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EU Senior Officers to EF: UnKnown if Pfizer Turkish Vaccine Stops or Spreads Virus to other People..

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 09 December 2020


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Speaking to "Eurofora" at the Eve of a Crucial EU Summit in Brussels starting by Topical COVID-19 various Vaccines' forthcoming Authorisations, Key Senior Officials Both revealed that it's yet a Mystery, among Decision-Makers, if ...Fischy "Pfizer"'s Turkish Vaccine, (which Struggles to be "the 1st" among Many to Apply to US and EU Authorities for an Urgent "Green Light" Nowadays), might, eventually, Risk to be Unable to Stop the Deadly Virus' Spread to Other People, or Not, and What should be done, in that case...

+This New Risk is Added to Various Other Risks already reported for this Controversial attempt, (See Infra).

Indeed, in Addition to its Obviously Too "Heavy" Disadvantage to Necessitate a minor -70 Celcium Degrees Cold Temperature in order to be usable, (an Excessively Cumbersome Practical Requirement in all Transport and Storage activities, where it's the Only Vaccine which becomes Obsolet just After just ...a Few Minutes withOut Sufficient Ice chops in Special Boxes : a Logistics' Nightmare, as "CNN" reported), that Kind of New Technology Vaccine, (Similar to that of USA's "Moderna" on that point), might Also present Other New Risks, UnKnown yet to any Classical Technology Vaccines of the Past :

-  According to a USA Mainstream Newspaper "Los Angeles Times" article, Confirmed also by Other Medias, (as, f.ex., UK's "Guardian", USA's "AP" Agency, etc), Even if the Recipient might, Hopefuly, more or less Cease to have Symptoms of that Virus, on the Contrary, it's Not at all Sure that he might, Also, Stop Infecting Other People ! That kind of "New Risk", UnKnown in Classical Vaccines,  seems Really Possible, Due to the UnExplored Yet, Various Consequences of that Particular New Technology, Chosen by this Vaccine (and, Also, USA's "Moderna"), which is the Only one to be thoroughly Based on Gene Manipulation Tools, (Often notoriously Dangerous even for Eventual Cancer-related Side-Effects, as long as a proper Solution allowing to Avoid them is not found), Expected to Trigger a Protein Spoting the Virus inside the Recipient's Body, but Ignoring, until now, What Might Happen Afterwards, concerning the Threats of Infections vis a vis All Other People.

=> Such a Risk may, in Fact, Become Obviously very Dangerous, since, inter alia, it's Not Clear Whether and How, all those Individuals who would get that Controversial Vaccine and eventualy Cease to have Symptoms, But withOut Excluding Transmission to Many Other People, Could (or Not) be Afterwards Recognized and/or Quarantined (Both Practicaly and Legaly, as well as from their own Acceptability point of view), in order to Prevent an (Otherwise Inevitable) Spread among Numerous Other People, soon Affecting all or most of the Society !  + A Fortiori when Many Potential innocent Victims might, Even, be Lured, by False Appearances of allegedly "Cured", Asymptomatic Individuals, who would have Got that "Vaccine", and Fall to a Trap by close Contacts with "Super-Spreaders" of rapidly Growing Deadly Infections...

    - Surprizingly, However, "Eurofora" Found, Today, that EU's important Senior Officials, Both at EU Council and Commission (competent for Health Policy), ...had Not been Informed at all, and, therefore, Ignored entirely that Obviously  Dangerous New Problem about "Pfizer"'s Turkish Controversial Vaccine, Even at the Eve of a Crucial EU Summit this Week, and subsequent EU Commission Decisions on Authorizing, or Not, under certain Conditions, such Vaccines, Before the End of December 2020, (See Infra) !


>>>  This Unexpected Fact appears so more Worrying, that a Similar Phenomenon to what "Eurofora" Described Above, seems to have been Provoked Recently in China, according to the semi-Official Press Agency "Xinhua", when, suddenly, at a Border-line Region, Many Dozens of Individuals Coming and Going from Neighbouring Countries appeared withOut Any Symptoms, But ...Full of Deadly Virus, which Rapidly Started to Infect all the Chinese People, to the point that the Pubic Authorities were Obliged to put into Quarantine a Population of Many Thousands, and impose Urgent "Tests" to More than a Million of People living there, (as they had Succesfuly done, notoriously, at Wuhan's former Epicenter of the Virus, etc), [+See Also Infra].

