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CoE: Deep Concern as Turkey Blocks Investigation on Murders of Isaak+Solomou since ECHR Condemnation

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 09 June 2021
*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- CoE s Highest body, its Committee of Ministers, expresssed, Today, its "Deep Concern" for Turkey's obvious reluctance, all these years to Find and Punish those Responsible for the Brutal Killings of  Greek-Cypriot Protesters, Isaak and Solomou, in broad daylight and in public, since 1996 until now (i.e. during 25 Years !), despite strong Condamnations by ECHR.

Ankara claimed that it would be practically impossible to do so, but Cyprus replied that Turkey didn"t even try to really Investigate those killings, and CoE denounced that the so-called Turkish "Investigations" were "Clearly Insufficient".

Isaak was viciously attacked by a Mob of Turkish and Turkish- Cypriot Extremists, who threw him down and crashed his Head, while he had just arrived at Cyprus' "Green (Buffer) Zone" concluding a Collective Demonstration of Motocyclists, "from Berlin to Nicosia", to protest against Dividing Walls, soon after the German Peaceful ReUnification, (prelude of those for all Europe), hoping something similar also for Cyprus, anachronicaly still Divided since the 1974 Turkish Military Invasion and Occupation of the island s Northern Territories.  

Solomou was Killed by GunShots, when, in an emotional Protest for the Lynchage of Isaak (who was his relative) he tried, later, to Climb on a post to lower the Turkish Flag, receiving Deadly Bullets targetting his Head, instead of being simply arrested, or hit to his feet... 

CoE's Ministers also Asked Turkey "What Measures ere deployed" in order to Investigate, at last, those 2 Brutal Murders, "taking also into account the  Comprehensive contemporaneous Evidence cited in (ECHR)s Judgements", (since Both took place in front of Hundreds of Eye-Witnesses, with Photos, Cameras, Videos, etc).

 But, Regretfully, CoE's political body did Not Yet found that the Time has come to, at last, pronounce a Sanction versus Turkey's  blatant Contempt of ECHR's Judgements in so Brutal Violations of Human Rights, risking to put into Doubt the PanEuropean Organisation"s Credibility...


("Draft News")

 (NDLR: A Series of Cyber-Attacks, at an Exceptionaly Important Moment of Overload in Crucial Issues to investigate and treport on them. Hindered us from making a fully-fledged Article).



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* Paris, Elysee, June 14, 2008.

Forthcoming EU Chairman, French President Nikolas Sarkozy, created a surprise by declaring that the challenge of the Irish "No" to the EU Treaty, stimulates his belief that we must immediately change the way Europe is built.

A difficult but fascinating task, that he intends to accomplish in the next 6 Months, during which he will analyse developments 3 times to EU Parliament in Strasbourg, on July, October and December 2008.

But Agenda obliged to give a first reply to Questions raised by the Irish Referendum, on the sidelines of a Press Conference with USA President GWBush, in Paris' Elysee palace, Saturday :


Sarkozy's reply was twofold :

First, the Franco-German position is that EU must make sure "that the Irish Incident does not become a Crisis". Ratification must continue, after 18 EU Member States, also to the rest, as UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown promised.

But, pointing at deeper causes, Sarkozy also criticized bureaucratic "sabotage" of Europe's "founding fathers" original dream. The move reminded his Historic February and July 2007 speaches in Strasbourg on Europe's future, joining criticism to a call for EU's Renaissance, which now became urgent :



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