, Replied Carefuly but Positively, at least in principle, without Excluding that "the Genius of the (Tunisian) Revolution might", perhaps, succeed to Deal also with that, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/tunisianrevolutionideasondemocracy.html).

Indeed, the Article of the 2014 Tunisian Constition which enshrines a Citizens' Right to Acces to Information, Transparency, etc, makes it clear that this aims to Help Develop Citizens' Participation to the Decision-making process, more Widely observed President Hazgui, among others, replying to "Eurofora" on that point. [NDLR : The Rest is a Legal Analysis' Comparison Study].  

- "Knowledge Transfert" between the Northern and Southern Mediterranean Countries "is Not Uni-Directional", indeed, pointed, in this and various other similar regards, the Head and an Expert of EU Commission's DG NEAR, Ingrid Schwaiger and Anne Tuna, (both from Austria, the current EU President for 7-12/2018), as a matter of General Principle.

Amin Haca (Comp. Supra) told "Eurofora" that a Web Network of various Legal "Regulations" accross the Mediterranean Sea Countries contains, in principle, various such Legal Standards used at the North and/or South, (as one of the remnants, probably, of the 2008 Attempt to create a "Mediterranean Union", on the occasion of the French Presidency of the EU, then : Comp. relevant "Eurofora"s NewsReports from the relevant Heads of State/Summit, then, in Paris' "Grand Palais", f.ex., at: .., etc).  

Concerning Today's EU/CoE Programme of "SUD III" for 2018-2020, such a GeoPolitical Area is due to Bring Together around Nine (9) Entities from the "Southern" side, such as : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Lebanon and Jordan, said earlier to "Eurofora" CoE's Head of Programming Department, Pilar Morales Fernandez-Shaw.

In this Wider Framework, it's, f.ex., also the Interesting Experience and "Know-How" of Morocco in the Figght against Radicalisation, which could be Usefull for most Other Participants, she pointed out. And the Interests but also the Ingenuity of various Southern Mediterranean Countries, as well as the "Flexibility" of EU/CoE's "SUD" Programs have f.ex. Created even a "Cyber-SUD" specifique Project, etc., Pilar Morales -Shaw told "Eurofora". 

Meanwhile, inter alia, it was announced that the Foreign Minister of Tunisia will visit CoE's Assembly in Strasbourg at the beginning of October 2018. 

This coincides with the Opening for Signature of CoE's new, Revised Convention for the Protection of Personal Data, (Agreed with the EU), mainly throughout Digital Technologies, (Comp. Supra).




Schäuble on Mass Migration via Turkey +Murders : Understand the People and Revise Policy !

Written by ACM
Friday, 14 September 2018

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- It's by spontaneously pointing at the Spreading Deadly Attacks by Islamist Terrorists cowardly Targetting innocent Civilian People throughout Germany and elsewhere in Europe, including the recent Murder of a Medical Doctor by a Somalian Mass Asylum Seeker/Irregular Migrant at his own Home City : the Nearby Offenbourg, shortly after earlier Popular Demonstrations against other Brutal Killings at Chemnitz, Köthen, etc., that Bundestag's President, Wolfgang Schäuble, suddenly became Thoughtful, and Changed Tone  :

A "Metamorphose" had just occured, Unexpectedly Transforming what had meant to be just a Routine INTW to a usual Economic Review on National and Global Finances' update,

into an Explosive Magma of Strong Emotion and Fast Track Lightnings of Genial Thoughts on Top Political Issues of Burning Actuality for that key Country with 90 Millions Population, right in the Middle of a European Continent Organized in a 350 MIllions Strong Collective EU Body, Navigating like a Ship at High Sea, through a Rocky Area, with the Responsibility of a Captain enTrusted by the People to Find the Right Way among Huge Waves and Threats to be again Attacked by Treacherous and Deadly Pirates, Protect it Bravely, Organise its own Defence, with a Sharp sense of Urgency, when innocent Human Beings, a Civilisation and its core Values are all at Stake, almost at the Same Time, in order to manage to Guide and Help Bring them at Safe Harbour...

For such a purpose, No more Time, nor Space for Long, Diplomatic Subtelties of Global Financial speculations (Comp. Supra) : On the Contrary, it had to be Short and Sharp, Crystal-Clear and Right on the Key Point, Practical and Motivating, Energizing and Reassuring, Able to Bring Efficient Results where it's really Needed :

- "We Must Understand the People !",

A Reference to "the Philosopher Karl Popper", served as Gateway :

- "Popper's Credo - not very original but Effective: The Advantage of Freedom Systems (in a Society) is that They can CORRECT their MISTAKES !", the Experienced Schäuble reminds.

He suddenly points High up to "the Future of Mankind", and Observes the Fact that "Soon, 8 Billions of People wil be Living on this Earth", among whom, "2 Billions in Africa alone".

=> Therefore, "In view of the Enormous (Population) Problems, we must Not Bury our Head in the Sand", i.e., "we (Europe) should Not Dig in Behind our Borders, But (we) Must Try to Answer the Big Questions, Together", he advises.

>>> Thus, "One Major Question of the Present is the Issue of Migration", Shäuble starts to Move that Press Interview as HE believes that it Should be done...

 - "Now, it's Not Only our new Partners in Central-Eastern Europe (f.ex. the Group of "VISEGRAD" Countries, etc), which Complaint that it's too Cumbersome"...

=> Therefore, "We Must take this Seriously !", he Urged.

- Since "Unfortunately, current (Migration) Policies are Not Sufficienty Good, also Nowhere in the West", the German Politician Critically observed, Pointing, f.ex.,, in this regard, to some "Choices of Donald Trump" in the USA, "or take the BREXIT" in the UK, "or (what he called) the Erosion of Democracy in (the Rest of) Europe", (etc).

=> Therefore, "it's Not Just to the East" of Germany (f.ex. in Saxony and/or Bavaria, where Popular Protests are more Lively), or Europe, (f.ex. among "VISEGRAD" Group Countries), because "We have it also Here", (i.e. at the West) : "This is, now, a Feature" of our Society ...    

- When an Establishment's Media's Journalist Criticises what he called "the Riots in Chemnitz", (i.e. the Popular Protests against the Brutal Murder of a Young German in Saxony, stabbed with Knife by 2 or 3 Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants from Iraq or Syria),

    then, Schäuble reminds also the Fact that, even "during the (last) G-20 Summit, held in Hambourg, (North-Western Germany : See "Eurofora"s relevant NewsReports from that G20 Summit, f.ex., at : ...), we experienced, then, Massive Riots" too...

    - "This applies ...Both to the North and to South Germany, also for the Old (Western) and the New (Eastern) Lander (Federated States)", he observed.

    - In general, "We must Stop to speak with Arrogance", (f.ex. towards the Eastern Areas), "Otherwise, those People Feel that they are No longer treated as Equal Partners", Schâuble warned.