    + Moreover, that Controversial Vaccine promoters seem to be Not sufficiently Trustworthly, inter alia, particularly when they Suddenly Claimed that the alleged Efficiency of their product would have been "Proved" to be Higher than their Initial Estimations of 90%, Reaching 95%, just ... 1 Day After their Russian and other American Competitors of "Sputnik 2" and "Moderna" Vaccines had Announced that they had Bypassed "Pfizer"'s Turkish Vaccine's Results, with 92% and 95% respectively...

    ++ In Addition, a "Pfizer"'s Official had reportedly Claimed that they did Not get Any USA Government's Financial Aid, while, in Fact, they had Signed a 1,85 Billions $ Contract with the Trump Administration's "Warp Speed" Program already since July 2020...

    +++ But, "Pfizer" Suddenly Delayed the Announcement of its Trials' Results, Initialy Scheduled for the End of October, i.e. Before the US Presidential Elections of November 3, until Much Later, towards the Middle of November, thus Practicaly Hidding to the American People, When they Voted, the Fact that President Trump's Administration had Succeeded to Boost a 1st Vaccine against the Virus, Until it was Too Late in order to take into account that Result during the Crucial Political Vote... They reportedly went, even, so Far as to First Announce that to ...Biden's Team, a whole Day Before Trump's team, at the White House, was Informed about that ...only By reading the Next Day's Newspapers ! An obviously Sly Manouver, which was Strongly Denounced by the US President as immoral politician Dirty Games, probably because a Part of "Big Pharma" was Upset for his Efforts to Reduce the (Exceptionaly High) Prices of Medical Drugs in the USA, (but, in Fact, apparently Motivated by even more Shady socio-Political Complicities : See Infra).

    ++++ At any case, that "Pfizer"s Controversial Turkish Vaccine reportedly Proved to have, Also, Various Negative "Side-Effects", included, among others, to have to be "Excluded" for People sensitive to "Allergies", (as the UK competent Authorities have Just Announced these Days), in addition to "Pregnant" Women, (who were, apparently, Not Included in its Trials), etc., while Even presenting "Worse" Effects than "Pneumonia" or "Flu" Vaccines, (which include "Sore Arms", "Muscle Pains and Fatigue", added to IntraVenous "Shots causing Injection-site Pain, Aches and Fever", etc), Repeated  anew in a "2nd Dose", taken some Weeks Later, with a "Second Round" of "Symptoms" which "could be Tough" and "Hurt", according to Experts (even working in that Company) citted by Mainstream Press.

    +++++ In Fact, that Controversial "Pfizer"'s Turkish Vaccine's promoters seem to have Played Games with Mass Medias' Publicity "Effects", immediately Exploited by Stock Markets' Sharp Movements, which, inter alia, Gave to them Dozens of Billions $ (See Infra) withOut doing Anything else, and Such Aims might, also, Explain the Company's obvious Rush to get a FDA Authorisation in the USA as Early as, already, since around December 10, even withOut having presented Any Serious, Neither Complete Scientific Report on its product...

    Indeed, they really appear also Anxious to Prevent being Shortly Bypassed by Other, much More Efficient, Safe and Cheaper, Less Cumbersome (Comp. Supra) and Less Controversial Vaccines, build by several Competitors, from the USA, EU, or Russia, China, etc., which are reportedly Forthcoming, sooner or later, on 2020-2021, (including, particularly, Not UnCertain and Risky Genetic Manipulations-Based products, built Following Classic Natural Methods of Vaccine-Making, etc). + At the Same Time, eventual Complicities of Interests canNot be Excluded, a priori, with some Actors who Surprisingly Hinder certan apparently Useful re-purposed Drugs, (sometimes Even Oppress : Comp. f.ex. the Scandals recently Revealed against "HCQ+", etc), and/or Delay any New Inventions on Virus' Prophylaxy and/or Therapy, which are Paradoxically almost Ignored or Under-Estimated, Nowadays, in EU and Others' Deliberations, (See, f.ex. : ... + ..., etc), Despite the Fact that they Might be, on the Contrary, very Useful, in real Practice, by Helping People to Wait Until some Really Efficient, Safe and Accesible Vaccines arrive...

