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New Big East French Region President Richert to Eurofora on 5 Countries Borders at EU core and China

Written by ACM
Thursday, 14 January 2016

*Strasbourg/Press Club/Angelo Marcopolo/- The First Elected President of the New, Big East, French Region "ACAL", Unique to link Together 5 EU  Countries at the Heart of Europe, (France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium),  Philippe Richert, speaking to "Eurofora" at the conclusion of a meeting with Journalists co-organized by the 3 Press Clubs of Strasbourg, Metz and Reims, confirmed his intention to use this particularity as a key asset for the New Region's Economic Attractivity, as well as his Readiness to examine a Fresh New Start for the overall area's aleady existing links to China's Global Economic PowerHouse, despite some Blunders reportedly committed by a few Local Former Administrations, (f.ex. on High Speed Train projects, etc), in the context of the New Region's wider Mission to Forge "a New Dimension" for the whole area's Future, while also Integrating its Rich European Cultural History.

(On the New Strasbourg's Big East Region, and the Recent Election won by Philippe Richert , as well as his Earlier relevant Statepents to "Eurofora" , see also: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/newstrasbourgbigregionprefect.html , http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/newstrasbourgbigregionprefect.html , http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/sarkozyeveofeuturkeysummit.html , http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/franceregionelelectionsrepublicanswithgreensorfnrightistsforstrasbourg.html , http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/sarkozyautonomousalternativewinsregions.html).


    - In fact, "the Challenge is to Advance Ahead" into the Future, but "without Forgetting the Identities and those Rich Traditions which made the History of these very Ancient Departments and Regions ,(currently ReGrouped inside the New Big Eastern area of ACAL), while, at the Same Time, we'll be giving it all a New Dimension", strongly stressed Philippe Richert.

    - Because, Today, "It's our Duty to  Build some New common Foundations for us all, to serve during the Years and Decades Ahead". So that, "in order to Advance Ahead, We have to do a litttle bit more and Differently from what we were Used to do", he urged.

    - He was Speaking of "an area which has many UNESCO-protected Assets",


including "Strasbourg's (Highest and over-Millenary) "Cathedral in Alsace", (a Symbol of Franco-German Reconciliation and a Masterpiece which remains still Unfinished, both outside and inside, where, Together with its Catholic and Protestant main structure, was added also an Orthodox one, pointing at a PanEuropean Horizon);





"as well as Reims"' (Historic) Cathedral at Champagne", (i.e. there where Kings of France were Crowned, as f.ex. Charles the "Victorious", who Ended the "War of a Hundred Years" and Build a Centralized State, with the Help of famous Popular Heroine "Jeanne d'Arc", for whom even German Modern Rock Group "Eloy" has composed an Epic Song);




"and Saint-Nicolas Basilica in Lorraine", (an Historic Monument linked to the Crusades and Spain's Saint-Compostela EU-PathWay, as well as to a Popular Tradition still alive throughout most Europe, from France to Russia, and from England to Cyprus) etc.




+ To which should be also added some Old Jewish Synagogues, he also pointed out, as far as Europe's History is concerned.



Find a New overall NAME

    - For all that New Area, "I find that "Alsace - Champagne - Ardenne - Lorraine" (alias : "ACAL") may be quite Cute, but it's Too Long. So, I intend to Cooperate with the Media" on Finding a New Name.

    - Mainstream Center-Right Politician, "Valerie Debord will be in charge of this work. And afterwards, we shall submit to the Vote of our Citizens, in order to Choose among the best Proposals", he anounced.

    => For that purpose, Philippe Richert didn't deny that a possible Name such as, f.ex., "French Part of Europe's Heart", as suggested by "Eurofora", very close to a similar term, Earlier reportedly supported by the New Region's President himself, might ....

Unique Region linking Together 5 European Countries at EU's core

 - "Eurofora" asked President Richert if he found that a Key-point for the Economic Attractivity of the New Big East Region of "ACAL" is the Fact that it's a Unique Region in France and in all Europe which has Direct Links to 5 European Countries located at EU's "Heart", by Bringing Together the Borders of France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium, (while also going almost from Geneva up to Brussels, via Strasbourg and Luxembourg, etc).

 - "Yes, of course. I haven't yet spoken about that here, but I intend to use this (argument)", Philippe Richert spontaneously Replied Positively.

- In fact, "It's mainly about our (New) Borders and the (core European) Territories which are Around us", he observed.

     + ACAL is also located throughout the Historic Battle areas which had Separated Europe during the Franco-German War and the 2 subsequent World Wars, back on 1870 -1945, but has also become, later-on, the main area of Franco-German ReConciliation Symbols, as well as the Host of most European, PanEuropean and International Institutions located at the Continent, all accross its proximity to Geneva UNO and other Global bodies, through Strasbourg's CoE, EU Parliament's Plenary Sessions, ECHR, EU Ombudsperson, Shengen Secretariat and EUROCORPS, to Luxembourg's EU Court of Justice and several EU Council's Ministerial meetings, up to Brussels' EU Commission's Headquarters, EU Heads of State/Government Summits, and NATO, etc, i.e. allowing to InterLink Together almost all among the most Important relevant Trans-National Organizations actively present in our Continent.                                                                                                                                                                             - -------------------------

Out-going, controversial "Socialist" former Lorraine Chief, Masseret, undermined Strasbourg- Brussels "TGV" link ?!...

