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Turkey Invasion Kills Future Syria party Head but Boomerangs: US/EU/Arab Sanctions +Damas-Kurds Deal

Written by ACM
Sunday, 13 October 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- A "Dreamer" was Killed, but her Dream may, perhaps, Become Reality, after Turkey's Military Invasion of Syrian Kurdish Region appears to have BackFired, triggering "Boumerang" Reactions from Europe, USA, and Arab Ligue, the Syrian Government itself, etc, since the Brutal Killings of Civilian People, including "Future Syria" party SG, Hevrin Khalef, and ISIS Deadly Terorists-linked Prisoners' first Escapes from Syrian Kurdish Camps.



 PanEuropean CoE was the 1st to React on Saturday from Strasbourg, followed by an "Arab League'"s Foreign Ministers' strongly worded Communiqué from Cairo also Yesterday, various Critical USA Political Statements until Now, and a Crystal-clear Franco-German Leaders' position this Sunday, Day of a landmark Damas - Kurds Deal to Protect Syrian Borders facing Turkey,



just after a Convoy of Civilians and Journalists at the Syrian Kurdish Region was Bombed by Turkey's Forces, making 10 to 14 more Killed, according to French a.o. Medias, earlier Today.



Hevrin Khalef, the Young Woman, 35 y.o., Leader of the New, 2018-Founded, "Future Syria" Party, was Murdered by Turkish Forces, who Ambushed, Attacked and Killed also her Driver and other persons, after Stopping her convoy at the Central Highway of the Syrian Kurdish Region "M4".  


- She was "Working to Unite Arabs, Christians and Kurds in North-Eastern Syria", stressed Brett McGurk, USA's Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS" Deadly Islamist Terrorists, also under President Trump, (until 12/2018, when he Resigned, precisely because he Disagreed on the Withdrawal of US Forces cooperating with that Syrian Kurdish Region).

 - "We, as the Future Syria Party, will ... interact... with the People to restore the spirit of Tolerance... We will reach out to All Political Forces, after Defeating ISIS, to find a political Solution to solve the Syrian Crisis", she had, indeed, Announced on 2019.


   Thus, Hevrin Khalef's socio-Political Horizon, Topicaly reminds, inter alia, also French President Emmanuel Macron's Recent Call for All People, of "Different Confessions", to Unite Together, in Civil Society, in order to Fight Against that "Hydra of Islamist" Radicalisation, as he stressed after a Deadly Attack at French Police's HQ in Paris., by an Infiltrated Extremist, who Cowardly attacked with a Knife and Killed his Collegues inside their Offices, during Lunchtime, before being Stopped by the Gun of a New Recrue.




   The Brutal Murder of that Top Syrian Kurdish Politician, who was also Member of the Governance for the "Syrian Democratic Council", and the "Syrian Democratic Forces", was announced almost at the Same Day that Many News had surfaced about Various Horrible Incidents of more than 40 Civilian People having being Killed, during the First Days, (and much more Wounded) by the Invading Turkish Forces, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights NGO, (London),  by several "Field Executions", "Snipers" fire, "Targeting", "Gunshot/GunFire", etc, in Addition to many cases of "Rocket Shelling", Airplane "Bombing", etc. Victims reportedly include also other "Women", "Elders", "Children", "Female Child", etc. (+ See Also Infra, for Fresh, UpDated News).



+ Moreover, the Turkish Military Invasion with several Bombings, provoked Panic forcing the Evacuation of a Major Hospital, managed by "Doctors without Borders" NGO, at Tel Abyad, soon Followed also by the Evacuation of anOther Hospital at the Neighbouring Ras al-Ain city. Later on, it's also 2 Kurdish Red Crescent Ambulances which were Hijacked, on their way to Gire Spi. Meanwhile, it's even Clean Water, Popular Infrastructures, which were, reportedly Damaged by the Turkish Bombarment in that Syrian Kurdish Region, according to OCHA, the UNO's Humanitarian body, particularly in the Hassakeh area. So that 191.000 Refugees had been Displaced to Raqqa and Hassakah Districts, Away from the Turkish Borders, according to TASS and Al HadathTV.



