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Prof. Cutajar candidate Strasb. Mayor to EF: Dialogue Citizens-MEPs before Decisions=EU Policy Base

Written by ACM
Monday, 09 March 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-
A Key Candidate in the forthcoming Municipal Elections for the New Mayor of Strasbourg, Professor Chantal Cutajar, replying to an Eurofora's question, declared her Wish to place Citizens - Politicians interaction, including Dialogue Before Final Decisions, (as "Eurofora"s Project also for EU Parliament, etc) "at the Foundations of the future European Policy" of the City which regularly hosts MEP's full Plenary Sessions, the PanEuropean CoE, (with its Parliamentary Assembly, INGOS, Standard-Building Conferences, etc), as well as ECHR, EU Ombudsperson, Schengen secretariat, etc., which all directly concern Citizens.

Cutajar is a fully-fledged University Professor in Strasbourg, who has got EU Backing for a Pioneer Program of European Cooperation in the Fight against Corruption and Financial Crime (as scourge undermining Democracy, according also to CoE's "GRECO" Anti-Corruption Watchdog), throughout the Continent, (See, among others, also : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/eucommissionerredingoneuprosecutorandtraining.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/cyberattaksandeurules.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/eusciencefundsimpact.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/professorcutajaronparadisepapers.html, etc), but, as former Deputy Mayor, she has also Developed (2017-2019) a brand New Policy in Strasbourg City on Citizens' Participation in Public Decision-Making processes, in a way Succeeding to attract a rare Quasi-Unanimity of All Political Parties, (to which "Eurofora" was partly Involved, since a Conference at the CoE, until its Final Official Adoption, and well Beyond : See, f.ex., inter alia, also http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euroforaideasendorsedbystrasbourggreatdebate.html, etc), and extended that even to a 2 Days-Long and Popular  Citizens' Conference contributing by a Report on the "Big Debate" launched in France by President Emmanuel Macron on 2018-2019, (who is also a Notorious Supporter of the forthcoming EU Conference on Europe's Future on 2020-2021, due to be ear-Marked by an Unprecedented "EU Citizens" dimension).



She was speaking at a Meeting of the "Cathedral's Circle" (in the run-up to March 2020 Municipal Elections), chaired by its President Henri Mathian, who Concluded that event by Characteristically estimating that "finally, it seems well that, in order to have a Socio-Political Peace, we should, indeed, use that <<Building Together>> dimension in Public Decision-Making... He referred to what Cutajar had just called "Co-Construction" (in the original in French), and had Added to the "Fraternity/Solidarity", as well as "Probity/Ethics", in a Series of Basic Principles for her Policy. She explained that she was Not particularly in favour of "Direct Democracy", but rather for a ReVitalisation of the so-called "Representative Democracy", which, as various converging events notoriously showed recently, both in Local, National and European level, should and could Work Better.

Mathian said that just After Cutajar, as part of her reaction to a relevant "Eurofora"s Question (Comp. Supra and Infra), had Praised its substance (Public Dialogue between Citizens and Politicians Before Final Decisions affecting their Lives and/or Society) as an "Intelligent Project", which also "can Present forthcoming European Decisions in a Clear and Attractive way" for the People, particularly at the eve of EU Parliament's Plenary Sessions, (while also noting our Involvement in Strasbourg City's "Citizens Participation" Policy building : Comp. Supra).

"Eurofora"s Question consisted, precisely, into Reminding our Project, (on the Occasion also of the forthcoming EU's "Conference on Europe's Future" - Comp. Supra - which might give a real Chance to Activate "Lisbon Treaty"s provisions for "Regular Dialogue" between "Civil Society" and "EU Institutions" on all "their Acts"), observing that it goes in a Similar Direction with Professor Cutajar's "Building Together" policy (Comp. Supra), and that all this could Stimulte Citizens' and Medias' Interest for Topical European Issues, as well as MEPs' and Other EU/CoE Politicians' Desire to interact with the People in Public before taking Final Decisions, asking her if she really intended to help put it into practice if she was Elected, either as Mayor or at another Top Post of relevant responsibility.

=> It's precisely in Reply to such an "Eurofora"s Query that Professor Cutajar Advanced even Further by clearly Announcing her Intention to place, all that, "at the Foundations of our (Strasbourg City's)  European Policy" in the future ! (Comp. Supra).

