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Obama Critic Armstrong 1st Man on Moon killed by Med illtreatment+New Death: Space Flight v BioTech?

Written by ACM
Thursday, 25 July 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Most Popular "Eurofora"'s Readers' Publication until now, on an Important Global Issue for Humankind, has just Proved, that it was also Premonitory:


=> Indeed, precisely 7 Years after Our Forum Published, Back on July 2012, that "Famous Obama Critic Dies : Human Space Flight supporter Armstrong+", i.e. the "1st Man to the Moon", obviously implying that something Fishy seems to have probably happened, (See at: http://www.eurofora.net/forum/index.php/topic,578.0.html), Now, 2 USA Newspapers have just Revealed, this July 2019, that, in Fact, he had been Scandalously Killed by gross Medical Ill-Treatments in a Hospital, and this had been Hidden to the Public, all this Time, with a 6 Millions $ Payment to Close the Mouths of the Victim's Family !


>>> Those News Rapidly Spread throughout the World, more or less correctly, this time, But, what "Eurofora" Finds, Moreover, Interesting (and even Necessary) to Add for the Public, is that all this looks Surprisingly Linked (by Dates, Persons, Stakes, Coincidencies, and various Other Facts), also with the US Presidential Elections, in relation with a Big Controversy on the Key Issue of "Human Space Flight", at an UnPrecedented Financial Competition with "Bio-Tech" Lobbies, expressed concretely in certain Spectacular  "U-Turns" in NASA's Budget, etc, (See Infra),

so that al this Really Seems to be Far Away from just a Mere "Sad Coincidence", meaning Nothing Important for the World, Contrary to a False Impression that Many Establishment's Medias' Routine way to Minimise or even Hide Key Facts,  is apparently risking to impose...

+ And, by the way, this might Not be Totaly UnRelated to the Surprizing Facts of even ...anOther 2 Sudden Deaths, by an incredible "Coincidence", almost at those Same Times, (See Infra), of some very Relevant and Exceptional Personalities, Both closely Linked to Armstrong and his notorious Human Space Flight Controversy versus former US President Obama, which canNot just be Sweeped Under the Carpet, withOut being, at least, Seriously Examined !



Niel Armstrong suddenly Died, in Scandalous Circumstances (See Infra), at the Eve of a Crucial US Presidential Election on 2012, and right in the middle of a "Hot" Discussion on Former US President Barack Hussein Obama's Controversial Decision to "Freeze" Human Space Flight, in order to Focus on Bio-Technology Tests on the ISS, as we shall see infra.

Shortly Following the First important Controversial Measure taken by Obama, already since March 2009, (i.e. Soon after his Election, which was Strongly Backed by an Exceptionally Big, Record-Breaking in US History, Private Funding, particularly by "Big-Pharma" Companies, etc), to Legalise Federal Funding for Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos, (that GWBush had, on the Contrary, OutLawed, less than a Month before the September 11, 2001 Massively Deadly Terrorist Attacks, since Mid-August 2001),

+ on 2010, he Also Radically "Cut" NASA's Budget on Human Space Flight and Space Exploration, Focusing, on the Contrary, on various Science/Technology "Tests" at the International Space Station (ISS), according to some ec  : Another very Controversial Measure, which provoked manifold Opposed Reactions, including, particularly, that of Neil Armstrong, a Leading Critic, (See Infra, and "Eurofora"s February 2010 NewsReport on the 1st Global Debates about it, during the International Space University's Annual Conference in Strasbourg, at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/isusymosiumandobamanasabudget.html, etc). 

That Same Year, MIT Professor, former Astronaut, and Obama's White House Counselor for Science/Technology Research on ISS, Jeffrey Hoffman, in an Exclusive Interview to "Eurofora" in Strasbourg, during an International Space University's Event, revealed that the Main Tests due to be deployed on ISS would Focus especially on "Bio-Tech", (See: .., and Infra).

+ Obama went on to even Finally Stop all Space Shuttles' Flights, the Last having taken place on July 2011, provoking More Critical Reactions (See Infra).