   ++ In Parallel, an ISIS' Bomb Attack exploded a Car in Quamishli City, Killing 4 Civilian People, while Turkish Army's Shelling Killed many other Civilians there, including 3 Children, according to the Syrian Press Agency SANA, almost at the Same Time that the Turkish Army Bombarded even a Prison for ISIS' Islamist Terrorists there, and some of Attempted to Escape, while 4 or 5 reportedly managed to do so. Later on, it's also Near Ain Issa City, that anOther Series of Turkish Air Attacks around a Camp for ISIS' Terrorists' Parents, that Many (reportedly almost 700) Inmates managed to Escape, while that Facility, allegedly Damaged, was Afterwards Closed.


=> It's in such Conditions that, Yesterday, on Saturday, 12 October 2019,  COE's PanEuropean Assembly's President, Liliane Maury-Pasquier, a Socialist MEP from Switzerland, launched a "Call on Turkey to put an End to a Military operation that has Already produced Serious Humanitarian Consequences, and represents a real Danger of Violation of International Standards for the protection of Human rights", as she Warned.

+ At the same time, Pasquier Also reminded all CoE Member States' (i.e. including Turkey) Obligation, whenever involved in Military Operations, to "take all necessary Precautions to Avoid Harm to the thousands of Civilians who are Trapped in the Middle of Air Strikes and Ground Fighting, in accordance with their obligations under International Humanitarian Law". As well as to Respect "the Sovereignty, independence, Unity and Territorial Integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic", according to "the Positions .. contained in Resolution 2298 (2019) about "the situation in Syria".

Significantly, that CoE's Helsinki Resolution, of May 2019, drafted by Experienced former Foreign Minister and President of PACE's Political Affairs Committee, MEP Dora Bakoyannis, ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP from Greece, Focuses on Human Rights and  Sovereignity/Territorial Integrity of Syria, as well as on Conflict Resolution and mechanisms for Political Transition towards a Democratic, Post-War Syria.    

    ++ Meanwhile, just a Day Earlier, 47-Member States strong (including Russia) CoE's Assembly Rapporteur on Islamist Terrorist ISIS' "Foreign Fighters and their Families' Returning from Syria ... to COE's Member States", a ChristianDmocrat/EPP Dutch MEP, Pieter Omtzigt, reacting to the Withdrawal of US Military Forces from Northern Syria, and the subsequent Military Incursion by Turkish Forces,

=> Clearly stressed that "the Turkish Military Incursion into northern Syria should be Halted, and in No circumstances should it be allowed to Jeopardise the Continued Detention of ISIS  Combatants", which is "Currently Assured By the Syrian Democratic Forces (of Syrian Kurds) that Turkey is Attacking,”    

- Because, "If these detainees Escape, they represent a Serious Threat to regional and International security". In partcular, at least 4,000 are from CoE member States (47, including Russia), and they would pose a Grave Danger to our societies, should they Escape and Return Unsupervised.”, Omtzigt Warned.


++ Meanwhile, speaking to CIS (Former USSR) Heads of State/Government, that Same Day, (October 11), at Ashgabat, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Warned about "a New Threat" Following Turkey's Military Intervention in Syria's Kurdish Region, according to TASS Press Agency :

 - ""=There are areas in Northern Syria where ISIS had active Militants. Kurdish units used to keep an Eye on those Areas, but now that Turkish troops are Entering the Region, they [ISIS' Militants] May just Flee Away", Because "I'm Not Sure that the Turkish army will be able to take Control of the situation, and Wuickly," Putin criticially observed.

- Indeed, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff, there are Hundreds if not Thousands of Militants in the Area. "If we talk about CIS Countries, it is a real Threat to us all. Where will they [the Militants] go ? Will they go Deeper into Syria, to Areas that No one Controls, and then Move to other ountries of the region via Iran? We should ...muster our Intelligence Resources to Thwart this New Threat," Putin Urged, addressing CIS' Leaders.



However, Surprisingly, one of the Strongest-worded Reactions to Turkey's Military Invasion a Syria's Kurdish Region, was, UnExpectedly, that of the "Arab League", convoked for an Exceptional Foreign Ministerial Summit, in Cairo, Egypt, and Chaired by Iraq, on Saturday, October 12, 2019 :

- Clearly Denouncing the Turkish "INVASION of an Arab State's Land, and ...AGGRESSION OF its SOVEREIGNITY", which raises also "a Direct THREAT" to Arab National Security", (Comp. Supra, f.ex., among others, also on ISIS-related Issues, etc), the Arab League's Foreign Ministers urge also UNO's Security Council to add its own Pressure towards "ENDING the AGGRESSION, and (for) the IMMEDIATE and UNCONDITIONAL WITHDRAWAL OF TURKEY from ALL of SYRIA's LAND", (i.e. Also from Afrin's District : Comp. ..., etc).

