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Fillon: People's Historic Culture=Oxygen to Integration, versus Islamist Radicals, for France+Europe

Written by ACM
Thursday, 06 April 2017

*Strasbourg/Rhenus Hall (Facing EU Parliament)/Angelo Marcopolo/- Today, also for Europe's sake, we Urgently Need to Turn on in France the Best Engine for Action, which is in People's Heart, (Targetted nowadays even by islamist Terrorists) : Pride for their common Culture, Both French and PanEuropean, including Art and Science, but also Humanistic Values, and Refusing to be Undermined by a "Multi-Culti" Sly Trap, stressed with an Inspired Speech in Strasbourg, Fosusing at the Franco-German Core of the EU and €uroZone, (more Necessary Today than ever, particularly after the recent BREXIT), a Front-Runner Candidate for the Crucial April-May 2017 Presidential Election, representing the Mainstream Center-Right "Republican" Party and well beyond, Experienced former Prime Minister, Francois Fillon.

For that purpose, inter alia, he also Proposed a landmark Franco-German Project, and almost ...Invented a New French Flag, by Calling to Join its Colors with Europe's Stars, before Saluting, Briefly but Warmly, several surprized People, including "Eurofora", (see Infra)...



    - At an Interesting Introduction, Luc Chatel, Experienced former Minister and currently President of Main Opposition "Republican" Party's National Council,  observed the "Change" marked "since Trocadero" March 2017 Meeting in Paris, (where Fillon appealed to the People for Support Facing an Unprecedented series of various Acusations by State Authorities suddenly at the last minute, eve of the crucial 2017 Presidential Election, against the frontrunners of the Right, while, on the Contrary, those of the Left remained all untouched : See, f.ex. : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/filloncallstofightislamictotalitarism.html , http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/allrightcandidatesinfrenchelectiontargetted.html , etc), and Started speaking on Economy, Following by Politics, but Concluded with Culture :

    - Particularly Germany, but also the UK, have much Better Results for Economic Growth and against UnEmployment, than OutGoing "Socialist" French President Hollande, and France should Inspire itself by those 2 Big EU Member Countries, "Stopping to always Blame Sarkozy, Merkel, and/or the Global Economy", he urged. + As for the €uro, it Helped to Avoid Bankruptcy, while, on the Contrary, eventual Devaluations of a National Currency would, inter alia, also Oblige to Pay much More in order to Reimburse our Debts, the French Politician Warned.

    - Meanwhile, the "Socialists" are always Trying to Divide the Right, since a Long Time ago, by pushing the "FN" Rightists of Marie Le Pen., he Denounced. But, already, here, in Strasbourg's "Great East" Region's Elections, Back on December 2015, the Socialist Party (which had come 3rd), had Decided to Maintain its List of Candidates even at the 2nd Round, Taking the Risk to let "FN"'s Rightists eventualy Win that Race, he observed. Nevertheless, Fillon has much Better Chances than Macron to Win versus Le Pen, he pleaded.

    >>> But, Now, it's "the Last Chance for a Revival (a Renaissance)" of France and Europe : A Task for which Macron (Fillon's Center-Left Competitor, a Socialist) lools like "a ... Sorcerer's Apprentice", (by his Young Age and the Fact that he has Not yet participated in any Election), while, on the Contary, "Fillon is Solid, Resilient and Able", as he said for the former Prime Minister.

    => For that purpose; "the 1st Tool is Culture", i.e. "History, Language, Values, Cartesian Way of Thinking", etc, stressed Chatel (who has also served as a Minister for Education, himself), Reminding, by the way, that "on the 18th Century, Europe spoke French since the Enlightnement", and Fustigating competitor Macron (former Socialist Minister) for having reportedly Claimed that  - "There is No such thing as a <<French Culture>>" !...


     - "Who is going to Deal with USA's Trump, and with Russia's Putin ?", Wondered Philippe Richert, President of Strasbourg's "Great East" Mega-Region, former Minister, and New Head of France's Nation-Wide Union of Regions, pointing also on Fillon's Political Experience, compared with his main Competitors' Lack of it.

    - "They (the Establishment) Tried to Undermine and Stop him, but he Succeeded to Firmly Hold on, and this Stimulates the People !", added Richert, making a point which really appears to be True, Judging also by the Number, Energy and Vivacity of Popular Applause, whenever was evoked Tonight the Issue of notorious Attempts to Slander Fillon, by Systematicaly Launching more and more Accusations, in order to Push him to Abandon the Electoral race, (See also Infra)...

