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EU Rapporteur Bresso+Top MEP Brok to EF: EUParliament tackles Commission+Council. =>Citizens' role ?

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 12 February 2019

*Strasbourg/EU Parliament/Angelo Marcopolo/- Various unprecedented, big Political Power Games are deploying in full, in the run up to May 2019 European Election, and one of them unfolds between EU Parliament and EU Commission+Council, where EU Citizens could play a Key Role, as it results from the Replies given to a relevant "Eurofora"s Question by EU Rapporteur on Lisbon "Treaty provisions"' about MEPs' "Power of Political Control over EU Commission",  Mercedes Bresso, vice-President of the Socialdemocrat Group, from Italy, and Experienced Top German ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Elmar Brok from Germany, (also Shadow Rapporteur here).

=> In fact, EU Parliament wants Commission + Council to Change the way they work, after 2019 Elections, and this is Related also with EU Citizens' potential role in the foreseable Future, particularly considering relevant Parallel Developments, (See Infra).


 - During the Press Conference which followed the Adoption of that Report with a very Strong Majority of 494 Votes in favour,

 "Eurofora" raised a Question on "EU Parliament's role in the European Decision-Making process, After the May 2019 Elections", observing the Fact that, already, "at the Last Plenary Session, on January 2019", another Report made "a similar Criticism, as well as Proposals, concerning the EU Council" (Comp: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euparliamentonombudsmanandeurofora.html, etc), and "Now, you go after EU Commission".


=> - "What will come Next ?", particularly concerning also EU "Citizens' (possible) role" in the foreseable Future, we asked.


- EU Parliament Rapporteur's reply to "Eurofora"'s Question, went straight to the main point :  - "It's for (EU) Citizens to Raise Questions on the Issues that they wish, and for us (MEPs) to Reply", she stressed.



 - Today, "We have adopted a Report on (EU) Citizens' Initiative, which aims to Ameliorate the situation, in relation to the question that You raised", replied vice-President Bresso to "Eurofora", pointing also at a recent (2017-2018) effort to Facilitate the launching of new European Citizens' Initiative.

+ And in this Report (of 2019), we insist that the Political Control (Monitoring) on the (EU) Executive must become Stronger, particularly by allowing to EU Parliament to augment Transparency, as Citizens want to know what is going on inside EU Institutions and Parliament", she added.

+ Now, "the Issue that You ("Eurofora") raised is Important", and "I think that it's related to the SpitzenKandidaten process":  EU "Citizens should know that by Voting for a Party, this can lead to his appointment of a Candidate (at EU Commission's Head) in order to implement a certain Policy. This makes more interesting the various Programs proposed by each Party".

- But, "Institutions canNot substitute themselves to (EU) Citizens" : In fact, "It's up to EU Citizens to Raise the Issues that interest them, and, afterwards, we (EU Politicians) can search to find Solutions", she suggested. Thus, "one of the most Frequent Questions raised by EU Citizens, when we meet with them, is why EU Parliament does not have a possibility of Legislative Initiative", Mercedes Bresso regretted.

=> Therefore, one can easily imagine, that EU Citizens might, eventually, Cooperate with EU Parliament, in the foreseable Future, in order to boost, helping eachother, a kind of Legislative Initiative, by joining forces Together...

F.ex. MEPs would Agree with EU Citizens which Measures should be prepared by the EU, so that the latter would present them as an European Citizens' "Initiative", while EU Parliament could also Monitor EU Commission's Response to such a MEPs-Backed EU Citizens Initiative, so that it will be taken seriously into consideration, and enacted in form of a new Legislative proposal.

Naturally, if EU Parliament, meanwhile, accepted also "Eurofora"s main Project, about EU Citizens' Debates with MEPs before taking Decisions affecting those People's Lives and/or Society at lage, this would broker an interesting Alliance boosting both EU Parliament's Democratic Legitimacy and practical Influence in EU's Decision-Making (Comp. Supra).



+ Moreover, Pointing at the Other Issue raised by "Eurofora"s Question, i.e. on EU Council, (Comp. Supra + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euparliamentonombudsmanandeurofora.html, etc ), experienced Top Christiandemocrat/EPP MEP Elmar Brok from Germany, observed, immediately Afterwards:

- "We (EU Parliament) Asked for a Genuine 2 Chambers' System. In fact, already the (EU) Council is a Legislative body, and, therefore, it should hold its meetings in Public, with Transparency so that EU Citizens would know how its Decisions are taken, and Who is Responsible for what".

=> So, it's for the (EU) Council to Change its Procedures, it should Change the way it works". This is absolutely Essential !" Otherwise, some Basic "Constitutional Principles are flauted in EU Institutions", he Criticized.

+ Also, Brok went on to add, vis a vis EU Commission : - "Compared to National Parliaments, there are some Differences with EU Parliament : F.ex. in the way that various EU Commissioners are Elected :  We (MEPs) have More Powers on the Appointment of EU Commissioners than the National Parliaments have (with Ministers). Thus, f.ex., we can exert Pressure on EU Commission's President about the choices of individual Commissioners, while the same is not possible f.ex. in Germany or the UK, where National Parliaments simply vote for a Prime Minister, who chooses afterwards his/her Government.

- Moreover, there are various "Views on whether we (MEPs) could oblige, or not, a Commissioner to Resign, afterwards", (etc).

- So, "We are currently discussing and Reflecting on these (open) Questions", he Warned for the foreseable Future, as far as MEP's Political Control is concerned.








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