    => For that Purpose, the Arab League considers to undertake various Diplomatic and Economic "Measures" against Turkey, including on the Investment, Cultural and Tourism sectors, Even "Military Cooperation to Confront the Turkish Aggression", according to an official Statement.

    Only Qatar and Somalia expressed some "Reservations", (Both given their Special Relation to Turkey, which supports the 1st with its Army, and the 2nd by some Money, while the Qataris have been, Notoriously, Accused -even by the USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt- Recently, to be Linked with Islamist Radicals/Extremists).

    On the Contrary, Both Iraq and Lebanon asked on 2019 for the Arab League to Give Back to Syria its Membership, Suspended on 2011, (which would Require certain Measures from Damas).


    => Turkey's Reaction to the above-mentioned, Strong Decision adopted by the Arab League was quite Comic, since Ankara claimed to Unilaterally ..."Condemn" (sic !) Alone, the Arab Countries' Collective stance...


 Meanwhile, in the USA, things appeared to be Evolving too, in one way or another, particularly on this Sunday :

 - F.ex., at the Pentagon, USA's Defence Chief, Mark Esper, inter alia, said that Turkey may have Nowadays already committed' also "War Crimes", and, at any case, he was "Greatly Disapointed" by Turkey's Behavior, Denounced the Latest Developments on the spot (Comp. Supra) as "Terrible", and Stressed that "We Condemn this". In fact, "the US is Not Allowing this". It's "Turkey (who) Committed this Action : They (Ankara) decide to make an Incursion in Northern Syria, Despite Our Protestations, our Urgings Not to do it, all of 0ur Warnings", he Criticized.

However, Esper's View appeared somehow Obnubilated by the Fact that Turkey would already have concentrated, near the Disputed Region, more than "15.000 Soldiers", as he said. But, apparently, he Forgot that the Turkish Army has Not had any Experience of Real War, during a whole ...Century, since the Armenian Genocide, followed by that of Greeks in Asia Minor on 1922, after Trotsky's Opportunism signed a strange Treaty with the Turks Abandoning them a lot of Land, in order to throw them against Western Europe as eternal Trouble-Makers, and, even then, they had Only Faced the Small Modern Greece alone, (which, however, had just managed to arrive with its Army at just 40 km. from Ankara on 1921 !)... Moreover, Recently, since that strange, ...Hours-long "Coup" Attempt of 2016, the Turkish Army has notoriously Suffered a lot of Internal Upheavals, Desorganisation, Demoralisation, Divisions, Lack of Experienced Officers, etc., by many "Waves" of Mass Oppression, (Dismissals, Arrests, Imprisonments, Prosecutions, Condemnations, Humiliations, Threats, Departures, Refuge-Seeking Abroad, etc), that what remains from the Turkish Army, could Hardly be efficient at all, Nowadays, but rather a Fake "Paper-Tiger"...

=> At any case, US President Don Trump, on Sunday, Focused mainly on what he called a "Great Consensus" (with US Congress and Others) for "SANCTIONS" on Turkey, Calling, on his "Twitter" account, to "Stay Tuned" for Imminent relevant Developments.



>>>Indeed, he seems to have given, at this point, a Prominent Role particularly to his faithful Chief of Finances, Steven Mnuchin, (Comp. Mnuchin's Reply to an "Eurofora"s Question at 2017 "G20" Summit on anOther Issue, at: ..., etc), who had Already spoken, a few Days ago, about an "Executive Order" giving Power to Enact serious "Sanctions" v. Turkey, and Declared, Now, to be "Ready to Move, at Any Moment !"

- USA's Red Lines, concerning Turkey's Military Attack in the Syrian Kurdish Region, at the Country's North-Eastern area, are Mainly against "Targetting Civilians", and/or "Civilian Infrastructures" (as f.ex. Hospitals/Ambulances, Clean Water, etc.: See Above), "Religious or other Minorities", etc., as well as, for Security reasons, "Not Even 1 ISIS' Fighter to Escape !", he explained.

