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EF Global Finding on Virus-Hit Conservatives confirmed in Trump Infection, Unknown Cause, Cure Row

Written by ACM
Sunday, 04 October 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/-
"Eurofora"s Previous Findings that, throughout the World, at least 16 Top Conservative Politicians had been Already Hit by the Deadly Virus, sometimes Tragically, against None yet from the "Left", indicating a probable Political Manipulation, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/manyconservativeshitbyvirus.html), are Dramaticaly Confirmed these Days by the UnExpected Infections, (Less than a Month Before Crucial Elections), of US President Don Trump (aged 74) and his Wife, Melania, Together with some Close Collaborators, by UnKnown yet Causes.  

     => To the Point that, inter alia, even a "Hot" and Urgent Controversy has Just Emerged among Trumps' stunch Supporters, Whether those Doctors are really Treating him Now with the Best and Most Safe Possible Therapîes, (from Life-Threatening and Grave Side Effects' provocation, Points of View), or Not..., (See concrete Facts, Infra).


    >>> Even if much Younger, Comparatively, than Biden, (and even More from Leftist former Finalist Cadidate Sanders : the Oldest of All 2020 Candidates), nevertheless, Trump, by being Aged 74 Years Old, Naturaly needs a Special Health Protection and Care.

    => That's one Reason More, Why Many Observers, particularly among his Supporters, Immediately Found and Denounced as, at least "Strange", and, potentialy, Dangerous, (in Manifold Ways), the precise Medicatio which was, reportedly, administered to the Aged US President, until Now :

    - (1) According to the Officialy Announced Data, Trump was Treated, almost from the Outset, by a Still Experimental Drug, called "Regeneron", concerning Artificial Anti-Bodies, which seem to stem from a "Chimera"-like Mixture or Combination of Animal-Human elements, including Mouses, Tested particularly in the UK.

    - (2) After a Dose of that, Doctors reportedly Decided to Pass towards 4 Days of yet anOther still Experimental (and Controversial) Drug  : "Remdesivir", vainly pushed by US Big Company "Gilead", Already since the 2015 "Ebola" outbreak...

    - (3) "Finaly" (?), it was Just Announced that they Later Added also "DexaMethaSone", another Experimental, mainly UK-driven, Corticoid Drug,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      advised for Serious cases at  Advanced Stages of the Virus.

    >>> But, the (Double) Problem is that almost All those, above-mentioned, Drugs Both do Not have Yet Any Convincing Proof (f.ex. "Remdesivir"), that they might be really Efficient, against the Deadly Virus, (since they All are, Stil, at an Experimental Stage, submitted into On-Going Trials), AND, that they may have Various Serious, even Dangerous Negative "Side Effects" on Human Health, (particularly on Vulnerable People, as Elders, etc), which, either they are Not Yet well Known, (f.ex. for "Regeneron"), or they are, already Known, and, precisely, present some Heavy Risks, (f.ex., "Remdesivir")..., as Critics Reminded.

    F.ex., "Regeneron"s "REGN-COV2" AntiBody "Cocktail" has Just Concluded a 1st, Preliminary Trial for "Non-Hospitalized" Patients, with Only "Mild or Medium Symptoms", as simply "Anti-Viral", among Only 275 Volunteers, at the End of September 2020. For Hospitalized Patients, with Medium to Serious Symptoms, 3 or 4 Other Trials, and concerning All aspects of the Deadly Virus, (f.ex. Lungs' lesions, etc), are Still under Preparation, currently Recruiting (Thousands of) Volunteers (sic !), according to that Company itself !

    "Regeneron" is a New, still Experimental Drug, Fabricated on the Basis of Anti-Bodies coming from ..."Mice" (sic !), who have been "Geneticaly Manipulated" in order to align with Human anti-bodies. So that, in Fact, Practically Nothing is yet, really Known, with Certainty, about its eventual Adverse Side-Effects on Human Health, Neither, for Most Part, on its Alleged Efficieny (or Not) to Fight that Deadly Virus...


    + On the Contrary, for "Remdesivir",  a Repeatedly Failed former "Anti-Paludism" and/or "Anti-Ebola" Drug, recently ReCyclated  in order to Try to Fight the COVIT Virus, (again Based on "Genetic Manipulations"), the Adverse "Side-Effects" that it can have on Human Health are quite Well Known and Documented, and they are particularly Heavy and Dangerous... To the point that USA's "FDA" has Recently Asked to Print and Publish, on every  Box containing "Remdesivir" the Full List of it's possible Adverse "Side-Effects"... (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/virusdrugeucomblunder.html + ..., etc).

    But, concerning its alleged Benefits, in fact, Nothing is yet Kown with Certainty ! An Eventual Life-Saving capacity has Not been seriously Revendicated by Any Documented Study... Some have Only Claimed that "Remdesivir", apparently, Might, Eventualy, Accelerate a bit, the venue of some Positive Reactions that we would have, at any case, some Time Later. But, even this, was initialy Based Only at an UnFinished yet Study... So that, inter alia, f.ex. the EU Medicine Agency, when it Exceptionaly Accepted to Authorize the Exceptional Utilisation of that Drug, Only for "Compassionate" use, in Serious cases, it put as a Condition the Obligation of "Gilead" Company to Publish the "Final Results" of that Study, at the Latest, on August 2020. But it's Not yet Clear that, at least, this might have been done, now, properly...


    The 3rd Drug reportedly used on Trump's case at the Last Moment, "DexaMethaSone", is, on the Contrary, an Old one, fo which, a 7/2020 UK Trial reportedly Found that it Might have some Life-Saving potential against the Virus too, if it's used mainly by Seriously affected Patients, who Need Oxygen Support, (the use for Other Patients reportedly being Counter-Indicated, and/or having Few, even if perhaps real,  Advantages).     

    => So that the Problem, with Trump, is that, a priori, it seems rather InCompatible with the Recently reported News about "Going Better", to the point that he would even, perhaps, Return Back to the White House sometimes from Monday... Even if it seems that he coould get some Oxygen support, also in the White House, if needed. But, then, this would probaly mean that there might be some Adverse Consequences against his Health, Risking to, at least partialy, InCapacitate or Undermine his ability to Compete in a Crucial Election and/or fully Govern the country. (Unless, perhaps, if a Doctor, as Sincerely Motivated and Efficient as that one who Notoriously Saved the UK Prime Minister Johnso from any incapacitating InTubation at a Ventilator, by Insisting to Find a Way to Give him Oxygen in a much more "Natural" way)..

