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Spain Islamist Terror (linked to France,Germany,UK,Finland,Russia+) Reveals Big Socio-Pol. Problems

Written by ACM
Thursday, 17 August 2017

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Barcelona's Islamist Terror, by Killing 15 and Wounding 130 Civilian People, cowardly Targetted by ISIS' adepts, amidst similar Brutal Attacks in Germany (Hamburg, Wupertal, etc), Finland, Russia, Paris, London, etc, in parallel with an UnPrecedented intensity of Mass Irregular Migrants' Influx in Spain, restarting also in Italy, Greece, etc, and Added to Worrying Factual Findings on Both Areas, Revealed surprisingly Big Socio-Political Issues, which Raise Crucial Questions, that should not be irresponsibly overlooked, when innocent Human Lives, all Europe, and Contemporary Society are at Stake :




- First of all, this Bestial Tragedy didn't only Murder even Kids of just 8 or 12 y.o., but Killed or Wounded also various other Civilian People from Many European and other Countries in the World :  F.ex. 28 Victims from France, 13 from Germany, others from the UK, Italy, Greece, USA, China, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Argentina, etc., including a 10 Months Baby.



+ There are Factual reasons to think that it was, probably, more or less Linked also with several Other European Countries, in addition to Spain, such as France (HQ near French Border, usa of a French Car, Visit to Paris, etc), Belgium (plans to Migrate there, Tickets for Brussels, etc), Switzerland (stay + Radicalisation in Zurich, etc), in Addition to some Neighbouring Arab Countries as Morocco (Origin of most among that Terrorist Gang, etc), Turkey (transit + stay), etc, while it was closely Preceded and/or Followed by Similar Deadly Terrorist Attacks these days in Germany, Finland (Turku : Cowardly Targetting Old Women and Young Girls !), Russia (Surgut), France, Belgium, the UK, etc.



++ Curiously, Spain was also Targetted, juste a few Days Earlier, by an UnPrecedented Intensity of Violent Aggressions by Organized Mass Irregular Migrants, armed with Clubs, Stones, Knives, etc. attacking in Groups of about 700 (sic !) the Spanish resorts in Borderlines at Morocco, followed by an equaly UnPrecedented "Rescue" of some 600 other Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants from Africa at the Spanish Sea-Coasts, several "Dozens" of more Irregular Migrants arriving by Boat in South Spain's Andalusia Region, etc., while Greece was receiving a Total of more than 300 M.A.S./Irregular Migrants from Turkey during the Same 2 or 3 Days, (amidst a Recently Growing Trend of Smugglers' Traffic of Humans through Turkey, Now reaching even Romania, via the Black Sea, etc), and Italy had also to cope with a persisting African influx through Libya, etc.



In Parallel, convergent European Polls, conducted throughout Many EU Member Countries, (including Germany, which is currently Debating on Crucial Parliamentary Elections for September 2017), revealed that the No 1 Topical Issue, which provokes Concerns to Most EU Citizens, is, by Far, that of various Problems related to Recent Massive A.S./Irregular Migration, followed by Terrorism, UnEmployment and/or Inequalities, etc.

Meanwhile, Additional Revelations about Many Brittish (curiously only "White") Children being Systematicaly Raped, Ill-Treated, and Brutaly Exploited by mainly Pakistani-origin, but also Turkish, etc. Gangs of recent Migrant Thugs, operating as Organized Crime during Decades, and Scandalously Covered by "Socialist" (Labour Party) Local/Regional Authorities accross the UK (since the infamous Tony "Bliar"'s Past era), have Shaken up anew all Great Britain, Extended, Now, even at "Hot" Fights around Press Freedom and the way according to which, such Horrible Crimes should be Investigated, clearly Denounced, without being abused or Exploited, but Not also Downplayed, more or less Unacceptably Muzzled, (as some Lobbies' members have practicaly pushed to do, inter alia, also by Gross Personal Attacks against Critical Journalists, even among the most Experienced and Mainstream)...  