    - Because "Fillon is Courageous, and has a Serious Plan" for France and Europe. Otherwise, "If there was No Fillon (in the 2017 French Presidential Election), then, we'd be Condemned to have to choose between the Socialists and the Rightists (FN)", and that would be "a Catastrophe", so that "we Must Strive to Prevent such Risky Adventures", he Warned.

    - From one Side, they (i.e. the Out-Going "Socialist" Government) have Distanced the French Economy from that of Other European Countries where Things Go Better", f.ex. on "Growth", Employment, etc., and from the Other Side (i.e. that of "FN"'s Rightists) they push towards an "Isolation" of France vis a vis the rest of Europe, which would be "Catastrophic", President Richert Denounced, Urging to Prevent such Dead End, Schyla-Haribdy Dillemas.

Fillon :  - "Ich Bin Elsascher !"...


    Surprizing with an unusual : - "Ich Bin ...Elsacher !", ( - "I am an Alsacian !" : Hommage to Strasbourg's Historic Region Alsace), Francois Fillon started by Slaming an Exceptionaly Dangerous, Repeated and Vicious Attack from 2 Sly Aggressors, Striking against him 5 Times in a Row, that he curiously Faced when he Arrived at the Meeting Room, (See full Facts at : ....).

     - "As you have just Seen, a Few Minutes ago, I am the Target of a Merciless Relentlessness. They make Any Attempt to Discourage me, Even the Most Shabby (Miserable)", he Denounced, Triggering a Strong and Wide Applause, with Cries, by a Lot of Motivated People, with their Combativity obviouysly Stimulated by that Exceptionaly Sly Incident, (See full Facts Infra).

    - "But I'm Firmly Holding on, Thanks to You !", Fillon replied to the Popular Applause, "Thanking" his Fans "for Your Resistance and your Faithfulness : They Seeked to Silence You (the People), to make you walk in the Shadows. But, Everywhere, throughout our Country, I see Growing this (Popular) Will to be Respected, and to Smash those Claims of Scenarios prepared in Advance", (by some Fake and/or Misleading Polls similar to those which had Faced the New US President Don Trump just Before he Unexpectedly but Brillantly Wins at the Hard-Fought November 2016 US Presidential Election)...

    - "French People are Free, and, when the Time will come, its Verdict will Surprize !", Fillon pointed out, in this regard, Lively Applauded, before Mentioning most Politicians Present Today in this Strasbourg Meeting, including several MEPs, as, among others, also Alain Le Talec, (former Minister and a Gaullist from Brittany), Anne Santer (from Strasbourg), Nadine Morano (another former Minister and mainstream Center-Right "UMP" Party f. Spokeswoman, from nearby Lorraine), as well as Joseph Daul, currently President of the European People's Party/Christian Democrats, Headquarted in Brussels, and Experienced former Long-Time Chairman of EU Parliament's ChristianDemocrat/EPP Group of MEPs, (etc).


    >>> "I came to Strasbourg in order to Speak to you about the Culture that we Share, our Roots, our History, and the Links which Weave our (National and/or European : See Infra) Identity", Fillon anounced from the outset, in his main Speech.

     - Also Because Here, "at Strasbourg's (Historic) City Council, Rouget de l' Isle sang "the Marseilleuse" (France's National Anthem) for the 1st Time", (inspired by "the Rhine's Army", before it was Transmitted Southwards to Marseilles City, from where Armed People went to Boost the 1789 Revolution in Paris, singing that same Song, which became Famous when they Succeeded to Help Free the Country from the Medieval Regime, towards a Modern Democracy recognizing Basic Human Rights).

    + And Strasbourg's Central "Square Kleber, reminds that ... Alsace (Region) gave to the Young Republic (of 1789, i.e. during the Century of the Enlightenement) some among its Most Brave Officers, Leading the Armies of Rhine or Moselle", and "Fighting for the National Borders at Valmy, Longwy or Mainz", etc, he recalled, (making also an indirect but unavoidable Link with General Kleber, to whom even German Chancelor Angie Merkel had referred, reminding taht he had Fought, Together with Napoleon, in Egypt, Facing the Ottoman-Turk Empire's attacks, when she made a Symbolic Gift to former Long-Time French President Jacques Chirac, back on 2007 in Berlin, at the Conclusion of an EU Summit, organized during the German EU Presidency and Focused on "Lisbon Treaty"'s Charter of Fundamental Freedoms and Democratic Liberties : Comp. "Eurofora" Co-Founder's NewsReports from the spot, Published then partly at "TCWeekly"+).

    + But, it's also "Here", that "the Reconciliation of Jewish, Protestant and Catholic (Religious) Communities was (initialy) melted in the Crucible of the Republic", Fillon added.