    And that's Exactly what his Adversaries seem to be Currently Seeking, with a Call already Launched by a Caricatural, Failed Opportunist Individual (Mr ...Scaramouchi) for Trump to Resign, because of his Current Health Condition, (Provoked by UnKnown yet Cause : See Infra)...


 - Why Not HCQ+ ?


    >>> In Consequence, Many People (particularly among Trump's Supporters), inevitanly Raise the Obvious Question, Why he was Not given Now, by his own Doctor, simply any HCQ + AZ + Zinc Cure Treatment ?

    A Fortiori when, in the Past, he had, Notoriously, Already Received such a Simple Drug, as a kind of Prophylaxis, Carefuly enough, withOut Any Problem as far as alleged Eventual "Side Effects" might concern him. And Trump was World-Famous for being the 1st Head of State to advocate that Virus' victims should Try HCQ+. So, Why Not Now ?

    >>> Why, Curiously, feel Obliged to take Immediately and Totaly the Risk to receive Exclusively so Many (for the moment, at least 3 Different !) Controversial, Dangerous, and of UnCertain "Efficiency", mostly Technocatic (2/3 Gene-Manipulating: "Regeneron" + "Remdesivir") Drugs, Instead of, at least, Starting with such a Simple, Anodynous for him, and Solid, well known Cure as HCQ + AZ + Zinc ?

    => His White House Personal Doctor, indeed, said that Trump, initialy, had "Asked" Spontaneously himself, about Taking HCQ+, But, Finaly, for UnKnown yet Reasons or Pretexts, it was Decided (by Whom ? And Why ?) Not to do that, (at least at the Moment that his Doctor First Spoke to the Medias, i.e. about 2 or 3 Days After Trump had been Infected)., so that "Now, he (Trump) is Not on it", as he reportedly replied to relevant Questions.

    >>> At Least, However, Don Trump reportedly Got "Vitamin D" and "Zinc", (as notorious Boosters of the Natural Human Immunity System, that "HCQ" also Helps Enhance), his Personal Doctor reportedly had said from the outset. Added to his Good General Health Condition, his basic Athletism, and, mainly, very Strong Will and Motivation (See Infra), Could that be Sufficient in order to Win against the Deadly Virus ? Not Sure at all...

    So, What might, eventualy, have Motivated, Bona Fides, his Personal Doctor (IF he Decided as Free as Bfor), to Suddenly Change, Now, their Pre-existing Common Favorable Stance on "HCQ+" Cure,  to the point to Throw him practicaly "Hostage" of desperately Zig-Zaging between such Dangerous, InAdequate Technocratic Drugs, of an UnCertain and/or InSufficient "Efficiency" (Comp. Supra) ?                 

     A First Big Attempt to Grossly Slander and Discredit Any Positive Effect for Human Health, Facing that Deadly Virus, by the "HCQ+", and present it even as Dangerous, was Notoriously made by a Large Team of Researchers, Headed at the prestigious Boston University in the USA, and even Harvard, allegedly Based on a Modern method to use a Huge Number of Data from Many Thousands of Patients, accross Many Hospitals at 6 Continents of the World, was, initialy, Published at the 2 Most Famous "Scientific" Medical Reviews of this Era ; the USA's "New England Medical Journal" ("NEMJ") and UK's "The Lancet", with a Crashing Effect :

    => In just a Few Days, the (Already curiously Marginalized here) "HCQ+" was Completely Prohibited f.ex. in France etc., even several National Scientific Trials making Research on it were Suddenly Blocked, Medical Doctors OutLawed not only to Prescribe it to Patients, But Even to use it to Protect Themselves (sic !), and the World-wide, International Health Organsation of WHO, at Nearby Geneva, which has More than 192 Member States, was Manipulated (by just a ... 10 States' Team, in fact, Guided Mainly by a Controversial French Minister...) in order to Immediately "Freeze" All Scientfic Research Trials on "HCQ+" throughout the whole World !

    It rushed like a Huge "Snow-Balling" effect, Rapidly and Brutaly (abusing Even of Sanctions against eventual Dissidents) Imposing a Terrorizing kind of Dark Medieval Dictature on Actions and Thoughts, even on Life Saving or Threatening moves, while Too Many Innocent People were still Dying Each Day, withOut Any Therapy against a Rapidly Spreading Pandemic of the Virus, and Trampling UnderFoot even Any Elementary Freedom of Scientific Search for the Truth...

    Nobody Dared really Speak Out in Public during the First Days which Followed such a Negative Huge Gray Cloud overShadowing the Sun and covering the Global Sky after such a Terrible "Big Bang".

    But, "Eurofora" in Strasbourg, at first Intrigued and Soon Revolted by such an Oppressive, Anti-Scientific and InHuman Buldozer, Immediately made a Basic but Penetrating Research on that "Study", its Claims, alleged "Data", main Authors, Context and Background, Soon Surprized to Find out that, in Fact, this was an ...Incredibly Stupid, Caricatural, and Fake Balderdash, UnWorthly even of Mentaly Delayed SchoolChildren Abandoned at a Poor SubSaharian Africa, so that Behind all that Anti-Intellectual, InHuman, Technocratic, Terrible "Giant Monster" (Comp. Supra), in Fact, were Hidden Only some Petty, Tiny, ill-doing Bad Nains...

    => Immediately, Working Day and Night, (Each One Notoriously Costing then Many Thousands of Killed Innocent People, practically Abandoned UnProtected vis a vis that Virus), "Eurofora" managed to Publish, First of all, a Long, very Critical, Argumented and Factual Pamplet, Strongly and Clearly Denouncing what we called then, a "Bogus Study", (that which had been just Published by "Harvard" a.o. "Professors", etc., at "NEMJ" and "Lancet" : Comp. Supra), concretely Full of, at Least, "11 Big Flaws" !(See:,http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bogusmoveagainsthcqdrugvvirus.html).