    + But, regarding various practical details, "you don't know yet what pops up when you just start looking around" this New ACAL Big Area, at this Initial stage, President Richert added, referring to an Earlier encounter with "Eurofora", about a possible Geneva-Brussels TGV link, (Comp. : ....).

"F.ex.,  in Lorraine, I found  that they", (i.e. the Out-going former Direction by Controversial "Socialist" Politician Masseret, who had notoriously prefered, Contrary to his National Political Leadership in Paris, to keep some Seats for himself inside the New Region's Assembly, instead of Calling to Vote for Richert between the 2 Electoral Rounds, even if this Risked to throw ACAL into the grip of "FN"'s Far Right), "had done Nothing, about a Plan to Start regular High Speed Train ("TGV") links, mainly between Strasbourg and Luxembourg, from 2016". (He had already Explained earlier to "Eurofora" that Belgium Authorities didn't want for  High Speed Train to Advance beyond Luxembourg, inside Belgium in order to reach Brussels, and that forthcoming Rhine-Rhone "TGV" could be ultimately Extended up to Strasbourg). => "This practicaly means that the whole Project (in principle due to Link mainly Strasbourg to Brussels by High Speed Trains Every Day) "would have to be Postponed, at least for 2017, risking even to be automaticaly Droped after a Time Deadline. "Otherwise, they should have to find soon some 25 Millions €, (i.e. something that it's currently not even possible to Dream of"), as he concluded critically...

+ Ideal location for EU - China links' boost ?


+ Adding, in this context, also the Topical Issue of the possible Development of Economic and Cultural Relations with China's Global Growth Powerhouse, "Eurofora" reminded to President Richert the main already Existing ACAL Region - China Links (See, f.ex., Infra), of which he is Personaly Familiar, and pointed out also the latest EU - China Summit's Conclusions in Brussels, last June 2015 (See "Eurofora"'s NewsReports from the spot), according to which, the two sides Intend to Boost not only mutual Trade, as in the Past, but also Joint Co-Productions, right from the Start, already from the Research/Technological Development stage. I.e. a move which Naturaly implies also an Extension of Educational links, from High Schools/Colleges up to Universities/Post Doc. a.o. segments.

(Regions in France have, indeed, Extensive Competences on High Schools/Colleges, but can also act vis a vis Universities/Post Doc. Research, etc., mainly through Programs due to Boost Economy).


=>  Proactively, President Richert replied sharply to "Eurofora"s query with a Short but Open observation : - "I have just 6 whole Days in my new job, so I didn't yet have enough Time to deal with all main Issues, "even for those which are Legitimate", except from what was Urgent. But one thing is for sure :  - I will always Read all the Projects which will be presented in my Office !", as he characteristicaly stressed, (i.e. obviously Inviting to Move from General Ideas towards Concrete Projects, related to Topical Needs and ready for Taking Action)...

It's, indeed, True that, concerning China, several PathWays are already  prepared, throughout all the New Big East Region of "ACAL" :


Alsace Region is linked to Jiansu Region, which has the 2nd net Growth in China, hosts Nankin City, i.e. the former long-time Capital of the Country, and is located near Shanghai's International Hub, where it has build an Innovative, Ecological High-Tech Building for its own Pavillon during the 2010 World Expo. The Number of Chinese Students in Strasbourg University is 2nd only to Neighbouring Germany, while some of the Best Private High Schools/Colleges based in Strasbourg eye their expansion mainly to Shanghai from 2016 on. China is already Alsace's 4rth Foreign Trade Partner, competing with USA, and has here a "Confucius" Institute, a Budhist Temple, and an expanding Consulate General, also competent for relations with the Council of Europe. Lorraine Region hosts a Chinese "Technopole" with an important poential, near Metz. And Champagne-Ardenne is linked to Sichuan province, even by Airplane, focusing mainly on Education and Culture (from University and High School/College, up to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cinema and Communication, etc), but eyes also an Industrial Cooperation Project., etc.


Thus, Richert's faithful and Experienced Head of Office, Christophe Kieffer, confirmed, shortly Afterwards, to "Eurofora", that, indeed, the Political Leadership of the New, Big East Region of "ACAL", is already "Aware" of the existence of several China-related Strong Points in each one among the various Areas which were included in that New Big Territorial Grouping,  and is currently Considering how to Wrap it all up in a New Coherent Whole, and according to which overall  Strategy to proceed.



("NDLR" : Fast Translation from the Original in French).


("DraftNews", as already send to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be Published asap).


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  Ten Years of ECHR : 1998 - 2008 show need of Revival in 2009-2010 coinciding with 2009 EU Election

A threefold, coordinated move by new Top French Political actors in the 2009 EU Parliament Elections, expressed in Strasbourg a will to boost Europe's Political dimension close to Citizens' concerns, going from protection of Economy to defence of Human Rights.    

