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Sharp MEP Criticism v. 75 Million Turks Visa-Free 2016 Blackmail by Mass Migration influx via Turkey

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 02 December 2015



*Brussels/- An Exceptionaly Strong and Growing Wave of Critical Reactions, from a Larger Political Spectrum than expected, Suddenly Bursted out among Many MEPs at EU Parliament's Plenary Debate on some Controversial points of Last Sunday's EU - Turkey Summit's Deal, widely believed to have made Big Concessions obtained under Heavy Blackmail by Ankara, particularly on that Unprecedented "Tsunami" of Mass Irregular Migration/Asylum Seekers, comming mainly from Turkey, by Tresspassing EU's External Borders at Greece.

Particularly, it was the 1st Time that, initially at EU Parliament, at last, some Pluralist Discussion started on a Controversial, and Never Debated Before in Public, attempt to Oblige the EU to Give to 75 Millions of Turkish Population a totaly "Visa Free" Entry into all 28 European Union Countries, already from Mid-2016, added to a Boost for Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU Bid, (mainly by Promises to Open more Chapters for Negotiations, added to some Pompous Written Declarations about a so-called "Accession" process, despite a Long Series of previous EU Summit's Decisions which had already Shaped that very Differently, "Freezing" several Chapters, Warning that this was an "Open-Ended" process, without Guarantee for a Final Outcome, Raising more Conditions, including f.ex. EU's "Absorption" capacity, etc) ; And even Adding a Huge Amount of Money : 3 More Billions € in Full Grants, due to be Paid by the EU to Turkey, just in order to incite Ankara to Lower that Giant "Tsunami" of Massive Human Trafficking which seriouely Threatened to Destabilize the entire EU, and even to put its Security at serious Risk.

Significantly, Today's EU Parliament's Plenary Debate was Exceptionaly held in an almost Empty Brussels City at "Zero" point of Prohibited Transports, Outlawed Public Meetings, and other Collective Activities, reportedly for Security Concerns after the recent Paris' Deadly Terrorist Attacks against innocent Civilians, committed by an ISIL Terrorists' Gang with at least 3 out of its 7 Members having arrived during an Unprecedented Massive Irregular Immigration "Tsunami" from  Turkey, (through EU's "porous" External Borders at Greece).


    + Already, German Chancelor Angie Merkel, had Clearly Warned, from her Press Conference in Brussels, that EU's Long-Time Official Collective Decisions, particularly about the "Open-Ended" Character of Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid, (I.e. the Possibility for it to Drop Accession Claims at the End, and Prefer a kind of "Privileged Partenership" with Turkey), still Remained Valid.

    But this was, obviously, Not Enough at all, for a Lot of Strongly Critical MEPs, from Various Political Groups and/or Countries, especialy Given the Recent, notoriously Negative Developments concerning Ankara's own Behavior vis a vis Mafia-like Massive Human Trafficking inside its own Territory, Minorities (particularly Kurds, both inside Turkey and in Syria/Iraq), Political Dissidents, Critical Journalists, ISIL and other Extremist Islamist Terrorists, and even ...Russia, when it Started to really Fight against such Terrorist Armed Gangs in Syria...

    So that, when that Controversial Turkish Blackmailed Sunday Deal came under Cross-Fire from so Exceptionaly Convergent Political Directions among the Wide Spectrum of EU Parliament, as, f.ex., a Joint ..."Name and SHAME" Criticism by Top Liberal MEP Verhofstadt, from Belgium, Exceptionaly Added in this regard to Italian Rightist MEP Borghezio, of the European Nations and Freedoms new Group, but also to "Greens" vice-President, MEP Ska Keller from Germany, etc.,

    EU Commission vice-President Timmermans last-minute Attempt to Justify why, in his View, on the Contrary, "there is NO SHAME" at all, in brokering such Deals with Turkey Today, under pretext that this would be 100% of "Mutual Interest", didn't appear very Convincing, particularly given a Strange but obvious Weakness of Logical Arguments exchanged with so Many Critical MEPs, (See infra)...


- At the Beginning, Even Manfred Weber, the German MEP who has the Responsibility to Head the Biggest Group in EU Parliament, that of ChristianDemocrats/EPP, Criticaly observed the Fact that "the (3) Points that have been Offered to Turkey, are Far-Reaching"...

    => In Consequence, "It's Also in My Group (of ChristianDemocrat MEPs) that there Will, still, be Certain Questions ... To Debate", as he Warned.
    - 1) First of all, President Weber cited, "for Example, the Full Liberalisation of ... the Visas" for 75 Millions of Turks, Earlier than initialy Planned : from Mid-2016. (An Obviously Unprecedented Measure, which Risks to be Imposed to EU Citizens even without any Previous Public Debate, nor any Democratic Vote by the People, since its Entry into Force was, last Sunday, Advanced for Much Earlier than Initialy Scheduled by some, and particularly Long Before the forthwoming 2017 French and German National Elections)...

    - In this regard, f.ex., "it will ... become Necessary to Set up, in Europe an Entry/Exit System", for "People who Enter WithOut a Visa", and, then, Need "a Recording on Whether they Still Remain in Europe Longer than they should, or Not", he suggested.

    + 2) The point that he cited Second was that of EU - Turkey Negotiation Chapters' Opening, (concerning Ankara's Controversial and Unpopular EU bid) :

    - Here President Weber made it "Clear" that, "for Us (ChristiansDemocrats/EPP), all the (EU - Turkey) Discussions are conducted as Open-Ended, because We Believe in a Privileged Partnership (of the EU) in relation with Turkey", (and Not in Full Accession inside it), as he Stressed, Confirming the Standard Position also of German Chancelor Angie Merkel and many others.

    + 3) "Last, but Not Least, on the 3 Billions €, that the EU is due to Pay" to Turkey, in terms of Full Grants (and Not mere Loans), "the EU Commission suggests that EU Parliament would be Ready to Put on the Table (just) 500 Millions €," (i.e. 0,5 Billion €),  so that ..."I Hope that the (28 EU) Member States, Finally, would Fulfil their Commitments", he was Obliged to Limit himself into saying only.

    ++ At any case, Moreover, Weber "point(ed) out that there are Also Other Countries in the Region", around Syria and/or Iraq, etc, "who have a Lot of Work: I.e. not only Turkey, but also "Lebanon and Jordan, many of which play an "Enormous" Role.

,So that  "I Hope that (EU) Member States won't wait only until a New Wave of Refugees Arises in front of them, before We, Europeans, realize how much Partnership These Countries are also under Tremendous Need to have with us (EU) in order to get an appropriate "Help" too, he Warned.

    + 4) "Finally, I'd like to Make it Clear, that We Support ... the Approach consisting, in One Hand to "Find Pragmatic Solutions", "But, on the Other Hand, to Mark the Critical Points in relation with such 3rd Countries", as Now Turkey :

F.ex. "the Questions raised about Freedom of the Press, the Rights, and Respect for Human Rights insideTurkey, etc., that, already, Europeans have Clearly Addressed in relation with  Ankara, "thanks also to the recent (Annual) Progress Report of (EU) Commission", (Published on November 2015), Weber Topicaly reminded.

(Even if, notoriously, much More and Serious Incidents were Added, meanwhile, as soon as they Popped up, during these Latest Weeks and even Days, all out of the sudden, (F.ex., even More Totaly Unpunished Murders of Dissidents inside Turkey, Jailings of even mainstream Critical Journalists, Deadly Aggression against Russian Airplane Fighting Terrorism in Syria : An Unprecedented Incident for a NATO Country, since the 1950 Korea War, ...65 Years Ago, etc). 

    => In Consequence, "We (EU) Now have to Move Forward in the Implementation" of such Measures, Carefuly, i.e. "Step by Step".

    >>> Because, "We (ChristianDemocrats/EPP Group) Want to Open and Clarify certain Issues", President Weber Anounced in Public Today.

    - This will be done "in a Constructive manner, in the Next Few Weeks", as he Promised to interested MEPs and to the Peuple.


    - Why "isn't Turkey asked (by the EU) to Keep those Irregular Migrants that it Pushes towards Greece by succesive Waves, and is Not even Asked to Establish There (i.e. already inside Turkey itself) those "Check Points", so that they could be Monitored there, so that Migrants wouldn't come to Greece nor to the Rest of Europe ?", Questioned, meanwhile, former NATO Official, General Georges Epitideios, (Independent MEP and Head of the Delegation of the Rightist "Golden Dawn"s Controversial Party, which was recently Confirmed as 3rd in Greece), by raising a "Blue Card" for President Weber.

