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French President Macron compares his Election to that of EU Parliament's Winner Top-Candidate Weber

Written by ACM
Friday, 21 June 2019

*Brussels/EU Summit/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Mystery (See: ..., and Infra) about the real reasons of a curiously Delayed, Last-Minute Opposition, with too Harsh Words by some, versus the Winner EU Parliament's "SpitzenKandidate" for the job of EU Commission's President, ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Manfred Weber, Chairman of EPP's Group of MEPs, became even Deeper, after Fresh Statements by the embattled French President, Emmanuel Macron Today, in Reply to a Question raised by a German Journalist, during his Concludig Press Conference in Brussels, where "Eurofora" was present, just after the End of the 20-21 June 2019 Heads of State/Governnment Summit here.       



 + Significantly, Macron had already spoted "Eurorofa"s presence in France's PressRoom Today, since he Saluted us with a bright Smile and a few Words, already while Entering a fully packed room, (where we Exceptionaly had accepted a kind proposal to sit near "Elysée" Palace's staff, at a Special Row), and appeared to be Aware also of our relevant Publications of OverNight (Dated from Yesterday), with First News about the Controversy on the choice of the New EU Commission's President and EU Summit's well known Decision to Postpone the issue for Consultations with EU Parliament until June 30 - July 1st, as well as an Initial appraisal of German Chancellor Angie Merkel and the French President's respective Positions, as they had presented them in Brief Statements to Journalists who were present at that Late Hour, including "Eurofora", OverNight, (Comp.: ...+ ..., etc).

++ In the MeanTime, "Eurofora" had just Crossed, also, Chancellor Merkel, while she was walking towards her adjacent German PressRoom, traditionally aside the French, and we were Surprized by her spontaneous reaction to suddenly start Smiling while Looking towards us and speaking to her numerous Counsellors about something apparently related to "Eurofora", which, as we found out Later-on, most probably was that strange suggestion by Macron, Last Night, that EU Commission's Chair could, eventually, be offered to Merkel herself, (something that she had, in fact, already Declined previously twice, but had to refuse again anew Today, since another Journalist raised that Question, particularly after our Publcation too)...


  - "You became President of the Republic while still being very Young, without having a long Experience at a Top Political level. Why wouldn'it be possible for you to give Manfred Weber a Chance to become EU Commission's President ?", a German Journalist from "DPAgency" questioned Macron Today, in a straightforward way, which obviously Targetted one of his Repeated "Conditions" for a New EU Commission's President : to be "Experienced" and/or "Competent" enough in such kind of Top Jobs, as he had said earlier, (apparently in order to Contest that in the case of Weber).

 - "Indeed, I had just a Short Political Experience, compared to Manfred Weber", acknowledged Macron.

- "But, at least, I had managed, meanwhile, to become Minister !", he immediately added.

    Naturaly an Interesting and true point, But apparently irrelevant here : When the Aim is to get the Top Job of a President of European/International, MultiLateral Organisation, (as EU Commission here, etc.), Obviously, it's the Experience of having been Elected, previously, as Chairman of a Political Group of MEPs from 28 EU Member Countries, (and even of the Biggest in EU Parliament: that of ChristianDemocrats/EPP) that Counts Most, as Useful in real practice...


+ Building even Further in such various concrete ways to Compare Macron's pathWay to that of Weber,

the embattled French Président reminded also the fact that, as he put it :

-"I was Elected after having presented myself in front of the French People. And the French People are the Judge".

- So, "if Manfred Weber presented himself in front of the European People, saying that he wants to become EU Commission's President, there would be No Problem", he reasoned.

- "But", instead, "he presented himself, at the Top of a List, in Germany, making a big fuss about it ! But it's Not enough"...., Macron criticized.


 - "For a quite Simple Reason :

- "I know how much Germans are rightfully attached to their Constitution. We have Texts in France, a Constitution, which says  that President of the Republic is he who is elected by the French People".

 - So, I presented myself in front of the French People. And the French Peuple Decided. With Sovereignity", he anew returned back to the Comparative format.

+ But, "we have also European Texts, and a(n EU) Constitution", which say that EU Commission's President, and others, are chosen by EU Council's leadership, and Endorsed by EU Parliament".

 - "Like Germans do, ... I love Constitutions !"..., Macron concluded.


=> - In Consequence, "If, one Day, the European People decide to build a Constitution which says that the EU Commission's President is Elected by the European People, in European Elections, then, we shall make Real European Elections !", he proposed for the foreseable Future.

>>> "In that case ANYONE (who wins), could directly become EU Commission's President", Highlighted Macron : That is to say, if and when such an EU Reform might be accomplished, then, the Conditions concerning the Candidates' Profile (Comp. Supra)

 - "But that's not our (EU's) current situation", Regretted Macron, as things stand Nowadays.


    This is an Interesting and Topical Exchange, because Macron seems to have been led to practically Drop or Downplay his Previous sine qua non Requirement for a special "Experience" and/or "Competence" of Candidates to EU Commission's Presidency (Comp. Supra),

    >>> preferring to Focus, Now, on a general Demand for what he named as : "Real European Elections" (Comp. Supra).

    + And, (to "return" also his previous suggestion about Merkel : Comp. Supra), observers may easily guess, by carefully following this latest Macron's overall reasoning, (Comp. Supra), that he even ...Dreams for such an Opportunity to eventually be given to himself too, perhaps on 2024...

    After all, why not ?


    >>> However, even if it's like that, i.e. if the real reason for his Opposal to Weber's Election might, eventually, be the lack, until now, of an Authentic, fully-fledged, "Real European Election" as he said now (Comp. Supra),

    => then, WHY didN't he (and those "Socialists" who reportedly Changed stance, and Now Back that position), clearly WARN the People long BEFORE the May 2019 VOTES ?