    While Controversial "Pfizer"'s Turkish Vaccine's Apparent "Advance" in Time Deadlines, (in Fact, Already ByPassed by Russian "Sputnik" and Chinese "Sinovac", etc), seems, in Fact, Due Not to Any alleged Scientific "Efficiency" at all, But Only to the Strange Fact that They had Curiously Started to Focus on a "COVID-19" Vaccine AbNormaly Early, Long Before Anybody Else, (already Since ...Mid-January 2020 !), When practicaly Nobody thought about any Eventual Risk of Pandemic, (Not Even in China !), as we shall See, Perhaps moved by some Shady Factors, Not yet Elucidated, as several Converging Facts indicate, (See Infra)..., Long Before any other Competitor...     

    => In such Circumstances, it's Obviously a Surprizing Fact to find that Even Experienced and Generally Well-Informed Senior EU Officers Acknowledge that they Have Not Yet been Informed about, at least, one of the Most Important potential "New Risks" that this Controversial, UnFamiliar yet Technology, "Pfizer"s Turkish Vaccine might, eventualy, have against Public Health (Comp. Supra), Not even at the Eve of Crucial Decisions due to be taken by EU Heads of State/Government, and/or EU Commission, as well as USA's "Food and Drug Administration", in the Following Days, so that they Might be also, Practicaly, Hindered to, at least, Raise the most Pertinent and Urgent, Serious Questions to competent Experts on Time !     

    >>> But, at the Same Time, once Alerted by "Eurofora"s Questions, Today, they Clearly Conclude by Indicating that, indeed, such "Hot" New Issues Should be Raised, Warning the Competent Authorities, (and, mainly, EU's Medical Agency), the Soonest possible, as Crucial Decisions Evolve, precisely, These Days :

    - Indeed, f.ex., a Top EU Council Official, speaking on Condition of Anonymity, Questioned by "Eurofora" about the above-mentioned Facts and Interrogations concerning, Mainly, Controversial "Pfizer"'s Turkish Vaccine's possible Incapacity to Stop the Spreading of the Virus to Many Other People, by the Individuals who might have Eliminated any visible Symptoms After 2 Intraveinous Shots in two Months, (since, Curiously, this Problem had Not been Included in that Company's Tests and Trials, reportedly, until now),

    Replied, inter alia, with a very Careful and Reserved way, while Also Indicating that Crucial Decisions Evolve, at EU Level, particularly in its European Medical Agency, Until before the End of this Year :     

    - "Of course", there are, Nowadays, such "Huge and Incredible Challenges" about certain Vaccines, and EU's Decision-Making "is Still Going On", with an "Added Value on Health", through Recently Started "Coordination with Member States", via "EMA", "until the End of 2020", that Top EU Council's Senior Officer Replied, in Substance, to the Above mentioned "Eurofora"s Question.

    + In Addition, EU Commission's competent Spokesman on Public Health, Stefan de Keersmaecker, in an Exclusive dialogue with "Eurofora" on that Same Issue, Acknowledged that there are Key "Scientific Issues" which, Indeed, "Should be Checked by EMA", and "Only Then" (i.e. After adequate Scietific Conclusions), such Vaccines "be Allowed, or Not, to the Markets". Otherwise, there is, in Real Practice, a Risk, particularly "if EMA Ommitted to do so", for "EU Commission" to "Not Know realy about it", he agreed. Even if "EMA will Continue to Monitor 24/7" such Vaccines, also After an eventual "Conditional Authorisation" to put them "in the Market", and can "Quickly Detect Issues, whenever they arrive", so that it "Can Still Stop Everything", If Necessary, at any moment, nevertheless, given the Obvious Risks in such Matters, "If EU Commission Believes that an (Official) Assessment" might, eventualy be "Not Complete", "then, We Certainly Ask Questions" about such Serious Matters "We have Heard" of, he Vowed. But, considering the Fact that a relevant EMA Move may arise at Any Moment, from Now, "Until December 29, at the Latest", given the Obvious Importance for the competent EU Authorities to be Timely Warned, in order to have a Real Chance to Find adequate Solutions, he Concluded by Urging whoever "Believe that there is such an Issue", as "Eurofora" observed on the Controversial "Pfizer'"s Turkish Vaccine, (Comp. Supra), to "Not Hesitate to Check with" EMA asap, "Inviting... to Contact them" on "How" to "Manage it", (See, for More Details Infra).