     >>> Interestingly, the Head of EU Parliament's Biggest Group, that of ChristianDemocrats/EPP, took the Initiative to point at "the Example of Spain" :

    - "There is also an Other Country in EU's Territory, in relation with the African Continent, namely Spain, which has, for Years, Ensured the Security of EU's External Borders. For that purpose, it's also Necessary to take some Technical Measures", he observed, (apparently pointing at the Well Known Spanish Metalic Fence, and at EU's and Spain's Agreements with Neighbouring Morocco, in order to Keep them Safe). "It's true that, from what  results from relevant Discussions about that, it seems that it would Not be Possible to Secure EU's External Borders without Taking Any Technical Measures", Weber underlined. But, at any case, "What was Made Possible by Spain at Ceuta (Area), Greece could also Create vis a vis Turkey", he suggested.

    Naturally, but with the Difference, however, that, notoriously, Turkey is Not Behaving vis a vis EU Countries as Morocco does....

    Something that a Lot of MEPs' Critical Observations, during this Crucial Debate, clearly pin-pointed :


    - Even the representative of the currently most pro-Turkey Group, that of Socialists, Italian MEP Gianni Pittela, felt the Need to Stress from the outset that last Sunday's "Deal with Turkey.... is NOT a Blank-Cheque !"

    - In particular, EU  "does Not Underestimate the Incidents that we are Sadly Witnessing". And "I want to say, with all Sincerity, that I am, in fact, very much Worried for the Oppression of Press Freedom and of several Fundamental Freedoms, that we are Witnessing now in Turkey. The Attacks against Minorities, especially the Kurds, are Not Acceptable. And the Concentration of Power in the Hands of a Single Individual, (Turkish President Erdogan), is Bad for Democracy", President Pittella Denounced.

    + "We (EU Parliament) shall also exercice Controls to ensure  that the Planned (EU) Funding ... will Really Go for the Refugees", he promised. At any case, this Deal "has Not turned into a kind of Forced and Imposed Marriage", he also pointed out.


    -*But, in the Meantime, "Turkey, just after last Sunday's EU Summit,  send again its Airplanes to Violate the Airspace of Cyprus and Greece, that it has already been Violating for Hundrends and Thousands of Times each Year, while, at the Same Time, Turkey Complained that its own Airspace might have been Violated (for ..."17 Seconds" !) by that Russian Airplane that it illegitimately Downed while it was Fighting against Terrorism" in Syria, Denounced ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Lefteris Christoforou from Cyprus in a "Blue Card" Question to Pittella : - "Is it Just and Right to Open any Chapter (in EU Negotiations) with Turkey, who does Not Respect Anything vis a vis the EU, doesn't even Recognize an EU Member Country, and violates Any Legal Principle in Cyprus ? Would any Collegue (MEP) whose Country wouldn't even be Recognized by Turkey, ever Accept to Open Chapters ?"...

    ++ Indeed, "We (EU) also want to Correct the Defects of Turkey, which, I know, are Numerous. Thus, we (EU) have to Raise the Level of Discussions, ... Push Turkey's Back on a Wall, and really Check if we can Advance on Human Rights, and on the Solution of the Cyprus' Issue, which is Essential for us", Pittella promised, in his Reply.

    - The President of the Conservatives and Reformers Group, Brittish MEP Syed Kamall, from the Governing Party of Prime Minister David Cameron in the UK, made it Crystal-Clear that "We (EU) must Not Pretend that EU Membership is on the Horizon" for "Turkey".

    - On the Contrary, "Let us be more Honest with them : There are Far Too Many People in the EU who will Never accept Turkey, for Reasons including: pure prejudice against Turks and their Faith (currently : 99% Islamic) ; Concerns over Human Rights; Concerns over Freedom of Movement; Concerns over the Number of Votes that they would have in (EU) Council and in Parliament; and Concerns over EU Borders being Extended to Iraq, Iran and Syria", President Kamall denounced.  - "So let us be Clear to the Turks about What that Relationship is", he pointed out, obviously Excluding Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid...

    + "But let US (EU) also be Clear to our Voters : What EU Countries Get in Return for signing a Visa-Free agreement and .... for the EUR 3 Billion that Turkey is Demanding ?" ... In fact, "EU Leaders Ask Turkey to play Host" for Refugees", he Resumed. But, "this is Unlikely to offer a Long-Term Solution to the Crisis, and will do Nothing to Stem the Flows from the Balkan States", he Criticaly observed, Warning Against "Short-Term Promises, that will Never be Fulfilled".

 => Instead, he Advised as much Better, "some of the Basics : A Thorough Registration process ;  proper Returns and ReAdmissions agreement with Countries, in exchange for our Aid, (i.e. No "Free Visa" for 75 Millions, Nor EU "Accession" : Comp. Supra) ; and Effective External (EU) Border Controls" : Let us (EU Member Countries) Work Together, to Build Long-Term Solutions", he prefered.

    + And, Questioned by Italian MEP Eleonora Forenza from the EuroLeft Group, "IF EU Parliament evaluated ... the Dailly Slaughter that the (Turkish) Erdogan Government turns Against the Kurdish People" ; If "it was Discussed Not to Give a Blank Cheque to Turkey" ; and whether he found "Problematic to Give Money to Outsource EU Borders to a Government (Turkey) that is Guilty every day for Massacrating People", the British President of EU Parliament's Conservative Group spectacularly Chose to Affirmatively Reply with a Strong and Crystal-clear : - "Yes !".....


    - "It is Shameful that Nothing was said about Human Rights in Turkey, Freedom of the Press in Turkey, or the state of Democracy in Turkey in the written Conclusions. That is the Failure of this Summit", denounced from the outset Experienced former Prime Minister of Belgium, and now President of EU Parliament's Liberal Group, Guy Verhofstadt.

    - "Outsourcing our (EU's) Problems – No !", stressed Verhofstadt, pointing at his Expressed Wish "to Continue where ... had Ended" British MEP Kamal', President of the Conservatives, who Concluded by Agreeing with a Critical Question Against "giving Money to Outsource the Borders of the EU to a Government (Turkey) that is Guilty every day to Massacrate a People", (Comp. Supra).
    - But, until Now, "Let's be Honest : The Impression that we have is the Opposite : A Visa-Free regime, EUR 3 Billion, and Speeding up the Accession Negotiations, in Return for some Turkish Cooperation in helping to Manage the Refugee Crisis".... "It is Shameful that Nothing was said about Human Rights in Turkey, Freedom of the Press ... or the state of Democracy in Turkey, in the Written Conclusions. That is the Failure" ,  President Verhofstadt criticized.

    - Because, in fact, the situation in Turkey is becoming Worse and Worse. ...there is No other Country Worldwide where there are More Journalists in Prison than in Turkey at the moment ! .... at least, have the honesty and the Courage to Talk about the Problems in Turkey. Do not just say ‘OK, we shall Not talk about them Anymore in the Conclusions’, he Denounced.

    - "Not Outsourcing our problems, But Solving our problems, means that We (EU) have to Fix our External Borders, our European Border and CoastGuard. ... It is Not allowed for Foreigners (as f.ex. Turkey) to come to Help Us (EU) to Protect our Borders", he pointed out.

    - In particular, "the External Border of Greece (Facing Turkey) ...is a European Border..... and That is the Key", because, "If you (EU) have a Common Area with Free Mobility of People and Rravel, Then you also Need to have a Common Border-guard and Coast-Guard", Verhofstadt concluded, (Criticizing also the current Greek Prime Minister Tsipras alleged Reluctance on this point, (Instead of ... Enthousiasm, which should be Natural, IF that planned EU CoastGuard was Really and Consciously "European", i.e. serving EU's General Interest, which Integrates that of its Member Countries, and Applying the Internationa Law of the Sea, Protecting eventual European Exclusive Zone's Natural Resources, etc. Not making Shady and Controversial Deals with Foreign Countries as Turkey)...


    +  "For many Months, during which there was an Incredible Increase in Smuggling People from Turkey", "Greece is Exposed to Mafia Actions on illicit Trafficking in Human Beings, and we (EU) didn't do anything", Denounced mainstream Polish MEP Marek Jurek, from the New Governing "Law and Order" Party, (speaking under a "Blue Card" process).

    To whom  Verhofstadt Replied that "it's precisely ... to Tackle these Criminal Gangs and to Help the Greek Government that We (EU) want this European Border Guard and Coastguard".  Something that Turkey wouldn't normaly like very much, (If it's about a REAL and Conscious "EUROPEAN" Guard), since Ankara's usual preference was to Exploit any (even Provoced) Pretext in order to Bully Greece into so-called Bilateral, "Joint Search and Rescue" sly plays, in an attempt to Push the dangerous Turkish Revendications at the Aegean Sea to the Detriment of Greek and EU External Borders, as clearly defined by the International Law of the Sea, (that Turkey still Refuses to Ratify)...