    + Sending it also OverNight f.ex. to the well known French Professor Didier Raoult and Others, we Saw, Next Morning, that he, at last, Started to Criticize (even withOut Naming it, at First) with 2 Short but Key Oral Observations at a Video put at the Web at his Office, that "Bogus" Study, (One about those who Claim to make Medical Science withOut Even having Touched a Patient in real practice, ..., and another, in order to Acknowledge, for the 1st Time so Clearly, the Positive role of "Zinc", f.ex. in Helping Prevent or Limit Vital Organs' Lesions, etc). ++ About a Week Later, (while establishment's Medias still said almost Nothing about all that), a Group of about 281 Medical Doctors, from 5 Continents of the World, Put at the Internet, (in a Web-Page rather Difficult to Find) an "Open Letter" to the "Lancet", Criticizing that "Bogus Study" (Comp. Supra), Mainly from the Viewpoint of 1 among the 11 "Big Flaws" that "Eurofora had Earlier Denounced, in our "Whistle-Blowing" Publication (Comp. Supra), Focusing particularly on a Practical Impossibility to simply Check and Verify its Data. After such Various Protests Multiplied, at last, "The Lancet" felt Obliged to Ask the Authors of that "Bogus Study" to Reply, and, when they found Impossible to Really Do so, then, they were Pushed to ..."Retract" all their "Bogus" Claims Against the "HCQ+" Cure at Both "The Lancet" and "NEMJ" Reviews, (Comp. Supra). +++ Followed, Shortly Afterwards, also an Important U-Turn Rectification from the WHO itself, whose CEO Officially Announced that All "HCQ+" related Research Trials, accross the World, were due to ReStart ANew.

That was the End of what Many Nick-Named as ..."LANCE-GATE" Scandal, (from the Historic "Water-Gate" Scandal of illegal Spying on Journalists by a Government, at US President Nixon's time, against "Washington Post"), and Professor Raoult still considers Nowadays as ..."'the Biggest Scandal of the 21st Century" !        

Meanwhile, "Eurofora" had Published also a Brief but Topical Resume of Professor Didier Raoult's team-work on "HCQ+" cure Practical and Theoretical, Unique overall Experience, Since the Beginning of that Deadly Virus' Crisis, until Recently, with Many Thousands of Cases of Medical Care directly provided to Patients around his Institure, and its alleged Results, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/hcqazrtopsurvivalcontravirus.html, etc).

=> But, did all this, Urecedented Global Scandal put, at last, an End to Other such "Bogus", Fake-"Studies" aiming just to grossly Slander the "HCQ+" ?  

- NO ! Not at all... On the Contrary, Already from the 1st Edition in which "NEMJ" had been Obliged to "Retract" that Scandalous "Bogus Study" versus "HCQ+", its current Editor in Chief, (an Interesting specimen Not of a Real Medical Doctor, Faithful to Ippocrates' Historic Humanistic "Oath", But, on the Contrary, of a Technocrat), had Re-Started to ...Again, Systematically Slander  the "HCQ+", in Various Parallel ways, in a Relentless manner, almost Copied-Pasted by All Establishment's Medias accross the World, ad infinitum, (or, rather "ad absurdum")... To the point that this Strange, Absurd and Tragi-Comic Phenomenon Inspired to "Eurofora" a Special Publication nick-named "MSMedias go GA-GA v. HCQ cure !", from ..."Lady GAGA"'s New Song Album "Rain on me", (as MSMedias ..."Rained" manifold "Bogus Studies" all against "HCQ+", but Always the one more Ridiculus and "Fake" than another, apparently aiming Not Only to MisLead, But Also to Waste Precious Time to again and again Refute other and other such "Bogus Studies", amidst Nowadays' Time-Consuming, Hard Struggle versus that Spreading Deadly Virus Pandemic... (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/msmediagogagaonhcq.html).     

    => Thus, it Seems possible that what Might, Perhaps, have Misled some People into Erroneously Advising Trump to Drop "HCQ+" Now, that he, apparently, Needed, at least, to Really Try it asap, (mainly at the Beginning of a Therapy, Immediately after having been Diagnosticated "Positive", leaving for Afterwards Room for an Eventual need, also, of a 2nd, Additional Drug to get totaly rid of the Virus), could have Simply been Just anOther such, more or less, "Bogus Study",  as, f.ex., one which Notoriously was Published at a European Review during this Summer 2020....

    Indeed,  even a "French" Paris' "Study" Claimed that "HCQ" would be ...Absolutely withOut Any Efficiency at all, Against the Virus ! But World-Famous pro-"HCQ+" (adde + AZ + Zinc) French Professor Didier Raoult, Head of Marseille's "Mediterranean Infections" Institute, a Top Specialist, Together with 2 Other Researchers, this time Published himself a Strong "Reply", locaciously Titled : - (Alleged) "Hydroxychloroquine Failure: The End does Not Justify the Means !", since the Beginning of August, (at "Clin Infect Dis."), which Denounces, mainly, the "InSufficiency" of that Pseudo-Criticism's Data, and Marks the Latest Situation, Currently, on this Debate. +Another Positive Study, by other 3 Authors, Focusing on "Early OutPatient", Useful Practice of HCQ + AZ, was Also Published, Shortly afterwards, at the "American Journal of Medicine".

- And, Nowadays, at the End of September 2020, Professor Raoult Published on-line his Landmark "Report" to an Official "Enquiry", currently made by the French Senate, on the "Public Policy facing the Pandemic", where he clearly Confirms, (After a Unique, Personal Medical Experience, of More than "5.000 Patients"), that Therapy Against the Deadly Virus, Based on "HCQ" + "AZ" (+ Zinc, recently), has Reached a Record-High Survival rate of about 99,6% (among HCQ+ Compatible Patients, as President Trump : Comp. Supra) ! (See, already, at "Eurofora", much Earlier, then after about "3.000" Patients "only" : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/hcqazrtopsurvivalcontravirus.html,  etc).     

 + Meanwhile, it was Added also the Notable Fact that Braziian President Bolsonaro, a Friend of Trump, (who has been Notoriously Fragilized by a Brutal Knife Attack during the 2018 Election Campaig, that he Won), has Notoriously been Also Infected, Personaly himself and his Family, Recently, But Succeeded, after 10 or more Days Cure, to Win the Fight against the Virus, Just by a ..."HCQ+" Based Cure, (as he Loudly Publicized himself with Topical mainly Videos at the Internet, already During that Cure)...                 

++ But an Even More Important recent Development in this Direction is, Also, the Fact that, Surprizingly, ...the Brazil of Bolsonaro Appears to be well Advanced in the process of Collectively Winning the Fight against the Virus,  given the Slow But Steady Lowering of     Both Infections' ad Deaths' cases, all the way From about the End of July Until Nowadays !

