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EUCommission Chief Press Spokesperson Andreeva to EF: Juncker - Von Der Leyen meet also on BREXIT

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 17 September 2019

*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- Replying to an "Eurofora"s Question, in a Press Conference in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, EU Commission's Chief Press Spokesperson ensured, indirectly but Surely, hat Even if the new UK Government vowed to End BREXIT Talks on October 31st, nevertheless, the experienced EU Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker, LongTime Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and €uroGroup Chairman, who met UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Yesterday in Luxembourg, is  expected to discuss also BREXIT with incoming new EU Commission President elect, Ursula von der Leyen, (who enters into Office after November 1st), during their imminent Meeting later here.

This results from a Reply to a relevant "Eurofora"'s Question during the regular Press Briefing in EU Parliament, by EU Commission's Press Chief Spokesperson, Mina Adreeva, on the Read out of the Latest EU Commissioners Collective Meeting in EU Parliament in Strasboug, early this Afernoon.

Andreeva confirmed, at First, that nowadays Juncker - Von der Leyen frequent Meetings are Mainly due to Ensure a "Smooth Transition" Between the 2 Successive Teams, (2014-2019 and 2019- 2024).

+ But, "of course", we can "Expect", that "all Topical Issues can be Raised" on this occasion, she Replied to "Eurofora"'s Question on "Brexit", as this is normal, and will Continue to do so, she added, in that Context.  

However, there si no read out to the Press expected, in that format, she clarifirsd

EU Parliament, which holds Tommorrow (Wednesday) Morning a full Plenary Debate on BREXIT in Strasbourg, will Also Host anOther Juncker's Bilateral Meeting, the Next Day, (Thursday), with EU Council's outgoing President, former Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, she also Announced.





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Pierre Pflimlin's visionary line : Honouring the Memory of the man who wanted to build Europe on the Mountains, based on Spirit !



One of EuroFora's best inspirators is naturally Pierre Pflimlin :

We had a chance to personally meet the dynamic and experienced former President of both EU Parliament and CoE's Assembly, France's Prime Minister and Strasbourg's Mayor, only at his 90th anniversary, during an Historic speech at the Council of Europe, exceptionally full of people.

But his energetic figure looked more like a youngster of 19 years old, eager to win the Olympic games !..

Visionary, 2P was, from many points of view :

His daughter, Antoinette, Artist-decorator, and Senator Jung, President of a group of friends, confirmed us an Historian's revelation, that Pflimlin had initially the idea to build all European institutions (EU Parliament, Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights, etc) at the spectacular heights of Oberhausbergen hills, with an eye-catching view of both French Vosges and German Black Forest Mountains, in the midst of a Forest : A real vision to create a brand New European Headquarters with a big ambition !

But, it seems, that "someone in Brussels" found that picture, precisely, too big for his taste, and threw a spanner on the works...

Pflimlin stroke back a Decade ago, at his Historic 1997 farewell speech :

He urged Europeans to find another, more substantial way, to lift Europe to more important Heights in Future :

- "On which basis can we imagine the birth of a great Europe ?", he asked.

"Certainly an Economic basis ! A solid market economy, meeting also the needs of social justice. A Political basis : Europe must become a strong Political Power, able to influence World's changes, naturally for Peace."

"But I believe that the essential foundation of a greater Europe should be of Spiritual nature : .... The great pacific Revolutions were Spiritual Victories" : They expressed "People's main motivation to live in a society with our Values of Liberty, Democracy, respect for Human Dignity".

"Then, the roadmap is ready : Yes, the foundation of the unity for a large Europe is the spiritual heritage, inspired by Christian Humanism and the Humanism of Renaissance, of Enlightenment, from which emerged a Civilisation focused on the Human person".

"Here is the task to be accomplished. It's very difficult".

"The Time approaches when I'll have to pass over the torchlight. God willing, this torch should enlighten the path of those who are going to build, tomorrow, the great Europe, marked by this Spirit".


(Extract from the Book "Pierre Pfilmin : Alsacian and European", 2007. Texts by Senator Louis Jung, by the long-time f. Director of Strasbourg's Newspaper DNA, Alain Howiller, and by f. EU Parliament's Press Director, Paul Collowald : See dedications, hand-written by the authors, the day the book for Pflimlin's 100th Aniversary was launched at Strasbourg's Press Club and European Parliamentary Association's headquarters, 13 April 2007).




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