     - Vice-President of the "EuroLeft" Group, MEP Takis Hadjidemetriou from Cyprus, speaking on Behalf of his Group, stressed, inter alia, also that EU "Commission must Closely Monitor the Management of those (+3) Billions € going towards Turkey", including Because of the Fact that at least Many "Thousands of Refugees are living under really Miserable Conditions" in Turkey, where only some are in "model Camps" as he said.

    + But he also Criticized the Fact that last Sunday's EU - Turkey "Deal Avoids even the slightest Word on the Ailing Democracy in Turkey, while, neverthelessn, it refers into Opening Chapters" of EU - Turkey Negotiations...

    - In this regard, as far as it concerns the current Stance of EU Member Country Cyprus, (whose Government will have to co-Decide, Together with all other EU Member States, also on Turkey's controversial EU bid : See Infra, Elmar Brok's Intervention),  Hadjidemetriou Explained that "Cyprus is Ready ... to Help in this Direction,  IF Turkey shows that it's also Ready to Support a Solution on the Cyprus' Issue, which would Create Conditions of a Real Indepencence for Cyprus. And this can be obtained If that Solution Ensures that the Future is at the Hands of Cypiots Only, (Greek Cypriots,  Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, etc., taken Together), Based on EU Rules and on the Security that Offers our Presence inside the EU", as he said.

    >>> I.e., in Other Words, "inside such a Federal State, Cypriots (of Greek, Turkish, Maronite, Armenian, or Latin Origin, etc) do Not have Any Need of a Foreign Guarantee for the Observance of the Solution's Rules", Top MEP Hadjidemetriou "Underlined".

    => - "Because, if We Are (Today) Near a Solution, after many Decades, this Chance Must Not be Lost just for Turkey's Belief that it (i.e. Ankara's Foreign Government) should Keep a Role of Guarantor or Monitor of the way that an EU Member State is Functioning", he Warned, in Conclusion. (I.e. pointing at Turkey's Old Claim -which pre-exists since Long Before Cyprus became an EU Member Country- to still  Keep its Foreign Military Troops at the Island for a Long Time, and/or a Possibility and a Privilege for an Unilateral Turkish Military Intervention. Something that at least Greek Cypriots (Historically the Vast Majority) naturaly don't want, because of obvious Risks for Ankara to Exploit anew any eventualy Provoked Tension in order to make anOther Deadly Unilateral Military Intervention and Occupation in Cyprus, at any moment in the Future, as it has also done in the Past, since 1974, resulting in a Blocked Situation for more than 41 Years, Cutting the Island in two Parts as long as the Foreign Turkish Troops are still Occupying a Part of Cyprus, without any visible intention to leave, despite several EU, CoE and mainly UNO SC Resolutions having already Asked Turkey to Withdraw its Military Troops, in vain)...


    - Even "Green" Group's co-President, German MEP Rebecca Harms, who used to be in favour of Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid, Focused Now on the Recent Worsening of various Human Rights' Violations inside Turkey :  - "I do Not think that Turkey would be a good and reliable Partner for Refugee affairs, or in terms of Syria, IF We (EU) simply Ignore the Internal development inside Turkey", she Warned.
     - Indeed, "Real Provocations" by Ankara's Oppressive Regime, were, Even "Immediately Before the start of the (EU - Turkey) Summit" of Last Sunday in Brussels, "the Arrest of Journalists", including "Can Dündar, that many of us know personally", (See also Dundar's recent Statements to "EuroFora" in Strasbourg, the Day that he was Awardedd the "Reporters without Borders" Media Prize, there, already send to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors, and : ....), as well as,  "Ahead of this Summit, ...the Murder of the Lawyer Tahir Elçi", (Head of Duyarbakir's Lawyers' Bar, at the Kurdish Regions of South-Eastern Turkey, near Syria), she Denounced.
    >>> In consequence, "the Democrats in Turkey were, I think, justly SHOCKED from such kind of thing", (particularly when they saw the Outcome of Last Sunday's Summit iin Brussels, yield to the Turkish Government's Demands), the German Top MEP Criticaly observed.

    => Therefore, "I think that you (EU) Must Talk very much More Aggressively with Turkey about Human Rights. This Worsening (of the situation) in Turkey must be treated actually Not as a Routine", the President of EU Parliament's "Green" Group of MEPs stressed.

      + "I have here a List, a kind of mnemonic device", about  "the Journalists, who have been put Under Pressure", in order to "Give it to (EU) Council and the Commission", "Hoping that you (EU) Make Sure that this List, in the Near Future", won't be no more necessary, Rebecca Harms said In Fine, before being "Cut" by the President on Time Deadline Pretexts...


        - Meanwhile, Expressing Similar "great Reservations about the Turkish Government" as Rebecca Harms did, British MEP Bill Etheridge (EFDD) Warned about the Fact that "almost Everyone I speak to says that (Turkey) want(s) to Move to the EU, and that this would Lead to a Migration situation posing an even Greater Problem Than we have Ever faced Before". In general, for this and several Other Reasons, "it would be a Dangerous Folly at the moment even to Consider Turkey’s Membership of the EU Any time in our Lifetime", as he stressed.


Free Visa Access in EU for 75 Millions Turks on 2016 +Turkey EU Accession Boost => Support for UK Referendum to Leave the EU ?!

     - "If there was One single Reason why Britain should, in that (forthcoming) Referendum (about UK - EU Future Relations), Vote to Leave the EU, it is the Folly of political Integration with Turkey. It is not only Stupid: it is Damned Dangerous !", Warned from the outset, the British UKIP Party Leader, Nigel Farage, Founder and co-President of the "European Freedom and Direct Democracy" (EFDD) Group in EU Parliament, pointing Mainly to the recent Turkish "Blackmail" on the EU, the Threat to Give a "Free Visa" Access into the EU for 75 Millions of Turks, already from Mid-2016, added to close Turkey - ISIL Terrorists' Links, (See Infra).
    + "I am sure, the British Prime Minister", (David Cameron, Head of the Conservative Party), "will be Delighted : He has Campaigned for this, Since 2005", Farage added, after that Sunday EU - Turkey Summit...

     - "So, let’s talk Turkey" : "They have Now decided they are going to Blackmail you" (EU), because, apparently, "they have taken your Weakness", vis a vis that Unprecedented, Mass Irregular Immigration/Asylum Seekers sudden "Tsunami" mainly from Turkey, entering EU's External Borders at Greece.

    => "Not only do they (Turkey) Want EUR 3 Billion from you this Year (2015), they are Going to want EUR 3 Billions from you Every single Year", he Warned. "And in Return, they have given Absolutely No Guarantees,  whatsoever, that they will Stop People from coming, or indeed Take people Back. And they have managed to Persuade you ... into offering them, by October Next Year (2016), VISA - FREE Access for 75 Millions of People, whose average GDP Income is Half that of the Poorest EU Member State !", President Farage Denounced.

    + Moreover, "Now you are going to Fast-Track Turkey to be an EU Member State. ... A Country, 97% of whose Land mass is in Asia", and which "appears to be Keener on Bombing the Kurds, Than it is on taking on ISIS", the British EuroPolitcian Topicaly pointed out. Turkey "has turned a complete Blind eye to ISIS Fighters Travelling through its Territory", and, "according to the Pew institute in a Poll last week, 8% of those 75 Millions (i.e. some 1.100.000 Turkish People) Actively Encourage and Support the aims of ISIS. It is a country directly and closely Linked with Buying ISIS Oil, and", in Addition, by so doing, "We (EU) Will Finish up Bordering Syria, Iraq and Iran", he Warned.

    => All this "it is Mad. It is The Most Dangerous decision the EU has yet Taken !", EFDD Group's co-President Strongly Condemned, as far as EU - Turkey issues are concerned.


    + Regarding specificaly the current, Unprecedented "Tsunami" of Massive Irregular Migration/Asylum Seekers who suddenly emerged, during 2015, mainly from Turkey, Tresspassing EU's External Borders via Neighbouring Grreece, Farage, Criticaly said that "I have seen quite a lot of Policy Failures in my Long Years here", "But the EU’s common Asylum Policy is the Lowest Ebb for policy Yet", which currently Risks to result more in a kind of "Free Movement of Kalashnikovs", as he said Ad Absurdum,
    apparently referring to the Recent ISIL's Deadly Terrorist Attacks against Defenseless Civilians in Paris, etc, where the Lethal Arms' routes have led, for the Time being, into Arresting several People in Belgium (both now, and a Turkish Smuggler at Charleroi, since the January 2015 ISIL's Massacres of "Charlie Hebdo" Critical Journalists and a Jewish Super Market's simple Clients), in Suspecting the Existence of an Arms' Supply Route somewhere "in Germany", (as French JHA Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, recently told Journalists in Strasbourg, including "EuroFora", See : ...), Arrresting another Kalashnikov's Smuggler Heading towards Paris, recently in Austria, (etc), in Addition to more or less justified Suspicions for an eventual "Balkan Route", perhaps all the way down from the Greco-Turkish Borders, and/or an even Longer, Afghanistan/Pakistan related Route, (f.ex. by 2 Radicalized Chechens, who had Crossed through Turkey towards Europe, just before the infamous 1st Extremist Islamic Massacre of Civilians in France at the "Merah" affair, during the 2012 Presidential Elections, where the 2 Suspects had Arrived until ... Southern Spain, near Gibraltar, before being Arrested, by the Spanish Police, Hidden inside a Secret Room at the Private Pavillon of a Turkish Citizen working at the UK-held Gibraltar Rock, See, f.ex. : ....).

