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US-Mexico +EU-Turkey Deals on Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers: 1st Works, the 2nd Fails. Why?

Written by ACM
Thursday, 12 September 2019


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- After "Eurofora" Started to Compare the USA-Mexico and the EU-Turkey Deals on Irregular Migration/Mass Asylum Seekers (See: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euturkey-usamexicodealsonmassmigration.html), Recent Developments Nowadays show that the 1st, apparently Works, while, on the Contrary, the 2nd is dangerously Failing, and Threatened with a Big Crash !...

First of all, everybody should be Aware of the UnPrecedented Fact that EU Taxpayers Money, (including Poor People and even Jobless and Homeless, who Pay More Taxes in terms of their Meager "Revenues"' Percentage through VAT, etc), is Massively Spend by the EU on Turkey, which notoriously Gets Paid + 3 Billions € Each Year, in Full Grants, (No mere Loans), for its alleged "Help" in Stopping even more Inflows of Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers into the EU, particularly after what happened on 2015-2016. Already, EU reportedly Paid in Turkey about 5,6 Billions € until Now, and the Rest 400 Millions € are scheduled for asap.

On the Contrary, Mexico got, practically, Only an Assurance to Escape from (Otherwise Threatened) + 15% Taxes' Raise by USA on all Imported Products from that Neighbouring Country, that US President Don Trump had Threatened to Impose, if the Mexican Government did Not Help to Efficiently Curve similar Massive/Irregular Population Inflows. It's possible (and logical) that the US Government might, eventually, Help Economically somehow the Areas located Around Mexico's Southern Borders, probably Both Inside Mexico itself, and in Neighbouring Countries, (See, f.ex., Ibid), but that's ..."Peanuts", compared to what EU gives to Turkey on that same pretext.

Certainly Europe could Find a much Better Use for all that Money (+6 Billions € in full Grants), including, f.ex., into Contributing to Stimulate much-Needed €uroZone's Growth, and/or in order to Fund High-Tech. Research, f.ex. in Human Space Flight, Galileo, Environment, etc...

And the Fact that Many Exports (Threatened by Taxes : Comp. Supra) from the Poorer to the Wealthier Neighbouring Countries, include also a lot of Products fabricated by Factories Controled by the Latter, is found Not Only in the Turkey-EU relations, but Also in those of Mexico-USA, (perhaps even More there). As for Trump, he, Obviously, would like to, Eventually, Diminish controversial OutSourcing of Industies and Bring Jobs Back Home : something which, naturally, would be Also Welcome by European People.

But, what is, Nowadays, much More Important, is that, apparently, according to several Converging Recent News, it seems that the main thrust of USA-Mexico's Deal to Curb Mass Migration has Really Started to Work, in one way or another !

Today, Both USA and Mexico Presidents, Trump and Obrador, look Glad about Recent relevant Facts, (Contrary to a Gloomy Image in the EU - Turkey equivalent Nowadays : See Infra).

F.ex., among others, the Number of Irregulars cought Crossing the Mexican-USA Border has been Slashed to Less than 1/3 only from May to August 2019. USA Authorities said on September that this Progress has been More than 60%, while Asking to "Further Reduce" the illegal inflow.. In Addition, Many Tens of Thousands of People reoprtedly Wait Now in Mexico the Final Results of their Asylum Demands to the USA, (where they can have Court Hearings, according to the US-Mexico "Migrant Protection Protocols" : This is supposed to also Cut Smugglers' remuneration by percentages on irregular migrants' Jobs in the USA). Most Important, Mexico boasts to have "Permanently" Send a lot of Guards, (reportedly more than 25.000), mainly at its Southern Borders, towards Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, but Also at the Migration Roads Between them and its Northern Border to the USA. Even Buses (often used by such transiting migrants) started to be regularly inspected. Result : a Lot of Mass Irregular Migrants have been Hindered to enter Mexico, or Detained, if not Deported, while Mexico reiterated a Call for More Investments at its South, in order to Bring Jobs to People there.

These are "Irreversible" Results, the Mexican Foreign Minister Ebrard promised. US President Trump, in a rare move, "Thanked" Mexico for its Recent Efforts.

In exchange, in addition to Holding Back Any previously projected over-Taxation on Imports, USA will Fund an Electricity Plant in El Salvador, based on US Gas, and shall Increase Trade with concerned Latin-American Countries, inter alia, also by Simplifying Customs' Procedures (f.ex. on Textiles, etc).