    >>> However, nowadays, "there is a Strange Taboo" : People "doN't Dare, anymore, even pronounce the Words "Nation", "Fatherland", "Roots", "Culture", etc., except, perhaps, by "Lowering their Voice", he Denounced.

    - Some, "by Ideological Weakness .. or Chlorophorm, have Become so Blind that they even Claim that : - "There is No such Thing as French Culture !", Fillon Criticized, making a Reference to Emmanuel Macron, former Socialist Minister, and one of his Main (Center-Left) Competitors in the present, 2017 French Presidential Election of April/May 2017...

    + He also Dismissed Rightist "FN" Leader Marine Le Pen's claims against "Globalisation", explaining that "it's Not an ideology, but a Reality", which "Obliges us to Change, in order to remain Competitive", "But, caN't be addressed just by Hidding Behind a "Maginot Line", without Fighting and waiting for a defeat", instead of "Believing", on the Contrary, "that we are a Major Player in the World Today, Able to Have a Say, and with sufficient Arms to Defend ourselves", as he said.

    >>> But, in Fact, "the Ideology against which I Fight, is More Pernicious : It Pleads for Self-Denial, sometimes even Self-Hatred", and "Sees in Our Culture a Shameful, Dangerous Accessory" :

    => "It's called <<Multi-Culturalism>>, in Fact, a Flattening of Culture", Fillon Denounced. (I.e. he brandissed the Same Ideological Arm, as German Chancelor Angie Merkel, former French President Sarkozy, and UK Prime Minister Cameroon, already since 2009-2010, which made them Win the 2009 EU Parliament Elections, as well as the British 2010 and 2015 National Elections, and the 2009 and 2013 German Federal Elections, (Comp. f.ex. Merkel's landmark Speech, at the Beginning of her Electoral Campaign, on August 2013, at Ludwigshafen : See "Eurofora"s NewsReport from the spot at ..., even if that was Forced to be at least partly abandoned, when, later-on, she was Obliged, after December 2013, to Accept a Delicate "CoHabitation" in a "GroKo" with the Socialists, just because of a Strange Disappearance, at the Last Minute of the Electoral Results' counting overNight, of Only 4 MPs, initialy attributed to her ChristianDemocrat/EPP Party, but Afterwards Taken Back)...

    - "During the Last 35 Years, that Ideology (of "Multi-Culti") Undermines us", and "Makes Feel Guilty those who Felt themselves as Patriots", he criticized. "It makes them believe that Loving their Country would be a kind of Rejection of Others", and "that such a Feeling would be Shameful", while "a Country would be nothing else than an Aggregate of Individuals".

    => "I do Not want any more of such a Credo ! It makes People Doubt about themselves" and "about the Future of their Nation". It's "an Ideology of Nihilism, which does Not bear Any Collective Progress, but Kills the People's Souls", Fillon slamed "Multi-Culti".

    + And "How could anyone Integrate himself inside a Country for which some Claim that it would have No Culture (Comp. Supra), and Not any Identity ?", he Wondered.

    - Both for France and all Europe, "That Claim, which Condemns our Common Heritage, is Irresponsible", he Denounced.

    >>> - "Worse : It makes of us, a Perfect Prey for Radical Islamism, which has well Understood that this was the "Western World's Weakness", "Its Achilles' Heel". In Fact, "it Abuses of our Humanistic Values, in order to better Deny them. If we sketch the Slightest Reaction, it Cries about Victimization and Discrimination. This Aberration was made Possible by our Cowardice". Because, "when we Retreated in Front of Communautarist Revendications, in the name of a so-called "Right to be Different", we have Betrayed Ourserlves, Betrayed Citizenship, Betrayed Equality, Brotherhood", he Strongly Criticized.

    => But Now, on the Contrary, "I want to Express the Voice of Miliions of French a.o. People, who are Proud of their Country. Who Want to form a Nation Together. Who Want to Succeed Together" : - "We Must Wake Up, and Protect our Civilisation !", Fillon Urged.

    - "The two Drifts which Threaten our Civilisation are the Barbary of an Abusive Islam, which has sworn to Ruin us, and Destroys the Gems even of its own Civilisation, Monuments, Libraries, Ancient Millenary Heritage", and "that of a (banalizing) Boredom", he Warned.

    - But, "Today, the Situation requires from us to Stand Firm against Barbarism, and to Stay Awake against Extremistm's sirens, both those of the Far Right, and of the Far Left, or even that Demagoguery of an "Extreme Centre"...

    - "We are at a Moment of Truth" : - "I am Alone, among the Candidates in this (Presidential 2017) Electoral Campaign, to Stress that it's Urgent to Speak about History, Transmission of Heritage and Culture" : "Transmission is a Golden Thread running through Generations", "it's to Pass the Torch, from Hand to Hand, and Preserve our Humanity from Obscurantism". It's too Refuse "to Sacrifice the Fate of Future Generations".

