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How UNSG Annan changed views on Cyprus: Memories from France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, New York+

Written by ACM
Thursday, 23 August 2018

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- We have personally met and worked, as a Journalist, at various occasions, with several UN Secretary Generals such as Boutros-Ghali, Kofi Annan, Ban Ki Moon, and Antonio Guterres (already since his Earlier PM, EU Chairman + UNHCR duties), at various occasions and places.

But Kofi Annan, UNO's SG during 1997 - 2006, (who surprized these days, by sadly passing away, apparently too early), was really Special..., particularly for Europe.

It's not just because of the (certainly Interesting) Fact that his Wife, Nane Annan, a Swedish Lady, former Lawyer on International Law, was also Niece of Raul Wallenberg, (the former Diplomat and Human Rights Defender during the NAZI era who "Disappeared" afterwards in Central Europe), in whose Name was  Created (with the support of Swedish and Czech Authorities) a prestigious Foundation cooperating with the CoE in Strasbourg, where Prizes to various contemporary Human Rights Defenders are regularly awarded by a High-Level PanEuropean Jury, (to which participates also the Experienced former President of CoE Assembly's Legal/Human Rights Committee, Christos Purgurides from Cyprus).

>>> But, much More because converging Facts clearly indicate that if a Top level Political RDV scheduled by Kofi Annan at New York for September 12, 2001, had not been brutally Cancelled by 9/11 's Barbaric Mass Killings, when Hijacked Airplanes stroke WTC's Towers, followed by a strange Collapse, then, ...Europe's Present and Future would have been very Different !

One of the reasons is the Role(s) that he played, (and/or that was often Attributed to him), inter alia, also in the Issue of Cyprus, notoriously facing Turkey's acts, and, in fact, by ricochet, linked mainly to the Wider matter of Europe's Fate, (on Human Rights, Foreign policy and Energy sources, Cultural Heritage and Migration, EU Customs Union/Enlargement, etc.), but also USA, including Russia, partially China, even India, as well as UNO's own role.

So that it's really a Surprizing Fact that the UnExpected Death of Kofi Annan, after an UnDetermined "Short illness", as mainstream Medias reported, (just a few Days after, by a Coincidence, we had anew visited Switzerland, at InterLaken/Thun, in Bern's region, where he reportedly was with his Family until his Last Moments), occured almost at the Same Time that, Nowadays, a New UN-sponsored Initiative, with Fresh Efforts for Cyprus' Peaceful ReUnification, is just Starting to be prepared, for the 1st Time under the New USA President Don Trump's government, (including with the New State Department's Secretary Mike Pompeo).


An initial Experience, from the First Year of Kofi Annan's work as UN SG, during the Summer of 1997, in Montreux/Glyon, (at the Other Side of Geneva Lake), for High-Level Talks on Cyprus, didn't leave to us any other Mark, than that of an Enhanced EU Role, with the recent Nomination and Active Presence of a Special EU Observer, (then an Irish Senior Diplomat), whose Exclusive Interview we Published then at "MPA" Press Agency.

At the Same Time, we were intrigued by an Agreement to, at last, Start Dealing with the most Tragic Issue of "Missing" People in Cyprus, as a purely "Humanitarian" matter.

But, in Parallel, at our own initiative, (which, at first, surprized and even ..amused some more Experienced Collegues, who, apparently, didn't believe that it might become, Later-on, as Important as it did : See Infra), we were eagerly Following, the Astonishingly quasi-Simultaneous Developments, at Nearby Geneva's UN European Headquarters, about the General Principles on a Key Issue for Cyprus :

- That of Refugees/IDPs' Human Right to Return at their Ancestral Land, and/or for Restitution of their Family Homes and/or other Private Properties, on which had just Started to be Drafted and Discussed a landmark Report prepared by Professor Pineiro, from Latin America.

This move proved to be Premonitory : Indeed, Later-on it resulted into the World-Famous "Pineiro Principles", mainly on Refugees' Human Rights for Return back Home, published at nearby Geneva at a UN Booklet, Prefaced and Signed by the UN SG, Refugee and Human Rights' High Representatives, (that Professor Pineiro presented and Debated, afterwards, also in Strasbourg, during CoE's PanEuropean Parliamentary Assembly : See the INTW of that important UN Rapporteur to "Eurofora"s co-Founder, then published at "TCWeekly", later on "Eurofora", etc).


Right from the Start, a main Source of Inspiration for those UNO "Pineiro Principles" had been ECHR's Pioneer Case-Law on Greek-Cypriot War Refugee/IDP Miss Loizidou (1996 + 1998), followed by the Inter-State case "Cyprus v. Turkey" ECHR Judgements of 2001, (See also: 2014). 


On the Year 2000, Back to Geneva's UN Headquarters, for another UN sponsored High-Level Summit on Cyprus' Issue. Once again, (Both we, and Kofi Annan, are, comparatively to what Followed Later-on, just at the ... "Beginning"), we don't immediately remember yet any particularly striking event that would be obviously related with Kofi Annan's own role, until then, to which we might have been personaly witness, except from the fact that, speaking to Journalists, he had revealed that someone had just put on the Table certain New Demands, which might Complicate Cyprus' Talks.

But what really Marked, in Our Memory, that 2000 Geneva UN Meeting, was, mainly, the Turkish Cypriot leader, Rauf Denktash's stuborn Demand, (particularly Expressed in Public to the Press at the End of those Talks), for a "Direct Trade" between Foreign Countries and the Territories of Cyprus still illegaly Occupied by Turkey's Army since the 1974 bloody Military Invasion.

Surprisingly, almost at the Same Time, back in Strasbourg, a Group of MEPs (particularly from the UK and/or Dutch, etc), suddenly Started to Table various Amendments to EU Parliament and/or CoE Assembly's relevant Reports, as well as to Orally Demand, during Public Debates, for a Similar kind of Acceptance of "Direct Trade" to the Occupied Territories of Cyprus, (most or all of whom were, however, Rejected by the Majority of MEPs).

In Fact, those moves Coincided also with the subsequent First Hypothesis about Possible Off-Shore significant Oil/Gas Energy Findings, in the foreseable Future, around Cyprus' Island, as it was, inter alia, particularly Revealed at an Important and Big PanEuropean Scientific Conference on Geology, organized here by Strasbourg University's "Earth Institute" on 2001, during which we Published 2 Exclusive Articles at "TCWeekly", both with Critical Warnings, and Positive Prospects.

A British Expert's claims, and 2 French Experts' experienced encouragements, etc., were included to those Publications, together with other relevant Original Data.

This led also to a subsequent Direct Phone Conversation that we had, then, with the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Glafcos Clerides (twice re-Elected), just before his 1st Official Visit to Egypt, where he was going to meet with President Mubarak, and Start, for the 1st Time in History, a long and promising Cooperation on Energy sources between the two Neighbouring Countries, (which afterwards, Developed much Further, and still Exists until Nowdays, Later also Joined by the manifold Addition of Greece, Israel, progressively also Lebanon, etc, Leading towards a Multilateral Cooperation on South-Eastern Mediterranean's Off-Shore Energy souces' collective Potential, in relation with Direct Transport Links to EU's mainland).

