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Elysee sources to EuroFora on French experts help to investigate (+repair) Cyprus giant Explosion

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 26 July 2011


*Paris/Elysée Palace/Angelo Marcopolo/- According to information given by French Presidential Palace Elysee's sources to "EuroFora", after a meeting of President Sarkozy with his Cypriot counterpart Christofias, about 7 qualified and experimented Experts of the French Gendarmerie, (a special Police Unit which depends from the Ministry of Defense) have already started to help Cyprus in the Investigation of the most Deadly and Destructive Explosion in the island's History, which wounded 62 and killed 13 People, including the Head of the country's Naval Forces, captain Ioanides, and knocked off its main Power Plant, throwing all cities into an unprecedented wave of recurrent Electricity cuts, while, at the same time, it considerably damaged its Economy, largely based on Tourism and Services to Off shore International Businesses, both big consumers of permanent current, serving from air-conditioning to Computers, etc.

 It also provoked an unprecedented series of Postponements of a Politically crucial National Council dedicated to discuss the outcome of an eceptionaly important Geneva meeting by Christofias with UNO's Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Turkish Cypriot Community Leader Eroglou, which highlighted a RoadMap including an "intensification" of intecommunal Talks for a solution of the problem of Cyprus' ReUnification, (See "EuroFora"s NewsReports from Geneva).


    The July 26 meeting with Sarkozy had been scheduled a long time ago, (perhaps even 1 Month earlier), i.e. long before the Explosion at the Base Florakis, but, finaly, was focused, according to an earlier Official Communiqué by the French Presidency, inevitably also on the "expression of France's Solidarity to Cyprus, following the Catastrophe" provoked on July 11.
The examination of the Facts concerning this unprecedented Explosion reveal an astonishing series of highly improbable "coincidencies" on several important issues :

Christofias had fixed the Date of that crucial National Council for 3 Days after he returned to Cyprus, i.e. for Monday, July 11, but, suddenly, this Geneva-related Top Political meeting (that almost all Cyprus' Media anounced "Stormy", because of all oher Parties' mounting criticism), was .. Postponed at the last minute, because of the unexplained yet Explosion at a Military Base (See supra), which, curiously occured the same Day and just a few Hours before the National Council's start, scheduled for 9 o'clock a.m.  

 People were also surprised by another mathematically improbable "coincidence", which was the fact that the Explosion, astonishingly, took place in the Military Base named after "Evangelos Florakis", the former  Head of Cyprus' Defense, who had been killed at an unexplained Helicopter Crash, ...a Decade earlier, i.e. in 2002 at exactly the Same Date as the 2011 Deadly new incident !


    Adding to these Strange, improbable "Coincidences" was also the fact that Florakis had been killed, a Decade earlier, together with another Army Officer, who was a Key person, then in charge of organizing, for the first time, a "Unified Air Defense" between Greece and Cyprus, colonel Demenagas, who curiously died the Same Day, and just a few Hours before, EU Parliament's competent Committee starts to debate and vote, for the 1st time, on a Report of crucial importance for EU's Airspace, which included Civil and Military areas.


    While,  precisely at the 2011 Anniversary of that terrible incident, it is, now, ... the Head of Cyprus' Naval Forces, Captain Ioanou, who was among the 13 Killed, at a moment when Turkey notoriously eyes Cyprus' Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zone at the South/East Mediterranean Sea, facing Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, where Oil and mainly Gas underSea deposits (of similar importance and Geologic structure as that of Mexico's Gulf, which were estimated by former US President GWBush to cover 50% of USA's Energy needs, as "EuroFora"s co-Founder had already guessed, according to a PanEuropean Geologists' Conference in Strasbourg as early as since 2002, and various other converging Data coming even from earlier : 1998-2000, etc)..




    + This 1st team of French Experts will be followed soon by another one, made of EDF (France's Electric Power Company), destinated to help Repair and Restore Eletricity production and distribution throughout the country, according to Christofias anouncement.

    - "We are going to reinforce the team of Experts also from EDF (the National Electricity company of France) in order to help rerstore the Power" in the island, confirmed a Sarkozy's counselor, speaking to Journalists, including "EuroFora" at Elysée palace.
    - The initial Team of Experts is composed of  "Gendarmes", who "help to identify the elements" which are needed for the "Enquiry" on what really happened at the Naval Base "Florakis" and Cyprus' Elecrtic Authority ("AHK")s Power Plant,  another, specialized Elysée counselor told "EuroFora".