    >>> - "Take, for instance, our Neighbours in Poland" : "Even if some developments in Eastern Europe might Bother me, then, I think :"

     - "Who are We, Germans, that we want to Explain to Poland (a.o.) How Freedom and the Rule of Law should be ?",

(he Criticized, using a Famous Expression of Pope Francis, and which could Also be used vis a vis several Displaced and/or Exagerated, Hypocritical Criticism of Victor Orban's Hungary, by some who, in fact, serve some Shady Interests : Comp., f.ex. : ...).    

    Poland and Hungary, as well as Other "Visegrad" Group, Central-Eastern European Countries, have, notoriously, been often Criticized for their Reluctance to Take, inside their National Territories, Islamized Non-European Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants who suddenly arrived massively through Turkey since 2015/2016+.

    >>> -  In fact, "it's very Important that we do Not Sweep the Problems Under the Carpet !", Warned Schäuble.

    - On the Contrary, we should "Take Seriously the People's Feelings : Something that we have Not Sufficiently done" until now, he Advised, (speaking Shortly After a Series of Popular Protests, f.ex. in Chemnitz and Elsewhere,     whenever Innocent Civilian People were Brutally Killed by "Islamist" Terrorists who cowardly targetted them also Recently : See, f.ex. ...).     

    - Currently, "there is no more Topical and Controversial Discussion than on the Issue of <<Refugees>> and Islam !", observed Schäuble.

    - "If" they (claim that they) "do not feel treated Fairly, we must Listen to them", he advised.

    >>> - But, "at the same time, We must Make them Understand the Rules by which, We Want to live in Europe !", he stressed.

    - F.ex., "the Rule of Law, Tolerance and Human Rights", etc. "Most People in the World want to go along with such Principles".

    + Moreover, even if "Migration Policy is not always in the Institutional Framework of (EU's) Lisbon Treaty", nevertheless, We (EU Countries) Need, f.ex., an "African Policy, and to Fight against the Causes for which People are Fleeing" from there. And "'there is a lot of Work to be done"...

    => But, "(as British Economist Paul Collier  shows), it makes No Sense to Include the African Migrants in Europe !", Wolfgang Schäuble Denounced.    

    - Certainly, "We (EU) Must Help those People who are in (Real) Need to come to us", (i.e. Real, Not Fake Refugees). "But, at the same time, We (EU) Must do more to Ensure that they have No Reason To Run away, any longer", he pointed out.

    => In practice, "this ... means that We (EU)May also consider to Help, in the case of one or another Criminal or Terrorist Regime in Africa, withOut using too much Force", the Top German Politician Suggested.

    >>> In fact, "the (African) Continent Needs a Chance !", Schäuble stressed. In order "to Face their Big Challenges by themselves", he urged.

    - Even if, "in the Short Term, it's about Saving the People who are in Life-Threatening situation in the Mediterranean" Sea,

>>> nevertheless, "at the Same Time, we must make it Clear that this is Not the Way to Europe !", Schäuble firmly stressed.      

    => Fustigating "the Cynical Business model" of "Human Traffickers"/"People's Smugglers",

he Clearly underlined that : - "Whoever realizes that he has No Chance to enter Europe, will Not accept a Risk to Die !" (by making a Dangerous attempt to Cross the Mediterranean Sea)...       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - But, "this can only achieved by Europe; all Together : It requires the Force of All" :


    - I.e., "Not just the Mediterranean Countries, Neither Individual Agreements with Neighbouring Countries, such as Turkey", around Europe.

    >>> - Also because those Individual Deals (as f.ex. with Turkey) "Need, by Far, much More Money than what goes, until now, in Development Aid, or Borders Security !", the Experienced, former Long-Time Finance Minister of Germany, Denounced...

    Indeed, Turkey (after a notorious BlackMail on Europe, back on 2015-2016, when Ankara had thrown against Europe more than 1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, via its Smugglers and Land), has extorted from the EU more than 3 Billions €uros, in fuill Grants (Not Loanw), each Year !...

    + In fact, "every €uro Invested in Africa brings Much More Advantages, than what we Spend in this country (Germany) for Refugees", Schäuble concluded.

Debates with AfD = "Exciting" ?!...

    - The President of the Bundestag finds also that "its Debates have become quite Exciting", since it has "6 Factions inside", as he said in Reply to a Question on the Recent Entry of the Rightists of the "AfD" Party...

    - Indeed, "the Interest of the Public has Increased", Schäuble underlined. Thus, "this Parliament met one of its Most Important Tasks in the Representative (Democracy) System !".

    - However, "I would Not Speculate on what extent the Parliamentary Rules might have Affected this (AfD) Party" of the Rightists, he carefuly reserved his final assessment on that point...

Schäuble on "Feeling Threatened" after Murder in his Home Town !

On this occasion, Schäuble pointed himself at the Fact that, Shortly After a Long Series of Popular Demonstrations with Strong Protests for the Lack of Protection of Civilian People from Risks of Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks, when another Young German was Stabbed and Killed with a Knife by 2 or 3 Irregular Migrants from Iraq/Syria who had arrived in Europe through Turkey,=> it's also anOthert German, a Medical Doctor (who was even, reportedly ...Helping "Refugees"), that was Murdered with another Knife by another Irregular Migrant from Turkey, just a few Days ago, this time ...in the very Home Town of the President of the Bundestag, at Offenburg, Near Strasbourg !..


    - Indeed, Replying to a Journalists' Question about the previous Incidents at Chemnitz, (which is Located in the far away from here, Federated State of Saxony, (former East Germany), Schäuble pointed himself at the Fact that it's "Also in My Constituency of Offenburg, where the 1st Murder occured, in Recent weeks"...

    + Moreover, Here too, the "alleged Perpetrator was an already Rejected Asylum Seeker...", who had Not been yet Deported, Shäuble Denounced, showing that the Same Problem with the Killing of Chemnitz existed also in that subsequent Murder of Offenburg : I.e. that the Police and/or the Courts had Not yet managed to Deport such Irregular and Dangerous Individuals, with the Result to let them Free to Commit Atrocious and Brurtal Murders against Defenceless, innocent Civilian People, (i.e. the Same Problem as it had already happened even with that Horrible Truck Driving Mass Killer at Berlin's Christmas Market, a Year ago) !

    - "The Ridge is Narrow", commented Schäuble, in this regard : Even if "the vast majority of us are Willing to Help a fellow Human being – no matter what colour, religion or nationality", nevertheless, "When we start FEELING THREATENED, in Our Own Security", then, "it Becomes Hard (Difficult)", he Denounced.

    => Indeed, "the State has the Duty to Guarantee Internal Security !", even the President of the Parliament denounced...

    >>>This was, Indeed, the Number 1 Popular Demand of all those (Rightists and various Other) Demonstrators who have Shaken the Public Opinion and most Medias Debates in Germany during the Recent Weeks

:  - "We Want to be Protected and Safe !", said most of their Placards.