    + In particular, that Top EU Council's Senior Official, Replying "of the record" to "Eurofora"s above metioned "Question on Vaccines" against the Deadly Virus, at the Eve of EU Heads of State/Government's Summit which Starts Tomorrow in Brussels (10-11/12/2020), initialy noted, Carefuly, that "my Competence, I'm  afraid, is a bit Limited, on Exactly Which are the Best Vaccines", as he Modestly Warned. -"What I Know is that the EU has Recently Coordinated with Member States, in order to Make Sure that We Can Provide All (EU) Citizens with (good enough) Vaccines".

- However, "Of Course, there are, You ("Eurofora") can imagine, Huge and Incredible Challenges", f.ex.; "for Deployment and to Ensure that the People have Vaccines at the Same Time".

+ But, "at the Same Time, (EU) Member States have been Required to provide a National Vaccine Strategy, so that this is Still Going on".

- "I'm afraid I Can't answer Which Vaccine is Better than other", and "it's Not up to Me to Give you an Answer to that". But "What I Can say is that the Coordination with the EU has an Added Value on Health, which is to Cordinate with Member States and on what competent National Authorites will be doing, up to the End of this Year", particularly through "the European Medicine Agency (EMA)", he Concluded, Pointng at the December 29 Time Deadline for Expected EU Decisions on the Pandemic Virus' Vaccines.


    ++ As for EU Commission's competent Spokesman on Public Health, Stefan de Keersmaecker, Initialy, he appeared so Careful with that Issue raised by "Eurofora"s Question, that he spontaneously announced his Intentio to, eventualy, "Look also with the Collegues, if I Need some (Technical) Support on it".  

    - "Eurofora" Warned from the outset that, in Fact, "it's a Practicaly Urgent Question", to Find out "Whether the EU Commission is Aware of this Problem, of a New Kind of Risk for the Virus to Spread, which may be More Dangerous, Because, in that case, the Virus is Not easily Visible, Not Easy to Guess" in order to take the Necessary Protective Measures. "And", in that case, "if the have managed to Find, already, a Solution, Or have, at least Asked the Company to Make the Necessary Tests in order to be Sure that there is not any such Danger of such kind of somehow Hidden or covert Spread" in the foreseable Future.

    => -"Normaly, all Those Scientific Issues (evoked by "Eurofora" about "Pfizer's" Turkish Vaccine) Should be Researched by EMA" (the EU's Medical Agency), EU Commission's Health Spokesman admitted. F.ex., "It's up to them to Check" f.ex. "the Efficiency of the Vaccine, What Side Effects it might have, What Might be the Quality of it, How Safe it is, How do Healthy and/or Sick Peuple React", etc. "All these things Should be Checked by EMA", which is an "Independent" Organisation of Scientific Experts. Not the EU Comission" itself, he clarified. +"And"' it's Only "Then", that "We, as EU Commission, we Shall Look, on That (Completed) Basis, Whether it" (the Vaccine) "Should be Allowed, or Not, to the Markets".

    >>> Therefore, "If EMA Ommited to do so", f.ex. in that Specific Issue, then, "We (EU Commission) would Not Know" realy about it, since "We doN't have the Scientific Capacities" for such kind of matters, he Warned, Replying to another relevant Question by "Eurofora". + But, "If something is Not Clear, or We (EU Comission) doN't Understand, We Shall Ask, of course", EMA to Check it, he Vowed.

    + In Addition, "EMA Always Continues to Follow up : It's Not because EMA said (once) <<You can Go Ahead>> that Everything Stops..." On the Contrary, "EMA Continues ! Particularly, when it comes to This Vaccine, ("Pfizer's"), EMA Will Give, Normaly, what's called the Green Lights for <<Conditional>>  Market Operations", i.e. "it Will Continue to Evaluate", "to Follow Critical Tests", "to Monitor What Happens to People who Take that Vaccine. So, "this Work will Never Stop for EMA. It Continues. And, (f.ex.), IF, 2-3 Months Ahead, EMA Sees that there is a Problem, which it had Not Detected Before, then, If it's Necessary, they Can Still Stop Everything !". "EMA is Monitorig this 24 Hours during 7 Days, So that, Whenever Something Happens, they have a System of Alert, in All (EU) Member States' Medical Agencies", which is "a Very Thorough System". that "Allows them to, very Quickly, Detect Issues, Whenever these Issues Arise", thus "Offering a Good Level of Certainty and Security". "Particularly when it comes to such <<Conditional>> Market Operations, EMA Always Asks Companies to Continue to Submit Information, f.ex. on such Vaccines, so that the Evaluation Continues, and, at Any Time, EMA Can Decide, or say that, On the Base of New Elements, We (EU) Change our (Initialy) Positive Opinion, and, Now, We canNot give a Positive Opinion, Anymore ! It Can do it at Any Time", he Warned.