    - In fact, for Nigel Farage, on the current, Turkey-originating irregular Mass Migration/Asylum Seekers Influx, "The Only Solution open to the EU is to follow the Example of the Australians, who, from 2008 onwards, had a lot of Boats heading towards their country – a lot of boats Sinking, a lot of People Drowning, many of the Similar symptoms and Problems – and the Australians said: - ‘If you wish to become a refugee or a migrant to Australia, you will Not succeed in doing so If you come via This Route’. And the Boats Stopped coming. The EU needs to have the Moral Courage to Stand up and Say that, But, frankly, they have Not got the Guts", as he finds until recently.


     - For the Co-President of the "Europe of Nations and Freedoms" (ENF) Group^, Dutch MEP Marcel De Graaf, IF a "European Elite Bows to the Sultan of Ankara, then, Turkey will Get 3 Billions €. 75 Millions of Turks may have, by June 2016, Visa-Free Entries into Europe. And Turkey's Accession t the EU is just a Matter of Time", as he Warned.

     - The Turkish President "Erdogan Wants a New Ottoman Empire, and the EU lets that Happen. Cyprus' (Military Invasion and Occupation by the Turkish Army) was just a 1st Step. And, as Erdogan has already said : - "Our Bayonets are the Mnarets, the Domes are our Helmets, Mosques our Barracks and Believers our Soldiers". He also said that Democracy is Not an End, but a Means, that he is a Servant of the Sharia and that there is No Moderate (againsty "Extremist") islam. What will you have more ?", the Dutch Top MEP Denounced.

    => In Consequence, "We (Europeans) Must Protect Western Culture, Democracy and Freedom, and Never let its Down, Never let us be Subject of a Dictator !", ENF co-President Urged.
    + In fact, "the Answer to the Mass Migration and other Turkish Invasion is to Close the Borders", he claimed.
    >>> And "We (EU) Must Clearly Say, Once and for All, that Turkey will Never Become an EU Member, Not even in 100.000 Years !", De Graaf Concluded.


    - Speaking on Behalf of the "Non Aligned", Independent MEPs, General Eleftherios Synodinos, a Greek MEP from the "Golden Dawn" Rightists, (a Controversial Party, but recently Confirmed in Elections as the 3rd Biggest in the Country),

    Denounced that Lobby which "Shows its Real Face", by Pushing (the EU) to Give Money, and Start Preparatory Work for the Opening of a Number of Chapters concerning the (Controversial and Unpopular) Accession proces" for Turkey, "a Country which Collaborates with ISIS (Deadly Terrorists, atrocious BeHeaders even of Civilian People), ... which Hits Down a Military Airplane that is Fighting against Jihadists, on the Hollow Pretext of a so-called Violation - Just for 17 seconds- of its National AirSpace, while for its Violations against Greece, Nobody excuses himself... (Turkey) also Promotes, Deliberately, Irregular Immigrants, Terrorists and Drugs inside Greece. It Enriches itself by Using Smugglers and Merchands of Slaves, to the Detriment of Syrian Refugees, Drowning them into the Sea, in order to Usurpate, ... through a so-called "Search and Rescue" (Pretext), the National Sovereignity of Greece at the Aegean".

    => - "This is Not a Serious (EU) Policy, Unless some are Seeking, Deliberately, to Dissolve EU Member States, to Alter their Social Cohesion, and to KickStart a New Destructive War !", Independent MEPs' Representative warned.


    - Meanwhile, it is Interesting to Note  that Even Romanian Cristian Dan Preda, ("Independent" MEP Attached to the EPP Group), a well known Fan of Turkey, who Declared from the outset that he was "Satisfied" by "the Document Adopted on Sunday" about the "Future" "of Europe and of Turkey", (as he clearly Distiguished, perhaps by a "Lapsus SIgnificativus", Unwillingly...), and Despite his Surprizing "Copy-Paste" of Turkish Propaganda, by Caliing the Territories of EU Member Country Cyprus which are illegaly Occupied by Ankara's Foreign Invasion Military Troops, (Contrary to many EU, CoE and particularly UNO Security Council Resolutions), ..."Northen Cyprus", (Sic !... I.e. a Term which is notoriously abused by those who search to Impose by Brutal Force a permanent Division of Cyprus, covering up the Turkish Military Invasion and Occupation's well known Violations of Human Rights and of International Law),

    >>> Nevertheless, he was also Keen to Stress, when it comes to EU "Funds", (that he  Asked from the EU to "Give that Money to Turkey very Fast"),  Must Show the Commitments that it has Undertaken (vis a vis the EU), in a very Concrete Way", as he Underlined.


    - Indeed, as German Socialist MEP Knut Fleckenstein observed, earlier, - "We (MEPs) all Know that, Today, there are (in EU Budget's Draft) Only 500 Millions €, and Not at all 3 Billions €, until Now"...

    => Therefore, "I  Hope very much that the (EU) Member States (who are called to Pay Now the 5/6 of those Supplementary Full Grants -Not just Loans- to Turkey, i.e. 2,5 Billions €),  won't  again Let you Down", as in the Past, Fleckenstein Warned.

    + And he "Admit(ted) that it's Not the very Best Time for Such an Agreement, (with Controversial EU Concessions to the Turkish regime's Blackmail : See also Infra), After What we have Seen in the Last few Months on Television and in the News" about Turkish Government's Behavior, as he Regretted, in an Obviously Diplomatic Language...

(I.e., Inter alia, also, F.ex.:  2 Totaly Unpunished  Terrorist Massacres of Civilian Kurdish People inside Turkey, where even 2 Syrian Dissident Journalists were atrociously BeHeaded by ISIL's Terrorists, and the President of Kurdish City Diyarbakir's Bar of Lawyers Murdered, without Anyone being ever Found and Punished by the Turkish Authorities for such Horrible Crimes ; Several Turkish Bombardments and more Thrreats against Syrian Kurds Facing ISIL's Terrorists ; Heavy Weapons Smuggling to ISIL and Other such Terrorist Armed Gangs in Syria ; Arrests and Jailing of another 2 Critical Journalists ; the Deadly Attack and Downing of a Russian Airplane notoriously engaged in the Fight against ISIL and Other such Terrorist Armed Gangs in Syria, etc).


    - Italian ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Alessandra Mussolini, Member of "Forza Italia"'s Leadership, Denounced in particular "what Turkey does ... with the Destruction of Christian Orthodox Churches", "in (the Occupied Territories of) Cyprus" : - "I Saw it with My own Eyes !", she confirmed.

    - Taking Seriousy what EU Senior Officials' had just said  about "EU Monitoring on Turkey", "Reciprocity", etc., the Italian MEP stressed that "We (EU) Must also Talk about this, as well as of the Various Issues that exist in the EU - Turkey relationship".


    - The Vice-President of EU Parliament, Experienced MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis, (EuroLeft), from the Governing in Greece "SYRIZA" Party, Urged the EU, "If you really Want Results, (to) Put a Brake on that Mafia of Illegal Trafficking from Turkey to Greece", at EU's External Borders.

     + Moreover, in order to Prevent Failing with a kind of "Wishful Thinking" list for Things to be done by Turkey, the Experienced, Long-Time MEP, (both at the CoE and  in the EU Assemblies), launched a Call for the EU to "Create Strong Monitoring Mechanisms", while "Turkey would receive those 3 Billions € Only IF it Completely Fullfils All its Commitmentrs" previously, as he advised.


- Socialist MEP from Romania's recently Ousted former Government Party, Victor Bostinaru, was one of the Few MEPs to Find almost Everything "Good"...

He even went as far as to Claim that  EU would "Need (sic !) Turkey", "in the Fight against Daesh" (ISIS), as Bostinaru didn't hesitate to claim only a few Days after that Sly Turkish Aggression which "Hit Behind the Back", (according to Russian President Vladimir Putin), and Destroyed a Russian Airplane Fighting against ISIL's and other such Terrorist Armed Gangs, while a Pilot POW and a Soldier trying to Rescue him, were also Cowardly Murdered by so-called "Turcmen" Gangs, notoriously Supplied with Arms, Money and Recruits by Turkey, as a "Puppet-Spieler".

