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EU Parliament Debates, after Electoral Facts, reveal that Merkel may Win in Real-Politics...

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 13 November 2018

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- This Afternoon's Debates in EU Parliament's plenary in Strasbourg, with German Chancellor Angie Merkel, Following closely the Latest Electoral developments, and in view of the Forthcoming ones, (particularly at EU level), raise an UnExpected Question :

- And if the Real Situation in EU's Richest and most Populated Country, Germany, was the Contrary of what Most other Medias' Commentators claim ?

Many notoriously argued, based mainly on a Series of Electoral Results and other relevant socio-political Developments throughout Germany and/or Other EU Countries, (including, particularly, the Latest Popular Votes in Bavaria and Essen : See ... + ..., etc), that the Time had come to Conclude that a Strategic Error in Policy needed a Change, pushing to Prepare a Transition of power holders.

In fact, it depends on what they exactly meant by "Political Strategy"... (See Infra).

On the Contrary, Today in Strasbourg, EU Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker, reacting the 1st to Merkel's Speech in EU Parliament's Plenary, told her "that History will prove you Right !"

Facts indicate that, yes, he could be Right... But Not for the precise controversial Point to which he was referring, (or, at least, Not for the Political Meaning that he, apparently, attributed to that)...

Simply Because the Political Reality is that a Strategy wished, or, at least, Practiced consequently by Angie Merkel in recent times, is just Arriving to the point to Succeed !



- Indeed, all those, relatively recent, Placards in several CDU public Political Meetings in Germany, with the Key Word  : "Die MITTE !", i.e. "the Center", curiously but ostensibly pictured several times behind her and others, have Now Become True :

=> Indeed, for the 1st Time in History, since the Adenauer's pioneer era (when he had Governed 2 or 3 times in a Coalition Together with a Rightist Party called then "Deutsche" : i.e. "Germans"), the Center-Right ChristianDemocrats (CDU) can (in theory) forge a new Majority Government of the Unity of the Right, (Both at Federal level and in most Regional "Länders"/Federated States), together with 2 Other Parties, standing one at their Left, and another at their Right Side : F.ex. "AfD" + "CDU/CSU" + "Liberals" (and/or "Freie Wehler", etc) !

>>> Nowadays, this New Reality has Become an UnQuestionable Fact : All Numbers of recent Electoral and/or Polls' Results clearly proved it : The German People has made Possible a Majority Government that would be based on a Unity of the Right. (F.ex., among Many other, Various Cases, also, most Recently in Bavaria, Hessen, etc : See http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/geramnybavariaelection2018.html + ..., etc).

+ Elsewhere in Europe, it's also an accomplished Fact : f.ex. in Norway, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, etc., and in Various Formats, (Comp. f.ex. in Denmark, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, etc).

And, to return back to Angie Merkel : Is it a pure "Coincidence" that (at a Crucial Last Moment just before the Latest National Elections of September 2017) she openly Declared that her Favorite Prime Minister in the World is the Norwegian Erna Solberg ?

++ And, at the Same Moment, what a "Surprize" : - The Traditional Competitors for the 1st Place : the "Socialists", have Now Fallen so Low in Germany (and many Other EU Countries, including, f.ex., France, Greece, etc), as Never Before during the Last Half of a Century !

=> So that, Nowadays, the ChristianDemocrats/EPP Center-Right of CDU/CSU (even if somewhat Weaker than its own Past) remains, obviously, the unquestionable 1st and (by far) Biggest Party in Germany, (both at Federal and throughout Länders' levels).

+++ Moreover, it has now seriously Paved the Way (and prepared the Public Opinion) even for Various Other eventual Government Coalitions, including, particularly, also with the "Greens", (as, f.ex. in Baden-Wurttemberg, Hessen, etc., with 2 Attempts also at Federal Level on 2013 and 2017, etc), particularly if they return back to their Historic Roots, when they defended also Humans in front of Growing Risks of Abuse from some Bio-Genetic a.o. Technologies, (See, f.ex., inter alia, als : ..., etc).


