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Rugy, who made Trump ready to Discuss Paris Climate Deal, hit by pro-US LEFT Media Resigns eve of G7

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 23 July 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- At the eve of an Important G7 Summit on August 2019 at Biarritz, France, the man who made "Global Warming" Non-Believer, US President Trump, nevertheless, think that he might Agree on the relevant "Paris Deal", if some Changes were made, French Environment Minister Francois de Rugy, (Number 2 of the Government, and former National Assembly's President), after being repeatedly Slandered by a Web Media close to USA's Left, was pushed to an UnExpected Resignation, (which seems, apparently, UnDeserved, according to the Latest available News), a Year Before the forthcoming, Crucial US November 2020 Presidential Election.

Earlier on May 2019, at Nearby Metz, an Environment Ministers G7 Summit, contributing to Prepare Biarritz's Final General Declaration, and Chaired by De Rugy, (See "Eurofora"s NewsReports from the spot, with Replies to Our Questions by the French Chairman and USA Environment Protection Agency Director Wheeler, f.ex.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/g7environmentclimateandnature.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/g7environmentsummitconclusions.html , etc), Surprisingly brought the US and France closer to an eventual Diplomatic Understanding on this "Hot" Topical Global Issue, depending on a Key Point of Wide Popular Interest, both in USA and in France, as well as in Most Other Countries in the World, (See Infra).

At a Previous G7 in Canada, Headed by Out-Going ("Liberal": Center-LEFT) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a Big Row vis a vis USA's then In-Coming new President Don Trump was provoked, reportedly, by the Controversial way that Trudeau handled, at the Final Communiqué attributed to that G7, the expected confirmation of Trump's refusal to admit, in practice, the full "Global Warming" Theory, (still Questioned by some Scientists and a Part of the Population, World-wide), and/or certain Key Parts of its alleged Repercussions, particularly concerning what National States should exactly do in order to prevent and/or Face such a Phenomenon.

- Initially, also at Metz, earlier this Year (Comp. Supra), de Rugy had emerged, apparently, rather Beliquoso-looking vis a vis Trump's Dissidence, which had not yet been followed by Other G7 Member Countries, as he had pointed out, inter alia, in his Reply to a relevant Question raised by "Eurofora" at a Press-Point during the 1st Day of that Key 2019 Ministerial G7 Summit on Environment, (See, f.ex., at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/g7environmentclimateandnature.html, etc).

>>> But, Later-on, the Key French Minister marked an Interesting Development, Evolving Towards an apparently much More Balanced Position, which Acknowledged that US President Don Trump's was, indeed, Conscious of such Climate-related Problems, and Tried to Alleviate them, But by Prefering to use mainly various Other Measures, where USA - France Cooperation, at a Global Level, was Developing quite Consistently, as well as in several Other Areas of Global Environment Protection, often inter-Related, (f.ex. Oceans, Coral Reefs, Bio-Diversity, etc), as De Rugy Replied, in substance, to a new "Eurofora"s Question, at the Official Press Conference on that G7 Ministerial Summit's draft Conclusions, evoking an evolving Dialogue, (See, f.ex., at: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/g7environmentsummitconclusions.html, etc).

=> Most Surprisingly, in an almost Parallel Move, the Key USA Representative, EPA's Director, Andrew Wheeler, (who had Earlier told "Eurofora" that the main Substance of related of the Climate-Related "Hot" G7 Issues - including the Delicate Diplomatic matter of the Draft Communiqué's Format : Unified or Separated, which had Previously Triggered Trump's Anger Back in Canada: Comp. Supra- would be Treated OverNight, See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/g7environmentclimateandnature.html), issued a quite Interesting, US Declaration : To put it in a Nutshell, Wheeler added, inter alia, that US President Trump, indeed Cared for Global Environment, including a International Cooperation, in various Important Areas, such as Clean Water, Air, BioDiversity, etc., but Also Climate-related Issues.