    => Indeed, "one of the Central Issues in this (2017 French Presidential) Election is -<<How to Warm up the French Soul, how to Share it, to make it be Loved ?>> - "My Reply is to give New Foundations to our Republic, from School, Family, and Culture", Fillon proposed, Strongly Applauded by the People.

              - "I propose to embody the Nation in a Story", with its concrete Heroes. F.ex.: - "Liberty is Joan of Arc (Historic Leader), Lucie Aubrac and Germaine Tillon (Anti-NAZI Resistants), the General De Gaulle", etc. Equality is Olympe de Gouges, Rousseau (Philosopher), and Julles Ferry !" (Politician and Founder of Educational Policies, with a Succesful Integration). "Brotherhood is Abbé Pierre (Philanthropist), Doctors without Borders", (Humanitarian NGO), etc. I.e., a Nation is composed by its Heroes", he evoked, following France's well known National moto.

    - But, "we have Lost the Thread of our History, by Forgetting that it has been Incarnated in Men and Women of whom we are Heirs, and who have Buld the Country with their Courage". "Our System of Education Teaches History cut in separate Pieces", while f.ex. the "Chinese Children Learn by Heart the List of Dynasties which have Ruled their Country for 3.000 Years, and Feel Proud of Belonging to a Great Civilisation !", Fillon compared.

    => In fact, "we Need to ReDiscover our Historic Heritage !", he Urged. For that purpose, We must "SaveGuard ... the Language Learning", the "History Teaching from the Primary School", and "Train Citizens", "Able to adhere to Long Term Political Projects", thanks to "the Story of the Nation, that Schools must Not Abandon", he advised.

    - Among by Competitors, (in the 2017 French Presidential Election), for the Leftists and/or Rightists, such as Melenchon, Hamon or Le Pen, the Nation is a Groundless Entity, Living in Autarchy, in an Utopian way".

    - But "for (Center-Left) Macron, the Nation is an Old-Fashioned idea", since "the Future is a Giant Co-Working area", where "Identity is a Straightjacket, Heritage is a Brake", and, f.ex., "the French History is Too Narrow", Opposed to "an Ideology of generalized Movement, Ennemy of anything Permanent", "against even the Idea of a French Culture", he described.

    - On the Contrary, "Instead of Self-Denial, I propose a Self-Knowledge. Instead of a Negation of Roots, I propose a Shared Memory. Instead of Marketing Emptiness (the Void), I propose to Appropriate a Truth in our Hearts".

    => So that, "this (2017) Electoral Campaign, should ReEstablish a Broken Link" : Let's "Dive deep in Our Culture and our Knowledge", "inviting to a most Exciting Adventure" : That "of Charles Peguy's project, for a Culture Incorporated into Every Citizen" !

    - "For that purpose, we should approach, f.ex., the French Culture, from the Wide Viewpoint of Malreaux, with the Curiosity of Michel Leiris, and the Militant Passion of Albert Camus" : "This Alchemy accompanies a vibrant History", where "Culture Starts when Superstitions, Myths, Customs, get Out of the Dark, Becoming Litterature, Religion, Paintings, Arts, Shows", he suggested.

    >>> In fact, "Cultures Live, Thrive or Die" : "They Might Disappear", "But they Die mainly because of Barbarism and/or Indifference, as, f.ex., at Palmyra, on 2016", in Syria, notoriously Attecked Twice by ISIL's Deadly and Destructive Islamist Terrorists, (before being Liberated and at least partialy Reestaured by the Syrian and Russian Armies in 2016 and 2017).

    - But, in Fact, "All those islamists, Even if they might still manage to Destroy that Great Arch of Triumph and Athena's Lion, nevertheless, they won't Never Destroy what that Civilisation brought as Original and Unique" : Since "it's by Being more Unique, that one Becomes more Universal, Because Irreplaceable", Fillon pointed out.

    + And, "as General De Gaulle used to say : -"Deep inside (Great) Alexander's Victories, we Always Find (the more Ancient Greek Philosopher) Aristote", Because "Great Achievements are Always Fed by an Education, a Memory, and Values which are Guiding the People. Great Cultures stem, First of all, from Peoples' Genius. They are Born there where Geography and History allowed them to Take Roots".

    - Thus, f.ex., "the Chinese Culture, has Nothing to do with Turkey", Fillon observed, (apparently with a Subtle Sense of Humour)... And "the French Culture is Not Alike the Indian Culture, No more than with the Engishs or Russian". Since "Each one of them is Exceptional, and stems from the Depths of a People". Because "Culture is the Oxygen that we Breath. It's What We Are".