The move met an exceptional ECHR's call for a "revival" of Human Rights' protection mechanism', in a Mega-Conference, early 2010.   

Obviously focusing on June 2009 Elections to EU Parliament, it involved from the outset the recently nominated "dual" Head of French Governing Party (UMP)  Michel BARNIER and Rachida DATI :


     - "As President Sarkozy has clearly said, we (France) are in favor of a Strong, Sovereign and Independent, Political Europe, which protects its Citizens, and not for a large Super-Market, nor for a Europe under influence",

    "This goes for everything, including Energy", added to "EuroFora" the experienced former EU Commissioner, Minister of Foreign affairs, currently of Agriculture and Sarkozy's new pick as Leader of the Governing party UMP to EU 2009 Election, Michel BARNIER                                              .                             

  - Human Rights are important because they are at the Heart of the Political Europe that we aspire for : I.e. a Europe able to act and protect its Citizens, stressed also the New French Minister for European affairs, Bruno LE MAIRE, while meeting Strasbourg's Journalists at his first visit to the CoE.   


This is one of the main interests for CoE, which is also a natural place for cooperation between EU countries and Russia or Turkey, which was recently helpful at the Middle East crisis, he added.

The move gained momentum with French Minister of Justice, Rachida Dati's main observations at ECHR's 5Oth Anniversary :   

- "While we are seeking Europe's Borders and Identity, you (ECHR) remind us also of its Values", Human Rights, Dati noted.   

Citizens seek more and more often ECHR's help, and the tempo accelerates, Europa awaits a symbol, while national legal orders are not freezed   

And she expressed "support" to ECHR President Jean-Paul Costa's call to satisfy the vital need to revigorate the PanEuropean Court by deciding big changes at a High-Level Conference open to a large audience, a kind of "Etats Generaux" of Human Rights, at the beginning of 2010.       


It's not so much the recently growing number of applications for Russia or Ukraine etc, which seems to be Costa's main concern : In fact, the cases declared "admissible" are much fewer...    

But rather the persistent violations of Human Rights, sometimes very grave (ie. murders, torture, abritrary deprivation of liberty, oppression of freedom of speech, destructions of homes/properties, etc), despite numerous, repeated condemnations by ECHR. So that CoE's Ministers, due to "supervise execution" of ECHR's judgements, are overloaded.   

F.ex. most Media noted that Turkey still remains, even in 2008, the 1st among 47 CoE member States in the number of condemnations by ECHR :  257, compared to 233 for Russia, with a population more than the double..    

The problem is that it's not the 1st time at all : During all the last Decade 1998-2008, Turkey was condemned by ECHR much more than any other State, and for particularly grave violations :   

- 1.652 condemnations, compared to 605 for Russia, 548 for Poland, 494 for France, 476 for Ukraine, etc.   

Italy's second place with 1.394 condemnations is a misleading false appearance : In fact, most of them (999) concern mere "procedural delays" in national courts. Same for France.   

On the contrary, Turkey was condemned 180 times for Killings, 192 times for Torture or Inhuman/Degrading treatments, 340 times for arbitrary deprivation of Liberty, 528 times for "Unfair trial", and 169 times for oppression of Freedom of speech, (etc). And the latest, 2008 numbers, indicate no change in this trend, (See supra).   

The current Spanish CoE Presidency (November 2008 - May 2009) has made of the implementation of ECHR's judgements its 1st Priority.   

ECHR's President, Jean-Paul Costa, stressed in its 2009 Annual Press Conference, CoE Member States' obligation to implement the judgements, according to Article 46 of the European Convention on Human Rights.   

Moreover, if CoE's Committee of Ministers delays to ensure implementation, then, the repetition of violations in similar cases provokes a multiplication of complaints tabled to the Court, which overload the mecanism for the protection of Human Rights, denounced Costa.          

A series of Debates on "the situation of Human Rights in Europe", focusing on the "need to fight against Impunity" of perpetrators of grave crimes, is  currently prepared by CoE's Parliamentary Assembly for the session of June 2009.  

The final Timing comes shortly AFTER the EU Elections, but the main Reports should have been adopted before.

Meanwhile, French President Sarkozy and German Chancelor Merkel's recent call "for a Political Europe" in 2009 EU Elections (See earlier "correspondence from Paris, Elysee Palace), seems more and more endorsed also by other EU Countries' Top MEPs :

Thus, f.ex., EU Parliament's 1st vice-President, Greek MEP Mrs Rodi KRATSA, speaking to "EuroFora", agreed that 2009 EU Election would be a "naturally good" opportunity to debate what really interests EU Citizens : "The Future of a Political Europe, able to face the Economic Crisis, with a Culture and identity which attracts the People"

(Photo taken earlier during Sarkozy's 1st visit at EU Parliament, in 2007 : Sarkozy and Merkel's Ideas for a Political Europe inspire also other EU politicians accross the continent)..


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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