+ Advancing even More, he went, later, as far as to Claim that, on 2019, Trump would probably have No Objection, a priori, to Even Agree on the Controversial "Paris' Deal" of 2015, (widely considered as the Main Stumbling Block in US - France, EU and Other Countries' relations on Global Climate), under Certain Conditions, particularly if it was, "re-Negotiated" in a way "that would Level the Playing Field for the US", as he Claimed, (apparently Refering to an Equivalent of the well-known, General Trump's Standard about "Fair" International Trade).



- For that purpose, the competent US Representative, had diplomatically Raised, Since Metz, (i.e. on May 2019), the Question Whether some "Opportunities for ReNegotiation Arise", or not, for that Controversial 2015 Paris' Deal on Global Climate, Nowadays, i.e., f.ex. During the On-Going G7 Presidendy by France, (which is Due to make also French and USA Presidents, Macron and Trump, Meet Personaly Together, on August 2019 at the G7 Heads of State Summit of Biarritz).

+ Interestingly, that Key Condition about "Leveling the Playing Field", (or, alias, becoming More "Fair"), "for the US", was, indirectly but surely, Associated, by Wheeler at Metz, also with "Economic Prosperity" : I.e., in other Words, with the Notorious Issue f.ex. of the Number of Coal Mines which, in Paris' Deal Theory, Should, or not, Close, Allegedly, for the Sake of "Global Warming" Reduction, and which has Raised a Row among USA People, particuarly also in Comparison with certain Other Countries in the World, including Germany, China, etc.: Many North Americans Believe, f.ex., that Paris' Deal risked to Oblige the US to Close even More Coal Mines than Other Countries, threatening Job Creation, which is a well-known Priority of Trump's Presidency, (as, inter alia, also Typical Web Debates between Trump Followers, at relevant Popular Conservative NewsMedias such as "Breitbart", etc., clearly attest Nowadays).

>>> But, such an Obviously Important Matter, ...Naturally Concerns also European People Today, including in France, Germany, a.o., as "Eurofora" Witnessed, inter alia, also at some Surprizingly "Hot" Debates, inside the European "Federalist" Movement itself, between engaged EU Citizens, NGOs, Experts, Journalists, etc., and Key MEPs, (f.ex. of the "Green" Group), which took place, Right from the Start of the 1st Day of the New EU Parliament's (for the Term of 2019-2024) Plenary Meetings, Organized at the "European Parliamentary Association", Recently in Strasbourg : Indeed, "Traditional" Jobs' Loss perceived Risk, and/or alleged Possibilities for so-called, Alternative "Green" Jobs Creation, (as well as, certainly, "Global Warming" Theory's alleged Seriousness and Urgency), largely Dominated such Topical Debates around the New EU Parliament...

=> In Consequence, it's, precisely, During that Topical USA's Question about a Foreseable "Rise" of "Opportunities for ReNegotiation" on Concrete National Repercussions of such Key Parts of Paris' Deal for Global Climate, that the French Minister of Ecology, de Rugy, Chairman-in-office of the 2019 G7 Summit on Environment Issues, (whom, USA's Wheeler  Recently "Thanked ... for Bringing Together our International Partners", expressing his "Hope" to Find also Elsewhere - f.ex. at the G20 Summit in Japan, etc- "the Constructive Dialogue from his meetings in Metz, France", and "Continue" on that Line), became, Suddenly, Target of Surprisingly Repeated, at a Frenetical Pace, Various Personnal Accusations, by Controversial Web-Media, already Known for Scandal-Mongering Affairs, "Media-Part".