(See Facts at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/brazilbettertrendscause.html).  Such New Facts are so more Important as Brazil has practically Focused, almost all of its Anti-Virus Fight (with the Only "Exception" of some Russian a.o. "Trials" for Vaccines, as well as an Imminent Import of "AviFavir"'s Drug Soon, which have Not Yet jad enough Time to Start Producing Any Results) Mainly on the "HCQ+" Cure, to the point that this Generic (i.e. No-Patent-Restricted) Drug has Even Started to be Fabricated in Brazilian Factories !        

=> So that, in Substance, the Main Question, concerning President Trump here, is Practical : - Have they Wasted Too Much Time for an Eventual Switch (or Addition) of "HCQ+", (which, Notoriously, is Better to be taken at the Beggining of an Anti-Virus' Theapy), or Not Yet ?         

If there is, Still, enough Time, then, President Trump's Doctors, Normaly, should Noy Hesitate to Switch over to "HCQ+", (for all the Reasons already presented Supra).

=> Otherwise, Even the Anxious, Urgent Warning of several Trump's Supporters, as, inter alia, also, f.ex., Journalist/Author Jon Rappoport's (Dated from October 3), argumented Query : - "Why is Trump being given Experimental drugs (with "Adverse Effects" and "Never Studied for their Combined Effects"), and not the Known Safe HCQ cure ? ...Are (some) Trying to Kill him ?",  Might, Perhaps, Not be so Exagerated as it seems, But have, at least, a Part of Truth !

>>> Even if, the Most Slyly Dangerous, Might, probably, be the Obvious, here, (See relevant Facts already Cited Supra), Risk to Undermine the US President's Health, in order to Practicaly Hinder his Effective Participation to the Forthcoming Election, and "Steal" it, Anti-Democraticaly...     


+ Who Infected US President Trump ?


 At this Crucial Juncture, and as things Stad Now (Comp. Supra), This is, perhaps, the "Hotest" Question, at this moment (just After Don Trump's Life) !

But also, Apparently, the Most Difficult to Reply, Because, it seems that there were rather Many concrete Occasions to, eventually, Attempt to Commit a possible Crime, at this particularly Busy pre-Electoral Period...

WithOut Losing Now Precious Time to Analyse, (as it Should be done, Normaly), one by one, All the Meetings that the embattled and notoriously active US President had During the Last 15 Days, (partly Described, f.ex., inter alia, also at "New York Times", etc), at First Sight, Most Suspicions apparently Concentrate around, at least, 2 Particular Gatherings :     



- The 1st is, Obviously, the Many Times cited, White House, Outdoors and Indoors Meetings of September 26, on the Occasion of the New Supreme Court Judge Nominate, Amy Coney Barrett.     

Even if herself is a Virus' Survivor, now with AntiBodies, nevertheless, this Exceptional Event around her, Obviously would be an Ideal Scene of a Crime, for Anyone who Might Feel the Hate of many among those who stubornly Oppose Barrett's Forthcoming Election by the Senate to the Supreme Court,     for Political/Ideological Reasons, (including Bio-Ethics, Abortions, Genetic Manipulation on Human Embryos, Natural Family between a Man and a Woman, and Other Issues, near to the Historic Conservative former Long-Time Judge Scalia, who Notoriously Died in Suspicious Cirumstances, amidst "Hot" Issues during the Barack Hussein Obama's past presidency, and with whom Barrett was well Known to Feel very close, added to US Citizens' Right to bear arms, etc).

Indeed, an Eventualy so Serious Incident, as the Infection by a Deadly Virus, of USA's President and North America's 1st Lady, at such an Event, would Obviously have a Heavy Symbolic Deterrent "Terrorist" Impact to all People's Minds...

+ Moreover, it seems, according to some Observers, (Too Often "Socialists", it's true...), that, at least Between most Invitees, the "Social Distancing" and "Mask" bearing Rules were Not so Rigorously kept, that Day...     

++ And, it's also true that,, at least 2 Senators, (among those whose Participation and Votes will Notoriously Count for Barrett's Election by the Senate, a few Days Later), were, indeed, Infected by the Virus, perhaps at this occasion, (while, even a 3rd Senator was Later Added among the Virus' Victims, at anOther, subsequent Event).

BUT, it's also a Fact that, inter alia, Trump took the Precaution, there, to Speak from a Higher Podium, several Meters Away from All Invitees, as relevant Photos prove.

+ In Addition, (as many Trumps' Supporters point out), All Participants at those Events had been, Earlier, Systematicaly Screened and Tested "Negative" to the Virus.     

++ Even More : Trump's close White House Adviser,  Hope Hicks, and Electoral Campaign Manager, Bill Stepien, (who were Also Infected, sometime around those Days, with the Results being reportedly Announced, Later-on, almost at the Same Time as for the Presidential Couple : See Infra), were Not Present at all, in that Barrett's event.



- The 2nd, (and, in "Eurofora"s and Others' views, the Most Probable) Suspected Meeting, is that of September 29, at the 1st Presidential Debate, between Trump and Biden, at Clevelant, Ohio.

* Indeed, there, Don and Melania Trump were Both on the Podium, near the Micros and the President's Table, briefly at the End, (All Others, including Even Biden, controversial "Moderator"  Wallace, their Family and Friends, Staff, etc, had to Stay, Physically, Away from them.

+ Moreover, Both close White House Adviser, Hope Hicks, and Electoral Campaign Manager, Bill Stepien, (who were Also Infected, sometime around those Days, with the Results being reportedly Announced, Later-on, almost at the Same Time as for the Presidential Couple), were Together with the Trumps, during the previous and subsequent Flights to and from Cleveland, aboard "AIr Force 1", and these 4 were the Only Victims of Virus' Infections among All Other Attentees at that Cleveland Debate Event ! Also, they Naturaly had a Lot of Work to do Together, shortly Afterwards, in Analysing the Results of that Debate, and Preparing various relevant Reactions for its immediate Follow-up, (at the Medias and/or Otherwise).