=> So that, all indications converged on the fact that the InFight about Findings of new Energy Sources around Cyprus, able to be Directly Transported to EU's core, (Contrary to Turkey's Bullying Attempts to Impose its Domination over EU's Energy Supplies) was just Starting, then, (as the relevant Recent 2017 and 2018 Developments, particularly Turkey's "GunBoat" Violent Policies, discussed among and strongly Condemned by EU Heads of State/Government during EU Summits in Brussels, clearly proved Nowadays)...


Meanwhile, on October 2000, at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, we had our 1st Direct Exchange with UN SG Kofi Annan, during his Press Conference, on a "Hot" and Topical then Political Point, from which seemed to depend the eventual Resumption of UN sponsored Cyprus' Top-Level Peace/ReUnification Talks, as well as their main Direction, (very much Debated then among Politicians and the People at the Island) :

 - In our Question, we practically gave a Chance to the UN SG to Dissipate a Misunderstanding about his position on the Basis for the Forthcoming New UN-sponsored Top Level Talks on Cyprus issue, by Explaining a Key point at a Statement attributed to him and published Earlier at New York, whose presentation had triggered various reactions in Cyprus.

 - So that, while "Thanking" him, at the end, we also Excused ourselves "for Asking a Hard Question"...

 - Surprisingly, a Koffi Annan at ease, kindly Replied by  "Thanking" us "very much", and claiming that "it's Not a Hard Question at all !". "But", anyway, "Thanks so for Your Sympathy", as he said, with a bright Smile...

- The main thrust of his Reply on the Substance, was that he had "Not put up any Pre-Condition", Neither "Granted any Status" to the Turkey Occupied Territories of Cyprus, (as some had, indeed, "misinterpreted or misunderstood", earlier, at New York), since that might, on the Contrary, "Emerge ... in the Talks" between the parties involved, (i.e. through some Compromises).

>>> However, once again, Suprizingly, a Small Group of about 3 New-Comers Journalists, (all for Greek-language Establishment's Medias, where a former "Socialist" "PASOK" Government was, then, still in power), hurried up to Publish a "Modified" part of the Reply that UN SG gave us in Strasbourg, withOut even Mentioning our Question, and even Grossly Distording (once again) Koffi Annan's Reply, by ... Adding a Crucial Political Point, that, in fact, he had NEVER said at all !...

The Main point was that they falsely claimed that Annan would have explicitly refered to UN SC Resolutions as Basis for a Solution on Cyprus, in his Reply to our Question, while the Truth was that Only our Question had made that Reference, Annan's Reply ommitting any mention of that, (even if it was Interesting, from Other points of view).

=> This Key point became, during a Series of relevant Events in the Following Months, (from October 2000 until August/September 2001), in Practice, a Central and Crucial part of what led to an UnExpected Situation in which Turkey, in fact, ...Profited by, and Exploited the Tragic Barbary of 9/11's Islamist Terrorism, in order to Escape from Political Sanctions against its own Intransigeance, (when it became Obvious), and apparently Impose, for a few, but crucial Years (for EU - Turkey relations), a controversial Change towards a Different Route in UNO's Cyprus Talks, (See Infra).

(A hollow Pretext, abused Later-on, was to Claim that such a Gross "Blunder" was Simply due to an "Error" in the "Translation in Greek" Language... : Unbelievable, when it comes to Journalists covering European/International Issues, who should, normaly, be able to, at least, Understand the original English Language, notoriously used often by the UN. Curiously, most of those Strange Newcomers/"Fake News" agents, still persist, Today, to work in EU Parliament, and some even to be ... Paid by EU Taxpayers' Public Funds !)...

=> As the UN SG's New Statement (thus DisFigured with a Big "Error" and many Ommissions : Comp. Supra), immediately started to Circulate almost Everywhere, among mainstream Medias, both in Greece and Cyprus, as well as elsewhere, We were Obliged Both to Inform Our own Media (then in Cyprus, in English Language : "TCWeekly"), and the Greek Press Agency's acting Chief, as well as various Political Leaders at the Island, by Simply reproducing the Full and Exact Content of our Question and Koffi Annan's Reply.



(For that, and other matters, we found a Timely Help, in order to add to our Audio-Recording, even UNO's Official Transcript,  by the UN's Press Attaché who was then with Koffi Annan in Strasbourg, and whom we knew from previous activities in Geneva :He became, Afterwards, UNO's Press Director and UN SG's Spokesman ! See also Infra).

>>> The Popular and Political Interest was such, that, Soon, we had many Phone-Calls by various Collegues Journalists from Big Medias in Cyprus, as well as Top Politicians, (including, f.ex., the former President of the Republic, and then Speaker of the Parliament, Spyros Kyprianou, who personally Called us by Phone), all Surprized by such an unusual and Scandalous Incident, Urging us to Directly Spread the full Truth to as many Medias as possible asap... Something that we did, indeed, including in Radio and TV "Live" programs, (etc).

9/11 Coincidence "Saved" Turkey ?
Kofi Annan's Invitation for Cyprus = 12 September 2001, at NY.

Otherwise: No Turkey Candidate to EU Accession => No Refusal of EU Constitution by People's Vote (2005). But, on the Contrary = EU Flag, EU Anthem, EU Charter of Freedoms, EU Defense, EU Economic Governance before 2008 Global Crisis (etc)

However, perhaps the Most Suprizing Facts were the relevant Developments which shortly Followed the above-mentioned, October 2000 Event of Strasbourg, spreading even during the Next Year (2001) :

- In Fact, as we learned later-on, Cyprus' President Clerides (Officially but Discreetly) Informed the EU Parliament's Leadership, (in a Letter addressed to EUP's President, but Distributed only to the Participants of a competent EU Committee's Meeting in Strasbourg), that the Turkish Cypriot Leader Rauf Denktash, backed by Ankara's Government, Threatened to Refuse to Participate to the UN-sponsored Top-level Talks for a Peaceful ReUnification of Cyprus, If anyone Dared Insist simply for UNO Security Council's relevant Resolutions to continue to be Respected !

 And, since, by a coincidence, our own 10/2000 Question to Koffi Annan had included a clear Reference to those UN SC Resolutions, that Annan had curiously skiped in his Reply, several People in Cyprus, Greece and elsewhere in Europe and the World, had soon started to Fear that the UN Secretariat might Yield under Turkey's Blackmail Pressure, even to the point to eventually Accept some Imposed Violations of UNO's Highest Political Body's Decisions : that of the UN Security Council, as far as Cyprus' Future was concerned...