+ "Media-Part"'s Founder, former Written Press Top Journalist, Edwy Plenel, was Earlier Known as a Reportedly Atypical "Leftist" of the Past, of alleged "Trotskist" Inspiration (including on Infiltrating Establishment's Bodies, such as, f.ex., the Center-Left, World Known, Newspaper "Le Monde", where he Earlier got a Director's Top Job for a while, Before it notoriously Faced an UnPrecedented Historic Decline, at the Beginning of 2000ies), whose Former Girl-Friend had been reportedly Involved at a Controversial "RainBow Warrior" Ship's Attempt, by "GreenPeace", to Monitor French Nuclear Bomb's Tests in the Pacific Ocean, suspected to have been Attacked by Explosives for which were Accused some amidst the French Secret Service Agents, allegedly Counter-Infiltrating "GreenPeace", ...(Comp. "Eurofora"s Original Photo of "Rainbow Warrior"s Re-Production, at Copenhagen's SeaPort in Denmark, taken during the UN Climate Change Summit there, as Early as already since 2009 : Attached Herewith). In Addition, he became also known as an allleged Pal of USA's Left, in wider

Plenel, Later Founded his WebMedia "MediaPart" on 2008, (i.e. +1 Year Later than "Eurofora" : 2007), which, After a Short Initial Period, during which he made a Large Use of his Personal Notoriety of the Past, Soon launched "Urgent" Alerts about being, allegedly, Threatened by an Imminent Financial Catastrophe, pushing probably even in Bankruptcy, Finally managed to make surface in a More Stable Way, particularly Since a pioneer Press Reform was Introduced by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to support "On Line Editors", (among Hard Fights against mainlty the "Socialist" Party, which had Tried, even without Explicitly telling so, to Delay that Reform), also with a Financial Participation via Grants Paid by the French State up to 60% of a Web-Editor's New Project, since around 2010 : Even if his "MediaPart" outlet Fiercely Attacked Both Sarkozy's Government Many Times in the Past, Participating also at a Hostile Media Campain against his Former Prime Minister Fillon, at the 2017 Presidential Elections, and mainly Harassing Sarkozy himself, Personaly, until Recently (+2018, etc), Accusing them of Various alleged "Scandals" of Any Kind, Nevertheless, Plenel, at the Same Time, managed, together with his Former Boss from "Le Monde" (Meanwhile Fallen in Disgrace among Most of its Former Readers), Jean-Marie Colombani, to practically Take Over the Mecanism through which such Grants were allocated in Practice to "On-Line Editors", mainly by Exploiting the Old Methods of creating an ad-hoc kind of Trade Union, which took Most Influential Posts among those who Controlled these Public Funds, (that Sarkozy had wished to be "Independent" from the State)...



>>> Most Importantly, according also to the Famous Book of Investigative Journalists Pean and Cohen, "The Hidden Face of <<Le Monde>> : From a Counter-Power, to Power Abuse" (2003), in fact Focused on Denouncing mainly Plenel's allegedly Negative Influence on that Previously Prestigious Newspaper, which Afterwards Fell to an Abysmal Low, it was right from the Start that even Plenel's 1st so-called "Scoop" (a 1985 Article accusing the ex-URSS for alleged Moscow Secret Services' Interferences inside France : I.e. a kind of ..."Mueller" Bis, Nowadays !) was part of USA's Deep State's (CIA) Frequently used Methods to Manipulate some Journalists in order to Accuse the Russians for various mischiefs and Disrupt their Relations with Other Countries ! That USA's Deep State's Method, precisely, consisted into Sending some kind of Informations to certain Accomplices in the Press, which could raise a "Scandal" (sic) against their Target.

=> Back on 1985, it all, reportedly, was about Undermining Mitterand - Gorbatcev's relations, as, probably, Nowadays (on 2019), Macron - Trump's relations, mutatis-mutandis.

Plenel's Method, developed later, according to that Critical Book, Always was to Try to Boost the Commercial Selling and Influence of his Media, through various so-called "Revelations of (alleged) Scandals", which Targetted their Victims by Repeated Personal Attacks, Systematically Relayed to Wider Circles by a Network of Accomplices in Radio-TV Medias of the Establishment, withOut any due Regard of what they Replied, until they were Socially "Destroyed", and they Submit, (while also "Terrorising" thus, all others)...