++ In Addition, with that Event, Exceptionaly and Curiously taking place at the HeadQuarters of a ...Medical "Clinic" ("the "Cleveland's Clinic" !), During this Period of Virus' Pandemic, Certainly it would Not be so Difficult to Find there, on the Spot,  some "Fresh" and Dangerously active, Virus' "Particles", (withOut having, Otherwise, to Hasardously Transport them from Far Away)...

=> But, How might, such Virus' Particles, have, Eventualy, Reached the Presidential Couple there, Despite the Precautions reportedly prepared by the organisers ?

+++ At this Important Point, there are, at least, 2 practical Possibilities, (which Might have been Used Together, or Independently, Both or Only One of them) :



- The 1st, are some UnNamed (but known) Persons, who had, reportedly, Helped particularly at the "Set up" of the Room where the Debate took place, and were, Afterwards, Tested "Positive" to the Virus, according to the "Cleveland Clinic", (cited After that Event). It's Not yet Clear How they Might have Crossed all the Previous "Screenings" to Prevent the Virus' Spread, withOut having been apprehended Before they Touch Anything there... (Unless, precisely, if those Virus' Particles had been Already Placed inside that Room, Previously, and/or Later, by Others !). At any case, in one way or another, Obviously, such Virus' Particles might, Eventualy, have Reached f.ex. the Microphone, and/or the Table destinated to Trump, (and Remain Active there, During Many Hours, Even, perhaps, 1 Day or more, on Metal, Plastic and/or Wood Surfaces, according to various Recent Technical Studies, on How the Virus' Spreads).  The "Cleveland Clinic" evokes, Vaguely, some "Low Risks", But withOut specifying what exactly it means.



- The 2nd Possibility is a Sudden, UnForseen and AbNormal  Incident, Brief but potentialy Dangerous, which Took Place at the End of the Debate, i.e. at the Only Moment that Both Don and Melania Trump were Standing Together on the Podium, virtualy Alone, (Except from Biden and Wallace, who were Far Away), at an Exceptional Moment when thet did Not Bear Any Protective Mask at all.

Melania went there to stand by her Husband and Briefly Greet, Together, the People, their Family and Friends, who had Attended that Debate, (as Also Biden's Wife, Jill, did, in Parallel, at the Other Side of the Podium).



>>> Suddenly, someone (a Woman with a Black Mask), Walks very Near to the Presidential Couple, Faces them, almost Brushing Trump, and Rapidly Crosses that area, Heading somewhere towards Behind them. Trump, who was Always Smiling, until then, also when he Saw that Woman, Afterwards, Curiously, all out of a Sudden, makes a Strange, Negative Grimace, Even Closes Spontaneously his Eyes, Looks Astonished, and Later-on Turns Looking, Exceptionaly, with a Curiously very unusualy Tormented-like Expression on his Face, as if Something made him somehow Suffer, and/or Feel Sorry or Disgusted. Melania, (who is a little bit Further Away from that Intruding 3rd Person, nevertheless, Exceptionaly arbors an almost Similarly Surprized, perhaps Shocked and/or Briefly Suffering/Annoyed Expression, (even if much Less).





Later-on, Everybody looks Normal, as usual, (at least in Appearance, for the Time being), But the Virus' Infections will Surface soon...

=> Days Afterwards, a Trump's Fan, speaks about an Eventual -"Spray Can of Virus", which would be "the Oldest Trick in the Book", as he characteristicaly Claims, (with a look of "Deep State" gadgets' connaisseur)...


(Indeed, "Mini Spray Cans" can be Tiny, almost Invisible)...



(Blow-Up Photo : In fact Tiny "Spray Cans" may also become like Precision Guns)...

Indeed, such a "Spray" Might, Eventualy, Fit astonishingly well with the above-mentioned Facts, Explain Don Trumps' Surprise, Grimace, Closing of Eyes, Tormented Expression at his Face, etc. (Comp. Supra), as well as Melania's Shorter but Visible Reaction, (and, Obviously, their Infection by the Virus, which was attested Later for Both).

That suddenly Intruding-like Person certainly is Not someone from Trumps' Family and Friends, (Otherwise they would Greet eachother), Neither any Organiser or Staff, (Otherwise she would, at least Briefly Node, Kindly saluting them), But almost Certainly someone from Biden's Side, Also, appearing Hostile to the Trumps, (who, however, initialy look at her with a Smile, But she Walks Away, withOut Even a Polite "Hi !", almost with Contempt)... Could it be, perhaps, Biden's Wife, Jill ? A priori, No, because Jill seems to have come from Behind, (where Biden is), and Not in Front of the Trumps, and the Colors of the Dresses do Not seem to Match. But the Video is, there, Too Vague, and Nothing can be Excluded, withOut Proof. In that case, Trump's Strange Grimace, etc., (Comp. Supra) might, Perhaps, be due to a Deception, Feeling insulted, after seeing that she does Not even Look at them, while, on the Contrary, they were Welcoming her with a Smile, (But that's a Long Shot Hypothesis). At any case, it's also a Fact that Jill, (Contrary to Melania, who is bare-Handed), Holds a Closed Big Purse, (Comp. Supra).



Was Trump Going to be Re-Elected ?


    Recent real Facts were Clearly indicating, (particularly Before the Virus' Pandemic, But, often, Even After), that Trump had great Chances to Win the forthcoming Presidential, Governors' and Congress' Elections scheduled for November 3.

Indeed, Trump had, Notoriously, Already Succeeded, to Both Eradicate the big "Khalifat" (at Syria/Iraq, plus Murdering People in Europe and the US, etc),  of ISIS' Deadly Islamist Terrorists, Cowardly Targetting Even Innocent Civilian People, (where Obama had Dramaticaly Failed), and start Rapatriating, Back Home, US Military Troops from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, etc, while Also Creating UnPrecedented Friendly Relations between the USA and Even North Korea's Leader, the Young Kim, (added, Initialy, also to Russian and Chinese Presidents Putin and Xi, etc), with Deals, Never Seen Before, Recently Signed between Israel and certain Key Arab Countries, as UAE etc., so that he was, Nowadays, Nominated, 3 Times, for the "Nobel Peace Prize" ! At the Same Time, since the End of 2019/Begining of 2020, he had, in Addition, Managed to Revive the Economy and Public Finances of the USA, Boosting Wall Streat and all Stock Markets, as well as by Creating an Historic Record High of Jobs, (including, Many, even among Poor Workers and Black People, etc).