- It's true that Angie Merkel pointed, (Today at EU Parliament in Strasbourg), also at the imminent UK's "BREXIT", when she evoked a Series of Recent "UpHeavals" and/or Various "Crises" faced by the EU nowadays,  - such as State Debts, International Terrorism, Conflicts at its Neighbourhood,  a Huge "Tsunami" of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Aliens (suddenly pushed inside an unprepared EU mainly by Turkish Smugglers and some Accomplices since 2015-2016), "Climate Change" Problems at International level, etc.

- "For the 1st Time, an EU Member Country goes away", she observed, with lucidity. And, for anyone who simply Followed the Public Debates between the Brittish People at the Eve of that Fatal 2016 Referendum in the UK, it is Obvious that UKIP's Nigel Farage's "Thanks" to Chancellor Merkel, Today in EU Parliament's Plenary, wasn't only an Irony, but also a Fact : Indeed, that Controversial and UnPopular, Sudden Massive and Irregular Influx of more than 1,5 Millions of Non-Europeans, most of them with a very Different, sometimes even opposed Ideology, often Hastily "Islamized", (even "Chosen" by Turks for Socio-Political Aims, as EU Experts reportedly Denounced, according to mainstream German Medias), Often Influenced by "ISIS" Deadly Terrorists, who cowardly Targetted even Civillian People, including by Many Brutal Attacks throughout Europe and the USA, (etc), undeniably Influenced Negatively many Brittish Voters, (as Farage's infamous Photo-Posters illustrated on 2016).

>>> But : Wasn't it, First of all, a De Gaulle's idea to Keep the UK Out of the EU, already since the 1960ies, (when he had Focused on a Franco-German push to Boost a European Construction, that he was Anxious Not to be Delayed or Undermined by some Euro-Sceptic Brittish Politicians) ?




-  And Merkel, precisely started her Speech, earlier Today at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, with a Timely reference to ..."1969", when a "German former President of EU Commission, Walter Hallstein", had spoken about an "UnPrecedented Boldness" to set up "the Corner-Stones" of the EU's "Foundations", which were, then, "Visionary Projects", such as, f.ex., "Shengen" (Free Movement and Security for EU Citizens inside the EU), "Common Market", "a Joint Currency" (as the "€uro", later-on), etc.

=> Now, "50 Years Later", at the Eve of the forthcoming 2019 EU Elections, when Various Foreign "Interests in the Global area" add and are added to the above-mentioned UpHeavals (Comp. Supra), making it "even More Important for us, Europeans, to Unite Together" and mark certain Key Advances Forward, as Angie Merkel urged Today, (See Infra), obviously, it might be Better not to face again some well-known internal Hesitations, Delays,or even blunt Opposals, by some notorious UK Euro-Sceptics...

The English People, and all the UK, certainly are an important, integral Part of Europe's History, Culture, Identity, Science-Technology, and Future, and "Eurofora" stands for a possible Return of London, Later-on, back in a Reformed EU, in one way or another, in the foreseable Future.

+ And UK's own GeoPolitical Interest, naturally is to become a Strategic "Bridge" at the Center of Relations between Europe and the USA, and Not merely a Far-Away External "Border" of one or another "Empire"...

>>> But, withOut at least Some precious Time for the Franco-German core of the EU to SpearHead a Series of Crucial Advances Strengthening Europe, as those that Angie Merkel just enumerated in her Speech, earlier Today in Strasbourg (See Infra), how could things go on as smoothly and rapidly as necessary ?