- Replying this Sunday to Press Questions about such a "Rapidly Evolving Situation", Mnuchin ensured, in particular, that "We’re Ready to go at a Moment’s notice, to put on Sanctions" : "“We have Warned the Turks… They Know What we will Do, If They doN’t Stop" :

- "These Sanctions could be Starting Small, they Could be Maximum Pressure, which would Destroy the Turkish Economy", USA's Finance Chief Warned.

A Cooperaton with US Congress on "Crippling Sanctions" against Turkey's "Outrageous Aggression/War Crimes in Syria", was a "Good Decision" by US President Trump, appreciated the otherwise Critical Senator Lindsey Graham, while Mnuchin's plan reportedly included Sanctions against Intividuals or Entities working with the Turkish Government, and "could go as far as shutting down all U.S. Dollar Transactions with the Turkish Government", according to "ABCNews".

+ In a Parallel Move, Senators Graham and Van Hollen (Republican and Democrat, respectively, have already anounced, earlier this week, a Bill outlining Sanctions "against top Turkish Political Leaders, as well as "any Foreign person who Sells or provides financial, material, or technical support" to the country's Military and Energy sector". President Trump did Not exclude, Today, to, eventually, Add, to Mnuchin's Plan, also AnOther, Additional Legislation, if necessary.





* Much More Crystal-clear, from the EU side, on Sunday Afternoon, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angie Merkel, launched a joint, strong call to "put an End" to Turkey's Military intervention in the Syrian Kurdish Region :

- "Our Joint Will is that this Attack Stops !", stressed Macron from the outset, in common Franco-German Press Statements.

- Because, "we are Convinced that this (Turkish) Offensive takes the Risk, for one part, to provoke Unsupportable Humanitarian Situations, as we Already attest on the spot, and, for another part, to Help ISIS to Surface anew in that Region", the French President denounced.


- "I spoke during one Hour with (Turkish) President Erdogan, (and) we have to take into account Turkey's interests and security. But, we also think that an End must be put at this Turkish Invasion !", stressed Merkel.

- "Because there are Humanitarian Reasons, and this Situation against the Kurds is UnAcceptable !", the German Chancelor criticized.


=> "Facing such a Situation, we (France and Germany) will remain very Coordinated, as we already were in order to declare to the Turks the End of all our Arms' Sales". +"But Also on the (Other) Initiatives to be taken, during the Next Hours and Days", Macron Announced, for the forseable Future, speaking just a few Days Before a Forthcoming Franco-German, joint Council of Ministers, at Toulouse, where they intend to express "a Joint Will to Build, both on a Bilateral, and on an European level, a Common Ambition to have a Stronger Europe, More Sovereign, which takes its own Pathway", he pointed out on this concrete occasion.

=> F.ex., "we must have a Real Ambition on Climate to share", as well as "to be Coordinated in front of Trade tensions", "bear a Common Ambition for an Industrial Policy, perfectly illustrated by Airbus' group, follow up on a European Defense, be Coordinated (also) on the BREXIT Issue, as well as on International Questions, as that Turkish Attack in Syria, which lies at the Heart of Our Concerns", the French President Highlighted, this evening.

+ The move was almost immediately Followed by a restricted French Defense Meeting on Syria, Later toNight, also in Paris' Elysée Palace :

=> In Conclusion, the French Presidency announced that it wants to Boost Efforts for "an Immediate End of the Turkish offensive".

- President Macron declared that this Turkish Offensive may "provoque Dramatic Humanitarian Consequences, a Return of ISIS in that Region, and a Long DeStabilisation of Syria's North-East". Therefore, "France Condemns it, in the most Strict terms".

>>> Thus, a Press Release also Announces certain Measures "in order to Ensure the Security of French Military and Civil Staff, present in that Zone", (f.ex. in "Lafarge"'s Factory of Concrete, near Kobani), and "a Program for Urgent Humanitarian response" in favour of Local Populations.


+ At a relevant development in Europe, meanwhile, UK's new Government, under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in recent Statements on Syria, for the 1st Time, did Not ask to oust Syrian President Assad, but, on the contrary, announced its intention to participate to the Arms' Sales Embargo vis a vis Turkey, as also France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Canada, etc. 



* In the MeanTime, However, the Number of Civilian People Killed by Turkey's Military Invasion in the Syrian Kurdish Region, had Considerably Augmented, from around 40 (Comp. Supra), to almost the DOUBLE : 78 Victims, i.e. + 26 Dead More during this Sunday alone, according to the London-Based "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" !