    >>> However, (given also the Obvious Importance of Saving Human Lives and/or Public Health, Before something Negative might happen), Already, "If We (EU Commission) Believe that EMA's Assessment is Not Complete, or we doN't Understand", (f.ex. on This "New Issue" Raised by the Controversial "Pfizer'"s Turkish Vaccine's particular Technology : Comp. Supra), "Then, We Certainly Ask Questions : That's for Sure !" Indeed, "If We Believe that they Evaded an Issue, then, We Can always Ask : <<EMA, We've Heard (f.ex. by "Eurofora", etc) about This and This (Matter). What Do you Think ?>> , the EU Commission's Health Spokesman Vowed, in Reply to "Eurofora"s above mentioned Question, (Comp. Supra).

    - "Exactly, That's the Point ! Particularly in this kind of <<New Questions>>, (due to Not Tested Yet, in some Key Issues, Novel Technologies) to Incite them to Give, as Soon as possible, a Serious Scientific Answer, Because, Otherwise, the Obvious Risk would be to Blow Up, to let Explode Massive Infections", Agreed here "Eurofora", Pointing at a Recent concrete Example in China, of an apparently Similar Issue, (of a Sudden Appearance of Many Asymptomatic Individuals, coming to an Uinghur-inhabited Region from Pakistan, and Risking to Spread the Deadly Virus, so that the Chinese Authorities were Obliged to Urgently Impose a Large Collective Quarantine with more than a Million of Tests, immediately : Comp. Supra and Infra).

    >>> However, Given the Fact that, Currently, EU has set Only a Time Deadline for relevant Decisions on such Vaccines "at the Latest, by 29 December", But withOut Knowing yet at What Date this Might, Eventualy, be Decided, more or less, ..."Earlier", (as the EU Health Spokesman Acknowledged to "Eurofora"), Obviously, "in This Kind of UnKnown Yet (New) Issue, withOut Any Precedent in the Past, (Com. Supra), the Right thing is to Do Something Before", in order to Ensure that the Competent Authorities were Timely Warned, and had a Chance to Find a Solution Before, eventualy, it might Affect Human Lives and/or Public Health. Isn't it ?", "Eurofora" wondered.

-    => -"That's Why, IF" some "Believe that there is such an Issue", (as "Eurofora" Described about that Controversial "Pfizer'"s Turkish Vaccine : Comp. Supra), "then, I Invite" them "to Contact EMA !" People "should Not Hesitate to Check With Them, and have Comments on How They are Managing it", EU Commission's Public Health Spokesman, Concluding, Urged.


>>>  But the Unexpected Risk for EU Deciders to have Not been Yet Adequately Warned on such Crucial Issues, appears so more Worrying, that a Similar Phenomenon to what "Eurofora" Described Above, seems to have been Provoked Recently in China, according to the semi-Official Press Agency "Xinhua", when, suddenly, at an Uighur (Turcic tribe) Populated Region, (Hit by Separatist Extremists), Many Dozens of Individuals Coming and Going from Neighbouring Pakistan, appeared withOut Any Symptoms, But ...Full of Deadly Virus, which Rapidly Started to Infect all the Chinese People, to the point that the Pubic Authorities were Obliged to put into Quarantine a Population of Many Thousands, and impose Urgent "Tests" to More than a Million of People living at this Border-line Region, (as they had Succesfuly done, notoriously, at Wuhan's former Epicenter of the Virus, etc). It's also a Fact that Islamist Extremists (mainly of the "Tablighi Jamaat" Group) have been Notoriously Blamed to Spread the Virus inside India, (which had initialy managed to Avoid it, for long), after Mass Meetings at Lahora and New Delhi, from Malaysia, etc., from April 2020. By a Coincidence, a Key Technician exploiting that Controversial "Pfizer"'s Turkish Vaccine is personaly Named ..."Ugur (Comp. Supra) Sahin", and personaly comes from Turkey, as also his wife, (born at Iskinderum, former Alexandrette Seaport, from which Ancient Greek King "Alexander the Great" entered into Asia, reaching up to India and China's "Silk Road", where Turkish Military Invaded the City, Expelling mainly Armenian Refugees on 1938, Seizing their Homes and Land, normaly Belonging to Syria, according also to UNO's Mandate entrusted to France, Near the Peaceful "Afrin" Kurdish Region of Syria which was Invaded and Occupied by Turkey on 2018, Facing "Idlib" Syrian Region, where All Remaining Extremist Islamist Armed Gangs have been Notoriously Gathered between 2012-2020, right in Front of the Village where the Chief of  ISIS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists, cowardly Targetting Civilian People, "El Bagdadi", was Found Hidding, by USA Troops on 2019)...

