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Author Topic: Why NATO in Ukraine, but Not Finland, Austria ? Clinton/Obama/Biden ruin Europe+  (Read 8770 times)
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« on: October 01, 2021, 10:15:26 PM »


Those War-mongers, as Crazy and Irresponsible as to Push for NATO in Ukraine  nowadays, should Ask Why it Never Happened in the case of Finland, Austria, and other Stable and Peaceful Countries in Europe, during the Glorious Past of "Detente" and/or European ReUnification's eras...

Simply because USA Dems ("Socialists")... Bill Clinton, Hussein Obama, or Jo Biden, did Not Exist (at the White House) then !

It's Only after Clinton Started to Demolish Ex--Yugoslavia with Bloody Separatist Wars since the 1990ies, and Obama Divided Europe around a provoked Civilian-People Killing Kiev Putsch at Ukraine from 2014, that Biden found, now, an opportunity to Threaten a 3rd World War against Russia by Bringing NATO si close to Moscow at exceptionaly Shaky Borders on 2021.

European People had Already breathed Nuclear Particles from Ukranian "Chernobyl" Catastrophe since back on 1986. But Now, obviously any eventual NATO Clash around the suffering pro-Autonomy Eastern Ukraine Regions of Donetsk-Luhansk, and/or Crimea peninsula peacefully ReUnificated Back with Russia (others say "Annexed"), would certainly Risk to provoke Even a Nuclear Confrontation between East and West, Devastating all Europe...

=> It's not a secret, therefore, why France and Germany, followed by several Other European Countries, are silently but stubornly Opposed to such a Dangerous and irresponsible NATO move towards Ukraine nowadays.
To find a Similar Risk vis a vis the USA itself, nowadays, it would take, f.ex., from North Korea to become Able to Reach by long-range Nuclear Missiles, after Hawai, at least Alaska and California ,whose Nancy Pelosi (still Speaker at an UnPopular House of Representatives, ranking 20% against 50% in Polls) has just added a "Hot" Amendment, in the Draft "Defense" Bill for 2022, reportedly concerning Top Sensitive Military Weapons for Ukraine, manipulated by US Army, which Risks to further Boost the Growing Danger of an UnPrecedented International Clash around Kiev...

Unless it's First the American People themselves, who would succeed to Oust Pelosi from Washington DC. in the crucial Forthcoming Mid-Term Elections of 2022 !

Already, the Fact that pro-GOP, No-RINOs, RightWing "the American Conservative" Web NewsMedia clearly Criticized that Biden/Pelosi War-Mongering around Ukraine nowadays, (i.e. Timely Joining the above-mentioned Franco-German and other European Countries' "mezzo vocce" Reluctance : Comp. Supra), Naturally is a Good Step towards the Right Direction.

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