In Parallel, a Convoy with Foreign Journalists and Other Civilians was Attacked and Bombed by the Turkish Forces this same Sunday, killing several People, including some Journalists, according to a French TV Correspondent. 


=> It's in this Context, that the most Concrete Measure on the Spot, seems to be the Announcement of a Deal reportedly brokered, this Sunday,  between the Syrian National Government of Damas, and the Syrian Kurdish Region's Representatives, for the National Army to Enter asap. the Area and "Deploy all along the Borders of Syria facing Turkey, in order to Protect them", according to an Announcement by the Syrian Kurdish Region's Athorities. 

- The National Press Agency "SANA" published an article Announcing that "Syrian Arab Army units Began Moving north to Confront the Turkish Aggression on Syrian Territory", (without more precisions, for the moment).

According to Press Reports, at least 2 Syrian Military Units are due to enter Manbij and reach Kobane City at first.



>>> Significantly, the semi-Official National Press Agency of Syria, HeadQuartered in Damas : "SANA", suddenly became Full of various Converging Newstories Focused on the Syrian Kurdish Region at the North-East of the Country, and Strongly Denouncing Turkey's Deadly and Destructive Military Invasion... (Comp. relevant Screenshot by "Eurofora").

Various Syrian Kurdish Web Medias posted Videos showing Local People collectively Demonstrate ToNight, in main Streets and Squares, their Hopes from that Damas' Help.

=> Could, the Dream of Brutally Murdered Hevrin Khalaf, SG of "Future Syria" Party, (Comp. Supra), have Now a fair Chance to be Realized, sooner or later ?

Some things seem to have Start Moving, but it's still Too Early to Say...

>>> In particular, it Remains to be seen How the Deployment of National Syrian Troops along the Country's Borders to Turkey will evolve in real practice,

+ as well as which Concrete Developments will Result from the manifold "Sanctions" on Turkey, Announced by EU Countries, the USA, and even the Arab League (Comp. Supra), etc.

- Meanwhile, the Fight still going on, on the Spot, seems to indicate that Syrian Kurdish a.o. Populations appear rather Faster than expected into Massively ReLocating at Other, Nearby or Further Away Cities or Villages, (probably also Because of People's Fear of Turkey's Armed Islamist Gangs' Brutal behavior vis a vis unarmed Civilians), But Also that, Despite the overwhelming InEquality particularly on Heavy Military Equipment, AirPlanes, Drones, etc, nevertheless, the Syrian Kurdish Fighters seem to be quite Stubborn Adversaries, and Often Surprise by succesfull Counter-Attacks, or their Resilience, etc.

=> Thus, among others, f.ex., while Turkey had Earlier Announced that it had Occupied the Borderline City of Ras al-Ayn, on the Contrary, Later-on, the Syrian Kurds Proclaimed their Active and Fighting Presence on the spot, showing that, at least a Great Part of that City was Always Controlled by them...

Similarly, InFights around a Central Part of the Strategic "M4" Highway, were apparently still going on, with Syrian Kurds controlling all or most of it, and Clearing some spots where Turkey's Forces had made irregular intrusions.


+ But, the Crucial Issue of a "Non-Fly Zone", the Establishment of which is Repeatedly Asked by the Syrian Kurdish Defensors, in order to appoach a kind of Fair Equality of Arms vis a vis the Turkish Military, as they say, seems, in Fact, to probably has become somehow More Complicated than it seems at first sight:

- Indeed, f.ex. USA's Defense Chief, Mark Esper, Questioned by the Press this Sunday, whether the US Army still Controls the Sky, or Not, at the Syrian Kurdish Region, Hastily and Briefly Replied, Twice, "Yes".

But, it's Also a Fact that, Recently, Turkey was apparently Pushed to drop the American "Patriot" System for Air-Defense, and Bought, Instead, the Russian System of "S4OO", obliging the USA to Exclude Ankara from the F35 Steelth AirFighter Planes, in Retaliation.

=>Therefore, a Question appears on Whether the USA could really, Still have a Total Control there for an eventual "Non-Fly" Zone, or, if they have, in Fact, Lost or Diminished their Previously Exclusive Monitoring of the Sky, precisely because of that Recent Intrusion of Russian S400's System, bought by Turkey, which Might, eventually, Change the Situation in Real Practice, (Showing, thus, what might have been Turkey's Real Aim from the Start)...