    + Meanwhile, according to "Bloomberg" mainstream USA News Agency, "Pfizer" did Not Fund itself at all that Controversial Vaccine, since it's Only a Turkish couple, by Their own BioTech SME, established at Nearby Germany's Mainz City, who Set up and, Already Started to Exploit (Both Financialy and with an Exceptionaly Big Medias' Publicity, including even "New York Times"' publicatios with their lavish Personal Portraits, like ..."Rock Stars" etc) such a Project, Curiously Started so Early as, Since the Middle of ...January 2020, (i.e. When Not even ...China's Public Health National Commission did Not Yet Speak about the Virus : something which Started Only After the 21/1/2020 Late Afternoon, all out of  Sudden, with a President Xi's Urgent Call, Bellying a Bureaucratic "Experts" earlier Claims that this Virus was due to "Disappear" Soon, as SARNS-1 had done in the Past, as "Eurofora" found : See ..., etc). It's Not Clear How they had been Informed, si Early, of the Virus' "Pandemic" potential Spread throughout the World, (which was Officialy Declared by the WHO only as Late as since Mid-End March 2020), But it's a Surprizing Fact that they Immediately Sold a Previous SME that they had, (on Cancer BioTech), in order to Invest to that Controversial Vaccine Project, Starting Trials Already as Early as Since ...mid-January (sic !), i.e. Just After having, Earlier, received a Controversial and UnPopular pro-Global Vaccine Bill Gates' Billionaire's Award on 2019, and Soon Becoming themselves "Billionaires", (withOut doing Nothing !), by snatching a Dozen of Billions $ at USA's Stock Markets, thanks to an Astonishing Big Publicity at Establishment's Media (Comp. Supra), Inaccurately Presenting them as if they were the ..."1st and Only in the World" to have produced an allegedly "Efficient" Vaccine against the Virus....

    - The Only thing that USA's "Pfizer" did in this Project, (in Fact, initialy Funded Only by Local sources, thanks to the RINO German Minister of Health, Mr. Spahn, a "Married" Homosexual), was to Boost that Exceptionaly Big Publicity for the Controversial Turkish Vaccine, thanks Also to Links between its Greek-Origin CEO Mr. Bourlas with One among the Members of Greek Multi-Millionaires Vardinogiani's big Famly, Personaly Linked with "PASOK"s "Socialist" Party, and known for having reportedly "Escaped" from the former Nationalist Colonels' Regime, Not by Leaving for Democratic Countries as Sweden, France, Germany or the UK, as Most Other, real Political Dissidents did, (Including, even the Young then King Constatinos, the Leftist Musician Theodorakis, etc), But, on the Contrary, by going to ...the notoriously Oppressive Turkey (sic !). "Pfizer"'s Bourlas was Also, Recently, Photographed as Recipient of a Medal awarded by Controversial US "Socialist/Liberal" Ambassador Pyatt, later in Greece, but Famous for his Too much "Activist" Role in the Tragic Drama of Ukraine, Together with former "Socialist/Liberal" US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Miss Nulland, Notorious for her Unforgetable ... "Fuck the EU !" (sic !), Moto, in a Leaked Phone Conversation with Pyatt, Back on 2014, when she agreed with him to use an Offer to Intervene by then Vice-President Biden, (Now Candidate to US Presidential Election 2020), of the equaly "Socialist/Liberal" Barack Hussein Obama's Former Administration, resulting into a Bloody Conflict aroud Maidan Square, Provoked by some Mysterious "Snipers", Curiously Killing Both Demonstrators and Policemen, which Brutaly Toppled the EU-sposored Peace Agreements, just Signed, under the auspices of the French, German and Poliish Foreign Ministers, by All Dissidents' Leaders and President Janukovic, for Amnesty, National Unity Governmnt, and New Presidential Elections before the End of the Year, Throwing the Country into a Bloody Civil War, between Kiev and Donetsk-Luhansk Eastern pro-Autonomy Russian-Speaking Regions, Killing Many Civilian People, (including Even Burning Alive Peaceful pro-Russia Demonstrators Attacked by Clubs, Revolvers, "Molotov" Bombs, etc, in Odessa), added to the ReUnification of Crimea peninsula with mainland Russia after a Popular Referendum, a Heavily inDebted Ukraine, rampant Corruption, and Blockade of the Coutry's Previous Prospects to Enter the EU - But Also of Mr Biden's Son's (a Drug Addict, Fired by US Army) appointment into an Oil/Gas Ukranian Company, which Paid him Hundreds of Thousands $, withOut Any Experience on Energy Issues, provoking a Scandal during these Latest US Presidential Elections of 2020...        -----------------------------------