=> In order to Dissipate any such Fears, Koffi Annan decided, Later-on at New York, to issue a Complementary Statement on Cyprus, this time Clearly and fully Reminding the well established Principle that UN Security Council's pertinent Resolutions on a Solution of the Issue of Cyprus, should always be at the Basis of any eventually proposed Plan in the Future, (as it was also the case in the past).

So that, when, during Next Year (2001), UNO's Secretary General published an Official, Written Invitation to all concerned parties to go to New York in order to Start a New Round of Top-Level Talks on Cyprus, he expressely confirmed that the Talks naturally aimed to Find a Solution for a Peaceful ReUnification of the Island, on the Basis of UN Security Council's pertinent Resolutions, (which concerned, mainly, "1 federal and bicommunal State, with a Single Sovereignity and Citizenship in Cyprus", as we had already Reminded in our Question to Koffi Annan, back on October 2000, in EU Parliament's Press Conference in Strasbourg :Comp. Supra). This Key point was obviously meant to Avoid any Risk for Turkey to Impose its notoriously "Partitionist" Agenda on Cyprus, pushing for even more Troubleshom Divisions of the Island, (Not a real ReUnification), with Dangers of more Conflicts, instead of Stable Peace.

>>> The Result was, then, for Turkish Cypriot Leader Rauf Denktash (Backed by Ankara's Government) to openly ...Refuse Koffi Annan's Invitation, for New Cyprus' Talks in New York, - and even make dubious "Jokes" about Cyprus' President Glafcos Clerides immediate Acceptance of UN SG's Invitation, by Warning that "he will only jump up and turn around himself on the air", without going anywhere...", as he had characteristically said.

=> Curiously, this, indeed, happened, when President Clerides' Airplane towards New York was suddenly Blocked by the "Non Fly" order given throughout the US Airspace, just after the 9/11 Deadly Attacks which Killed around 3.000 People in the Collapse of the "World Trade Center"s Towers, at the Eve of the scheduled UN-sponsored Meeting on Cyprus, that Kofi Annan had prepared in UNO's Headquarters for the following Day : 12 of September 2001 ! Clerides was, thus, obliged to stay over Canada's Airspace, before Returning Back to Cyprus, while UN HQ Building closed for a week...

The Day Before 9/11, on Sunday, 10 of September 2001, during the usual Excursion organized by Strasbourg's Municipality for participants of the forthcoming CoE's Parliamentary Assembly's Plenary Session, that Week, we had spoken to CoE's Secretary General, Walter Schwimmer, asking for his Reaction to the Turkish Cypriot Leader Denktash' Refusal of the UN SG's Invitation to new Cyprus' Peace Talks in New York (Comp. Supra), and Schwimmer had Promised to give us a relevant Statement on Monday Afternoon, September 11, just "After Speaking with the Ambassadors" of the concerned Countries, (i.e., Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the UK) on that Fatal Monday Morning...

So that, IF 9/11 had not happened, - i.e. if Cyprus' President had arrived at New York and met with Kofi Annan, as scheduled, on the 12 of September 2001, but in the Exceptional Absence of Turkish Cypriot Leader Denktash, who had just Refused UN SG's Invitation for New High-Level Talks on Cyprus' Peaceful ReUnification based on UN SC pertinent Resolutions (Comp. Supra), -  then,  the recent, December 1999 EU Summit's controversial Decision to give Turkey the Status of a Candidate to EU Accession, would have certainly been Jeopardized.

=> In Consequence, French, Dutch and Irish People'sn Majority would Not have Voted "NO" to EU Constitution Referendum from 2005, so that EU could have a Flag, an Anthem, Reinforced Cooperations since 2005 (instead of 2010 : Lisbon Treaty), Economic Governance since 2005 (i.e. Before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis), etc.

On the Contrary, after the 9/11 Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks, which Hindered the New York Meeting on Cyprus that Kofi Annan had organized for the Following Day (12 September 2001 : Comp. Supra), ... "Everything will Change !", as the well-informed CoE Assembly's Rapporteur on Cyprus, Hungarian MEP Barsony, (then Chairman of CoE Assembly's Political Affairs Committee), immediately told us, at an unforgettable TelePhone Call that we made then in Strasbourg from a Phone Booth, without knowing yet that, by a Coincidence, that Call was made almost at the Same Time that WTC's Towers were tragically Collapsing at New York, as everybody else could see in all TV sets of the World...


Afterwards, at the 4rth Anniversary of 9/11 Events, on September 2005, when we travelled at UNO's Headquarters in New York, for a Press Coverage of the International Orgaisation's 60th Anniversary, Exceptional Summit of Heads of State/Government, at the eve of UNO's General Assembly's annual opening days, and while was Published an Important Report of American Experts on the Real Causes of WTC's strange Deadly Collapse, ordered by USA President GWBush, in reply to relevant Demands by 9/11 Victims' Families and Friends, just after participating to the Annual Mourning Meeting at Manhattan's "Ground Zero", the 11/9/2005, we seized the Opportunity to raise relevant Questions about that Forcibly "Missed" Kofi Annan RDV on Cyprus for 12 September 2001, in 2 Press Conferences organized at UNO's Building :

- First, precisely on the Anniversary of September 12, 2005, (Press Briefing with UNO's current Press Director, Stephan Dujarric).

+ And 2nd : During the Following Weekend, with Cyprus' new President Tassos Papadopoulos, and the UN Under-Secretary General for Communication and Public Information (DPI), Sashi Tharoor, a Senior Official from India, (who became, Next Year, on 2006, also the 2nd popular Candidate for the Job of New UN Secretary General, due to succeed Kofi Annan, just after Ban Ki Moon). They ask us to clarify in what way Turkey might have, eventually, Profited by the 9/11 Tragedy, and we are glad to mention the relevant Facts.

So that the above-mentioned Surprizing Coincidence between Kofi Annan's  official Invitation for New High-Level Talks on Cyprus' ReUnification, on the Basis of UN SC pertinent Resolutions, (Accepted by the Greek Cypriot side, but Refused by the Turkish Cypriot side : Comp. Supra), and the 9/11 Islamist Terrorist Attack, which brutally provoked its Cancellation, was put clearly on Record, even inside UNO's Headquarters at New York, at a moment when Debates were going on about an Exceptionally Important Experts' Report on what might have really Caused that Strage Deadly Collapse of "WTC"s Towers, which had just been Published on 9/2005...


Kofi Annan at Burgenstock on 2004 :

>>> the so-called "ANNAN PLAN" on Cyprus,

was it Really his own, or Not ?


 - Meanwhile, Back on 2002 in Paris, just the Next Year After 9/11, the above-mentioned "Prediction" of CoE Assembly's Rapporteur on Cyprus, Barsony, a Top Socialist MEP from Hungary, (as he had told us at an Exceptional Phone Call, the Same Day and even Time of 9/11 Deadly Islamist Attacks on WTC, Pentagon, and near Washington DC  : Comp. Supra), seems to have been almost realized :

- Indeed, Kofi Annan's UN Team reportedly Handed , then, to both Cyprus' President Clerides, and Turkish Cypriot Leader Denktash, a Paper with a Draft Plan for a proposed Solution of Cyprus' Issue, (at the usual, for the UN SG, Hotel near the French Presidency's "Elysee" Palace).