Something which was Threatened to be Wiped out, Suddenly by that Strange Deadly Virus' Pandemic, of UnKnown yet Origin, After February 2020, during which were Notoriously Imposed several "Lock Downs" throughout the World, was Provoked a Quarrel with China, etc., until something Infected even himself, personaly, now.

But, at the Same Time, the Last Official USA Results on Jobs' Creations to be Published Before the Elections, Revealed More than +661.000 New Jobs Added just on September 2020. And just After the 1st Public Debate, between Trump and Biden, at the End of September, a Pollster who Used, in the Past, to Claim that Biden would be Far Ahead, Suddenly, for the 1st Time, showed Trump and Biden Neck to Neck, almost in a "Pat", narrowly "Tied" to Each Other, (as, Interestingly, Many former "Neutral" Voters, had, these Days, Started to be Attracted by Trump)... In Addition, AnOther, even More Recent Poll, until October 2 Included, gave Trump a small but real Advance vis a vis Biden, (Contrary to some Earlier Polls, provileged by Establishment Medias, which have eyed Biden). These were UnExpectedly Positive Indications, (Despite the Scandalous Fact that the so-called "Moderator" in that Debate, had Systematically Interrupted President Trump alone, Many Dozens of Times, Even ...totaly Covering his Voice with Noise, in order to Hinder the People to Hear What Points, Arguments and Facts he had to state on main Issues !). While, Moreover, Now, Not Only the Stock Markets of the USA, But Also those of Europe, and Even of Asia, Revealed, a Contrario, that, In Fact, Investors Trusted and Counted on Trump, Since, it's Only When he was, UnExpectedly, Found Infected by the Virus, that, Suddenly, they have All started to Fall Down, these Last Days, (Apparently Fearing that "Socialist" Biden might, Perhaps, Exploit that Suddenly Provoked Illness of his Competitor, in order to slyly Snatch the, November 3, US Presidential Election) ! +This was Confirmed, a Contrario, Later-on, When Fresh News about Trump's Health reportely going Better, thus Immediately Triggering a ...Rise at Many Stock Markets (UpDated)...



    Meanwhile, the UnExpected Dramatic News, UnPrecedented in USA's Political History, apparently Started to Arise Strong Emotions, among the American People and Elsewhere in the World, as they were reportedly Followed, from the outset, by More than +17,5 Millions of TV-viewers in "Direct" at  the US alone, Stimulated a Wide and Growing Popular Movement of spontaneous Human Sumpathy to the EnDangered 1st Couple of the Country, to the point that, among Various Other ways to Express Moral Support, More and More Numerous Favorable Demostrators were reportedly Surrounding also the outskirts of the National Defense Hospital where Trump receives Medical Help, Web Medias "Exploded" by various "Hot" Debates at the Internet, and a Lot of Messages of Sympathy arrived by Numerous Leaders accross the World, (Including, Even, by ...North Korea's Young Kim, who reportedly wrote an UnExpectedly Friendly Letter, so long after a Standstill in US-NKorea Peace Talks for DeNuclearisation of the Peninsula, at Hanoi Since February 2019, Notoriously Undermined by Extreme Tension then Provoked by "Dems"' Opposition at the Congress with "Impeachment" Threats against Trump, that Same Day, which Later made a Flop)...

    In a Moving Video Message of more than 4 Minutes, Published at the Web by Trump, while being at the Hospital, visibly Tired, But with Strong Reflexes, he stressed from the outset that, Despite the current Virus' Infection, and the "Next 2 Days" rather "Crucial",  -"I Have to be Back !".

    -Because, inter alia, - "I'm Fighting Not Just for the US, But for Millions of People accross the World ! ", as he added for the Global Fight against the Virus, where, some things which "Look like Miracles, coming down from God, are going to happen" in the foreseable Future, he vowed, (pointing particularly at possible Medical Advances or Breakthroughs). - "I had to be Out Front ... I CaN't be Locked up in a Room". "A Great Leader would have Never done that !" On the Contrary, a "Leader has to ConFront Problems", he pointed out. Trump Concluded by "Thanking" Everybody, from Heads of State/Government, until Many simple Citizens, (i "Photos" and "Videos" that he saw), for their Expressed Sympathy, that "Moved" him, and Promised to "Never Forget".


+ His Adversaries often Abuse of Anti-Democratic methods


    Meanwhile, "Dems"' UnPrincipled 2020 Opposition, (as Since 2016 : WithOut Any Real Political Program for the American People's Future, to Oppose, in Substantial Debates, that they are Notoriously Avoiding for Years, Preferring sly Personal Attacks, from 2016 up to 2020), were Infecting America with the "Virus of Hate", (mixed up with an Incredible Vulgarity and Stupidity)...

    Despite a few False Appearances of Hypocrisy at the Surface, in Fact, on the Ground, their Side was Spreading Bitter Hate against President Don Trump and his WIfe, while they were Struggling for their Lives, instead of elementary Human Sympathy :

    F.ex., Demonstrators of that kind of "Left", inter alia, harbored Placards on the Streets these Days, with "NAZI Trump" and "Fuck the Trumps !" Vulgar Motos. Others were Photographing themselves Provocatively making the "F..." Symbol with their pointed Finger. Some were filmed repetively Singing, in a Morbide way, - "Your President is Dying !", (etc).

    Establishment's Medias, particularly of that "Left", Broke Records of Mud-Throwing, by Hystericaly Multiplying Arbitrary Claims that ... all those Virus' Infections would ve the exclusive Fault of their Victims (sic !), while some Accused them Even to ..."Endanger" Biden and/or Others, f.ex. at the 1st Public Debate, (Merely Because USA's 1st Lady didN't bear a Mask when she Went to Briefly Greet her Husband on stage, at the End, for a few seconds, Far Away from Biden, who didN't Bear a Mask, neither. While, on the Contrary, it was the Trumps who had been, Astonishingly, Aggressed on Stage by an Individual, Obviously pro-Biden, who, Suddenly, Rushed  too Near them, withOut Respecting any Social Distancing, as the Video proves : Comp. Supra)... Other such Medias, (as "Politico", "Drudge (a former RINOS, Turn-Coat), CNN, and so on), were Throwing Tons of Mud, with, often, as much as ... More than 17 Articles (sic !) in a Series, in just One Day, All systematicaly Grossly Slandering and/or Accusing Personaly Life-Threatened Trump (74 y.o.) and/or his Close White House , to he allegedly Responsible for Anything imaginable (or not), for having been Infected themselves (by UnKnown, yet, Causes), Misleading the People, etc. Some among those MSMedias Even Claim that Trump would have been Infected merely because he didN't Respect "Social Distancing" at a recent White House Gathering, while, at the Same Moment, they Publish a Photo Showing him speaking on a High Podium, 3 or 4 Meters Away from all Participants !