- To judge, it's enough to just have a Look at the Main Points listed Today by Chancellor Merkel hershelf, as the "3 Areas", where it's "particularly" important, and "Essential for the Success of Europe", to act with "Unity and Consistency" Nowadays :

(A) "Foreign and Security Policy", including the preparation of a "European Army", a "System of Arms", etc.;  (B) Strengthening "€uroArea" and deepening EU's Economy, (including f.ex. by a common "Budget", the preparation of a "European Deposit Insurance", after necessary Reforms on "Liability" and Responsibility, a "Tax" also on Digital Big Foreign GAFA, etc); (C) Migration and Mass Asylum Issues, inspired by "Solidarity", but also "Agreement" and Monitoring of EU's External Borders, etc ; (Comp. Supra).

Recent History, as well as various Spontaneous Reactions by certain MEPs Today (particularly on the 1st Point), remind that really "Bold" Moves (Comp. Supra) in these Directions, most probably could Not be made so easily, neither on Time, if all the UK "EuroSceptics" remained nowadays inside the EU and persisted to systematically Oppose most of such kind of measures...

- "Only when Europe will have Become Stronger, it will be able to be Heard at the Global Level, and to promote its Values and Interests. The Times when we (EU) could Rely on Others, are Going".  On the Contrary, Nowadays, "We, Europeans, have to take our Destiny more in our Hands, if we want to Survive as a Community", Merkel Warned.

But for that to be really "Heard" by a majority of Brittish, EU must, First, mark some Decisive Advances Forward efficiently, asap, so that the UK would really Find an obvious Interest to later Return Back in an adequately Reformed and Developed EU, in the foreseable Future.  

+ This became even More Obvious, Later this week (UPDATED), when, Echoing, but also Enlarging much Further, an earlier Merkel's call to Boost, particularly, "Digital" and "Mobility" Technologies in the EU, (including, f.ex., "Cell-Battery", "Chips","Quantum Computers", "Artificial Intelligence", and other "Innovations" at the "Base of our Industry", as she said, stressing that "We have the European Tools. We have all that in our Hands" ),


=> EU Parliament's Committee on Transports was the 1st to Vote in Strasbourg, on a Draft EU Regulation for the "Digital Europe" Programme of 2021-2027, several Largely supported Ambitious compromise Amendments :  In order, not only to Add also "High Performance Computing Centers", "AI industrial applications installed in Machines, Sensors, Robots, Automotive, Space Technologies, etc", "Long-term Training and Research on IT", "Protection ...from Economic Espionage and Cyber-Attacks", with "robust and reliable Cyber-Security", (etc), but also to "reinforce the Strategic AUTONOMY of the EU", in this Key Area.

- Meanwhile, Great "Britain ... is clearly a Part of Europe", and "there will be a Large Number of Opportunities for Cooperation, in which we can work Together, and that's what we Want to do", Angie Merkel stressed, Later-on, in her first Replies to MEPs' observations.


- All "this does Not mean that Europe must be Everywhere", since "Not Every problem in Europe, is a problem for Europe", she acknowledged.

=> "But, Solidarity", which is part of "the Soul of Europe", (as Angie Merkel had already stressed in her 1st Speech at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, back on 2007, when Germany was Chairing the EU), "means that Europe is present Where Necessary, and, in that case, there is a Strong, Resolute and Efficient Action !", she pleaded in Conclusion,
(while also Urging to Avoid Tragic Errors of the Past, as those who had led to the 1st World War, whose End had just been Commemorated by an International Top Gathering of Heads of State/Government last Sunday in Paris : See, f.ex. ..., etc).


+ Believing that the Time is Ripe for the German Chancellor to Help Move in this Direction, the President of EU Parliament's Liberal Group, Guy Verhofstadt, former Prime Minister of Belgium, launched a vibrant Call for her to Resolutely Work Together with new French President Emmanuel Macron, in order to make "a "Leap Forward" in the European Construction nowadays.

- Angie Merkel's Reply appeared typical for her usually balanced way to speak  :  - "You want us to be Visionary, particularly together with France, But also, of course, to guarantee that Visions become Reality, she pointed out.