Armstrong, who had, Meanwhile, taken also the unofficial title of "the 1st Obama Critic" on the Human Space Flight" Controversy, suddenly Dies, UnExpectedly and in Scandalous Circumstances (See Infra), soon after the 2012 Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing, and at the Eve of the 2012 US Presidential Election, where Obama is Re-Elected, (Backed, as at his 1st Election  of 2009, by a lot of "Big-Pharma" and other Big Corporation's Private Funds).

+ Curiouslly, Only a Few Weeks Before Armstrong's Death, on August 2012, it's Also anOther exceptionaly important, this time Female, Symbol of Human Space Flight, Sally Ride, the 1st Woman Astronaut in the US, who Died, reportedly by Cancer, while Aged Only 61 y.o.,  (See "Eurofora" Forum's relevant Publication, at : ..).



++ Now, 2 Days After the 50th Anniversary of Apollo Moon Landing, on 19-20 July 2019, suddenly, the Historic and Experienced 1st NASA's Director of all Human Space Flights, Chris Kraft, (who had also Personally Boosted Armstrong's Choice in order to become the 1st Man on the Moon : See Infra), Died on 22 July. Kraft had Strongly Criticized, in the Past, Obama's controversial Decision to Stop Definitively the Space Shuttles' Flights, back on 2011, under an ill-elucidated Security Pretext, (Comp. Supra), that he "Blasted as Foolish", according to an AP Newswire, and, on the Contrary, he reportedly called Shuttles : - "the Safest machines Ever built !"


Opposed to such moves, he had called the Opening of "Space Travel to Human beings", as a "Flash of Light, ...at the Best of Times" in History. Kraft "held the success or failure of American Human SpaceFlight in his Hands", had observed his Friend Armstrong to AP in the Past.

BBC observes that, Curiously, except from the a mere mention that Kraft died in Houston on Monday (22 July 2019), "No Other Details of his Death have been Released".



+ Another Day Later, on 23 and 24 July 2019, "New York Times" and "Cincinnati Enquirer" Newspapers publish the Articles which Reveal the Scandal of Armstrong's Hidden Ill-Treatments at an Ohio Hospital, Back on 2012 (Comp. Supra), which had reportedly Provoked his unwarranted Death for unknown reasons. "NYT"s main Article includes a lot of various "Fresh" Interviews, in addition to an Anonymous File of about 100 Pages send to those two Newspapers, But does Not say if any Journalist might have, eventually, Tried to Question also Kraft, just before his Death, or not, and what might have been the outcome. (However, already in the Past, a Letter from a Lawyer, Wife of an Armstrong's Son, had Warned that such exceptional Appolo Anniversaries gave also Opportunities for Meetings with Big Press Medias, during which, his Family might Denounce the deadly ill-treatments he received at the Hospital). But Nothing Leaked yet on Who has Revealed that Armstrong had been Killed by "Lethaly Flawed Medical" Treatments, Kept "Secret" under a 6 Millions $ Payment, as "NYT" and "TCI" Press Articles just Denounced.

The Recent 2019 Events took place during a Delicate Period, Soon Leading towards the Crucial 2020 US Presidential Election, which faces a Controversy about the Current US President Don Trump's landmark Strategic Decision to strongly ReLaunch Human Space Flight, (as also Armstrong and Kraft had Wished), including with a Moon Satellite and Collective Mission Landings at a Base on the Moon, (due to Prepare Mars' Planet's subsequent Exploration Travels and Landings in a foreseable Future), that Some Critics claim to be "too Tight" to be done until 2024, as Trump wishes, stirring New Tension. (But, even Kraft had, initially,  thought f. President John F. Kennedy "had lost his mind" when on May 1961 he set as a Goal a Manned Trip to the Moon "Before this Decade is Out")...


Before that Fatal Incident at the Eve of 2012 US Presidential Electoral Campaign, when Obama's Famous Critic Armstrong suddenly Died UnExpectedly, soon After those Controversial NASA Budget's Cuts to the Detriment of Human SpaceFlight since 2010, and the -also Controversial - Stop of all Space Shuttle's Flights since 2011, (Comp. Supra),

MIT Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, had Already Started to be a Top Participant in some Key Space Experts' Reports, Drafted at Obama Team's own Demand from the White House, as Early as Since 2009, which had Focused mainly on Experiments at the ISS.

