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G7 Head Macron: Global Order needs Big Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok as CoE, +EU-Russia Dialogue

Written by ACM
Monday, 19 August 2019

 *Strasbourg (France)/Angelo Marcopolo/- While Not Changing basically Anything yet from the controversial Criticism exerted by most Western Governments vis a vis Russia since 2014, in cases such as the complex Ukranian Conflict, Syria's Idlib Region, People's Rights to Demonstrate and Participate in Elections, etc,

French President Emmanuel Macron succeeded Today the unique Exploit to launch a Strong and passionate Call, at the Same Time, to Build a New Arhitecture for Security and Trust, throughout a Great Europe, even Larger than De Gaulle's Historic Dream, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, (as inside the CoE, Nowadays Chaired by France, which has just Triggered the Return of Russian MEPs, since last June 2019), through an EU - Russia Dialogue, due to lead to a Sovereign Great Europe, made Necessary particularly by Recent Developments at a Global Level, where Multilateralism is suffering, and the International Order Needs to be ReHauled and ReInvented asap, including Inside the G7, whose important 2019 Summit of Heads of State/Government is Chaired by France, this August 24-26, at Biarritz's Ocean SeaPort in just a few days time from now, at the Eve of which, he Exceptionally Invited the Russian President Vladimir Putin for a landmark Top Exchange at his Presidential Holiday Residence in Bregancon Fortress, also at a superb Seaside, but near Marseille, the City which was Europe's Cultural Capital on 2013, i.e. just Before the Ukranian EU- Russia row, (See "Eurofora"s relevant NewsReport, at : ..., etc), in the Mediterranean.

During what he called from the outset : "a Very Important Exchange", "at a profoundly Historic Moment of our relations", including a Large and Dense Press Conference, of More than 3 Quarters of an Hour, reportedly Followed by 2,5 Hours of Meeting strictly between the 2 Presidents, as well as by a Wider Exchange, Together with their Counselors, during another 2 Hours, as well as a Diner, Later Today, Macron navigated between Disarmament and Climate, Regional Conflicts such as Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and Others, Human Rights, CoE and/or EU relations with Russia, G7 or G8 Summits, etc., aiming to Focus at 1 Objective :

- "Our International Order lives an Historic Moment", while "Multilateralism is Attacked", various Crisis pop up at the Neighbourhood and Stay unresolved, amidst "Global ImBalances", as even Climate is suffering, and while "the West is more and more Challenged". But, "Europe has a Role to Play. And the Dialogue between EU and Russia is indispensable for Europe to play that role !", the French President, and currently EU Chairman, stressed, in substance, from the outset.

In doing so, Macron appeared to Prepare not only the imminent G7 Summit of the End of August in Biarritz, but Also his expected official Visit to the 47 Member Countries-strong, PanEuropean Organisation of the CoE, in Strasbourg, at the Beginning of October 2019, which are Both Chaired Nowadays by France.

This seems particularly visible in the Time-Frame of "the Days or Weeks to come", during which, the French President "Hope(s) to Find a New Momentum", together with Russia, towards Advancing in the Resolution of the Ukranian Issue, eventually also with a New "Normandy Format" Summit, if Previous Talks "Succeed" to eye "Something Concrete on which we can Decide and Act", as he characteristically said, in Agreement with President Vladimir Putin on this point.

On the Contrary, the Desired "Change on the MisUnderstandings - vis a vis Russia - that have been added , in Fact, Since the Years 1990" (i.e. at the Aftermath of Berlin Wall's Fall and Former-URSS's implosion), "we must accept the "Long Time", since "it's Not Today that we shall Dissipate All" of them, Macron realistically Warned.



However, Necessary Action in order to "Build a New Architecture for Security and Trust, from Lisbon to Vladivostok", through "Dialogue between the EU and Russia", has Not to Wait until EU "Sanctions" for the Ukranian Conflict may be Droped, the French President nevertheless advanced resolutely, obviously pointing to the Fact that relevant Efforts and Results must Start from Now :

- Indeed, "Our Duty is to Look Beyond the Disagreements of this Moment, the (Ukranian) Crisis evoked, while trying to Solve them, in order to try to Invent a New Architecture". That's what we are Trying to do", Macron stressed at the Beginning of his Meeting with Putin at Bergancon Fortress.