    => Such Geo-Political and/or Socio-Political, added to Financial a.o. irrelevant Agendas, Obviously Pursued by those in charge of that Controversial "Pfizer''s Turkish Vaccine, obviously Hampered by an awful Lot of UnPrecedented and UnCertain Issues and Problems, all the wat from Practical to Public Health Exceptional Risks (Comp. Supra), certainly do Not Indicate at all that Their Main Aim Might, perhaps, have been to Save Human Lives, But rather something Else...     

    So that, inter alia, it's also expected, from the Obviouly Money-Hungry and/or Politicaly Motivated promoteurs of such an apparently Risky and hasty "Vaccine", as that of Controversial "Pfizer"s Turkish Commercial Product, thet, in Fact, they woN't even give a Damn, not even for the Latest Atrocity revealed by 4 innocent Victims of its "Tests", who all Lost the use of their Muscles at a Side of the Face, resulting into Horrible Cadaver-like Looks, as many Medias have just Pictured Today accross the World,

among the Various other Negative Side-Effects, Big Logistical Problems, and, Most of all, a Still Pending Issue of Huge Dangers for Massive Infections, Difficult to Prevent, by Virus Eventualy Spread by totaly Asymptomatic Zombies, perhaps themselves "Cured", But Still, possibly, able to Infect all Other People, (Comp. Supra).  




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It's important to create a synergy between "mutually stimulating" EU Countries' moves in order to overcome an "Unjust" Crisis "imported from USA", stressed new French Minister for Economic Revival, Patrick Devedjian, in Strasbourg, warning also that, while hoping for a vigorous Obama US Plan, nevertheless, "Time" is of essence for Europe...

In fact, it's EU's own interest to act Fast, before June 2009 EU Election, since, with Lisbon Treaty not ratified yet, it cannot face again the risk of a Majority Abstention, as back in 1999 and 2004, nor another "anti-EU" mood among Citizens, as in the 2005 French and Dutch "No", followed by the 2008 Irish "No", without endangering rare Historic opportunities, currently open for the EU, whose future is at stake.

From Social issues up to High-Tech Scientific Research, concrete action for Economic revival started from Strasbourg and its European dimension, for the new super-Minister Patrick Devedjian, who visited a Popular Social Housing and Infrastructure project at nearby Hagenau village, before meeting new leaders of Strasbourg's unified mega-University in a Scientific Labo at the Campus, close to EU Parliament and CoE headquarters.

Devedjian, who met also with all the spectrum of Local Political  deciders of Alsace region, close to FrancoGerman borders, wants for deeds to meet the words, in real practice, whenever politicians speak about Strasbourg and Europe's development.

Devedjan to "EuroFora" : "European coordination can act as a multiplicator by mutual stimulations"
Devedjian was questioned by "Euro-Fora" on his expectations for reciprocal effects of coordinated European plans :

- "We are living in a (European and Global) system where borders are transparent : When we take measures in France, they produce effects also in Germany, in Belgium, Italy, Spain, or other EU countries, and vice-versa. "So, we can have mutually stimulating effects between national revival Plans, if they are somehow coordinated", ..."They can augment each other's effects, acting as multiplicators and levers". "As a State stimulates Local authorities and Private business, similarly, each EU country's economic revival plan may multiply the effects of other EU countries' actions", he told us.

- "F.ex., when I visited Strasbourg University's Scientific labos, they told me that part of the renovation, funded by France, is realized by German companies located only a few Kms away from the border. Thus, the French revival plan benefits also the German economy. And vice-versa : when Germany takes certain measures, they can have beneficial effects also for French companies"

In an era of Globalisation, "nobody can close and isolate himself inside a Fish-Bowl !", he concluded.
Economy's revival starts from Strasbourg and Europe, for new French Minister Devedjian


This could be one of the reasons for which the new French Minister for Economic Stimulus chose to make his 1st visit to Strasbourg, the headquarters of European and Paneuropean Institutions, in the Franco-German river borders at the heart of Europe.

