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BioEthics = a Win Factor in France ? Mystery of Unexpected Gain in Center-Right's Primary by Fillon

Written by ACM
Sunday, 20 November 2016


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- An Unexpected, Strong Win at French Center-Right's Primaries, (widely expected to determlne the Next President of the Republic for the 2017-2022 period), by former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, who Surprized by arriving clearly 1st, with a Big Difference vis a vis the Establishment Polls' "favorite", also former Prime Minister, Alain Juppé, while the Popular former President Nicolas Sarkozy, was, at the same time, curiously eliminated from the 2nd and Final Round, with a Bit Less Votes, might be Explained by Greater Importance of BioEthical Issues for the French People nowadays, than commentators used to think : A Fact of obvious Interest also for more European and/or Other Countries in the World nowadays, (See Infra).

Fillon is credited with almost 44% of the Votes casted, in a Primary which attracted around 4 Millions Citizens, Followed, in a Distance, by Juppé, with some 27%, near Sarkozy with almost 22%. The Rest (about 7%) was Divided in almost Insignificant, Tiny parts for another 4 Candidates, at this First Round of the "Republican" Party and of the Centre, which was exceptionaly Open for All French Citizens, even comming from Other Parties, who Endorsed the Values of the Center-Right.

On the Contrary, almost All Polls (including also Non-"Republican" Voters) had regularly shown Juppé 1st, Followed by Sarkozy (who was Augmenting his score Recently, particularly after Trump's Win at the USA), leaving Fillon at a 3rd rank, i.e. Excluded from the Second and Final Round of those Crucial Primaries, (Despite a Recent, but Insufficient yet Growth for him).


In an UnPrecedented move, Curiously, these Crucial 2016 Primaries of the Center-Right, Organized by the "Republican" party, had been, Exceptionaly, "Opened" to the Participation, Not Only of "Centrists", but even of ... Any Other Citizens who might wish to Vote, on the Sole Condition that they Pay just 2 €uros, and simply Sign a Not-Binding "Declaration" that they would Feel Close to the Values shared by the Center-Right, (which was Not Verified at all, and Hardly Visible, to the point that Leftist Voters told the Press that they had "Not Signed" that)...

So that, according to the Only known Polls, at least ...40% of Today's Voters were, in Fact, supporters of the ...Left, Far Right or Undertermined other Parties, Only about 60% being Fans of the Center-Right.  Considering also the fact that, about 20% among the Latter, would, in average, come from Various "Centrists", then, it's Only around 40% Maximum, who might have been Real "Republican" Party Voters, (i.e. a Minority)...

 => In Consequence, even if Sarkozy might have Succeeded to Attract, f.ex., an Absolute Majority of 51% of his "Republican" Party Supporters, (as Most Polls attributed him), already from this First Round, (his 6 Other Competitors sharing the Rest 49% of Votes between them : I.e. with a Tiny Average of just 8% Each...), in the Present Circumstances, this Success would falsely Appear as a so-called "Failure" with a Minority of about ...21% from the Total of Today's Votes !!! I.e., by a "Coincidence", ...almost Exactly what he Finaly got (Comp. Supra)...


+ In Addition to that Possible External "Manipulation", (that several Commentators Observed Critically, but only Afterwards), it's Also Difficult to Understand, (at least according to elementary Democratic Principles), Why should a Political Leader who had Already Brillantly Won, just 1 Year ago : on November 2015, a Hard-Fought, earlier Election at the Presidency of his own "Republican" Party, should, necessarily, Re-Submit himself, again and again on 2016,  vis a vis almost all the Same Competitors, against whom he had just Won, a Few Months Earlier....

Unless it was, in Fact, just Because some, might precisely seek to introduce, afterwards, that Controversial Possibility of a Politicaly External Manipulation, (as certain Commentators pointed out).