Most of those Experiments are due to be on various "Bio-Tech" aspects, as Professor Hoffman had already Warned "Eurofora" since 2010 (See Infra),

+ while, also, "Big Pharma" Companies play a Prominent Role among Obama's main Private Funds Providers, Both on 2008 and 2012 US Presidential Elections, where the former Poor Black Lawyer initially working with Chicago's Churches etc., has astonishingly managed to Raise Many Hundreds of Millions $, so that he does Not Need any Public Funding, and Gets Rid of the usual Federal Restrictions on "Transparency" and other Conditions, Breaking almost Every Record in USA's History, with More Money than even the Multi-Millionaire, (former 3 Times Presidential Candidate, and afterwards US vice-President) Rockfeller had ever used in the Elections !


But, things become Seriously Nasty, as, These Days of July 2019, Both "New York Times" and "Cincinnati Enquirer" Newspapers, Reveal what they Denounce as a  ..."Lethally Flawed Medical" ill-Treatment, and/or a Case for "Wrongful-Death Suit", for "Causing a Heart Complication, and Triggering a Series of Grave Medical Errors", which were "Fatal Mistakes" against Armstrong's own Life !

=> In Brief, that the "1st Man on the Moon" had been Silently KILLED inside a Hospital at Ohio, Back at the Eve of 2012 US Presidential Elections, and that this had been Hidden to the Public by a Payment of 6 Millions $ to his Family, in order to Shut up... Until a Mysterious "Robinhood" Helps Reveal the Truth, by sending a File of 93 Pages to the Press, Now, a Year Before the Forthcoming Crucial 2020 US Presidential Elections.


Concerning the precise Scandalous Tragic Facts Revealed Nowadays about Medical ill-Treatments leading to Armstrong's 2012 sudden Death (Comp. Supra and Infra), Many People still Wonder why, First of all, he Prefered to go into a much Smaller, Less Equiped and Experienced, Community "Catholic" Hospital, instead of the much Bigger, More Equiped and Experienced, University Hospital of Ohio, with a lot of Staff, also available, Nearby.

The Obvious Reply is that he, Probably, Believed that he might Trust More that Independent Catholic Hospital, Instead of a Bigger one, but full of Leftist pro-Obama Technocrats, apparently withOut Knowing, yet, anything about ...Nancy Pelosi/California-style "Catholics" in name only, as Nowadays : "Eurofora"'s co-Founder did a similar Mistake, in the Past, concerning an Internet Forum (also silently Linked with California Liberals/Socialists), and we Paid a Heavy Price for such an Error ! Several non-provoked Aggressions, Sly but repeated Harassment, Brutal Censorship, etc., made you Run Away the Fastest possible, and Never Return Back in such a Treacherous, Hypocrisy Trap, where precious Productive Time was Wasted as Free Speech was Brutally (but Silently) Suppressed...

Was it something Similar or Equivalent, mutatis-mutandis, also for Armstrong's Health Case ? We don't Know yet, but such a Problem canNot be Excluded, a prori.

>>> At any case, such an UnUsual Move, apparently Indicates that he might have been, already, Suspecting that he could be Threatened, and Should Protect his Life...


- The Most Important : According to a Secret, until now, Report by notable Expert, Dr Joseph Bavaria, vice-Chief of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery at the Pennsylvania University's Hospital, asked by Armstrong's Family to Investigate his Death, it seems that ..."HE DID NOT (even) NEED THE ...SURGERY then" (a Delicate Heart "Quad-Bypass") to which Submitted the 82 Years Old Man some (unnamed) Doctors in an Ohio "Mercy Health/Fairfield" Hospital !

- In Fact, even if he "had Significant Coronary Disease", Nevertheless, "THERE WAS NO EMERGENCY here", and "Neil's DEATH COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED", if, Simply, a "Proper Standard of Care (had) been Provided", (f.ex., also by adequate "Medication"), reportedly concluded Dr. Joseph Bavaria's Report.

But, this was not enough to kill him : Indeed, Even After such an UnNecessary and Delicate Heart Surgery, Armstrong, in Just 5 Days, Felt Well : - "Recovery is going Well", and I "Hope to be kicked Out of the Hospital in a Day or Two", he, indeed, Optimisically wrote in an EMail send to his Auto-Biographer...