- That Draft, reportedly included, (or, simply Highlighted/Evoked/made Possible), inter alia, also some Controversial Provisions :  F.ex. on the Greek Cypriot Refugee's Human Right to Return back Home, and/or seek Restitution of their Family Homes and/or Private Properties. But also, it seems, on certain other Key political points for the Future of a ReUnified Cyprus, (EU Member since 2004), inscluding about the Stability of a New Central Federal State, the management of Natural Resources, etc, (See Infra).

=> When we have a brief Exchange with the President of Cyprus, Glafcos Clerides, as he leaves his Paris' Hotel, we were surprized by an unusually Sad and Thoughtfull Expression in his eyes, when we evoked the Issue of Refugees/IDPs' Human Rigthts (20% of the Greek Cypriot Population of the Island)...

Clerides (traditional Center-Right) faces a 3rd Presidential Election, where he decides to participate at the last minute, after having earlier planned to retire, but his Party is Divided, given also the presence of another Candidate, (his own former Attorney General), and, finally, the 2003 Vote is Won by Tassos Papadopoulos (atypical Centrist), who becomes the New President of Cyprus, and, therefore, a new key interlocutor for Kofi Annan, (See also Infra).

In the Occupied Territories of Cyprus, still controled by Ankara's 1974 Invasion Military, there is only a comparatively "Minor" Change of a so-called "Coalition Government", with several Old and "New" Turkish Cypriot Politicians together, (Marked mainly by Talat's entry, from the Centre-Left). This had Followed the Election, just a few Months Earlier, that Same Year of 2003, in Turkey, of Tayip Erdogan (Islamic Right) as new Prime Minister in Ankara.

+ Shortly afterwards, another Change, this time in Greece: On 2004, Costas Caramanlis (Center-Right) wins the Election against PASOK party ("Socialists"), which had Governed the Country during +20 Years, all the way from 1981 up to 2003, (with a Brief Exception around 1991-1993).


However, amidst those Events, (between the End of 2003 and the Beginning of 2004), new Cyprus' President Tassos Papadopoulos reportedly finds himself at a rather "Hard" position, at a New York Meeting, where Insiders describe a feeling that Turkey's positions would have got more bearing, amidst Heavy Pressure to impose them on Cyprus, according to them.

I.e., apparently, it looks as if a kind of "9/11 Syndrom", for which CoE's Rapporter Mathias Barsony has Warned us (Comp. Supra), still Remained floating, as if some undetermined Lobbies stubornly Pushed, again and again, whatever might Ease Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU Accession bid (Com. Supra), even, perhaps, more or less at the detriment of one or another UN, CoE and/or EU Principles, or, at least, with some Questionable points...      

- So that, when we met anew with UN SG Kofi Annan, in a Press Conference, at nearby Bühl Village, on the Highest Mountain around Baden-Baden ressort, in Neighbouring Germany, at the End of January 2004, the atypical "Green" Foreign Minister Joshka Ficher and Annan himself were (as they said in Reply to our Quesions) ready to meet the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan by visiting Ankara (the 1st), and/or by going to Davos events in Switzerland (the 2nd), while Cyprus' President Papadopoulos' stance had been reportedly expressed in an official Letter to the UN SG, as he told us.  

- "As you as aware, we (the UN Secretariat) made Proposals Last Year, and they are still on the Table", Kofi Annan also Replied to our Question on Cyprus' issue, indicating a basic Continuity with the recent Past, (Comp. Supra), until then.

=> Soon Afterwards, between the Winter and Spring 2004, at a Spectacular Landscape scenery, in Burgenstock peninsula, in the middle of Luzern's big Lakes, facing the 2 to 3 Thousand metters High Mountain "Pilatus", (a Strange Choice for a crucial UN Top-Level Meeting also related to key Human Rights issues : Refugees' right to Return, "Missing" Persons, etc), facing Heavy Snow-storms, during the Non-Tourist Period of the Year, the Greek and Turkish Cypriot Politicians, together with UNO's competent Officias, etc. were Isolated at the Top of the Peninsula inside a Luxuous, but "Calm" now, Hotel, while Accredited Journalists, were Waiting for various Press-Points, "Off the record" Meetings, and/or Phone a.o. Communications at anOther Hotel's Rooms, several Hundreds of meters Away, these 2 Locations being clearly Separated also by Heavy Armed Police/Army presence, with Armoured Vehicles, etc...

Personaly, I was staying at a Less Expensive, but very Sympathetic Resort, near the Press-Meeting point, at the Home of a Kind Swiss Family with 2 kids and a cat, where you had to cross, Walking, a Zig-Zag Pathway, Aside a dangerous Abrupt Fall : Once, the Snow-storm became so Thick, that, while trying to Return  for the Night, at First we Lost our Way, reaching, instead, ... a surprized armed Police/Army staff RoadBlock at the doorstep of the UN+Politicians' Hotel, on the Top of the Peninsula, before Turning Back towards that Swiss Family Home, only to find that the Pathway had been also ...Blocked by a Big Amount of Snow, (Higher than an average Human Person), to the point that even our LandLady's Car could Not Pass, (when she had reportedly tried to Search for us), so that she had been Obliged to abandon it in the middle of that road ! The Only Way to Cross was, then, to ...Pierce that Wall of accumulated Snow with our Body and a Sac containing our Computer, Papers, etc, with an obvious Risk to eventually slip, in tha Dark of that Night, and Fall Down to that adjacent Huge Precipice, (that we, Fortunately, had, finally, the Chance to avoid)...

Politically, every Effort seemed to be done in order to have a Solution of the Cyprus' issue Before the Country becomes a New EU Member State, in the Imminent  EU Enlargment Wave of 2004 to 10 Central-Eastern Countries, Northwards, as well as Malta and Cyprus at the Mediterranean Sea, southwards, Marking the biggest ever Move towards Europe's Historic Re-Unification, (later Completed also with Bulgaria and Romania from 2007, as well as Croatia, leaving pending just the rest of Western Balkans).

The main Reasons for that 2001-2004 sudden Rush, appeared to be, not so much to prevent eventual problems for the EU, (since that could be also achieved, Later-on, with a Well-Prepared and Efficient Solution), but, much More because of some Lobies' Anxiety to Urgently Avoid any possible Problem for Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU bid, which had Started since the 1999 EU Summit at Helsinki, (Comp. Supra), Eager to Start EU-Turkey Accession Negociations on 2004/2005, even if Ankara wasn't ready for a real and workable Compromise on Cyprus, as many suspected...