However, Bostinaru reminded also the Fact that the Socialist Group "has Repeatedly Called.. (the EU)... to Aid" Not Only "Turkey", but also "Jordan and Lebanon, to be able to Cope with the Influx of Refugees".


- Austrian MEP Harald Vilimsky, of the European Nations and Freedoms Group, accused last Sunday's EU - Turkey Summit to be "a great Political Travesty" (sic ), unfolding in a "Burlesque Political Theatre", (as he probably called EU Parliament), with "particularly Negative Impacts", in the Middle of a "Disaster", as Named "the Mass Movement" of Irregular Immigrants/Asylum Seekers' Unprecedented Influx on 2015 from Turkey. But he Focused particularly on that "Shabby Deal with the Turks", as he called the Financial aspects of Sunday's Agreement, because, "in Addition to the EU Pre-Accession Funding, which     already is a Billion €, Totaling some 5 Millions €, Now it's anOther 3 Billions € per Year to fill in the Coffers of Istanbul", and "that's for Sure something Unacceptable !"

+ Moreover, at any case, "This Turkey certainly canNot become a Member of the EU !", Austrian MEP Harald Vilimsky Stressed in Conclusion.


+ [ Meanwhile, William Earl of Dartmouth, British MEP from the "Europe of Freedoms and Direct Democracy" (EFDD) Group, a Well Known Critic of Turkey's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid, was Hindered to Speak, (and not even allowed to Protest of give an Explanation), on the Pretext that he wasn't Present at his Desk on the Precise Moment assigned for his Intervention, even if he came there a little bit later. On a similar event, mainstream German ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Elmar Brok, was later allowed to Speak (See Infra a relevant Part), after Explaining that he "was Present in the Room, But Not at his Desk". ]

Lebanon : 1 Refugee per Each Family
Turkey : 1 Refugee per Each Village..


    - Experienced, Long Time maistream MEP, and President of EU Parliament's Political Affairs Committee, ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Elmar Brok from Germany, noted the Fact that it's not only "Turkey" which "had for Four Years" in the Past about "2,5 Millions Refugees" at its Borders with Syria, (who, normaly, after the Mass Influx of more than 900.000 Asylum Seekers from Turkey into the EU via Greece this Year, should have Diminished for about  - 1 Million Less now), But also "in Lebanon", where exist some "1,4 Millions Refugees" for "4 Millions of Inhabitants", as he reminded :

I.e., approximatively, about 1 Asylum Seeker for each 1 Family in Lebanon, compared to about only 1 Asylum Seeker in each ...Village in Turkey, where, in Addition, they were mainly Parked into some overloaded, Crowded "Camps", Surrounded by Barbed Wire, under Heavy Control by the Turkish  Army, at the Country's South-Eastern Borders, in the Kurdish Regions of the Country, while, on the Contrary, in Lebanon, Syrian Refugees are mainly Integrated inside the various Cities of the Country, either at Hotels or Welcomed and Hosted at the Homes of the Inhabitants, (that is to say, in Entirely Different Material, Social and Human Conditions)...

=> - "We (EU) have a Duty to Give Help to (Both) These Countries", (and Not Only Turkey), - Both to the Refugees, and, also, to these Countries", Brok stressed, pointing, as towards Turkey, significantly also towards Lebanon.

+ Moreover, concerning the Different Issue of Ankara's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid, "I'd also say : Turkey canNot become a(n EU) Member, as long as a Series of 72 Unanimous Decisions of the (EU) Council (composed by 28 EU Member States), Which are Necessary for any (new EU) Membesrhip , Independently of the (Additional) Decisions of the Parliaments, up to their 6th and 7th Decision", assured Brok.

++ Last, but not least, "this (EU) Money is Not in order to be Paid to the Turkish State, but it's related to coping with the Refugee Crisis., Therefore, it should be Paid at Project by Project, Step by Step. Not in 1 Step, if I understood well Mr. Timmermans (EU Commission's Vice-President). In consequence,  for this Reason, there is Not such a Risk", Replied Brok to a Question raised by Hungarian Socialist MEP Tibor Szanyi, about the "Guarantees", concerning "those 3 Billions €", that there won't be any Problem if "a Paarty Defauts and the Agreement is Not Realized as it Should have been", (f.ex. if "the Turks .. Say that You canNot Send any more Economic Migrants Back", etc).


    - "In Future, this Period should be Called "the Winter of Europe !", warned the Experienced, Long Time MEP Mario Borghezio from Italy, of the New Group of "European Nations and Freedoms" (ENF : Rightists).

    - Because, Just "After the (Deadly Terrorist) Incidents in Paris, that (Brussel's EU Summit's) Decision to Open Europe's Door to Turkey, while many Signals arrive Towards the Opposite Direction, is Dramatic", he Denounced.

    - On the Contrary, "we (EU) should Interrupt the Accession Negotiations (EU - Turkey), "for a very Clear Reason ; Because Turkey is an Islamic Country, and with Big Problems !'', Borghezio uirged.

    - "There is Nothing More Islamic, than that Turkey of Erdogan, who arrived in Germany on 2008 and Declared that the (Socio-Cultural) Assimilation is a Genocide against Humanity ! Today, Nobody even Speaks about it...

    + Moreover, Now, "they Want "Free Visas" : Something that even (EU Parliament's) LIBE Committee has Brought to the Attention of Europeans", Borghezio observed. It said, in substance : -"But, do you Realize What You Are Doing ? Free Visas to 75 Millions of Turcs, Mostly Muslims !?"....

    >>> In Addition, - "We (EU) have Sold out European Values, the Human Rights and Press Freedom. We (EU) Became Deaf to the Cries of Journalists and Editors Jailed right in Front of Europe's Door. We would like to Remind those Values, but, in Fact, We (EU) are Ready to Sell them out, in order to make a Deal (with Turkey) on the Refugees' Problem", he Denounced.

    => - "Shame to You, Europe ! Shame, Shame, Shame !", the Italian Long Time Concluded by Shouting. (See also Infra, EU Commisioner Timmerman's Reply).

    + To a Question by Socialist MEP Doru-Claudian Frunzulică from Romania, whether he found that "We (EU) Need Turkey for Europe's Security", or not, the Experienced Italian MEP Mario Borghezio simply Pointed at the Fact that "the Recent Events, particularly concerning Turkey's Serious Provocation against Russia", (i.e. the Destruction of a Russian Airplane which was Fighting against ISIL and other such Terrorist Armed Gangs in Syria), "with all the very Serious Risks that it provoked against Peace and the Equilibrium in Europe and in the World, seems to be the Best Reply to your Query"....


    - EU Parliament's Quaestor, mainstream ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Andrey Kovatsev, from Bulgaria's Governing Party, Underlined from the outset that, even if, in order to Deal with "Migration" and "Combat Human Trafficking", EU should, "of course, Work more Closely not only with Turkey, but Also with Lebanon and Jordan, as well as with African Countries", as he observed,

    >>> - Nevertheless,  "We (EU) Have to Clearly Say, in order to be Honest, that the (EU) Negotiations with Turkey are Differend, Compared with Previous Membership Negotioations" with Other Countries, mainly Because these "Negotiations are (as German Chancelor Angie Merkel has just Reminded at her Press Conference in Brussels : Comp. Supra) Open Ended, and No Decision has been Taken yet about an eventual Full Membership of Turkey in the EU". On the Contrary, "Such Membership is Now Impossible !", Kovatsev pointed out.

     + Moreover, "We (EU) Must Closely Check, Whether our Outstretched Hand .. will Lead to the Improvement of the Situation of Human Rights and Media Freedom" in Turkey, he Stressed in Addition, Calling Ankara to become "a Predictable Partner, .. who Complies with EU Law, Abides by its Commitments, ....Accepts our Legilsation", and lets the EU "Support (an Independent) Civil Society, and Democracy" to grow "indide Turkey".

    ++ Last, but not least, "We (EU) Must also Control, of course, Together with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the use of the Financial Means that we Give  for those Millions of People who Stay at the Borders of Syria to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan", MEP Andrey Kovatsev concluded.


     - "It's not Always for the EU to Give Privileges to Turkey just in order to do what, normaly, should Go Without Saying, I.e. simply to Fulfill its Obligatios also on the Refuges' issue", Criticaly Observed the ChristianDemocrart MEP Lefteris Christoforou, from the Governing DHSY Party in Cyprus, of President Nicos Anastassiades, of the EPP Group.

       + Moreover, "Nobody Doubts about the Suspect and SLy Role that Played Turkey even for the very Creation of that Refugee Problem"... "And What is its real Role in that Area ?  Until Now, I didn't See Turkey really Fighting agaist ISIS and Terrorism, whilen, in Fact, it (Ankara) Fights against Kurds and Hits that Russian Airplane which was Fighting against Terrorism, at the Same Moment that Turkey itself Violates the Airspace of EU Member Countries, without any Reaction from the EU !", MEP Christoforou Denounced.

