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CoE for immediate International Response to Extremist Islamist Terrorist ISIS attack on Syrian Kurds

Written by ACM
Thursday, 02 October 2014




*Strasbourg/CoE/- Adopting quasi-Unanimously a Surprize, last-minute Amendment, after a long preparation throughout this week of a Resolution on the Extremist Islamic Terrorists of "ISIS"' violent Attacks against both Christians and other various communities, nowadays particularly the Syrian Kurds, CoE's PanEuropean Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) decided to launch a Strong Appeal to the "International Community" to "Respond Immediately" to the "continued advance" of ISIS brutal Terrorists' Tanks and heavily armed groups on "Kobane", the Strategic 252.000 Inhabitants-strong City at the Northern Syrian quasi-Autonomous Kurdish Region near the Turkish Border, in order "to prevent ... a catastrophe" which reportedly threatens particularly "the Civilian Population", according to the latest news, and given "ISIS" notorious record of be-Headings, Kidnapings, Rapes, etc.

During the Votes which followed the Debate on a Wider Report about "Threats against Humanity posed by the Terrorist group known as “IS”: Violence against Christians and Other religious or ethnic communities", where its was, inter alia, noted also that Extremist Islamic "ISIS" Terrorists in fact, attack not ony Christians, but also various other People, even Muslim Sunnis as most Kurds, etc., suddenly, shortly before 12 o'clock local time, the Chairwoman of CoE Assembly's Poliical Affairs Committee, experienced former Foreign Minister, Dora Bakogiani, anounced that, according to the leadership of the Syrian Kurdish semi-Autonomous Region near the Turkish Borders, "Alarming reports" had just arrived this Morning, about Kobane facing an alleged "Risk to fall" to the hands of the brutal/inhuman Deadly Terrorists of "ISIL".

=> Therefore, an "oral Amendment" was proposed Today to MEPs, whose substance consists in a Call to "the International Community to intervene Immediately" in order to avoida massacer and/or other serious violences against "the Civilian Population" of the Syrian Kurdish city, as it was anounced.

>>> Thus, with an astonishingly Strong reaction, a quasi-Unanimous Plenary of CoE's PanEuropean Assembly (which has 47 Member Countries, including several with a Muslim Majority or important Minorities), adopted, indeed, that crucial, last-minute Amendment, by casting ...101 Votes in favour, Zero (0) against, and only one (1) abstention, (according to the Final Result shown at CoE's official records).

 - In consequence, a whole brand New Paragraph (No 5) was Added at the above-mentioned PACE's Resolution, in which, CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, "Alarmed by reports of the continued Advance by “IS” Forces on the Kurdish town of Kobané on the Syrian-Turkish border, ...urges the International Community to Respond Immediately to Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe and protect the Civilian Population".

Despite the fact that this was adopted by the CoE just after the Turkish Government  rumber-stamped by its own, National Parliament in Ankara, a Different project for Military Intervention in Syria and/or Iraq, added to a possible use of its facilities also by other Nations in order to launch, perhaps, coordinated Attacks throughout all this huge surrounding area, nevertheless, the above-mentioned Strasbourg's PanEuropean move, normally, shouldn't risk to be eventualy abused by Turkey in an hypothetical attempt to cover up a mainly Unilateral Military Intervention inside Syria by the Turkish Army, (under some Controversial Pretexts that Ankara's own National Text might attempt to exploit against the Kurdish Community in Syria, as f.ex. the German Press a.o. already noted) :

- Indeed, first of all, CoE's Text adopted Today in Strasbourg, clearly focuses only on a call for the "International Community" to move, and not at all for one or another Individual State, be it Turkey or another one.

+ Moreover, this is Legaly and Politicaly motivated exclusively by an alleged need to "Protect the Civilian Population" of "the Town of Kobane"  from a "Humanitarian Catastrophe", without any mention at all at Turkey's main Final Objective to also Oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, and impose by Arms a Total Change of Regime in the Country, etc., (+ See also Infra).

++ As far as it concerns Turkey's obviously, extremely probable after-thought to get rid of the Kurdish semi-Autonomous Region at its neighbouring Syrian Border area, by eventually submitting Kobane city to its Foreign Military Intervention, CoE's PanEuropean Assembly, on the Contrary, takes care to make it clear from the start that the sole Legal Motivation of any authorized move is exclusively linked to the "Alarm" that Europe feels by the Attacks of "ISIL" Brutal Terrorists against "the Kurdish town of Kobane", as the adopted Resolution says, and its only Legal Aim must be "to Protect the (mainly Kurdish) Civilian Population" from a "Humanitarian Catastrophe", while also, as a matter of General Principle, "all actions of the international community should be in line with international law and the United Nations Charter", particularly in this sensitive domain, as CoE underlines.


In addition, the quasi-Unanimously adopted, final CoE Assembly's Resolution (by 103 Votes against 0, with 2 Abstentions), "urges the International Community to .. encourage and assist", inter alia, also "the Kurds, , to actively Participate in ongoing Discussions on the Future of ...Syria", just after having invited to speak in Strasbourg's PanEuropean Organisation the Head of the semi-Autonomous Kurdish Region of Syria, and of the "Democratic Kurdish Party" ("PYD" ), Salih Muslim.