Last, but not least, Sarkozy, who had been Grossly Betrayed, back on 2012 Election, by some among his supposed Party-pals then, (to the point that a Preparatory, 2011 Nationwide Campaign about "Identity", had been so Undermined that it had to be practicaly Abandoned ; a so-called "Collective" Project, whose Preparation had this time  been entrusted to some supposed Political Allies, resulted in an Amorphous and Tasteless quasi-Banality, without Salt, nor Pepper, that couldn't inspire nobody, (Conrtrary to Sarkozy's personaly Drafted 2007 Program, which had Moved Millions of People) ; some among his Numerous 2012 Assistants, at the Same Time that they obviously Wasted a lot of Money for things that Journalists didN't really need, had, on the Contrary, made Direct Press Contacts with Sarkozy almost Impossible in real Practice, (at the Difference to his 2007 Winning Campaign, where he Often used to Meet personaly with Journalists after his Speech, without "Intermediaries") ; while, even during the Last Week of the Final 2nd Round in the Presidential Elections, not even a Politicaly Crucial "Letter to French People" pamphlet; already Written Published, Printed and Accessible at Elysee Palace in Paris, curiously Appeared to be ...Blocked or "Missing" in some Local Federation of "his" Party !, etc), did Nothing now, on 2015-2016, to "Purge" his New Party. from such Wrong-doing Intermediaries.  

On the Contrary, he ostensibly Tried to "Attract" People around him, and keep them more or less closely Associated, even Knowing about Further Risks to be Betrayed, because, (as he Explicitly stressed recently), he Believed that "you can't become President without Trusting People"...




=> Sarkozy, (who has been elected on 2015 President of the main Opposition Party "the Republicans"),  obviously wishing to Safeguard the Unity of the Party, rushed First to clearly declare that Fillon and Juppé, with whom he has Worked Together for a Long Time, are "both of great Quality".

- But, even if he feels a "great Esteem for Alain Juppé", he declared that he'd vote for Francois Fillon, because "his Political Choices stand Closer to mine", and, despite some comparatively small Divergences in the Past, he seems to have "Better understood the Challenges faced" Today. At any case, even if, naturaly, his own Voters remain Free to chose, however, he Called them to "Avoid Extreme positions", as he said, (i.e., apparently, Not to be attracted by the Rightists of Marine le Pen's "National Front").


A Last-Minute Graphic, Published Today, shows that People's Web Searches at "Google" suddenly Topped around Fillon, during the First Half of the Day (Between 9h-14h), but withOut Explaining Why.

A New Book, written by Fillon after the latest atrocious Massacre of Civilian People at Nice, last July 2016, and Titled : "Win against Islamic Totalitarism", could certainly have contributed to Boost his Popularity in general. But it was Published (and Widely Commented by mainstream Medias) already since the End of September 2016, so that this could Not Explain at all why, Suddenly, towards the End of November, all Polls were Belied, (Comp. Supra).

On the Contrary, a Press Release by Popular NGO "Manif pour Tous" ("Demonstration for All"), a Citizens' Movement against Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex Mariage", "Adoption" of Children by Homosexual Couples, Surrogacy and IVF Artificialy assisted Births, Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryo, and other related BioEthical Issues, Pushed and Violently Imposed, during Recent Years in France, by the OutGoing Socialist Government, Published only Recently a Clear Appeal to Vote, during the Center-Right's Primaries, for Francois Fillon. And this was made even much More Obvious Only just a Few Days Ago, when that same NGO created and Published a brand New Website, typicaly named "BOOMERANG2017", where it has Just Started to Clearly Distinguish between each Candidate's official stances on such Topical Bioethical Issues, concerning All 2017 related Elections in France.

+ Immediately after Today's Vote, Ludovine de la Rochère, Leader of that "Manif. pour Tous" NGO, published a New, and Triumphant Press Release, where she boasts that these Electoral Results picture People's strong Support for pro-Natural Family political positions among the Candidates, and clearly Pointing at Fillon's apparently Critical Stance, particularly vis a vis the Extremely UnPopular submission of Children to the Power of Homosexuals, under Pretext of a so-called "Adoption".