 - F.ex., for "the European Council, at the End of 2018, soon 27 Votes will be necessary for Unanimous Decisions". So, there is a "Tension between Visions and Feasibility", in real Practice, which "should not be increased". That's why "I like, sometimes, to be Cautious, with the Formulation of Objectives, ...because the People ... hope that what we said, would be finally Implemented". So, "I take into Account what is deemed Possible in all those EU Member States, and for a Political Majority". Because "I have my own Ideas and Vision", but, "sometimes, Others .. are Apart", and we risk to be Divided, while, on the contrary, we "must be kept United", she explained.

=> In consequence, "Germany will Both plead for Ambitious Objectives" in Europe, "But, Also show Respect for Others, who are Not always ready to pursue the same things : That's also Part of the European Union", Merkel concluded Carefully.


However, at least in Certain Key Issues, Recent Developments indicate that she Could Dare be more "Bold", (according to the expression that the she had used from the Beginning : Comp. Supra) :

- F.ex., on European Defense, the well-fought Election of EU Parliament's President Antonio Tajani, (an Experienced former Twice EU Commissioner, Top MEP and former Foreign Minister, etc), from the End of 2016, achieved, for the 1st Time in the last Decades, even withOut a Backing by the "Socialists",


gave a Timely Opportunity to find out, (during a pre-Electoral Debate in Brussels), that, Nowadays, even a Political Group of Rightists, usually Accused to be "EuroSceptics", (that of ENF, with MEPs from France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc), in fact, clearly said to be in Favour of the creation and Development of a real European Security and Defense policy !

+ Moreover, the Recently Emerged, New Opportunities for a Governing Majority based on the Unity of the Right in Germany, (Both at Federal and often Regional Levels, f.ex. with CDU/CSU, Liberals, AfD and/or Freie Wehle, etc : Comp. Supra), obviously, also give to Merkel (and/or her Future Successors in the CDU/CSU), for the 1st Time, a Chance to eventually Free hershelf and the Country from some Controversial and UnPopular, painful Concessions that she had been Obliged to make to the Left in the recent Past :

- F.ex., on the so-called "Double Passport" and "Dual Nationalities" from 2014, (notoriously a "Gift" mainly to a Turkish Lobby), which obviously added a supplementary Obstacle against Integration, (at that Same Time entrusted to a ...Tukish "Socialist" appointed Minister !), and Disappointed Many former CDU/CSU supporters.

- Also on the Sudden, UnWarned Abandon of her former Support to the Natural Family, between a Man and a Woman, (normaly able to give Natural Birth to Children), resulting to the Imposal of Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex Marriage" between Homosexuals, in the Summer of 2017, when she apparently Feared an eventual "Red-Red-Green" Majority of the Left in the forthcoming, then, National Elections, based particularly on such Issues, (which, on the Contrary, curiously Hindered a CDU/CSU Deal with the "Greens", as they had become)  : A Measure that was Opposed by more than ... + 75 % of CDU/CSU MPs in the relevant Votes of the Bundestag, then, and Denounced even Today, in EU Parliament, particularly by the Representatives of the Conservative and the Rightist (ENF) Groups, (a Polish and a German MEP, the latter comming from the "AfD").

>>> On the Contrary, when Angie Merkel had made a Strong Appeal against "Multi-Culti", Ghetoes and Socio-Cultural "AppartHeid"-provoking Policies, added, in Parallel, also to a Strong Plaidoyerie, with a series of Practical Measures of Support, in Favour of "strong" Natural Families and Births, (etc), Back during the 2013 Electoral Campaign, as "Eurofora" witnessed on the spot f.ex. in LudwigsHafen on 8/2013, then, she had Marked a Big Popular Success :

=> Many People had lively Apploaded then, and Merkel managed to get almost +40 % of Citizens' Votes, reaching the Threshhold of an AUTONOMOUS MAJORITY, for the 1st Time in History !