- Even if "it's clear that the Return to G8 (i.e. with Russia's Participation, as Before 2014), and also the Return to a Full Normalisation of EU - Russia relations, suppose to Settle the Ukranian Issue ; It's a PreRequisitive", as he said, nevertheless, Already "Now, our Dialogue, and what we are Trying to do, shows that, (even) withOut Erasing (yet) Anything from that Disagreement, we Can arrive to Compose New Things !", ...

=> Our Duty is to Look Beyond the Disagreements of this moment, the Crisis evoked, while trying to Solve them, in order to try to Invent a New Architecture" *** That's what we are Trying to do".

>>> Because "our Responsiblity, is to think Also on New GeoPolitics, in relation to the ReComposition that I evoked", "During ..that New Agenda, and While we are trying to Build a New Architecture (Structure) of Security and Trust", the French President pointed out.

- Some of its main Tasks would be to "Determine the New Challenges/Threats", that we perceive and Share", such as on "Arms race, Nuclear, SIDA, etc", as well as "a joint Agenda ... in order to become able to Build common Methods of DesEscalation of Tensions, taking into account our Neighbourhood", as he anounced.  




 - At the Base of all is the Fact that "Russia is European, very Profoundly !", "and We Believe in that (Great) Europe, ... which goes from Lisbon to Vladivostok", as Macron confirmed Today from the Outset.  

- Speaking at an Area visited by Russian Asrtists like "Nabukov, Turgeniev, Stravinsky" and others, as he noted, the French President also observed that "Dostoyevski, when he Felt Russian, he was also More European", since "his Nationalism was Bigger than himself (and) had to embrace the European flame : I profoundly believe that". Indeed, "Russia has a History with what we call "Political Liberalism", i.e. "the Europe of the Enlightnement. That is to say, a Belief to a Free and Rational Individual" person. "Russia Believes in that. ... I can't Forget the special Relationship that Emperor Catherine had with so many French Philosophers. And ...such personalites as  Dostoyevski, Soltzenysin, etc., who made so that Russia became a Great Power of the EnLightnement", Macron reminded, inter alia.

+ And Vladimir Putin recalled also the Fact that "this Perspective of Europe from Portugal to Vladivostok, it's Not Our Idea : It's General De Gaulle who Advanced that. In fact, he had said "from Portugal to the Urals", but Russia's Land Extends to the Pacific Ocean", (as PanEuropean CoE's Map illustrates).

- Even if it's also true that "the Russian has a Particular Relation to the West. It was always in the Russian Soul, and a matter of Litterature, Philosophy, or GeoPolitical Thought".  "But All Europe is Not entirely Soluble to the West !", Macron pointed out. " And, ... Europe has ... to ReInvent its Sovereignity. In a Long Time". Because, "in Today's World, we face a situation of International ImBalances, where the Hegemony of the West is more and more Challenged"...  That's the Reality".

>>> Despite that, "Europe has a Role to Play. And the Dialogue between EU and Russia is INDISPENSABLE for Europe to play that Role !", he Warned. Indeed, "our International Order lives an Historic Moment", "and we Must ReCompose it" : It's "in this case" that the Relation between France and Russia is DECISIVE", Macron stressed.

- Also Because those who Recently (since 2014) wanted to incite Russia to Leave the CoE (See Infra), "UnderEstimate the Fact that If we let things go in that Direction, then, De Facto, this would Push this Great Power which is Russia, either to Isolation, or into ... a Privileged Dialogue with China, in a New GeoPolitical Situation, which would Not serve our (EU's) Interests...", he Warned.  On the Contrary, since "we (France and Russia) are 2 Permanent Members of UN SC, and 2 Nuclear Powers, we should Agree the Maximum on how to Tackle (various important) Crisis. ...But, most of all, we should Speak to EachOther, and Converge !", Macron Urged.

-  In fact, "France and Russia are 2 Great European Powers. These are New GeoPolitics, to which I profoundly believe", and "they irrigate. what we are Trying to do Together, and that's what we Will Do !", he Vowed.  

