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OECD Head Guria to EuroFora: Urgent to solve Ukraine issue which disrupted Economy at crucial moment

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 01 October 2014



*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/-  An amelioration and a Peaceful Political Solution to the looming Ukraine Crisis is Urgent, specialy for the European Economy, which was "badly Disrupted" by that problem, and much more, stressed the experienced OECD's Head, Angel Gurria, speaking to "EuroFora" at the CoE in Strasbourg, just after delivering his keynote Speech at its PanEuropean Parliamentary Assembly's annual Debate on the International Organisations' findings, forecasts and recommendations for much lucking Economic Growth, particularly since Europe was recently hardly hit by the manifold consequences of the sterile and nocive conflict in Eastern Ukraine, including the manifold consequences of the controversial USA-led EU Sanctions against Russia and its counter-measures, etc, at a crucial moment of finding a way out of the Global Crisis, when "Trust" is needed :

 - "Concerning the Ukraine Crisis, particularly in Europe, but also Globaly, there was a Slow-Down in Economy" recently, "EuroFora" observed.

=> "What are the Prospects, now ?", we asked the experienced Head of the International Economic Organisation.

- "Yes", spontaneously agreed with "EuroFora" from the outset Angel Gurria, as far as that recent, earlier unexpected "Slow down" of Economic Growth's reprisal was concerned.

>>> - The worse is that "It came at a very Bad Time !", OECD's Head denounced moreover.

 - "Because we were Busy in Building Trust. We wanted to build Trust", in European/PanEuropean/International Economic Relations, Angel Gurria explained, as far as it concerns the period of going out of the Global Crisis.

 - "And this Problem of Ukraine and Russia (including, f.ex. the recent USA-led EU controversial Economic Sactions against Moscow, etc), is Affecting the element of the Trust and the Confidence", he regretted.

 - Naturally, "there is Never a Good Time" for such Problems and Crisis, "but, this one, is particularly Bad", OECD's Head strongly denounced.   

 - So that, even we might have to wait a little bit more for a full  and sustainable Peaceful Political Solution, neveretheless, from now on, "I think..., what has to be done, obviously, is to continue in the Diplomatic and the Political Agreements", in order to, at least, "bring Down the Tension", as he advised.

 + "And Then, be able to Move on", Angel Gurria added optimistically .

>>> - "Because, clearly, all this (i.e. the Ukranian Crisis, controversial USA-led EU Sanctions against Russia, provoking Moscow's Counter-Measures, etc), "has been Very Disruptive! ", denounced OECD's Head.

 => That's why, from the point of view of the European and Global Economy, Political Solutiona on Ukraine have to be found, "Frankly : the Soonest, the Better !", he urged.

 -  Because, "we already have spend there, Too Much Time...", OECD's experienced Head concluded, (while also ... looking at his Clock for an Urgent Departure), saluting "EuroFora" with a Smile...



>>> - Angel Gurria's call to Urgently bring Down Tensions around the Ukraine issue, and Move the Soonest for a Peaceful Solution, in order to help save the European and Global Economy, took Today a particulary serious importance, since it was Timely made in Strasbourg also in the Wider Context of his previous Appeal to Act more vigorously and efficiently for Growth and quality Jobs  in order to prevent for a whole "Generation" of Young People to be Sacrificed, as he warned earlier, inter alia, in his Keynote speech at the PanEuropean CoE's Assembly's 2014 Debate on Economy, this Morning....




    + Meanwhile, concerning certainly Young, but also Adult People, reacting positively to another "EuroFora"s Question about the role of Education, for more Competitiveness, in order to obtain a satisfactory sustainable Growth, OECD's Head went on to observe that there is also "a Series" of relevant Factors which must be addded to that, in order to obtain the desired results :

 - "The First thing", for the WorkForce, indeed, "is Education", Angel Guria acknowledged.

 + But, "the 2nd is Innovation", he went on to add immediately, particularly given the notoriously special importance of New Technologies Today, more than ever before.