It's Not yet Known Why Armstrong Felt a Need to Write to his AutoBiographer, James Hansen, at that Moment. At first sight, it appears Strange : Did he want, perhaps, to enTrust him Soon a particularly Important Message to Add in an eventual Re-Publication, or Article to be Published ?

+ At any case, it's a Fact that, at an UnDetermined Moment, "Likely (just) After (that) Armstrong's ... EMail" (Comp. Supra), the Controversial Hospital's Doctors, Suddenly "Decided (that) Armstrong Needed a PaceMaker, to Regulate his Heart rhythm" !

=> This led into Fragile, "Temporary Wires (being) Connected to the PaceMaker, protruded from Armstrong’s Chest".

++ But, "Just HOURS Later" (sic !), all out of a Sudden, "A NURSE PULLED OUT THE WIRES", while, in Fact, "there was actually NO compelling REASON to pull them at that time, especially with no surgeon around", Denounces Dr. Bavaria's Report. Moreover, this seems to have been done rather Violently, since it "TRIGGERED A CASCADE OF COMPLICATIONS", reportedly Starting by a Growing BLEEDING !

=> Indeed, that Strange "Pull (of the PaceMaker's Wires : Comp. Supra) TORE the PeriCardium, the sac Surrounding the Heart, and BLOOD filled the space", so that, "within 20 Minutes, Armstrong was in TROUBLE", and "Deterioration was Fast", the Investigation's Report Denounces...

+++ Moreover, in Addition to those "20 Minutes" since that Faulty "Pull" of the PaceMaker's Wires (Comp. Supra), the Victim is Obliged to Wait +"AnOther 27 Minutes", "until (he) was Taken to a Cardiac Catheterization Lab", reportedly "to Drain the Blood from the sac", which proved Useless, since, "then Blood Filled the Sac Again", etc... So, he Wasted Also +"20" More Precious "Minutes" in that useless "Cath. Lab", While, in the MeanTime, his "Blood Pressure (was) Falling, Kidneys Failing" !

=> It's Only After all those Useless Delays, (20 + 27 + 20 + ? Minutes, i.e., Much More than 1 Hour Later !), that "he was Taken", at last, "to the Operation Room", the "Cincinnati Enquirer" Newspaper notes.

>>> But, as Dr. Bavaria Strongly Denounced : - “There is NO STANDARD OF CARE ANYWHERE I KNOW OF where Patients who are Bleeding after an epiCardial Wire Pull, go to a Cath Lab" ! On the Contrary, "They ALL GO TO THE OPERATING ROOM DIRECTLY. ASAP. ...This is a ‘code RED or HOT case’ ", (i.e. an Urgency, where Precious Time must Not be Wasted !).

So, "Going to the Cath Lab (which Provoked the avove-mentioned, Multiple Delays : Comp. Supra) was THE Critical Wrong Decision", Dr. Bavaria's Report reportedly Concludes.

=> In Consequence, all these Useless Delays, Hindered the "Surgeons" to "Repair the Heart Damage" Earlier than ...a whole "Hour and 37 Minutes (1H.37) After the EpiCardial Wire Pull" at the Victim's Heart (Comp. Supra)... Result : Meanwhile, "Armstrong's Brain had been Starved of Oxygen" !

++++ As if all this wasn't enough, Moreover, Later-on, that (always Unnamed) "Hospital Staff Removed Armstrong's Breathing Tube", and "ReInserted" it, since "he was (then) Not Able to Breathe on his own", and "this (i.e. Removing the Breathing Tube) did Not Help matters, during a Critical post-AnOxic Brain Injury phase", (i.e. Brain Damage provoked by Oxygen DePrivation : Comp. Supra), as Dr. Joseph Bavaria also Denounces.

=> After all those ill-Treatments, Armstrong was Declared "Dead" about "10 Days Later".

The Accused Local Hospital "Mercy Health/Fairfield" asked, itself, 2 Other Doctors of its own choice to make an "Internal" (sic !) Review of the case, who, Naturally, Found almost everything OK...

But, Even them, either Denounced a "Major Damage ...in the Cath. Lab" (Comp. Supra), saying that "the patient Would likely have Recovered, if the Operating Room had been the 1st Option", instead, or "Criticize(d) the decision to do (the bypass Operation), Instead of treating the patient with Medication", at least "for some Period of Time"...