    - F.ex., "the French Culture is Born out of 20 Centuries of Research" : "What have in Common, Pascal and Voltaire, Hugo and Claudel, Poussin and Manet, Mansart and Le Corbusier ?", he wondered. "They Share that Certainty, which Belongs to French People, to Complete the World by Adding Reason, Justice, Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood" : "Progress originates always from a Heritage, a stock of Knowledge, a Know-How, on which the Following Centuries Take Roots". So that, "whoever does Not Like his Culture, or is indifferent, sill Never become Able to call himself "Modern", he pointed out.

    => In Consequence, "a French Way to Culture exists, which, If it was Silenced, could Not be Replaced by Anything Else". So that, "Its Survival Concerns us all : We Must Pass on the Land of Richelieu, the Language of Victor Hugo, the Reasoning of Montesquieu, the Vision of Claude Monet, and of All those who have Lived, Loved and Defended the French Vibration", for which "Many Envy us" : - "With our 1.000 Museums, which welcome Twice more Visitors than the Rest of Europe", "our Heritage of 40.000 Churches", "our Castles", our Global (Artistic) Rendez-Vous (such as Cannes and Deauville : Cinema, Avignon and Montpellier : Theater, Arles and Montpelier (etc), while "83 Millions of Foreign Visitors came Last Year (2016) to See our Heritage".  

    + "But our Cultural Model is much More than that : It's also the Belief that Culture must also be a Public Service, which is Taught and Learned, and ... must be Everywhere Accessible to All the People", Fillon added. That's why "I want to Restore our Cultural Policy", "at First through Education", (f.ex., "by Integrating Better the Teaching of Arts .. already from the Nursery School", and "Beter Articulating the History of Art with the General History, during College and Lyceum), But also by "Protecting our Heritage" : "400 Millions € per Yea, in order to Restore and Stop Degrading the Monuments and Artworks", he promissed. "Finaly, let's Help the Ministry of Culture to remain the Motor of our Cultural Model, since the considerable Work done during Malraux's times : F.ex., "Local Communities, and Cultural Industries emerged, as well as Patronage, that we must Harmonize and Find an adequate way for Private Cultural Sector, he proposed.

    - Moreover, "Intellectuals" and "Inspired Minds", belong to "our History", and are "still Needed" in order "to EnLighten" our ways, so that, "those who are Involved in Action, may Rely on those who Observe it and Think about it".

    - Last, but not least, Fillon also urged tro "Defend the French Language", observing that "on 2030 there will be 600 Millions of French Speaking People accross the Planet", so that Books, Dictionaries and Education should Complete the Roles played, since Centuries, by Explorers, Scientists, Religious People, or Soldiers, etc., in Developing, Defending and Spreading that protective "Wall, LightHouse, Castle and Forum", as he called the Linguistic tool, (pointing at an Issue of Vital Importance also for several Other Important Historic Languages in Europe, whose Model is quite Pluri-Linguistic).



     - "I am Convinced, Today, that EU's ReVival (Recovery) comes through a Cultural Awareness (Realization, Consciousness)", stressed Fillon.

    - Because, "We (Europeans) have a common Heritage, which Forges Europe's Soul", (a term that German Chancelor Angie Merkel had used at her landmark Speech, in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, when she Chaired the EU, already as Early as since 2007) : Thus, "Honour our Roots, it's pay Honour to Our European Heritage : Greek and Roman, Ancient and Medieval,  Christian : All that Humanist Heritage which enlightened the World", he recalled.

    - "Our Continent Always was a Prodigious Source of Creation and Knowledge", also with "Millenary Universities, as those of Bologna (Italy), Sorbonne (France), Heidelberg (Germany), etc., which, through their Networks of Intellectuals, Artists, and Scientists Travelling around, have Founded a Land of endless Pioneers, inter-Linking All our National Cultures", Fillon observed.


     => That's why, inter alia, f.ex., "I proposed to (the German Chancelor) Angela Merkel, to Build here, in Strasbourg, a Franco-German Foundation to remind that (Historic Cultural) Renaissance, (Christian) Reformation, (Moral) Humanism, and (Philosophical) Enlightenment, were Born by Converging Minds and Artists of this (European) Continent", he anounced. "Such a Museum should celebrate this Saga of Many Centuries", "be Alive, with ArtWorks Circulating among Big European Museums", so that "the Message of European Humanism can be supported by the most Eloquent Master-Pieces", "and Radiate from Here : Strasbourg, Capital of Europe and Heir of the Republic of Humanistic Litterature".



