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Summer Recess 2021 !

Written by ACM
Sunday, 11 July 2021

* Happy Summer Recess 2021 to all "Eurofora"s Readers !

(Despite Everything, Because of Everything, still going on around all of us)... 


 "Eurofora" will Try to be on "Holidays", during an Exceptionaly Longer Period of Time, in principle from around 12 July up to 10 of August 2021, (Even if we are well Concious of the Fact that manifold, still On-Going, Important Developments, would, most Probably, Require to come Back to, at least a Selective News Publishing, perhaps Several Times)... 


=> During that Period, inter alia, you could have a Pleasant and Interesting look at incoming EU President Slovenia's Good "Cultural Program", (from Music to Science, Artifacts and Nature, etc), somewhere Between the Mediterranean Sea and Alpes Mountains ! 

See, f.ex. :  https://slovenian-presidency.consilium.europa.eu/en/presidency/cultural-and-promotional-programme/



 => Enjoy Nature's Gift of a "Green" Europe, during SummerTime !

(NDLR: No "Political" Meaning Hidden behind that, at all)...





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Brixen-Bressnone/ACM/10 August 2008


Pope Benedict XVI launched a call "in the name of the common Christian heritage" of "all Christians", to "immediately stop military actions", and "resolutely take, the road of negotiation and dialogue", with "Initiatives" for a "peaceful and sustainable solution" in South Ossetia.

It's with "profound anxiety" that we read "the news, more and more dramatic", on "these tragic events ..which have caused many innocent victims and obliged a great number of civilians to leave their homes". All involved must "avoid to cause more, and worse sufferings to the population", he said.



He warned against "more violent confrontations and retaliations, which may degenerate in a conflict of even larger scope".


To avoid this risk, "the International Community and the most inffuent countries" should "make every effort to support and promote .. initiatives" for a stable Peace, he stressed, shortly before his visit to France, where President Nicolas Sarkozy is the current EU chair.

"Together with our Orthodox brothers, we pray for these aims, and we entrust them to the intercession of her sanctity, virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and of all Christians", he concluded.


Pope Benedict XVI spoke in front of more than 12.000 People during the Angelus of an Open-air Mass at Brixen-Bressalone (north of Italy), at the end of his short stay at the Alpes, close to German chancelor Angie Merkel's restplace, where he received the visits of two f.Italian Presidents, Ciampi and Cossiga, together with Minister Tremonti.


Pope's spokesman, Federico Lombardi, said ttesterday that he highlighted Brixen-Bressanone's synthesis, a peaceful and mutually enriching meeting point of many cultures, as "a model for Europe".






2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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