    On the Contrary, f.ex., "one Biden Donor, Dick Harpootlian, a South Carolina lawmaker", was Cited (by "Politico"), Boasting that Trump's and his Wife's Infections by the Deadly Virus, would simply Prove that : ... -“Biden’s been Right all along" (sic !). Even Worse, a former Spokesperson of Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, Zara Rahim, was cought (by UK's "Telegraph" and USA's "Washington Times", etc), cowardly and criminaly Tweeting that she "Hope(s) he Dies" !...          



 (Rahim reportedly Erased her Tweet, Later, when she was Denounced. But, Meanwhile, it had been Captured by several People, including ..."Heavy.com")...


 On the Contrary, the Simple American People gathered, Day and Night, around the Hospital, these Crucial Hours for Human Life or Death, as well as Democracy, Call to "Pray" for Don and Melania, "God Bless Trump", etc., holding Candles in the Middle of the Night...











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Benedict's "Source" to revitalize Europe : - "The World needs Hope", Pope says, calling to relaunch E.U. via Human Rights !

Paris - Lourdes - Strasbourg : 12 - 17 September 2008.

The vital need to re-launch Europe can be succesfully met by defending fundamental Human Rights of the People, said Pope Benedict XVI in his 1st speech in France, at his meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy, who currently chairs the EU.

Sarkozy replied by welcoming Christian and other religions' contribution to indispensable Public Debates on crucial issues which affect Human Dignity, Europe, even Humankind, as BioGenetics.

- "When Europeans will see and personally experience that the inalienable Rights of the Human Person .., those of their free Education, their Family life, their Work, ..their Religious Rights, ..are respected and promoted, then, these Europeans will fully understand the greatness of the European construction and will be actively involved in it", Benedict XVI stressed.

pope_benedict_salutes_with_sarkozy_elysee_400 pope_benedict_speaks_at_elysee_palace__sarkoy_hears_400

- "It's important that during France's EU Presidency, there is, indeed, a desire for the Church to contribute to protect Human Person's integrity, and I think that there is also a growing Conscience, beyond any polemics, to defend Human Rights, and, thus, contribute to ensure respect for Human Dignity", added to "EuroFora" the Pope's Spokesman, Vatican's Press Director Federico Lombardi.

- "Nobody really told us here that Lisbon Treaty was good for this or that reason to the People. They only told us that we "had" to ratify it, and tried to scare us, but failed", said 2 Irish pilgrims to "EuroFora", after 2 Majority Abstentions in 1999 and 2004 EU Elections and 3 "NO" to Referenda in France and the Netherlands in 2005, followed by the Irish "No" in 2008, during a Decade of EU Crisis since the controversial Turkey EU- bid (1999-2008).

More than .."224 cases of Murders, Torture, "Disappearancies" or Destructions" by "agents of Turkish Security forces", where all those responsible for so heavy Crimes still remain scandalously unpunished, despite regular condemnations of Ankara by Strasbourg''s European Court of Human Rights from 1996 to 2008, were examined the same week by CoE's Ministers, who decided to launch a fresh call "urging" the Turkish Authorities to end this dangerous "virtual Impunity" of criminals, without comparison to European countries.

- "Why not Ukraine, instead of Turkey ?", asked EuroFora a Journalist from "Kiev : the city where it's enough to cross the streets in order to realize that it's a European town", as Sarkozy recently said, before solemnly declaring this week, together with Ukranian President Jushenko and EU Commission's chair Baroso, EU's "recognition that Ukraine is a fully European Country, linked to Europe by culture and History".


Europe's "Christian roots" and Values, with "openess and mutual respect" to other cultures and beliefs, were highlighted by Sarkozy in harmony with Benedict XVI.

The Human person should be protected "from his inception until his natural death", added the Pope, faithful to BioEthic principles defended by his predecessor and collaborator, John Paul II, of topical importance in France, Europe and the World today, as Sarkozy announced :

- "Fast and important progres in Genetic Science and procreation raise delicate BioEthical Questions to our Democracies", which "involve our view of Humans and Life, and can lead to Social Mutations. That's why they cannot remain only a business of experts", hestressed.

- "It's Politician's responsibility to set a proper framework for such Public Debates", as "France will do on BioEthics in 2009". "Religious and Philosophic traditions must take part, with their ideas and centuries' long experience : A positive Laicity is an open invitation to Dialogue", he said.

- "France engaged in Europe at another Debate on how to make Financial Capitalism more moral", and the "Social doctrine of the Church fits well what is at stake in modern Globalized Economy"

- "But, a "Real Dialogue is not for an elite of a Globalized world : It penetrates deep into the People : That's why Churches should actively participate : .. It's bringing New Oxygen to Public Debates", stressed Sarkozy.

- "Democracy must not be cut off Reason", which is "compatible with Faith", thanks to "the meeting between Christianism and Greek philosophy ", he added, referring to Pope's views. "It means to advance with logic arguments, search what's best and respect common principles of thinking :... It's an everyday need for Public Administration and the Political Debate", he added.
Pope Benedict's 1st visit to France looked like the start of a brillant, manifold demonstration that this was well-founded and could become true in the lives of the People : After its Theoretical foundations unfolded at a "speech to the world of Culture", inaugurating Bernadins' cultural centre, and its dogmatic instrument shaped at an address to the Clergy in the Historic Notre Dame' Cathedral, he started to resolutely reach out to the People :


The move went upwards like Bach's music : Begining with a call to more than fifteen thousand enthousiastic Youngsters gathered at Notre Dame's parvis with overnight celebrations, it gained strength in an impressive open-air Mass at Paris'central Invalides'area facing Alexander III's bridge, attended by more than 150.000 people, French Prime Minister Fillon, many Ministers, Foreign Ambassadors, etc, and culminated in a series of pan-European Mega-meetings at Lourdes 150th anniversary, together with all French Bishops, EU Commission's vice-Chairman Barrot, and some 200.000 enthousiastic People from all over Europe and beyond : After a Sea of Lights astonishingly braved Saturday Night's rain, an open-air mass at riverside fields among Pyrenees' Mountains Sunday Morning, was followed on Monday by a Sea of "Compassion" to those facing Health or Life threats, surrounded by an endless gathering of People, whose gigantic dimensions obviously surprised the organisers..

