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F.French President Hollande to EF on Notre Dame de Paris' Fire, stresses Need for full Enquiry

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 24 April 2019


*Strasbourg/International Library Kleber/Angelo Marcopolo/- (EXCLUSIVE). Former President of France, Francois Hollande, during whose term, a planned Arson Attack against "Notre Dame de Paris" had been Prevented, Replying Today to an "Eurofora"s relevant Question, stressed, First of all, that a full Investigation is necessary on the recent Destructive Fire, without excluding anything.


 - "Eurofora" reminded the Fact that Hollande's Police had notoriously managed to Prevent a Terrorist Attack against "Notre Dame de Paris", by trying to set it on Fire, in the Past, and, by a striking Coincidence, a leading suspect of that attempt had just been Condemned to Prison only a few Days before the 2019 UnPrecedented Fire which Destroyed last week the Upper Part of that unique UNESCO Monument.

=> According to your Experience, do you think that it might have been a Terrorist Attack, so that this should be Investigated thoroughly, or should it be treated as just an "Accident" ?

- Hollande, at first Heared Carefully "Eurofora"s above-mentioned Question, and Noded affirmatively when we evoked those Facts, (among many others).

-  Of course, a full Investigation must be made, on this event, (from all points of view), the former President of France, significantly chose to Stress  from the Outset, at the beginning of his Reply to the above-mentioned "Eurofora"s Question.

- Even if I think that it seems, more Probable, to be an Accident, he speculated, afterwards, referring to the controversial official version of an Attorney, (according to his Statements to the Press), but in a much more Limited way.       

However, the former French President, significantly, Abstained from going as far as to eventually claim that the Hypothesis of a Terrorist Attack might be Excluded from the Investigations a priori, (as some appeared to be enclined to do). On the contrary (Comp. Supra)...    

Indeed, among the above-mentioned Arrested Suspects Judged for a failed Attempt to Burn Down "Notre Dame de Paris" during Hollande's Presidency (Comp. Supra), one had reportedly personal Relations to some among the Worst ISIS' Deadly Terrorists, as that who Cowardly Murdered a Married Couple inside their Family Home and in front of their underage Child, whose Father was working in the Police, and another, who had participated in the Sly Murder of an Old Christian Priest inside a Church...               



- "What were your Feelings during the Terrorist Attacks ?", was one among the most Frequent Questions raised to Hollande, as he revealed this April 2019, when he published 3 New Chapters to the previous, 2018 Edition of his Book, "Lessons from Power").  

- "People feel InSecure" Nowadays, from several points of view, so that "a reinforced Security", should be Part of a Strengthened Europe in the foreseable Future, he adds there, inter alia.

At the same time, his New Publication lied topically Near Books about "Notre Dame de Paris" in Strasbourg's famous "International Library Kleber", (Comp. relevant Photo)... 



Topicaly, Hollande was accompagnied mainly by Experienced former MEP, Philippe Bies, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg, in charge, particularly, of Buildings, (from Homes up to Religious Monuments, the Cathedral excepted, etc), and Head of the Socialdemocrat Group in the Municipal Council of Strasbourg's EuroMetropol, (an atypical Socialist, who has also served as CoE's PanEuropean Rapporteur, f.ex. on Climate Refugees : Comp. his Replies to relevant "Eurofora"s Questions at: ..., etc), who saluted us.

Precisely, one among the Worrying Facts about "Notre Dame de Paris"' reportedly is that an Experts' Report Warning that the Historic Building was particularly Vulnerable to Fire, and Urging to take relevant Security Measures asap, including on Electricity, had been Classified (by a previous Government) and left without any Follow up, without taking any Measure to Rectify. If the classification of such a sensitive Report might be justified, on the Contrary, such a long inaction appears strange, questionable and Dangerous.

Particularly when ISIS' network had already published, since the Beginning of a long Series of Islamist Terrorist Attacks in France and other European Countries (2015-2016+), inter alia, also an Explicit "Fiction" Design, Picturing Paris under Fire and almost in Ruins, with many of its emblematic Buildings quasi-Destroyed, including one which looked very much as the Christian Cathedral of "Notre Dame de Paris", at the Top of which's Ruins was pictured an Armed Jihadist, as a Threat about what Risks to occur in the foreseable Future.