>>> The Key Moment at Bürgenstock was when Kofi Annan's Envoy for Cyprus, (Latin-American Diplomat Alvaro de Soto, who had been appointed as Early as since Bill Clinton's era, from 1999), had reportedly Finalized the main thrust of a proposed "Plan" for Cyprus, which soon circulated in Draft Copies among accredited Journalists, in the above-mentioned Hotel, overNight.

- Exceptionaly citting alone, Together just with a mainstream ...Turkish Newspaper's Journalist, (while most Collegues appeared busy to copy and paste some extracts, or prepare Texts for their Papers or Radios, etc, even if most of them had Closed at such a Late Hour), with whose Family (that he had brought in Switzerland) a UN/Swiss Government Bus had Earlier brought us up to the Top of "Pilatus" Mountain, (Comp. Supra), before I Urge to Return Back in a Hurry, when we learned that Kofi Annan's Helicopter was Arriving at Bürgenstock, (something which had sincerely angered our Turkish Collegue, who prefered a little bit more ...Holiday Time), we engage in a rare Discussion about the percieved Merits and/or Problems, after only a too Hasty Look at those more than 200 Pages of a so-called "Annan Plan" for Cyprus :

 - "What do you think about this ?", he simply asked me, appearing sincerely interested to know.

 - "Hard to tell, with so Many Pages, in such a Short Time, about so Important and Complex Issues", I carefully reply from the outset.

- "But, at ay case, for me, what is Most Important, are 2 main Points :"

"(A) Safeguard the Stability of a ReUnified Cyprus, by creating Common Interests, (for Both Greek and Turkish Cypriots), instead of Separate, Diverging and Opposed Interests, in order to Prevent New and Worse Divisions and Crisis".  

"(B) Address efficiently at least the Worse Violations of Human Rights, to the detriment of innocent People, (Greek or Turkish Cypriots), so that scandalous Impunity stops, and Redress is given to most Victims, in order to Exclude any Repetition of Crimes in the Future", we Replied, in substance.  


- The 1st Point was Inspired by the American publicist and Constitutionalist Alexander Hamilton, who had written a series of Newspaper Articles in USA's Historic Past, on how to Build a Stable Federation, instead of a Shaky Con-Federal structure, in order to Avoid Repetitions of Bloody Conflicts, as that of the North American "Civil War" of 1860. Legal provisions which Create Common Interests for all the People, abld to Bring them All Together, instead of pushing them towards even more Division and sterile Conflcts, was Hamilton's Number 1 Guiding Principle, (throughout almost all that he published in his Famous "Federalist Papers", that we had brought together with us, in Digital Form, at Bürgenstock). This included, f.ex., inter alia, also : Taxes, Foreign Trade, Natural Resources, etc.

- The 2nd point was, naturally, inspired by CoE's and ECHR's principles for Human Rights' respect, as well as EU's core Values, but also UNO's relevant Principles, (f.ex., as regards Refugees/IDPs' Right to Return Back in their Ancestral Land and/or about Restitution/Indemnisaton regarding their Family Homes and/or other Private Properties, etc, But, most of all, it concerned at least the worse Tragic Crimes eventually committed against "Missing" People : In order to become able to really Hope for a Peaceful Common Future, they should all Condemn such Horrible Crimes, by whoever they might have been committed, and sincerely strive to do at least an elementary Justice, (according to ECHR's well established case-law).

Soon, various Controversial Points, concerning those 2 Main Issues, started to emerge from a thorow examination (Both by us and Other Observers, progressively) of that Draft Paper, which had been Presented in Burgenstock as a so-called "Annan Plan", (Comp. Infra), mainly as far as it regards the 1st Issue, (among many others, also, f.ex., on Natural Resources, Foreign Trade, Police forces, Tax collection, etc). I.e., from the point of view of a number of concrete matters, it looked as if it was a kind of ..."Counter-Hamilton" recipe (Comp. Supra)...

Inter alia, also some (vague but present) SImilarities with a very Controversial Plan for ...Sudan, that a White House Counselor of former US President Bill Clinton had reportedly pushed in the Past, (f.ex. in provisions for a Subsequent Decision, from the concerned Parties, some Years Later, whether they wish, or Not, to Live United Together, and, thus, Opening a Door for Division and even Secession or Total Separation, probably through even More Bloody Conflicts, of one or another Part of a formerly United Country : almost as it really Happened, Later-on, for a Secessionist "South Sudan", among Tragic Atrocities, etc), raised supplementary Concerns.

What Followed is well known : Cyprus' President Tassos Papadopoulos was, exceptionaly, obliged to call the People to Vote Against that controversial Plan, (for the 1st Time in the History of Cyprus, to the point that Former President Clerides and others were, on the Contrary, Urging to Vote "Yes"), and an Overwhelming Absolute Majority of 3/4 : 75,38% Voted Down that Text, on April 2004. Since its acceptance by a Popular Referendum was a "sine qua non" Condition, then, its Rejection by such a Big Majority of People resulted in its Withdrawal, finaly, for ever.

=> This was notoriously Exploited by Turkey, (According to that 1999-2004 Push for Ankara's entry into the EU, started by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, etc.: Comp. Supra),  in order to immediately Ask for the Opening of (profitable to Ankara, but controversial and unpopular) Accession Negotiations with the EU, from the very Next Year : 2005.


Many had called (and still do) Bürgenstock's 2004 Controversial Text as if it was "Annan's" own  "Plan" for Cyprus. But, was it Really his own free and conscious Choice ?

We have Serious Doubts, about that... In Fact, several Converging Indications suggest that, Most, if not All of it, would have been, in reality, a Creation made by Others, inside the UN, (acting as pushed by some External, Powerful Actors), and merely "passed over" to Annan, in order, for him, to try, as UNO's SG, to Impose it on the (even recalcitrant) Parties...

Indeed, among others, f.ex., Kofi Annan wasn't exactly a "Foreign Policy" man. On the Contrary, his Main Experience consisted much More on the Internal Management of UNO's machinery and staff, and he had been Elected, notoriouslly, in order to obtain mainly a UNO's Reform, (as he did, 1 Year Later, at a UNO's Exceptional Heads of State/Government Summit, on 9/2005 in its New York HQ, where we were present : Comp. Infra).

>>> One Photograph at Bürgenstock, seems very locacious on that key point : Kofi Annan is, indeed, pictured citting Alone, at one Side of an Hotel Room, and Facing a Big Number of Other UN Secretariat Officials. He has just Arrived on the spot by Helicopter, and he's Looking at Long Texts with Hundreds of Pages, which compose the "Plan" attributed to him, but now Explained to him, in full Details, by a Team of UN Officials, who actualy Negociated them with the Parties. It's Obvious that it's Not "His" Text...

But, in Addition to UNO's Envoy for Cyprus, Alvaro de Soto (Comp. Supra), WHO was the Main Real Author of all those Hundreds of Pages, full with Text on several Complex Aspects of the Cyprus Issue ?

