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Post-BREXIT EU challenged by its External Borders Mass Irr. Migrants row at Greece/Turkey

Written by ACM
Thursday, 05 March 2020

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/(Partly UPDATED)/-
  Reacting to the Unexpected Popularity of the BREXIT Referendum in the UK on 2016, EU Leaders had vowed to "Protect Europe's External Borders", obtaining "Full Control" on them, since an Historic Declaration made at an Exceptional Summit, (for the 1st time in format of 27 EU, i.e. without the UK), in Bratislava's Castle, on September 2016, (See "Eurofora"s NewsReports from the spot in Bratislava, at: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/bratislavasummitoutcome.html, etc). This was in substance confirmed also on the landmark Anniversary of the Rome Treaties in Italy on March 2017, at another exceptional EU Heads of State/Governments Summit, including EU Citizens' aspirations for Safety etc., on due Changes for Europe's foreseable Future, (Comp., inter alia, also, f.ex.: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euromesummitonfuture.html, etc).

They promised to never repeat again that 2015 Blunder, when Europe was found entirely UnPrepared to face a Huge "Tsunami" of many Thousands of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants from Turkey suddenly tresspassing EU's External Borders in Greece, and arriving up to Germany and even Scandinavian Countries, totaling up to some 1,5 Millions of People of various Asiatic or African origins, mostly UnWilling to Integrate European Culture Islamists, including numerous Aggressors even of Children and Women, Mob Mollestors and/or Rapists, Murderers, Deadly Islamist Terrorists, etc. That 2015 was proclaimed by German Chancelor Merkel to be an exceptional ..."Annus Horribilis !" During the Following Year, 2016, (even if Hungary's Victor Orban and Others Blocked the Western Balkans' Route, Before a controversial EU - Tukey Deal starts to enter into force), the situation became even Worse inside Europe, hit by Maniforld, Various Brutal Aggressions, including an Awful lot of Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attacks cowardly Targetting Civilian People.

=> But, 5 Years Later, now on 2020, have, some, Forgotten Everything ?

Indeed, it would be an Incomprehensible Ommision, Blunder, or stupid Sell Out, rather a Suicidary Hara-Kiri for Europe if it practically Abandoned Greece to cope alone against such a New Turkish "Tsunami", with Mobs made of Dozens of Thousands every Day (and Night - the IOM once counted 13.000) attempting to irregularly Tresspass inside the EU at the terrestrial Turko-Greek Borders around Evros river, in Addition to more than 1.000 per Day coming at the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea, since February 2020, for the First Time with a so Open, Explicit, Brutal and Vulgar Blackmail Threat from Turkey, asking More Money and/or Political Concessions inside Syria !


There is not yet anyone from Idlib region, but mainly from ...Pakistan, Afghanistan or Somalia, (notorious "clients" of Turkey), and the move reportedly includes threats or attacks by Gas (against the Police), Stones, Fires, even Knives, and Turkish Army Vehicles trying to Break the Fence overnight, etc.






Meanwhile, Reports multiplied about alleged Free Trips from Istanbul with Tukish Buses, and even cases of Forced evacuations of immigrants by the Turkish Police towards the Greek/EU Borders, denounced by several Foreign Medias.



Where is action by EU's "FRONTEX", which has repeatedly got more and more Means, in recent years, including 2019 ? Where are those European "Coast-Guards", that EU Parliament has enthousiastically and pompously Voted, already since 2016 ?   Where is "EuroCorps" in real protective action, often backed by EU Parliament, and the European Security/Defense policy "Autonomy" ?

Certainly, many important EU Actors and Other important Countries in the World (including, f.ex. USA, etc), already Expressed verbaly their Support to Greece's efforts to Protect the External Borders of Europe vis a vis Turkey in this case. And all EU's Top Officials (including the Presidents of EU Council, Commission and Parliament, Michel, von der Leyen, and Sassoli, respectively) have just Visited, personaly, Evros River Borders on the spot, together with Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis.


But what counts are Timely concrete Acts, particularly in such a Big Urgency. It's true that several EU Countries promised to send Policemen or Soldiers, (including Cyprus and the "Visegrad" Countries) and/or Money (including Austria, etc), EU Commission offered 700 millions € Funding, FRONTEX to add 100 more Coast-Guards to the already existing 530, as well as 7 Ships, 2 Helicopters, an Airplane, 2 Thermic Cameras-equiped Vehicles, etc, while Greece also reportedly asked officially to activate EU's Civic Protection mechanism for everyday management and needs of mass asylum seekers/irregular immigrants, (etc).