    + However, anOther, More GeoPolitical Question apparently Raised by the Way that this Turkish Military Invasion and Occupation attempt on the Syrian Kurdish Region, concretely evolves, in Real Practice, on the spot, is : - "What does Turkey Really Want ?"

- The Brutaly Murdered Leader of "Future Syria" Party, Hevrin Khalaf (Comp. Supra), had Already Raised such a Question, at her Latest Press Conference, Earlier this Month, when she had Critically Observed that Real Facts MissMatch, and DoN't Fit with Ankara's Claim to seek only its Borders' Security, as Mr. Erdogan Pretends.


>>> The Circumstances of her Killing, already seem to Contradict Turkey's scenario : Indeed, instead of Focusing on  Establishing a Security Zone, (as Ankara has notoriously Claimed), Parallel to the Syrian-Turkish Border, and Deep Only 30 km, Extending all the way through a Long Corridor, from the West to the East, from Kobane City on the Left Side, (towards the Mediterranean Sea), to Qamishli City, on the Right Side, (towards Iraq),

on the Contrary, suddenly, Turkey's Forces decided to Look only Southwards, and, after Crossing the Border, they Did Not Try to EnLarge their Area, along an Horizontal Strip, from the East to the West, But they rushed Deep towards the South, along a Vertical Strip, until they Reached and even bypassed the Central Highway "M4", Parallel to the Borders, and far Away from them.

After abusing of that UnExpected Advance Southwards, in order to make Ambush, Target and Kill certain Civilian Persons, such as Havrin Khalaf herself, who were moving accross the Central Highway "M4", (Comp. Supra), then, at least some among Turkey's Forces Armed Gangs seem to have Penetrated even Deeper towards the South, reaching certain of the Suburbs Surrounding ...Raqqa City, too Far Away from the Syria-Turkey Borders, at their North ! (See relevant MAP, herewith).

+ It's Vertical, Southward (Instead of the expected Horizontal, East-West) Movements like that, which Also brought Turkey's Bombing Airplanes, or Shelling and Firing Troops, towards a Camp for ISIS' Relatives, Located near Ain Issa City, i.e. Beyond the Horizontal, East-West Highway "M4", on a Vertical, Southward Line from Tal Abyad City at the Border : There where More than 700 ISIS' Fighters' Relatives (and, reportedly, the Activation of some Sleeping Cells of ISIS), Suddenly Run to Massively Escape... (Comp. Supra). And much More such Camps, not only of Relatives, but also of ISIS' Jihadists themselves, are, Indeed, Located at the South of the Higway "M4"... (See relevant Map).

++ It's also such UnExpected Vertical, Southward Movements, crossing the Highway "M4", (instead of Horizontal, East-West Movements, running Parallel to the Syrian-Turkish Borders), which Might Explain even the Strange Fact that Turkey Delayed Too Much to get hold of the Borderline Cities of Tal Abyad and Ras Al-Ayn, since Many of her Troops had left towards the South, instead of Staying accross the East-West Borderline, (Comp. Supra).

=> Experienced French Journalist Georges Malbrunot (of the mainstream "Figaro" Newspaper), Noted, him too, those UnExpected Vertical Southward Movements of Turkey's Invading Forces, and Observed that "Turkey does Not Intend to be Limited into Monitoring a Borderline Strip of Land around its own Territories", But, on the Contrary, seeks to Take Control also "in the Interior of Syrian Territory", (i.e. Southwards)...

>>> This is Due to the Fact that, "Turkey's Attack has Also an OTHER AIM": he Speculated.

=> This "Other Aim" of the Turkish Military Invasion, could be, inter alia, f.ex., to "Cut in two the North Eastern area of Syria, and Break the Supply Lines of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF: mainly Kurds), which are Allies of the West, against ISIS"' Islamist Terrorists, Malbrunot Warns.

- Indeed, as "Eurofora" Observed, Behind such a vertical Dividing Line, are Located, Both the, by far, Biggest Camps for ISIS' Jihadists and their Relatives, (as, f.ex., that of Areesheh, with almost 9.000 Inmates, and of Al-Hol, with ...68.600 Inmates, according to a BBC Map !), as well as the Largest Fertile Agricultural Land of Syria, with a lot of Crops, etc, around Qamishli, in Addition to Oil/Gas Energy Sources, spreading also Beyond that, towards Iraq, etc... Last, but not least, Right Behind that Line, are all the High Mountains, on Top of which, the EyeSights of their Kurdish Brothers from Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria meet with the Eagles, at an inaccessible Dream, since the Treaty of Sevres (1919-1920), written by the proud Victorious Leaders at the End of the 1st WW, Last Time that Europe was still the Greatest in the World...