Therefore, American Medias close to New US President Don Trump's Voters, as, f.ex., "Breitbart" etc., Ironically Criticized the Fact that, by a Bad Coincidence, "Socialist" and Liberal MEPs had reportedly pushed an Expensive Video to be Broadcasted at EU Parliament's Websites, etc., with Claims about alleged numerous "Benefits" from the Controversial and notoriously UnPopular Recent Mass Migration "Tsunami" mainly through Turkey (2015-2016+) etc., ... the "Same Day" (sic !) that a Gang of Islamist Terrorists of Foreign, Non-European Origin (one of them having even, reportedly, Entered the EU among a Recent Wave of Mass Irregular Migrants, as also 2 Paris' Islamist Terrorists back on 2015, etc), were Brutally Attacking to Kill or Wound about 150 Innocent Civilian People in Barcelona (Spain) !

Deadly Islamist Terrorism : "Tele-guided" "Lone Wolves" or Organized Crime (even linked with Religious Institutions and/or Elected Politicians) ?

>>> In this Particularly "Hot" and Dense Context, Barcelona's Massacre revealed several UnExpected, Astonishing and Scandalous Facts, which clearly seem to Refute the most Lenient Hypothesis and Versions usualy circulating among various Establishment's circles, which were leaning, until now, towards Diminishing or Minimizing the Gravity of the Islamist Terrorism Problem in Europe and elsewhere in the World, by Claiming that Perpetrators would be Only a Few "Isolated" and/or Mentaly Unstable Individuals, acting Alone and/or, at most, Exclusively under "Remote" Influence of some Anonymous Interlocutors located many Thousands of Kms Far Away, (f.ex. from Raqqa, etc) :



F.ex., while even the Experienced EU Parliament's Press/Communication Director, Jaume Duch, (a Native from Barcelona, who reacted almost Immediately and intensively against that Horrible Massacre), chose to point, in his perssonal Tweeter account, at an Old Article, published by Left/Liberal USA Newspaper "New York Times" before Many Months, which Focused mainly into Claiming that most Islamist Terrorists were only a Few Isolated "Lone Wolfs" Remotely Manipulated exclusively via the Internet by some Anonymous ISIS' members located in Far Away Syria, etc., on the Contrary, the Facts now Discovered in Spain, Revealed a very Different, Scandalous, and much more Dangerous Reality :


- Instead of reportedly only One (1) Islamist Terrorist, as f.ex. in France's Horrible Mass Massacre by a Heavy Lorry at the City of Nice last Year (July 2016), on the Contrary, this time, in Spain's Catalonia capital City of Barcelona there were at least Twelve (+ 12 !) Islamist Terrorists directly Involved in a Macabre Organized Crime, collectively and methodicaly Prepared, during More than 6 Months, by All of them, and, probably, some other, more or less Accomplices and Links, (on whom Investigations are still going on, f.ex. in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, etc)...



Meanwhile, most among those 12 Suspects had been Killed (either by Police or at the Explosion : See Infra), leaving just 4 Arrested, from whom 2 were afterwards liberated and placed under House Control. The Driver of the Killer Van, Yunes Abujakob (pictured at an earliar Photo in front of a Turkish kebab shop) was found later-on (UPDATED).


- By the way, the "Mythos" of alleged "Poor" Individuals, living in "Poor Neighbourhoods", and Facing "Discriminations", etc., who would have been Pushed to Terrorism because of that, does Not fit to the Facts : F.ex., at least one among Barcelona's Deadly Islamist Terrorists was reportedly being Paid ..2.000 € each Month, and had been Radicalized in ... Switzerland ! I.e. Similar Facts also to several Other Islamist Terrorist Attacks Targetting Civilians, as, f.ex., in the USA, at the San Bernandino (California) and Tennessee Massacres, where the Mass Killers had been Welcomed in America, Together with all their Family, given US Nationality, Educated, provided a quite Good Job (f.ex. in Digital Tech., etc), a Car, a Home, allowed to Travel Abroad, Choose any Foreign Wife they want and Bring her in the US, (who got immediately also US Nationality), have a Child, etc., Free to live a Normal Average Life. At the Same Time, it's also a Fact that, Despite an Historic Record-High UnEmployment of Young and Old People, f.ex. in Spain, Greece, etc., even HomeLess People (f.ex. in France, Germany, etc), nevertheless, Nobody saw yet, all these Years, any Impoverished Europeans to Target innocent Civilians for Brutal Killings...

