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EU must Protect Syrian Kurds who Fought ISIS Terror, that Turkey Exploited,+Launched 3 Invasions

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 09 October 2019

(Turkey Starts Bombing Syrian Kurdish Cities-CBS-AFP-Getty+Eurofora screenshot)-

*Strasbourg/NewsViewPoint/- Europe has a unique Chance, but also Duty, and even Urgent Need, to Efficiently Protect those Syrian Kurds (of the "Democratic Syrian Forces") who are notoriously Threatened to be Soon Attacked by a Military Intervention of Turkey's Troops and its Armed Lackeys, After the Withdrawal of USA's Soldiers accross the Northern Borders of Syria, where Destructive Bombardments, Demolitions, and other Attacks by Ankara's Troops have reportedly Started already.


(Turkish Bombings on Syrian Kurds -AlJazeera 9/10/2019 +Eurofora screenshot- YPG have reportedly asked for a "Non-Fly Zone", while USA's Pentagon claimed that Air Operations' Data Flows have been Stopped for Turkish Military Airplanes inside Syria)


Turkey has notoriously Profited from ISIL's and Other Deadly Islamist Terrorists Cowardly Targetting also Civilian People, while also obviously Aiming to Invade a part of Syria's Land, already Since the Beginning of that Country's crisis, as they did Recently at Peaceful Afrin's Kurdish District. On the Contrary, Syrian Kurds have Risked their Lives to Fight Succesfully against ISIL's Terror, and have Focused Mainly on ReOrganizing their Ancestral Region.

Syria is Europe's Neighborhood, and Not USA's, so that Europeans are First to be Affected by what is happening in that Country.

Both the (recent and not really finished) spread of Deadly Islamist Terrorism, Cowardly Targetting also many Civilian People, and the (almost Synchronous and Parallel) 2015-2016+ Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants' Crisis, threatening to Revive Nowadays, Strongly Affected Europe, by Events related, in one way or another, mainly to Syria, which is adjacent to EU Member Country Cyprus, and near Growing Oil/Gas Findings at the South-Eastern Mediterrean Deep Sea Area, between Cyprus, Israel and Egypt, (which can Soon start DIRECT Energy Transports towards the EU, without being obliged to Transit through Any Other, 3rd Foreign Country, thanks, f.ex., to New Technology of Liquefied Gas, and/or "East-Med" Pipeline project, Sponsored by the EU, etc).

Moreover, Jailed ISIS' and dangerous Deadly Islamist Terrorists currently Imprisoned in that Northern Syria's area, until now Supervised by USA's Forces, after being Cought by the Kurdish-led "Syrian Democratic Forces", canNot be entrusted to Turkey, which has, notoriously, Profited (GeoPoliticaly and even Economicaly) from ISIS' and Other Armed Islamist Gangs' Terror during too Many Years.

If anybody had to Replace USA's Protection of Syrian Kurds against ISIS, it's only well Organized European Forces which could really do that.  

By a Timely Coincidence,  Reality raised that Topical Issue, as Incoming, New EU's High Representative for External Action, Experienced former EU Parliament's President, Josep Borrell, speaking to EU Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, in Brussels, Urged to Boost EU's Capacity to Deploy on the Ground not just 35.000 Soldiers across the World, (as it does Nowadays), but almost the Double : 60.000, (as he said, Denouncing the Non-Implementation yet, of such an EU Plan, Drafted Since ... 1999 !), while also Using more Efficiently, by Better Coordination, those "€ 260 Billions" Currently spend on Defense by EU Member States, i.e. about "More than China, much More than Russia, and second only to the USA" : - "We Have the Instruments to play Power politics", so that "We should reinforce EU's International Role and further our Military Capacity to Act". For that purpose, "the EU has to be more Operational on the Ground" and "Ready to Deploy Forces, Starting with our Neighbourhood”, he pointed out.