- "Because, I am Convinced that Our Interest is, Even when we have Different Views, to Try to Bring Russia Closer to Common Positions", and "Back to Europe ! I.e., in the Context of a wider ReComposition, to Try to Re-Achor Russia into Europe. Because I think that this is its History, its Destiny, and Our (France + EU's) Interest".

=> -"Nowadays, ...we must undertake, Together, to Build (conceive) a New Architecture of Trust for Europe  !", he urged.

- Indeed, "I Believe in a European Russia, and in a European Sovereignity, in a Stronger Europe, which must be re-Invented in this Dialogue" between EU and Russia, stressed Macron, pointing at the "very Great Importance" of President Putin's "presence at Bregancon", where "the Hours that we shall consecrate on that, will be Decisive".



+ President Vladimir Putin, in a Measured Reply, Positively Welcomed and Encouraged Macron's Views on Building such a Greater Europe, in Reply to Press Questions :

- "Something which Today appears Impossible, can Become, Tomorrow, Inevitable !", he warned.

And, I Believe that, if we Start to have such Strategic Aims Today, Tomorrow we shall probably Reach them"...

- "It's mainly Important for Europe, which wants to Protect its Values. That's Important for Russia" too, he stressed.

=> So that, "if we Work on it, Sooner or Later, we shall Solve this Problem, in one or another Form - that's not an issue. What is more Important is to Set an Aim, and Start Advancing towards the Right Direction", the Russian President pragmatically encouraged.




However, Macron left certain Key QUESTIONS UNANSWERED :



When Macron Anounced, Today, that "we have to Re-Invent an Architecture of Security and Trust between EU and Russia" (Comp. Supra), he didn't yet specify Which Organisation should undertake that Important Task :

- At First Sight, it might be the PanEuropean CoE, Headquarted in Strasbourg, where Russia is already a Member and USA an Observer. This may Fit quite Well the aspect of "Trust". But Questions might be raised on the "Security" side, since the CoE has No Competence on Military Issues, (while it has on Police, Terrorism, and Secret Services' related matters). AnOther Question is what would Turkey do inside a New Structure, Focused on the EU and Russia, while Ankara's presence in the CoE is notoriously an exceptional Remnant of the Old "Cold War" Back from 1949, obviously OutDated Nowadays. Perhaps, a CoE's "Special Agreement", open to EU Countries and Russia, might get some Adequate Clauses for the above-mentioned purposes.

- A more appropriate Structure for "Security" matters (Often proposed by Russia in the Past) is the OSCE, Based in Wien, which holds a direct Experience on such matters, (including, recently, in Ukraine, etc). But, inter alia, it also has USA as a Full Member, which is quite PreDominant inside that Oganisation, to the point that Many Claim that Nothing could Move inside the OSCE if the USA are Opposed.... Obviously, this is Not Adequate for a "Sovereign" Europe, according to Macron's wish, (Comp. Supra).

=> "Last" Possibility : Create a New PanEuropean Structure, (Associated, or not, to the CoE), "ad hoc" for the above-mentioned purposes, (Comp. Supra). Naturally, such a Solution could have the Advantage to be "Tailor-Made" for its main purpose.

- "Sometimes, "we'll have also to Invent New Formats, to be Innovative : We are Not Obliged to live with the Formats of our Grand Mothers, in a World which has Changed, sometimes at an Accelerated pace", observed Macron Today, (but withOut Specifying).

However, isn't there a Risk for excessive "Proliferation" of various International Organisations in Europe ?

=> Reply, perhaps, during Macron's expected Speech in CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, at the Beginning of October 2019 in Strasbourg, and/or at the subsequent Public Debate with MEPs.



According to Informed, but UnVerified yet, Sources, During the Top Political Meetings which Followed this Evening an initial Press Conference, at Bregancon Fortress, the French and Russan Sides would have made some Advances mainly on the Ukranian and Libyan Issues, etc, but Not yet on Syria, where the current Focus notoriously is on its North-Western "IDLIB" Region, full of Armed Groups of Islamists, close to Turkey's Borders, (Comp. Supra).

