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EU Parliament : Many +Mainstream MEPs ask to ReBalance Climate Policy Measures

Written by ACM
Monday, 25 November 2019


*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- Surprisingly, while Most seem to Agree on the main Aims of the Fight against Climate Change and particularly Global Warming, nevertheless, Many, and even Mainstream MEPs, in an EU Parliament's Plenary Debate this Monday in Strasbourg, before to Vote a Resolution on Wednesday,  Voiced Strong Criticism on the concrete Measures due to realize that policy in real Practice, and Asked to "Re-Balance" EU's stance, while particularly Socialists, Greens and others were Pushing for a Loud Boost on Climate, at the Eve of COP 25 Summit next week in Spain.  

In Fact, such Dissident Views already Started to Emerge as early as Since Last Week, at a Top European Level, in the 2019 Tri-Annual Congress of the mainstream, Center-Right ChristianDemocrat/EPParty (currently the Biggest in Europe), at Zagreb, Croatia :

- Indeed, there, at a Press Conference, together with the Croat Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, (who will Chair EU Council's rotating Presidency from 1/2020), and EPP's Secretary General Antonio Lopez-Isturez of Spain, (where "Eurofora" had been Invited, but Hindered to Travel, by a Last-Minute Incident), the Experienced EPP President Joseph Daul, from France, while Expressing his Support to the Fight against Climate Change, at the same moment, Observed, Critically, that, currently, there is a Lack of Crystal-Clear and Well Balanced, Efficient Policy, as far as it conerns the Measures with which such an aim could be attained : - We all Say "Do it !", But Few dare explain "How" exactly this (f.ex. CO2 Emmissions' Restrictions) could and should be done, he Denounced.

- F.ex., I'm Not Sure that we (EU) have already Found how to Invent "New Bateries" for Cars, etc. And when a Peasant needs to Drive away even in order to Find Bread, because there is No More any Bakery in his Vilage, or an Old Widow with a Tiny Pension canNot Afford to Change her Home's Heating system, (etc), there are Questions inevitably Raised among the People, to which we must Give Real and Practical Answers, observed, inter alia, Daul, who got, Later-on, a Big Boost by more than 2000 Delegates from allover Europe, in a Moving Standing Ovation, and a Strong Eloge from German Chancellor Angie Merkel and various Other Top European Politicians, for his 6 Years-Long Presidency of the EPParty (2013-2019, After another 6 Years at the Head of EU Parliament's EPP Group's MEPs : 2007-2013), where he is succeeded by Donald Tursk, former Prime Minister of Poland, and until now President of the European Council.

- And, in his Official Speech, Later-on, during that EPP Congress in Zagreb, Daul also made a Friendly, but remarked, Observation, concerning the Austrian f. Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, that he Personaly Likes very much, (See, f.ex.: among others, also, previous Daul Statements in Brussels : ..., etc) : - Please be Careful Not to Become "Too Much Green", But "Keep also the Blue" of ChristianDemocrats/EPP Political Leaders, he Advised, Smiling.

"Eurofora" has Supported even a Governing Alliance between "Greens" and ChristianDemocrats/EPP, already as Early as Since 2009 (F.ex.: ..., +..., ..., etc), and, indeed, after many Efforts, some Moves Started in that Direction, Including, f.ex., at Nearby Baden-Wurtemberg's German Länder (Regional Federated State), Strasbourg's "Great East" Region in France, and Other Areas in Germany, etc., while former Pope Benedict, in a Landmark Speech at the Bundestag in Berlin on 2011, boosted the key Idea of "Human Ecology", perfectly Fitting our own Concerns mainly about Genetic a.o. Manipulations of Human Persons Nowadays, etc., to which the Original, Historic "Green" Movement used to be very Sensitive, (f.ex. in Germany, etc), as well as EU Parliament's "Green" Group of MEPs' co-President Nawadays, Philippe Lamberts, (Comp. f.ex. his Replies to relevant "Eurofora"s Questions, Earlier on 2019, at : ..., ..., etc)