     - And from this point of view, it does Not Matter Whether you Live in Chemnitz (former Eastern Germany, at Saxony's Länder), or in Offenburg, (Western Germany, near Strasbourg...", Schäuble underlined.

    - "Because, ...this a Problem for all Germany, and Not Only for the City of Chemnitz or of the (Federated) State of Saxony" alone, he stressed.

    - And "Noone Disputes the Fact that Every Single Negative Incident (as those Brutal Murders) is Bad !", Schâuble concluded.

    + Moreover, the President of the Bundestag clearly Rejected, as irrelevant, the Claim made by a Journalist (of Establishment's Medias) that the Rightists of the "Alternative" Party (AfD) would be "Exploiting" "'all" those Murders, and even "Rapes" by Radicalized Islamists...   

    >>> - In fact, it's True that "the Mood of the Population is Tense", Nowadays, and this "is Due to the Developments in Recent Years", (i.e. since the 2015/2016 sudden "Tsunami" of 1,5 Million of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants thrown against Europe by Turkey, through its Smugglers, Schäuble acknowledged.

    - "Therefore, you have to Deal Wisely", with such Incidents, "Neither Dramatize, nor Trivialize", he advised.

    => - "Above all, we Need to Understand the People !", the President of the German Parliament Urged in Conclusion.



All this clearly slams an Establishment's Media's reported Claim (used as a Pretext for Censorship) that Deadly Incidents as that, f.ex. of Offenburg (Comp. Supra), would "not have a National/Federal Interest" (sic !)...

+ In Addition, it also clearly shows that the above-mentioned Problems have obviously reached a Level after which it's Not Credible, neither Sufficient at all, to merely Claim, once again, that all those Mass Migration Issues would be efficiently addressed just by another Promise to "Strengthen the Monitoring of EU's External Borders"...

That's obviously a Good Move, but it does Not Address at all the currently "Hot" Issues (illustrated particularly after this New Series of Knife Attacks) about People's Need and Demand, here and now, for "Protection and Safety" inside Europe, (Comp. Supra).

Chancellor Angie Merkel had revealed, a Year ago, that the Number of those Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, among the 1,5 Million who came, already since 2015-2016, to Europe through the Balkans Route after intruding via Turkey, but whose Demands had been checked and found False, so that they were ready to be Deported, was, in fact, quite Limited, almost Tiny, comparatively. And most among the Perpetrators of those Recent Murders had Not been yet Deported, neither detained, until they Killed innocent Civilian People.

Therefore, once again, here too, it's obvious that a Stronger Monitoring of EU's External Borders would be Good, but blatantly Insufficient, Nowadays.

A fortiori when "FRONTEX"'s Interventions are Limited, in real Practice, into merely practicing the role of a ... "TAXI", (as Italy's Beppe Grillo had notoriously Denounced about alleged CoastGuards, whose activities, in fact, are Limited into merely ...Helping Bring inside Europe even More "Refugees", withOut doing practicaly Nothing in order to Stop them. (As also Many relevant Press Releases about the Recent Activities of "FRONTEX" around the Greek Islands of Aegean Sea, Facing the Turkish Coasts, clearly reveal, since they only speak about the "Rescue" or Facilitation of "Refugees"/Mass Migrants to enter Europe through Turkey and via Greece, withOut even mentioning any Attempt at all to Stop Smuggling them !)....    

    These are obviously important critical points to take into account before final Political Decisions, f.ex. at the forthcoming Salzburg EU Summit Next Week in Austria.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



(NDLR : Full initial INTW to "Handelsblatt", 13/9/2018, at : https://www.handelsblatt.com/politik/deutschland/bundestagspraesident-im-interview-mein-respekt-nahm-ab-wolfgang-schaeuble-spricht-ueber-sein-verhaeltnis-zur-bankenbranche/23054964.html)

EPP MEPs Majority for Victor Orban => Refuse Mass Migration+LGBT Lobbyist/EP Rapporteur Threat

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 12 September 2018

*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/(Partly UpDated)- Manifold Converging Facts, gathered from Monday up to Thursday in EU Parliament by "Eurofora", clearly indicate that a Majority of ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group (the Biggest) MEPs either Voted Against or Abstained on a Controversial Report threatening UnPrecedented Sanctions on Hungary, drafted by a former registered "Lobbyist" of NGOs linked to Mass Migration, LGBT, Soros, a.o. Lobbies, who, normally, should have Never been given such a big Responsibility, for obvious Conflict of Interest, (See Infra).     


Indeed, an Absolute Majority of ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group's 116 MEPs, were Against, Abstained or Refused to Participate in the Vote of that Report, which was Backed Only by a Minority of 102 EPP MEPs, (out of a Total of 218 : Previously 221).   

  In Addition, an even Stronger Majority in EU Parliament, of 348 MEPs, clearly Rejected a "Socialists"' Attempt to Deny the Fact that, nonobstant some NGOs' and EU/CoE/UN Bodies' alleged "Concerns" on Hungary, these are simply "Non Binding ...Opinions", since, "Legally, ...Only the Court of Justice of the EU may Interpret the provisions of the (EU) Treaty". (Indeed, Orban reportedly intends to Lodge a Legal Complaint to the ECJ at nearby Luxembourg asap).    


All these Facts, obviously, Belie the incredble Claims and other "Fake News" by Establishment's Medias, as mainstream Newspaper "Le Monde" (France), according to whose "Special Envoy to Strasbourg", about "7 out of 10" ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEPs would have been ready to Vote Against Orban (sic !)...


+ Moreover, Victor Orban succeeded to Forge, thus, a rare Unity of All the Right, adding to Mainstream ChristianDemocrats/EPP MEPs (many of rare Personal/Political Quality, Top Euro-Politicians: See Infra), also anOther maistream Group : that of Conservatives (ECR), as well as the Atypical "Freedom and Democracy" Group of Euro-Sceptics (EFDD), and the Rightists of "Nations and Freedoms" (ENF) Group, added to almost All "Independent" MEPs.    ++ He even managed to Attract several ... "Socialists", Liberals and Leftist MEPs (See Infra) !        


And, all that, just by someone who Stands clearly at the Right side of the Political Spectrum, while also being in favour of a ..."Strong Europe", (as Orban's Hungarian EU Presidency's official Program underlined, already since its 2011 Official Document distributed in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, obtained and kept by "Eurofora" untl 2018 : See relevant PHOT0)...     

(NDLR : For more concrete Details on Today's VOTE, See Infra).    

=> Thus, Orban seems, meanwhile, in the process of Agreeing, de facto, with French President Emmanuel Macron, that they may Lead the 2 Different main Political Sides on which could be Polarized the forthcoming May 2019 EU Elections !