- In his Most OutSpoken Criticism on Russia Today, Macron surprisingly Denounced, right from the Start, what he claimed to be (according to Unspecified Sources), "a Civil Population under (Airplane) Bombings", with "Children being Killed", etc, as he said, expressing a "Profound Concern", and Urged to "respect a Cease-Fire".

- Meanwhile, the Syrian Government had already Criticized some apparently Similar Claims by a UN Official, Denouncing his Accusations as largely ill-based on "Fake" or InExistent Pseudo-"Facts", mainly provided by some Shady "NGO"s, and allegedly Non-Controlled sufficiently by the UNO, Calling the International Organisation to "Verify" its Sources, as it Claimed that it had Investigated several alleged Cases of Civilian Deaths after Bombings, but had Found that they did Not correspond at all to Real Facts, but, on the Contrary, sometimes, they were even Astonishingly Gross Lies, (f.ex. there was No School hit at a precise Day, or No Air Bombings had taken place at a precise Location, etc). In the Past, various such "Fake News", reportedly Abused as "Propaganda" by some Controversial NGOs related to Islamist Armed Groups had been Denounced and sometimes UnMasked in Other Cases in Syria, (f.ex. in Alepo, Ghoutta, etc).

"Eurofora" has Not enough Knowledge and/or Access to Trustworhy Information Sources in Syria, and even Less at Idlib, Neither enough Experience of that Situation on the spot there, in order to Judge a so potentialy Serious Matter.

- Russian President Vladimir Putin, Speaking Afterwards, observed, at First, the Fact that : "Before (recent) Agreements were Signed at Sochi on DeMilitarizing a part of Idlib, then, 50% of the Territory was Controlled by the Terrorists. Now it's 90 % !" Moreover, "there are Regular Raids from that Territory, and Transferts of Terrorists who operate in Other Regions of the World ... and that's very Dangerous", he Warned. To this are Added also "Many Attempts to Attack our (Rusian Military) Base, aussi from Idlib Zone. (While International Medias recently anounced the Fall of a Syrian Airplane, nearby, indicating that some Equip Islamist Terrorists even with Sophisticated Weapons : Shortly After that, the Syrian Army Bombed a Turkish Military Convoy, Heading to the South of Idlib, which was Accused to Bring Lethal Weapons to Islamist Rebels) => "That's why we Naturally Support the Syrian Army's efforts to put an End at this Terrorist Threat and Cut off any Terrorist activity from Idlib. We always said that the work against Terrorists in this area would Continue until it's Finished", he soberly concluded.

The Public part of Today's Franco-Russian Dialogue on Syria ends, practically, there, (Except from a Short Refernce by Macron on a "Political and Constitutional Agenda" due to be "Fixed" on the Syrian Issue). But the Above-mentioned Rumours about some alleged "Disagreements" on Syria (Comp. Supra), raise Legitimate Concerns.

=> Indeed, it appears Difficult to Understand Why there might be "a DisAgreement, Instead of More Cooperation on Syria", Nowadays, particularly since it seems to be a Rare Occasion for Europe, as USA Withdraws its Forces there, creating "a New Situation", (See: ..., etc), added to a Need to Face Islamist Terrorism, notoriously Threatening also Europe itself, as we've already seen Since 2015 up to 2019.

The Contrary could be an Old Remake of OutDated policies of the Past, curiously Opposed to the Main Thrust of Macron's overall Wish to Innovate by a closer EU-Russia Dialogue in a Joint Security Architecture (Comp. Supra).



- Macron Anounced, from the outset, that there are Also "Many Other International Issues on which we (France and Russia) are going to Work Together" Nowadays, (in Addition to Syria; Ukraine, Libya, Iran, etc); because "such Crisis lie at the Heart of the (forthcoming) G7 Summit, that France is currently Preparing" as its Chair, on which, "Russia has an absolutely UnAvoidable Role".

- Vladimir Putin, also, Warned that the Crisis explicitly Cited above, "are Not an Exhaustive List of the Issues due to be Adressed during our Talks", Later Today.

=> But Few, or Nothing yet, didn't Surface clearly enough about such "Other Issues", (particularly Regional Crisis or Conflcts), which may have been, indeed, Discussed during Today's extensive and particularly Important Franco-Russian Summit...