- Indeed, Recently, on July 2019, Plenel's "MediaPart", launched a Series of Various Personal Accusations against De Rugy, suddenly Targetted by a Fast-Track Burst, in "Rafale", of several, each Time Changing, so-called "Revelations" about his allegedly "Scandalous" Behavior into Mixing Public and Private Life, which led into Accusing him, if not for Corruption, at least for an Immorally Abusing personality, who would Irregularly Spend and Waste an Awful Lot of Public Funds, exclusively for his UnJustified Private Interests ! A real method often called "Assassination of a Personality", withOut even giving any Importance to the Victim's desperate Attempts to Reply... This Continued, until he was Obliged to Resign.

F.ex., "Media-Part"s Claims succesively Accused de Rugy for allegedly Usurpating Public Funds for Luxurious Private Diners, including ..."Lobsters" (sic !) and Expensive French "Champagne", as well as to have Wasted an Excessive Amount of Public Funds for too Expensive "Repairs" of his Private Home, while having even alegedly Abused of a Subsidized "Social" Residence, Normaly Destinated to Help Poor People in Need, in Addition to Abusing of his Ministry's "Car Drivers" also for his Private Round Trips Home during Week-Ends, (etc) !

This Fast-Track Petty Slandering persisted "in Rafale", Before De Rugy had the Time to Reply and Prove that, in fact, he was Personaly Allergic to Lobsters and that those Diners' costs were Normal "Representation" spending when he served as President of the National Assembly ; that those "Repairs" Expenses concerned an officially "Classified" Historic Monument's part, which Belonged to the State, and was used by Successive Ministers during their Duties, that even his Predecessor had Found in an Awful State, including the presence of .."Rodents" (sic !); that the alleged "Social" aspect of a Flat he had Briefly bought at an Exceptionaly Hard Moment, just after a recent Divorce, was UnKnown to him, and when he Found out, he immediately Droped it ; and that the aboved-mentioned use of a Extra Driver of the Ministry during Week-Ends, was a routinely Imposed Obligation by the State's recent Regulations for reasons of Security, (etc), as it was, Meanwhile, Attested also by certain relevant Reports by competent Public Authorities, (produced After his Resignation).

In the MeanTime, by a Surprising Coincidence, just after Rugy was pushed to Resign by "MediaPart"'s Slandering, Pean, the main Author of the above-mentioned Book denouncing that Media's Chief, Plenel's abusive methods (Comp. Supra), suddenly Died, at a Paris' Hospital these Days. Previously, "Le Monde"s Colombani and Plenel had persecuted legaly Pean and Cohen, Obliging them to promise to Never Re-Publish again their Critical Book, (whose 1st and Last Edition had become, in consequence, a "Collector's Item" !)

++ But, while De Rugy was Desperatedly Struggling to prove his Innocence, Facing Plenel's "MediaPart"'s Multiple Accusations, added one to another at Fast Pace, instead of Finding any Urgently Needed Help, on the Contrary, he was, Surprisingly, not at all Defended, But totaly Let Down, by an UnExpected and Astonishing Back-Stabbing from "his" own Goverment's Press Spokesperson, who also, indirectly but surely, Found Excuses for his Accusers' Claims, and Refused to "pre-judge about his Innocence", (sic !), as she Ironically said, Playing irresponsible Games with the well-known Principle of any Accused Person's "Presumption of Innocence".