(It's Only after MidNight, at about 3 o'Clock in the Early "Morning", that a re-Count suddenly claimed that she Lacked of just ... 4 MPs in order to form an Independent Government)...

Nevertheless, "Eurofora"'s co-Founder, (who has Followed Angie Merkel since when she was the Leader of the Opposition, at Early 2005, f.ex. in Koeln, until Today, on 2018), was positively Surprized to See, soon After that Victorious Election of September 2013, during the subsequent EU Heads of State/Government's Summit on October 2013 in Brussels, a Brightly "Radiant" Merkel, make a Splendid Appearance among Journalists in her Press Coference there, with a Superb Style, Assurance and Dynamism, Clear Vision and a Will to Act Energetically in order to Help Solve certain Key European issues, from the Emerging, then, "Ukranian" Problem, up to (and Particularly supported then) the matter of an Ambitious EU's "Digital" Policy, (f.ex.  Protecting Private Data against Mass Spying at Smart-Phones and at the Internet, particularly by Foreign Powers, etc., but also in order to Develop Autonomous European Digital Tools and relevant advanced Web Technologies, etc : A Topical Issue also Nowadays : Comp Supra)...

Unfortunately, the Surprizing electoral Elimination on 2013 of CDU/CSU's Natural and Traditional Ally : the Small "Liberal" Party", (whose Leadership had been notoriously "Targeted" with unusual Hostility by former US President Barack Hussein Obama's Administration, particularly Because of its alleged Refusal to Accept a Military Invasion of Syria on 2013), Followed by an UnPrecedented personal Violent Incident at a notorious Global Tourism stronghold in Switzerland, (Contrary to the usually "Discreet" Areas where Merkel used to spend her Family Holidays until then), suddenly Wounded the German Chancellor's Leg, obliging her to rely on Crutchies, just Before an Exceptionally Vicious and Bloody Conflict breaks out in Ukraine, from the Beginning of 2014, throughout which it made Many Civilian and other Victims, while also dangerously Dividing Europe between EU and Russia, in a counter-productive way adversely affecting the Economy of Both, etc. To this was Added, from the Beginning up to the End of 2015 ("Anus Horribilis", as she later denounced herself), a Long and Growing Series of islamist Terrorist Attacks Brutally Targetting and Killing innocent Civilian People in several European Countries, (mainly France, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Denmark, etc), in Parallel to an UnPrecedented, Giant "Tsunami" of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants of more than 1,5 Millions of People suddenly infiltrating Europe mainly via Turkey, with some Local Complicities inside the EU, on 2015/2016+, which was Partly Stopped, at First by the Closure of the Western Balkans' Route, but Still persists elsewhere, including, particularly, to the over-burdened and congested Greek Islands, etc. In Parallel, Were Added also UnPrecedented Massive Aggressions and Mob Sexual Attacks with Brutalities, attempts to Rape, Violent Thefts, etc., against Young German Girls (often Children) and defenseless, isolated Women by Violent Groups of mainly Thugs recently imported Massively through Turkey (Comp. Supra), while Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks cowardly Targetting Civilian People continued also on 2016, 2017 and 2018, Extending a Long List of innocent Victims, which inevitably Influenced the Recent Elections in Germany, but also Elsewhere, in some Other European Countries, until recently.

However, After the Latest Spectacular Changes in Germany's Political Landscape, (Comp. Supra), the Biggest Central Pilar of any Berlin's Government Coalition : the CDU/CSU of the Center-Right, even if partially weakened, has, Mathematically, got, for the First Time, from the German People, a Unique Occasion to practically Choose among Various Possibilities, including a Unity of the Right, with an eventual Majority in the colors of "Bahamas" Flag, (Black, Bleu, Yellow : CDU - AfD - Liberals : See http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/germanyfromjamaicatobahamascoalition.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/germanpollsshowbigchange.html, etc).