    - "It's mainly about the Methodology" to use "in order to take specimens, f. ex. from the soil, etc", he revealed.


    + Questioned by "EuroFora" about the specific "Experience" that this 1st Group of "Gendarmes"-Experts  might have had acquired at a similar kind of Explosions earlier in France, the specialized Elysée's counselor replied by giving, mainly, the concrete "example" of the famous "AZF" Chemical Plant mega-Explosion.



    This Toulouse city Explosion, which Killed some 35 persons, but wounded Tens of Thousands more, many seriously, and provoked huge Destructions and other Damages counted in Billions €,  had a big impact on Media, because it curiously came just Ten Days after September 11 in the USA :  on September 21, 2001, and was never fully elucidated in public.


    Despite Court proceedings in 2009, many interested parties have appealed against a 1st ruling, that they consider flawn and insufficient, and the case may come, at one moment or another, anew in the Limelights of current affairs..

    Moreover, by another astonishing "coincidence", (this time specifically for Cyprus), that AZF Explosion took place at the eve of an exceptionally important CoE's Parliamentary Assembly's sesssion in Strasbourg, during which, it was to be addressed, for the 1st time in History, by the President of Cyprus' Parliament, then ...Christofias himself, in his first official visit, then, to Strasbourg !


    Indeed, Christofias had just got the job previously held by famous Spyros Kyprianou (1996-2000),  twice President of Cyprus (1977-1988), with a unique Experience as former Office Director for the Founder of Cyprus' Republic, Makarios (1960-1976), and founder of DHKO Centrist Party (which later brought also Tassos Papadopoulos on Cyprus' Presidency 2003-2008), immediately after Kyprianou fell victim of a strange, deadly illness when aged 68, which killed him at the End of March 2001, (i.e. just 1 Year after Kyprianou became personaly acquainted and linked also with "EuroFora"s co-Founder, between March 2000 and March 2001, working directly together on "hot" Topical issues related to Human Rights, Press Freedom, and UNO's role on Cyprus issue : Comp.f. ex. reply of then UN Secretary General Koffi Annan to our Question at EU Parliament's Press Conference on October 2000, etc), replacing him in the top Parliamentarian job from June 2001, so that Christofias' venue to CoE Assembly in Strasbourg on September 2001 was his 1st important move abroad.

    The AZF Explosion, adding even in France a Terrorist Scare, immediately after 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in the USA, and just a few Days before Christofias arrival at the PACE in Strasbourg, was obviously exploited by some in order to provoke an exceptionally aggravated, "heavy" and counter-productive climate to the detriment of Freedom of Press and other elementary Human Rights, that the notoriously oppressive Turkish regime and its lobies obviously like...

    Contrary to an official version of an unfortunate technical error which would have mixed up two dangerous Chemicals in an Agricultural Fertilizers' Factory, (which may provoke, sometimes, Explosions as deadly as that of the recent ...Norway Terrorist attacks, partialy provoked by Explosions resulting from Chemicals obtained by Agricultural fertilizer traders, etc), many Critics suspect, still today, that it might have been either a Terrorist Attack, or an "Accident" provoked by a High-Tech. Military Research Centre, located nearby, and covered by Top Secret regulations, and that, at any case, a possible "Electro-Magnetic Pulse", alias "Electro-Magnetic Bomb", (similar to those reportedly used by the US' Army, 2 Years later, in the controversial Iraq Invasion of 2003).

    Such EMP or EMB's reportedly penetrate, in waves, f.ex. inside an electric machine's centre, where they can provoke a first explosion, fire, etc., often leading to a growing, cascading effect also on other, surrounding elements, (f.ex. dangerous chemical substances as in the AZF French case, amunition as in Cyprus' case, etc). In addition, the 1st explosion being, thus, triggered inside a Machine and/or a Plant, etc, in consequence, all its destructive Energy is directed from Insider locations towards the Outside world, resulting in a kind of that apparently Strange Phenomenon, (obvious in Cyprus' 2011 case at the Vasilikon Electric Power Plant as many Photographs clearly show), where most Buildings' Architecture remained intact, but Windows, Doors, etc. imploded, with various objects being brutally thrown from inside towards the outside, surrounding areas... (SEE PHOTO)


