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Turkish GunBoat bullying Blocks European Energy source at EU Member State Cyprus: First Reactions

Written by ACM
Thursday, 15 February 2018

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Shortly after French and Italian Energy Companies succeeded to make important Natural Gas Findings in Cyprus' "Calypso" EEZ area, as it was officially Announced Last Week, Turkish GunBoat Bullying Blocked a Next Exploration for EU's Independent Energy Sources at anOther point in its own Member State in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea,  by taking the unprecedented responsibility to send 5 War Boats to Threaten a Peaceful Italian ENI's Drilling Ship, in an area facing Israel, near Lebanon, in Blatant Contradiction with UN's International Law of the Sea, according to which, Nicosia has negotiated and signed relevant Agreements with its South-Eastern Mediterranean Neighbouring States, delimitating their Exclusive Economic Zones, including also Egypt, etc.


ENI/TOTAL and NOBLE ENERGY Companies' recent Gas/Oil Fidings in Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone are the Only New Fossile Energy Resources found  in European Territory, which "are Developing Well" and could "Become a 2nd Norway" in the forseable Future, as the competent and Experenced EU Commssion's vice-President Maros Cefcovic, responsible for Energy and Climate,  stressed to "Eurofora" already last Year (2017) in Brussels, (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/eucommissionersefcoviconcyprusenergy.html, and also Infra). 


In consequence, EU's and various other PanEuropean and/or International Organisation's Reactions are just Starting, while EU Ministers are Holding a 2 Days-Long "Gymnich" Collective Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, (the current EU Chair), Today and Tomorrow, on February 15 and 16.


Among many and various others, Initial Reactions, are included, f.ex., also the following :

- The President of EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has just stated reportedy in Brussels, after a Collective Meeting of the Commission, that he "is absolutely Against such Turkey's actions".

- Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Zacharova, had reportedly called to use only "Peaceful means", according to International Law, for such Differends fuelled by Turkey, as a matter of Principle.


- On Sunday, Cyprus President Nicos Anstassiades, who has just been re-Elected on a pro-Peace and re-Unification Program (Comp.: .. etc), Denounced the Fact that Turkey's Military threat against ENI's Peaceful work inside Cyprus' EEZ, was a blatant "Violation of International Law". And he Added, Today, that his clearly declared Will to Strive for New UN-sponsored Talks for the Solution of Cyprus' problem and the Peaceful ReUnification of the island, was Hindered by Ankara's current Military Threats even inside Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone.

- "The EU stresses the need to Respect the Sovereignty of Member States over their Territorial Sea and Airspace", announced, on this occasion, an EU Commission's Spokesperson, earlier this week.
In this regard, Turkey's Brutal Canon-Boat policy Bullying, obviously "Damages good neighbourly relations and the Peaceful Settlement of disputes", EU's Spokesperson added.

=> Therefore, "Turkey needs to commit unequivocally to good neighbourly relations and Avoid any kind of source of friction, Threat, or action directed against a(n EU)  Member State", she concluded in her Official Statements.

+ Earlier this Morning, EU Parliament's President and experienced former EU Commissioner and f. Foreign Minister of Italy, Antonio Tajani, a Top ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP, speaking to RAI, according to ANSA, slamed the Turkish Military bullying as a "Violation of the Rules of International Law", which shows that Ankara is "moving Away from the EU", with "Usless Provocations", signaling "a Departure", and expressed his "Solidarity" to Cyprus.


New French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking to "Eurofora" previously, during the "G20" Heads of State/Government Summit in Hamburg (Germany), on July 2017, had clearly expressed France's will to Support the recent Findings of Oil-Gas Energy in Eastern Mediterranean, i.e. in Cyprus, Egypt and Israel, considering also that they Cooperate between them and have Important Plans for Direct Energy Transport towards EU's Center, (See :

Shortly Afterwards, the French and, later-on, Italian Defense Ministers made official Visits to Cyprus, where France's "TOTAL" and Italy'"s "ENI" are actively involved in Energy Prospection, (as well as USA's "Noble Energy" and "EXXON", etc). Significantly, a French Military Boat appeared also in Cyprus' Territorial Waters then.


The Latest EU Heads of State/Government Summit, on December 2017 in Brussels, officially celebrated, at an Exceptional PESCO Event, the Beginning of EU24's Countries closer Cooperation Agreement signed then to Boost the European common Defence policy, (See "Eurofora"s NewsReport from the spot then at : ...).

By a Coincidence, the 1st in History joint European Army's Victory was a succesful Naval Battle which took place at Lepante on 1571, facing the Ottoman Turc Empire, precisely on occasion of its Military Aggression against ... Cyprus' Famagusta region, (then held by Venice), where the Turkish Military had just Attacked and Brutally Massacrated its mainly Italian Defensors, in Blatant Violation of a previous Peace Deal with them.

This had practically Ended Ottoman Turks' force in the Mediterranean Sea, and was Followed, later-on, by the famous Wien (1683) and Budapest (1686) Victories of such joint European Armies against Turkish Attacks and/or Military Invasions/Occupations also at the Land of Europe, (including with the Help of England, Poland, Russia, etc), from which they were, Since then, Progressively chassed away, succeeding to Liberate, at first all Hungary (1699), and afterwards almost all the European Continent, until the Treaty of Sevres (France) on 1919.

By another Coincidence, those Events which had led to the 1st in History European Army's Victory, (at Lepante's Naval Battle), i.e. the Aggression of Italian forces near Famagusta, had taken place not so far away from Nowaday's Turkish Military Threats against a Peaceful Italian ENI's Ship inside EU Member Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone, at the slot No 3...