+ In Addition, a USA's Supreme Court Judgement, just adopted, Today, with a Big Majority of 7 v. 2, Recognized, a priori, Trump Administration's right to Ask from Mass Asylum Seekers to lodge their Applications in the 1st Foreign Country they Cross, instead of waiting to do that Only when they might Reach the USA. (The Equivalent would be, f.ex., for Mass Asylum Seekers trying to Enter irregularly in Europe through its External Borders vis a vis Turkey, to Lodge their Applications inside Turkey, instead of Massively Crossing Illegaly into EU Member Greece, etc).


A sharply Opposite Ambiance is Currently unfolding in EU - Turkey's relevant relations :

F.ex., inter alia, the Number of Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers tresspassing in EU Member Greece (already OverLoaded with such Migrants, since 2015) through Turkey, has Radically Augmented Recently, particularly from August 2019, with cases in which even More than ...550 (+Five Hundred Fifty) such IMMAS, were Suddenly Found arriving in European Land from Turkey, in only 1 Ship, among several each Day !

+ Moreover, controversial Turkish President Erdogan has reportedly Threatened, Nowadays, to (re-)"Open the Vans" towards Europe for about 5,5 Millions Mass Migrants in Total, Brandishing the Risk to Face, inter alia, also some "2,5 Millions of People, just from Idlib", the Area where Turkey has notoriously pushed to Accumulate, SInce the Beginning of the Syrian Conflict, every Armed Islamist Gangs, (including Many outright Terrorists, even of ISIS or Al Quaeda, etc), who were Losing the Fight against the Syrian Government and its Russian, Lebanese and/or Iranian and other Allies, But still keep their Weapons

Turkey, by Blackmailing anew Europe, reportedly asks not only even More Money, but also to Invade and Occupy the Northern Region of Syria, Historically Inhabited by Peaceful but Strong Kurdish People, who Heroically Helped recently the Western World to succesfully Face the Deadly Islamist Terrorists of ISIS, who were cowardly Targetting even innocent Civilian People. Ankara's Military already Started, earlier, to Invade and Oppress a Small, isolated Western Part of those Syrian Kurds, at Afrin area, who were Living there Peacefully during Hundreds or even Thousands of Years withOut attacking anyone, but were Cut off away from the Main Syrian Kurdish Region and its Western (mainly USA) recent Allies. Such Moves  make now Obvious that Ankara's interest into notoriously Supporting a variety of Islamist Extremists' Armed Gangs in Syria, including even ISIS from its beginnings, already Aimed, from the Start, into Invading and Occupying another Independent Country, (After having, already, done so, and still does, against EU Member Cyprus, etc).

Naturally, in that new Turkish Blackmail against Europe+, we are, there, very Far Away from the much more Positive Situation between USA and Mexico, (Comp. Supra), Despite a lot of EU Money already Wasted in Turkey recently, without any precedent : Comp. Supra).

Will the EU be led into a situation where, in fact, only Victor Orban and Other European Countries' protective "Walls" might save the EU from obvious Threats of a 2nd Big Tsunami of Irregular Migrants/Mass Asylum Seekers through Turkey, as Back on 2015-2016 ? Even then, a drastic Reduction of Tresspassers' Numbers started when Western Balkans' routes were Closed... And Now, Meanwhile, the Government has Changed in EU Border Nation Greece, hasn't it ? So that, perhaps, Now, Turkey's threats might be, in fact, Less dreadful and more Toothless, than it seems at first sight, (even if, still Dangerous and Damaging enough, in order to take some appropriate measures).

At any case, already, significantly, EU Member Cyprus, (whose Northern Territories are Still illegaly Occupied by Ankara's Foreign Invasion Troops since 1974, with More than 20% of its Population having been Obliged to become Refugees and/or Displaced People, since then), has reportedly asked and obtained by the EU to Pay its Part of European Funds due to Help Syrian Refugees, by Giving it Directly to the Camps existing in Jordany and Lebanon, which also Host Millions of Syrian Refugees - But, withOut having ever Bothered the EU...