Theoretically, such moves might be done in the Future With, or WithOut Merkel, (who has notoriously Declared Nowadays her Readiness to Withdraw on 2021, after Leading the Government until the Next Elections), but, at any case, Thanks to Political Choices made during Her Guidance, (Comp. Supra).

This would, Obviously, require Important Changes, particularly on Mass Migration Policy, that Frau Merkel might be Ready, or Not, to make personaly, Nowadays.

However, she has Already Proven that she Knows how to Make even some Far-Reaching, sudden "U-Turns", if, rightfully or wrongly, she might Believe that it has become necessary for legitimate Wider Interests in the Society, (as has Shown, f.ex., the Popular March 2011 "Energy Shift" Away from Nuclear Power, but also the Controversial July 2017 pre-Electoral Move on "Same Sex Marriages", etc).

And Angie Merkel has notoriously Acknowledged Recently, that some Errors were made in the Precipitation of that Sudden and UnPrecedented Pressure of 2015 about 1,5 Millions of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants mainly through Turkey : F.ex., since the Bratislava 9/2016 and Rome 3/2017 EU Summits, (See "Eurofora"s relevant NewsReports, made on the Spot, from Both these exceptional Events, at : ..., and : ...., etc), while Nowadays she stressed that, on the Contrary, EU's External Borders need a Stronger Protection, added to Development and Humanitarian Aid around Syria and in Africa, etc, (even if this might, probably, not be now considered as really sufficient by many).

But, Moreover, this Time, many Essential Points on Topical Issues seem, Paradoxically, to be More "Easy", in Theory : Indeed, it would, Most Probably, be Enough for Angie Merkel to eventually Return, simply, Back to her own "Classical" Positions :  

- F.ex. against Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU bid (as she professed as Opposition Leader before the 2005 "GroKo" with the "Socialists"); against "Multi-Culti" and for a real Socio-Cultural Integration of Migrants in Europe, (as she Succesfully called to do, mainly between 2009 and 2013 European and National Elections, which made CDU/CSU very Popular);  Back to her Defense of Natural Families, with Marriage between a Man and a Woman, normaly Able to give Natural Births to their Children, (as Back on her Most Succesfull 2013 Electoral Campaign : Comp. Supra, and Before a Last-Minute, precipitated U-Turn, at the Eve of 2017 Elections, on July 2017, which opened a way for the Controversial "Same Sex Marriage" between Homosexuals, to which 75% of CDU/CSU MPs were Opposed) ; Back to a Policy giving a Priority to Intra-European Population Migration for needs of the Economy, much More Easy to Integrate in the German Society, instead of relying heavily only on Extra-European Migration from Foreign 3rd Countries with Far-Away or even too "Rigid" Cultural Dogmas, too Hard to Integrate in Europe, (i.e., Returning towards European Migrants, f.ex. from impoverished and/or UnEmployment-striken Countries, as, f.ex., after the former "Central-Eastern" European Countries, also, nowadays, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, etc, who had recently Started to Become the Majority of Migrants in Germany, as former Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, a Merkel's close and long-time collaborator, had officially announced to the Medias), etc.

After all, may be, the German Chancellor has Not yet Stopped to create certain key Surprises, when she might feel that Necessary...





(NDLR : "DraftNews", as already send, Earlier, to "Eurofora"'s Subscribers/Donors. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be Published asap).


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    The incoming Swedish EU Presidency (July-December 2009) may still remain in favour of Turkey's controversial EU bid, despite June 2009 EU Elections' results, but it has "very strong demands on Turkey"'s obligation to respect EU Rules, said the Head of Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service, Cecilia Julin, to "EuroFora", reacting to critical Press reports.

    - "I know (that) the link is often made also to Sweden's position on Turkey"'s controversial EU bid. Indeed, "we (Swedish EU Presidency) are very much engaged in the future membership of Turkey, but not without fullfiling all the Criteria".