>>> However, since certain important "Regional Crisis" lie reportedly "at the Heart of the G7" forthcoming Summit (Comp. Supra), where "Energy" Issues are due to be Discussed, according also to "Bloomberg" Press Agency, while the New Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is due to meet with French President Macron, next Thursday in Paris, in order to reportedly echange also on "the South-Eastern Mediterranean" area, according +to BFMTV, where a notorious Conflict is Recently Evolving between Turkey's WarShips' Bullying and illegal Drilling inside EU Member Cyprus' EEZ, and Israel, Cyprus and Egypt's Growing off-shore Energy Sources underSea Findings, to the point that the Latest EU Summit in Brussels, on 6/2019, delared "Ready" to Impose "Sanctions" on Akara, (Comp., f.ex., also a : ... + ..., etc),

=> then, it cannot be excluded a priori, and it appears, on the contrary, both Natural and Probable, that the Topical and Important Issue of EU's Direct Energy Sypplies from that Booming South-Eastern Mediterranean Area, and particularly from EU Member Cyprus, notoriously Bullied brutally by Turkey, would be Discussed Today.

Indeed, Both France, Italy and USA, (among G7's Members) have some of their Big Companies currenly engaged in Energy Searching and/or Development there, (as, f.ex., TOTAL, ENI and EXXONMOBIL + NOBLE ENERGY, respectively).

As for French President and G7 Chairman Macron, he has personally a quite extensive Knowledge of that Topical Issue, after also Replying to relevant Questions raised by "Eurofora" f.ex. as Early as since 2015 in Strasbourg, followed on  2017, at Hamburg's "G20" Summit, (See, f.ex.:...+ ... + ..., etc), while we also Discussed that on 2018 in Paris, at an Event organized by the French Ministry of Defense (Comp., f.ex.: .., etc).


*CoE +...



On the Contrary, the current G7 and CoE's Chairman, French President Macron, was Prolific about Russian MEPs' recent Return Back to their previously Abandoned Seats inside CoE's Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) in Strasbourg, soon After he Succesfully brokered a Deal to Solve an UnPrecedented Deadlock since 2014 which had Recently Started to seriously Threaten the Paneuropean Organisation's work, including even on Human Rights, but Found, at last, a Positive Solution last June 2019, (as "Eurofora" had suggested and partly predicted long before)...

- Indeed,  "it's under the French Presidency of CoE's Committee of Ministers (May - November 2019), that We Found a Solution which allows Russia to Find anew its Place inside" Strasbourg's panEuropean Organisation, he boasted proudly, from the outset.

- "Because Russia is European, it also has its place inside the Europe of Values (i.e., basically, Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law), Macron stressed from the outset, Pointing at "France's (recent) struggle to Find a Useful and Pertinent Solution inside the CoE".

-  On the Contrary, "If we had lef things go even Worse inside the CoE, what would be the concrete Consequence ?", he wondered.  

=> "I think that, for Russia, it would mean to (Get Out and) Shut the Door. But for All those Russian Citizens who can, now, lodge an individual Application to the ECHR, it would be the End !" (This was also the main Argument of the Experienced, Out-Going, Twice CoE's Secretary General, Thornbjorn Jagland, former Prime Minister of Norway). "If we said (to Moscow) that "You don't have anything to do inside the CoE !", then, those who would do so, would Not Serve the Interests of the Citizens in Russia", Macron Denounced.

+ And those who Claim that "this serves at Nothing, there is No Impact", etc, UnderEstimate the Fact that If we let things go in that Direction, then, De Facto, this would Push this Great Power which is Russia, either to Isolation, or ... to a privileged dialogue with China, in a New GeoPolitical Situation, which would Not serve our (EU's) Interests...", he Warned.

 - "It's, by the way, in the name of this place (inside the CoE) that we Called, this Summer, upon Russia too, to Respect the Freedom of Demonstration, Expression, and Participation in Elections, as in All Countries in the CoE", Macron went on to add, (Curiously Ommitting to mention Turkey, which Jailed both Elected MPs and Mayors from the Kurdish Minority, repeatedly, arbitrarily, and for Too Long)... (+ See also Infra).