    + Such a Precious Tool could also Become a Vital Source for European Scientific Research, stressed to "Eurofora" Strasbourg University's Communication Professor Hertzel, an Elected MP accompagnying Fillon, who has a Rare Experience as former Senior Official in the French Ministry for Universities and Research, (and even some Long but Real Family Links with the Historic Publisher of World-Famous Science Fiction Writer Jules Verne)...



    - "That Humanism faced Dire Hardhsips : Twice, during the 20th Century, it Risked to Disappear, and Europe with it". So that, "After the Atrocities of the 1st World War, we had to Re-Think that Humanism, previously thought to be intouchable". But "tyhe 2nd World War's shock was even Worse : After the unlimited Barbary of Auschwitz and Goulag, how was it possible to call itself, anew, as "Humanist" ?".

    - "However, European Humanism survived from those Death Camps, there where so many Artists, from all Europe, Lost their Lives....On the Ruines of War's Aftermath, Europeans accepted, Together, to ReStart anew to Write Poetry, Play Music, and Create, after having met an Abyss".

    => So that "I don't know a Bigger Message of Hope from such a ReVival (Rebond) that European Civilisation proved to be Able of", Fillon stressed. And "this Heritage gives us (Europeans) a Huge Responsibility".

    - Particularly "Today", when "Europe is Threatened to Break Down, to Divide itself", and "faced a serious Economic Crisis", while "it is challenged, Now", also "by a serious Political Crisis", he acknowledged.

    => Therefore, "if we want for the Next Generation too see in the Blue Stared Banner, something Else than just an ephemerous Perenthesis, we Must Act Fast", he urged.
    For that Purpose, "the European Nations", as he called EU's Member States, have to play an Important, but Original Role, according to Fillon :

     - "It's now 60 Years that France Builds Europe side by side with the European Nations", he noted. And "this Construction produced Huge Successes, But revealed also some Obvious Insufficiences" :

    - In this regard, the Historic Top Political Leader "General De Gaulle had, however, Warned us : - "Each People is Different, with a unique Personality". So that, "If you want for the Nations to Unite themselves, Do Not seek to Integrate them as we Mix ChestNuts in a Purée !"...

    >>> In Fact, "the European Construction is Made by States, and, First of all, by France and Germany", Fillon firmly stressed Today, Symbolicaly speaking in Strasbourg, Near the Franco-German Borders' central area at the Rhine river, Facing the adjacent EU Parliament and CoE's Buildings, close to Shenghen's Secretariat and "EuroCorps" Army Staff Headquarters, "ARTE" Franco-German RadioTV, etc.     

    => That's why, "Europe's Reality are its Member States, its Nations", and, Nowadays, "the Priority is to resettle (to put Back in Working Order) its Franco-German Motor, which is suffering since 5 Years" (2012-2017), he Urged.

     - But, "it's True that I am the Only Candidate, in this (2017 Presidential) Electoral Campaign to propose to Revive Europe in a Realistic way", Fillon observed nowadays :

    - Indeed, "for some, Europe is the Cause of all Evils, an ideal Scape-Goat for our weaknesses and failures : Marine Le Pen (of the Rightist "FN"), Melenchon (of the Left/NeoCommunists), and others, Dream to put an End to 60 Years of Cooperation" in Europe, "But, in view of What ?", he Wondered : - Perhaps, just in order "to Return Back to <<EveryOne for HimSelf>>, in front of 7 Billions of Inhabitants in our World ?"... What "they propose" is just "a Foolish Return Back to the Franc currency, to Limit the Weekly Working Hours to 32, the never-ending Deficits ?" And, perhaps, "to Sail Away on a Ship, when our Creditors arrive to Ask what we Owe them ?"... In fact, such an "End of Europe, would not only be a Betrayal of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman's projects", but almost a Suicide, as "Jumping into the Void" : "The appeal of the Worst", and "Not my Choice".

    - But, Fillon also Criticized "those who claim to be pro-European, But", in Fact, "do Not want to Change anything". F. ex., "Macron" (the main Socialist/Center-Left Competitor) "proposes to Continue to Dream on Europe", and "Invites the 27" EU Countries "to Dream Together", "in a great "Democratic Convention, for New Foundations", from where, "he Hopes that, One Day, a Project would emerge out of such a great Contemplative Meditation"... But, such "attitudes have Pushed Europe to the Wall !". Since, "5 More Years of Immobility, would Condem Europe for ever", he Warned.

    >>> Because, in Fact, nowadays, "the World is Waiting for a European Leap Forward !", Fillon urged.