    But, as it's well known in the AZF case, many People, among the numerous Victims, various Journalists, simple Citizens, including some eye-witnesses, etc, have strongly criticized the, comparatively lenient, official version given to the event by the then French officials, (even accusing them to block any serious, independent Investigation, with various strange incidents), which were, almost all of them, from the "Socialist" Party : both the Ministers of Defense, Interior and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Prime Minister, Jospin, (i.e. from a political horizon partly similar to Christofias' AKEL).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    AZF was a Factory depending from Oil Company TOTAL, which participated in the Turkish Baku-Ceyhun Oil Pipeline, with a comparatively "small" 5%, i.e. under the leadership of UK's "British Petroleum" (30,1%), USA's Unocal, ConocoPhilips ad Amerada Hess (14%), Norway's Statoil (8,7%), and Japan's Itochu and Inpex (5,90%), as well as Azerbaijan's Socar' (25%) and Turkey's TPAO (6,5%), but equal to Italy's Eni/Agip (5%). Germany, Russia, China, and other Big Countries didn't take any part in that controversial Turkish-British too long pipeline, (which replaced an earlier, shorter and cheaper Project, crossing Armenia, since it was blocked by the Nagorno-Karabach conflict with Azerbaijan, that Turkey obviously exploited)..

    However, the very fact that French Authorities, Courts, Scientists and even the Public at large, were already confronted with such a "hard nut to crack" in at least one recent, Deadly and Destructive, Giant Explosion, placed at the crossroads of various possible factors, (Comp. supra), probably gave to French Experts a unique and precious Experience on how to avoid any eventual errrors in the Future, and how to conduct a Real Enquiry, also in other, more or less similar or equivalent cases, in a more and more efficient way, so that they might, indeed, be of precious help for Cyprus.


    - Earlier today, Cyprus' President Christofias, speaking to Journalists present at the Elysee Palace after the conclusion of his meeting with the French President Sarkozy,  confirmed that he "informed" him "for the latest, Unfortunate developments of the Accident with the Explosion which shaked the (Naval) Base", as he said, apparently with reserve.

     - On this point, "I received the expression of Condoleances and of the Solidarity of President (Sarkozy) and his Readiness to Help in Various Issues", he anounced, but without going into concrete details.

    The only thing that Christofias anounced in public was that, in his view, the French "Help" should focus on "issues which are considered as Necessary by the Republic of Cyprus", as he carefully said.

    Questioned specifically what kind of Help he expected from France to Cyprus "in concrete terms", Christofias didn't enter into details :

     - French "President Sarkozy expressed his Willingness to give Instructions in order for Cyprus' Electricity Authority (AHK) to be able to valorize some Tools, and I'll naturally transmit that message", he simply replied. -

    Also, "President (Sarkozy) was interested to be informed on the Economic situation of Cyprus, and I made him an Analysis on this issue", Christofias revealed in reply to another question. - " (But) we didn't enter (now) into deeper details concerning the €uroZone Crisis, because we discuss that very often inside EU Council and inside €uroGroup", he added

    But, according to well informed sources from the French Presidential palace Elysée, speaking to "EuroFora" and other Media from France, Christofias roughly said earlier that, despite a rather Good stand for Cyprus' Economy during even the last 2 Years, suddenly, the cascading Economic and other Consequencies of the Giant Explosion at the Naval Base/Power Plant, have started to provoke serious challenges, which must be faced by more efficient measures.

    Notoriously, the concrete Ways and the Timing in which should be Investigated the Deadly and Destructive Explosion at the Naval Base Florakis, which destroyed also the biggest Power Plant of the Country, is a matter of Hot Debates in Cyprus, both among Politians and Victims' Families, as well as of the People in general, with a largely shared feeling that any Enquiry must be Transparent and Efficient as well as Fast enough, in order to discover all the Truth about what really provoked that Explosion, and find and punish those Responsible.

    According to the latest Polls, a Majority of Cyprus' People don't trust at all a .."One Person Committee", apointed by Christofias himself, and Cyprus' Attorney General's currently evolving "Investigations", fearing that they would cover up any eventual big Political Responsibilities.


    Many People, demonstrators, Media and Politicians go as far as to ask for Christofias' own Resignation, that they hold responsible for what happened, (See earlier "EuroFora"s NewsReport on this specific point).


(NDLR : DraftNews, as already sent to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors. A more accurate and complete, Final Public Version is due asap).


