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Christmas-New Eve Recess, as Fight for the Value of Human Life intensifies on 2020-2021...

Written by ACM
Friday, 25 December 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-

"Eurofora" will be in Christmas - New Eve Recess,

from 25 December 2020 up to 5 January 2021

(Except from Outstanding Events/Developments)


- * -


In a Period where Human Life is so Threatened, Destroyed and Scandalously Devalorized, Worldwide, as during this Strange, Horrible Deadly Virus Pandemic, and the too Many Tragic "Errors" made around it by some,

it's Right Time to, on the Contrary, Remind, Valorise, Protect, and Develop, Everything which Recognizes, Respects, Defends, Celebrates, Worships, and Fights for the Sacred Value of Human Life, (from its Divine Inception to its Natural End, and well Beyond),

Starting from the so Fragile, but also so Strong in Love, Universal Symbol of the Birth of a Child,

particularly When it's even More Threatened Nowadays than in Herodus' Ancient Times,


and must be Brave and Bright enough, in order to Create Safe and Positive PathWays towards the Horizon, all through the New Year 2021  !

=> So, Despite of Everything, Because of Everything :

 >>>  "Merry Christmas 2020" and "Hapy New Year 2021" to all "Eurofora" Readers !


- * -


Dreaming of some Human-Friendly, full of Healthy Oxygen, Natural Landscapes :










































Trump:Hear People's Voice+Jan 6 Rally=Wild+Special Counsel on Fraud+SCOTUS Delay=Bolivia/Morales/OAS

Written by ACM
Thursday, 24 December 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Trump's landmark latest Speech Urges that "it's Time for the American People to Raise their Voice", while Jan. 6 Popular Rally is expected to get "Wild"... In Parallel, there is talk about Naming a "Special Counsel" to Investigate 2020 US Presidential Election Fraud/Irregularities, while SCOTUS' Decisiion Dates may Delate, as an HyperActive Trump gets Refuge to Florida for 10 Days, amidst Rumours about "2 Lines" competing on Strategy and Tactics, all along various Evolving Law Suits... (etc). Could, all this, Boil Down also to a kind of ..."OAS v. Morales", Bolivia 2019 Presidential Election Fraud precedent's Remake, mutatis-mutatis in a 2020-2021 USA Brand New Version ? (Indeed, OAES' Principles mainly remain UnContestable, favoring Trump, while a Late Criticism of their Application on Data in Morale's case, canNot be Exploited by Biden, But, on the Contrary, Condemns him ... : See Infra).

In Substance, All this Facts-Based Speculative Equation may basicaly Confirm Famous late Justice Scalia's View, that controversial Counting of "Questionable Legality Votes" Threatens to Alienate People's "Trust", and, therefore, Hamper "Democratic Stability", as "Eurofora" has Warned, since November (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtandvotefraud.html, etc). In Conclusion, therefore, to put it in a Nutshell, Instead of a Controversial ..."Hocus-Pocus"' "Diabolic Witchcraft"'s Fraud for Biden on 2020, wouldn't it be Better to have a ... "Scotus'-Potus" Justice for Trump in 2021 ?....



(1 among 5 Parts of Navarro Report on Election Fraud+Irregularities in 6 Swing States)


    It all Started with an Overall View of Wide-Spread Fraud and Gross Irregularities' Growing Findings on the Most Controversial Ever US Presidential Elections of 2020, particularly in 6 Key "Swing" States, Recently resumed in a Synthetic Report Published by White House's Experienced Adviser Peter Navarro, usualy in charge of Trade, which is ironically TItled : "Immaculated Deception"...

    In Addition to the Impressive Total Volume of Various Converging Wrongdoings Denounced in his Report, Navarro clearly Pictures Also the Most Troubling Fact of a too Frequent Repetition of a Similar Worrying "Pattern" of Incidents Obviously Raising Questions on probable Fraud in Equivalent Ways, in Most or All of those 6 "Swing" States, which gave Biden the opportunity to usurpate that Election : I.e., mainly, a Sudden and Abrupt "U-Turn", Reversing a Trump's initialy Winning Trend, into a Losing one, through a Big Patch of Ballots for Biden, at AbNormaly Elevated Numbers, After an UnExpected Interruption of the Counting, in ihe Middle of the Night or at 4 to 6 am. Early Next Morning, (Often When Republican Observers had Gone)... Indeed, a Similar Phenomenon had Notoriously led OAS, back on 2019, to Denounce the Presidential Election in Bolivia as Flawed, (See Infra).




    + Trump Went on, soon Afterwards, Nowadays, with a Short but Dense and Sharp Speech, at the White House, giving a Crystal-Clear "UnDate" of the Fight against Fraud in the US 2020 Presidential Election, Resuming the most Scandalous Old and New Evidence Found, and Concluding by a Vibrant Call that "Now is the Time for the American People to Raise their Voice !", because "the Future of Democracy in our Country Depends on it"... (See relevant Video, attached herewith).

    => He, significantly, Stressed that, Shortly After having Just Published a relevant Tweet on the above-mentioned Navarro Report with an Overall view of All the Fraud/Irregularities Evidence Found until now, (Comp. Supra), which Concluded with an Exceptional Mention of a Forthcoming, Massive Popular Rally for Protest in Washington DC, which would be ..."Wild", as he Characteristicaly warned,


    Pointing at the Crucial Date of "Jan. 6", 2021, i.e. the Same Day that the US Congress is due to hold an Official "Reading" of the Election's Result, presented by the Controversial Biden's "Great Electors", (Facing whom, GOP has Notoriously Chosen also its own Electors, at "Alternarive" Slates)... Mewnhile, the Number of Representatives and/or Senators reportedly Enclined to Question the Credebtials of Controversialy Chosen "Electors" at Fraud/Irregularities-striken "Swing" States, (Object, in Parallel, of the 1st Trump's Team Legal Complaint Now Docked at the US Federal Supreme Court), seems to be Rising, (f.ex. reportedly, with 25 Rep.s having Already Signed a Call to do so), even if it remains to be seen what could be, eventualy, done in order to Bypass the Lack of a pro-Trump Majority in the House, Contrary to what is Already the case in the Senate, in order to Simply Reject thoss Controversial so-called Electors' Credentials. Perhaps, Vice-President Pence's role as Senate's President, might Play a Role, (as some Suggested, being Re-Twitted by Trump), by Considering that No UnQuestionably Legaly Chosen Electors have Yet been Officialy Presented to him, so that such a Controversial Procedure might Not Yet go on as if Nothing happened... And there are, Also, Other relevant Developments which Could Evolve in the Meantime, (as we shall See Infra)...




    >>> At any case, President Trump's Call for a Jan. 6 Big Popular Rall, Immediately Became "Viral" at the Web, with Many and Various NGOs, Journalists, Activists, etc., Echoing and Blowing Further that Initial Invitation, Starting by "NTD", "Million Maga March" and "Trump March", (by "Women for Trump", who Organise Now a Bus Tour Not from Florida, as Before, But mainly from Texas, as well as California and Other States, towards Wash. DC, added to MMM's Collective Transport Network, Centered between Tenessee, Alabama, Michigan and Boston, linked to WDC), and Soon Joined also by "Stop the Steal", "Women for America First", and Other Groups, (including a Welcomed "Protection" by the "Proud Boys" against Brutal Aggressions by "Antifa" or other Violent Leftist Extremists, as in the Past), etc. Already, RDV are given for as Early as since "7 a.m." at the Capitol, for the US Congress, followed by "12 a.m." at Wash. DC's large "Plaza", etc. Soon, inter alia, f.ex. Significant of the overall Ambiance, Popular Alex Jones' "Info-Wars" Web News, Launched also a Vibrant Call to Enlarge that Rally into a ..."10 Millions" (sic !) People Massive Move to ..."Occupy" ("Peacefully") Washington DC, as he Urged !






(Video with Exceptional, Wonderful short Text...)




+Some People are Dreaming at "the Genesis of the New Revolution of Information" !

[See in Fine]


    + Meanwhile, an Interesting Development is that such Moves Coincided Also with a Sharp Call, Endorsed by President Trump himself, to Meet the "Need" for a "Strong, Fast, and Fair SPECIAL COUNSEL" to seriously Investigate "the massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election", ..."IMMEDIATELY !", as he tweeted. A "Special Counsel" is quite Difficult to Remove Afterwards by Opposed Forces, Even by a New US President, (Perhaps Biden), as Muehler's Precedent, for the Notorious "Witch-Hunt" in the alleged "Russian Interference in US Election" of 2016, which Durated as Long as Until ...2019, Obviously shows. And Lawyer Sydney Powell, (as, f.ex; General Flynn has suggested), hershelf a former Attorney, would Certainly be Motivated and probably Keen to Investigate Efficiently for the Truth in that Fraud and Irregularities' Row at the Controversial US 2020 Presidential Election. But, it Remains, still, to be seen Who might Replace her as Lawyer in the Legal Complaints that she has Already Launched Independently, representing Interested Simple Citizens, (Starting by 2 among the 6 "Swing" States : Pennsylvania and Georgia, whose Electors' Number would be Sufficient for Trump to Reach a 270 Majority in order to WIn). - -"Americans must be able to have complete Faith in the confidence of their Elections. The Fate of our Democracy Depends upon it", stressed President Trump in its above_mentioned Latest Speech, (Comp. Supra). "We canNot allow a completely Fraudulent election to stand" Against People's “Sacred Right to Vote.”

    - But, in the meantime, the US Federal Supreme Court, which has just Docketed the 1st Legal Complaint by Trump's team against alleged Fraud and Gross Irregularities, First of all in Pennsylvania's case, (the "Swing" State with the Biggest Number of Electors), did Not Yet take any other Timely Action, Urgently Asked by the Plaintifs, on December 22 or 23, against the Controversial Certification of pro-Biden Electors, (in order to be Ready at the Jan. 6 Official "Reading" by the US Congress : Comp. Supra), Leaving that Key Matter "in libo", at least for the moment, while its Clerk's Office even Noted ..."Jan. 22" as a Date for the Respondent State to Reply, i.e. After Even the usually Scheduled "Inauguration" of the US President for the 2021-2024 Period, as Obervers noted. Even if Attorney Eastman reportedly Pointed out that, in Fact, the Judges themselfs have Not Yet Decided what Date they shall "Order", and that They Can, Still, Do do, at one or another Moment, Independently of that "Mechanical", quasi-Automatic 30 Days Time Deadline, Routinely Noted by the Clercs at Any Ordinary Case, Nevertheless, this Still Open Question of the Right Timing for Efficiency, Obviously makes Also Thing What Might Happen, indeed, in the Foreseable Future, IF, Eventually, the Jan. 6 and Jan. 20 Deadlines (Comp. Supra) were, Perhaps, crossed by SCOTUS...

    + However, Recently, there is Also a Fast-Growing Legal and Practical Struggle about Preserving or, on the Contrary, Destroying Precious Factual Evidence on What Really Happened during these Controversial 2020 US Presidential Election, since Local Dems, Curiously, More and More Oppose, quasi-Systematiclly, almost All Republicans' Efforts to SafeGuard and Access Material Proof, Both on Paper and/or in Digital form (f.ex. in Electronic Voting Machines, Copies of Counting, etc), which could be of invaluable importance in order to Find the Truth in case of Any Serious and Thorough Investigation. Already, Various but Converging Refusals, Rejections, and Other such Procedural Obsracles, were Opposed, By Local Authorities (mainly Controled by Dems) and/or Local Courts, (in their Large Majority following "Partisan" lines, as the TransAtlantic International Organisation of OSCE, which had send a Monitoring Mission to Check the 2020 US Elections, Clearly Denounced at its "Preliminary Report" of 4 Nov., on the Occasion of More than ...400 Legal Cases against Dems' UnPrecedented Push to Radically Lower Security Threshholds, by Accepting Various Controversial and Dangerous ways to Vote : f.ex. "Mail-in" and/or Other "Absentees"' Ballots, including "Drop Boxes", Even at the Roads, "Parc" Ballots, "Drive Through" Voting, etc. Added to the Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Voting Machines, Non-Verification of Signatures, etc). Such currently Growing and Scandalous, Added Threats to Destroy Evidence and Hide the Truth, Must be Clearly Denounced and Strongly Eradicated, Before they cause Irremediable and Serious Harm to Democracy and People's Rights !