    => "And it's up to France to Help Boost that move", he Firmly stressed, Pointing, at the Same Time, at the Franco-German EU Motor (Comp. Supra), here, in Strasbourg, where he said to be "Glad to bring that Message at the Capital of Europe", which "didn't have any Bridges over the Rhine, 70 Years Ago", but "Afterwards we Built the <<Bridge of Europe>> (Linking France and Germany), while, "just in a Few Days Time, we shall see even the 1st StreetCar Cross the Border up to Kehl's Railway Station", he anounced.

     - While, "You Know", best of all, "what Europe brought us, and still brings us", (as he said in an Adress to Strasbourg region's People, who have notoriously Suffered by Conflicts and Wars for Generations, but were also the First to Benefit from the Franco-German reconciliation and cooperation during More than Half a Century).

    >>> But, Now, "there is some Tension at (EU's) Rome Treaty's Anniversary", (Comp. "Eurofora"s NewsReport from the March 2017 EU 27 Heads of State/Government Summit in Rome : ....), since, "for its 60 Years of Age, Europe is Faced with a Choice : ReAct, or Disappear !", he warned.

    - Pointing at the "BREXIT" and EuroScepticism symptoms, closely Followed by "Bilateral Conflicts, which had Vanished inside the EU, such as about Gibraltar, Scotland", etc., Fillon stressed that "We Must put a full Stop to the Dislocation (Break down) of Europe, the Soonest !".  

    => In Fact, "Europe Needs a fully Determined President in France", and "I am Committed to help ReVive that Initiative which is France's and Germany's Responsibility to undertake, since the BREXIT", he promissed.

    >>> - "The Europe of the Future must be Political, and Focused on its Strategic Priorities", Fillon Highlighted.

    - "My Priority is to make €uro-Zone a Real Economic Power in the World, Able to ensure its Economic Sovereignity and Prosperity", by "a real Economic Government gathering Heads of State/Government", the "ambitious Aim to ensure Fiscal Convergence among its Members by 2025", and by "Making our Common Currency a Reserve and Payment Currency, as the American Dollar", with which "€uro must have the Same Crediblity on the Global Financial stage in Ten Years", i.e. 2027, he anounced.

    + Meanwhile, Fillon called "for a Europe with Lucidity on its Economic Interests, Daring practice a European Preference for their Defense vis a vis China and USA", in "Trade", which "is the New BattleField of Globalisation", by "equiping us (EU) with New Rules, based on the Principle of Strict Reciprocity". "The European way is Not about lifting Walls, ... but No more about Yielding to a  Free-Trade gone Wild, withOut Rules, Neither Checks and balances !". Because "We (EU) have to Defend our Businesses, our SMEs, Jobs and Agriculture", by "Stopping Yielding to Trade Negotiations", and by "Refusing those Free Trade Agreements which are Opposed to the Interests of our (EU) Economies and Jobs", he pointed out, speaking After the recent New US President Don Trump's moves in that area.

    - At the same time, "We (EU) must be as Strict as the Americans are vis a vis our Businesses, regarding Foreign Multinational Companies operating inside our (Common) Market", as long as "Hundreds of European Businesses are Threatened by American Sanctions absolutely Unjustfied vis a vis the International Law and European Rules", he added, (Citting f.ex., the case of "a French Bankn Fined 9 Billions $ for allegedly breaching the American Laws"). - "This Must Stop !", he urged, calling for the "Adoption of the Necessary (Legal) Tools in order to Enforce our Rules and Procedures, our Requirements and Fiscal Laws, vis a vis all those Multinationals which want to operated in our internal Market", while also "Asking from our (EU) Partners a Rigorous Reciprocity in Public Procurement". Because "it's Unacceptable for Europe to Open up its Public Procurement Markets to 95% of Foreign Businesses, while it's Not the case but Only 30% in the USA", he criticized.

    - "European Capitalism" built around the river "Rhine, is Singular and Different from the Economic Neo-Liberal Model of the Rest of the World", because "Europe has also a Special Model of Market Economy Based on Markets, But more Respectful of Workers'  Social Protection, and of the Environment" : ... "We (EU) are for Freedom, but in a Framework serving the General Interest", Fillon reminded. F.ex., even "Among us", the EU "Directive on Posted Workers", has progressively installed a real Social Dumping between our (EU) Nations", he Denounced, (speaking of a Topical Issue which was Recently examined at EU Parliament in Strasbourg). But, "Within each (EU) Member State, for Equal Work, Wages must be Equal, and Social Contributions as well". So that we (EU)'d have to "Re-Negotiate the whole (EU) Directive on Posted Workers, in order to Enforce that Principle". Otherwise, "We (EU)'d Suspend its Application", he Warned.