=> A Revolting Tragic Paradox is the Fact that Oxygen Deprivation to Human Brain Killed the World Famous Austronaut, Not on the Moon, (which is deprived of any Atmosphere), ...but on Earth, in a Health-Care unit of a Hospital, near his House, at "Green" Ohio !

Indeed, as we saw Supra, a first Medical Enquiry has reportedly Found that repeated Delays, after a Provoked Hemoragy, following an Unnessesary Operation, had "Starved his Brain from Oxygen", and the Victim, soon, "Stopped to Breath" by his own, Later Dying.


=> Those Controlling that Hospital's Authorities closed a 6 Millions $ Deal, at the Eve of crucial 2014 Mid-Term USA Elections, apparently Afraid that Armstrong's Sons would Speak f.ex. "to Book Writers and/or Filmmakers" sollicitating them at Apolo's Moon Landing 45th Anniversary or Afterwards, so that "the World will See and Hear Every Detail of this Case", and "the Fact that a world Hero Lost his Life" there, in this way,  "will leave its Mark in History", But Seeking to ensure that, on the Contrary, "there will ...be No Discussion" about What had Really Happened to provoke Armstrong's Death, "to Anyone, Ever", (according to a Lawyer's lettter).         


Armstrong could well be Alive even Nowadays, at the World-wide Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary since the Historic Arrival of Humans on the Moon, July 1969 - 2019, as, f.ex., also was, until now, his NASA key Collegue, Christopher Columbus Kraft, the 1st Director of Flights, who just died, Aged 95, one Day Before the Revelation of the main Scandal (i.e. on July 22).

Both Armstrong and Kraft were more or less stunt Obama's Critics, particularly on Human SpaceFlight.

On the Contrary, "Buzz" Aldrin, (a Fellow Astronaut to Armstrong, with whom he travelled to the Moon, and frequent Visitor at the "International Space University" in Strasbourg), who is rather an Obama's sympathiser, is stil Alive and Kicking...

- Indeed, Apollo 11 astronaut Aldrin, Supported Obama's Controversial NASA Plan Changes and Budget, that left him "Excited", "Applaud(ing) the President for his Boldness (sic !) and commitment", as he declared on 2011...


Opposed to that, Niel Armstrong and 2 Other Astronauts clearly Denounced Obama's Controversial NASA choices as Negative :

 - "... President Obama recently released his Budget for NASA, ...the ...decision to Cancel the "Constellation" program, its Ares 1 and Ares V Rockets, and the Orion Spacecraft, is Devastating", he Denounced on 2010. Because "...we will have Wasted our current Ten plus Billion dollar investment in Constellation and, equally importantly, we will have Lost the many Years required to recreate the equivalent of what we will have Discarded."

- "For the US, ..., to be withOut Carriage to low Earth orbit, and with No Human Exploration capability to go Beyond Earth orbit for an indeterminate time into the future, destines our nation to become one of 2nd or even 3rd Rate stature". And "the Ability" for ...Humans Traveling Away from Earth and perhaps toward Mars"...will Not be available for Many Years", because of the "Lack of developed Rockets and Spacecraft". So that, "withOut the Skill and experience that actual Spacecraft operation provides, the USA is far too likely to be on a long Downhill slide to Mediocrity", he Warned.

=> To the point that, inter alia, f.ex. a "USA Today"'s Article, already on 2010, used as unforgetable Headline :  - "Obama's NASA policy: The White House versus Neil Armstrong" (sic !)...

- "It's Not Easy to go up Against a Living Legend, But that's what President Obama will be doing ...when he gives a speech on New NASA policies, that are being Blasted by Neil Armstrong", observed the Writer, from the outset.

 - But, an Obama's Spokesman, then at the White House, had reportedly "Noted that Obama's Plans have a high-profile Supporter: Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man to walk on the Moon", he pointed out.

It was Chris Kraft who had notoriously Prefered Armstrong, instead of Aldrin, to become "the 1st Man on the Moon", as he Explained at his AutoBiographic Book, inter alia, also because Aldrin was a Military, while Armstrong a Civilian, and he didN't like to give Any Impression of a kind of "Militarist Conquest" on Space, prefering to keep it Peaceful. Moreover, Armstrong "was of a Calibre of a Lindbergh", (the 1st Man to Cross the Atlantic Ocean on Airplane, from USA to Europe), as he had added.