    => For All those Reasons, the Time has Come for a Comparison with the Recent Case of Bolivia's 2019 Presidential Election's alleged Fraud, concerning the Main Principles used by the Organisation of American States (OAS), which Notoriously Slamed that Controversial Vote, Helping, thus, to Sanction those considered to be Responsible, and Causing a Full Political Change, a Few Months After that Event, for Reasons Astonishingly Similar to a Key Part of the Present, US 2020 Presidential Elections :


    >>> Indeed, as Both OAS' immediate "Press Release", then, and its "Final Report", as well as Several Official Statements attest, as well as Many Old and Recent, comprehensive, Press Articles, Both those which Criticise and those which Support its Findings, the Main Points for which that International Organisation (which has Monitored Also the US 2020 Elections) notoriously Expressed its "Concern" and "Surprize" for those 2019 Bolivian Election, were a Sudden, Last-Minute, too Abrupt Reversal of the Initial Results, added Also to alleged "Statistical Improbabilities" of the Final Outcome presented by those who Backed the Controversial then fomer President Morales, (who had been Re-Elected too Many Times in the Past, to the Point that he had to Seek an AnOrthodox Way in order to be Able to put, Again and Again, his Candidature, at the Margins of Legality)...


    - And, Precisely, as it's Well Known, Both these 2 Key Issues : A Sudden and too Abrupt Reversal of the Initial Results of the Voting Day, by Late, OverNight Submitted, and Controversial Patches of Ballots ad Counting Pushing at an Opposite Direction, Added to Various Astonishing "Statistical ImProbabilities" at the Final Official but Controversial alleged "Results", are Also at the Heart of this 2020 US Presidential Election Row Too ! (See, f.ex., among Many Others, also : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usaelectionaftermath1.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usa2020electoralfraudproofgrows.html, etc). Interestingly, Except those 2 Key Points, which Obviously Made that Election too, Look Suspicious for Fraud, there were, Practicaly, Not Any other Direct "Proofs" or Blatant Evidence of Fraud, then, but Only Some Additional Discrepancies or Punctual Irregularities, according to OAS' Final Report, And that was Enough !

    => The Consequence, then, in Bolivia, was that OAS' Criticism, and mainly its Final Report, Published Later-on, By Strongly Criticizing that Controversial Election as Heavily Suspect for Fraud and Gross Irregularities, Added to Many Popular Demonstrations by the Numerous Supporters of the Candidate who had been UnJustly Evicted, as well as Notable Press Criticism inside and Outside of the Country, (etc), repotedly Led, at least a Part of the Police to Later Abstain from Oppressing the Protesters, and Finally, several Weeks After Morales was fraudelously "Inaugurated" as President, a Key Part of the National Army's Leadership Refused to Strike Against the Growing Wave of Popular Demonstrations, apparently Indicating to Morales that he Should Drop that, too Controversial and Apparently "Stolen" Presidency, by Withdrawing from the Political Leadersip of the Country, in order to Prepare New and UnQuestionably Fair Elections, the soonest possible. That's Exactly what he did, Choosing, at his own Initiative, to Flee Abroad, Initialy to Mexico, But Soon After to Argentina, where he stayed Until Recently, when he just Returned Back to Bolivia, as a Private Person, Going to live in a Remote Region known for having Many of his Fans there, (Even after his Former Party, Later Came Back in Power, But with AnOther, Different Candidate for Presidet Nowadays)...



    >>> The Most Important Fact, in Comparison with the 2020 US Presidential Election, is that the Above-mentioned, Relevant Denonciation by the OAS, was, and Still is, Both Back on 2019 and Even this Year 2020, Until Nowadays, "Hotly" Debated in the Medias, including of the USA, with those Standing at the Left Side, usualy Criticizing OAS' Conclusions as Allegedly, unFounded, and those Standing at the Right Side, usualy Defending OAS' Denonciations, as Well Founded and Just. But, 1 Key Point is Universaly Shared by Both Sides, in this case : Indeed, Nobody Ever Contested, until now, the PRINCIPLES, the MAIN CRITERIA, on which OAS had been Based in order to Challenge  Morales' Controversial Election, Suspected for Fraud, (which were mainly 2, as we saw Above). And this Includes Even Notorious "Left"-leaning, Mainstream Medias, such as UK's "Guardian", and USA's "Washington Post" or "New York Times", etc, But Also Other, Morales' Supporters in Latin America, etc. The Only thing that Leftist Critics Contested was, in Fact, the Way that OAS reportedly Applied those Principles and Criteria, to the Concrete Data of that Morales' case, Claiming, that, according to Their ownn Analysis of those Facts, the Real Situation in Bolivia, then, would Not Contradict OAS' above-mentioned Principles...

    => But, this is, in Fact, a Big and Precious "Boost" (by ...Both those Leftist Critics and Rightist Supporters of that OAS' stance on the Bolivian 2019 Election) in Favor of US President Don Trump's position, Nowadays, as far as the present, 2020 US Presidential Election Controversy is concerned ! Simply Because Both Admit that important "Statistical Improbabilities", and a too Abrupt, Last Minute Reversal of an Election's Initial Results, withOut Any Known Convincing Explanation, added to some Converging Irregularities, in Principle, are Sufficient Proof that an Election has been Rigged, Stolen, withOut Asking to "Prove" Nothing More...

    + Moreover, Even if we Go to the Detailed, Concrete Facts of Each Case, ...Again Trump's main position Clearly Wins ! Indeed, the Leftist pro-Morales Critics of OAS basicaly Claim that there would be an alleged "Lack of Any Big Jump, (sic !) in support for Morales after the Halt" of Votes' Counting, OverNight, Back on 2019, as "Washington Post" Claims. However, in the case of Biden, on 2020, it's Not about Simple ..."Jumps", as in the case of Morales. But, in Fact, about Big ... "Rocket" Launches, that it is, i.e. a, Comparatively, very Different Situation, concerning Much Bigger Dimensions... Indeed, while, in Morales' case, the Maximum Quantity of Last-Minute Ballots Counted, reportedly was about 52% or 58%, on the Contrary, in the case of Biden, it is about ...78% or 80%, (according to Biden himself, speaking of Pennsylvania, on Nov. 4), if not even 90% of the Votes (according to Lawyer Powell, in some Other cases). At Pennsylvania, OverNight, People were reportedly Shocked by an UnBelievable, Sudden ... 99,5% v. 0,5%, (giving Biden 570.000 Votes and to Trump Only 3.200, according to GOP's Representatives, noted Rep Mastriano, cited by "Newsmax") ! And that, withOut Clear Explanation on How Bidden could, Also, Guess, at a Moment When the Late Counting was Still Going on, at the Morning of Nov. 4, Boast in Public that he would Even Continue to Find such a Blatantly DisProportional, Last Minute Super-Majority, as almost 80% (Comp. Supra) for All or Most the Remaining Ballots, BEFORE they were Counted, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usaelectionaftermath1.html, etc)...

    => I.e.  Facts in BIDEN's case of Fraud Risks, Obviously Appear as Much More WORSE than that of MORALES, (Considering, Also, the Manifold Additional Gros Problems in this Exceptional 2020 US Presidential Election, whete, Notoriously, "Mail-in" Ballots, "Drop Boxes", "Parc" Boxes, "Drive Through" Voting, No Verification of Signatures, etc, Added Even to the Notrious, and still Evolving, Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Machines' System, and Various Other, Converging Exceptional, UnPrecedented Dimensions of Discrepancies)... It's Enough to Compare what alleged Facts most Mainstream, even Leftist Medias (including, f.ex., NYT, WAPO, Guardian, BBC, etc) were Talking about, in that Condemned 2019 Bolivian Election, with What we can all See in these, Much More Suspected for Massive Fraud US 2020 Presidential Election, in order to Easily Realize that Nowadays' Problem is Scandalously, and, Obviously, by Far, the Worst !

    >>> In Consequence, it Could be very Interesting to Observe Also What would be the Final Reports' Conclusions, this time, on these very Controversial 2020 US Presidential Elections, (Compared with Bolivia's 2019 Case : Comp. Supra), f.ex. in the OAS, OSCE (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtandvotefraud.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euosceoascoeonusaelectionrow.html), etc., as well as the potential Findings of an Eventual "Special Counsel" for an Investigation on Massive Fraud/Gross Irregularities' alllegations in that Vote (Comp. Supra), Naturally Added to a US Federal Supreme Court expected Judgement on the Merits of Law Suits Sufficient to Cover the Real, Overall Problematic Situation in the 6 "Swing" States, in order to See whether the Same Basic Principles will be Applied in this 2020 USA case, as in that Recent Precedent of Bolivia's 2019 case, and if there would be "Double Standards", or, on the Contrary, at least an Elementary Justice for American People's Right to Vote for their Leaders in Free and Fair Elections, or Not.

    It would, Indeed, become a Big Historic Scandal, with incalculable Socio-Political Repercussions in the forseable Future, if all those Interational Organisations, (as OAS, which reportedly attended Both Bolivian and USA Presidential Elections of 2019 and 2020, EU, which Watched Bolivia, But Not USA, OSCE, which is due to Publish its Final Report in the Middle of January 2021, etc), Mainstream National and International Medias, (which have abudantly Commented on Both those Bolivian and these USA Controversial Elections : Comp. Supra), USA's Federal Supreme Court, (which has Notoriourly, fully Heard a Long "Bush v. Gore" case, back on 2000, But Not Yet Any "Trump v. Biden" case on 2020 !), Logically Added to a Similar "Special Counsel" Investigation on Fraud and possible Foreign Interferences (f.ex. via Canada HQ and Europe + Latin America related "Dominion" Electronic Machines' Controversy, China and/or Ukraine etc., alleged Corruption Suspicions, etc), might, Perhaps, Finally Apply Blatantly "Double Standards" (particularly on Main Principles : Comp. Supra), in Comparison between these so close 2019 Bolivian and 2020 USA cases...

    => Is it really Possible, and would that be Acceptable by the American People, for USA's Democracy to Eventualy become Nowadays More Downgraded and Less Principled than that of Bolivia ?     

    The Crucial Next Weeks/Months Will Tell.-



    >>> In this regard, Probably, a Positive Solution would be, Preferably, Not to Fall to the Trap of a 2020 "Hocus-Pocus", "Diabolic Witches"' Fraud Scandal around a Politicaly Weakened (by Fraud + Corruption + Establishment Controversies) Mr. Biden, (as some Obviously push to Impose, including  by an Unprecedented Establishment's Medias Biais and Censorship by Big-Tech. even of Citizens' Free Speech at the Internet, etc), But, Rather, to Find a much More Legal, pro-Democracy, and Citizen-Friendly PathWay, f.ex. through a kind of US Federal Supreme Court-backed "SCOTUS-POTUS" 2021 move, Near to Famous late Justice Scalia's Views on Not Counting "Questionable Legality Votes", in order to Safeguard People's "Trust" for "Democratic Stabiiity", (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtforpeopleclassaction.html, etc), by Giving a Real Chance for the UnContested 75 Millions Votes, Historic Record -Backed President Don Trump, to, at last, become Free to Work for 4 Years on USA's Main Economic, Technological, Citizen-Friendly, Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age, a.o. Issues, as well as for more Peace (Not Other Wars) in the World.