While,  moreover, the mainly Kurdish Minority Party in Turkey, has just Voted AGAINST that parallel, controversial, unilateral Text that was just adopted in Ankara's own National Parliament, (joining in Opposition also another, Center-Left Party, etc). And those directly concerned, i.e. the Syrian Kurds, have already made it clear that they will Oppose as Casus Beli an eventual Turkish Military Intervention inside Syria and their own Region, f.ex. at Kobani, if, eventually, Ankara's Authorities might attempt to slyly exploit the Brutal Attacks of "ISIL" in order to invade their Land at North Syria.

+++ Last, but not least : According not only to some obviously possible Speculations, but even of current Press Reports (including by mainstream Press at EU's core : See f.ex. "Die Welt", etc), another eventual "Scenario" for Turkey might be to simply .. Wait until Kobane perhaps starts to fall in the hands of "ISIL" Brutal Terrorists, and, afterwards, when the Victims and the Sufferings of the local Kurdish Population would have filled the TV Screens and Newspaper FrontPages Worldwide, Ankara could, then, find a Pretext to send its Military inside Syria under the Pretext to .. "save the Civilians" only, etc.

Such a "Scenario" obviously fits at least with both Turkey's and some other Players' strage Delays in the PanEuropean/International response to the Crisis at Kobane ; an apparent tendency of Ankara to Over-Estimate the Real Number of Kurdish Refugees (as already noted by MEPs) ; as well as with the Turkish Military's immediately and totaly Imposed Blockade of the Syrian/Turkish Border near Kobane City, which has been already Denounced as an Obstacle Hindering any Help for the Syrian Kurds by their next to kin at Turkey, etc, and, thereby, Weakening the PYD's Resistance in face of "ISIL"s on-going Attacks...

But :

- This (Thursday's) Morning's CoE's Resolution clearly focuses on an "IMMEDIATE Response" of "the International Community", just in order "to PREVENT a Humanitarian Catastrophe" at Kobane,

 and NOT on a Later move, in order to merely face its Consequences A POSTERIORI, once that innocent Kurdish People would have already Started to be Killed, seriously wounded, be-headed, raped, kidnaped, obliged to Flee, disarmed and/or their Homes Destroyed/Usurpated, etc., by "ISIL" Brutal Terrorists' Attacks and Invasion of their HomeTown.

- Syrian Kurds clearly claimed (even inside CoE in Strasbourg) that they are Able and Willing to Fight, vigorously Motivated and efficiently enough, in order to Stop "ISIS" Terrorists' Attacks, and only asked Help to face those strange "Sophisticated Weapons", (such as "Humwee" + "Abraam" Tanks, Rockets Launching Systems, etc) which were given by somebody to "ISIS" recently, by allowing them to receive the adequate "Defensive", "Anti-Tank" Arms, etc., as they have aready confirmed, as early as since the Beginning of this Week, even inside CoE, (See : ....)

- Therefore, it would naturally be not only an obvious Scandalous Hypocrisy, but also a Vicious heavy Crime, if, eventually, Turkey Blocked the nearby Border, Hindering any real Help, in this regard, to the Syrian Kurdish City of Kobane, (bigger than Strasbourg : 225.000 Inhabitants), while they are violently attacked by the Islamic Extremists of "ISIL" Terrorism, that Ankara's regime has, on the Contrary, notoriously Helped to emerge and develop at its own Borders from the start, by allowing for Years a constant Free Flow of Militants, Instructors, Propaganda material, Money, Logistics, Arms, etc., (serving even as ... Marketplace for "ISIL"s Deadly Terrorists to Sell the Oil that they usurpated by Invading and Occupying several Syrian and Iraqi Oil-producing Cities), just in order to slyly Weaken and render Helpless the Syrian Kurdish Community, eventually Destroy its Peaceful Regional Administration and any capacity to Defend itself, so that the notoriously Oppressive Turkish Regime can Subdue and Dominate by Brutal Force (and a too heavy Hypocrisy : Comp. Supra), over the Head of that part of Civilians who might Survive an Horrible Massacre and/or many Atrocious Sufferings, after being scandalously undermined and abandoned Helpless at the hands of the notoriously Sadic and Inhuman Be-Headings, Rapes, Kidnapings, Crucifications, Enslavement, Threats and Terror, etc. of "ISIS" InHuman and Brutal Terrorists, who objectively serve Ankara's Syrian/Iraqi Oil/Gas routes shady interests...

A fortiori, particularly after so many Deadly, Extremist Islamists' "ISIL" Attacks against Christians, Shia Muslims, Kurds, and others, with the only Exception of Turks, and particularly Turkish State Agents, who were either Never aggressed, or treated well and ALL Freed totaly unharmed, almost looking as ...Tourists, as it's well known...

Any such eventual attempt to manipulate so grossly the International Opinion (Comp. Supra) would inevitably be a Blatant Failure, especially coming after the recent ... "secret Diplomatic (sic !) and (even) Political Negotiations" that the Turkish Government had with the Extremist Islamic Terrorists of "ISIL"'s BeHeaders, as former Turkish Foreign MInister, and now new Prime Minister of Turkey, Mr. Davutoglou, has notoriously declared, by a coincidence, just a Few Days earlier.....



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