During Recent Years, we had been Surprized by the Expression of Awe, if not Fear, that several Experienced Collegues from Cyprus revealed in their Faces when they were Speaking of, Looking at, or Waiting for anOther Senior UN Official, of Higher Level, who preceded De Soto, having been appointed, him too, during the Bill Clinton's USA Presidency from the 1990ies, but, already, Many Years Earlier than the Latin American Diplomat :

>>> That Higher-Standing, Mysterious-looking, UNO's Senior Official, responded to the quasi-Mythic in USA's History Name of "Prendergast", (Notorious from a former Kansas corrupted Ring-Leader, commander of Many Thugs, who had reportedly Served, in the Past, a Shady side of the Interests of former "Socialist"/Liberal US President Truman, during the "Cold War" and Korea War Period). Nowadays, he was simply a British Diplomat, Sir Kieran Pendergast, who had been appointed as UNO's Under-Secretary General for Political affairs, already since 1997, i.e. during US President Bill Clinton, (and while controversial British "New Labour" Prime Minister Tony Blair was entering into Downing Street 10).

>>> Curiously, Prendergast had worked during Many Years, at 3 Different Occasions, in ...Turkey, (First as a "Turkish Language Student" with the FCO at Istanbul as early as since 1964, Afterwards as an Agent of the British Embassy in Ankara, and, Later-on, as fully-fledged UK Ambassador there, in the 1990ies), and spoke Turkish "Fluently", before becoming, more Recently, even ..."Chairman of the Anglo-Turkish Society" until now (sic !).

=> Strange "Qualifications" for someone who, Normaly, should Represent an International Organisation as the UNO, in very Delicate Issues as that of Cyprus' Peaceful ReUnification, and, therefore, had to Inspire Trust about his Fairness, Objectivity, Balanced views,  and Neutrality...

+ In Addition, we had found, inter alia, also that an Homonyme, i.e. another "Prendergast", also around New York, had, just a few Years Earlier, at about 1998, published a PhD Research on the Geological structure of the Gulf of Mexico, which contained striking Similarities with that of South-Eastern Mediterranean Sea, between Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, etc., from the point of view of prospects to Find there Important Quantities of Oil/Gas off shore Energy Resources in Deep Sea (about 2.000 - 3.000 m).

I.e. shortly Before the so-called "Annan Plan" on Cyprus introduced certain Controversial Positions on Natural Resources' management, in case of Cyprus' ReUnification, (Comp. Supra).

++ As well as some Interesting, but strange Links between our Mr. Prendergast and various Natural Energy Research outlets and/or Companies, etc, almost at the Same Time...



Such Facts obviously Added to that Strange, but Characteristic, Image of Kofi Annan, the 1st UN SG from Africa, a dignified Black Gentleman with Gray/White Hair, often Significantly Pictured at Bürgenstock's Cyprus Talks, back on 2004, Flanked by Latin-American Diplomat Alvaro de Soto, UNO's Envoy for Cyprus, and that British UN Under-Secretary for Political Affairs, Sir Kieran Prendergast, almost Always surrounding him at his 2 Sides, whenever he made any relevant Public Statement on Cyprus' Issue there, (F.ex., see Relevant PHOTO)...

 => "U-Turn" on 2005 ?  
Kofi Annan confirms Changes (at New York).


All this, and even more such converging, strange Factual Elements about Mr. Prendergast, etc., were, briefly but clearly Discussed and Transmitted by us to Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos' Director of Diplomatic Relations, (a Young but already Experienced Diplomat, that we already knew from Strasbourg, Switzerland, etc), after a UK - Cyprus Bilateral Summit in London, at the beginning of Summer 2005.

Such astonishing Facts appeared to Attract his Attention, and to Awaken his Interest, particularly towards the Conclusion of our improvised meeting, around the London Hotel where Cyprus' President had just met with Journalists and a Friendly British Top MEP working in CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, etc.

Shortly Afterwards, just after Returning Back to Cyprus, he Exceptionaly Left the island alone, (i.e. without accompanying President Papadopoulos), in order to Visit New York and meet with Koffi Annan and other UN Senior Officers at the International Organisation's main Headquarters.

=> Soon, we Learned that Prendergast had Suddenly Left his long-standing position as UN Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, and that Kofi Annan was due to confirm, asap, the official appointment of a New High-Level Diplomat for that Top Job, of Key Importance also for Cyprus' Issue !...

Some have, Larer-on, attempted to Interpret that sudden Replacement of Prendergast, as a mere consequence of New US President GWBush's alleged "Pressure" against Critics of the controversial Military Invasion of Iraq, (as, f.ex., "Wikipedia" currently claims, on 2018).

But, in Fact, it's very Difficult to make with certainty such a Link, since, inter alia, the Invasion of Iraq had already taken place as Early as, already, since March 2003, i.e. ...More than 2 Years and 3 Months Before that Kofi Annan's sudden Decision to Replace Prendergast, taken only during the Summer of 2005, (i.e. Shortly after Our Discussion, in London, with President Papadopoulos' Diplomatic Office Director on Prendergast, and his immediately subsequent, exceptional "solo" Visit to UN HQ in New York : Comp. Supra).


+ Meanwhile, during New US President GWBush's 1st Official Visit to Europe, on February 2005 at Mainz, where he met with German Chancelor Gerhard Schroeder, we have had also an Interesting Opportunity to Discuss with the White House Press Spokesman on Security issues, (a former collaborator of then State Department's Seretary, Condoleeza Rice : i.e. USA's Foreign Minister), about the Cyprus' Issue, and the Need to Find Solutions really Able to Guarantee the "Stability" and the Functional capacity of a strong Federal State, in case of a Peaceful ReUnification of the island, in order to Prevent any Risk of Conflcts and/or Breaking Down if, on the Contrary, some might, perhaps, again attempt to impose a too "Shaky" and/or UnStable makeshift structure in the foreseable Future at the island, to the Detriment even of Peace and Stability in the overall Region around the Strategically located Island of Cyprus, (which had, in the meantime, become an EU Member State, triggering, from now on, also a Vital Interest for the EU to contribute for a Stable and Workable ReUnification).

=> So that New US President GWBush's political Will to Work for Adequate Changes on the previously Failed so-called "Annan Plan", (which, in Fact, wasn't one, as we saw earlier : Comp. Supra), appeared Clearly Confirmed, at least since then, (Comp., inter aliia, f.ex., also our Publication from that Mainz Summit to "TCWeekly", on 2/2005, attached herewith, etc).


++ Moreover, Advancing Towards a Similar Direction, it's also the New Prime Minister of Greece, Costas Caramanlis, who, suddenly, Clearly Stressed, after meeting UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in London, on June 2005, at a subsequent occassion of his Speech at the "City", that the Greek Government was "Committed to the ReUnification of Cyprus", based on "a Settlement Compatible with European Union and International Rules", as he underlined then, (See our Publication, from London, then, at "TCWeekly", on 6-7/2005, attached herewith).