    - "It's very clear that we (Swedish EU Presidecny) have very Strong Demands on Turkey, in a sort of concept for Future membership of the Union, ...which will be a Long Process...", she stressed.

    This means, in particular, "the Copenhagen Criteria (on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law), and also the adaptation to the Acquis of the European Union".

     - "If you listen to what Mr. Bildt (the Swedish Foreign Minister) says on Turkey at different occasions, it's very clear : We want Turkey to become part of the Union, in the Future. But we want it to fullfil all the Criteria : The Acquis of the European Union. That's very clear", she concluded.

    The Senior Official of the Swedish Foreign Ministry was reacting to critical Press Reports, from Brussels' Journalists invited by EU Commission's secretariat to Stockholm, who claimed that Bildt was abusing of a ..."Whip" (sic !) against Cyprus, by "threatening" the presence of UNO's Peace-keeping force at the "Green line" which separates the island's Government-controlled areas from the territories occupied by Ankara's army, if Nicosia didn't accept any political solution, regardless of Turkey's demands, before the end of 2009.

        Governing AKEL Party's new Secretary General, Andros Kyprianou, reacted by declaring that no-one can threat the People of Cyprus : -"We shall decide for our Future, and nobody else",  he reportedly said, asking to "keep calm". "In order to find a Solution soon, certain basic Principles must be respected", he stressed, calling those who feel an urgency to use their influence on Turkey. Other Political Parties were more critical.

    This was a reference to recently reported statements by Turkish Minister Bagis, Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan and Turkey's National Security Council (a Military-Political body), accused to push towards a partitionist "2 States" solution, contrary to UNO SC Resolutions for Cyprus' reunification.

    December 2009 is a crucial moment for EU's appraisal of Turkey's controversial EU bid, because EU Council has decided to review then Ankara's compliance with the European position on the recognition of Cyprus' Government, which was clearly set out by an EU reply of 21 September 2005 to Turkish Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan's claims, refusing to recognize even the existence of EU Member Cyprus, in controversial statements he made to London (former EU chair) on July 29, 2005.

    EU Parliament's latest Resolution on Turkey, adopted on March 2009 in Strasbourg, warned Ankara that "the non-fulfillment of Turkey's commitments... by December 2009, may further seriously affect the process of Negotiations" with the EU.

    In practice, the issue boils down to Ankara's "embargo" against Ships and Airplanes using Cyprus' seaports or airports at the strategic EU island, which traditionaly hosts one of the World's biggest Shipping flags. EU has already "freezed" 6 relevant Chapters in EU - Turkey Negotiations since December 2006, after Ankara refused to fullfil a commitment it had undertaken when EU had decided to open controversial "accession" negotiations with Turkey, back on December 2005.

    - "As far as EU - Turkey relations are concerned, it's clear that Turkey needs to fullfil its obligation of full, non-discriminatory implementation of the additional Protocol (to "EC-Turkey Association Agreement"),  This is an important issue....and should be addresseed as soon as possible as it clearly affects the pace of the accession negotiations.Issues covered by the Declaration of September 2005 will continue to be followed up, and progress is urgently awaited", warned earlier in Strasbourg the out-going Czech EU Presidency (former vice-Prime Minister Alexander Vodra).

    But the Head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service, Cecilia Julin, dismissed "interpretations" by "some" that Foreign Minister Carl Bildt was reportedly "threatening" Cyprus with consequences on the UNFICYP, if it doesn't accept any solution until December 2009, while Turkey is reportedly delaying in an attempt to impose a partitionist "2 States" solution.

    On the contrary, Julin, stressed that "Sweden has strong demands on Turkey'"s respect of "Copenhagen Criteria and EU Acquis".

    Meanwhile, Sweden  is "concerned" about the risk of "Stalemate" in Cyprus' Talks, but is well aware that "the main responsibilities lie with the two leaders and the UNO", Europe playing only a role of "facilitator".