    And even mainstream Center-Right EU Leader and German Chancellor, Angie Merkel, (that some attempt to oppose to Orban, Both EPP Members), reportedly observed, Earlier, at a Joint Press Conference with the Hungarian Prime Minister in Berlin, that, despite "some Differences", nevertheless, on the recent Mass Migration Issue, Victor Orban "has done a part of the work for us... , (by Stopping the Western Balkans Route from Turkey, at the Peak of the 2015-2016 Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants' Crisis).     


However, a Paradox is that, Orban (who Triggered an Urgenty needed and succesful Protection of EU's Borders since February 2016: Comp. Supra), is now Harassed by various, mainly Leftist Opponents, and Threatened with Financial and/or Politicall "Sanctions",     while, on the Contrary, Turkey, (which Suddenly threw into Europe more than 1,5 Millions of Heavily Islamized Non-European Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, reportedly "Chosen" among the Most Difficult to Integrate, via a Network of Turkish Smugglers and Crooks), got ...an Additional + 3 Billions € in full Grants by EU Funds each Year !  


 + And Today, it's only due to a Regrettable Division inside the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group of MEPs, (whose current Chair, Manfred Weber, said that he'd personaly Vote that Controversial Report opening a Procedure for Sanctions against Hungary - reportedly because, as a Cadidate for the Replacement of EU Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker, he would have to become "Acceptable" also by Other Political Groups), that, finally, this Report was apparently Endorsed in EU Parliament (See Infra).   


 While, on the Contrary, (given also the Opposition of Both the "Conservatists" and the "pro-Brexit" Groups of MEPs, as well as of the Rightists, Independents, etc. : Comp. Supra and Infra), an eventual Unity of ChristianDemocrats/EPP around their Member : the Hungarian Governing Party "Fides", would have Certainly Rejected any such Threat of Sanction...

    Indeed, according to a Controversial Interpretation of EU Parliament's Rules, anounced only at a Press Point this week in Strasbourg, it seems that the "Abstention" Votes (including of several EPP MEPs) are Not taken into Account, in order to Calculate if the Required 2/3 Majority was reached, or not., (Contrary to a Different Interpretation, given by the EU Parliament's competent Rapporter hershelf, Earlier from Thursday in Brussels : where she had Incited EPP's MEPs to ..."Go Drink a Coffee", instead of Voting, as mainstream Medias had stressed, even on their Headlines !). Thus a Final Vote of about 450 "Yes", versus 250 (incl. "No" + "Abstention") Votes, was, Finaly, Analysed as a "2/3 Majority"...   

    Something which is, however, another among the Disputed points in a very probable Legal Complaint due to be Decided by Hungary Next Week for the EU Court of Justice in nearby Luxembourg...


The point about EPP Group's Collective stance (Comp. Supra) has a particular and Wider Importance Nowadays, inter alia also because the embattled Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban, (who recently Chaired the "Visegrad" Group of Central EU Countries), has, meanwhile, both Adopted a Set of (quite Popular) Political Principles which vary from those currently pushed by a controversial Establishment, and expressed his wish to actively contribute, this time, to Shape the Agenda of his Political Family, (the Center-Right, mainly of ChristianDemocrats/EPP), for the Crucial forthcoming European Elections of May 2019.

But, already, just in a Few Days Time : on September 20, 2018, an exceptional EU Summit of Heads of State/Goverment in Salzburg, Austria (the current EU rotating Chair), is due to Focus mainly on the Challenges of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants from Non-European Countries, particularly after that Sudden, more than 1,5 Millions Big "Tsunami" through Turkey since 2015/2016+, etc., who have notoriously presented UnPrecedented Problems of Integration because of Radical Islamization and even Bloody Terrorism targetting innocent Civilian People, until Recently, (f.ex. in Germany, but also in France, the UK, Netherlands, etc), with the Result to Provoke a UK Majority for "BREXIT" and a Long Series of Wide-Spreading Electoral Results in favor of Anti-Mass Migration and/or various Rightist, even more or less "Euro-Sceptic" Political Movements throughout Europe, (f.ex., in the Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc).

Victor Orban's Popular policies, (which were marked by 3 Landslide big Electoral Wins, with an Absolute Majority of Hungarian People's Votes), notoriously Stopped most of that UnPrecedented "Tsunami" coming through Turkey, already since the Beginning of 2016, by Protecting the Country's Borders towards the Balkans, (which Incited also many Other European Countries, located along that Route from Turkey, to do alike, in order to Prevent Big Masses of Irregular Migrants from being Accumulated and Blocked in their own Territories : See, f.ex. ....).  

But, already Earlier, Hungary had also adopted anOther Series of Important Reforms on a Different Topical Issue, (which has notoriously Provoked a lot of Controversies, Socio-Political Infights and even an UnPrecedented use of Police Force against peaceful Demonstrators, f.ex. in France on 2013-2014, etc) : that of BioEthics.

Particularly concerning the Protection of Natural Family, between Men and Women, able to give Natural Births, Contrary to Recent Pressure (f.ex. by USA's former President Barack Hussein Obama, etc) to Impose "Same Sex Marriages", and even the Submission of Children to the Power of Homosexuals under pretext of "Adoption", inevitably Pushing, sooner or later, also towards the Exploitation of "Surrogate Mothers", and to a Fast-Growing Number of "Articificial" Births, obtained by Technological Interferences, (including, f.ex., "In Vitro Fertilisation", TransPlantations, Sperms/Eggs/Frozen Embryos' "Banks", Pre-Natal Tests, Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, etc), potentially Dangerous for all Humankind, (especially after Recent Discoveries of "Gene-Editing", etc).

Indeed, Hungary, (soon Followed also by various Similar Attempts in Many Other Countries : f.ex. Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, even inside many USA's Federated States, etc), was the 1st European Country (in Addition to Russia, etc), which decided (by Popular Referenda voted by the People) to Protect the Natural Family (and, therefore, Natural Births of Human Beings) inside its own Constitution. Inside which, Victor Orban and his followers also added an Explicit Reference to the National and European Cultural Heritage and/or Identity, which included our Continent's original Christian Roots.      

=> For all those Reasons, inevitably, Orban's Hungary obviously started to become a Target of various kinds of Lobbies whose Interests or Agendas were Opposed to those Measures : From pro-Mass Migration or "LGBTI" NGOs, (including Millionaire Soros), up to Foreign States (even Non-European : as Obama's USA, etc), eager and pressing to Impose their Agendas, etc. The Resulting Social and Legal InFight inside Hungary itself, (mutatis-mutandis, as also in several USA's Federated States, up to the Supreme Court, etc), generated various Tensions and Strained the Established Medias, Judges, etc., (particularly After a Previous Period of alleged Clientelism and Cronyism by several former "Socialist" Governments, which had resulted even into UnForgetable  Violent Clashes in Budapest and elsewhere, just Before the Hungarian People gave a Majority Government to Victor Orban (from 2010 until Now: 2018).