+++ On the MeanTime, 2005's Main Political Development, naturally is the French and Dutch People's 1st Reaction to EU's Decision, then, to Start Accession Negotiations with Turkey, despite their Contropversial and UnPopular character :

=> Shortly Afterwards, unexpectedly, the 2 National Referenda on EU's New Constitution, are clearly Rejected, in Both Countries, France and Netherlands (Later Followed also by Ireland), as that Vote was the Only available Possibility for EU Citizens to Express their Opposal to Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid...

 That Popular Row Extends further, also as far as the incoming German and French Elections, where a clear Majority of the People clearly Vote for Angie Merkel (on September/October 2005) and Nicolas Sarkozy (on 2007), respectively, Both Opposed to the risk of Turkey's eventual entry into the EU.

>>> This is EU Citizens' immediate reaction, in France, Germany, the Netherlands and, later, even Ireland, etc., to Bill Clinton - Tony Blair's earlier, 1999-2004 "Push" for Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU Accession Negotiations (Comp. Supra).

=> In Consequence, French President Jacques Chirac, speaking to Journalists in Brussels, at the Conclusion of the June 2005 EU Summit, Announces, at his Press Conference, that : -"We (EU) shall be More Strict on the Conditions" (of Turkey's EU bid)...

This Obviously includes also Cyprus.


++++ AnOther Interesting Sign of Change, in Kofi Annan's overall stance, on the occasion of Cyprus' Issue, was also the UN Secretary General's Decision, on Spring 2005, while visiting Paris, to Select and Appoint, as his New Press Spokesman and UNO's Press Director, Stephane Dujarric, a French Press Attaché and Experienced former Journalist, working, until then, in New York, Geneva or Paris, etc, (in replacement of Fred Ekhard from the UK, who was Retiring, after having Cooperated Together, particularly by Mobile Phone, while in New York, but also during his earlier visits to Paris, etc).     



(Original "Eurofora" co-Foounder's Photo of Chirac + Annan at a subsequent event in Elysee Palace, Paris, France)


By an interesting Coincidence, Stephane Dujarric's apointment, as New Head of UNO's Press Relations, was Anounced by Kofi Annan shortly after Meeting with French President Jacques Chirac at "Elysée" Palace in Paris, and while Chirac had just Visited Strasbourg in order to Inaugurate the European Center of Resistants in the formr NAZI Concentration Camp of Struthof, at a Nearby Mountain, (making there a Landmark Speech on Human Rights), from where he immediately flew back to Paris, in order to meet also with Cyprus' President Tassos Papadopoulos at Elysee. (See our 2 successive Publications from Both Events on the spot, f.ex. in "TCWeekly", then).       

We already had an Opportunity to efficiently Cooperate with Stephane Dujarric since when he was UNO's simple Press Officer in the Past, f.ex. at Geneva, Paris, and Strasbourg, (with a particular mention for his very Useful Help before and after our Exceptionaly Important Question/Reply with Kofi Annan on a "Hot" Topical Issue about Cyprus' developments, during his Press Conference in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, as Early as, already since 10/2000 : Comp. Supra).  

Dujarric, notoriously Continued to work, as UNO Secretary General's Spokesman and UN Press Director, based at New York, also with with Ban Ki Moon, and his successor, the New UN SG Antonio Guterres, until Nowadays, (after a Few Years' period with  Michele Montas, a Dignified Lady with Tragic Experience from Haiti, who had worked also at Geneva, Kind but very Careful on Statements, and Martin Nesirky, a sharp former OSCE Spokesman, with whom we cooperated well by Phone from Berlin, Copenhagen and Strasbourg, etc).  We had another Good Chance to Cooperate with Stephane in New York, on September 2005, as well as Many Times Afterwards, at Various Occasions by Mobile Phone, SMS, etc., until 2018 included.


>>> +++++ But the Best Occasion to attest the Fact that Kofi Annan had really Changed his stance on Cyprus' Issue, (coming Back to a more "Classic" approach, with some Innovations, After the above-Mentioned Exceptional Period of 1999-2004 : Comp. Supra), was given on September 2005, in the International Organisation's New York HeadQuarters, in New York, where we made an Exceptionally Long Press Visit on 2005, Annan had managed to Organise a landmark World Summit of Heads of State/Government for a Reform of the UN, (in Addition to the Usual, Top Politicians' Annual Gathering for UNO's Parliamentary Assembly), which included, inter alia, also the Creation of a Global "Human Rights' Council", based at Nearby Geneva.

Indeed, on the sidelines of those Top Gatherings in UNO's Headquarters, Annan organized also a Symbolic Event on "Peace", hosted at the Internal Garden of the International Organisation in NY, Early in the Morning.

Almost No Journalists, at that Early Hour, except from ourselves, (the Last Day had been Long and Full of Events), but nearly All UNO's Leadership was there... Including Kofi Annan himself, together with his Wife, Nane, etc.

>>> However, our Press INTW "Target" is a Newcomer : Ibrahim Agbola Gabari, the New UNO's Under-Secretary General for Political affairs, a former Foreign Minister, and University Professor, who was the Latest Pick of Koffi Annan, due to replace Prendergast (Comp. Supra), and reportedly Ready to Start Taking Action, inter alia, also on Cyprus...

=> Thanks to the Kind Help of some other UNO's Officials, apparently near to Kofi Annan's office, we succeed to Find Gambari asap., (that we had Never Seen Before), among a lot of Fast-Moving People, and he positively Accepts to give us his 1st Interview on Cyprus, that he Intends to Visit soon.

The New UNO's Under-Secretary General on Political affairs, is not only Closer to Kofi Annan, as an African too (from Nigeria), but also a former Representative of the International Community to the Historic Political Changes which brought the Abolition of Racist "Appart-Heid" in Nelson Mandela's South Africa !

>>> I.e. something which, Naturally, Appeals right to the Heart of all Cypriot People and Politicians who really Want to put an End to the Division that has been forcibly Imposed, particularly since Turkey's 1974 Military Invasion and Occupation, to that New EU Member State and Strategically located Island, which aspires for a Peaceful ReUnification under UN auspices, with No more Separations, neither Conflicts, between its various Communities, which used to live Peacefully Together during a Centuries-Long Past.

Moreover, Gabari seems also to be a quite Sympathetic and Intelligent Person, who tries to speak a clear and apparently Honest, Realistic but also Voluntarist Language, without hollow promises, but with clearly Positive Aims, succeeding to generate a Feeling of Trust, while also finding some Astuce able to positively surprize towards a Good Direction :

- F.ex., during his subsequent Visit to Cyprus, soon after our first encounter in New York, when he invited both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Communities' Leaders (Talat and Papadopoulos) to meet him, for the 1st Time, he initially appeared ...with a Traditional African Dress, (while also being a naturally Black person), just in order to Play an Educative Joke to his Invitees, to whom he reportedly stressed that they, indeed, "Looked much More Alike, one to another, Between Cypriots", (i.e. Both White men, and wearing a Coat with a Tie, etc), than to Himself, (a Black man, wearing a traditional African Dress), as je told them at Nicosia, Smiling...