Both Obama's Critics : Armstrong and Kraft might always stay as "Legends", (Comp. Supra), But, already since 2012, Armstrong was No More "Living", and this has just become true, nowadays, also for Kraft !

While, by an Astonishing Coincidence, the Only one in this Story to be, on the Contrary,  Still Alive, is ... Obama's Supporter, Aldrin...


In Fact, Obama's 2010 Plan largely Postponed Human Space Flight, essentially for ... "After 2024/25" (sic !), while GWBush before (with his "Vision for Space Exploration", already from 2008-2020), and now Trump (with his 2018 Plan for the foreseable Future, mainly 2024+), pointed at much More Ambitious Space Flight Targets, for much more Early, via the ISS, Moon and Mars stepping stones.

>>> On the Contrary, Obama's Controversial NASA 2010-2011 Reform (Comp. Supra), practically Aimed at Skiping Huge Amounts of Money away from Human Space Flight (incl. + Rockets and SpaceCrafts, etc), Towards mainly "Bio-Tech" Experiments at the ISS, including the Legalisation of Federal Funds for Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, (Obviously Fitting his predominantly "Big-Pharma" private Donors during the 2008 and particularly 2012 US Presidential Elections : Comp. Supra).



=> This Fits Well with what was Revealed to "Eurofora" by MIT's Professor, former Astronaut and Obama's White House Counselor on ISS Experiments, Jeffrey Hoffman, already as Early as since 2010, in Reply to our Question on What could be the Most Important Progress expected from that Spectacular Shift from Human SpaceFlight to ISS "Experiments" (Comp. Supra) :

- Nowadays, "Bio-Technology is the Biggest Mean to Engineer Development", stressed Professor Hoffman from the Start, Speaking Exclusively to "Eurofora" on the Sidelines of an Event Organized by the "International Space University" (ISU) in Strasbourg Region's HQ (Responsible mainly for Economic Development), on July 2010.


- This would be "one of the 1st Successes" also in relevant "Inventions' Dissemination", he added.

- In fact, "it's a Long Learning about Human Engineering and Bio-Technology for Medical Engineering and Biology", Hoffman pointed out.

- "Once you have Started those Experiments", it's Hard to Stop, and, "in the Last Few Years, we Know for Sure, that it's one of those things that will Atteint the Most Success in the Foreseable Future", Obama's MIT Counselor underlined.

=> So, that, to put it in a Nutshell, as things stand Nowadays, "Develop Bio-Technology is the Future of (Space) Exploration !", at least at Short Term.

+ In consequence, it's Only After "Eurofora" took the Initiative to also Ask about any eventual ISS Experiment "on Transports"' area, that Hoffman went on to Add, "for instance, the Electric Plasma Propulsion", that "we have to put in 2 Years on the ISS", for "a New Experiment and Test of a Technology which has (already) Developed on the Ground, during the Last 20 Years", as he said. "If it's Succesful, it could Revolutionarise Independent Space Travel", he HighLighted.

- But, in General, "ISS is an Ideal Place to Test many Technologies", sometimes "for Years", (including, f.ex., inter alia, also in order to "Grow Bone Marrow", as he added, Returning Back to BioTech...). So, "there is a Lot of Things for which the International Space Station could be Used, and it's Only Starting !", Hoffman had concluded on 7/2010.


 +As anOther USA "Deep State" Top Expert, during Obama's Times, had Surprized by stressing, (at an International Space University conference in Strasbourg, some Years ago, where "Eurofora" had attended), NASA's Budget should Not, in his view, receive "too much Money" (sic !), Because a Greater than usual Part would be Nowadays Better transferred to some Other Priorities, particularly, "f.ex. in "Health/Bio-Medical" Tech. Projects, he had characteristically said, (making an involuntary, but revelatory Link with Obama's above mentioned Dominant "Big-Pharma" etc. private Funds in Both his Electoral Campains, his Controversial Legalisation of Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, etc. : Comp. Supra)...