But, if it's only to Let the Turkish Army Invade and Occupy a "Zone" inside Syria, which extends accross the Syrian-Turkish Borders, while EU might be Reduced Only into Controlling a Southern Area, where ISIL's former "Capital" Raqqa etc. was, i.e. Practically letting Ankara ...Expulse the Kurds from their Ancestral Lands, where they were Living for Thousands of Years, since the Ancient Times of Xenophon, and "Replace" them with Turkey's Islamized Lackeys and Armed Gangs, so that EU Soldiers would Serve Only as a "Bunker" Covering that Turkish Military Occupation from Any contact with the Syrian Government's Army, that is to say : Diminishing  EU's role into Serving what was Turkey's notorious Aim from the Beginning of the Syrian Crisis, then, ...it's Better Not to do Anything of that kind, and Keep it Clean, Out of, and Far Away from such kind of Dirty Tricks !

In that case, Syrian Kurds would have No Other Choice, in fact, than to Unite, in one way or another, with the Syrian National Government of Assad Junior, who has Recently started to progressively ReUnite the Country, with Russia's Help. Relevant Statements, not excluding such Developments, already Started to be reportedly made, by Both Sides, during this Week.

Both an Urgent EU and/or Syrian Government's moves, could and should Provide elementary Guarantees to Turkey that this Syrian Kurdish Area will Not be used as a Backyard for Any Eventual "Attacks", by Other Groups, against it in the Future, so that Ankara's alleged Claim clearly Stops to be abused as a Hollow Pretext.

Already, such Attempts to better Secure the Syrian - Turkish Borders were reportedly made, during Last Summer, with several Concrete Measures, Together with USA and Syrian Kurds, (including, f.ex., Demolitions of some Border Fortifications, Bridges, etc), but Ankara found that insufficient, and wants to Transfer mainly its Lackeys among various Islamists' Armed Gangs from Idlib Area a.o. to Syrian Kurds' Ancestral Land.


+ Meanwhile, Syrian Kurds suddenly acquired an unexpected, (Symbolic but Real) Importance in Europe's core Nation of France, as it emerged Nowadays, after French President Emmanuel Macron's speech at a Paris' Ceremony on the Brutal Killing of 4 Police Officers in their Offices by an Islamized and Radicalized Technician from Guadeloupe, Hired in Paris' Police Headquarters, but whose Strange Behavior, Conversion to Islam, and Cynical Remarks even on "Charlie Hebdo" Journalists' Massacre since 2015, had, Scandalously, not Alerted those Responsible to Track potentialy Dangerous Radical, until he was Shot down by a New Recruit : Macron launched a Call for All the People, of any origin or confession, to get United in a decisive Fight against the "Islamist Hydra" of Deadly Islamist Terrorism's Divisive Manipulations.

>>> But, Who else in the World has Already Succeeded to do so, unless the ... Syrian Kurds ? Indeed, inside their "Rojava" Region of Northern Syria, amidst Turkish and ISIL's threats, added to Saddam's Regime, they are, until now, the Only one who have Managed to Bring and Keep Together Atheists, Christians (f.ex. Yazidi, Armenians, etc), Arabs, Muslims (Suni and Shia), Kurds, and Various Other Communities, Refugees and Local People, etc., (while also promoting Womens' Rights, decisively but without excess), inside their quite Original Socio-Political Regime, using a Collective Ideology, and Referencesto a Rich Ancient History, which seems to Work in Real Practice, Despite (or, rather, Because of) all the Threats and Risks around them Nowdays, (including ISIS' main Armed Gangs who were Attacking them right from the start) !

=> In Consequence, wouldn't it be obviously Interesting for Nowadays Europe and others in the World, currently Seeking Urgently an Efficient Way to Bring and Keep United Together all their People against such an "Islamist Hydra"'s Deadly Divisions and Terrorism, as President Macron Denouncerd Today (Comp. Supra), to just have a Look on How those Syrian Kurds really Managed to do so, even amidst the Worst and most Dangerous Circumstances, in order to Find and be Inspired by the Best Workable Practical Solutions to this Topical and Vital Issue ?

Indeed, mutatis-mutandis, after all, Perhaps, (with that Rare, if not Unique workable Example Nowadays, almost in the vicinity), they might Help us, in Fact, much More than We (Europeans) could Help them...






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