Indeed, Controversial Sibeth Ndiaye, a former Press Attaché (of the "Socialist" Party in the Past), from Senegal, who notoriously took French Nationality Only ...Six (6) Months Before the Presidential Elections of 2017, After which she Immediately applied for, and got an ...Elysée Presidential Palace's Job (sic !), Daughter of a Senegalese Migrant who had Returned from Germany to work in Africa, (after being Marked also for an Astonishingly Hostile, Stubborn, Hateful and Oppressive attitude Against certain Experienced Journalists with a Prolific Production, while, a the Same Time, Scandalously Favoring some UnKnown Web-Video Amateurs, who made her Shavy Personal Publicity), was already Notoriously Criticized for having Earlier Abused of various Pejorative Wordings Against Well Known and Respectable Public Personalities :  Including, f.ex.,  the Famous former EU Parliament's 1st President, Popular Minister and Academician, as well as former Prisoner of NAZI Camps for Deported Jews, where her Family had Tragically Perished, SIMONE VEIL, (that Miss Ndiaye had called ..."MEUF", at a Scandalous "Tweet", when she Died !). But Also the Winner of the Latest EU Parliament's Elections of May 2019 for the Period of 2019-2024, German MEP Manfred WEBER, President of the ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group (the Biggest of all), that she, suddenly, Accused to be absolutely "IRRELEVANT" (sic !) for any imminent EU Decision on Europe's Top Jobs during that Period, thus Opening the Way for Others among her Alike-Minded Pals, to Even Brutaly Slander Weber, Shortly Afterwards, by calling him ..."Exoplasm" (re-sic !!). => Now she went on to Add to all those Slandering Personal Attacks Faced by De RUGY (Comp. Supra), even her Personal ironic Comment that, "Indeed, We (at Elysée) are Aware of the fact that our Fellow-Citizens doN't use to Eat ...Lobsters Every Day, but Rather ...(Turkish) KEBAB !", as she found "Funny" to Claim.


=> Such a Behavior Triggered a Long Popular Reaction, from Thousands of ...Fed up, and Exasperated French People, who Massively Rushed at the Internet to Demonstrate their Anger and Revolt vis a vis such an UnAcceptable Behavior by someone to whom a European Country so Important as France, had entrusted Serious Duties, which Deserved a much Better Feeling of Resposibilities, in order to Avoid Blatantly Abusing them, as she too often did ! Such Popular Reactions by Many Thousands of Citizens filed an Exceptionaly Longue Liste of Critical Comments at Mainstream Medias, such as "Figaro", etc., and Much More at the Internet, (f.ex. under "Hushtags" such as ...: #Kebab#, etc), including even an Expressive Photo of an ..."Elysée Kebab" Shop !


>>> Meanwhile, De Rugy's Lawyers lodged a Legal Complaint against aggravated "Defamatory" Harassment by Plenel's "MediaPart", while several Medias are Starting to Wonder "Why" a so Important Minister was abandoned and led to UnJustly Resign, just for such a Ridiculous Backyard Slandering, Whether he will be, Now, Rehabilitated by Returning Back to his Job, and Who was Really Behind those Sudden Attacks...

Prime Minister Philippe had just a Working Lunch Meeting with De Rugy, (who, meanwhle, found anew his Elected MP Seat at the National Assembly), But Nobody seems to Know yet, What will Happen, in this regard, at the Forthcoming G7 Summit of Heads of State/Government in Biarritz, on Late August :

=> -  Was, Really, an Exceptional Opportunity to Find a Workable Compromise with the USA for International Cooperation on Global Climate Issues since the "Paris Deal" Scandalously Undermined by a Secret Lobby pursuing its Petty Interests, (apparently Electoralistic : f.ex. US Deep State seeking Trump's Loss at 2020 Presidential Election), to the Detriment of Earth, Nature and Humankind's Future ?


At any case, things must be Clear, Balanced, and Fair enough :

- De Rugy is, certainly Not just "an Angel Flying on the Sky". As many, he may have made Various Errors. In addition, "Eurofora" obviously Disagrees with a Great Part of his alleged Views, particularly as far as it concerns, f.ex. BioEthical Issues, of great Topical Importance... 

But, as all Politicians, he also has an Elementary Right to the Presumption of Innocence, the respect of a Basic Deontology of Journalism, (including the Right to Reply), and for a Fair Treatment. In Addition, what is Really at Stake, seems Important enough in order to Critically Investigate the Main Facts.