So that Many concrete Points Criticized inside a Controversial Report Drafted for EU Parliament by a "Green" MEP from the Netherlands, but of Italian Origin, Judith Sargentini, alone, (a former officialy Registered "Lobbyist", hired by pro-Migration NGOs, linked to controversial Millionaire Soros, and hershelf, personaly Member of "LGBTI" Group until now, etc), naturally concern, directly or indirectly, various real or alleged Aspects or Consequences obviously related to those Topical Issues, (f.ex., on Foreign NGOs, Medias, Judges, Legal/Constitutional Reforms, Massive Non-European Migration, LGBTI-related matters: Comp. Supra, etc).

Orban's Government strongly Criticised such a Report, arguying that it was adopted withOut real Dialogue, did Not Reply to many Legal Points made by Hungary, Missed several Facts, contrained many Inaccuracies or Errors, and appeared Biaised, Vowing to bring that Case up to EU's Court of Justice, at nearby Luxembourg.

After a 9/11 Debate "of Rare Violence", (as even Center-Left Establishment Newspaper "Le Monde" observed), in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, where even his President, Experienced former EU Commissioner, Antonio Tajani, had to personaly intervene in order to Allow for a "Roma" Woman from Hungary to Speak withOut Interruptions by Aggressive Opponents), during which Orban faced Many gross Insults, (Criticized by various MEPs at the Plenary even during the Next Days), and Denounced a Rigged Vote, since Everything would have been already Decided Beforehand, as he claimed, Urging for Political and Legal Action against it, finally, indeed, a Voting Result was obtained by his Opponents which, at least theoretically, Triggered, for the 1st Time in History, a Procedure Threatening to Exclude an EU Member Country from its Rights to Participate in EU's Collective Decision-Making process.

That unique "Sanction" had been Introduced precisely on the Occasion of such an Earlier Debate on ... Hungary itself (sic !), since 2013 in Strasbourg, (i.e. when the above-mentioned BioEthical Controversies involving "LGBTI" Lobbies, etc., notoriously were at their Highest level, f.ex. in France, Hungary, USA, etc), as its own Rapporteur had explained then, among others, in his Reply to an "Eurofora"'s Question during his Press Conference in EU Parliament, (See : ...)...

The VOTE's concrete Details :

At any case, in Today's Vote, it's a Fact that an Absolute Majority of 116 ChristianDemocrats/EPP Group's MEPs, (against a Minority of Only 102), Refusent to Back that Controversial Report against Victor Orban's Hungary, by either Voting "Against" (57), Voting "Abstention" (29), or by Not Participating at all to that Reports' vote (28).

[In Addition, there were about anOther +30 More MEPs, from various Other Political Groups, (i.e. circa 57 MEPs in all), who did Not Participate at all to that Controversial Vote. And, at least 10 among them, were inside EU Parliament's Chamber Today, Voting at anOther Report, Earlier, (of Axel Voss, about Digital Publications' CopyrRight, etc), but, curiously, "Disappeared" when Sargentini's Paper against Victor Orban arrived at its Voting Time...]


Even more Interesting is also the Fact that those "Resisting" MEPs, particularly among the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group, who either Voted Against, or Abstained when that Controversial Report surfaced, seem to be very Important, Top mainstream MEPs, (often Both on the European and at a National Political Level) :

Indeed, a careful Examination of the Facts, finds among them :

- several vice-Presidents of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group itself, and/or even EU Parliament's vice-Presidents or Quaestors ;

- Many very Experienced MEPs and/or former Prime Ministers or Ministers;

- a great lot of Presidents or vice-Presidents of various EU Parliament's Committees and/or Delegations;  

- Added, also, to numerous very Qualified MEPs, (f.ex. University Professors, etc);

- Spreading accross Both most, if not all, former Central-Eastern European Countries, (from Czech Republic and Poland, down to Slovenia, and up to Bulgaria, etc), and among the Biggest EU Countries, (including the UK, Italy, Poland, Spain, Romania, etc., as well as Germany (specially in Bavaria and Saxony), France, but also Austria, etc.

=> So that Victor Orban's Links to that Majority (of about 116 out of a Total of 218) ChristianDemocrat/EPP "Resisting" MEPs, appear to be particularly Important, and, at any case, canNot be Ignored.


    * Indeed, f.ex.,  among those ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEPs who Voted Against that Controversial Report of "Green" MEP Sargentini, but, on the Contrary, Supported Victor Orban's Popular politics in Hungary, were also :

- Vice-Presidents of ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group : Lara COMI (Italy) ; Andrey KOVATCHEV, (also EU Parliament's Quaestor), from Bulgaria, (Governing Party of "Citizens for European Development"); Professor József SZÁJER, (Hungary), former EPP v.P. Jacek SARYUSZ-WOLSKI, still MEP, (Poland, See Infra).

 + EU Parliament's vice-Presidents: Lívia JÁRÓKA (Hungary) Voted "Against"; while Ramón Luis VALCÁRCEL SISO, (Spain), Voted "Abstention" ; but Andrey KOVATCHEV, also Quaestor, voted "Against", as well as former EP v.P. Jacek SARYUSZ-WOLSKI (Comp. Supra) voted "Against", same with former EP vice-President Tamás DEUTSCH, (Hungary), SG of the Governing Party; (as former EP v.President Mario DAVID, Portugal, strongly Defended Orban in the Press), added to Conservative EU Parliament's vice-President Zdzisław KRASNODEBSKI (Poland), who also Voted "Against", while even "Socialist" Vladimír MAŇKA (Slovakia), EU Parliament's Quaestor, Voted "Abstention", (etc).

- Presidents of Committees/Delegations : Pavel SVOBODA, (Czech Republic), President of Legal affairs Committee ;  Alojz PETERLE, (Slovenia), F. Prime Minister, now President of Delegation on FYROM ; Franck PROUST, (France), President of the French Delegation to the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group, (Supported, initially Sarkozy, and afterwards Wauquiez); Fulvio MARTUSCIELLO, (Italy), President of EU Parliament's Delegation on Israel, (etc).