Cutajar is an Italo-Maltese a.o. Mediterranean origin Personality who has endorsed EU's mainly Franco-German Core, to the point to Support, Nowadays, a Strong "European entity" of Strasbourg's Traditional dimension as Capital also of the "Alsace" former Region, as well as the Development of a relevant "Bi-Linguism" here, (i.e. something which makes her more popular). Even if, currently, the scarce Latest Polls don't seem to accerredit her with enough intentions of vote in order to ensure to become Strasbourg's New Mayor, nevertheless, she has already attracted several Interesting Personalities among her Supporters, and, very probably, as a Centrist, is due to play a Key Role as possible "King Maker" in a Winning Alliance at the 2nd Round of the forthcoming Elections of this March 2020 :

In the Past, she served as a Centrist Deputy Mayor with the Socialists, (particularly with the Out-going Long-Time Mayor Roland Ries, who splited out of the Socialist Party, and does Not Participate in these Elections), who are Now represented by former Long-Time Mayor, MEP and Minister Catherine Trautmann. But, Recently, some Medias cited her in a Possible Alliance with Frontrunner Alain Fontanel (briefly Socialist, in the Past, but Nowadays engaged in President Macron's New Political Party of Liberals : "en Marche", i.e. "Walkers"), perhaps Together with Jean-Philippe Vetter (from the mainstream Center-Right Party of the "Republicans"), etc.







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   Renew Europe's Historic Legend with Parthenon's pure white marble at the eve of crucial 2009 EU Elections, was the ambition of an interesting Art Exhibition, with more topical Symbols than expected, organized by EU Parliament's 1st vice-President Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou and MEP Marie Panayotopoulos- Cassiotou, Chair of the Inter-group on Family policy, during March A session in Strasbourg.     

According to the Ancient Legend, God Zeus, charmed by young Girl Europe, was trasformed into a strong Bull with Wings, and when she tamed him with Human affection, they flew over the Sea to live together in a New Land with large, fertile landscapes.  

- "There, they saw the Continent with a "Large Front" ("Eureia -opse" in Greek => Eur-opse => Europe)", reminded the Sculptor, Mary Papaconstantinou, of the European Women Association, honored by awards in Paris, Athens and Strasbourg.

    Thus, Europe's Legend combines Symbols of Energy and Strength, with caring Human personality, to bring towards New, large Horizons :

    - "Modern Art for this Ancient Greek Legend here in Strasbourg reminds that Europe, placing Human dignity at its heart, always finds the strength to overcome any Crisis towards New achievements. And EU Parliament offers Citizens a chance to artfully interact", said MEP Panayotopoulos-Cassiotou.


    Structured like some Rembrand's pictural sequences, Europe's sculptural exhibition forms a series of many statutes, sized and flat as a PC screen, representing many scenes inspired from the original Legend, "according to Moschos' text, a Writer of the 2nd century B.C.", said Sculptor Mary to "EuroFora".  

    Made by sparkling pure white Marble full of Symbols, they incite to think but also to act, as in front of a Book with half of its pages full of written text, but another half, free to write on white paper..

    While several EU politicians think that one of the most important characteristics of the 2009 EU Elections is that from their outcome may depend Europe's Identity and Future, Culture Minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras (a former MEP) send the message that, precisely, such modern Art linked to Historic legends may help "EU Citizens search the origins of Europe's Identity".

     - "The Legend says that they founded a New City, Thebes, and that reminds us that Europe is always a project of Invention and Creation", added EU Parliament's vice-President, Rodi Kratsa - Tsagaropoulou.

    Sculptor Mary Papaconstantinou said that she "tried for years to find the same White Marble from Penteli Mountain that was used by Praxitelis and all those who created Parthenon", symbol of Democracy and one of the 7 wonders of the World.

    - "By shaping this millenary Greek Marble to revive Europe's Ancien Legend with Modern Art, it reminds that Europe is a Hope for a better Future after Crisis, combining Energy for Development, with care for the Human person", said the sculptor's compatriot from Chios island, famous from French artist Delacroix's historic painting, MEP Panayotopoulos - Cassiotou.
    She now lives with her Family close to Rhine river, at EU's heart, near Bonn, where had started to work for the first time on European issues the new EU Parliament's Secretary General, Klaus Welle :

    By a symbolic coincidence, Europe's legend built anew with Parthenon's marble, marked for ever the beginning of young and energetic Welle's duties as new head of EU Parliament's administration, since he saluted the retiring, out-going S.G., the experienced Harold Rohmer, shortly afterwards, at another gathering on the same floor of Louise Weiss' superb building in Strasbourg...

    Organisers of both events said that it was a pure coincidence. People are free to believe them, or hope otherwise...


    They disagree in almost everything, except from one thing :

- EU Parliament's Art unites even opposed politicians in a common belief for Europe : Cyprus' example...


Rarely united together, but posing for "EuroFora" with the statute of Europe and Zeus flying over the Sea, ChristianDemocrat/EPP's MEP Yannis Kasulides, a frontrunner Presidential candidate in 2008, former Foreign Minister and Government Spokesman, and EuroLeft's MEP Kyriakos Triantafylides, Chairman of EU - Palestinian Council delegation, from the governing party AKEL (new Left) of the elected President, disagree on almost everything, except from their common claim that Europe of the Ancient Legend, when she flew with God Zeus from Ancient Phynecia to the West, must have crossed the island of Cyprus !

Hard to prove the contrary, 3.000 years later...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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