Growing almost in Parallel with various Similar Civil Society Movements in the USA, Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia and Other Countries accross the World, (Africa included), that French Movement against "Same Sex Mariage", spearheaded mainly by "Manif. pour Tous", rapidly Gained a Wide and Strong Popular Momentum, becoming Able to Throw Millions of People accross the Streets, and/or to Inspire a lot of Spectacular "French Spring", original Activists' Interventions, (as, f.ex., that which Marked the Opening of World - Famous "Rolland Garros'" Tennis Play with a Public Protest that was Published even at prestigious "New York Times" Frontpage Photo)...

Those 2013 - 2014 Popular public Protests for BioEthical Issues in France, became, de facto, part of a larger, World-Wide, New "Values" Movement, from Europe to USA and well Beyond, which is Not Limiting itself just to some Orinary petty Party Politics, and succeeded to strongly Motivate a lot of Honest and active People, to a point that nobody thought possible before. Among Others, particularly in France, until recently, the numerous Images showing Old and Young People, simple Mothers and Children alike, Daring struggle in front of an often Excessively and astonishingly Brutal Police Oppression, Criticized even by the CoE in Strasbourg, (See, f.ex. : ...), just in order to Express Freely their Critical Views against a Series of Controversial and UnPopular Measures Imposed to the Detriment of several basic BioEthical Principles, most linked to core Human Rights and even with all Humankind itself, canNot and Don't deserve to be Forgotten. Otherwise, Establishment's Politicians Risk to Miss some rare, if not Unique Historic Opportunities of much needed, nowadays, contacts with Genuine People.

It's only Military War practical necessities, against Aggressive Islamic Terrorism, initialy at Subsaharian Africa near Mali, etc., and shortly Afterwards the "Charlie Hebdo" Massacres by "ISIL" Terrorists, followed by the "Bataclan" and Other Islamic Terrorist Attacks against Innocent Civilians, as well as the latest Massive Killings of defenseless People by Cowards at Nice, (etc), which, mainly by Imposing a "State of Emergency" throughout the whole Country, practically Prevented more "Manif. pour Tous" Popular Demonstrations in France, until Now...

Fillon's main input, in this regard, was his apparent Reluctance vis a vis recent Threats to Submit even fragile Children to the Power of Homosexual Couples, on Pretext of so-called "Adoptions", etc., which  attracted more Popular Attention : A Crucial Issue, much more Controversial, UnPopular and "Hot" than others, also Because of the Fact that, Behind it, is obviously Hidden a very probable Attempt by some Lobbies of Technocratic Interests, to Take Hold, and Extend their Power, over various converging Artificial Technologies which might be Abused on Births of Human Beings, (Pretexting, here, of the InFertility of Homosexual couples), Instead of Natural, independent Births, with obvious Serious Dangers against Humankind.

Several Establishment's Media, (as, f.ex. French Newspaper "La Croix", etc), certain "MPT" NGO Officials, even Simple Citizens Voting Today for the Center-Right's Primaries, as the Press found out, (etc), as well as a hasty "Eurofora" look at his Website Program, (etc), gave a net Impression that Francois Fillon would really be seriously Critical, at least on that Key BioEthical point, of Fundamental and Strategic Importance for all Humankind.
Sarkozy himselg, has, however, apparently Reserved a Special Place for this Specific Issue, if we judge by the Fact that, in one of his Latest Books, where he Regrettably was probably convinced by some Technocrartic Lobbies Hidden Behing the LBGTI Lobby to Drop his Previous Opposal to "Same Sex Marriage", at least, he significantly Ommitted to say anything of that kind, as far as it concerns the much More Controversial, UnPopular and Dangerous matter of fragile Childrens' submission to the Power of Homosexual couples on Pretext of so-called "Adoption", etc.