While Dr. Czesław Adam SIEKIERSKI, (Poland). President of the Agriculture Committee. University Researcher. F. Minister of Agriculture. Member of the Board of "People's Party", Voted "Abstention" ;  as well as Bogdan Andrzej ZDROJEWSKI, (Poland). President of EU Delegation for Belarus. F. Culture Minister ; Teresa JIMÉNEZ-BECERRIL BARRIO, (Spain), President of EU Delegation for Mexico ; Luis de GRANDES PASCUAL (Spain), President of EU Delegation to Andean Countries ; Ramona Nicole MĂNESCU (Romania), President of EU Delegation to Mashreq Countries ; (etc). -


 * Vice-Presidents of Committees/Delegations+: Stefano MAULLU, (Italy), vice-President of Committee on Culture and Education; Monica HOHLMEIER, vice-President of Budget Committee, Germany, f. Minister for Culture and Education in Bavaria (Federated State), f. President of CSU Party (Bavaria) ; Dubravka ŠUICA, (Croatia), vice-Président of the Foreign Affairs Committee ; Pal CSAKY, vice-President of Petitions' Committee, (Slovakia) ;  Kinga GAL vice-President of Committee for Civic Liberties and Justice (Hungary) ; Iuliu WINKLER, (Romania), vice-President of International Trade Committee ; László TŐKÉS, vice-President of Human Rights Committee (Hungary) ; Miroslav MIKOLÁŠIK, (Slovakia), vice-President of EU - Latin America Parliamentary Assembly, President of ChristianDemocrats/EPP's Working Group on BioEthics; Gabriel MATO, (Italy), vice-President of Committee for Central America ; Elisabetta GARDINI, (Italy), vice-President of Committee for Mercosur (Latin America) ; Romana TOMC, (Slovenia), vice-President of Committee on Japan ; Anna ZABORSKA vice-President of EU Delegation to the Caribbean Forum Assembly (16 Countries), from Slovakia : a Medical Doctor, committed on BioEthics, (+invited Speaker at the pro-Life March in Washington DC, USA, etc) ; Mrs Andrea BOCSKOR (Hungary) vice-President of Committees for Culture/Education and of "EuroN-EST" ; Traian UNGUREANU, (Romania), F. vice-President of EU Delegation to EuroNEst Assembly; Barbara MATERA, vice-President of Committee for Women and Equality, (Italy) ; Salvatore SICU, former Minister of Defense and of Finances, Italian, (Berlusconi's "Forza Italia"), vice-President of Committee on relations with Arab peninsula, Lawyer ; (etc).

While Rosa    ESTARÀS FERRAGUT, (Spain), vice-President of Petitions' Committee, Voted "Abstention" ; as well as Agustín DÍAZ DE MERA GARCÍA CONSUEGRA, (Spain) Vice-Chair of EU Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Assembly, F. vice-President of WEO's Assembly ;


- Prime Ministers or Ministers/Political Parties/Movements' Leaders : Salvatore SICU, (Italy) former Minister of Defense + of Finances, Voted "Against" ; as well as Nadine MORANO, (France), former Minister, National Political Counselor of the Republican Party, (initially of Sarkozy, now Wauquiez) ; Angelika NIEBLER, (Germany), vice-President of CSU Governing Party in Bavaria, F. President of Research/Industry/Energy Committee ; Herrmann WINKLER, Germany, CDU President in Leipsig, F. Minister for European affairs in the Federated State of Saxony, (NB : There where many German People demonstrated after another Murder by 2 Irregular Migrants, who had arrived through Turkey, and should, normally, have been Deported earlier : See Chemnitz City case at ...); Tamás DEUTSCH, also SG of the Governing Party, (Hungary) ; Alojz PETERLE, F. Prime Minister, (Slovenia) ; and Brice HORTEFEUX, (France), Experienced f. Minister on Migration and Integration, JHA, etc., (a Sarkozy faithful), had already Voted "Against" that Draft, inside the competent Committee, (etc).

While Michelle ALLIOT-MARIE (France), Chair of Committee on Arab peninsula, F. Minister of Defense, JHA, and Foreign Affairs, as well as Secretary General of Chirac's Party "UMP", (a Gaullist), Voted "Abstention"; but also Jarosław KALINOWSKI, F. bis Prime Minister, (Poland) ; Dr. Theodor STOLOJAN, (Romania), F. Prime Minister, and Party President. Now Member of PDL Party's Executive Board ; Judge Rachida DATI, (France), f. Adviser and Spokesperson for Sarkozy, F. Minister of Justice ; Brice HORTEFEUX, (France), Experienced f. Minister on Migration and Integration, JHA, etc, (a Sarkozy faithful). [He had Voted "No" in Committee] ; Dr. Czesław Adam SIEKIERSKI, (Poland), also F. Minister of Agriculture. Member of the Board of "People's Party" ; Bogdan Andrzej ZDROJEWSKI, (Poland) also F. Culture Minister ; Franc BOGOVIČ, F. President of Slovenian People's Party, +Minister of Agriculture/Environment ; Santiago FISAS AYXELÀ, (Spain), F. Minister for Sports ; Algirdas SAUDARGAS, (Lithuania), Former President of the ChristianDemocrat Party, Ambassador to the Vatican, Foreign Minister (bis) ; Eva MAYDELL, (Bulgarian MEP), new President of the European Movement (International) ; (etc).

- Many Other Important MEPs of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group, from Various Countries, did also Vote "Against" that Controversial Report, such as, f.ex. : Markus FERBER, Germany, (Bavaria), a most Experienced MEP since 1994-2018, President of "Europa-Union" for the Federated State of Bavaria ; Angelique DELAHAYE, (France), f. President of Farmers' Union, Knight of the Legion of Honour ; Massimiliano SALINI, New EU's Rapporteur on Space policy, from Italy, ("Forza Italia", of Berlusconi) ; Alessandra MUSSOLINI, Member of National Bureau of "Forza Italia", (Berlusconi's Party) ; Ambassador Željana ZOVKO (Croatia), F. BiH Permanent Representative to the WTO, FAO, UNESCO ; András GYÜRK, (Hungary), Director of the Governing Party's Electoral Campaigns ; Vladimir URUTCHEV, (Bulgaria), a Nuclear Technology Engineer, F. Member of the Executive Board in ENISS, FORATOM ; Dr Pilar AYUSO, Director of Research, (Spain) ; Andor DELI, Jurist for EU Law, deputy Governor of Voivodina Region, (Hungary) ; Tomáš ZDECHOVSKÝ, Media Consultant of the Czech Government and of the EPP (Czech Republic) ; (etc).

But also : Albert DESS, Germany, (Bavaria) ; Aldo PATRICIELLO, (Italy), "Forza Italia" (Berlusconi's Party) ; Alberto CIRIO (Italy) ; Csaba SÓGOR, a former Senator, from Romania ; Carlos ITURGAIZ, (Spain) ; Norbert  ERDŐS, from Hungary, as also Ádám KÓSA, Lawyer ; György HÖLVÉNYI ; György SCHÖPFLIN, etc.; Andrey NOVAKOV + Asim ADEMOV, + Emil RADEV, from Bulgaria, (recent EU Chair), of the Governing Party : "Citizens for European Development" ; Michaela ŠOJDROVÁ, from the Czech Republic ; József NAGY, from Slovakia ; Patricija ŠULIN, and Milan ZVER, from Slovenia ; Ivana Maletic, a Young MEP from Croatia (current CoE's Presidency) and Marijana PETIR, (ibid) ; etc.