It's not a Surprize that, Following Kofi Annan, Later-on, it's also Ban Ki Moon, and Now even Antonio Guterres, who found Interesting to try to use Professor Gambari also for Various Other UN Peace Missions around the World, almost Until Nowadays.

=> As far as the Cyprus' Issue is concerned, what Counts is mainly the Fact that, at least from 2005 Onwards, Kofi Annan obviously Decided to Change Methods : - Instead of trying to impose one or another Solution on Cyprus, more or less inspired by some 3rd Parties from Big Countries from the Outside, attempting to interfere in Negotiations, on the Contrary, it was, from Now-on, Up to the Cypriot Political Leaders themselves to Debate, Think, Negociate and Choose what They Believed Best for their Country's common Future.

I.e. a real Post-Bürgenstock "U-Turn", which was Initiated during Kofi Annan's period, as UNO's SG, and, since then, Followed, and further Developed, also by Ban Ki Moon and Antonio Guterres, until now,

 - who even Found, Recently, how to Bring Succesfully the 2 Parties Together on Cyprus, to a point of Convergence that they had Never reached Before, apparently Approaching much Closer than in the Past to a Final Peace Agreement, on 2017-2018...

To the point that we were Ready, with a prepared Suite-case, Maps and Contacts for nearby Switzerland, in order to leave asap Strasbourg and Travel Fast to reach the places where UN-sponsored Political Talks on Cyprus were going on, (First the "Pelerin" Mountain, near Montreux, and afterwards Geneva), aiming to arrive just before their Final Conclusion with a Deal,

- when, Suddenly, everything was Blocked, mainly by the Turkish Government's reported Refusal to definitively Withdraw all its Invasion/Occupation Troups, added to its Insistance for some (Anachronic and Dangerous for Peace) "Unilateral Intervention" Claims, as in the Past, (perhaps Added also to a rather unclear situation about another Turkish claim for a "Rotating Presidency", between the 75% and the 18% of the Population of the Island, as Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots were Before the 1974 Turkey's Military Invasion and Occupation of the Norhern Territories of Cyprus, which, unfortunately, still persists until Today).


    The above-mentioned Facts might, hopefuly, be useful, inter alia, also to the New UNO's Envoy for Cyprus, North American Expert, Mrs Jane Holl Lute, who is currently just Starting her 1st Political Contacts around Cyprus' Issue, during this Summer 2018, and due to visit also Brussels, perhaps also Strasbourg, on September 2018.


    Kofi Annan's legacy as UN SG obviously canNot be limited just to Cyprus' issue, (despite its importance also for Europe, USA and Russia, etc), and is very much Wider and Multifacet.

    Inter alia, he was also known for his insistance towards the UN "Millenium Goals", including key Development aims.

    As a an Experienced UNO Insider, he succesfully prepared the International Organisation's Reform, at its 60th Anniversary, back on September 2005 exceptional Heads of State/Governments' Summit at New York, (Comp. Supra), which, among others, also Created the Global "Human Rights Council" at nearby Geneva.

    And, despite an elementary respect vis a vis all UN Member States, towards the End of his Mandates, when a band of Hostile Press was systematicaly raising various impertinent Questions, obviously attempting to seek any pretext in order to slander him (and/or even his own son), around alleged wrongdoings in relation with the Iraq "Oil for Food" program,  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kofi Annan sharply reacted and Fought Back, at least once :

    - "I don't know what were doing all these Trucks Heading towards Turkey, and who was behind them", the UN SG  replied in substance...

    + Many Years Later-on, a lot of Videos, Satellite Photos, etc., were also shown in Public, at an unforgetable Press Conferece organized by the Russian Defense Ministry and transmitted at the World Wide Web, again about ...Hundreds of Trucks, going from Iraq and/or Syria to Turkey, plenty of various objects illegaly Smuggled from the "ISIS"-Occupied Territories, held then by the most Horrible ever seen Islamist Terrorist Killers cowardly Targetting innocent Civilian People


Don't we all owe,

    to the "Missing" People and uprooted Refugees/IDPs in Cyprus,
    + to the People who starved and/or were killed at the latest Iraq War,
    ++ and to all the civilian Victims targeted by ISIS' coward Killers,

    => to NEVER FORGET ?      


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    EU-educated charming young Chinese presence started to be felt in Council of Europe's corridors in Strasbourg at the aftermath of an Historic Resolution adopted by its Parliamentary Assembly in favor of opening the possibility to give China a special "Status" in the PanEuropean Organization.

    - "My proposal to offer to China an official status as "Observer", in short term, under conditions, was welcomed" by the CoE : "The road to Dialogue between China and the CoE has now been opened", declared after Strasbourg's debates and votes the Head of France's delegation, MEP Jean-Claude Mignon.


    "Neither complacency, nor a mere condamnation of China", but a "wise approach of a political issue of great importance", advised Mignon to all those who'd either overload claims on Democracy, Human Rights or Minorities, or close their eyes to anything, there as elsewhere... A balance which was not exactly followed during debates, contrary to Mignon's personal stance, which appeared rather even-handed.

    China is the only UNO Security Council permanent member which has not yet any status at the CoE, being still obliged to be represented in Strasbourg by a General Consul : USA and Canada, even Japan and .. Mexico, have already got a special Status at the CoE, following Strasbourg's decision, back in 1995, to counter-balance the accession of Russia (1996) by creating special links to traditional "Western-world" allies.


    All former "Socialist" Eastern European countries started to have relations whith the CoE through its former sector on Culture and Education, before becoming full Members of Strasbourg's paneuropean organization. Speculations were unfolding recently about establishing a probable concrete link with China through the topical issue of anti-doping in Sport, on the occasion of the 2008 Olympic games.

    More spectacular, a meeting co-organized a few years ago in Strasbourg, by EuroFora and the International Space University between EU Parliament's long-time Rapporteur for EU's Satellite Navigation system "GALILEO", German MEP Brigitte Langenhagen, and a group of postgraduate students, attracted special interest from Chinese experts, and was followed, in less than a month, by the anouncement of China's intention to support EU's GALILEO project with a participation of 200 million €.

    Compared to that, revendications of .. "Turkish" Minorities, by Turkish MEPs, this week in Strasbourg, spreading through a wide area extended ...from Greece up to China, appeared less worrying, than pittoresque...

    Meanwhile, France's political will to start involving China and other important countries in European and Global affairs was due to be raised also at the forthcoming G-8 Summit in Japan by President Nicolas SARKOZY, (NDLR  : confirmed on July 5)


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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