"Eurofora" raised that Point Twice: Both with Sarkozy's Long-Time former No 1 Counselor at Elysee Palace, and currently MP, Henri Guaino, during his recent Visit to Strasbourg, precisely on the occasion also of the Center-Rights' Primary, (when Guaino told us, in Reply to a relevant Question, that he had the Intention to propose a Constitutional Reform in order to Protect those Children's Human Rights vis a vis such Dangers of so-called "Adoptions" by Homosexual couples, notoriously Condemned as illegal in various Countries accross the World, including Russia, etc). And at our Publication, precisely, on that Controversial Book of Sarkozy, containing the above-mentioned Partial "U-Turn", where "Eurofora" also suggested a Similar Move by Sarkozy, to Clearly put Aside that Dangerous BioEthical Issue which may EnDanger both Children themselves, and the Humankind at large, (Comp. Supra, and : ...).

But, unfortunately, our Message didn't seem to have been clearly Transmitted, at least until now, and, at the Only Chance that "Eurofora" had recently to Briefly Meet Sarkozy, we raised anOther Topical Issue, (concerning Europe's Future, etc).

So that, given all these Facts, (and possibly even some More), Fillon's written initiative to put Aside the Key case of Children that Homosexuals would seek to "Adopt", (Comp. Supra), more Recently Highlighted also by Influential "Manif pour tous (MPT)" NGO, (Comp. Supra), Might, indeed, have Influenced, at least at the Last Minute, a lot of People interested in such Topical BioEthical Issues, to the point to Find also there a sufficient "Differentia Specifica", in order to Go Vote for him at Today's Center-Rights' Primary...

However, both in this, as well as in some Other, quite Differend, but also Topical "Hot" points, during the Following Long Months that separate us from the forthcoming, Crucial French Presidential Election of May 2017, Fillon would obviously Better Clarify certain Key, Strategic Points, as that one, Both in order to Avoid any eventual, even if Partial, Misunderstanding due also to the Highly Technical character of such matters, and taking also into acount the Fact that, (at least according to some sources), his notoriously probable Competitor from the Rightist "National Front", MEP Marine Le Pen, would have reportedly adopted a quite more "Advanced" Stance against the Outgoing Socialist Government's Controversial and UnPopular Law on "Same Sex Marriages", so-called "Adoption" of Children by Homosexual couples included, despite MEP Philippot's a.o.'s apparently notorious Reluctance on such "Hot" BioEthical Issues)


Meanwhile, Facts and Logical Reasoning seem Crystal-clear :

- Otherwise, if it's not mainly about BioEthics, (Comp. Supra), then, almost Nothing obvious could Explain that Sudden uprurge of Fillon's Voters, at the Last Minute (even Hours !), to such an Unexpectedly High point that he Not Only managed to get Among the 2 First, (something that Most Polls, even the Closer to this Election Day, had Not foreseen, revealing only a Recently Upward Trend), but also to Distance with a Big Difference, his former Frontrunner Competitor, Alain Juppé, reaching a much Higher 1st place, while, at the Same Moment, Sarkozy's votes Curiously marked an Unexpected and Unexplained Stagnation at those last moments.

Except, perhaps, of a quite thorny, obscure, but Not a priori Excluded at all Hypothesis, which might, eventualy, Fit Logicaly, and even correspond to several (Otherwise Hazardous) Facts:

- Looking Backwards, everything appears, indeed, as if Nicolas Sarkozy, who had reportedly thought, initialy back on 2012, that he might Drop the ordinary Political life, just Decided to Come Back Only to put is Political "House" in Order : the "Republican" - former "UMP" Party, of mainstream Center-Right, which had Faced some very Hard Moments after his Departure : Growing Divisions and internal Conficts, Managerial Scandals, Financial Problems and Debts, Deception/Demobilisation of Militants, etc., pushing it even towards a Painful Split.

Indeed, he has notoriously Succeeded on 2015, in a few Fast but Energetic Moves, to both seize anew an Uncontested Leadership on a clear Democratic Basis, allowing to re-establish Unity, but also to Pay the Party's Debts, Restore its Budget, ReNew the Party (with the Birth of "the Republicans", instead of the Old "UMP"), and Mobilize a growing number of Militants, eager for a real Political Change on 2017.