While several Other ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEPs Voted "Abstention", Refusing to endorse that Controversial Report, such as, f.ex., among others, also : Dr. Godelieve QUISTHOUDT-ROWOHL, (Germany), vice-President of EU Delegation for Canada, Experienced CDU's MEP during 1989-2018 from Lower Saxony, Member of ChristianDemocrat/EPP Party's Political Bureau ; Sven SCHULZE (Germany). Engineer. Member of CDU's Executive Board at Saxony-Anhalt (Federated State) ; Arnaud DANJEAN, (France), vice-President of EU Delegation to NATO Assembly, (close to F. Prime Minister Alain Juppé) ; Philippe JUVIN, (France), Professor of Medicine, F. National Secretary of "UMP" Party, currently Spokesman of the "Republican" Party ; Geoffroy DIDIER, (France)  Lawyer, F. Deputy Secretary General of "UMP" Party + "Republican" Party, F. Region vice-President ; Joachim ZELLER, (Germany, CDU, Berlin). Vice-President of Regional Development Committee ; Dr. Peter JAHR, (Germany), Agricultural Engineer - PhD of Leipsig University, CDU Party, in Saxony, (where a recent Murder by Irregular Migrants who arrived through Turkey was committed this Summer 2018 at Chemnitz City, provoking Popular Demonstrations, etc) ; Francisco José MILLÁN MON (Spain), Diplomat/F. Director for Europe at the Foreign Ministry. Member of "Partido Popular'"s National Executive Board ; José Ignacio SALAFRANCA SÁNCHEZ-NEYRA, (Spain). Experienced MEP during 1994-2018 ; Pilar del CASTILLO VERA, (Spain), Professor of Political Science ; (etc).



+ Among a Great Number of OTHER Political GROUPS' MEPs who Voted for Victor Orban, and "Against" that Controversial Report, are also, f.ex.,
- The Rightist MEPs from the FPÖ of the new Austrian Government coalition, (currently Chairing the EU), such as Harald VILIMSKY, (vice-President of ENF Group of MEPs) ; Franz OBERMAYR ; Barbara KAPPEL ; Georg MAYER, (ENF);  etc.

- + Even amidst the currently "Independents", is, Paradoxically, included a former vice-President of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group, F. Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee : Jacek SARYUSZ-WOLSKI from Poland. He was excluded from the EPP Group on 2017, due mainly to a Division of the Right in Poland, which, regretfully, spilled over to EPP Group in EU Parliament on 2017. But, at any case, this Noteworthy Fact deserved to be Known.

++ Even several important ..."Socialists", Liberals and Leftists MEPs, Voted for Victor Orban, and "Against" Sargentini's Controversial Report :  
F.ex., among others, also : - Renate WEBER, (Liberal, Romania), vice-President of Employment/Social affairs Committee ; University Professor of Philosophy Jan KELLER, (Czech Repubic, PSD - Presidential Medal for services on Science) ; Norica NICOLAI, (Liberal, Romania), vice-President of National Liberal Party ; Iveta GRIGULE-PĒTERSE, (Latvia, Liberal), President of EU Delegations to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turcmenistan and Mongolia ; Jaromír KOHLÍČEK, (Left, from Czech Republic), vice-President of Industry, Research and Energy Committee ; Kateřina KONEČNÁ, (Left, from Czech Republic), Committee vice-President, Former President of Delegation to the IPU and vice-President of Foreign affairs Committee at the Parliament of Prague ; João FERREIRA, (Left, from Portugal), vice-President of EU Delegation to ACP Assembly ; João PIMENTA LOPES (Left, Portugal), vice-President of Womens' Rights and Equality Committee, + v.P of EU Delegation to Latin-American Assembly; Jiří MAŠTÁLKA, (Left - Czech Republic), vice-President of EU Delegation to Russia ; (etc).

+ In Addition, even noteworthy "Socialists" and Liberal, Independent or Left-leaning MEPs Voted "Abstention", Refusing to Endorse that Controversial Report, such as, f.ex. :  Pavel POC, (Czech Republic, PSD), vice-President of  Environment, Public Health+Food Safety Committee ; Vladimír MAŇKA, (Slovakia, PSD). EU Parliament's Quaestor ; Lawyer António MARINHO E PINTO, vice-President of EU's Delegation to Brazil, (Liberal, from Portugal) ; Valentinas MAZURONIS (Liberal, from Lithuania), Head of Political Party, F. Minister of Environment, F. Head of the Opposition ; Kazimierz Michał UJAZDOWSKI, Former Minister of Culture (bis) and vice-President of PiS Party, University Senior Lecturer : (Poland, Independent) ; Monika SMOLKOVÁ, (Slovakia, PSD), (etc).

 ++ Even 2 MEPs from ...Beppe Grillo's "5 Stars" Movement (co-Governing now in Italy), such as, f.ex, : David BORRELLI (Independents) and Architect Daniela AIUTO (EFDD), etc.


>>> All this, naturally, goes Together with a Massive Support to Victor Orban, both from the Mainstream "Conservatives"' Group (ECR), as well as from the Atypical "Freedom and Direct Democracy" Group (EFDD), and the Rightists of the "Nations and Freedoms" Group (ENF), including most "Independents", almost all of whom Voted "Against" that Controversial Report, (Comp. Supra).    

    In this regard, it was really Astonishing to hear, during this EU Parliament's Plenary Debate, even the Leader of the Rightists, Nicolas Bay of France, openly declare to Victor Orban that "Your Europe, is the Europe of our Dreams !" :

     It's probably the 1st Time that a Head of Rightists, (and allegedly "Euro-Sceptics", even accused by some to be "Anti-Europeans"), makes such an Emotive Proclamation vis a vis a ChristianDemocrat/EPP Leader that he (surprizingly) finds politically Interesting, attractive...

    But, Succeed, at the Same Time, to keep Alive the Faith of a Majority of ChristianDemocrats/EPP MEPs (Comp. Supra), while also Attracting some important Liberals, "Socialists", Leftists, and other Atypical MEPs, (See Facts cited Supra), is something very Rare, if not Unique...

    => Has, perhaps, Macron's "New Foundation" of all EU Political Life, just Started, a few Months before the crucial May 2019 European Elections ?


+ Last, but not least : The "Green" Rapporteur Miss Sargentini, in her Controversal Report, slams Victor Orban's Hungary, inter alia, also for "its Restrictive Definition of Family", (as she calls the Defense of Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman), Accusing it for "Discrimination", simply because "it does not encompass ... Same-Sex Couples" (sic !).
That same MEP, (Member of "LGBTI" Inter-Group, and former "Lobbyist" for NGOs sympathetic to Millionaire Soros, etc), goes on to Add also an Accusation for what she Claims to be "Negative Stereotypes and Prejudice" etc., "Against Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual and Trans-Gender Persons, particularly in the ...Education sector".

This was judged by the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group's Majority so Wrong, that it Officially Asked for a "Split" Vote, precisely on that Point, which was Accepted by EU Parliament, even if a Hasty Voting (and, probably, the Non-Participation of Many ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEPs in that Report's Vote : Comp. Supra), apparently, was Not Enough in order to clearly Reject such Claims, (at least for this time).