However, Turkish President Tayip Erdogan explicitly asked Greece, on the Contrary, to "Open its Borders" (sic !), and apparently Re)Orientated the Smugglers of the Aegean Sea Islands towards Evros' Terrestrial Borders (See Infra); while Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soilou Warned that Evros river Borders are "200 km Long", recently the Water's levels have Lowered down to 40-45 cm, allowing to Walk through the river at several areas, threatening that what happened until now is Nothing, Compared to what Will Come Soon...

Nevertheless, some inside the EU seem to Forget that the Last Time, anOther Greek Government, of the Left, on 2015-2016 practically Abandoned the Protection of Greece and EU's External Borders, and let more than 1,5 Millions masss asylum-seekers/irregular migrants, Trafficked through Turkey, then, they Crossed through the Entire EU, arriving until Scandinavian Countries, up to Finland, (amidst Socio-Political Troubles, even Scandal of Rapes inside Mosques and Deadly Islamist Terrorism at the Streets of Stockholm and Helsinki, etc)... And, this time, on 2020, Turkey notoriously Threatens to Send next mainly ...Idlib's Extremist Islamist Armed Gangs' pals !

In Fact, Greece's Borders, as Europe's External Borders at the South-East, Traditionaly, since Ancient Times, use to Protect Europe from Asian and/or African Mass Influx via the nearby Middle-East CrossRoads, to the point that one of the basic Historic Ingredients of European Identity, the Ancient Greek Civilisation, was founded just After Greeks then succeeded to fight and win against the Big Persian Empire's attempts to Invade the whole European Continent. So that, Even in the Popular 2007 Film "300", Sparta's heroe Leonidas, at the famous Thermopylae Battle, is asked by Persian King Xerxis to trade "Greece" with ..."the Heart of Europa", as he says, pointing at what is Really at Stake... (See, f.ex. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bc1RL3e_4E  + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvILGIIVsMU, http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/protestercrashedbyturkisharmycar.html, etc).

As for Turkish Regime's Hypocritical Attempts to grossly Exploit and Instrumentalize some Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants in order to Blackmail the EU for more Money, and Other various Concessions, including at its 3 Military Invasions of Syria (in Afrin on 2018, and the rest of its Kurdish Region on 2019, followed now by Idlib on 2020), etc., they are too Caricatural and Unable to Hide Ankara's real Intentions :

- F.ex., among others, Erdogan's latest Attempt, on the International Day for Women (sic !), to "Condemn" Greece for allegedly "chassing away Women seeking Asylum" at the Evros Borders of the EU, as he claimed, cannot but BackFire, as a "Boomerang" against Turkey, which (concerning Women's Rights and Dignity) has Not even Searched, Nor Found, Neither Punished the Murderers of Hevrin Khalef, the Young Woman Leader of "Future Syria" Party, who worked for Unity between Christians, Arabs and Kurds, but was Brutally Kidnaped, Tortured, Raped, and Killed at the Turko-Syrian Borders, provocatively her DeadBody exposed thrown down at a Street and trampled underfoot by her Murderers, some Extremists Islamist Armed Gangs, notoriously used by Turkey as "Mercenaries" or "Proxies" also at the 2019 Military Invasion of Syria's Kurdish Region, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/turkeyinsyriasanctionsanddamasarmy.html + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euparliamentonsyriankurdishregion.html, etc). Not to speak about those 3 dissident Kurdish Women (one from Strasbourg, known at the CoE) killed by Gunshots in Paris since January 2013, with the Turkish Secret Services being strongly Suspected...   

+ Last, but not least, the latest relevant Decision by Turkish President Erdogan, claims to Start Hindering the (too Frequent until now) tresspassings of Greece and EU's External Borders at the Aegean Sea's Islands by Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants through Turkey - Provoking Fears that Ankara will Transfer all that Human Trafficking (Exploited mainly by Turkish Smugglers) Nowadays towards its Terrestrial Borders to Greece and all the EU at Evros River...

>>> But, by doing so, the Turkish Regime also Acknowledged officially, (even Explicitly), that, until now, during all these Years, (i.e. including the notorious 2015-2016 "Tsunami" of more than 1,5 Millions of People), it had been Systematicaly Practising a "Non-Intervention" Policy (as it said) for all Irregular Immigrants Tresspassing into Greece and EU's External Borders through Turkey ! In other words, Turkey had been (as many Foreign Journalists had Suspected from the Start, back on 2015) Knowingly Allowing a Massive "Human Trafficking" illegal Business (run mainly by Turkish Smugglers), that Ankara notoriously tried even to Exploit, Politically and Financially, by Blackmailing the EU, which can be interpreted as being Accomplice in committing ... a CRIME, according to Council of Europe's relevant, legally Biding, Convention !

=> Post-BREXIT Europe has really a Chance to resolutely Advance Forward, and Affirm its Vitality and Strength, or, on the Contrary, Retreat and Fade Away, in the present, thorny row of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants pushed through Turkey at Greece's and EU's External Borders at Evros river. I.e., as also Austrian Prime Minister Kurz recently Warned on that matter, either EU will Protect its External Borders, or Disappear in History...