=> In such Circumstances, it's Obvious that Old Armstrong's sudden Exposure to a delicate Medical Operation, Obliged to live Away from his Home, Family and Friends, inside a Hospital, (in  which remain even Today some Senior Staff comming from ...Obama's Chicago !), while Tensions and Conflicts about Big Interests at Stake were persisting and even Growing, at the Eve of 2012 US Presidential Election, just when NASA's Controversial U-Turn Plan of Obama against Human Space Flight, but for Bio-Genetic Tests on the ISS (Comp. Professor Hoffman's statements to "Eurofora", Supra),

=> had Left a physically Fragile Old Man's Health and even Life, at the ...Mercy (Name of that Hopital, by coincidence) of anyone who might Approach and/or Touch him, practically Abandoned withOut any particular Protection against any obviously possible Attempt to provoke serious Harm.

And, Indeed, something of that kind Seems to have, apparently, happened, in one way or another, particularly through that Schocking Process of a reportedly UnNecessary Medical Operation, Followed by a Brutal pull on a Heart PaceMaker's Wires, which provoked Bleeding, added to a Scandalous Delay by Transferring him to the Wrong Place, and Finally Obstructing an Urgently Needed (but Possible) Intervention to Save his Life, until his Brain was "Starved" from Oxygen, pushing him to be declared Dead, (Comp. Real Facts, already cited Supra).

As an "Eurofora"'s Reader has just rightfully Stressed, in this regard, at our Forum :

=> In Consequence, "Obviously, a serious Enquiry is, now, Necessary, in order to shed full Light on such Exceptionaly Grave Incidents, forming a Long Series and Linked, in fact, with more Important Global Issues than one might think at first sight, and find all the Truth about what is Really at Stake and Who are Responsible !"

Such an Enquiry should Not Ignore, but take into account, also the Surprizing Adjacent Cases of the Sudden Deaths, at Exceptional "Coincidencies", of Both the 1st US Woman to the Space, Sally Ride, (Aged only 61 yo), Back on 2012, and, particularly, of NASA's 1st Flight Director, Obama Critic and Armstrong's Supporter, Chris Kraft, Now on 2019 (Comp. Supra), ...just 1 Day Before the Scandal is Revealed.




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    The recent paradox of freezing EU Talks with front-runner Croatia, while continuing controversial EU - Turkey talks, despite Zagreb's acceptance of Refugees' Human Rights to return, that Ankara refuses fex. in Cyprus, while both have "Good Neighborhood" problems vis a vis Slovenia, or Greece, Cyprus and Armenia respectively, can it be justified by the non-fullfilment of EU criteria, as Slovenia says, or, is it "Double Standards" ?    

The question became unavoidable after statements by Presidents of Slovenia and Croatia, Tuerk and Mesic, respectively, to "EuroFora", exclusively or among Strasbourg's journalists this week at the CoE, on the sidelines of its 2009 Summer University for Political Schools, which topically brought them together as successive key-note speakers.

    Comming only a few Months before EU checks Turkey's compliance to its commitments on Cyprus, etc., scheduled for December 2009, this obviously has a special importance for the coherence of EU Enlargement's principles.

     Suspension of EU Negotiations is a normal consequence in case of a Candidate Country's failure to fullfil EU Conditions, such as "Good Neighborhood relations", stressed at first Slovenian President Danilo Tuerk, current CoE's chair.

    But, regarding EU's Criteria,  there shouldn't be any "Double Standards",  reacted Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, commenting the fact that Turkey's controversial EU negotiations continue, while they were recently "freezed" in the case of Croatia, an "unquestionably European Country", which oficially accepts to respect Refugees Human Rights, contrary to Ankara's notorious refusals or reluctance.                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - "EU itself has set as a Criterium (for EU Enlargement) the "Good Neighborhood relations",  and their absence justifies the "Suspension" EU Negotiations, (f.ex. with Croatia), because of a Border dispute affecting the territorial integrity of an EU Member Country, stressed Slovenian President, Danilo Tuerk, CoE's Chairman in office (May - November 2009), speaking to Journalists in Strasbourg including "EuroFora".    

Questioned earlier what "consequences on EU's Enlargement policy" can have the "Ban on EU Membership Negotiations", imposed to Croatia, Tuerk replied that "this question comes down to the fulfillement of (EU) Criteria for membership. One has to look at each Candidate Country ., from the point of view whether it fullfils the Criteria that EU has set. One of them are Good Neighborhood Relations, I'd like to remind. And also, there are other factors, such as Justice, Home affairs, Rule of Law, and others".