- "It was President Sarkozy's idea", he revealed, adding also fresh "support to Strasbourg's European vocation, not only with words, but also with deeds" :F.ex., the completion of a High-Speed Train network, due to stimulate fast links with Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and other central EU Countries.

- "This Crisis is Unjust for Europe, because it wasn't its fault". The greatest part of the "Crisis was imported from the USA, where problems are deeper than here'', in the EU. The Crisis "wasn't due to a bad managment by Europe", who was affected by problems which emerged elsewhere. That's why Europe must be united and active enough to face this challenge. said Devedjian, who has just won +5% in popularity...

- "I hope that there will be an "Obama-effect" also on Economy, and that the Plan of the New American President will be substantial enough to face this crisis, which is worse in the USA than in our area", Europe, he added.

"Economic Revival overcomes political divisions : F.ex. Strasbourg's Socialist Mayor "Ries agreed that State actions funded by Public Debt are justified during such exceptional circumstances", noted the Center-Right republican Minister.


"Zeitnot" for 2009 EU Elections ?



"My problem is Time", stressed Devedjian from the outset, at Strasbourg's University. "I have to engage 75% of funds in 2009, out of a total of 29 Billion euros", he explained later. "Monitoring will be of essence", because we must "avoid bureaucracy or delays. No project should get lost or neglected in complex meanders of adminstrative offices' moving sands", he warned.

- "I must create activities in the middle of the Crisis", he added. Questioned by EuroFora whether he aims to start creating some "hopes before the June 2009 EU Elections", Devedjian, a former leader of the Governing Political Party in France: UMP, did not immediately reply, but revealed, later, that he "hoped to start at least some Projects on May 2009, even if the bulk of Revival Plan's effects are "expected from Autumn 2009".

However, with only 30% of EU Citizens currently aiming to cast a vote at the forthcoming EU Elections on June, (See other NewStory), the  coordinated moves' results are expected to be crucial for Citizens' participation and votes at the forthcoming June 2009 EU Elections throughout all 27 EU Member Countries...Thus, it's vital for all Europe's own Future that coordinated national Economic revival plans start to have concrete results and create hopes for new dynamics before the June 2009 EU Election...

A real challenge, since careful choices are needed : Our aim is to fund projects which "create activities", even "in the middle of the crisis", and have a "lever effect, attracting other investments", Devedjian said. Because the "Stimulus' Plan has 2 aims : A Tactical one : to create New Activities. And a Strategic one : Choose what can become efficient and useful also in the Long-term". 

- "Are you ready ?", he asked Strasbourg University's new President, professor Alain Beretz, with some 700 million euros in his pockets for Education-Research in France. - "We are !", he replied.

- "The Minister's initiative can accelerate funds, and Time is important for us. This concerns the entire renovation of all our buildings", said to "EuroFora" President, Beretz. "I showed some Scientific Research Labos to Mr. Devedjian. But, If we had more time, I could show him also some Education Amphis, whose condition needs to meet Strasbourg's new Mega-University's ambition" to reach the 10 best in the World, as Prime Minister Fillon earlier anounced here.


(Devedjian kicks off his Economic Revival tour from Strasbourg University, meeting with its new chairman Beretz, at Scientific Institute Le Bel) 


Regional Prefectures should gather and select projects to be presented for decision before the end of January 2009.

A well-known close friend of President Sarkozy, who succeeded as EU Chairman to launch, in agreement with German chancelor Merkel and even British prime minister Brown, vigorous EU actions against the Financial/Economic Crisis, (starting from the 1st Historic Summit of EuroZone's Heads of State/Government, October 12 at Elysee Palace, followed by Washington G20 Global Summit), Devedjan will have a key role in the realisation of National and EU plans recently agreed in Brussels.

President Sarkozy is expected to arrive himself in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the official inauguration of its brand New Mega-Hospital, on the 9th of January 2009, at the eve of EU Parliament's session here, Elysee confirmed shortly after Devedjian's visit.

EU is due to review its economic revival plans at March 2009 EU Council in Prague, before the April 2 London Global Summit.





Multi-facet concrete activities at focus : Stimulus Minister Devedjian at the Political, Social and High-Tech fronts in Strasbourg...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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