+ But, at Today's EU Parliament's Debate on Climate Change (Comp. Supra), while the Author of a quite Loud Resolution, French "Green" MEP Canfin, simply but pompously Urged MEPs to "Hear what the Scientists tell us", as well as some "Young People", on the Contrary, Many More than expected MEPs expressed Various Argumented Reserves or Criticisms :

- F.ex., in Addition to several Strong Opposals, mainly by Rightists of the "Identity and Democracy" Group, as French MEP Griset, who Denounced an attempt by "Globalists" to "Interfere against the Sovereignity of States", and some "Independent" MEPs, as Lagos from Greece, who slamed what he called "Climate Terror" (sic !), etc., various Other, often Mainstream Critics, were Milder, but clearly Critical :

- Thus, Danish ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Pernille Weiss, warned about the "Need to Win Citizens", who still have second thoughts.

- Polish Conservative MEP Wiśniewska wondered what will be done for "those People who canNot Afford" to Pay for Ecological Heating, etc., and asked if anybody had Noticed, f.ex., the Protests of "Yellow Jackets" in France.

- Italian Conservative MEP Pietro Fiocchi, said that when he Asked How we could reach the Goals of Paris' Agreement, he was merely told that "Taxes should be Raised" : "That's Not Good !", he pointed out. In fact, "We (EU) have a Duty to Explain to our Citizens, How we intend to Reach such Goals, withOut Killing their Livelihood", he stressed.

- German ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Hansen also warned that "We (EU) have to show to our Citizens that Climate can be Protected withOut Loss of Jobs".

- French mainstream ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Bellamy urged to "Reply to Emotions (on Climate Change) Rationally, and Not Irrationally" : F. Ex., he Denounced as "UnThinkable" a Call (by that Controversial Draft Resolution on Climate Change) to Stop Nuclear Energy, while it Helps to Fight against Global Warming !

+ And there, it is even a Socialist MEP, Robert Hajšel from Slovakia, who Agreed with him, and Asked if there is an Amendment to Save Nuclear Energy...

- Mainstream Italian ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Salini, advised to be "Realistic", and Warned that "EU People and Businesses do Not Want even More Expenses" nowadays.

- Polish ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Jarubas Called to Argue on the Basis of "Cost-Benefits" Analysis. Because, "Otherwise, Nobody will Follow us", he Warned. And we (EU) should "Help Poor Regions", which canNot Cope, if we (EU) want to advance "seriously", as he said.

- Irish ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Kelly, stressed that "People who Work" in Activities Threatened by Anti-Emmissions Measures, (and, therefore, risk to be Restricted or Stopped) "have to be Helped".

- Bulgarian ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Kanev, went Further :  - "We must go Back in History": At First, in the Past, "the Real Significance of the term" <<Nex Green Deal>> was Not "a list of Prohibitions, ...of Limitations, ...of Taxes Affecting those who already Suffer the most", he Denounced. On the Contrary, "it Was a large- scale public and private Investment programme, aiming at ambitious Development, Innovation, new Infrastructure, new Businesses, new models of Growth, new Jobs". So, also Nowadays, "our (EU's) New Green Deal in >Europe should be a deal for growth and jobs, for New Opportunities in the regions in transition, for new Hope for those Affected, for a new clean Technology, for science, Innovation, for Investment precisely in the Regions most dependent on Fossil Fuels and Suffering most from the present crisis", he Ambitiously Urged.

In Fact, even USA Presiedent Don Trump's notorious Opposal to the Paris' Agreement on Climate, is obviously related to Jobs and Growth matters, and Not at all in an Negation of Climate Change Risks. Thus, his Environment Protection Agency Director, Wheeler, has even Suggested, just after a First, Ministerial "G7" Summit on Environment at Metz, France, Last March 2019, a kind of ..."Re-Negotiation", at least as far as USA's Obligations are concerned, so that "it would Level the Playing Field for the US", as he said, (apparently Refering to an Equivalent of the well-known, General Trump's Standard about "Fair" International Trade).[See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/rugyforclimatedealwithtrumpresigns.html, etc].





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    EU Parliament's President, German MEP Hans Gert Poettering, formally announced this position, after consulting all Political Groups' Chairmen, Monday in Strasbourg, and most MEPs made the point crystal clear during Plenary Debates on Wednesday.   

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