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Facing a 70% Abstention threat in 2009 Election, EU endorses EuroFora's idea for Citizens' debates on crucial EU decisions !

- Different views on "Europe's Future", should be debated among Citizens at June 2009 EU Elections, thanks to political Parties' "Manifestos", says EU Parliament's Report

A main idea, initiated and promoted by EuroFora's founders since 1997: the vital need to develop European Citizens' democratic right to actively participate in multilingual debates on EU decisions, is formally endorsed by the EU from 2009 !

The move is a key attempt to overcome "catastrophic" Polls which warn that only ...30% of Citizens are ready to vote in the forthcoming June 2009 EU Election !  This was revealed by EU Commission's vice-president, in charge of Communication policy, Margot Wallstrom, during a "hot" meeting of EU Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education, during the December 2008 Strasbourg session.

Wallstrom faced criticism, but also suggestions from various MEPs, naturally worried by Abstention threats which herself found even "worse" than in 1999 or 2004...

A Report on "Active Dialogue with Citizens",examined at the same time, presented some useful practical tips, on "facilitating Interviews"; etc., but also a  potentialy important call to "incorporate the conclusions of ...debates...into (EU) policies, and take into consideration the expectations that Citizens have of the EU when deciding". An amendment even implies that Citizens' participation in debates on EU decisions is a democratic "Right".

More importantly, it finds that  a Debate "on the Future of Europe", (as French President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked since 2007), would be a good idea " for the 2009 European parliamentary Elections", because "clarifying the political differences between the EU political parties would help citizens to identify themselves with, and choose between various concepts", for which "all parties (should) present their Manifesto".

A "Joint political declaration on Communicating Europe in Partnership", co-signed by "the European Parliament, Council and ... Commission", confirms that they "attach the utmost importance to improving communication on EU issues", by "enabling European citizens to exercise their right to participate in the democratic life of the Union, in which decisions are taken as openly as possible and as closely as possible to the citizens, observing the principles of pluralism, participation, openness and transparency".

This should "enable Citizens to exercise their right to express their views and to participate actively in the public Debate on European Union issues", while also "promoting the respect of multilingualism". In this regard, EU confirms its "wish to develop synergies with national, regional and local authorities as well as with representatives of Civil Society".

    It's since 1997 that a group of EuroFora's founders have officially presented a pioneer Project (then called "EIW", for "Europe in the World"), which aimed to develop Strasbourg's "Polyphonic music", by providing "Interactive information", on "main issues ... during the Decision-making process of European Organizations which engage in Transparent and Public Democratic Debates"

    This should be done, inter alia, by "exploring the potential of New Communication Tools (mainly Internet)", as well as classic-form debates, the 1997 EIW pioneer project's anounced in its "Synopsis". It was formally "accepted for evaluation" by EU Commission in Brussels in order to be examined for a grant in the framework of the "Research/Technology/Development (RTD) Programme in the field of Information Technologies", then called "ESPRIT", as a "Best Practice Pilot Project".


        But the vital, urgent Political need for EU to search new, efficient ways to reach the People and interact with European Citizens, was really felt in Brussels and elsewhere only after the unprecedented in History 1999 and 2004 Majority Abstention in EU Elections, followed by 3 "NO" in Referenda in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, on 2005 and 2008...
    In this New Political Landscape, we prepared a new, actualised and more developed version of our initial idea, in a simplified and more efficient form, thanks also to a large Experience accumulated during many years of EU/CoE/UNO Press work and Multi-lingual debates, with the New project "EuroFora" :

    On 2006 we presented in Public its main lines during Questions/Replies that we raised at two Press Conferences by EU Commission President, Jose Baroso, and mainly EU Commission's vice-President, in charge of Communication policy, Margot Wallstrom, together with EU Parliament's vice-president, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, in Strasbourg, (Videos available), and we reminded it at various brief contacts with Commissioner Wallstrom in 2007 and 2008.

    Meanwhile, a new Text was also presented for "EuroFora" Project mainly to certain Political and other personalities, at European, National or Regional/Local level, mainly in 2007, but also in 2008..

    Now, after the unexpected 2008 Irish "NO", and before the 2009 EU Elections, which are due to be of exceptionally crucial importance for Europe's Future, the moment has obviously come to launch that project, progressively, but in real practice.

    Whoever really cares for Europe and its Citizens is welcome to join, in one way or another. Only anti-European, anti-democratic, obscure or ignorant groups might oppose or attempt to "steal" and deviate the main idea.

    But European Citizens, incited by enlightened political leaders, are those who will finally write the real History.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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