But, Curiously, he didn't seek at all to Settle any Accounts with anyone among those Apparatchicks or Opportunist Politicians who had Betrayed him, (and the Political Will of a Strong Majority of French People, as repeatedly Expressed on 2007 and 2009), back on 2011-2012 : No "Purge" at all.

On the Contrary, he even Accepted, curiously, to be submitted even at a 2nd Electoral Test, in only 1 Years- Time, (specificaly Destinated to Chose the Party's Candidate for the 2017 National Elections), just after having Brillantly Won the ReNewed Party's Presidency on 2015 : I.e. the Present 2016 "Primaries", where he practicaly found almost the Same Competitors in front of him, as already the Year Before...

Meanwhile, various Obscure Threats, from a notoriously "Center-Left"-standing Bureaucracy of Judges, added to a Socialist Government-fuelled Prosecutors, Police, etc., and a "Scandal"-mongering Pseudo-"Press", almost Specialized in Harassing the Right by Systematic Attempts to push, one after another, even Ridiculous and/or Evil Claims seriously Slandering him personaly, and/or his closer Collaborators, several Ministers, as well as his Party, etc., with a lot of more or less Facticious and/or blatantly Exagerated, if not Grossly Fake Pseudo-"Revelations" of this or that supposed "Affair", which was soon replaced by another, if and when it was found False, (Wasting, meanwhile, a lot of precious Time and Energy).

To the point that some Fans of his Competitors had already Speculated, and/or even Boasted (even in front of "Eurofora") about an eventual new Attempt, by such a Corrupted Establishment of Medias/Leftist Judges Bureaucracy and some unscrupulous Outgoing Socialist Government Officials, to bring "Down" Sarkozy by hitting him slyly, behind the back, with such a Slanderous Attempt to Prosecute him for one or another alleged Pseudo-"Scandal" just Before the May 2017 crucial Presidential Election. + In Addition, at least one among his current Competitor had been notoriously accused for an alleged Discussion with a Counsilor of Socialist French President Hollande, some time ago, to on an eventual "Plot" in this direction

 And, by another coincidence, indeed, it's, reportedly, just a Few Days Earlier, before Today's Vote, that some Judges and/or Prosecutors would Consider whether to Launch, or not, one or another Accusation against Sarkozy, right in the middle of the mainstream Center-Right Party's "Primary" for the Choice of its Candidate to the crucial 2017 French Presidential Election.

=> Now, given the Unexpected and Otherwise Difficult to Explain, Big Suprize Result of Today's Vote, (Comp. Supra), if the above-mentioned "BioEthical" Factor Hypothesis would, eventualy be found Insufficient to Explain the main Vote Results, then, obviously, the Question is naturaly Raised whether it might be, or not, such an Imminent Threat to Hit Sarkozy personaly, through a Center-Leftish Bureaucracy of Judges/Prosecutors, probably incited by some unscrupulous Outgoing Socialist Government Officials, and/or, eventualy, one or another among his numerous Competitors or their croneys, which could, perhaps, stand Behind what happened...

>>> In such a case, was Sarkozy Obliged, or did he, perhaps, Decide, by his own, to "Sacrifice" himself, in order for the mainstream Center-Right Opposition to be Sure to have at least another, Unstoppable Candidate to that Crucial 2017 French Presidential Election, (and, preferably, someone comparatively Closer to his Political Beliefs and Strategy, as Fillon notoriously is) ?

If such an attempt to prosecute N.S. emerges on the surface, sooner or later, then, this Hypothesis would find a Strong Factual Basis. Otherwise, it would be Difficult to say, (at least, as things stand until now).

=> A European/International Sarkozy Future ?