    - "Now, ..Candidate Countries are at Different Levels of fulfillement of Criteria", he observed.

    - " Croatia is obviously the closest to that. I'm rather optimistic : I think that in the coming Months we'll have an opportunity to look at all these issues constructively and hopefully we'll be able to make progress". "My main concern, at this point, is the situation in Bosnia : We haven't seen enough progres domesticaly. We haven't seen enough during ..political parties within their country.We need a New Energy, a new energetic move towards the Candidature for EU membership. "Other (Western Balkan) Countries (Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Albania) have been making soaring Progress, and I think that they should be ready, in a few Years, for the Candidate status".

    - "As far as the Western Balkans are concerned, .. nobody should be left outside" the EU, Slovenian's President concluded, ommitting to mention Turkey's controversial EU bid.

    - "This process may be seen as Slow, but..  Slovenia has also has also been exposed to various "Booms of Slowness" in our accession period. But now we can say that the process was relatively quick, because changes which occur after becoming EU member, are quite large, and they require proper Preparations before the (EU) membership becomes a new factor, an impacting line for a new (EU) member country".

EU "Solidarity" ?

Slovenian statements made some participants from certain 3rd Countries as FYROM, etc. claim that "the Principle of EU Solidarity" would "produce a.. rising European Union Nationalism (sic !), against Non-EU Countries", as they said, asking unhappy foreign countries to form a "bloc" to exert pressure on the EU...    

But Croatian President Stjepan Mesic dismissed that, supporting "EU Integration", "after the Economy also in Political" issues, as "the achievement" of our times. In EU there is "diversity, but it's United", he stressed, "EU has to be United so that it can become a central factor of Peace" also at the surrounding areas, he replied.


Speaking later exclusively to "EuroFora", the experienced twice President of Croatia, former President of the International "Non-Aligned" movement, denounced "Double Standards" in the way EU treats recently Croatia compared to Turkey :   

 - "I think that there shouldn't be Double Standards", stressed the Croatian President, in reply to a Question comparing the freeze of EU - Croatia talks, with the continuation of EU - Turkey talks, despite the fact that Croatia is an "unquestionably European country", while Turkey's EU bid is notoriously controversial.

    Mesic was reacting to the observation that, even if he confirmed his "respect of Refugees' Human Rights to return, etc. (See infra), nevertheless, EU talks are suspended with Croatia.. While for oher, controversial candidates, who refuse to respect Refugees' Rights to return, etc., as fex. Turkey does in occupied Cyprus and elsewhere, EU negotiations continue".

    - "I believe that Croatia's accession will confirm that all European Countries who fulfill all of the Conditions and achieve European Standards, have to join the EU. There shouldn't be any Double Standards", went on to add in reply President Mesic.

    In this relation, Croatia's President found "of paramount importance", CoE's "mechanisms enforcing ECHR's judgements"
    - "On Refugees and Displaced persons, the process will be completed only after the last person demanding to return will be allowed to do so !", President Mesic Croatia stressed earlier, setting a general standard of obvious importance also for otherr candidates, as f.ex. Turkey, often accused to exclude or heavily restrict Greek Cypriot Displaced persons' return to their Family Homes and ancestral land, provoke difficulties to Turkish-Kurd IDPs return to their home regions at the South-East, etc.

    Some "2.000 People are still reported Missing" in former Yugoslavia, for some Years, (as in Cyprus, modern Europe's oldest case, for 3 Decades. Nagorno-Karabach, Tcecnya in Russia, etc, more recently), and Investigations "will only be completed after establishing the fate of the last one of them", he added.
    Speaking earlier on "War Crimes", President Mesic stressed that "Leaders are responsible for (the) Wars (of the Past), not the People", and called against Impunity :  "Individuals have to be held Responsible for Crimes. International Penal Tribunals have to persecute those individuals", perpetrators of War Crimes, he underlined.

    Such statements naturally made Mesic rather popular at ECHR, whose President, French EuroJudge, Professor Jean-Paul Costa, looked particularly smiling when he welcomed him later on Wednesday afternoon, after Slovenian President Daniko Tuerk earlier this week.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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