    Indeed, Where were all those Late "Critics" of the "SpitzenKandidat" Method in EU Parliament's May 2019 during all Public Events, Officially Organized by EU Parliament, EU Commission, and other various European Bodies, including Ebs TV, EuroVision, etc, under the Crystal-Clear Heading f.ex. "Candidates for EU Commission's Presidency" that EU Citizens were Called to Vote ? (See several relevant Pamphlets, Photos, Videos, etc)...





    => - This is "a Fraud on Voters !", denounces an Artice at Mainstream German Newspaper "Die Welt". Indeed, haven't EU Citizens been Deceived ?

    There is a Strong EU Parliament's Resolution for that "SpitzenKandidat" Method, to which the EU Councl had given a quite Positive Response, and all that Practice systematically Followed by All related Public Actors, Both in the 2014 and in the 2019 EU Elections. All this canNot, normaly "Disappear", Suddenly, withOut any Warning, neither any serious explanation, just like Smoke...

    Why even the Experienced current EU Commission's President, Jean-Claude Juncker, expressed now the view that "we have Not seen the End of the Spitzen-Kandidat procedure", "Not yet its Autopsy", (sic) ?

    >>> All this, inevitably Augments the already ambiant Impression that a "Paradox", or even a "Mystery", might be Hidden in many converging Strange Facts concerning the Latest EU Elections of May 2019, (Comp. Supra: ..., etc), and their Aftermath.













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*Paris/ACM/12 October 2008/-

When Europeans really feel a vital need to urgently launch common replies to challenging World Crisis, as the present Financial turmoil of Global Markets, they forge new decision-making tools and new dynamics :

The 1st in History EuroZone Heads of State and Government Summit, organized in Paris at the invitation of French President, and current EU chair, Nicolas Sarkozy, with the participation of 15 national leaders and EU institutions' chairmen, partly enlarged to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after a highly symbolic duo with German Chancelor Angie Merkel, at General De Gaulle's birth-village, 50 Years after he welcomed there former German chancellor Adenauer (1958-2008), may have not one, but two results :

- The first, and more urgent, was to launch an "ambitious", "coherent", and "efficient" common European movement, able to stimulate "solutions" to the World Economic Crisis, as Sarkozy anounced from the outset : State Garantees (to new Bank debts up to 5 years), fresh Capital input (f.ex. by buying shares), support to distressed banks, (while also restructuring them), incite the European Central Bank to facilitate commerial bills europe-wide, etc.

"Acting swiftly", from tomorrow, national measures will quantify all these targets, with coordinated actions from all EuroZone's Governments : France, Germany, Italy and others, decided to anounce, at the same time, such concrete measures, according to agreements that we have already made all together, revealed Sarkozy at the final Press Conference, flanked by EuroZone's chairmen : EuroGroup's Jean-Claude Juncker, and Central European Bank's Jean-Claude Truchet, as well as EU Commission's Jose Baroso, to solemnly stress the will to find common European solutions.

- "United and Determined, all EuroZone's Countries will act to prove that Citizens can Trust" the Economy, Sarkozy concluded. If we attract also all EU's 27 countries, Wednesday in Brussels, then we can coordinate action with our American Friends at a Global level, he anounced.


- "With this new Toolbox, we do not want to serve Bankers, but to work for Europe and its Citizens' interests", added Juncker.

- "For the moment, we want to act urgently to regulate the Crisis. But the time will come when those responsible for this, will have to account for their actions. Yes to real Capitalism, No to Speculators. Those who abused, will face sanctions, Sarkozy warned.

Need stimulates activities which create new organs, say biologists, and Gordon Brown, compatriot of Spencer, the famous bio-Historian, would certainly not deny that, after his surprise visit to EuroZone's Summit in Paris, which attracted him one hour more than scheduled...


Decisions include also the creation of a Crisis-management European mechanism, which "requires constant Monitoring", as well as strengthening Economic policy cooperation between EuroZone's countries.

Sarkozy will be judged by History not just by the immediate Economic results, expected at the end of this week's decision-making proces at National and EU level, but also by the more far-reaching consequences at the aftermath of this Historic EuroZone 1st Summit : Will it succeed to become a precursor forging a New era in European institution's revitalization ?

Significantly, the French President sat, during discussions, between German Chancelor Merkel, and British Prime Minister Brown, facing the chairmen of EuroGroup, Juncker, ECB : Truchet, and EU Commission, Baroso, with Prime Ministers of Spain, Zapatero (a hot partisan of EuroZone's Summit) at his right side, and Italy's Berlusconi, at his left, surrounded by Austrian, Belgian, Cyprus', Finland's, Greece's, and Ireland's leaders, as well as Slovakia's, Slovenia's, Portugal's, Netherlands', Malta's and Luxembourg's leaders.


Meanwhile, those who tabled for a rift between French and German positions were faced with a smiling Merkel at De Gaulle-Adenauer's meeting place, a sunny Saturday morning, and a particularly active-looking Merkel inside the French Presidential Palace at Elysee's gardens on Sunday, (as happy few photographers discovered)..

- "De Gaulle's hilltop, at Colombey-les-2-Eglises, gave an astonishing overview to a huge landscape, entirely surrounded by splendid Nature, as far as eyes could see", said to EuroFora an obviously charmed German Journalist.


She was describing Saturday's inauguration of a High-Tech Memorial close to the Historic Giant Double Lorraine's Cross, built by famous Novelist Andre Malraux, to perpetuate the Memory of his famous call for "Resistance" to NAZI, and his vision for the creation of New Institutions and Franco-German reconciliation, to foster Europe's role in the World, also for the Future.


Children playing at Elysee's gardens before the Historic 1st EuroZone's Summit : What Europe's Future will look like ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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