+ Vladimir Putin himself, Acknowledged, from the outset, that Russia is "Thankfull to France for what was Recently done in the CoE", and particularly "for this Will to make the Russian Delegation Return back (to PACE). I am Sure that this will allow to Build pertinent relations of Trust in the European Continent", he said, attributing also a key part of Macron's "New Architecture" to the CoE, (Comp. Supra).   

+ "Concerning the Importance that France has for Russia : In general, France is a Key Partner for us. ... Moreover, France is a Nuclear Power, and plays an Important role when Decisions on International Relations are taken" ,  f.ex., inter alia, also ""concerning the Return of Russia Back into the COE", where "France played a very Important Role, the Key Role", as he Recognized.

=> In consequence, "we consider our Relations with France as a matter of Primordial Importance", Putin concluded.


An Interesting Dialogue on Human Rights' recent affairs, both in Russia and in France, followed afterwards :

+ However, the Russian President also Replied to a French Journalist's Criticism, (related also to a Macron's own Critical Observation, Comp. Supra), "On the Arrested Dissidents : You Know that there will be Elections soon, including in Moscow City".

- "Back on 2014 there were 114 Persons Not Accepted by the Electoral Commission. This Time there are 57 Persons not accepted. Because they committed blatant Violations of Electoral Law : They Falsified Signatures, according to the Electoral Commission".

- "There are Legal possibilities to Remedy to that : F.ex. to lodge an application at a Court. There are Precedents where People initially excluded, were afterwards auhorized to participate to those - Elections. There is also the Possibility to Demonstrate Peacefully".

- "But Nobody has the Right to Violate this Peaceful process, Start a Violent Quarrel, Attack other Peuple", etc.

- "However, in this case, they attacked one another, and; may be, there were some reasons for the Police to intervene".

 + "By the way, it doesn't happen only to Russia"...

 - "I'm Invited by President Macron, and, therefore, Embarassed to have to say that, but you know that in France too, Recently were Demonstrations by "Yellow Jackets", with Many Dozens of People Wounded", he reminded, (evoking notororious cases of Eyes or Hands Destroyed, by Police FashBalls Guns, Gas Grenades, etc).

=> - "We don't want such incidents to be repeated in Russia's Capital", Putin concluded.


    + Macron intervened, at this point, trying "to Distinguish between the Situations in France and in Russia", as he said :

- "What is important, is that, when someone has accepted certain Treaties, he has to Respect them. And we have Both Accepted International Agreements where the Freedoms of Expression, Demonstration and/or Participation in Elections are recognized in a Democracy".

- That's why, by the way, France also expressed, this Summer, its concern, for People in Russia to be able to participate in Elections, etc., because there were incidents, including of Jailings, etc".

 - "President Putin observed that there were, recently, (in France) incidents during which Demonstrators were Wounded, sometimes Seriously. Even Policemen were wounded", Macron added.

- "Nevertheless, France always Respected its Obligations, vis a vis Both its National Legislation, and the European Court of Human Rights, where everyone can lodge an application. And the Freedom of Demonstration was Respected", he found. But, "When some launched Attacks against the Public Order, it had to be Defended", he justified.

- However, "in France, some "Yellow Jackets" afterwards presented themselfs to Elections, f.ex. they went to EU Parliament's Elections, and they will, probably, go also to Local Elections. I think that it's good to do so, because that Reduces Conflicts."  

 - "Simply we canNot Accept that they provoke Damages and Attack the Public Order, because that is against Other People's Rights", he Warned.

- "This makes a Difference between the 2 Cases...", (of Russia and France), Macron claimed.  

- "As CoE's Members, the Point is to take care so that People can Demonstrate Freely and Participate to Elections", the French President stressed in conclusion.

- "That's precisely what We are doing !" (in Russia), Vladimir Putin reacted after that.

- F.ex., "Twice, on July and August, there were Massive Demonstration, by People who wanted to Express their views in that way, which were previously Declared and Authorized, and took place Normaly", he observed.