    ++ And "How could We (EU) really Expect from Turkey to Fullfill certain Obligations vis a vis the EU, when it doesN't meet what has been Agreed, Not Only concerning EU Member Countries, But Not Even in the Framework of Ankara's Protocol, (mainly about Trade and Transports vis a vis All EU Member States), whose Contracting Parties are the EU itself and Turkey ?", he Wondered, Reminding the Fact that the Turkish Authorities still Persist to Not Even Recignize EU Member (and CoE's as well as OSCE's, UNO's, etc) Country Cyprus, Excluding its Ships and Airplanes from Access to Turkish Seaports or Airports, even in case of Necessity, and, Moreover, Any Other Country's Airplanes or Ships which have Used a Cyprus' Seaport or Airport ! An obviously Damaging Irregularity, for which EU Summits have Decided, already since 2006, to "Freeze" a Series of relevant Chapters of EU - Turkey Talks, until Ankara Respects the Comitments that it Explicitly undertook and promised to Fullfil when EU Decided, back on 2004-2005 to Open Negotiations with Ankara  ; Something that the Turkish Government, nevertheless, has NEVER done, during More than a Decade now)...


    - Even Socialist MEP Kati Piri from Hungary, EU Parliament's latest Rapporteur for Turkey, and a Stubborn Fan of Ankara's Controversial and UnPopular EU bid, nevertheless, Felt, Today, that "We (EU) Do ...Have Serious Concerns about Internal Developments in Turkey", and Warned that "it Must be Clear to Both Sides that the (Officialy Open-Ended) Accession Process is Merit-Based, with Respect for the Rule of Law and Fundamental Freedoms, at its Core".


    - "While the real Problem is that of Refugees' Influx, We (EU) have Fallen so Down that we Discussing here about Opening (EU Accession Negotiations') Chapters for Turkey !", Criticized Socialist MEP, Professor Costas Mavrides from Cyprus, Member of the EU - Turkey JPC.

    - In fact, "These Chapters, that You are Proposing to Open for Mr. Erdogan, are Chapters which Have been Freezed, Because Turkey, among others, also Violates the Principles and Values of the EU, and Occupies 1/3 of an EU Member :  the Republic of Cyprus", he Reminded. - "Would You Ever Concede to Open Chapters If Turkey was Occupying Illegaly the One Third of Your European Land, in Your own Country ?", he Asked all his Collegues MEPs. + "And, in order Not to Speak Only for Principles and Values, should We (EU) Give a Gift to Mr. Erdogan, at the Same Moment that he Refuses to Meet his Obligatios, until Now ? That"'s the Main Questions", he pointed out, (while even the EU-Turkey Summit's Conclusions made Reservations for the Cases where an EU Member State might Object Against Opening more Chapters for Ankara)....

     - "Turkey's Blackmails submitted again EU's Leadership, which didn't stand up to the circumstances, as it always makes Concessions after Turkey's Blackmails", Bitterly Criticized the Experienced former Minister, MEP Notis Marias, from the currently Governing Coalition in Greece., vice-President of the European Conservatives and Reformers Group (ECR).

    >>> "Turkey which caresses ISIL" Terrorists, "and practices Oil Smuggling with Jihadists. Turkey which organises the Slaves-Trafficking transporting Thousands of Refugees from Syria to the Islands of the Aegean Sea", (at EU's External Borders in Greece), "with Benefits more thab 12 Billions €. Turkey, which Persists to Violate (EU Member Country) Greece's Airspace", he Denounced.

     - In other Words, "it's as if you had Put a Wolf to Guard your Sheeps ! And that's Not All : Because on the Top of this, Moreover, you (last Sunday's EU Summit) also Give to Ankara another 3 Billions €", he pointed out, in Absurdum...


    - "Let's put our Hands on our Hearts, and Say the Truth : This (EU - Turkey controversial Deal) is a Forced Agreement. It's an Agreement Imposed by Necessity, and First of all, for Us, because of the Situation inside the EU, due to all that this Immigration Crisis has provoked to the EU", clearly Acknowledged Croatian MEP Ivan Jakovčić of the Liberal Group, (who is vice-Chair of the EU-Albania JPC).

     - "But, regardless of that, We (EU) Must Talk, Negotiate and Communicate", Because, "Of Course, We (EU), and particularly the Commission, canNot Talk about Human Rights and Freedom of the Media, when we Look at All that is Going on, Right at This Moment, inside Turkey !", he Denounced.


     - "It's an Hypocrisy to Applaud for such Measures" : F.ex. "the so-called Solidarity, for which some Boast, Proves to be a Joke, because that Famous "Re-Location" of 160.000 Refugees", (among the More than 900.000 who Entered the EU mainly from Turkey during 2015), "has been Applied", until now (December 2015) "Only for 159 Individuals !", Criticized Greek MEP Sofia Sakorafa, of the EuroLeft Group, from Greece.

    => - "But, Do you Realize What will Provoke such a Ghettoisation ...?  I can tell you ; It will become a Womb cultivating Extremist and Fanatic Ideologies, which will merely Eternalize the Problems of Today. A Fortiori, when Many Claim that, already, among that Wave of Refugees, are Hidden even Jihadists : Such a Myopic Policy will Only Provoke Problems and Instability in the Area", she Warned.


    - In Last Sunday's "Deal", "Turkey is supposed to Stop Refugees, in return for the EU turning a Blind Eye on Human Rights !", denounced the vice-President of the "Green" Group, MEP Ska Keller, from Germany.

    =>  - "This is Bad for the Refugees, ....  But it is also Bad for People in Turkey", who "were really Looking to and hoping for ... EU Values, for the Kurds and for Journalists – ...like Can Dündar, who was Arrested a couple of Days ago in Turkey", (for having Published Photos and Videos Revealing that the Turkish Secret Services were Smuggling as Heavy Lethal Weapons as Rockets to ISIL and/or other such Terrorist Armed Gangs in Syria).

    >>> - "So I would like to Ask you, ... Vice-President of the Commission with Responsibility for Fundamental Rights: What do Fundamental Rights Mean to You, in this Agreement?", Ska Keller criticaly wondered.


       - A kind of "Panick", "related with an Inabiility for the EU to Face the Problem of that Massive Invasion of Irergular Immigrants, pushed it to ...Deify Turkey, (i.e. to take her for a sort of "Deus ex Machina"), and make All Concessions" to Ankara, seeking, in Exchange, a Controversial Help", "But, Forgeting the Fact that Turkey is, precisely, the Country which is Exclusively Responsible for all this Mob of Irregular Immigrants who Enter inside Greece and all Europe ; We (EU) Forget that Turkey is Blackmailing us in order to Serve its own, selfish National Interests", Criticized MEP Georges Epitideios, a Former NATO Army Officer, from the controversial Rightiist Party "Golden Dawn", which came anew 3rd in the latest Elections in Greece.

    => Therefore, "I Wonder : What Guarantees are we (EU) Asking from Turkey, so that it won't Betray us us again ?  ... in order" for Ankara "to be Correct .. in the Obligations that it has vis a vis the EU ?". F.ex., "Are We (EU) Brave enough to Oblige Turkey to Prohibit the Action of Illegal Traffickers ? Do We (EU) have the Guts to impose to Turkey to Stop Exploiting those Unfortunate People, in order to Gain some Billions € ? Because, if we (EU) are Not Brave enough for that, then, We canNot Do Absolutely Nothing !", he Warned.

    +  Vice-President of EU-ACP's JPA, Portuguese MEP Joao Ferreira from the EuroLeft Group, denounced from the outset, in a written anouncement, the fact that "Turkey certainly plays a Top, Central Role in the Destabilisation and Aggression against Syria and its People", as he said. Indeed, "from the First Moment, Turkey ... has been Actively Involved in the Syrian Crisis, in Clear Disregard for International Law" : In particular, "Turkey was Used to Serve as a Basis, and Give Support to the various Armed Groups which include Thousands of Mercenaries, to whom was assigned the Task to obtain the Destruction of the Syrian State, the Theft of its Resources and of the (Cultural) Heritage of its People". I.e. "a Gigantic Predator, Feeding all kinds of Trafficking and Rceiving the gains inside Turkey, is a Source of Funding for Terrorists, Supported and Armed by Imperialistic (Foreign) forces, which, now, Claims that it would like to Fight them !", he Criticized, ad Absurdum.

    - But, all "These Aspects have been Hidden during this Debate" in EU Parliament's Plenary Today, that MEP Ferreira Accused to hold, in this regard, "a Complicit Silence", as well as on the fact that, in his view, much of "the Conlusions of the EU - Turkey" Summit of last Sunday, (where Ankara notoriously Got a Lot of Concessions from the EU, abusing of the Massive Immigration/Asylum Seekers, unprecedented Tsunami from the Turkish Coasts, as a kind of "Blackmail", according to the Expression used also by Experienced, ChristianDemocrat/EPP  French Political Leader of the Main Opposition Party, former President of the Country, Nicolas Sarkozy), "are ... Reactionary, InHuman and Unacceptable", as the Critical EuroLeft's MEP Concluded.