>>>In fact, Turkey's Real GeoPolitical Aim doesn't seem to be only the Syrian Kurds, but, rather, Europe itself, (via Mass Migration reiterated Threats and Blackmails, ISIS' provoked+threatened Escapes/Returns, etc), and the West in general, including the forthcoming US Presidential+ Congress' Elections of 2020...

The Kurdish Mountains just serve as a Mirror.








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    The incoming Swedish EU Presidency (July-December 2009) may still remain in favour of Turkey's controversial EU bid, despite June 2009 EU Elections' results, but it has "very strong demands on Turkey"'s obligation to respect EU Rules, said the Head of Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service, Cecilia Julin, to "EuroFora", reacting to critical Press reports.

    - "I know (that) the link is often made also to Sweden's position on Turkey"'s controversial EU bid. Indeed, "we (Swedish EU Presidency) are very much engaged in the future membership of Turkey, but not without fullfiling all the Criteria".

    - "It's very clear that we (Swedish EU Presidecny) have very Strong Demands on Turkey, in a sort of concept for Future membership of the Union, ...which will be a Long Process...", she stressed.

    This means, in particular, "the Copenhagen Criteria (on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law), and also the adaptation to the Acquis of the European Union".

     - "If you listen to what Mr. Bildt (the Swedish Foreign Minister) says on Turkey at different occasions, it's very clear : We want Turkey to become part of the Union, in the Future. But we want it to fullfil all the Criteria : The Acquis of the European Union. That's very clear", she concluded.

    The Senior Official of the Swedish Foreign Ministry was reacting to critical Press Reports, from Brussels' Journalists invited by EU Commission's secretariat to Stockholm, who claimed that Bildt was abusing of a ..."Whip" (sic !) against Cyprus, by "threatening" the presence of UNO's Peace-keeping force at the "Green line" which separates the island's Government-controlled areas from the territories occupied by Ankara's army, if Nicosia didn't accept any political solution, regardless of Turkey's demands, before the end of 2009.

        Governing AKEL Party's new Secretary General, Andros Kyprianou, reacted by declaring that no-one can threat the People of Cyprus : -"We shall decide for our Future, and nobody else",  he reportedly said, asking to "keep calm". "In order to find a Solution soon, certain basic Principles must be respected", he stressed, calling those who feel an urgency to use their influence on Turkey. Other Political Parties were more critical.

    This was a reference to recently reported statements by Turkish Minister Bagis, Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan and Turkey's National Security Council (a Military-Political body), accused to push towards a partitionist "2 States" solution, contrary to UNO SC Resolutions for Cyprus' reunification.

    December 2009 is a crucial moment for EU's appraisal of Turkey's controversial EU bid, because EU Council has decided to review then Ankara's compliance with the European position on the recognition of Cyprus' Government, which was clearly set out by an EU reply of 21 September 2005 to Turkish Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan's claims, refusing to recognize even the existence of EU Member Cyprus, in controversial statements he made to London (former EU chair) on July 29, 2005.

    EU Parliament's latest Resolution on Turkey, adopted on March 2009 in Strasbourg, warned Ankara that "the non-fulfillment of Turkey's commitments... by December 2009, may further seriously affect the process of Negotiations" with the EU.

    In practice, the issue boils down to Ankara's "embargo" against Ships and Airplanes using Cyprus' seaports or airports at the strategic EU island, which traditionaly hosts one of the World's biggest Shipping flags. EU has already "freezed" 6 relevant Chapters in EU - Turkey Negotiations since December 2006, after Ankara refused to fullfil a commitment it had undertaken when EU had decided to open controversial "accession" negotiations with Turkey, back on December 2005.

    - "As far as EU - Turkey relations are concerned, it's clear that Turkey needs to fullfil its obligation of full, non-discriminatory implementation of the additional Protocol (to "EC-Turkey Association Agreement"),  This is an important issue....and should be addresseed as soon as possible as it clearly affects the pace of the accession negotiations.Issues covered by the Declaration of September 2005 will continue to be followed up, and progress is urgently awaited", warned earlier in Strasbourg the out-going Czech EU Presidency (former vice-Prime Minister Alexander Vodra).