Independently of any such Speculations about various possible Causes, Questions are, naturaly, Raised, from now on, about what could be the Possible Future for such an Atypical Personality as the Experienced former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in a way which could made the Best Use possible, both for France and Europe in Today's World :

An authentic "European Integration" person, already by his Family, (Father from Hungary, Matternal Grandfather from Greece, and Wife from Italy, etc), passionately engaged in various Contacts with EU, Russia, USA and other Foreign Leaders, as well as actively taking original and efficient Initiatives for Peace in Europe (f.ex. by Stopping a Russo-Georgian Conflict), Economic Regulation from EU's core up to a Global level, (f.ex. by organizing the 1st €uroArea Heads of State/Government Summit on 2008, and an Exceptional Franco-German Summit for an "€uroArea Treaty", on August 2011, at Elysée Palace : See "Eurofora"s NewsReports from the spot of those Historic events, at : ... + ...), Few People observed the Fact that Sarkozy even chose his current Private Office, at Miromesnil, situated at a Location DIRECTLY linked to Paris' "Europe Square", (surrounded by several Streets Named after EU Capital Cities), over the Saint Lazare reNovated Railway Station, as "Eurofora" found out, while Multiplying, in Recent Years, an interesting Series of Conferences, both Abroad (f.ex. ar Berlin, etc) and in France, with a Coherent and Updated Vision and Proposals for Europe's foreseable Future.

Useful to keep in Mind, particularly Today, when several Big Reshuffles can be expected at least on a European/PanEuropean, if not International, level Soon, at a Crucial Stage for Europe's role in the World, since, in real practice, since... it's Only 2 Years Time, before the Next European Parliament Elections of May 2019,  which may Determine the Political Choices, in Addition to those of EU Parliament's New President, also, not only of EU Commission's President, (as it was already done, for the 1st Time, on May 2014), but even of the European Council's President, and probably also for a brand New Top Job of €uroArea's Future President, (according to a Plan Supported by Both Sarkozy and Fillon, etc).

His Friend and long-time co-Worker, German Chancelor Angie Merkel, by a coincidence, has just Anounced, this Same Day in Berlin, her intention to Lead anew the ChristianDemocrats through the forthcoming, Crucial for Europe, 2017 National Election in Germany, for a 2018-2022 fresh New Mandate, in a period which could see Europe's Crash or Rebound.

That's, perhaps, why, Sarkozy, (who had openly Dreamt on 2007 in Strasbourg to Help Develop a kind of "RenNaissance" of Europe, (See : ...), and has seriousy Worked to prepare such an Horizon for Years, recently, (as we  Reminded him when we briefly met recently in Strasbourg, triggering a Careful but quite Positive spontaneous reaction, Comp. : ...), to say, in Conclusion of his Official Statement Today (See Above...), Not just a Simple "Good Bye", but, rather, an Enigmatic : ...  "Au Révoir" ?...



("Draft" News, as already send to "Eurofora" Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be Published asap).




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    Before the end of 2009, France and Germany will take strong initiatives to open "new Horizons" needed by Europe and the World, going well beyond the current Crisis' management, anounced French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angie Merkel, reassuring that both a judgement on Lisbon Treaty by nearby Karlsruhe German Federal Court, and the forthcoming National Elections in Germany would confirm their capacity to act.    

They were replying to Press questions in Berlin, after key-regional elections on Sunday, where Merkel's ChristianDemocratic party kept everywhere a strong 1st and won the possibility to forge a New Majority with Liberals at the largest of 3 Landers : Saxony (4 millions inhabitants), while its main competitor, the Socialdemocrat party fell to unprecedented lows : Tackled by the small "Linke" (left) party in Saarland (1 million inhabitants), it became even smaller than it in Saxony and Thuringen (3 million inhabitants), where SPD arrived only third. While its usual partners, the "Greens" also fell down, contrary to CDU's new partners, the FDP Liberals, who go up.


    - "At any case, at the end of the year (2009), if things go as scheduled, we shall take strong initiatives, showing that Europe needs a Franco-German axis, as well as the World, even if it never excludes other" countries to join, replied Sarkozy to a question if France and Germany will revive the "European dream", by "relauncing the EU motor" for the Future, with actions going further than the mere management of the global crisis, (as it was done fex. in the Past with the creation of the "Euro" Monetary zone, etc).

    - "I am convinced that the Franco-German friendship must be constantly nourished by New Projects", he added."There are many areas of cooperation where we intend to take, very soon, some Franco-German initiatives, which will allow to open more Horizons" to the EU, Sarkozy stressed.