And, indeed, several "Sick" Reactions of "Joy" and/or Threats by various Extremist Islamists were notoriously spoted at the Internet (including by specialized Anti-Terrorist Organisations) Soon after "Notre Dame de Paris" was engulfed by Fire which brought down its Roof, Top Floor, and even the Spire, etc.

A Video picturing someone Walking at the Top of the Cathedral was also published at the WWWeb, and, even if it might be, perhaps, a Hoax, nevertheless, it's a Fact that both the CEO of a performant French Business, specialized in the Maintenance of such Monuments, and in charge of "Notre Dame de Paris" own maintenance work, as well as other sources, afterwards Denounced various cases of "Intrusion" attempts (more or less by different Individuals or Groups) to irregularly Enter inside the Building, particularly on the Roof, often from the South, (where the Fire seems to have Started in this case).

But, given the Fact that, already, during the Last Year (2018), a Record High Number of Arson and various Other Violent Attacks had reportedly targetted Christian Monuments in France, while, even just a few Days before "Notre Dame de Paris"' Fire, the Door of Paris' Biggest Church, "Saint Sulpice",  had faced a Criminal Arson Attack, as the Police was, finaly, obliged to acknowledge, later-on, the overall Context Obviously points More towards an Arson Attack also in the "Notre Dame de Paris" case, than to the  not-credible Hypothesis of a mere Tourist who might have accidentaly forgotten a cigaret while searching to watch the Sunrise...


+ In Addition to that Context, it's also the Incident's Core Hard Facts which seem, more and more, to plead Against a mere "Accident", but for something else :

- Among others, f.ex., even the Material used at "Notre Dame de Paris"' Burned parts, apparently does Not Fit with such an Hypothesis : Very Old Oak, aged many Centuries, as it was conditioned there, could Not be set Alight and Burn so Easily and Rapidly, argue many Critics.

- Moreover, there "wasN't any Hot Point" in the Works engaged for the Maintenance at that moment, repeats the CEO of the Only Compagny whose Workers were Present that Day on the spot. (A Performant, traditional but recently modernised Family Business, Specialized in many Prestigious Monuments' Maintenance, including Reims and Strasbourg's Cathedrals, and located Near Strasbourg, at North-Eastern France near the German Borders, by the way).

- But strange Discrepancies emerge, already from the outset, including, f.ex., on the exact Number of Persons Interviewed by the competent Police Investigation, which claimed to have immediately checked "All" Workers who were present that Day in the Maintenance Works going on in the Cathedral : An Official declared about 15 persons, but others, afterwards, spoke about only 11...

- Even more Surprizing : A 1st Alert was reportedly checked and found to be a "False" Alert, so that it's Only a 2nd, Later-on, which really Warned the People still present on the spot that a Fire was going-on !

+=> These Facts are Important also because they Lead towards certain Interesting Findings :

Most Publications about "Notre Dame de Paris" claim, indeed, that the Last Worker for Maintenance would have Left +"more than 1 Hour Before" the Fire appeared on the spot.

>>> But, this does Not seem True, simply because, according to official data, the Last Worker would have Left on "5.50 p.m." in the Afternoon, while the above-mentioned 1st Alert for Fire was given on "6.20 p.m", i.e. Only about 30 Minutes afterwards !

All Others had reportedly Left much more Earlier.

By the way, it's Not yet known in Public Who was that "Last Worker", (hired by the Company located near the German Borders, at North-Eastern France, and used so close to Christian Easter).

- In Addition, No Alerts were ever given by the Maintainance Company's 2 relevant machines, while Both those above-mentioned Alerts came from the Cathedral's own machines, (which, however, would be of a Different kind, and Located at Different spots).


- In such conditions, an Attorney's claim that "until now, Nothing (sic !) goes in the direction of a Voluntary Act", seems, at least, premature, Exagerated, and too Hasty...