=> "It's in This Way that I wish for things to take place in Future, Both in our Country and in Others, withOut Excess, Neither Violence", Putin Concluded, in fine of the press conference.


+ Earlier, Macron had reacted vis a vis a purely Negative and Repeated Criticism against Russia by a strange French Journalist, in order to basically Defend Moscow :

- "You evoked what President Putin had Earlier said, in an Interview, on Liberal Democracies, (it's up to him to eventually Explain in more Details his way of thinking). By the way, i think that, Behind the Word "Liberal", many put some Realities which are Not the Same" :

- "Russia has a History with what we call "Political Liberalism", i.e. "the Europe of the Enlightnement. That is to say, a Belief to a Free and Rational Individual" person. "Russia Believes in that. Or I must Revise by Historic Knowledge... I can't Forget the special Relationship that Emperor Catherine had with so many French Philosophers. And I spoke, earlier, of such personalites as  Dostoyevski, Soltzenysin, etc., who made so that Russia became a Great Power of the EnLightnement", Macron advanced.

- Therefore, "Russia stands inside what we call "Political Liberalism", and it has even a relation with "Economic Liberalism", he went on to add.

=> - "It's much more on "Social" Issues, what we call "the Moral" Issues, ("Moeurs" in the Original in French) that They (Russians) might have some DisAgreements" with the West : - "They have a Degree of Conservatism, which is Not the Same" with France a.o., Macron Critically pointed out...

>>> However, Behind that, in fact, may lie Hidden but Crucial Today "Bio-Ethical" Issues... Such as, f.ex., Natural Marriage, between a Man and a Woman, and/or Natural Births of their own Children, instead of Controversial and UnPopular "Marriages" between Homosexuals, added to Submission of Children to the Power of Homosexuals under Pretext of "Adoption", or Artificially Fabricated Children, through various Tchnologies (IVF, etc) which Expose them to Risks of Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, Dangerous for Health and even More Risky against all Humankind's Future, in case of possible Abuses by some unscrupulous, petty Technocrats.

 => - But that's, precisely, what, unexpectedly made Russia (and particularly Vladimir Putin) Popular even among USA's Conservative People, as well as in France and elsewhere, during Recent Years (Since 2013-2019) !...










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Former "Green-Red" German government's Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer's job at the controversial Turkish pipeline "Nabucco" was denounced as "not proper", "very bad", and "incompatible with Democracy", by the new President of EU Parliament's EuroLeft Group, German Lothar Bisky, replying to an "EuroFora" question.

For once, criticism of Joschka Fischer's doings with Turkey affecting Europe, didn't come only from the Center-Right of the political spectrum, but even from his Left side : The experienced Bisky, who has been chairing all over 1993-2009 the PDS - Die Linke party :  

- "Former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer got involved in dealings with oil-gaz business in a foreign country, Turkey, and its controversial Nabucco pipeline. This raises questions about Democracy, also because of the well known problems of Human Rights violations in that country. Do you thing that this might be abused in order to cover up and close EU's eyes on Human Rights violations ?", "EuroFora" asked Bisky.


- "Nabucco pipeline is (only) at the planning stage". And "there are some difficulties",  he observed from the start. But "'I don't want to get into the details of Nabucco pipeline, because I don't think that there is any point for it at the moment".
At any case,  "we  (EU Parliament's EuroLeft Group) strongly believe that Politicians should not get involved in the Energy Business, and all these commercial transactions", President Bisky declared on the Joschka Fiischer's affair.

- "We feel that it's something that shouldn't be done. It's not proper !"           

- "We don't think that it's compatible with Democracy either, and it gets politics into a very Bad track", Bisky went on to denounce.
- "EuroLeft  and "Die Linke" always spoke against that, saying that politicians should not get directly into the arms of private enterprises"

- "It is pretty bad if a former Minister takes a job f.ex. in a major Energy producer. So, it's an issue if a Minister who may have seen excellent opportunities, subsequently gets personally grasp of them, in very serious parts of the economy, once he has given up his (Government) job."

- "It doesn't really make politics in general look any better'", Bisky concluded.