    On the Contrary, an Eventual ... "Walt Disney" CEO pro-Biden remake "Fairy Tale" about ..."SnowWhite and the 7 Dwarfs" (Read : Biden's Controversial Claims on Fraud/Irregularities-stricken 6 "Swing" States plus New Mexico, which Also Send an "Alternative" slate of Great Electors to Washington DC's Jan. 6, US Congress Official Ceremony : See http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bidenliesinelectorsrowasfraudproofgrows.html), really does Not seem able at all to Convince a Mature, Developed, and Experienced American People, (Neither the International Opinion, Worldwide, which is carefuly Watching, and Registering what's Really going on in the USA Nowadays), at an obviously Historic Crossroads...










EU to EF: Trump may be Right on Mail-in Votes +OSCE to EF: US Election Check=Still On-Going Process

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 22 December 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- it's Not Excluded that Trump Might be Right, particularly on Mail-in and various Absentees' Votes, a matter Decided by the States, and, at any case, Monitoring on US Presidential Election is "Still an On-Going Process", told "Eurofora" 2 European Top Senior Officers, of the EU and Trans-Atlantic OSCE, respectively, in relation with his 1st Legal Complaint to the US Supreme Court on alleged November 3 Vote's Fraud and Irregularities, lodged just Yesterday, while Just 2 Weeks remain before the Official Reading on States-certified Electors by US Federal Congress on January 6, 2021.

Until Now it's an UnExpected Historic Paradox that USA's Federal Supreme Court has Not yet Examined, Neither Judged on the Merits, Any Legal Complaint on such a "Hot", Serious and Topical Constitutional Law as that of the Still Contested 2020 US Presidential Election, Contrary, f.ex., to what happened Back on 2000, in the Famous "Bush v. Gore" case, Even if the Main Issue raised Nowadays is, in Fact, very Similar to what late Justice Scalia had Named then as concerning the Not-Counting of "Questionable Legality Votes", for the sake of "Democratic Stability" based on People's "Trust", (See, his Opinion, joined also by Other Judges, at : www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtandvotefraud.html, etc).

President Don Trump has Recently Denounced, in his Latest (and "Most Important of all", as he stressed) Speech on alleged Massive Fraud and Gross Irregularities of this 2020 Election, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usa2020electoralfraudproofgrows.html, etc), among others, also the Fact that almost All European Countries Refuse to Accept "Mail-in" and/or other "Absentees'" Ballots, the USA being practicaly Alone to do so Nowadays, (After mainly "Dems"-Governed States, Notoriously Decided to use such kind of Controversial Ballots, Exceptionaly on 2020, Triggering Many Controversies, precisely Because of Fears for Easier "Fraud", and nonobstant about ...400 Cases in Courts, throughout 44 States, which were All Ruled by quite UnTrustworthy Judges ...according to "Partisan" Criteria, as OSCE's Preliminary Report on these 2020 US Elections Denounced).

- EU Commission's Chief Spokesman Eric Mamer, Replying to an "Eurofora"s Question earlier, whether Trump's Claim that the Fraud Risk in US Elections, due to Mail-in, Absentee Votes, etc., would Not exist in Europe, Because Most Europeans Prohibit such Votes, with a Few Exceptions, under Strict Control, is the Truth, or Not, significantly, Did Not Exclude that Trump might be, indeed, Right. He simply Reminded that, in principle, "Elections are Organized by Member States", so that "Questions" about the Existence, or not, of such Fraud Risks, should be "Answered" by the concerned "National Authorities".

= And, Indeed, f.ex. in France, "Eurofora" found that the Legislation does Not Accept Any kind of "Mail-in" or other "Absentees"' Vote, (Even on 2020, f.ex. in Mayors' Elections, Nationwide), But Only the Unique Possibility for a Voter to be, if Necessary, "Represented" to the Polling Station through a "Proxy", i.e. Someone Else : Something Exclusively Reserved for ..."Handicaped" People and/or "ExPats", who Must, Previously, Meet Personaly with a Public Authority's Agents, in order to Officialy and Personaly Declare their relevant Will, with their ID Cards, and by Signing an Official Document "in theur Presence"...

 + In the UK, where some Exceptions existed on "Mail-in" Ballots, a Big Scandal of alleged Fraud in favor of Controversial former PM Tony Bliar's "Labour" Party, Marked the 2005 Parliamentary Elections, with several People Condemned f.ex. in Birmibngham, and CoE's Assembly making afterwards an Investigation and a Hotly Debated in Strasbourg Report, while PM. Bliar was Obliged to Resign a few years After that, (Conservatives taking over the Government Since 2010, until Now).

=> Precisely Because of various Similar and/or Other such Reports of more or less Wide-Spread Fraud and/or Gross Irregularities, Most European Countries had, indeed, to Confirm and Perpetuate, or Introduce an Electoral System withOut Any such Controversial, and Easy to Maipulate or even Buy, "Mail-in" or other "Absentee" Ballots, (which in USA's 2020 Elections' case went as Far as to Add, Also, so-called ...."Drop Box" [sic !] Ballots, even in the Streets, "Parc" Ballots, "Drive Through" Ballots, etc., Often Skip ID Photo and/or Signatures' Verification, etx), as some US Publications Warned, Already Since August 2020...


+ A TransAtlantic OSCE (where USA is a Full, Prominent Member) Senior Official, speaking to "Eurofora" Today, under condition of Anonymity, pointed at the work of a PanAmerican OAS' Election Observation Mission, which Monitored too these 2020 US Presidential Elections, as they did also, Recently, f.ex. for Bolivia's 2019 Presidential Elections, where, Notoriously, Morales was Ultimately Obliged to Resign and Flee to Mexico, after Criticism for Suspicions of Fraud, mainly Based on alleged "UnExplained", "Statistical" ImProbabilities and on Late Ballots Suddenly Reversing an Initial Victory of a Candidate, by an AbNormaly Big Number of Votes for that "Socialist/Liberal" Former President, who was, therefore, Discredited as illegitime, Faced Popular Demonstrations and Lack of Military Backing, (etc), before being Replaced Later-on.... Moreover, According to relevant Press Sources, a Parallel EU Foreign Policy Report on those Controversial Presidential Elections has made a Similar Criticism on 2019.

>>> By a striking Coincidence, the main Discrepancies reportedly Reproached by that OAS 2019 Report against Morales, are Astonishingly Similar to a Key part of those made Nowadays Also against Biden on 2020 in the USA : F.ex., Many "UnExplained", "Statistical" Improbabilities, Sudden Reversal of Results, (initialy Won by a Competitor), through Late and Controversial Ballots, DisPrpoportionaly Favoring him, (a Pattern, indeed, Repeated in All or Most of the Crucial 6 "Swing" States), etc. !

++ CoE's PaEuropean Ortganisation's (where USA is Not Member, But has a Special Status) Press Officer Mikaela Catalano told "Eurofora" earlier that, this time, its Parliamentary Assembly (which Usually Follows OSCE's Electoral Observation Missions)  had Not Send any Delegation to Washington DC, But, given the Big "Hot" Controversy about this US Presidential Election 2020, she did Not Excluded a priori that the Assembly Might, Eventualy, Decide, Later-on, to Draft a Report and/or Hold a Public Debate, (as CoE has Already done in the Past, on other Human Rights/Rule of Law/Democracy Issues in the USA), given the Current "Hot" Controversy and International Interest on that Topical Issue.

CoE's, as well as OSCE's, EU's, and OAS' Established Standards on Elections' Monitoring accorss the World, Notoriously include, inter alia, Particularly the overall Press coverage, (which should Not be Excessively Unilateral and Biaised, But basicaly Pluralist and Fair), Transparency, (f.ex. via Multi-Partisan and International Observers, etc), Respect for Rule of Law, proper Votes' Counting, etc.,

while that US 2020 Presidential Election is Notioriously Marked, among others, also by an Obvious, UnPrecedented Level of pro-Biden, Unilateral and often Biaised stance by almost All Establishment's Medias, (as "OSCEé"'s Prelimiary Report, Already Noted, added, Meanwhile, Even by "Turn-Coat" "Fox-News", and even "Breitbart", which Started to Censor massively its own Faithful Readers' Comments, for the 1st Time : All in the process to be, apparently, Replaced by a New Kind of "Citizens' Press", facing, however, GAFA "Big-Tech"'s Censorship in Social Media), Added to Notorious Bullying and Obstruction against Republican, pro-Trump "Observers" in Polling Stations, Violations of US Federal Constitution on "Mail-in", "Absentees", "Late", a.o. Votes or Signatures' Checks, etc., (Comp. Supra),  as well as a Big Row (with Various Gross "Errors" Already Found) on Votes' Counting, (Both in Paper Ballots, and in Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Machines)...

+++ At any case, Meanwhile, OSCE's Electoral Observation Mission Continues to Monitor Nowadays all the notable Relevant Developments in the US about that UnSettled Yet Controversy about alleged WideSpread Fraud and Gross Irregularities in the 2020 Presidential Election, and, particularly, to Watch "How are Handled possible Legal Complaints", as the Heads of that Mission had Already Warned, in a Press Conference at Washington DC, from the immediate Aftermath of the Vote, on November 4, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtandvotefraud.html, etc), and this was Confirmed, Today, also by the Replies of an OSCE's Senior Official to "Eurofora"s relevant Questions :

- Indeed, "We (OSCE) are Still Analysing" and "Seriously Following" relevant Developments, about the Outcome of these US Presidential Elections,  Because it Remains, Nowadays, "an ON-GOING PROCESS", he/she significantly told us, (speaking on condition of anonymity, due to the delicate character of this Issue).

=> Indeed, OSCE's crucial "Final Report" on these Controversial US 2020 Presidential Elections is "expected to be Published for about Mid-January" 2021, he/she told "Eurofora".

>>> In other words, OSCE's Final Conclusions on this Elections' Results are Expected, by a Significant Coincidence, ...Just After that Decisive US Congress' Official "Reading" about "Official" and "Alternate" slates of Electors from the "Swing" States, currently Challenging each other, (one for Biden, and one for Trump in Each of those "Battleground" States), Notoriously Scheduled for January 6, and which is, precisely, the Target of President Trump Legal Team's 1st Petition to the US Federal Supreme Court, Yesterday, (with a Demand for Urgent Action since Today and particularly Tomorrow, December 23).

+ At least anotOther 1 to 3 such Legal Complaints to the Supreme Court, should, Reportedly, soon Follow, Adding Other among those 6 "Swing" States' very Controversial cases, according to Lawyer Guliani, (while some Other People, in parallel, Dream to become "Proud" Members of an Eventual "Class Action" by "We the People", if possible, as they have Recently Informed "Eurofora"s Readers, on the Entire Range of alleged Wide-Spread Fraud/Gross Irregularities of that Controversial 2020 US Presidential Election).

Thus, it canNot be Excluded a priori that even OSCE's crucial Final Report (Comp. Supra), Might, Perhaps, be Delayed Further, in case of Relevant Unforseen Events, that Senior Official added to "Eurofora", while the usual "Inauguration" Day for whoever might become POTUS has been, Notoriously, Scheduled for January 20, (already surrounded by the "Electric Mist" of Various Other on-going Rumours/Hypothesis, more or less credible: See, f.ex.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usa2020electoralfraudproofgrows.html, etc)...