+ Added also to Reports about some Public Officials Hindering certain Experts to Reply to relevant Questions in Public, (f.ex. to the Press), all this, inevitably, Raises UnAnswered yet, critical Questions.

=> Among them, how to avoid Suspicions that a Senior Official's announcement that "this Investigation will be Long (sic !) and Hard", might serve, perhaps, just to Keep People (both in France, and elsewhere in Europe) UnInformed in substance until ... the forthcoming, crucial 23-26 May EU Elections ?

EU Citizens' concerns about Security and Islamist Terrorism are, currently, the 1st Issue across all Europe, according to most recent Polls, European Officials told Journalists, including "Eurofora".

Manifold Reactions, indeed, revealed that Exceptional and Popular, Historic and Religious Monuments, as "Notre Dame de Paris", are widely felt as an important part of all Europe's Culture, Identity, History and Civilisation.


(Graphics from British Newspaper "the Sun": <<More Popular than Eiffel Tower>> !)

The Future will tell.

But, already, according to a well known, traditional Saying, as a matter of General Principle, in the Political Life, "it' not enough for Caesar's Wife to BE Honest. She must also LOOK Honest !"

In these conditions, a Better and more timely Transparency of the "Notre Dame de Paris"' Investigations would certainly be Welcome...







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It's important to create a synergy between "mutually stimulating" EU Countries' moves in order to overcome an "Unjust" Crisis "imported from USA", stressed new French Minister for Economic Revival, Patrick Devedjian, in Strasbourg, warning also that, while hoping for a vigorous Obama US Plan, nevertheless, "Time" is of essence for Europe...

In fact, it's EU's own interest to act Fast, before June 2009 EU Election, since, with Lisbon Treaty not ratified yet, it cannot face again the risk of a Majority Abstention, as back in 1999 and 2004, nor another "anti-EU" mood among Citizens, as in the 2005 French and Dutch "No", followed by the 2008 Irish "No", without endangering rare Historic opportunities, currently open for the EU, whose future is at stake.

From Social issues up to High-Tech Scientific Research, concrete action for Economic revival started from Strasbourg and its European dimension, for the new super-Minister Patrick Devedjian, who visited a Popular Social Housing and Infrastructure project at nearby Hagenau village, before meeting new leaders of Strasbourg's unified mega-University in a Scientific Labo at the Campus, close to EU Parliament and CoE headquarters.

Devedjian, who met also with all the spectrum of Local Political  deciders of Alsace region, close to FrancoGerman borders, wants for deeds to meet the words, in real practice, whenever politicians speak about Strasbourg and Europe's development.

Devedjan to "EuroFora" : "European coordination can act as a multiplicator by mutual stimulations"
Devedjian was questioned by "Euro-Fora" on his expectations for reciprocal effects of coordinated European plans :

- "We are living in a (European and Global) system where borders are transparent : When we take measures in France, they produce effects also in Germany, in Belgium, Italy, Spain, or other EU countries, and vice-versa. "So, we can have mutually stimulating effects between national revival Plans, if they are somehow coordinated", ..."They can augment each other's effects, acting as multiplicators and levers". "As a State stimulates Local authorities and Private business, similarly, each EU country's economic revival plan may multiply the effects of other EU countries' actions", he told us.

- "F.ex., when I visited Strasbourg University's Scientific labos, they told me that part of the renovation, funded by France, is realized by German companies located only a few Kms away from the border. Thus, the French revival plan benefits also the German economy. And vice-versa : when Germany takes certain measures, they can have beneficial effects also for French companies"

In an era of Globalisation, "nobody can close and isolate himself inside a Fish-Bowl !", he concluded.
Economy's revival starts from Strasbourg and Europe, for new French Minister Devedjian


This could be one of the reasons for which the new French Minister for Economic Stimulus chose to make his 1st visit to Strasbourg, the headquarters of European and Paneuropean Institutions, in the Franco-German river borders at the heart of Europe.

- "It was President Sarkozy's idea", he revealed, adding also fresh "support to Strasbourg's European vocation, not only with words, but also with deeds" :F.ex., the completion of a High-Speed Train network, due to stimulate fast links with Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and other central EU Countries.