 + And, from the Other Side, Edwy Plenel, isN"t, No more, "the Devil in personification"... On the Contrary, he is an accomplished Journalist, Strongly Claiming to Defend the Right to Criticize any Public Power for all, as well as for Critical, Independent Investigations of the Facts, and "Eurofora" has Often Met him, (at the CoE, elsewhere in Strasbourg, in Conferences, Lectures or Other Events, particularly on Press/Journalism Issues), Questioned him, participated in a Dialogue with him, Wrote and Published about him and the Answers he gave us, and We Intend to Continue to do so, as long as he wishes to be actively involved, particularly in Innovative Web Medias, that, we hope, will still be Long enough... 

But when it comes to some fierce Attacks "ad Hominem", Risking to Destroy the Personality of someone apparently Submitted to UnFair Treatment, while, also, the People have a Right to clearly Know what it might be really at Stake in certain Multifacet Affairs affecting various Important Aspects of Socio-Political Life, (some of which may be still in the Dark for many), he knows that "Eurofora"'s elementary Duty is simply to Critically and Independently Investigate the main Facts, and Report at least the essentials, for Public Dialogue, (which is a Valuable Tool for any Truth).




Currently, France and a Great Part of Europe, are hardly hit by a Multi-Historic Records' Breaking, Exceptional Heatwave, almost Alike a USA's Big Part, (including emblematic Cities such as Paris and Strasbourg etc, as well as Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Saint Louis, etc). An Extreme Weather Εvent, nick-named "Omega" (as the Design of Greek Letter : Ω), made out of a "High Pressure", Hot Center, Surrounded by Stormy/Rainy, Fresh areas, Suspected since the Historic 2003 Killer Heatwave in France (which left More than 15.000 Dead, Threatening even the Country's Electricity Independence by Lack of ReFreshing Water for Nuclear Stations), and a subsequent Moscow 2010 Catastrophic Heatwave, (which Suffocated Russia's Capital, while also Threatening Civil and Military Nuclear Installations, Wheat Production, etc), was Reported also on 2019 in these incidents, closely Followed by China, who notoriously is the Number 1 Historic Supporter in the World of nearby Geneva negociated and signed UNO's 1978 Treaty agaist Hostile Modifications of the Natural Environment (ENMOD). At least in Europe, this July 2019 EWE's Heatwave Pick formed a spectacularly Straight Line between Spain and S/W. Germany, with France in the Middle, (See Characteristic relevant Graphic MAP, Herewith).



By a Coicidence, however, Both France's and US Presidents' personal Summer Holidays' usual Residences, at Bregancon's Fortifications (Cote d'Ajur) and Lagos (Florida : Initially Threatened), respectively, were, reportedly Excluded from these 2019 Heatwaves, (with Macron effectively Heading towards that, while Trump hang still around Wash.DC and his New York Tower has faced even a Manhattan's Electricity Cut)... Exceptionally too, at PanEuropean CoE's and EU Parliament Plenaries', as well as Shenghen System Secretariat's and EUROCORPS' Headquarters in Strasbourg, the Heatwave's projected End was Postponed for Later-on, while, at another Exceptional Incident, the often Brussels' EU Council and Commisson (as well as NATO) HQ's related, High-Tech. "Thalys" Railway Company reportedly Stopped its Travels for 1 or 2 Days, claiming "Infrastructure" Problems caused by that Heatwave.

But, the Forthcoming G7 Heads of State/Government's Summit at Biarritz (France) this August 2019 having been Scheduled at a World-Famous, Historic Seaside Luxe Holdays Resort, (Also a High-Tech. Meeting Place, mainly for Digital TeleComs Networks' Pioneer projects),



Faithfully Following the Line also of Past "G8" Summits at Heiligendam (Germany) and Deauville (France) on 2007 and 2011, with the part, Heiligendam's (Germany) 2007 Previous "G8" Summits, which had ALso been Organized at the Seaside, with the Only Exception of Elmau Castle's 2015 "G7" Summit on German Alpes' Mountains, (Comp. "Eurofora"s CoFounder's NewsReports from the spot, at Heiligendam, Deauville, and Elmau Castle, respectively, f.ex., at: "TCWeekly"- Attached Herewith, + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/deauvillefreedominternetmediterranean.html, http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/sarkozymedvedevdealslavrovmargelov.html, and http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/g7summitletsobamasurfbutbringsrussiaviaissues.html, http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/g7obamaongreece.html etc), in case of more Heatwaves, Participants might Escape at the Fresh Sea Waters ... 