Concerning Human Rights and even Democracy, (since Victor Orban's Hungary is notoriously one among those EU Countries where a Strong Majority of People have recently Voted to confirm even in their Constitution the Traditional Principle of Natural Family), a key Question inevitably arises :

=> Does, Miss Sargentini, really Believe, in that case, that even ...the landmark European Convention of Human Rights, (where the EU is officially invited to join, according also to the current, Lisbon EU Treaty), might also be ... too "Restrictive" and full of "Negative Stereotypes and Prejudice" (etc : Comp. Supra), simply because its Article 12 says that the "Right to Marry and to found a Family" concerns "Men and Women" ?
Or, would she, perhaps, seek to Impose also to the 47 Member Countries-strong CoE a forced Revision of its PanEuropean Convention on Human Rights ?

- "Good Lack", in that case...  



(NDLR :  Headline PHOTO = Controversial Rapporteur, "Green" MEP Miss Sargentini, former "Lobbyist" for NGO and Member of "LGBTI" Group, celebrates with her pals the Adoption of her Report against Victor Orban's Hungary, threatening Sanctions).
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Paris - Bruxelles - Strasbourg, 2 septembre 2008


Le spectaculaire succès du Président français, Nicolas Sarkozy, (en tête de l'UE jusqu'a décembre), à obtenir de suite un cessez le feu inattendu entre la Russie et la Georgie, immédiatement après sa visite aux Présidents Medvedev et Saakashvili, au pire moment de tensions et heurts violents meurtieurs, qui avaient tué plusieurs innocents et provoqué le deplacement forcé de réfugiés par milliers, lui donne incontestablement une stature vraiment européenne :

A ses liens personnels bien connus avec l'Hongrie, la Grece, l'Italie ou l'Espagne, en sus de son amitié avec la chancelière allemande Merkel, son souhait d'essayer d'attirer l'Angleterre au jeu européen, etc, s'y ajoute, maintenant, une réussite, fragile certes, mais importante, au combat pour la Paix dans la "grande" Europe du général De Gaulle, "jusqu'a l'Oural", qui inclut naturellement la Géorgie, l'Arménie et d'autres pays, et ne peut exister qu'avec rapports de confiance et partenartiat stratégique avec la Russie.

Apres avoir réussi à debloquer la situation au Liban, (pays avec liens culturels historiques en Europe), lors du Sommet pour la Méditerranée à Paris, juillet dernier, (comme atteste maintenant le prémier accord d'echange d'Ambassadeurs avec la Syrie), Sarkozy activa maintenant une présidence française de l'EU bien entreprenante, à l'autre bout de l'Europe, à Moscou, où, contrairement à Napoléon, il a été reçu avec soulagement par le nouveau président russe, ami de l'experimenté Vladimir Poutine.

Cet homme politique rélativement nouveau au plan politique européen, avec une vision souvent critique ou même critiquée, à tort ou a raison, mais ambitieuse et concrete a la fois, qui aime s'adresser aux "Européens", comme il dit, n'est-il pas bien placé pour stimuler le fameux débat sur l' "Identité de l' Europe", qu'il a proposé au Parlement Européen récemment à Strasbourg, moins d'un an avant les Elections européennes de 2009 ?

En 2007, il a réussi à faire monter spectaculairement la participation citoyenne aux élections présidentielles en France, obtenant des récords historiques :

N'est-ce pas, justement ce que l' Europe a bésoin, apres 2 abstentions majoritaires sans précedent aux Elections de 1999 et 2004, et 3 "Non" aux réferenda pour ses institutions en 2005 et 2008, pendant une décennie trouble 1999-2008, (marquée surtout par la demande controversée de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'UE eclipsant les avancées de la Monnaie unique et de la liberté de circulation à l'espace Shengen, avec consequences mal-ressenties par la majorité des citoyens, bien au-délà des clivages du passé), qui a failli stopper l'integration européenne ?

Et cela, au moment même ou une globalisation galopante met l'Europe devant un choix crucial entre saut qualitatif en avant, apte à valoriser une occasion historique exceptionelle à se développer résolument, après les vaines destructions, querelles et tensions des guerres "chaudes" ou "froides" qui lui ont couté son rang dans le Monde, ou réculer définitivement en décadence...

Alors, que certains de nos amis à la Commission en Bruxelles, lui laissent au moins un peu d'espace de mouvement, et qu'ils l'aident à tenter d'insufler de l' oxygène frais et vivifiant aux rapports entre les citoyens et une Europe qui a manifestement bésoin et mérite de retrouver d'urgence un nouveau dynamisme populaire, avec un souci de réalisme mais aussi une vision passionante pour son avenir !

Après tout, les Etats Unis d' Amérique ne se sont pas faits à coups de bureaucratie, nécessaire et utile, mais manifestement insuffisante : Sans l'impulsion d'hommes politiques originaux, d'intellectuels vraiment engagés, et, surtout, sans l'enorme énergie émanant de la conscience d'enjeux à la fois pratiques et grandioses, bien resentis par des millions de citoyens, stimulant leur adhésion active comme pioniers d'un nouveau avenir commun à construire, ils seraient encore une ex-colonie périphérique, affaiblie par stériles divisions, passif et impuissant spectateur des convulsions tragiques d'un Monde à la dérive...

Que les vrais "européens" ré-lisent au moins les fameux discours historiques sur l' Europe d'un Sarkozy bien inspiré à Strasbourg, aussi bien avant qu'après avoir gagné les élections françaises, le 21 février et le 2 juillet 2007, après son 1er sommet des Bruxelles, qui a adopté le nouveau Traité de l'UE en conclusion de la presidence allémande : Bonnes lectures pour cet été 2008, afin de préparer l' avenir qui s'ouvrira (ou fermera) à partir des élections européennes de 2009.

Peut-etre revelera-t-il plus, en ce sens, lors de ses 2 discours-debats prochains avec les eurodeputés, prévus lors des sessions plenières du Parlement Européen a Strasbourg en octobre et décembre 2008... 


Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner had already unveiled President Sarkozy's intentions, during a particularly "hot" Press Conference in Paris, where he faced some's insistance for "sanctions", with a call for "a common EU stance". In the meanwhile, he was consulting "all these days" most of his EU, Russia and Georgia counterparts, (as Sarkozy's Spokesman, P-J. Henin confirmed to "EuroFora"). This allowed him to obtained the desired result, as EU Chairman, at a short, exceptional EU Summit in Brussels, afterwards.


But, Sarkozy's No 1 official, Presidential palace's Secretary General Claude Gueant, active at Elysee during the 2008 Ambassadors' Conference, (together with his Top Diplomat, the experienced David Levitte), is well known for having an overall view : A link with 2009 EU Elections at the horizon ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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