- "The 3rd is Competition", and "the 4rth is Regulation", (etc), he completed.

 - "But you need to increase the Skills of the Workforce, in order to increase Productivity, and become able to satisfy the New Demands of the Market Today".

 - "So, you Start by Education, Education, Euducation", Gurria repeatedly admitted.

+ "And Skills : (i.e.) Not only Formal Education", "but even the kind of skills that they provided you in order to better face the pressure of the Market", as he pointed out.

In this regard, OECD and other relevant International Organisations (UNESCO, etc), can certainly offer adequate Global "Comparisons, Benchmarks, Assessments", etc, going, f.ex. from the evolving "PISA" project, which unfolds accross High Schools and Colleges, (now reportedly preparing to focus mainly on Natural Sciences, such as Physics, and extend from Europe up to China's Shanghai, etc), and/or the Global Universities' Evaluation Systems, (as that of the Famous Shanghai World Universities' Ranking System, which started recently to enter in (Friendly and Complementary) Competition with a brand New, European Universities Ranking System, that includes f.ex. also properly Educational factors),  etc., as Gurria agreed with "EuroFora".

  - "And Policy Recommendations", the International Organisations' Head underlined in Conclusion on this specific factor, pointing at an Horizon towards the foreseable Future.


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    Strategically located between Paris and Prague, Strasbourg offered a natural location for the French and Czech EU 2008 and 2009 Presidencies to tune their agendas for a resolute European move towards Renewable Energies, during an exceptional Joint Parliamentary meeting on "Energy and Sustainable Development", co-organized here by the Presidents of EU Parliament, Hans Gert Poettering, French National Assembly, Bernard Accoyer, and Senate, Gerard Larcher, on November 20 and 21.

    Concluded by a busy-looking French super-Minister of Energy, Environment and Regional planning, Jean-Louis Borloo, the exceptional gathering of Top MPs from all 27 EU States' Parliaments hoped that a Ministerial meeting prepared by Borloo, will pave the way to an overall agreement at the level of EU Heads of State and Government Summit chaired on December 2008 by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, allowing the next EU chair, the Czech Republic, to start working from the beginning of 2009 on concrete measures.   

Speaking to "EuroFora" President Accoyer resumed the general feeling by stressing that "Europe has no Oil-Gas resources, but an important Scientific-Technologic potential. Therefore, we must develop Renewable Energy sources". "Since the Sun is the most abundant and free RES,  we must do the outmost to boost Solar Energy" solutions, he added, at the eve of a special meeting on Solar energy and the Mediterranean organised by Borloo on Saturday.     

Oil-gas supplies' security and diversification were also examined by the EU gathering, after which, President Accoyer replied  to our question on risks of long, expensive and fragile pipe-lines' projects, crossing through foreign countries out of the EU, compared to new possibilities for Sea and River Ship direct EU transport even of Gas, thanks to New Liquification technologies : - "We have just écreated the Union for the Mediterranean for concrete projects like these", Accoyer stressed, speaking of Sea-River Ship Highways, fundeable under EU's TENS programs.     

 Rapporteur on "Energy innovation and sustainable development", Dr. Bedrich Moldan, vice-President of Czech Senate's Environment and Regional Development Committee, added that Climat issues, price uncertainties and diminution of accessible Fossil energies, played together with EU's RST potential in order to make RES both a need and "an opportunity". However, in cases as "Solar Energy, even if the main Scientific ideas are already here, we have to make some technologic breakthroughs in order to find how to produce it on a large scale, store and transport it", Dr. Moldan added to "EuroFora".     

Czech interest for RES was also expressed, earlier in Strasbourg, by Jan Kohout, the deputy Minister pf Foreign Affairs who participated to a workshop on "Renewable Energies" organized by the French EU 2008 Presidency : - "The focus is on Development", he told us.    

On this and other RES issues, Dr. Moldan anounced the Czech EU 2009 chair's intention to organize an important 2-days Conference on Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development late January 2009 at nearby Prague.                


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