    But the Head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service, Cecilia Julin, dismissed "interpretations" by "some" that Foreign Minister Carl Bildt was reportedly "threatening" Cyprus with consequences on the UNFICYP, if it doesn't accept any solution until December 2009, while Turkey is reportedly delaying in an attempt to impose a partitionist "2 States" solution.

    On the contrary, Julin, stressed that "Sweden has strong demands on Turkey'"s respect of "Copenhagen Criteria and EU Acquis".

    Meanwhile, Sweden  is "concerned" about the risk of "Stalemate" in Cyprus' Talks, but is well aware that "the main responsibilities lie with the two leaders and the UNO", Europe playing only a role of "facilitator".

    After carefully verifying, the Head of Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service, stressed to "EuroFora" that Bildt's reference to UNFICYP "was not linked to a Threat", and dismissed those who "interpreted" it so.

    On the contrary, the Swedish EU Presidency acknowledged the fact that Peace Talks are mainly for the UN and the leaders of the Cypriot communities, EU's role being limited into that of a "facilitator".

    As for Turkey's reported attempts to impose a "2 States' solution", the Head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service sharply replied by stressing that Turkey must respect the "EU Acquis" rules.

    In particular :

    - "Basically he (Bildt) underlined that it's the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus and the UN that have the main responsibilities for solving the problem", started to say the Swedish Senior Official to "EuroFora", referring to the above-mentioned "briefing".

    - "But the EU had a role in sort of pointing out the benefits and facilitating a little bit the outcome for the settlement of the whole Cyprus' issue", she added.

    - "And he did state the Fact, that the rest of the World (i.e. USA, etc) will, of course, look at the differend issues which are at the table, and the future of the UN Peace keeping force is part of what is at the table", she admitted.

    - "I understand that some have interpreted that as a Threat, by the Swedish Minister" "But", in reality, "it's a statement of a Fact, that, when we'll look at the differend issues, one of the issues on which we shall have to take a stand on, is the future of the UN Peace keeping force in Cyprus".

    Indeed, one of the questions usually raised for a Solution of Cyprus' issue is what International and/or European or other Guarantees, by a Peace-keeping force, might be needed afterwards, eventually for a transitory period.

    Questioned anew by "EuroFora" whether (according to critical Press Reports) this could be taken as a veiled warning that, if Cyprus didn't accept any Turkish demand for any solution whatever, it might be left alone to face Ankara's Military Invasion/Occupation, she denied :

    - "He (Bildt) didn't say it in that way"... "It was not linked to a threat, or anything like that", the Head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service stressed.

    On the contrary, "he (Bildt) underlined that the main responsibility lies with the parties concerned on the island". "The EU can try to facilitate and show the benefits of reaching a settlement. But also, when the EU and the rest of the World (i.e. USA) will have to look at it, they will look at all the Facts on the table, and the presence of the UN Peace-keeping force is one".

    And "he (Bildt) didn't speak about that at all", she replied to "EuroFora" question on Turkey's reported attemps to impose, in one way of another, a partitionist "2 States solution".

    Asked whether Bildt's aim was to incite both parties to move forward efficiently, she agreed :

    - In fact, "the EU is really very concerned with the Stalemate in the situation. Yes !", the Head of Sweden's Foreign Ministry's Press Service anounced. That's why Bildt "was hoping for the two parties (i.e. for Turkey's also) to engage and break, a little-bit, the present stalemate, come to a solution of the issue" of Cyprus.

    But, replying  to a "EuroFora"s question on the risk, denounced by several politicians in case of strict Time Deadlines, for Turkey to provoke a stalemate and wait for the time to come to impose a partitionist "2 States' solution", she reacted by pointing at Turkey's obligation to respect "EU Acquis" :

    - "Turkey must fullfil the EU Acquis : That's clear !", the Swedish Senior Official stressed.

    More details are expected when Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt will debate his Programme with new MEPs at EU Parliament's plenary mid-July in Strasbourg, that he has visited already in 2008.

    Foreign Minister Carl Bildt became familiar with Strasbourg's CoE last year, when Sweden chaired the PanEuropean organization of Human Rights. As EU chairman-in-office, he will also chair the 27-member States strong EU Group inside the 47-member States strong CoE.

    Minister for EU affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom is well known at EU Parliament, where she has been an active MEP of the Liberal Group for many years, following also Press Freedom issues.

    Both have already made various statements at "EuroFora", on differend topical matters.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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