FDA Docs Confirm Open Query on Risk for Pfizer+Moderna Genome-Affecting Shots to Spread Virus Wider

Written by ACM
Saturday, 19 December 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-
Despite a much Better try by Moderna's Armenian "Vaccine", compared to Pfizer's Turkish one, (See Facts Infra), Nevertheless, Both Based on a Technology initialy Explored by DoD against "BioWarfare", Nor Real "Vaccines", in the Classic term of Pasteur, (who seeked to Stimulate the Natural, Human Immunity System), But, rather, Individual Genome Manip. Tools, (Artificial Private Shields, of UnKnown Duration, Questionable Efficiency for Elders, UnCertain yet but probable After-Effects, and Non-Negligable Side-Effects already), these 2 Fake "First" tools Facing the Virus, (in Fact Competing with Russian, Chinese, ao. Available Vaccines and/or Therapies), Raise Serious Questions about Grave Risks to Spread Wider Infections by the Deadly Virus to Other People, throughout the Society, Because of a New Kind of UnPrecedented Problem, on which Neither EU's Senior Officers, (See : ..., etc), Nor USA's FDA Reports (See Infra), have No Reply, Even if the later Start to Admit the existence of such Questions, which (If UnSettled on Time) have a Huge, UnExpected Potential of Dangerosity against Humankind, (See Facts Infra).


    Indeed, the Latest Developments, Both in EU and USA Official outlets, (including Reports), Confirm that, (among Other Issues, f.ex. on Safety : See Infra), there is Really a Crucial Question on those 2 "Vaccines" alleged Efficiency, as well as Collective Safety. But Not Yet Any satisfactory Answer to that, Neither Any Serious Scientific Research about it, until now. And that Awaraness of the potential Magnitude of a "New Issue", i.e. of an UnPrecedented Problem, Never Seen Before in Public Health's History, still Lacks, not only among Most of the People concerned, But Even, Apparently, among Many Top Key Officials. While, as things are Scheduled to Move Nowadays, the Risk to be Practicaly Hindered to Search and Find a Workable Solution on Time, i.e. Before "Accomplished Facts" are Soon provoked, is Imminent...

At the Same Time, Many Other, Different Vaccines, More or Less Closer to Pasteur's Classic Model (Comp. Supra), Suddenly Started to be Delayed, while, Curiously, almost Nobody, among those Officials, doesN't speak, No More, about Urgently Needed Therapies (i.e. Anti-Virus Drugs) Nowadays... Last, but Not Least, Recently, Critics (Even  High-Standing, Experienced Professors of Medicine, etc), Started to be Heavily Sanctioned and/or Threatened, by various Authorities, when they Dared Publish a Critical View (from Various and Other Sides), vis a vis, mainly, the very Particular Technology used in these 2 "First" alleged Vaccines, (Comp. Supra). All these Facts, Obviously DoN't Build Trust, But Legitimate Concern, which Urgently Needs Convincing Answers !  

Such Sanctions and/or Threats are blatantly InCompatible with ECHR's Case-Law and CoE's Committee of Ministers' 43 States' supported Recent "Athens' Declaration" on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law during Pandemic Crisis (4 November 2020), Unanimously Backed by a CoE Parliamentary Assembly's Resolution afterwards in Strasbourg (See : .., etc), which Clearly stress that Freedom of Expression must be Respected, Nowadays too.


>>> The Above-mentioned "New Danger", is that those 2 Vaccines, (and particularly of Pfizer's Turkish one : See Infra), Currently have Not Any Guarantee, (and there is Not Even the slightest Known Scientific Research about this Crucial Point Yet), on Whether they Could, or Not, Stop the Risk of Infections vis a vis Other People, or If, on the Contrary, the Individuals who have been Vaccinated, Still Continue to represent a Threat to Provoke Further Infections in the Society, whenever they have been affected by the Virus, (Even if, and particulary when they might have become "Asymptomatic" themselves).

    In that case, it will, Obviously, become Difficult to impose a Quarantine to "Vaccinated" and even "Asymptomatic" Individuals during a Long Time. While there is Also a Risk for All the Other People who Contact them Not to Realise that They are, in fact, Threatened by the Virus... In Consequence, those "Vaccinated" by such Controversial products, Could, most Probably, become, sooner or later,  ... "Super Spreaders" of the Virus !

    This Danger, (which, Notoriously, does Not Exist in "Classic", real Vaccines, But, at the Present Stage of Scientific Knowledge, canNot be Excluded a priori, in the Specific Case of the Novel Technology used by those 2 particular "Vaccines" : See Infra),

    was Almost Skiped during the "Pfizer"'s Turkish Product Examination by USA's FDA Recently, (Except from a Few Vague elements of Short Mentions for some partialy Related Matters : F.ex. on "Asymptomatics", etc). However, Mainstream Medias, such as "Los Angeles Times", "Guardian", "AP", and Others, had Already Warned, (More or less clearly, "LAT" being the Best), about that, Beforehand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    But, (probably Also Thanks to an "Eurofora"'s Publication, Meanwhile, which Clearly Denounced that, Including 2 Questions/Replies with EU Council and EU Commission Senior Officials, Part of which took place at a Video-Press Briefing with Brussels, attended by Hundreds of Journalists from all over Europe and International Medias, See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/pfijfyjhjh.html , etc),

     => on the Contrary, when "Moderna"'s Armenian product arrived at the stage of FDA's Examination, More Recently, Official Reports Clearly Noted the Fact that No Reply was Yet Available on that potential Problem,

    and a "Moderna"'s Last-Minute "Addendum" Claimed that, at any case, at least, its "Vaccine" would have Less "Asymptomatic" Cases than a "Placebo" Group, (14 instead of 38), so that it Might, Perhaps, Diminish somehow that Risk, But Not Eliminate it....

    However, this is Not a Guarantee, since, inter alia, it's Not yet Known whether those 2 Groups Faced Similar or Different Situations (f.ex. Contacts, etc), from the point of view which concerns this specific Issue. And, at any case, Obviously,  it's Not the Same thing when it comes to Notoriously "Vaccinated" Individuals, or Not, since the First May Lure, All their Contacts, Making them Believe that they have Become Harmless, while the Others, Not at all... Moreover, the Non-"Vaccinated" Yet People Can, at any moment in the Future, become Infected and Afterwards Survive thanks to their Natural Immune System, which, Notoriously, Excludes, also, any Trasmission of the Virus to Other People. While, on the Contrary, those Already "Vaccinated" by those Controversial products, apparently, could Not do so, Remaining, in Consequence, a Danger of Transmission for a Long Time, perhaps During all their Lives ! I.e., in real Practice, "pose a Killer Zombie Threat to Society", (as a USA Commentator Bluntly resumed that Probem)...

       Such Risks can Already be, indeed, very Real, mutatis-mutandis, as Indicates a Similar Phenomenon which seems to have been Provoked Recently in China, according to the semi-Official Press Agency "Xinhua", when, suddenly, at an Uighur (Turcic tribe) Populated Region, (Hit by Separatist Extremists), Many Dozens of Individuals Coming and Going from Neighbouring Pakistan, appeared withOut Any Symptoms, But ...Full of Deadly Virus, which Rapidly Started to Infect all the Chinese People, to the point that the Pubic Authorities were Obliged to put into Quarantine a Population of Many Thousands, and impose Urgent "Tests" to More than a Million of People living at this Border-line Region, (as they had Succesfuly done, notoriously, at Wuhan's former Epicenter of the Virus, etc). It's also a Fact that Islamist Extremists (mainly of the "Tablighi Jamaat" Group) have been Notoriously Blamed to Spread the Virus inside India, (which had initialy managed to Avoid it, for a long period of time), after Mass Meetings at Lahora and New Delhi, from Malaysia, etc., Since April 2020. And, by a Coincidence, a Key Technician exploiting that Controversial "Pfizer"'s Turkish Vaccine is personaly Named ..."Ugur (Comp. Supra) Sahin", and personaly comes from Turkey ((See Infra), socio-culturaly and GeoPoliticaly very Close to Pakistan... (etc.

    => How Could, then, Protect themselves, the People who may Start, soon, to be Surrounded by More and More such, in Fact, Covert, "Silent Zombie Killers" (Comp. Supra), Apparently "Vaccinated" and Asymptomatic, But still Spreading the Deadly Virus, and with, Inevitably, far Less Protective Measures than Before, or None (Comp. Supra) ? Already, Many Hundreds of Thousands were, reportedly, "Vaccinated" with those Controversial Products in the USA, just in a Few Days, (withOut Even Knowing What Consequences this might have on Covertly Spreading Infections, or not), and such Movements Threaten to Multiply Soon also in Europe and Other Countries accross the World...

    >>> In Such Conditions, Inevitably, it's Also All the Other People, Willing or Not, who would be, in Real Practice, placed under a Growing Ambiant, Novel and Additional Threat to be Infected, withOut Sufficient Means to Prevent that, and, Most of the Times, withOut Even being Able to Guess When, Where and by Whom, such Risks might Exist or Not, (Comp. Supra), would be, in Fact, quite Obliged, to Submit, Also Themselves, (RegardLess of whether they would Like, or Not, to do so), into Taking such Controversial Shots themselves too, just in order to have, Eventualy, a Chance to Escape from such a Novel, Covert but Ambiant, rapidly Spreading, and More Life-Threatening than Ever, Growing Risk...  

    + Indeed, Curiously, almost at the Same Time that those 2 Controversial "Vaccines" of Pfizer/Turkey and Moderna/Armenia were Notoriousky Approaching an Urgent "Authorisation" regime, Nowadays, Suddenly, Most Officials Stoped to even Speak about Any Life-Saving  "Therapies" against the Virus, (Controversial "Remedesivir" is Not such, not even according to the WHO : See, inter alia, also f.ex. : ..., etc), and  Other, More "Classic" Vaccines, Started to have various UnExpected Problems, which Obliged Either to be Abandoned, (f.ex., an Australian Project, and "Sanofi"'s 1st Attempt, etc), or, at least, to Suspend on-going Trials, and considerably Delay Their Own release, (as "AstraZenica", "Johnson and Johnson", etc), While Russia's and/or China's relevant Vaccines are Still Snobed at the West, and/or, at least Partialy Delayed too, (f.ex. for Elders, etc)... ++ In Addition, even well Known French Professors of Medicine, Raoult and Perronne, who Notoriously support the Simple, Cheap, Safe and Available "HCQ+" Therapy, (apparently Helpful for Prophylaxis and/or Early Treatment of Mild/Medium Infections), were, Suddenly, Pursued for ..."Charlatanism" (sic !), or Brutaly Fired from Top Jobs (respectively) !

    >>> What is so Particular in those 2 Controversial "Vaccines", Obviously Promoted and Pushed, Nowadays, by a Big part of the Establishment, almost to the Detriment of Anything Else (Comp. Supra), Seriously Threatening, in Nowadays' Context, to be Imposed, de Facto, to Most People, even to those who Would Prefer Different Solutions (Comp. Supra), while, also, Raising New, UnPrecedented Issues, on possible Serious Dangers (ibid) ?

    The Main Point UnQuestionably is the Fact that their Particular Technology Distinguishes them Far Away from Any Other Known, "Classic" or Recent Vaccines : Indeed, to put it in a Nutshell, Instead of Stimulating the Natural Human Immunity System, as All Other Vaccines do, since Pasteur, On the Contrary, they Artificialy Fabricate a Key Protein which Triggers AntiCorps, by Manipulating the Human Genome, through the Introduction of a Synthetic "mRNA" (Part of the Human Genome), by 2 Intravenous Shots, in 2 Months' Time.