(Partly UpDated)





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    Scientific innovation joined to Faith for Human Rights, Eastern Partnership and fight against the Crisis, but above all, the need to overcome the "Crisis of Trust" from EU Citizens, are the main priorities for new EU Parliament's President, Polish Jerzy Buzek, that a 555-votes-strong majority of MEPs on July 14,  Strasbourg made a living symbol of the fact that, 20 years after the fall of Berlin Wall (1989 - 2009) there is no more an Eastern or Western Europe, but only one Europe, as the head of the largest group of MEPs, ChristianDemocrats/EPP, Joseph Daul, stressed after the event.

    Speaking later to a group of Strasbourg's Journalists, including "EuroFora", the new EU Parliament's President clarified his stance on concrete topical issues, as f.ex. that of Turkey's controversial EU bid, which was one of the main issues of the June 2009 Electoral campain, clearly won by his party of ChristianDemocrats/EPP :  - "At present, Turkey does not fullfil none of EU conditions", he stressed, (See infra).


    Buzek is well known in Strasbourg and to "EuroFora" as EU Rapporteur for the Framework Program of Scientific Research and Development of Technologies. A Natural Science Professor from the Historic and Religious landmark Polish City of Częstochowa, active in the famous Solidarnosk grass-roots social movement, he served 4 years as Prime Minister (1997-2001), before being elected as MEP in 2004 and 2009, after he brillantly won the latest EU Election at the head of his party (EPP) almost doubling the number of its MEPs from 15 to 28 !

    - "Innovation" and "Energy safety", as well as fight against the "Cimat change", but also "Eastern Partnership", the "Mediterranean", "Strategic partnerships" with Russia, the USA, etc, and the search for "solutions to the Economic Crisis" that EU Citizens "expect" from us, will be his "priorities", announced from the outset the new EU Parliament's President, reminding also that the quest for "Human and Civic Rights" played an important role in his experience with the Solidarnosc grass-roots social movement in Poland's History

    But, the most important of all, is the urgent need to overcome the "Crisis of Trust" between EU Institutions and the People he stressed : - EU "Citizens often don't understand us", denounced Buzek, launcing a call to "do anything for EU Citizens to understand our work" in EU Parliament : "We (MEPs) need to make EU Citizens involved" in "what we are doing every week, in Strasbourg and Brussels", he proposed. Pointing f.ex. to the hot "Debates" with "strong arguments" exchanged between MEPs during the preparation of their Legislative Decisions, in Committees, delivering often hard struggles between initially opposed points of view, long before forging a majority at the final vote, sometimes more than a year..

    Therefore, EU Parliament will be "open to your criticism, for discussion and exchange of views", he promissed to Journalists in Strasbourg.

    In this way, Buzek, in fact, highlighted "EuroFora"s main idea, that we strongly advocate since 1997-2007, to systematicaly and actively involve EU Citizens in public debates during the decision-making process of important EU measures, which affect their lives and the society in which they live, (and not only just a few weeks each 4 or 5 Years at the eve of EU Elections)...
    This is related also to the symbolic gift that Buzek chose to give to the out-going former EU Parliament's President, Hans Gert Poettering, (2007-2009), his collegue in the ChristianDemocrats/EPP, who brillantly won 2009 EU Elections in Germany : A genuine statute of sainte Barbara crafted in Silesia's black Coal by Polish Miners : Those simple but strong people who fought for social change against some technocrats and bureaucrats disguissed into so-called "real-socialists" of old times. (PHOTO).