Earlier, this week in Strasbourg, other Journalists had also raised critical questions on former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer's involvement in the conroversial Turkish Nabucco pipeline to the President of his own EuroParty : Kohn-Bendit of the "Greens", who, contrary to Bisky, tried to find excuses for Fischer, while criticizing his long-time partner, Schroeder for having done a similar move :

- "Shroeder was chancellor", and he "negociated" with "Russians", who gave him a job only "3 Months" after he resigned from the Government. While "Joschka Fischer", on the contrary, got a job with the controversial Turkish Nabucco pipeline only "4 Years after" he left the Government. "He didn't negociate Nabucco", so I have "no objection", Kohn Bendit claimed.

But, many Facts indicate the contrary :

Joschka Fischer was Foreign Minister in Germany from 1999 up to 2005 : I.e. from the year that EU took the controversial decision to give Turkey a "Candidate" status, until he year it started controversial "accession negotiations, (later declared "open-ended" after Sarkozy-Merkel's arrival from 2005-2007).

During that period was prepared the controversial so-called "Annan" Plan (in fact, drafted by others and attributed afterwards to the former UN SG) on Cyprus, which failed after a Popular Referendum said "No" on 2004 with a large Majoriy of 3/4 : 75%. Mainly because it was criticized for making too much concessions to the Turkish side :  Particularly by restricting Greek Cypriot Refugees' Human Right to return to their ancestral Land and/or get restitution of their Familiy Homes and private properties, usurpated by Ankara's Army since the 1974 militay invasion and continuing occupation of the northern part of Cyprus. And by weakening the Central Government, leaving to 2 "constituent States" so much powers and separate interests that more conflicts appeared inevitable, provoking the danger of a break-down in the foreseable future, with more crisis, troubles, perhaps bloodshed, etc., instead of creating an harmoniously integrated, really one federal State.

The controversial Plan was finalized on March-April 2004 at Burgenstock (Switzerland), curiously in the presence of an Envoy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, then governed by Joschka Fischer, but in the absence of a French and not even an European Union's Envoy, contrary to what was usually practiced on similar occasions in Switzerland (fex. in 1997 at Montreux, in 2000 at Geneva, etc).

Turkey notoriously exploited the failure of the "Annan" Plan in order to convince the EU to decide to start accession Negotiations on December 2004. This provoked an unprecedented series of Institutional Crisis inside the EU, shortly afterwards, when French and Dutch People rejected, 2 popular EuroReferenda by a majority "'No" vote to the EU Constitutional Treaty on 2005, aggraveted in 2004 a Majority Abstention to EU Elections, etc., followed by the recent Irish "No", etc.

"Nabucco" Gas pipeline was notoriously planned since ..2002. It follows an even earlier idea, for an Oil pipeline Baku-Ceyhun, which started to be prepared on 1999-2001 and was meanwhile recently completed.  

So, facts indicate that what is now at stake is based on decisions made during Joschka Fischer's term as former Foreign Minister, closely interested in Turkey's controversial EU-bid.

To the point that he now practically ...switched jobs with a poliician from Turkey, (the State which pays today openly Joschka Fischer), Mr. Ozdemir, who came earlier in Germany, got fast the nationality, and became EiuroMP in a few years, continuing now as head of the "Greens" in Germany, i.e. in Joschka's former job !...

Such astonishing facts risk, unfotunately, to give to German politician Lothar Bisky's criticism of  representative Democracy a topical meaning :

 - "We (EuroLeft Group) think that what is really at stake is Democracy. It's not only about Gas Pipelines or Energy sources", President Lothar Bisky went on to add in his reply to "EuroFora"'s question on Joscka Fischer's personal interests in the controversial Turkish "Nabuco" pipeline.

Such facts, "make People get more distance from Politics. ...People had had enough, and they are fed up !".

- "That's why we (EuroParliament's "EuroLeft" Group) want to strengthen Direct Democracy in Europe. Citizens should be involved in the (EU) Decision-making. In the end of the day, it's not going to help anyone if Politicians are always taking decisions, without involving Citizens. We want to give a voice to the People of Europe. They've got to have their say in the decisions that are taken. That's one of our absolutely fixed and steadfast views. We want more Direct Democracy in Europe. That's how it can become more effective and stronger", he concluded.




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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