    => In Consequence, "Eurofora" had Recently Guessed that, in Fact, these are Not Real "Vaccines", (at least Not in the Original Meaning of Pasteur), But rather a Tool for Manipulating the Human Genome in a Way that its Inventors think proper. This seems related to the Above-mentioned UnCertainty about Whether it Stops (as All Real Vaccines do), or, on the Contrary, Lets Persist, the Transmission of Virus to Other People, (Probably Making some Individuals merely "Asymptomatic", as relevant FDA's Reports suggest : Comp. Supra).  

    >>> Later-on, we were genuinly Surprized by Finding out that a Similar Conclusion had Also been Reached by a well-Known Professor of Medicine, Experienced former Advisor of the EU and WHO, as well as Head of Infectiology Department at the Hospital "Raymont Poincaré" at Hauts de Seine, near Paris, Prof. Christian Perronne, former President of the Commission on Communicable Diseases at France's National High Council on Public Health, as well as f. past vice-President of the European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation, considered to hold a large Experience on Vaccinations.


    Here is, indeed, a very Critical appraisal that Professsor Perronne has Just Published, Earlier this Month, (2/12/2020) on those Controversial "Vaccines" of Pfizer and Moderna :


 -  A "most Worrisome thing is that many countries, including France, say they are ready to start Vaccinating in the coming weeks, while these products have been developed and evaluated very Hastily", particularly on "how Effective – or Dangerous – these vaccines are".     

 - "The Worst thing is that the First “Vaccines” we are being offered are NOT VACCINES, BUT GENE THERAPY products. We’re going to Inject nucleic acids that will Cause our own cells to Make elements of the virus"... "It is a First in Humans".

-"The first gene therapies will be RNA, but there are projects in the works using DNA. Normally, in our cells, the message is from DNA to RNA, but the reverse is possible under certain circumstances...able to reverse transcribe RNA into DNA".

=> -"So an RNA that is Foreign to our body and administered by Injection could Code for DNA that is just as foreign, which can then Integrate into Our Chromosomes. There is a real Risk of Transforming our Genes Permanently. There is also the possibility, ..., to Transmit these Genetic Modifications to our Children. The people who promote these gene therapies, Falsely called “Vaccines,” are Sorcerer’s Apprentices and are treating ... the Citizens of the World like Guinea Pigs" ! "We do Not Want to become Transgenic GMOs (Genetically Modified organisms), like Tomatoes or Corn" !

>>> "A medical Official at one of the pharmaceutical Manufacturers said a few days ago that he hoped for an Individual Protective effect, But that one should Not Expect to see too much Impact on the Transmission of the Virus, ("Eurofora"s main Question : Comp. Supra, and at ..., etc), therefore on the Dynamics of the Epidemic. This is a disguised Admission that it is Not a Vaccine. This is a very Serious matter"...

 - "I am all the more Horrified, given that I have always been in Favor of Vaccines and I have Chaired Vaccine Policy forums for Years. Today we must say STOP to this Extremely Disturbing plan. Louis Pasteur must be Spinning in his Grave" !

 - "Science, medical Ethics and above all Common Sense, Must regain the Upper hand".

Christian PERRONNE"


=> Consequence : Shortly after that Critical Publication, Professor Perronne was ...Fired (sic !) from his Top Job, as Head of Infectiology Department at Poincaré Hospital !        

Such an Exceptionaly Harsh Oppressive Measure could Not logicaly be Due Neither to his Support for "HCQ+° Therapy against the Virus, Nor to his Criticism on the way that the French Goverment Faced this Pandemic, since, Perronne had Already Done Both, Since a Long Time Ago, (Even Publishing a Book on the 2nd Issue), withOut Problem. It's Only when he Published that Article Criticizing those Pfizer/Moderna "Vaccines" (Comp. Supra) on December 2020, that serious Problems of Uprecedented Oppression Astonishingly Started....

- As for Perronne's above mentioned Observation that, "a medical Official at one of the pharmaceutical Manufacturers" would have Acknowledged that, Except from some "Hope for an Individual Protective Effect", on those "Vaccinated", "one should Not Expect to see ... Impact on the Transmission of the Virus" to Other People, i.e.  it would Not Stop Infections, (Comp. Supra), it Points at the Problem to which all Other People would be Confronted, sooner or later :

=> More and more Surrounded by such "Vaccinated" (probably still Infected, but "Asymptomatic" : Comp. also Supra) Individuals, withOut the Same Level of Protective Measures (f.ex. Quarantine, etc) as for Ordinary Infected Persons until now, and Practicaly Threatened to be themselves Infected by the Deadly Virus at any moment, through such "Silent", "Covert" but Dangerous Spreaders, they would Obvously be, sooner or later, be, in Fact, Terrorized and Obliged to Bow to a "de Facto" Obligation to be, themselves too, "Vaccinated" by those Contoversial  "mRNA" Technology Products, just in order to Hope to Save their Lives, (almost as if they were Pushed to do so by loaded Guns pointed at them) !

+ But, as another Senior Official from "Moderna" recently Explained, such kind of "mRNA" Tools affecting the Human Genome by Artificially Triggering the Production (or Not) of this or that "Protein", in Fact, Touch upon "the Actors of Life, which are the Elements that do the Things that Make us (Living Organisms) Function", from Any Point of View. Indeed, "Messenger RNA is a molecule that exists in Every one of Our Cells, and is the Intermediary Between DNA, which we know to be where the information is stored about Every Aspect of Life", and those Proteins. In Consequence, in that way, Similar Tools, theoretically, Could Touch upon Any "Actor in Life" Concerning "Every Aspect in Life"...

=> So that, in a foreseable Future, Various (Mutated or New) Deadly Virus might, in Practice, Oblige the People to Accept such kind of "mRNA" Tools of Manipulation of Human Genome, which could Affect Any "Protein" concerning Any "Aspect of Life", without Exception, (according to that Same Logic). In Other Words, Indeed, operate as Tools of "Gene Therapy" (as Professor Perronne, precisely, Warned : Comp. Supra), and, probably, ultimately, represent "a real Risk of Transforming our Genes Permanently", by a "possibility, ..., to Transmit these Genetic Modifications to our Children", as this "Whistle-Blower" Medical Scientist just dared Denounce !

As for Pfizer's alleged Claims (cited by Mainstream Press, including "NYTimes"), that their Turkish "Vaccine" would Not Leave Any Trace inside the Human Body, Neither be Incorporated into Human DNA, this Obviously seems to be too Approximate or Irrelevant Balderdash, since, withOut Affecting the Human Genome for at least a Substantial Period of Time, such Tools could Not Even Disguise themselves as so-called "Vaccines" for a Virus...

So that, If anyone might, eventualy, wish to Submit Humans into Collective Genetic Manipulations, he could do so also through Various easily Fabricated in Labo "Virus", Threatening Human Lives, which would be "Saved" Only by such so-called mRNA "Vaccines", alias Tools for "Gene Therapy", Soon practicaly Transforming Humanity into "GMO"s like "Tomatos or Corn", as Professor Perronne just Warned (Comp. Supra).

Indeed, Whenever might Emerge, Suddenly, out of the blue, Any New such Virus, of UnKnown Origin, (as Back on 2003 with SARS-1, 2009 with H1N1, Covit-2019, etc), People would be, in that Way, practicaly Obliged to "UpDate" their "mRNA" Molecules by so-called "Vaccines" able to Trigger or Stop the Production, inside the Human Body, of this or that Protein, among a Long Series of possible Choices in Manifold such "Actors of Life", (according to the Interesting Expression used by a Top Official of "Moderna" : Comp. Supra + Infra)...

++ Such kinds of Successive "UpDates" Remind, mutatis-mutandis, ..."Microsoft" "Windows" Operating System's Recent Evolution, which, Progressively, passed From Different Editions in the Past, towards an Often "Updated" New, "Windows 10" Version, Currently More and More Frequently "UpDated", (here Also ..."to Protect" it "Against the Virus" Spreading accross the Web), Often Even by Remotely-Triggered Operations, which Intrude inside People's PC, even at their Home, Office, or SmartPhone in their Pocket, etc. And, by a Coincidence, Microsoft's initiator, the Notorious Controversial Billionaire Bill Gates, (a well-Known Fana of Vaccines, that some Accuse to be a Covert "Eugenist" !), is Not Far Away :

- Indeed, Gates reportedly took the Initiative, Already since 2019, to considerably Fund (with almost Half a Billion $ Each) Both those 2 Companies (Pfizer's Turkish BNT and Moderna)which, Later Fabricated the Controversial "mRNA" so-called "Vaccines"...

=> And, Curiously, they were Both, the Only Companies in the Entire World, to Suddenly Focus on Searching a "Vaccine" for the Covit-19 Virus, just some Months Afterwards : I.e. as Early as, Already (at least) Since the Middle of January 2020, (i.e. When Nobody, Not Even the First localy Hit by that Virus as China, Neither the WHO, etc., did Not Yet Speak or Think of what Became, Much Later-on, a "Pandemic", Only in the 2nd Half of March 2020, (i.e. +2 whole Months Later) !

Indeed, Until January 21, the WHO was Snobing the "COVIT-19" Virus, and China's Public Health Organisation was Publishing various Other, UnRelated News, Except from a Morning Paper by a so-called "Expert" who Claimed that "Covit" would Soon ...Disappear, almost as "SARS-1" did, Back on 2003, ...only to be Immediately Bellied by a President XI's, Opposite Article, Suddenly Alerting, from the Afternoon of Jan. 21 onwards, of a Big Risk Threatening the whole Country, which Needed to Urgently Start, all together, to Fight Back, against a Rapidly Spreading, UnKnown yet, New Deadly Virus, (of Obscure Origin)...

>>> But, Already, the 2 Turks of that "BNT" SME in South Germany, which was Later Associated with USA's "Pfizer", and the Armenian Finance Multi-Active Creator of Many Start-up Companies, who co-Created "Moderna" in the USA avec Other 2 Persons, before Becomig its President, until Nowadays, had Both Started to Invest Mainly on the Research of such so-called "mRNA" Technology alleged "Vaccines" against "Covit-19" Virus, (and They were, then, Alone in the World to do so).

=> In (provisional) "Conclusion", Both those Entirely Novel Tools ("mRNA" Technology so-called "Vaccines"), and those 2 Companies which Initiated them in relation with the Deadly Virus, are Not at all so "Simple" as they Seem, But Need a Serious and Thorough Investigation, (well Before making Irremediable Commitments, Playing with many Millions of Human Lives, the whole Society and Even All Humankind, too Hastily and/or Naively)...  


+ For the Rest, from Various Other, more Concrete Points of View, "Pfizer"'s Turkish and "Moderna"s Armenian "Vaccines" appear quite Similar, (Despite Various, much "Better" Points for the Second), and Raise, Also, some Other, more or less Critical Questions.  