    - As for the Head of the German ChristianDemocrat MEPs, David McAllister, he was particularly Concerned for "the Sensitive Measure" (as he pointed out) "of the 3 Billions € of EU Grants for Refugees in Turkey : This Money does Not go to the Account of the Turkish Government, But is used Only in order to Fund Projects for Refugees" : F.ex., "Inter alia, they Must be spend in order to Improve the Educational Opportunities of about 900.000 Children of Refugees in Turkey", (as he called, in litote, the Fact that Turkey's Authorities notoriously do Not Accept Refugees' Children in most, if not all, Turkish Schools)...


    - "The Implementation" of last Sunday's "EU - Turkey Summit's, agreed Joint Statement" , "is an Important Issue", because it will have "an Impact both on the EU and on Turkey", particularly "given the recent Developments on the matter of Terrorism and Refugees, as well as on Syria's Civil War". Intert alia, f.ex., First of all, still "EU Needs to Find the Funds for the Grants (promised) to Turkey", Warned, later-on, the Experienced former Foreign Minister of Estonia, and now Liberal MEP, Urmas Paet.

    >>> "'However", concerning, in particular, the "EU - Turkey Talks" on the notoriously Controversial and UnPopular issue of Ankata's "ACCESSION" bid, even if it might be "Important to Continue" such Talks, nevertheless, this Must be Kept SEPARATE FROM the Context of the REFUGEE Crisis", he Stressed, because  that "One canNOT Depend on the Other !", especialy as fart as it regards the Need "to Meet All the Conditions" (that EU, in Principle, Asks from all Candidates), Paet concluded, (apparently calling to Avoid any Risk for Turkish Blackmail, through the so-called "Refugees' Problem", obviously Blown Up, in a large part, this Year, and Exploited by Ankara).

    Elissavet Vozemberg, ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP and Member of the EU - Turkey JPC, in a Press Release issued atat the End of the Oral Debate and Tabled to EU Parliament, Criticized the Fact that, on Pretext of a so-called "Refugee Issue",  "Many Decisions Favorable to Turkey were taken, Despite the Fact that this Country has Not proven itself to be a Trustworthy Partner of the EU, on a Series of Problems, until now" :
    - F.ex., Turkey "does Not Apply the ReIntegration Agreements for (Ireggular) Immigrants", and there is even "Evidence that it tolerates the Uncontroled Activities of Criminal Networks of Illegal Movements of People through its Territory, with Hundreds of Thousands of Immigranrs to be Trasnfered into Europe via Turkey", while, "at the Same Time, (Ankara) Persists to Provoke Tension and Challenges International Law, by Continuing Violations of the Sovereign Rights of EU Member States Greece and Cyprus, in parallel, also, with the Non-Recognition of the Republic of Cyprus", as she observed.

    =>  - "For Which Reason, then, EU Refuses to exert Pressure on Turkey, at an Institutional level", f.ex., "in order to Establish Centres for Refugees at its own Coasts, as it assumes more Responsibilities for the Management of the Migration Issue, and for Preventing the Loss of Humab Lives at Sea ?", Vozemberg Wandered.

    >>> - "We (MEPs) should Not Forget that the (already High) Grant Funding received by Turkey from the EU, is going to be Raised with More than 3 Billions €, precisely for that purpose. Why, then, should We (EU) Add even More Concessions to Turkey, just in order (for Ankara) to Do what it Has to do ?", she Questioned.

EU Commissioner Timmermans :  -..."No Shame !"

    Facing such a Strong and Manifold Wave of Criticism by Many and Various MEPs, the Explanations Hastily given Today, mainly by EU Commissioner Timmermans, a former Socialist Foreign Minister at the Netherlands, didn't yet appear all convincing enough :

    F.ex.,      EU Council and EU Commission insisted that EU's Financial Aid  would Not be for Turkey itself, but, in fact, for "Syrian Refugees" only. But they didn't say at all, whether, in that case, EU Funds will be Handled by an Independent Body, (f.ex. an UNO's and/or EU's Agency, an International Humanitarian NGO, etc), or, on the contrary, by some notoriously Corrupted and/or Oppressive Turkish Regime's Agents, (moreover, perhaps, acting under an Ankara Government's overall "Plan" and/or Control, with all those Billions € in Full Grants, Spend exclusively inside the Turkish Economy)...

    As for the Rest, naturaly, almost Nobody wasn't against Caring for Real Refugees' "Health Care", Childrens' "Education", etc, inside Turkey; who has Common Borders with Syria and Iraq, so that Mr. Timmermans Long, Initial Developments on such matters, didn't serve to Reply at all to most MEPs' Critical Remarks, because they had simply Missed the Point..


    Things become More Nasty, when Commissioner Timmermans makes a Short Attempt to Justify what seems to be the one of the "Hottest" Concession to Turkey : The Total Liberalisation of Visas for 75 Millions of Turks, Free to Enter the EU whenever they like, without any formality, from Mid-2016 :

    - It's just because this would make "Easier for the Turks to Act at Their External Borders, when People from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Other Countres .... Should be Stopped" (sic !), claimed Timmermans in Texto. IF Anybody really Got that Point, he/she would certainly Deserve 3 Billions € !...

    + At a Second, and Last Attempt, (always on this Same "Hot" Issue), he Adds also the Claim that a Total Visa-Free regime for 75 Millions Turks from Mid-2016 would make Turkey adopt "Bio-Metric Passports"... But Other Countries, (as, f.ex., also the USA), have obtained that with Much Less "Costly" Concessions... And what might have to do the Eventual Monitoring of a Few Individuals, with the Certainty of Giant Mass Movements of Populations made of Many Tens of Millions of People ? These 2 Differend points, obviously are Not at the Same Level of  Magnitude...

    In Addition, there are also Various other Worrying, Recent Facts, which Highlight Several Concrete Risks, for EU Citizens and EU Countries, if such a Total Massive "Visa Free" Access into the EU is given, in only a Few Months Time, to 75 Millions of Turkish Population, (while, on the Contrary, even European Culture Russians are still Blocked by Visas Requirements to meet and exchange Ideas with EU Citizens in the same European Continent) :

    -  F. ex., already back on January 2013, Three Dissident Kurdish Women were Murdered in Cold-Blood at their Office in Paris, (France), by Shots Fired reportedly by a Turkish Gunman suspected to be an Agent of Turkish Secret Services who came from Turkey and Returned Back shortly after that Crime, which has NOt yet been Elucidated, Neither those Responsible for it Found, nor Punished, but still remaining in Scandalous Total Impunity.

    + Meanwhile, earlier on 2014-2015, according to British Investigative Journalist ...., cited by "Sputnik" Press Agency, Ankara's Press reported that more than 100.000 Turkish Passports were Distributed by Turkey at its Borders with Syria for Members of ISIL and other Extremist Islamic Terrorists , atrocious BeHeaders even of defenseless Civilian People.

    ++ Recently,, 10 Irregular Mass Immigrants coming from Turkey were recently Arrested at EU's External Borders in the Greek Island of Mytilini on November 2015, with "Fake" Certificates, reportedly Falsified in Turkey and Bought for only 300 €/piece. Many Similar Incidents were cited also Before and After that event, at various circumstances.

    +++ Several Mainstream Newspapers' Investigative Journalists, (including, f.ex. from USA, the UK, etc), recently Visiting Turkey, reported a lot of Cases of Mafia-linked Turkish Smugglers having Organized Networks, for Human Trafficking, Drugs and/or Arms, etc, almost Throughout the EU, including up to the UK, etc. A Total and Massive "Visa Free" status for going in and out of All 28 EU Countries, would Dangerously Facilitate their Shady Aims. (Etc+...) 


    + As for "Opening Chapters" for the Controversial and Unpopular Turkey's EU bid, Commisioner Timmermans Replies to Many and Various MEPs' Criticisms, including of the vice-President of "Greens", German MEP Ska Keller (Comp. Supra), simply by Claiming that this would be "the Best (sic !) possible Way of Forcing (re-sic !!) the Turks to Account for what they are doingn, and try to Help them Reform the System so that they Move Away from the Mistakes they make Today"...

    Sorry, but there doesn't seem to be any Excuse at all : Commissioner Timmermans should Know Personaly quite Well, (also as Former Foreign Minister who has Often participated and/or overseen at the Strasbourg-based PanEuropean CoE's usual Work on Human Rights), that it's Not even more than 300 Strong and Crystal Clear Condemnations of Turkey (Heavy Fines included in mosty of Cases)  by ECHR's Judges, for Serious Violations of Human Rights, during almost 20 Years now, (1995-2015), whose Execution is Supervised by CoE's Committee of Ministers each 3 Months, that did NOT yet succeed to Make Ankara's Government Change its Mind, even after 5, 10, 15 or 20 Years' Time !