Meanwhile, Benedict had the occasion to speak to the French Priests at Notre Dame of Paris, and with the Bishops at Lourdes, where they prepare a crucial November plenary meeting, due to take important decisions on imminent EU debates and choices about Europe's identity, BioEthics, etc.
- "A new way of thinking about Laicity has become necessary", agreed the Pope with President Sarkozy at Elysee. While keeping the "distinction between Politics and Religion, to guarantee Citizens' Liberty", "religion is important for shaping Consciousness and contributing, together with others, to create a basic Ethical Consensus in society".

- "Searching Essential realities", (as "God" for christians), needs "Speech : "Logos" in greek, i.e. Reason", "able to shape a Community","with creative work transforming Human History". But "Dialogue" is instrumental for "Reason", because it's the way to "search" for Truth", in "Liberty", according to Greek Platonic Philosophy, with Socrates' dialectics. "Reason" implies "Spirit and Liberty", hence the polyphonic "Music" of "Dialogue", in a responsible, "well balanced" way, to avoid "destruction".

Starting with a "Dialogue between christians and intellectual or artistic movements" highlighted at Bernardins' Cultural Center. with former Presidents Chirac and Giscard d'Estain, UNESCO's chair Anastassopoulos, etc., as well as representatives of Muslim Communities, (including a separate Turkish), after contacts with Jews at Vatican's Embassy, the Pope turned towards the People :

To French Priests : "Church built on the rock" !


- Speaking to thousands of French Priests at Notre Dame's Cathedral, Benedict highlighted a solid "Church built on the Rock" of conscious and active persons, transmitting "a lively, energetic and sharp" "God's Speech, actively working on Human History".


"Praying together" with "representatives of Christian Churches and ecclesiastic communities", (as Orthodoxes, Armenians, Protestants, etc), he called "to reinforce the Unity of the church", against "any form of Division", around Holy Spirit', "the Word","Christ's Justice", and "Love" to fellow- humans : Essentials which "resume all holy scripts", as he said.

To Young People : "New Horizons"
To some 15.000 enthousiastic Young People at Notre Dame's parvis, along Seine's river, Benedict spoke about "the Energy of the Holy Spirit" and "the Mystery of the Cross" : - "The Holy Spirit opens New Horizons to Human Intelligence .. and makes it conscious of the real greatness of Christ's sacrifice, dying and resurecting for World's life".

Some "may slander you as crazy, laugh at you, or even persecute you. But, "the Holy Cross is a symbol of God's love", and "givesmoral strength" : "Witness of People's pains, it's at the same time, a precious, unique expression of their Hopes", he told them at Paris' dawn.

Invalides' plateau : "People chosen to become God's friends"
At the 1st open-air Mass in Paris' center area of Invalides, facing the Grand Palais, along the river Seine, during an impressive gathering of more than 150.000, French Prime Minister Fillon, Ministers Alliot-Marie, Bachelot, Dati, Jouyet, Assembly's President Accoyer, Senate's Chair Poncelet, former 1st Lady Bernadette Chirac, former Prime Minister Raffarin, many foreign Ambassadors, and other political personalities were present. (While earlier, from the Socialist opposition, Paris' Mayor Delanoye, artist Robert Hussein a.o. assisted at the Elysee meeting).





But the "Entry Song" focused on the "People chosen to become God's Friends". The September 11 mass was Dedicated to "Saint Chrysostomus, that great priest of Constantinople", with his "wonderful eloquence and great courage to face challenges", who "made out of despaired and godless people, a people of brothers", opening a possibility to "become all one complete entity", as Pope Benedict reminded.

- "Reason never enters in real contradiction with Faith", stressed Pope Benedict, who prepared his speeches for France during a short Summer rest at Brixen/Bressanone's Seminar, whose Library honors both "Faith and Science".. - "We must use not only our Reason, but also our Faith" : "Get away from Idolatry", "cupidity", "avidity for money, power or even knowledge deviating from essential aims", and other "falses appearances". and "build your Home on the Rock", "with the force that Holy Spirit gives to those who let it act in them", he said to the People of Paris.

Benedict at Lourdes : - "Become Light (even) in the Dark !"
- "Our World needs Hope", stressed Pope Benedict, addressing an impressive TorchLight procession at Lourdes' sanctuaries, where a Sea of Lights held by Hundreds of Thousands of People gathered at Pyrenee's Mountains from all over Europe astonishingly kept their flames despite a heavy Rain at a windy Dark Night...

- "150 years earlier (1858 - 2008), ..here, in the cave, ... a simple young girl, Bernadette .. saw a Light". "The everyday life of her Family was, however, made of Misery, Sadness, Sickness, Misunderstandings, Rejection and Poverty... It was hard to live in Jail". Today, "we think to all Human Beings who suffer : The innocent Victims who face Violence, War, Terrorism, Hunger, Injustices, Catastrophes, Hate and Oppression, Violations of Human Dignity and of their fundamental Rights, of their Liberty to act and think. We also think to those who face Familial problems, sufferings from Unemployment, Sickness, Infirmity, Isolation, or their situation as Immigrants, without forgetting those who suffer and die for the name of Christ", he said.

- "But the Shadows of the Earth, did not hinder Sky's Light to shine : <<The Light shines in the Dark>>" ..."A Way full of Light opens in Human History even in its Darkest moments" : ..."As Night falls, Christ tels us : <<- Keep your Lamps alight !>>."Hold a Light while walking in the Night .. sums up our condition as Christians on their way : "We need light, and we are called to become Light !", Benedict stressed to People setting in motion Lights, Flags and Songs with enthousiasm.


"<<- She looked at me as a Person, who speaks to another Person>>, the poor girl had noted."Light emerges from such a Dialogue", stressed the Pope : "A small Flame called Hope, Compassion and Tenderness dwells inside those who return after being moved by Lourdes' experience". "Christ .. entrusts us with the Mission to let the Light of Charity shine : To make of our Prayers an Act of Love to our brothers and to Fraternal Charity", he concluded.





2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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