Indeed, Inter Alia :

-  USA's "Moderna"'s Armenian Company, co-Founded and Chaired by Noubar Afeyan, Businessman, Inventor and Philanthropist, in Many Sectors, according to "Wikipedia", (Famous Also for a Recent Article at "New York Tirmes" Urging for an American and/or Russian Army to Intervene at Nagorno-Karabach/Artshak in order to Stop the Aggressions by Azeris and Turks, Notoriously importing in European Soil Dangerous Islamist Extremist Armed Gangs, Resulting, inter alia, also in Manifold Grave Human Rights Violations Nowadays Denounced by International NGOs, including Even the Atrocious Cutting of Heads of Elder Amenian Civilian People inside their Family Home, as UK's "Guardian" just pointed out), presents Several Concrete Advantages vis a vis "Pfizer"'s Turkish similar product :

* First of all, on Logistics :

- "Moderna"s Armenian Vaccine can be Stored in a Simple, Ordinary Fridge, at Usual Cool Temperatures, (i.e., Practicaly by Everybody, almost Everywhere), and can Also Stay usable at Room Temperature for 12 Hours-long,

while, on the Contrary, "Pfizer"'s Tukish Vaccine Notoriously has to be, Necessarily, Stored at ...--70 Degrees Celsium Extreme Cold Only, (sic !) which Obliges to have Special Ultra-Cold Frigorific Installations, Regularly Provided with Fresh Ice, and canNot be Used at all, But has to be Thrown Away, after Only 2 Minutes Out of that !

+ Moreover, Pfizer's Turkish Vaccines are reportedly Ordered in a Location Only by Big Lots of ...975 Doses, as Minimum Purchase Order, while those of Moderna's Armenian Vaccines can do so from Just 100 Doses, (i.e. Facilitating, once again, a much Larger and Variable Distribution accross the Society).

++ Among various Negative Side Effects, Pfizer's Turkish vaccine notes also "Fever", while that's Not the case for Moderna's Armenian vaccine.

+++ During FDA's Approval for "Emergency use" Only, Several "No" Votes appeared Against "Pfizer"s Turkish "Vaccine",, But Not during "Moderna"'s Armenian "Vaccine", (Only Abstentions).

++++ Most Important : Pfizer's Turkish vaccine appears, from Several Points of View, as Less Trustworthy than that of Moderna's Armenian one. F.ex. :

* Concerning the Main "New Risk", mentioned Above, about "Vaccinated" Individuals may be Still Spreading Virus' Infections to Other People (Comp. Supra), "Pfizer"'s Turkish "vaccine" FDA Documents DoN't Say almost Nothing, Except Only of a Few, Vague Words mainly about "Asymptomatic" Patients, etc, i.e. mainly Hidding that Big Issue !

On the Contrary, "Moderna"'s Amenian vaccine's FDA Documents, Briefly but Clearly Acknowledge the Fact that there are Not Yet Any reliable Data on that Open Question about Transmission of Infections or not. And that Company, at least, Tried, at the Last Minute, with an "Addendum", to Claim that their vaccine Might, perhaps, have Less of such "Asymptomatic" Individuals, pointing at a "14 to 38" Difference with the "Placebo" Group, (Even if that is Neither Clear, Nor Convincing at all, for the Reasons Explained by "Eurofora" Above : Comp. Supra).

** Pfizer's Turkish vaccine was, in fact, made by a SME (BNT) of 2 Turks, Migrants in Germany from Iskinderum, (the Historic "Alexandreta" City Founded by Ancient Greek King "Alexander the Great" when he Entered Asia, to Reach up to the Silk Road, between India and China, and Part, Later-on, of Syria, under French Mandate by the UNO, Unyil the Turkish Army Invaded it, on 1938, Usurpating the Family Houses and Land of mainly Armenian Refugees, who had Survived the Genocide, Greeks and Christian Arabs. It's located Near the Peaceful Kurdish "Afrin" Region of Syia, Invaded and Occupied by the Turkish Army since 2018, and Faces Syria's "Idlib" Region where All Remaining Islamist Extremist Armed Gangs, including openly Terrorist, have been Gathered, just aside the Village where ISIS' long-time Chief, "El-Bagdadi" was Found Hidding on 2019. Through that Seaport, Most Weapons Reached all Islamist Terrorists who Attacked, Occupied and Exploited Syria's Lands, already Since the Massacre of USA's Ambassador and Staff on 2012 in Libya's Benghazi, on the Route of Arms' Smuggling).

While "Moderna"s Armenian vaccine was Made by that USA Company itself, co-Founded by 2 Americans and 1 Armenian-origin "Enterpreneur, Inventor and Philanthropist", linked to Armenian Survivors of the Genocide and Refugees, according to Wikipedia, who Chairs it as the Biggest Stock-Holder.

*** Concerning the Efficacy of its Vaccine, "Moderna" clearly Announced and Documented always a steady 95% in overall, (Keeping a Traditional, for all, SubDivision Between Younger and Over 65 Years Old Patients).

On the Contrary, "Pfizer"'s Turkish vaccine, Initialy had Declared Only a 90% Efficacy, and Didn't Change that up to 95%, But, Suddenly, Only ...1 Day (sic !) After Competitor vaccines from Russia ("Sputnik-V") and USA ("Moderna") Announced their Efficacy at 93% and 95% respectively !

Moreover, "Pfizer"'s Turkish vaccine, Curiously, Presented its alleged Efficacy in an UnPrecedented Way, (Never used by Others), which Distinguishes its Group of "Aged" Patients, Not From 75, 70, or 65 Years Old, (as All Others do), But Down from ...55 (sic !) Years... (Such a Caricatural Statistik "Truck" Apparently was Exploited by Pfizer in order to Hide a Low 90% among Older People Aged 65+ y.o., inside an Artificial Magma together with Younger of Just 55 y.o., in order to Show a Deceiving Overall alleged Result of 94% Including All those Different Categories...

**** "Pfizer"s Turkish vaccine had, Initialy, Warned that it will Announce Officialy its Results (for the 1st Vaccine against COVID in the USA) Before the US Presidential Elections of Nov. 3, 2020, But, Later-on, Suddenly Decided to do so Only After the Election, and, then, it Informed First ...Biden's "Socialist/Liberal" entourage, US President Trump learning about it Only the Next Day, by the Press !

Meanwhile, a "Pfizer"s Senior Official had Claimed, according to Mainstream Medias, that the Company would have Never Got Any Funding at all by US President Trump's Administration, while, on the Contrary, it had, Already sine July, got a Deal for almost 2 Billions $ by Trump's "Warp Speed" Program...  

All this might, perhaps, be Explained by the Fact that the Current CEO of "Pfizer" is a Greek-origin migrant who has been Many Times Pictured Together with te Wife of a Greek Millionaire linked to "Socialist" Party "PASOK", who had Escaped the Colonel's Regime by Fleiing Not to Europe, (as f.ex. Famous Musician Theodorakis and even Young King Konstantinos had done), But ...to Turkey ! Moreover, that Pfizer's CEO was Also Pictured receiving a Prize by a  Controversial former US Ambssador to Ukraine, Mr. Pyatt, Notorious for a Leaked Phone Call with Obama-Biden's former Assistant Secretary of State for Euro-Asia Miss Nulland, with her Famous ..."Fuck the EU !", when a Peace Agreement signed by all Ukranian Dissidents' Leaders and former President Janukovic under EU Auspies, was Suddenly Droped by Bloody Violent Conflicts, Provoked by Mysterious "Snipers" Deadly Shots Both against Demonstrators and Policemen, on Februay 2014, Throwing the Country into a Civil War Killing Many Civilian People, ReUnification of Crimea Back in Russia, Heavy Debts, Corruption, etc., which Lost for Kiev a Previously existing Chance to Join Soon the EU, plonged in a Tragedy which Notoriously Exploited also Biden's Son Hunter, by being Paid Milions $ from a Shady Ukranian Gas/Oil Business Company, in a Scandal still Investigated in the US)...

+ In Addition, More such petty Political Games were Played also by "Pfizer"s 2 Turkish Partners, whose Couple received an Exceptional lavish Publicity (with Luxuous Photos, compliments, etc) by pro-Biden Establishment's Medias, (including f.ex. "NYT", nowadays Owned maily by an Iranian, etc)... While Nothing Similar wasN't ever done, Neither for "Moderna"s Armenian vaccine, Nor for Any Other Competitor.

***** As if it was done in Consequence to all that, it's a Fact that, Suddenly, More than 14 States were Surprized to See the Quantities of their Earlier Allocated Share for "Pfizer's Turkish "Vaccine" bought by USA's Federal Administration be ...Reduced by a Half, while President Trump was Declining to be Video-Filmed receiving that Controversial "Vaccine", Droped sine die an Initialy Planned White House Staff Filming taking that "Vaccine", and Refused to Buy also a 2nd Round of that "Pfizer"'s Turkish product for Summer 2021, as it proposed, almost at the Same Time that he ...Doubled the Number of the Quantities bought from "Moderna"s Armenian "Vaccine".


- However, Both these 2 Controversial "mRNA" Technology "Vaccines", present, Also, Various Other Similar, more or less Negative concrete Aspects.

Inter alia, f.ex. :

* Their "mRNA" Controversial Technology had been Tested, also in the Past, by Various Other Bio-Tech Companies, for Medical Uses, But they had, Notoriously, All Droped Any Further Action in that Direction, Because, reporteddly, they had Met Serious Risks of Worrying After-Effects on the Patients, which Dissuaded them.

In Addition, Most Other Artificial Interventions on Mamals' (including Humans') Genome have, Notoriously, Met more or less Dangerous After-Effects, (particularly about Risks to Provoke Various Cancers, etc), Necessitating further Research in order to Find Ways to Avoid or Settle them, which is Still InComplete, (including, Even, for "Gene Editing" operations, according to 2020 Published comprehensive Studies, f.ex. by Chinese Scientists, etc).

>>> However, Nothing is said, Nowadays, Neither by "Pfizer", Nor by "Moderna", as far as it concerns the Existence or Absence of Possible Negative After-Effects, perhaps initialy Hidden, but Appearing Later-on... So that this Important Point, still Remains a Mystery, here.

This is so more Worrying that EU Commission has Already said to MEPs that Companies Ask to keep Secret those Clauses of Contracts still under Negotiation which concern the Crucial Point about the Legal Responsibility in case of such Adverse Effects against Human Health, which might appear Later-on, (while, in the USA, the Big Pharma is Scandalously Exonerated from Any Responsibility concerning Vaccines, in that case)...

** It's Not Yet Known whether any Protection provided to Individuals by those "Vaccines" Might, Eventualy, Stay Longer than 3 Months Only, or, perhaps, Not !

*** Efficacy for Elders seems rather Low, with "Pfizer''s Turkish vaccine at a Minimum of 81% , that they try to Hide, by Breaking Down the Category of Old People as Early as from ...55 y.o. (sic !), so that a Statistical "Average" Factitiously Jumps up to a Misleading Over 90"%... While with "Moderna"s Armenian vaccine Playing No Games, it's simply shown around 86,5 %, for Over +65 y.o.

**** Both such "Vaccines" are "ReactoGenic", i.e. Trigger a range of Side-Effects, (probably Because of a Resistance by the Natural Human Immune System), Including Injection site Pain, Muscle and Joint Pains, Fatigue, Headache, Nausea/Vomiting, Chills, etc., (particularly at the 2nd Dose), added to Fever, at least for "Pfizer"'s Turkish vaccine.

Both do Not Apply to Pregnant Women, and have reportedly Provoked, Also some Cases of "Bell's Palsy", i.e. Paralysis of the Face muscles, which usualy takes several Months to stop...

Allergic persons were Urgently Warned to Abstain from "Pfizer"'s Turkish "Vaccine", after Several Incidents in the UK, and 2 in USA, (while it's Not Yet certain if the same might happen also for "Moderna"s Armenian vaccine, or not).

In Consequence, Already, FDA is reportedly Reviewing its Instructions for that Controversial "Emergency use Authorisation"...