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Sarkozy and Merkel want deals with Obama on European Security at Strasbourg's NATO 2009 Summit

In parallel but concording moves, EU Chair, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angie Merkel both invited this week US-President elect, Barack Obama, to discuss important deals breaking new ground on European Security during the NATO's 60 Years Anniversary Summit of Heads of State in Strasbourg, where Obama is expected to make his 1st visit to Europe as a President on April 2009.

Merkel focused mainly on smoother NATO - EU Defence and Security policy cooperation, while Sarkozy spoke about PanEuropean Security, associating both Russia and the USA, proposing to freeze missile and shields' deployement until an agreement is reached.

But both tackled some hard nuts to crack : Turkey's VETO against the participation of EU Member Cyprus to EU-NATO cooperation, and Russia's anouncement on deployment of missiles up to Kaliningrad, at EU's belly, in reply to USA's wish to set up missile shields in EU States such as Poland or Czech Republic, etc.

- "Certainly...one of the points that we'll dicuss with the New US President", Barak OBAMA, "who will come f'or the 1st time in Europe as president, at the NATO Summit", co-hosted by France and Germany in Strasbourg, ""concerns, above all, the European Security and Defence Policy" (ESDP), and "the relations between NATO and its partners", with whom it should "work together", anounced earlier this week Merkel.

We must find "a reasonable and adequate concept to articulate NATO and European Security and Defense policy", because of a "series of practical issues, sometimes difficult to understand", but that "we must discuss".


- "An example" of that is "the issue of Cyprus and Turkey", said Merkel, where Ankara raises problems "from Kosovo up to Afghanistan", as also CoE's chair, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt recently observed in Strasbourg replying to EuroFora's questions.

- "We must do something to smoothen this problem for good, and not only on a case-by-case basis, laboriously negotiated each time". Here, we must find "a reasonable and adequate concept to articulate NATO and European Security and Defense policy", Merkel stressed.

- "With good will from all sides, it could and should be posible. Germany wants also to help on that". Otherwise, "the coming generations will not understand why it took Decades to do so". But, if we "don't even achieve that for Decades, this would be an Historic Failure !", the German Chancellor warned

- "I think that our American partners are increasingly realizing that", Merkel said, pleading for "a stronger European Security and Defence policy, with which, I believe, the Atlantic Security Partnership can also strengthen and solidify".

Meanwhile, USA is also due to take in 2009 a special status inside EU-led EUROCORPS, the European Army HeadQuarters, based in Strasbourg.

Merkel said that after meeting in Berlin with NATO's Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, earlier this week, precisely in order to "prepare NATO's Summit", scheduled for the beginning of April 2009 in Strasbourg.

Scheffe, knows well Strasbourg, since he chaired the CoE, as Holland's Foreign Minister, when he brokered a controversial deal precisely on Turkey and Cyprus about the implementation of ECHR judgements on Greek Cypriot displaced persons' houses and properties in 2003. He returned later at least once, for a WEO meeting at the CoE, where he precisely had highlighted such EU - NATO issues.

EU Commission's 2008 Report on Turkey has just observed that, on European Defense - Security policy, "Turkey continues to object to EU-NATO Cooperation which would involve all EU Member States". "This created Problems for EU-NATO co-operation in the context of Civilian ESDP missions, in particular in Kosovo and Afghanistan".


 French EU Chair, President Sarkozy and Merkel are visiting Washington on Friday and Saturday for a Global G-20 Summit with current US President George Bush, on the sidelines of which are expected preparatory contacts with US President-elect Obama's entourage, even if himself might stay in Chicago until he takes over on January 21.

Before going to Washington, Sarkozy concluded today an UE - Russia Summit with Dmitry Medvedev, where they "spoke in length on PanEuropean Security" :

- As EU President, I proposed that we meet on mid-2009 in a framework such as OSCE's in order to set the foundations of a Future Pan-European Security, which would associate Russia and USA, and that, meanwhile, nobody speaks about deploying missiles or shields, which complicate the situation".

- NATO's Summit in Strasbourg-Kehl, on April 2009 is a perfect occasion to discuss with our American friends and to prepare a possible OSCE Summit for these issues f.ex. for June or July", Sarkozy concluded.

- We must all abstain from Unilateral measures" dangerous for Europe's security. "Russia only reacted to decisions taken by some other countries. But if they are ready to cooperate, we are ready to discuss. EU could be an intermediary", added Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, before going himself too at the Washington G-20 Economic Summit.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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