And, During all this Long Period of Time, CoE's manifold Officials' Systematic and Detailed Legal and Political Scrutiny, doesn't really Leave Today Room for anyone to Claim that Turkey would, perhaps, Persist to Commit always the Same Serious Violations of Human Rights, just because of some Simple ... "Mistakes", on which EU Experts could "Help" Ankara, to, at last, Understand what CoE's more Experienced Legal Experts obviously Failed to do vis a vis Turkey for More than 2 Decades now !...

Such incredible Claims, obviously, are Surprisingly Childish, (to put it Mildly), given the Facts, (which Often are Tragic)...


    =>So, when Commissioner Timmermans is Left practicaly Alone to Reply f.ex. to Liberal Group's President Verhofstadt's Sharp Accusation to have done something "Shameful", and to Italian Rightist MEP Borghezio (ENF) who also Cried against some Controversial points in that EU - Turkey Deal : - "Shame ! Shame ! Shame !", as well as to the German MEP Keller, vice-President of "Greens", who Accused that Deal to "Turn a Blind Eye to Human Rights" Violations by Turkey, (Comp. Supra, for all these 3 MEPs' Critical Remarks),

    and he doesN't find anything Better in order to Conclude his Replies,; but only to Simply Claim that "there is No Shame" (sic !) because of a supposed existence of a "Mutual Interest" between the EU and Turkey on all those above mentioned Controversial Issues,

    Sorry, but the obvious Truth is that It's really a Shame to think that EU Citizens might be so Stupid that they could be "Tricked" and Convinced by so Few and Empty Non-"Arguments", in any Realy Democratic Public Debate !

    Both EU Parliament and EU Citizens Deserve much Better than that...
    On the Contary, it's however a Fact that, a Series of quite Unprecedented, Strange incidents, surrounded this Crucial EU Parliament's Debate. Some might be just rare Coincidences, but to repeat that same "passe-partout" excuse for Everyhing, would be Too Much... F.ex. :

- Brussels City was, Exceptionaly, almost Totaly Desert, particularly Downtown, with Round Trips to the Airports reportedly Blocked, Public Transports Hindered, (No Trains, No Trams, No Subway, No Buses, etc), even Private Cars mostly Prohibited etc., under a "Maximum" Security regime, attributed not only to the aftermath of Paris' recent ISIL's Deadly Terrorist Attacks against Civilian People, but also to some Additional Informations concerning specifically Brussels itself.

Added to an overall Climate, if Not of Fear, at least of Ambiant Concern, such Unprecedented Obstacles to Free Movement around EU Parliament in Brussels, obviously left only some really Motivated (and/or very well organized, if not just Lucky) MEPs to be Brave and Resistant enough in order to Succeed, at least, to Arrive on Time at the Plenary Room....

+ EU Council's Presidency, (by Experienced Luxembourg), curiously Abstained from even presenting to MEPs the Decisions reportedly taken (and/or Endored) by Democratically Elected Heads of State/Government of 28 EU Member Countries, abandoning all that job exclusively to an Appointed Bureaucrat, (independently of his Personal Qualities and/or CV, f.ex. as Former Foreign Minister, etc) of EU Commission only.

- Because even the Democraticaly Elected, (both by EU Citizens, and by EU Parliament, as well as by EU Summit's Heads of State/Government) New President of EU Commission, the Experienced former LongTime Luxembourg's Prime Minister and €uroGroup's Chairman, Jean-Claude Juncker, was Entirely Absent from this Exceptional Brussels' Political Event, (which was expected, i'ts true, to be at least a bit .. "Spicy")..

=> Inevitably, It all  Reminds what Recently Happened, again at a Mini-Session in Brussels, just a Few Months Earlier, on a Related, Big and Crucial Issue : that of the Urgent Need to really Fight against the Extremist Islamist Terrorists of ISIL's atrocious BeHeaders even of innocent Civilian People : Even UNO's Head, Ban Ki Moon, had launched here a very Vibrant Appeal for the EU to Urgently Join and play a Leading Role in a Global Coalition, as a matter of "No 1 Priority" for the International Community, (the 2 Other Priorities being the Mass Migration and the Climate Change Issues, in that Order), in order to Stop the Murders, Killings, Destructions and/or Massive Serious Violations of Human Rights, while also Ending a Scandalous and Unacceptable Impunity of so Horrible Crimes, those Responsible for which, must be Found and Punished asap, (See the relevant "EuroFora"s NewsReport at : ....).  Again, then, EU Commission's Democraticaly Elected President, Jean-Claude Juncker, had, Curiously, been pushed to be Absent under a Logistical Pretext attributed to the pure Timing of a forthcoming Visit to Japan, (as now, probably to/from "COP 21" in Paris or other), so that Timmermans again attempted to Replace him, and the overall Debate took a Downward Turn vis a vis Media, Routine-like, so that Ban Ki Moon's moving Call was almost "Burried" then...

    => It's only after + 130 Innocent People more were Brutaly Murdered by ISIL's Terrorists in Paris, (in Addition to a Russian Civil Airlined Bombed in Egypt's Sinai meanwhile, Killing another 200 defenseless Civilian People, mostly Women and Children), that EU Countries and the International Community, at last, Started, recently, to Move, at First by an Exceptionaly Unanimous Resolution inside UNO's SC at New York, (See, f.ex. : ...), and afterwards by Trying to Set Up, in Real Practice, an International Coalition of Forces against ISIL's Terrorists, (a Move which was notoriously Disrupted only by ... Turkey's Aggression and Destruction of a Russian Airplane which was Fighting against ISIL and other such Terrorist Armed Gangs in Syria, )..    

    Will European Citizens have to Suffer again, mutatis mutandis, some Similar kinds of Horrors, Before all these Warnings, Criticisms, and Denonciations of their Democraticaly Elected Representatives at EU Parliament, are, Finaly, really Heard ?...







("DraftNews", as already send to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version might be Published asap).

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Pierre Pflimlin's visionary line : Honouring the Memory of the man who wanted to build Europe on the Mountains, based on Spirit !



One of EuroFora's best inspirators is naturally Pierre Pflimlin :

We had a chance to personally meet the dynamic and experienced former President of both EU Parliament and CoE's Assembly, France's Prime Minister and Strasbourg's Mayor, only at his 90th anniversary, during an Historic speech at the Council of Europe, exceptionally full of people.

But his energetic figure looked more like a youngster of 19 years old, eager to win the Olympic games !..

Visionary, 2P was, from many points of view :

His daughter, Antoinette, Artist-decorator, and Senator Jung, President of a group of friends, confirmed us an Historian's revelation, that Pflimlin had initially the idea to build all European institutions (EU Parliament, Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights, etc) at the spectacular heights of Oberhausbergen hills, with an eye-catching view of both French Vosges and German Black Forest Mountains, in the midst of a Forest : A real vision to create a brand New European Headquarters with a big ambition !

But, it seems, that "someone in Brussels" found that picture, precisely, too big for his taste, and threw a spanner on the works...

Pflimlin stroke back a Decade ago, at his Historic 1997 farewell speech :

He urged Europeans to find another, more substantial way, to lift Europe to more important Heights in Future :

- "On which basis can we imagine the birth of a great Europe ?", he asked.

"Certainly an Economic basis ! A solid market economy, meeting also the needs of social justice. A Political basis : Europe must become a strong Political Power, able to influence World's changes, naturally for Peace."

"But I believe that the essential foundation of a greater Europe should be of Spiritual nature : .... The great pacific Revolutions were Spiritual Victories" : They expressed "People's main motivation to live in a society with our Values of Liberty, Democracy, respect for Human Dignity".

"Then, the roadmap is ready : Yes, the foundation of the unity for a large Europe is the spiritual heritage, inspired by Christian Humanism and the Humanism of Renaissance, of Enlightenment, from which emerged a Civilisation focused on the Human person".

"Here is the task to be accomplished. It's very difficult".

"The Time approaches when I'll have to pass over the torchlight. God willing, this torch should enlighten the path of those who are going to build, tomorrow, the great Europe, marked by this Spirit".


(Extract from the Book "Pierre Pfilmin : Alsacian and European", 2007. Texts by Senator Louis Jung, by the long-time f. Director of Strasbourg's Newspaper DNA, Alain Howiller, and by f. EU Parliament's Press Director, Paul Collowald : See dedications, hand-written by the authors, the day the book for Pflimlin's 100th Aniversary was launched at Strasbourg's Press Club and European Parliamentary Association's headquarters, 13 April 2007).




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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