Biden=Minority in Net Electors, Needs Swing States Fraud=>Lies in Clumsy Attempt to Hide Revelations

Written by ACM
Monday, 14 December 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/(Partly UpDated)- A Surrealist Climate of Astonishingly Chilling Big Lies  (See Facts Infra) marked Biden's Official Speech Today, (called "Blunt" by Pro-Dems "CNN"), after the Formality of a Minority of Real Electors, added to an "Extra" of Notoriously Fake Electors due to Blatant Fraud and Gross Irregularities in 6 small "Swing" States, Bowed to him in a "Queen's Theater" (sic !) at Delaware, while, on the Contrary, Real "Alternative" Electors from those Same "Swing" States, were Voting for Trump, Today, (as f.ex. in Pennsylvania's "Forum Auditorium", Georgia's 'State Capitol", etc), as Dems' Desperate Attempts to Hide Spreading Revelations BackFire by their blatant Contradiction to Real Facts, since Official Public Hearings, Popular Mass Protests, Legal Complaints, Experts' Findings, WhistleBowers' and EyeWitnesses' Revelations on Vote Fraud+, Accumulated Further, Despite Establishment's Medias' and Big Tech Networks' Scandalous Medieval Censorship, (reminiscent of a 3rd World Anti-Democratic "Banana-Republic"), more and more Bypassed by an American People with alive Fighting Spirit.

That "Alternative Electors" move, (to which was Added, Today,, Also a 7th State : "New Mexico"), was reportedly Inspired by an Equivalent Precedent of John Kennedy versus Nixon, Back on 1960 on Hawai, (when Congress Afterwards Counted them Officialy, indeed), as, possibly, Trump v. Biden on 2020 in the Swing States,

    while RDV is taken, Now, for until 20 January 2021, (and particularly when the US Congress is due to make the Officialy Announcement, according to the US Constitution, on this Controversial Election.  on Jan. 6).


    - Indeed, Biden reportedly has Only a Minority of 233 Electors, (i.e. Lacks of at least + 37 More Electors that he Should Find and ensure in order to Hope to simply Reach the 270 Threshold, i.e. the Minimum Necessary in order to become President),

    => and, as a Consequence, he Desperately Needs most, if not all of the 73 Electors from 6 "Swing" States (Minesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona), where the Fraud/Gross Irregularites' Controversy broke out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    In Comparison, Nowadays, in this 2020 Controversial US Presidential Election, Trump was attributed 232 Electors in Addition to Initialy Winning almost in All "Swing" States up and until to the Electoral Night of November 3, (i.e., Largely Bypassing the 270 Electors Threshhold with about 305 Electors), Before Dems practicaly Steal the Vote - Suddenly, in Early Morning, between 4 and 6 am - by Throwing some Huge Packets of "Mail-in" Ballots AbNormally Full of pro-Biden's unchecked "Votes" (from ...80% up to 90% !), Out of any OverSight by Indepedent Observers Hindered to Watch, in Addition to Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Machines' Incidents, etc).


 - "I earned 306 Electoral votes (on 2020)... Same number of electoral votes Donald Trump and Mike Pence received in 2016", Biden boasted,

    Obviously ...Forgeting the Fact that His Alleged great "Electoral Votes" are, Nowadays, Strongly Denounced for Blatant, Wide-Spread Fraud and Gross Irregularities, (while, on the Contrary, those of Trump Never did, Being Always Universaly Recognized)...

+ And, apparently Day-Dreaming, Biden Asked to "Respect ...Even ....(Electoral) Results Hard to Accept", Claiming that it would be an "Obligation", in order to "Work Together", Urging "to Turn the Page, as We (Dems) have Done" in the Past, according to His Claims, by "giv(ing) each Other a chance to Lower the Temperature", and "setting the Example, for the World (sic !), for a Peaceful Transition of Power", as he Boasted for his 2016 Barack Hussein Obama - Don Trump, Extremely "Bumpy" and particularly Long Transition of 2016-2019 (i.e. Until Mr. Mueller's Witch-Hunting against President Trump, personaly, was Obliged to Stop)...

    >>> But, on These Points, Biden Obviously "Forgot" - or rather Ommitted - Among Others, Also the very Harsh Way in which, in the Past, Both Himself and Barack Hussein Obama, Back on 2016-2017+, had Heavily ...Spied on Trump and his Team Even Before he was Elected, and, Immediately Afterwards, Started to Launch pityless Persecutions Against his Campaign Manager Manafort, his Security Adviser General Flynn, his Lawyer Cohen, even his Fans as Papadopoulos, etc., Accusing them of Various Pretexts, Throwing them to the Courts, and Condemning them to Jail (sic !), while, at the same Time, in Parallel, President Trump was, Notoriously, Persecuted Himself by "Impeachment" Procedures, Slandered, Pressured, and Threatenend during several Years, (Even on Crucial Days and Hours of Exceptionaly Important, Top Level International Diplomacy Meetings, particularly Decisive for World Peace, and/or Economic Development, etc), until, Finaly, it Became Obvious that Such Relentless and Brutal "Witch-Hunting" was, in Fact, a Scandal withOut Any real Reason to exist, so that it Had to be Droped, Years Later, After Terrible Sufferings for Many People, and an Awful Waste, Both for the USA and the World !

=> If Mr Biden insisted, Obviously, Something Similar Could Easily be Triggered, Also Nowadays, But This Time Against Him, Given All those, mostly Well-Known, Heavy Suspicions of Big Financial and Political Corruption related to Various Foreign States and Tragic Bloody Conflicts (f.ex. in Ukraine, etc), or potentialy Dangerous Power-Games, (f.ex. reportedly related to China, etc),   particularly Involving Notoriously his Son, Hunter, in Addition to His Own and/or Some in his Team's most probable Responsibilities in the Present Big Scandal of apparently Wide-Spread Electoral Fraud and/or related Scandalous, Gross Irregularities in the Latest, 2020 US Presidential Election, which Seriously Undermined the Credibility of the Country's Institutions, Blatantly Depriving them of the Trust of the American People, as many recent Polls Already prove, and Picturing the USA in the Eyes of All the International Community, as If it had Fallen to the level of a Corrupted Outcast Country, whose Establishment was Unable to Fight against Corruption and Electoral Fraud, Desperately Attempting to Hide it, Systematicaly Censoring the Truth, and Muzzling Critics, Instead of Seriously Investigating and Rapidly and Efficiently Eradicating on Time such Anti-Democratic Horrors, Before they Provoke Irremediable Big Harm to All Affected People and Institutions, (Comp. Supra and Infra)...


- Biden also Claimed that 2020 Election Officials and Volunteers, Both Republicans and Dems, "Knew the Elections they OverSaw (sic !) were Honest, Free and Fair", as "They Saw it with Their own Eyes" (re-sic !!),

    Blatantly Ommitting the Notorious Fact that Thousands of Independent Republican Electoral Observers have Bitterly Denounced a Blatant Lack of Transparency, due to Many Scandalous Discriminations, illtreatments, Obstacles, Hindrances, even Brutal Expulsions, etc., added to Excessive Distances, Often Obliged to use ...Binoculars, Ask Help from the Courts, or being Blocked to Watch Votes' Counting, by Pizza-Boxes, Cardboards, etc. to Cover the Windows of Adjacent Rooms, (etc, etc+), as Many Victims, EyeWitnesses, Signed Affidavits, Public Hearings, Press Conferences, Lawsuits, etc., have Repeatedly Attested until now, Starting by a landmark 1st Key Press Conference on the spot at Pennsylvania, with may Victims and Lawyers, inclluding Guliani, etc. as Early as Since November 7, (when Establishment's Scandalously hasted to slyly Cover Up and silence those First Denonciations by, Paradoxicaly, Chosing that very Same Day, and Even, Precisely, that Same Hour and Minutes (sic !), in order to Transmit, Instead, ...Only Their own, Subjective View Claiming that Biden would have "Won" this Rigged Vote, i.e. a Catch-All Statement which could have been Published at Any Other Time....


- According to Biden, “in America, when Qestions are Raised about the Legitimacy of any Election, those questions are resolved through a Legal Process. And that is precisely what Happened Here. The Trump campaign brought dozens and dozens and dozens of Legal Challenges to test the Results. They were Heard (sic !). And they were Found to be without Merit (re-sic !!)”, as he Erroneously Claimed...

>>> In Fact, Trump team's Legal Complaints against Widespread Fraud/Gross Irregularities in the 2020 US Presidential Election at the 6 "Swing" States, were Never "Heard", Neither Judged, Yet, on the "Merits", by Any Senior Court in the Country, (Neither the Federal Supreme Court, Nor the States'), Until Now !          

The Reality is that, The Most Important among them, were Not Even Launched Yet, (f.ex. a General, Comprehensive Lawsuit on All kinds of Fraud/Irregularities abused by Dems éthroughout the 6 "Swing" States in the 2020 US Presidential Election).

Others were Briefly Dropped, withOut being Examined, Neither Hearing the Evidence, Nor Discussing on Merits at all, But Only Because of Strictly Formal Pretexts Just about Procedure, Time Deadlines, etc...

Only a Few, Particular cases, on Inferior, Local Courts, with a Barack Hussein Obama-Appointed Judge, were, at the Last Minute, said to be considered "on the Merits", about some, comparatively, Tiny, Local matters, (f.ex., Certain concrete Fraud/Irregularities in 1 or 2 Counties of a "Swing" State Alone), were (Abusively) Said to be rejected "on Merit", f.ex. by by 1 Local Judge so Fanaticaly Hostile to President Trump, that she was Limited into openly and grossly Slandering his Lawyer to be ..."RACIST" (sic !), Only Because he had Found Gross Fraud/Irregularities Problems in 2 Counties which, by a Coincidence, would be Reportedly Inhabited mainly by some "Minorities", as that Obama-Appointed Local "Judge" abusively Accused a Trump's Legal Representative, (himself, by Coincidence, also a Member of Greek-American Minority !)...

+ In Addition, Moreover in Parallel, almost All Establishment's Medias, Scandalously and Anti-Deontologically, Never Presented, Nor Discussed, Not Even the Slightest, Concrete Electoral Fraud/Irregularity Issue Raised on 2020, Biefly Dismissing All President Trump's Legal Complaints, Only by Routinely Repeating, Always, (as a Tape-Recorder), their "Erzats" Claim that they would, allegedly, be All, 100%, ..."Baseless", totaly "UnProven", entirely "UnSubstantiated", or even "already DeBunked" (sic !) Complaints, (withOut Ever Daring Cite Any, Not even the Slightest, Fact or Argument against a Growing Number of Many Facts and Arguments presented by Trump), Systematicaly Hidding, thus, the Truth to the American People.  

=> On the Contrary, it's an Historic Paradox and Enigma, in this very Serious Controversy about WideSpread Fraud/Gross irregularities in 6 "Swing" States at an US Presidential Election, Raisong several Key Issues concerning the US Federal Constitution, that, at least Until Now, Not Even 1 Trump's Legal Complaint did Not Yet Reach, and was Not Discussed yet, at USA's Federal Supreme Court, (whose Original Jurisdiction is, However, Mainly Focused on Such kind of Issues, and which had, on the Contrary, thoroughly and in Depth Examined and Discussed, Back on 2000, a Previous Such Kind of Electoral Complaint, Notoriously lodged, Then, by former US-vice President Gore (a Dems' "Socialist/Liberal"), against former Governor GWBush, (a Republican), in a Months-Long Affair, precisely about Votes' Counting and their Certain or "Questionable" Legality... (Comp.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtandvotefraud.html, etc).  

- Why Not at all (Yet) Now (on 2020) ?


