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Author Topic: EU: Lukashenko as Erdogan ?  (Read 7843 times)
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« on: October 30, 2021, 09:30:33 AM »

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the embattled President of Belarus, a peaceful European and Christian Country, Historic Cradle of christianized Slav People throughout all Europe, strategicaly located Between EU's Heartland and Russia's abundant Gas Energy Resources, the Richest and Faster Growing Industrialized part of Former URSS, But also with the Less Inequalities, equiped with Free Health Care and More Medical Doctors per Inhabitant than Finland or Sweden, practicaly Full Employment, (Including most Women associating Both Work and Children Care), Co-Founder of the UN since 1945, Known for various International Peace-Treaties signed at its Capital Minsk, and Homeland of World-Famous Artist Marc Chaghall, Bible Publishers, Musicician Composers on Leningrad People or Belarus' Partisans struggling Heroicaly against NAZI Military Invasions, (etc),

will he be treated, by Neighbouring EU, Worse than Asian, Islamist, notoriously Aggressive and Warmonger, Threatening, Bombarding, Invading and/or Occupying a lot of its Neighbours, massively  Oppressive against its own People, UnderDeveloped and OverExploiting Impoverished Minorities, retrograde Turkish Regime, Deprived (and Destroyer) of any Culture or Civilisation, with his notorious Chief, Tayyip Erdogan ?

Some Accused Both (even if so Obviously Different persons) of alleged Incitement for Mass Asylum Seekers to tresspass from the Middle East towards Europe's core areas, (mainly through Poland, in Lukashenko's later case, or through Greece, in Erdogan's initial case). Even if the Numbers and the Gravity of such cases have Nothing in common : More than 1,5 Millions of Irregular Immigrants in Turkey's well known sudden "Tsunami" case, through the Wide Aegean Sea, compared with just some Dozens of People in Belarus' case, allegedly via a few Airplane seats...

But, However, if those blind Accusers Respected, at least, an elementary Principle of basic Equality, then, they Should proceed in a Similar manner, with Similar Means, in Both these 2 cases of EU Borders' Trespassing, that they took the Initiative to compare :

- I.e.: Invite Lukashenko in Brussels to negociate with EU Leaders, (as Erdogan did with Merkel, back on 2016) ;

- Give some Billions € per Year, in full Grants, to Belarus, allegedly in order to Keep Asylum Seekers there, (as EU Already did, and Still does with Turkey) ;

- Consider a Large "Customs Union" Deal with Belarus, (as EU promised to Turkey), if the Deal goes well ;

- Promise "Free Visa" for All Belarusians, if Minsk treats Asylum Seekers Differently from "Terrorists", (as EU said to Turks);

- Prepare EU Accession Negotiations with Belarus, if this goes well, (as it was said for Turkey).

   Did we Miss something on the List ?...
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