- "This Crisis is Unjust for Europe, because it wasn't its fault". The greatest part of the "Crisis was imported from the USA, where problems are deeper than here'', in the EU. The Crisis "wasn't due to a bad managment by Europe", who was affected by problems which emerged elsewhere. That's why Europe must be united and active enough to face this challenge. said Devedjian, who has just won +5% in popularity...

- "I hope that there will be an "Obama-effect" also on Economy, and that the Plan of the New American President will be substantial enough to face this crisis, which is worse in the USA than in our area", Europe, he added.

"Economic Revival overcomes political divisions : F.ex. Strasbourg's Socialist Mayor "Ries agreed that State actions funded by Public Debt are justified during such exceptional circumstances", noted the Center-Right republican Minister.


"Zeitnot" for 2009 EU Elections ?



"My problem is Time", stressed Devedjian from the outset, at Strasbourg's University. "I have to engage 75% of funds in 2009, out of a total of 29 Billion euros", he explained later. "Monitoring will be of essence", because we must "avoid bureaucracy or delays. No project should get lost or neglected in complex meanders of adminstrative offices' moving sands", he warned.

- "I must create activities in the middle of the Crisis", he added. Questioned by EuroFora whether he aims to start creating some "hopes before the June 2009 EU Elections", Devedjian, a former leader of the Governing Political Party in France: UMP, did not immediately reply, but revealed, later, that he "hoped to start at least some Projects on May 2009, even if the bulk of Revival Plan's effects are "expected from Autumn 2009".

However, with only 30% of EU Citizens currently aiming to cast a vote at the forthcoming EU Elections on June, (See other NewStory), the  coordinated moves' results are expected to be crucial for Citizens' participation and votes at the forthcoming June 2009 EU Elections throughout all 27 EU Member Countries...Thus, it's vital for all Europe's own Future that coordinated national Economic revival plans start to have concrete results and create hopes for new dynamics before the June 2009 EU Election...

A real challenge, since careful choices are needed : Our aim is to fund projects which "create activities", even "in the middle of the crisis", and have a "lever effect, attracting other investments", Devedjian said. Because the "Stimulus' Plan has 2 aims : A Tactical one : to create New Activities. And a Strategic one : Choose what can become efficient and useful also in the Long-term". 

- "Are you ready ?", he asked Strasbourg University's new President, professor Alain Beretz, with some 700 million euros in his pockets for Education-Research in France. - "We are !", he replied.

- "The Minister's initiative can accelerate funds, and Time is important for us. This concerns the entire renovation of all our buildings", said to "EuroFora" President, Beretz. "I showed some Scientific Research Labos to Mr. Devedjian. But, If we had more time, I could show him also some Education Amphis, whose condition needs to meet Strasbourg's new Mega-University's ambition" to reach the 10 best in the World, as Prime Minister Fillon earlier anounced here.


(Devedjian kicks off his Economic Revival tour from Strasbourg University, meeting with its new chairman Beretz, at Scientific Institute Le Bel) 


Regional Prefectures should gather and select projects to be presented for decision before the end of January 2009.

A well-known close friend of President Sarkozy, who succeeded as EU Chairman to launch, in agreement with German chancelor Merkel and even British prime minister Brown, vigorous EU actions against the Financial/Economic Crisis, (starting from the 1st Historic Summit of EuroZone's Heads of State/Government, October 12 at Elysee Palace, followed by Washington G20 Global Summit), Devedjan will have a key role in the realisation of National and EU plans recently agreed in Brussels.

President Sarkozy is expected to arrive himself in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the official inauguration of its brand New Mega-Hospital, on the 9th of January 2009, at the eve of EU Parliament's session here, Elysee confirmed shortly after Devedjian's visit.

EU is due to review its economic revival plans at March 2009 EU Council in Prague, before the April 2 London Global Summit.





Multi-facet concrete activities at focus : Stimulus Minister Devedjian at the Political, Social and High-Tech fronts in Strasbourg...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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