 + Biden also Claimed that "an Unanimous (sic !) Supreme Court" would have "Rejected" (re-sic !!) a "Texas'" Legal Complaint againt Big Irregularities at 6 Swing States' Controversial Votes. Rarely a so Brief Sentence had more than 4 Blatant Flaws :

(1) In Fact, the relevant SCOTUS' brief Ruling (1 Paragraph !) was NOT "Unanimous" at all, since, at least vice-Presidebt Thomas and Experienced Justice Alito notoriously Opposed that, and even Published a "Dissending opinion" against it...

 (2) Moreover, SCOTUS did NOT "Reject" the Irregularities' targetting Complaint, (a Key point of Substance), But Only Contested that Texas might have "proved ....an Interest" into how the Swing States Organised the Elections in Their Areas, i.e. a Purely Procedural point, (+ anOther Ruling, on a case brought by a Citizen,at Concerned Only a Time Deadline..), withOut pronouncing itself on the Substance at all...

(3) That Legal Complait wasN't Just made by "Texas" Alone, But, on the Contrary, it was Supported Even by 18 More States, (in fact 19 => 20 in All), since Alasca said that it Wanted to Join the Group, But its AG was Hindered by a too Short Time Deadline. Republican States are a Majority in USA's Federation.

(4) Last, but not least, several Observers Denounced previous "Pressure" and Blackmail by Biden against the Supreme Court, Threatening it by "Packing" with Liberals/"Socialists" and making it an irrelevant thing of the Past, according to an alleged "Plan", that he had Since Before this Controversial Election, But notoriously Hidden from the People When they Voted !


- Today, Biden went Even Further, by Claiming, f.ex., that Some partial and superficial "ReCounts" in certain Counties at Georgia or Wisconsin Alone, (None in the 5 Other "Swing" States, yet), would, Allegedly, confort His Point.

>>> But, in Fact, None of those Limited, Local so-called "Re-Counts" did Not Yet really Check f.ex., at least the Signatures on the Notoriously Too Numerous and Suspect "Mail-In", Late, and/or Various Other "Absentees" Votes, Neither Other Denounced Discrepancies of Most Controversial Votes at the 6 "Swing" States, Despite Even relevant Promises (given by some Governing Authorities), practicaly Refusing such Clear Demands by President Trump's side, (who has Warned that, in Fact, Any Real "Re-Count" should even be "Forensic", in order to have a Real Chance to Find the Truth, Hidden by Fraud).


- However, Biden's obviously Baseless and Unsubstantiated, already Debunked, False Claims, (to use his Side's usual Vocabulary : Comp. Supra), Advanced even Further Today : He went as Far as to pretend that his Alleged "Margins" of Votes in "Swing" States would, according to him, also Show his so-called "Victory" (sic !)...

>>> However, Unfortunately for him, it's an UnContested Fact that, (Even by Counting Also a lot of Questionable Legality, Strongly Contested "Votes", Notoriously Denounced for "Fraud"/Gross Irregularities : Comp. Supra), on the Contrary, that Biden's "Margin" is Extremely Small, Tiny, and Limited to Only 1 or 2% (once, but largely Contested), sometimes (in the Most Important of those States) Even Down to ...0,2 or 0,3% (Despite the Fraud+) !


+ Meanwhile, Nevertheless, Even More Clear Factual Indications of Electoral Fraud/Gross Irregularities appear to Continue to Emerge, from Various Converging Events :

- Among Other relevant Anti-Fraud Developments, f.ex., a Court Authorized, for the 1st Time, to Publish the Results of a "Forensic" Investigation in Muchigan, where Experts Found that Controversial "Dominion" Electronic Machines had been Set in a way leading Up to ...68% of "Errors" in Counting Vote Ballots, so that, Afterwards, Interventions in order to "Rectify" that, Could Alter Many Thousands of Votes casted ! Afterwards, it's Also in Nevada that a "70% Error Rate" was reportedly Found, Awaiting that of "Arizona ...Soon".

+ In Parallel, USA's Federal Senate held, also for the 1st Time, a Public Hearing, at Washington DC, on the 2020 US Presidential Election's Fraud/Irregularities' Controversy, which Soon Became a Top, Popular "Trend" at the Internet, Attracting a Record-High of Web Readers,

and During which, inter alia, f.ex., the Well Known Senator Rand Paul Strongly Denounced that this "Election was, in Many Ways, Stolen", and that "Courts Never Looked at the Facts. ...they stayed Out of it by finding an Excuse", (Comp. Supra),

while an Expert Attorney Jesse Binnall Revealed that, in Nevada, "Over 42.000 People Voted More than Once, at least 1.500 Dead People are Recorded as Voting, and More than 19.000 People Voted Even though they DidN't Live in that State, so that "the Election was Inevitably Ridden with Fraud !"

++ In Arizona a Public Hearing on 2020 Election Fraud/Irregularities was Organized, while the  State Senate's Judiciary Committee President, Eddie Farnsworth, issued 2 SubPoenas for Maricopa County (the Largest) Election Audits on Scanned "Mail-in" Ballots, and on Dominion Electronic Machines.*

+++ "New Mexico" was Added to the 6 "Swing" States, which Evoked a Kennedy v. Nixon 1960 Precedent, in order to Allow their "'Electors who Represent the (UnContested) Legal Ballots" to "Cast their Votes for President Trump", in a 2nd Slate of Alternative Great Electors, in view of the Decisive January 6, 2021 USA Congress' Official "Reading" of the 2020 US Presidential Election's Final Results, according to the US Federal Constitution. => Therefore, several US Medias Enlarged the Post-Electoral MAP of USA's Still "Pending" Cases, Picturing Not 6, But 7 States, where "Dueling Electors" exist.



++++ Well Known Kentacky Senator Rand Paul and Alabama Representative Mo Brooks, are, reportedly, among those Ready to Contest, on that Crucial January 6 US Federal Congress' Meeting, the Credentials of Electors Based on "Questionable Legality Votes" at the "Swing" States, (according to Famous Late Supreme Court Justice Scalia's Key Wording, at the Bush v. Gore 2000 Case : See http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtandvotefraud.html, etc), and Support the Alternative slate of Great Electors, Based on the UnContested "Legal Votes" (Comp. Supra), and Already Prepared at those States, Voted Nowadays, and Ready to act. In that case, the Congress has to Discuss and Vote on such Issues, with a Feasible Republican Majority in the Senate (according to the Forthcoming, January 5, two Senatorial ByElections in Georgia) could Obviously Help President Trump. But, the Constitutional Procedures would, reportedly, Enter, then, in "UnChartered Waters", Despite the Fact that, in some Hypothesis, the US Constitution points at States' Directly Voting for the President by 1 Vote Each, (mutatis-mutandis, as in an EU Council's Summit), while Republicans currently Hold a Majority of States.

At any case, "Eurofora" Believes that, in Substance, the Most Essential is to Clearly Find, at First, All the Truth about the Main Realities on this Controversial 2020 US Prasidential Election, Obviously Hampered by Wide-Spread Fraud Threats and Various Convergibg Gross Irregularities provoking Many Questionable Legality Ballots, and, Afterwards, Strive to Also Search one Practical Way or AnOher in order to Restore a Healthy and Basicaly Legal, Unquestionable Outcome, the Nearest possible to the American People's Real Wish.



=> In such Circumstances, US President Don Trump stressed that it's still "Too Soon to Give up", But, on the Contrary, "Must ... Fight. People are Angry !", (about some RINOS Turn-Coats). + His Senior Laywer, young Jenna Ellis, declared that "the Date of Ultimate Significance" is "in January" 2021. "We still Have Time. The State Legislatures ... Can Inquire, they Can hold Hearings, they Can Reclaim their Delegates, and they Should. And, ...Now, All the Evidence we have brought forth ...Will give them Inspiration and Courage ...to Act". "Regardless" of that, "We'e Going to Continue to Do the Right thing". "“President Trump is Courageous, he is Standing for Truth, the Constitution, Election Integrity, and it is Always a Fight that is Worth Fighting". Inter aiia, Also by Filling Legal Complaints to District Courts for at least 4 "Swing" States, Looking towards Arriving at the US Federal Supreme Court, for the 1st Time. Meanwhile, ”We're going to continue to Press for these critical iInvestigations and I’m happy to see .. that Michigan, and Georgia, Arizona, and Other States, are Starting to make some Moves in their state Legislatures". "This is not a partisan issue. This is something that Every American should be Concerned with, so we're going to Continue to Fight that Battle. ...and I Hope that we do Rectify the correct Results of this Election".

+ In Parallel, Independent Lawyer and former Attorney Sydney Powell is reportedly Planning Next Steps on Enlarging and Spearheading Legal Complaints for the "Swing" States further and Higher. In Addition, Many American People have Recently Announced, also by Writting, that they would be "Proud to Take Part in an Eventual <<Class Action>>" Collective Move Against the 2020 Electoral Fraud/Gross Irregularities, Aiming to Reach USA's Federal Supreme Court, (which Seems, Perhaps, to Prefer such kind of Moves in those Affairs), as "Eurofora" Cooperators were Directly Informed by them, (Comp.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/usasupremecourtforpeopleclassaction.html, etc).




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EuroCorps, aged 15, may graduate in 2009, boosted by Strasbourg's Human Rights/Reconciliation symbols and fresh political will


 Popular : EuroCorps' chief, General Pittarch, and Strasbourg's Mayor Ries, speak to the People, downtown.


* EuroCorps, EU defence's etat major, which has just celebrated 15 years of age (1993 - 2008), is young enough to feel enthousiasm for missions to guarantee Human Rights, Peace and reconcilation : Strasbourg's Historic Symbols, but also maturing fast, (particularly under the current French EU Presidency), in order to prepare potentialy important developments in 2009 :

- "EUROCORPS" is a "unique tool" for "a Modern Europe", jointly managed by participating Nations without anyone deciding for others", to "support their efforts to promote Reconciliation, Peace and Human Rights' Values, which identify today's European ideal, with its Symbol-City : Strasbourg", stressed its Chief, Spanish General Pedro PITARCH, in a popular ceremony for the 15th Anniversary of the European Army Corps, at its Headquarters.

- "Today, we are ready and able to fullfil any Peace-keeping Mission may be decided by the Political leadership, since we can deploy up to 60.000 soldiers and/or other agents, mainly in land, but in coordination with Sea and Air operarions", (even to build vital Infrastructures, demining, keep public order, facilitate Elections, etc), said to EuroFora EUROCORPS' Spokesman and Press Director, Colonel Raul SUEVOS.

- "If there is an Agreement with the framework Nations, EUROCORPS could certainly contribute to guarantee manifold aspects of Peace setllements", told us recently General PITARCH.


EuroCorps framework Nations' flags in Strasbourg's central square, on 2008, under the eyes of Napoleon's general KLEBER, famous for its Egypt campain, (reminded by German chancelor Merkel at Berlin's March 2007 EU Summit in a symbolic 1799 gift to the French President)..

EU Parliament asked, Summer 2008 in Strasbourg, " to place Eurocorps as a standing force under EU command", and "invited all (EU) Member States to contribute to it".

France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Luxembourg (participating with Funds, Telecoms and Officers), are EUROCORPS"' main "Framework Nations", due to be joined by Italy in 2009. Greece and Austria participate as "Contributing Nations", while Poland decided to upgrade its role. Turkey has liaison Officers for NATO relations, and even USA decided to send Officers to Strasbourg on 2009.

Observers await with impatience also the outcome of NATO's April 2009 Summit in Strasbourg in order to have a better view of EuroCorps' future.

dsc00212_400  dsc00213_400 dsc00214_400

  Since modern Defence must be able to use all Arms nowadays, EuroCorps tried to charm Strasbourg's People with Music accross popular streets...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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