    It's enough to have seen a popular open air mass, at Warsaw's center, with many thousands of people, old and young, simple workers and intellectuals mixed together, with references to Poland's history and struggles for survival and liberty, through various ages, (as fex. that organized at the eve of CoE's 2005 panEuropean Heads of State and Government for the beatification of late Pope John-Paul II), in order to understand what such symbols mean..


    But, overcoming the "Crisis of Trust" with EU Citizens obviously implies also to rectify any errors done in the past, fex. on Turkey's controversial EU bid, with controversial decisions taken in 1999 and 2004 to give a "candidate" status and to start EU negotiations, provoking an unprecedented series of 3 "No" to EuroReferenda and 3 Majoriy Abstentions in EU Parliament Elections : 1999, 2005 and 2009, (even if the latest one succeeded to decelerate and almost stop the drop of participation rates, opening hopes for vote's revival after an electoral campaign clearly critical to Turkey's claims in several mainstream EU countries)
    Therefore, Buzek was faced with manifold critical Questions on EU Enlargement, most of them citting concrete examples of certain political problems  :  But his replies were almost always given as a matter of general principle :

    F.ex. Questioned on the suspension of EU - Croatia talks because of a Border conflict with EU Member Slovenia, Buzek prefered to speak about principles :

- "We know that during Enlargement, the process can be blocked by failure to resolve this kind of issues",  This concerns also other enlargments' cases", and "these rules are always in force" he warned.

But Buzek avoided to directly reply to a queston on "French and German EPP' calls to define the Borders of Europe", as a German journalist asked him by making a reference to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and German Chancellor Angie Merkel's, critical statements on Turkey at the June 2009 Electoral campain.    

- "Concerning Enlargement, there's always the same rules : There have to be Criteria, which have to be respected if a Country wants to join the EU", he started to simply reply.

- "For my country (Poland) it took us 15 Years to fullfil these Criteria", Buzek reminded, indicating, if proportions are kept, that Turkey, fex. would have to spend some 25 years before eventually joining the EU..

- "Countries wishing to join the EU need to Change their Systems", as we (Poland and other former Eastern European Countries) did, he stressed.

- "'For me, meeting the condition of Human Rights is one of the Key conditions for membership in the EU", preferring again to speak from the point of view of General Principles, on the occasion of an untimely question on Serbia (which is not even a candidate yet)...

- "Turkey" has, "first of all", to fullfil (EU) Copenhagen criteria". Bevause, currently, none of them is fullfiled by Turkey", New EU Parliament's President, denounced, speaking later to a group of Journalists, including "EuroFora".


In particular, on Human Rights :  - "We (EU) can never forget Human Rights", because "this is at the very Foundations of the EU", Buzek added.

On the contrary, when he referred to EU Enlargment for the  "Western Balkans Countries ", Buzek appeared upbeat, finding "promising situations", despite "difficulties" in the Past, since "Countries are queuing to become EU members", and this "generated changes", as he said.

As for Russia, Buzek observed that it was a "very important" country, located "in the same Continent", Europe,  "close to our borders", and "we need eachother". "But Russia' has 'differend poblems : "They claim that their system is Democratic, but rules are differend", and we must be "aware of such differencies", fex. "on Human Rights", that we can't ignore, as he said;

Concerning China, where a journalist observed that the recipient of EU Parliament's latest "Sakharov prize" for freedom of thought is "still in prison", Buzek found that since the 1999 events in Tien Amin square, "we see differencies on Human Rights still today", and expressed his "support" for those who try to ameliorate the situation.

On the contrary, speaking recently to "EuroFora" he strongly supported the idea for an EU - Ukraine cooperation, fex. between Airbus and Antonov, in order to build a  less costly but more performant than the old and problematic A400M, new Military Transport Airplane : - "They (Ukranian Antonov Company) can certainly do it. I'm sure they can. It's a good Idea, and I'd be glad if it was done", he told us. (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/airbusantonov.html )



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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