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*Paris/ACM/12 October 2008/-

When Europeans really feel a vital need to urgently launch common replies to challenging World Crisis, as the present Financial turmoil of Global Markets, they forge new decision-making tools and new dynamics :

The 1st in History EuroZone Heads of State and Government Summit, organized in Paris at the invitation of French President, and current EU chair, Nicolas Sarkozy, with the participation of 15 national leaders and EU institutions' chairmen, partly enlarged to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after a highly symbolic duo with German Chancelor Angie Merkel, at General De Gaulle's birth-village, 50 Years after he welcomed there former German chancellor Adenauer (1958-2008), may have not one, but two results :

- The first, and more urgent, was to launch an "ambitious", "coherent", and "efficient" common European movement, able to stimulate "solutions" to the World Economic Crisis, as Sarkozy anounced from the outset : State Garantees (to new Bank debts up to 5 years), fresh Capital input (f.ex. by buying shares), support to distressed banks, (while also restructuring them), incite the European Central Bank to facilitate commerial bills europe-wide, etc.

"Acting swiftly", from tomorrow, national measures will quantify all these targets, with coordinated actions from all EuroZone's Governments : France, Germany, Italy and others, decided to anounce, at the same time, such concrete measures, according to agreements that we have already made all together, revealed Sarkozy at the final Press Conference, flanked by EuroZone's chairmen : EuroGroup's Jean-Claude Juncker, and Central European Bank's Jean-Claude Truchet, as well as EU Commission's Jose Baroso, to solemnly stress the will to find common European solutions.

- "United and Determined, all EuroZone's Countries will act to prove that Citizens can Trust" the Economy, Sarkozy concluded. If we attract also all EU's 27 countries, Wednesday in Brussels, then we can coordinate action with our American Friends at a Global level, he anounced.


- "With this new Toolbox, we do not want to serve Bankers, but to work for Europe and its Citizens' interests", added Juncker.

- "For the moment, we want to act urgently to regulate the Crisis. But the time will come when those responsible for this, will have to account for their actions. Yes to real Capitalism, No to Speculators. Those who abused, will face sanctions, Sarkozy warned.

Need stimulates activities which create new organs, say biologists, and Gordon Brown, compatriot of Spencer, the famous bio-Historian, would certainly not deny that, after his surprise visit to EuroZone's Summit in Paris, which attracted him one hour more than scheduled...


Decisions include also the creation of a Crisis-management European mechanism, which "requires constant Monitoring", as well as strengthening Economic policy cooperation between EuroZone's countries.

Sarkozy will be judged by History not just by the immediate Economic results, expected at the end of this week's decision-making proces at National and EU level, but also by the more far-reaching consequences at the aftermath of this Historic EuroZone 1st Summit : Will it succeed to become a precursor forging a New era in European institution's revitalization ?

Significantly, the French President sat, during discussions, between German Chancelor Merkel, and British Prime Minister Brown, facing the chairmen of EuroGroup, Juncker, ECB : Truchet, and EU Commission, Baroso, with Prime Ministers of Spain, Zapatero (a hot partisan of EuroZone's Summit) at his right side, and Italy's Berlusconi, at his left, surrounded by Austrian, Belgian, Cyprus', Finland's, Greece's, and Ireland's leaders, as well as Slovakia's, Slovenia's, Portugal's, Netherlands', Malta's and Luxembourg's leaders.


Meanwhile, those who tabled for a rift between French and German positions were faced with a smiling Merkel at De Gaulle-Adenauer's meeting place, a sunny Saturday morning, and a particularly active-looking Merkel inside the French Presidential Palace at Elysee's gardens on Sunday, (as happy few photographers discovered)..

- "De Gaulle's hilltop, at Colombey-les-2-Eglises, gave an astonishing overview to a huge landscape, entirely surrounded by splendid Nature, as far as eyes could see", said to EuroFora an obviously charmed German Journalist.


She was describing Saturday's inauguration of a High-Tech Memorial close to the Historic Giant Double Lorraine's Cross, built by famous Novelist Andre Malraux, to perpetuate the Memory of his famous call for "Resistance" to NAZI, and his vision for the creation of New Institutions and Franco-German reconciliation, to foster Europe's role in the World, also for the Future.


Children playing at Elysee's gardens before the Historic 1st EuroZone's Summit : What Europe's Future will look like ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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