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EPP TopCandidate Weber to EF on EU Borders+Civilisation, with French Leader Wauquiez+Top MEP Bellamy

Автор ACM
Friday, 26 April 2019


*Strasbourg/Palace of Congress/Angelo Marcopolo/- In a Joint Franco-German christiandemocrat/EPP Leaders' launch of a crucial Electoral Campaign, Today in Strasbourg, precisely 1 Month before the forthcoming EU Vote of May 26, 2019, headed by EPP's Spitzen-Candidate Manfred Weber from Germany, President of EU Parliament's biggest Political Group, that of EPP, together with French mainstream Opposition Leader, Experienced former many times Minister (from EU Affairs to Science, etc), Laurent Wauquiez, President of the Republican Party (Center-Right), as well as the New Chief of Republican MEPs, young Philosopher Francois-Xavier Bellamy, the current need to defend and develop the core of our common European Civilisation was confirmed as the main Focus.

- Stimulated also by a Largely spread Public Emotion, Europe-Wide and even well Beyond, in several Countries accross the World, just after the recent, UnPrecedented partial Destruction by Fire of the upper parts of Internationaly Famous, UNESCO Monument, and popular Historic Paris' Cathedral of "Notre Dame de Paris" on 2019 (Comp. f.ex. : .., etc), following the December 2018 Deadly Terrorist Attack in Strasbourg, against its 'Cristmas Market", cowardly Targetting Civilian People, during EU Parliament's plenary session here (See, f.ex. : ..., etc), Weber, who has also succeeded to attract the Support of several Popular EU Leaders, such as f.ex. Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary (etc), particularly for his promise to Protect EU's External Borders, appeared adamant in his Reply to a relevant Question by "Eurofora":


- Indeed, President Weber smiled, and agreed with "Eurofora", on the serious issue raised recently, inter alia, also by the famous Italian creator of the succesful "5 Stars" Movement, currently co-Governing the Country, when he Criticized "FrontEx" and/or other EU CoastGuards for reportedly, instead of really Protecting EU's External Borders from Smugglers and Human Trafficking, particularly after that UnPrecedented "Tsunami" of more than 1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, particularly Recalcitrant to Integration in Europe, who suddenly arrived through Turkey since 2015/2016, on the Contrary, they  in fact, their role, just into behaving as a kind of ..."TAXI" (sic !), by restricting their action only into ...Replying to Phone Calls asking for such Mass Migrants to be Transported from a makeshift Boat into a Real and Safe Ship bringing them all inside the EU...

=> With the notorious Result to Fill the EU, not so much with Real Refugees, but more and more with ...ISIS' Terrorist Killers, (as f.ex. at Bataclan in Paris since 2015, recently a mass-murderer of 25 Civilians, unmasked on 2019, etc), Rapers and/or Murderers (as f.ex. at nearby Freiburg, etc), Mass Brutal Aggressors of even underage Girls (as, f.ex. at Cologne 2016, UK 2017, etc), Aggressive and sometimes even Oppressive, heavily "Islamized" Radical Groups, InHuman and Brutal Thugs (as, f.ex. those who notoriously Attacked a Poor Homeless person sleeping at the street in Berlin, attempting to ..Burn him alive !), and/or Filling Poor Neighbourhood's Schoolclasses with an Excessive Number of Foreign "Kids" (often ..Adults, in fact), who doN't even speak the Language of the Host Country, with the result to make School-Life practically Impossible for Poor People's Children, threatening to provoke Heavy and Irreversible Delays of Education, which can leave irremediable Marks to the detriment of their whole Lives. Emergence of Socio-Cultural Ghettos, where EU Citizens can No more Recognize the Culture and History of their own Country, often follows, (etc)... I.e., Facts which obviously Push Desperate People far Away from the Mainstream Political area, towards various Extremes...

>>> In such Circumstances (Comp. Supra), the EU should, at least, ensure that about 90%, or even more, of verified Irregular Migrants, (i.e. No Real Refugees), Return Back to their Home Countries, reacted Weber to the above-mentioned "Eurofora"s Question.



- On this Key and Topical point, the Leader of France's mainstream Opposition, Laurent Wauquiez, "Thanked" Weber "for having placed EU's External Borders' Protection as Number 1 Priority", he stressed, Later-on, in his Speech, (See Infra).

- In fact, "it's a Double Protection, that is Needed for EU's External Borders : A European one, and a National one. Because we Need an EU CoastGuards' Force, in Greece, Italy and Spain. We have to Bring Back those who come towards us, while Asylum Demands should be made, not inside Europe, but at Neighbouring Countries. So that, if someone enters Irregularly in Europe, he should never be given a legal permit : It's Time to put things in order !", Wauquiez vowed.

+ At the same time, we need also a National Protection of Borders, Not at all in order t bother legal TransBorder Workers, etc., but Only in order to be able to Control Irregular Migrants entering inside our Country, he explained. And, if one EU Country adopts a Policy which is Not Adapted to anOther EU Country, f.ex. because of Differences in Population Growth, Level of UnEmployement, etc., then, Each one should be able to act accordingly, Wauquiez added, applauded.

- So that, in this, as well as on other issues, we do Not Oppose Nations alone, to Europe alone, Contrary to what Others do, but prefer to have Both the Nations and Europe, he underlined.


+ Such Issues were naturally linked also with the problem of Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU bid, which had notoriously provoked EU's 1st Serious Crisis and Halt, back on 2005+, inciting the Leading Candidate of the ChristianDemocrats/EPP to clarify his position :

- "Turkey is Not a European Country, and will Never enter inside the EU ! We simply want to have Good Neighborhoud Relations with Ankara. If I become EU Commission's President, I shall do what is necessary in order to make that clear for ever, Manfred Weber vowed in his speech, largely applauded by the People.

+ But, at the same time, in fact, the Main Popular Issue, Today, with which all he rest was linked, in one way or another, obviously was was that of the Vital Need to Defend and Develop, Nowadays, the core susbtance of the European Civilisation :

=> So that Weber, who had just, Symbolically chosen to launch his PanEuropean Electoral Campaign from Greece, where he visited some impressive huge Ancient Monuments of white marble, together with "New Democracy" (Center(Right/EPP) Party's Head, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a few Days ago, immediately went directly towards what was the main point for all ChristianDemocrats :

- "European Countries are quite Different, one from another, But they all have, at least, one Main Point Alike for all : Wherever you Visit,  (f.ex., from Greece to Denmark, and from Portugal to Poland, etc), you shall Always Find, here or there, a Christian Cross on the Mountains, and/or a Christian Church !", he stressed, lively Applauded, once again.