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Pope Envoy, Cardinal Poupard at Strasbourg Cathedral's Millenary: also Europe's Future needs Faith !

Written by ACM
Saturday, 15 August 2015

*Strasbourg/Cathedral/Angelo Marcopolo/- Today's exceptional venue on 2015, almost a Decade since his previous 2006 Speech, at the Historic Strasbourg's Cathedral, on the occasion of the Celebration of the Millenary of its Foundation, at this Popular Day dedicated to Mary's Assumption into Heaven, gave to the Experienced, 85 Years old, Cardinal Paul Poupard, (a Sorbonne's Double PHD in History and Theology : on State and Church, Reason and Faith, respectively, and President Emeritus of Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture, after initialy Heading that for Unbelievers, as well as former Chairman of its InterReligious Council), a chance to present a Vatican insider's view about developments on Christianism and Europe :


What was the most Striking, at first sight, was , initially, the Fact of an Astonishing quasi-Musical Dissonance, or Difference in tonality of color, between these two Separated Events, Distanced between them by a Decade particularly "dense" in events :
To put it in a nutshell, while Back on 2006, Cardinal Poupard had appeared so Tonically Optimist about Christianism in Europe, that one might have legitimately wondered whether he might have exagerated, a little bitn, then, or would, perhaps, underestimate at least some possible but veiled Risks, or not,

on the Contrary, Nowadays on 2015, more recent developments led him to express a kind of mild but visible Sorrow or Regret for a "Divided France" and an "Uncertain Europe", as he critically pointed out, apparently considering as his Duty to warn at least Strasbourg's EU Citizens, "Praying" for "the seeds of Division to be overcome by Communion, and for a Revival of Hope".


However, he reminded, from the outset, that "Christianism is one of the rare Institutions which have already survived more than 2.000 Years", (as Cardinal Poupard clearly stressed, just before touching upon the "Millenary" of Strasbourg Cathedral's Foundations, indirectly but surely rectifying a false impression, that "EuroFora" had already felt as misleading, about the Real Historic Age of Strasbourg's Christian Community, and even of the very Buildings which progessively composed the nowadays Cathedral through many Centuries, that recent Findings f.ex. of what was an Ancient, 4rth Century "Baptister" at the Cathedral's Foundations, proved : I.e. that Strasbourg's Christians had, in fact, a much Longer Historic presence here, of more than 1.600 Years...


But, after Saluting with a Bright Smile several People, including a surprized "EuroFora", immediately after concluding an initial Mass with a Speech at Strasbourg's Cathedral, before this Afternoon's Popular Procession, Pope Francis' Envoy emerged, after a brief Midday break, as if he had been Revigorated, electrified, by the numerous presence of many believers and a lot of tourists massed around the Cathedral in order to watch this 2015 Procession which promissed to be a special event, throughout the City's Center up to the Historic Rohan Palace's renovated Square : A fairly long Distance that he vigiorously crossed, however, as if he was a Young Man, (or really felt as one)...


- Speaking "in Strasbourg, at the Heart of Europe", he Concluded by Focusing, precisely on "this Europe, which wouldn't have been what it is Today, without the (Christian) Faith of our Ancestors" (during an OverMillenary Past : Comp. Supra).

+ "And (this Europe) Will Not Become what it Should be", in the foreseable Future, "without the Devotion and Predilection" of those who Believe, "and the Support of Virgin Mary,  Together with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit", as he Warned in Conclusion.


Meanwhile, "EuroFora" was surprized to see various People, both Old and/or seriously Handicaped, as well as Young and looking Physically Fit, appear, (at different occasions, both inside the Cathedral, and outside, f.ex. at Rohan Palace's Square, etc), eager to ask for the 85 Years Old Man's Blessings on their Head, as if they believed in Miracles and/or simply wished to Help find Spiritual Affection, Moral Strength and Calm, by Pope Francis' Official Envoy, (which had indeed been reportedly habilitated to transmit the Pope's Blessings).



Topicaly and concretely Concluding in fine, Strasbourg Region Alsace's ArchBishop, Mgr. Jean-Pierre Grallet, reminded that this Day was exceptionaly dedicated also as a Symbol of Solidarity to the currently Persecuted Christians of the Middle East, (as EU Parliament had recently denounced by adopting a Strong Resolution : See f.ex. http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euparliamentonchristianspersecutionbyisilterrorists.html ), after an Initiative for all Churches' Bells to Ring at the same time, as proposed by the very active Mgr Rey of Toulon and adopted by almost all Christians in France, and expressed the Hope that they would really find Solidarity and be eventualy Welcomed by the People.




(NDLR : Fast Translation from the Original in French. "DraftNews", as already send to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors. A more accurate, full Final Version might be published asap).




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