    + Moreover, Fillon confirmed a "Call to Build a New Union for Security" : "We (EU) have to make a Deep Reshuffle of "Schengen" system's Acquis", and "Unite our Forces in order to Ensure our (EU's) External Borders' Protection", so that "we (EU) can Deal Together with Asylum-Seekers, and Send Back Home those who don't get it".

    - "Advancing Further, the Coopêration in the Fight against Illegal Immigration must become a Priority for (International) Cooperation" : "It's No more Possible to Ask Europe's Help, and Refuse to Cooperate in the Fight against Illegal Immigration", he stressed. "France and all Europe must Stop Tresspassing, and this makes Necessary to Develop an Immigration Policy based on Quotas", and "a Policy which puts as a Condition for Welfare Benefits to have at least 2 Years of (Legal) presence" here.

    ++ "Last, but not least, it still remains to Build Europe's Defence". Particularly Now, that "our American Friend is in the process of Closing its Umbrella" : "Are we, or Not, Europeans Ready to Defend ourselves, or Mere Vassals, Consumers, Naive Pacifists, Unable to Protect Peace ?", he wondered. "All Europeans must dedicate to their Defence ... 2% of GDP", and "Ensure their Strategic Autonomy", by "'Maintaining in our Continent a High-Tech Military Industry, rather than systematicaly Buying American or Russian", as well as "Operate Together, when Europeans' Interests converge". "F.ex. in Sahel" : "France canNot Fight always Alone, when it defends, in fact, the Interests of All Europeans".

    - "Bilateral Cooperations are More Relistic, on such Topics, than the Large-scale Projects by 27" EU Member States", so that, After the "2010 Lancaster House Treaty signed with the UK, we(ll Need to sign also Others, with the Necessary Countries, and obviously Germany : ... The BREXIT, by Taking Out of Europe 1/3 of its Military Capabilities, made Obvious that a New Military Alliance for Defence, able to allow Europe to become Master of its own Destiny, is for France and Germany to build !", he concluded.



    - "But, all this, won't be really Possible, unless France is Strong inside : No European Revival, withOut French ReVival !"

    => I.e., "a France with its Budget in Order : My Goal is to Cut 100 Billions € of Public Expenditure, in 5 Years, to Avoid Bankruptcy". "Free the Economy and Employment", by "Massive Cuts on Businesses' Contributions, by Dropinng the 35 Hours Weekly Work" Limitation, "and making the Labour Market more Flexible, in order to Gain Full Employment".

    + Also "a France with a Restored Authority for the Republic : I'll restore the Minimum Penalties" for Criminals, "Ill' Modernize our Police and Gendarmes' Forces", etc.


    >>> However, "for Europe's sake, we Need to Turn on, in France, the Best Engine of Action : I.e.  what is in Your Heart : ...Pride !"

    => - "Be Proud ... for our Culture, our History", and  "because there is nothing more Noble than a People who Stands up to Seize its Future Destiny".

    - "Be Proud of Your (National) Flag, and Join its three Colors with Europe's Stars...", Fillon interestingly proposed, in an Artful Symbol,
(Comp. f.ex. relevant Photo).

    - "Let's Make" of French People's "Pride", "a Spark to Light up all the Prides around us" in Europe : "Turn them On, Unite them, Set them in Motion, and, All Together, all those Willing to Act, let's Grow the Lights of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, and We Shall Win !", Fillon optimisticaly urged in conclusion,

He was widely Applauded, (before Singing France's National Anthem, and Exchanging with several persons among those present, including some Press and, briefly, "Eurofora", etc., among a lot of People Eager to Meet him, in a generalized but Lively and Sympathetic broo-ha-ha)...




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In a last-minute, surprise move, New EU Chairman, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, anounced a proposal in Strasbourg to open an EU Parliament debate on Europe's Identity in the ranup to 2009 Election :

    - "I am conscious of the fact that there is, today, a real Crisis on Europe's
Identity", he replied earlier to a question by Greek MEP Ioanis Varvitsiotes, who had asked him to "advance beyond those who don't really want a Political Europe",

    - "Why not a real Debate on what is Europe's Identity ?", proposed
Sarkozy, in this regard.

    -  "EU Parliament could organize such Debates", he suggested :"It's
better for EU Parliament, than for National Governments, or EU Commission, to
define what is the European Identity", the French President proposed.

    A diplomatic way to avoid obstacles by some Governments and/or some Brussels' bureacrats, reportedly opposed to really free and popular, critical European debates on hot political issues..

    Sarkozy brillantly won the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in France in 2007, in the line of the principles anounced at an important Speech in Strasbourg, February 2007, about a Political Europe, and a European Identity on issues which matter to the People.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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