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EUParliament BREXIT Coordinator Verhofstadt to EF on House of Commons' No Solution Negative Trap

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 18 September 2019



*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- Replying to "Eurofora"s Questions, at his Press Conference in Strasbourg, after a Long MEPs' Debate on BREXIT, EU Parliament's Coordinator on that Topical Issue, Experienced former Prime Minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt, slamed the Strange and UnPopular Behavior of UK's National Partliament at Westminster, (the House of Commons), regarding the UK - EU Attempts to Find a Deal on BREXIT, as always "Negative", and "Not Solving Anything", and Vowed that, on the Contrary, EU Parliament would Keep a Crystal-clear stance, taking and keeping foreseable positions.


"Eurofora" asked Verhofstadt if he felt the current Risk for Brittish People to Lose Trust in their own Parliament, with even more Dangerous repercussions to the rest of Europe, considering a Lack of Clear Positions reflecting Citizens' various wishes, as many had already observed, (including, f.ex., EU Commission's President Juncker, at a Recent Press Conference at an EU Summit in Brussels, etc), and whether EU Parliament might Help to Alleviate such Risks, in one way or another.


It's a Fact that, this outgoing House of Commons, (Both under Theresa May and Boris Johnson as Prime Ministers), among others, f.ex., has already Refused Both several (Real or Hypothetic) Deals, and a No Deal BREXIT, as well as to hold Democratic Elections now, in order to let the People decide themselves inside Time Deadlines, seeking to Keep the Government even Longer "in limbo", withOut any known Solution in Sight...


 - Indeed "...We (EU Parliament) were very Disappointed that there wasn't yet any Majority in the House of Commons in Favor of something... There was Only Against !", Denounced Verhofstadt from the outset.

- "In Contrast to that, I'm very Pleased that EU Parliament has a Clear Position, with a Huge Majority, on Everyone of the Topics that are on the Table : (f.ex.) Concerning the Withdrawal Agreement, concerning Citizens' Rights, concerning the Backstop in Ireland, (and) on the Future (EU-UK) Relationship there is a  Clear Opinion".

(On that Last, but Important point, he has just observed, however, that such a "Future Relationship"... "Can be Tiny", "or Huge", particularly if t includes f.ex. Foreign Policy and Security/Defense" matters, etc)...

=> So that "We (EU Parliament, Contrary of the House of Commons) are Not Falling into the Trap of Negative Majorities, which, in fact, are Not Solving Anything !", he Denounced, in Conclusion.



+ Meanwhile, however, the Brittish Ambassador/Permanent Representative at the PanEuropean CoE, Headquartered in Strasbourg, appeared to Feel in Good Mood, inside that kind of Organisation, (Historically Created also with the Support of Winston Churchil...), as a relevant "Eurofora" Photo, taken during Today's Ceremony on the Change of Command between outgoing and incoming Secretary General (Jagland of Norway, and Buric from Croatia, respectively), at the Anniversary of "70 Years" since CoE's Establishment (1949-2019), while EU Parliament was Debating BREXIT, clearly shows...

He was speaking of a Surprizing but Real phenomenon that "Eurofora" had Already spoted since Juncker's Election, Back on 2014.

+ Moreover, just Yesterday, at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, I felt that, paradoxically, (BREXIT Party Leader and Top MEP) Farage seems to be in very Good Terms with (EU Commission's President) Juncker, the UK Ambassador bitterly Joked, as far as EU Matters are concernced...  

Nigel Farage, indeed, has already expressed, initially to "Eurofora", (Replying to one of Our Questions), shortly after the 2016 Referendum on BREXIT, during an EU Summit in Brussels, that he would even be interested, as a possible Future MP at the House of Commons, to take part into CoE's Parliamentary Assembly activities in Strasbourg, (See : ..., etc). Later, he Confirmed that, Even to Other Journalists, here, mutatis mutandis...




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In a last-minute, surprise move, New EU Chairman, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, anounced a proposal in Strasbourg to open an EU Parliament debate on Europe's Identity in the ranup to 2009 Election :

    - "I am conscious of the fact that there is, today, a real Crisis on Europe's
Identity", he replied earlier to a question by Greek MEP Ioanis Varvitsiotes, who had asked him to "advance beyond those who don't really want a Political Europe",

    - "Why not a real Debate on what is Europe's Identity ?", proposed
Sarkozy, in this regard.

    -  "EU Parliament could organize such Debates", he suggested :"It's
better for EU Parliament, than for National Governments, or EU Commission, to
define what is the European Identity", the French President proposed.

    A diplomatic way to avoid obstacles by some Governments and/or some Brussels' bureacrats, reportedly opposed to really free and popular, critical European debates on hot political issues..

    Sarkozy brillantly won the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in France in 2007, in the line of the principles anounced at an important Speech in Strasbourg, February 2007, about a Political Europe, and a European Identity on issues which matter to the People.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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