    But if "we don't speak about that now, it's only in order to avoid interfering in important elections coming in Germany", he observed. However, "we have already started to consider the Future with the (German) Chancellor, and what we can do in order to honour our predecessors". "We are already speaking about that, and we are preparing things". "I am working very well together with Mrs Merkel, and I wish that it goes on", Sarkozy concluded.


    - "It's important for EU's credibility that France and Germany advance forward together", stressed Merkel from the outset. "Don't worry about Germany's capacity to undertake initiatives" with France, she added. "France and Germany will be perfectly able to make proposals" for the EU.

    -  "After-crisis" plans must be prepared, meanwhile, with measures "advancing progressively", Merkel anounced. And, for the short term, we must deal also with EU Citizens' dismay since they feel that it's a Scandal for some in the Financial Markets to be paid with excessive "Bonuses", etc, she agreed with Sarkozy.

    - "Abuses in financial markets must stop", stressed also Sarkozy. Backing Merkel's announcement that France and Germany call for an EU meeting to forge "a crystal-clear European position" in view of the G-14 Summit at Pittsburg, he warned that "everyone will have to undertake his responsibilities, in front of World's Public Opinion. particularly those who don't want to make the same effort of regulation as France and Germany".

    Moreover, "Global Trade cannot be correctly dealt, without taking into account also Environmental and Social rules", Sarkozy added, referring to recently expressed positions against Unfair Competition via Environmental and/or Social Dumping, (See earlier "EuroFora"'s publications).

    Such moves are obviously linked to the need to ensure at least an elementary respect for Human Rights by Third Countries, (f.ex. exploitation of Children's work, etc) in order to avoid, precisely, any such Social Dumping.

    - "EU has Values, protecting Human Rights and Human Dignity", and "it cannot close its eyes" in front of grave violations, particularly "Torture and/or killings", added, indeed, Sarkozy.

    Thus, "the time comes, where decisions must be taken". But, in case of "Sanctions", "all International opinion should be convinced of the need to take action", he observed.

    Expressed on the occasion of recent developments in Iran, the same principles should logically apply also to other similar cases, including fex. that of Hundreds of ECHR judgements' condemning f;ex. Turkey for grave crimes, (as Torture, brutal Killings, Enforced "Disappearances", Destruction of Family Homes, harassments and oppressive violations of Freedom of Speech, etc).

    Meanwhile, questioned on (EU Commission's chair)  Barroso's bid to succeed himself for a second mandate, they both expressed a "wish" or a "feeling" that "EU Parliament"'s various political Groups might fix a date for decisions "during September". However, is he is endorsed before the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, it will be legally necessary to re-vote anew for a full term of office afterwards, according to EU Legal Experts, revealed recently in Strasbourg the experienced former President of EU Parliament's Constitutional Committee, German Socialist MEP Jo Leinen. And Germany will not vote for Lisbon Treaty's ratification but only "on September 8 and 18", revealed Merkel, ( i.e. after EU Parliament's plenary session in Strasbourg).

    - Therefore, "for EU Commissioners' appointment, it's too early yet, because we must wait for the ratification of Lisbon Treaty" by all 27 EU Member countries, including naturally Ireland's Referendum on early October, said to "EuroFora" the influential President of EU Parliament's largest group of MEPs, Joseph Daul, expressing, however, the hope that a controversial deal with the head of the Socialist Group of MEPs, Martin Schultz of Germany, might hold for Barroso alone, at a forthcoming vote due to fix the Strasbourg plenary's Agenda.

    But MEPs reportedly just "postponed" for 1 week all their previously scheduled group meetings (See : http://www.euractiv.com/en/future-eu/barroso-unveil-summer-homework-week/article-184825 );

    However, while the choice of a new EU Commission's President by EU Parliament is supposed, according to many MEPs' wish, take place according to EU policy issues, paradoxically, this would mean that Barroso's bid would pass before even the anouncement of France and Germany's "initiatives" for EU's "new Horizons"...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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