    After carefully verifying, the Head of Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service, stressed to "EuroFora" that Bildt's reference to UNFICYP "was not linked to a Threat", and dismissed those who "interpreted" it so.

    On the contrary, the Swedish EU Presidency acknowledged the fact that Peace Talks are mainly for the UN and the leaders of the Cypriot communities, EU's role being limited into that of a "facilitator".

    As for Turkey's reported attempts to impose a "2 States' solution", the Head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service sharply replied by stressing that Turkey must respect the "EU Acquis" rules.

    In particular :

    - "Basically he (Bildt) underlined that it's the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus and the UN that have the main responsibilities for solving the problem", started to say the Swedish Senior Official to "EuroFora", referring to the above-mentioned "briefing".

    - "But the EU had a role in sort of pointing out the benefits and facilitating a little bit the outcome for the settlement of the whole Cyprus' issue", she added.

    - "And he did state the Fact, that the rest of the World (i.e. USA, etc) will, of course, look at the differend issues which are at the table, and the future of the UN Peace keeping force is part of what is at the table", she admitted.

    - "I understand that some have interpreted that as a Threat, by the Swedish Minister" "But", in reality, "it's a statement of a Fact, that, when we'll look at the differend issues, one of the issues on which we shall have to take a stand on, is the future of the UN Peace keeping force in Cyprus".

    Indeed, one of the questions usually raised for a Solution of Cyprus' issue is what International and/or European or other Guarantees, by a Peace-keeping force, might be needed afterwards, eventually for a transitory period.

    Questioned anew by "EuroFora" whether (according to critical Press Reports) this could be taken as a veiled warning that, if Cyprus didn't accept any Turkish demand for any solution whatever, it might be left alone to face Ankara's Military Invasion/Occupation, she denied :

    - "He (Bildt) didn't say it in that way"... "It was not linked to a threat, or anything like that", the Head of the Swedish Foreign Ministry's Press Service stressed.

    On the contrary, "he (Bildt) underlined that the main responsibility lies with the parties concerned on the island". "The EU can try to facilitate and show the benefits of reaching a settlement. But also, when the EU and the rest of the World (i.e. USA) will have to look at it, they will look at all the Facts on the table, and the presence of the UN Peace-keeping force is one".

    And "he (Bildt) didn't speak about that at all", she replied to "EuroFora" question on Turkey's reported attemps to impose, in one way of another, a partitionist "2 States solution".

    Asked whether Bildt's aim was to incite both parties to move forward efficiently, she agreed :

    - In fact, "the EU is really very concerned with the Stalemate in the situation. Yes !", the Head of Sweden's Foreign Ministry's Press Service anounced. That's why Bildt "was hoping for the two parties (i.e. for Turkey's also) to engage and break, a little-bit, the present stalemate, come to a solution of the issue" of Cyprus.

    But, replying  to a "EuroFora"s question on the risk, denounced by several politicians in case of strict Time Deadlines, for Turkey to provoke a stalemate and wait for the time to come to impose a partitionist "2 States' solution", she reacted by pointing at Turkey's obligation to respect "EU Acquis" :

    - "Turkey must fullfil the EU Acquis : That's clear !", the Swedish Senior Official stressed.

    More details are expected when Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt will debate his Programme with new MEPs at EU Parliament's plenary mid-July in Strasbourg, that he has visited already in 2008.

    Foreign Minister Carl Bildt became familiar with Strasbourg's CoE last year, when Sweden chaired the PanEuropean organization of Human Rights. As EU chairman-in-office, he will also chair the 27-member States strong EU Group inside the 47-member States strong CoE.

    Minister for EU affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom is well known at EU Parliament, where she has been an active MEP of the Liberal Group for many years, following also Press Freedom issues.

    Both have already made various statements at "EuroFora", on differend topical matters.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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