+ More Important Finding : All that Deadly Terrorist Gang in Spain's Catalonia, Cowardly Targetting innocent Civilian People, including even small Children (Comp. Supra, as well as Focusing against Women at the Same Time in Finland), was reportedly Radicalized, Organized and Led by a ..."Religious" Muslim Imam preaching at a Mosque near the Spanish-French Borders, (and even Aiming to Establish himself at another Mosque in Belgium !), who was killed in a huge Accidental Explosion aside more than 100 Canisters with Explosive Substances, that his Gang was Preparing at a Collective Hide-out Near Barcelona : Even a Handwritten Message by himself, found there, in which he cruely Announces the forthcoming Massive Massacres cowardly Targetting Civilian People in Europe, reveals his Sordid Aims, as Chief of a Gang of Youngsters under his Influence, and almost All Residents at the City where his Mosque was located (Ripoll).



To the point that, if his Deadly Gang had Succeeded to cowardly Massacrate Civilian People in Spain, then, it's Horrible to thinks that such a Criminal might have been soon Preaching at a Mosque to Muslim Communities located Near EU's Headquarters in Brussels !...



A Fortiori, since it was also Revealed that this Brutal Terrorist - Imam (Abdelbaki es Satty), had already been Free to Establish himself as Chief of a Muslim Mosque in Catalonia, even after having, previously, been Condemned by the Spanish Courts for ... Drug Trafficking, and served in Prison a 2 Years sentence among other Ordinary Criminals !


++ Most Scandalous : Mainstream Spanish Press Revealed that even the Spiritual Father, or Religious Educator to Islam, who had probably Radicalized that Extremist Imam in the Past, was another Mosque Manager,  a Butcher established at a Barcelona's suburb (Vilanova i la Geltrú), Mohammed Mrabet, who had been already ... "Arrested on 2006 and Condemned on 2009 to 7 Years in Prison for being Involved in a Terrorist Organisation" !

=> In other Words, it's Already During more than a whole ...Decade (2007-2017) that the competent Public Authorities knew that Today's Deadly Terrorist Imam of Ripoll had been Trained, Educated and Influenced by another, previously Radicalized Imam in Barcelona, that Spanish Police and Judges had earlier found as a Key Suspect for Islamist Terrorism...

Particularly to "incite Young People to practice Jihad in Syria and Iraq" and to "create an area of Ideological Indoctrination around the Mosque". Inter alia, the Spanish Police had reportedly Found at his Home various "Manuals of Jihadism", "Texts Exaltating Terrorists", and "Recordings Glorifying Attacks", (etc).

But, on 2011, this Indoctrinator of the Imam of Ripoll (found Today Dead by an accidental Explosion of the Bombs that he had prepared : Comp. Supra), had been, finaly, Liberated, after anOther Court pointed at some Procedural Irregularities of a Hastily made Prosecution, (f.ex. : Phone Tape Recording without prior Authorisation by a Judge, Confessions allegedly taken "under Pressure", etc). This was Part of a Wider Police Anti-Terrorism Operation, concerning a Ring of 20 Suspects, 9 of whom were Found Guilty and Condemned Definitively.

The Lawyer of that Radicalized Barcelona Mosque Manager, Butcher Shop Owner Mohamed Mabret, who had Indoctrinated the Deadly Terrorist Imam of Ripoll (Comp. Supra), was Voted and Elected, only 4 Years Later, on 2015, as Deputy Mayor of Barcelona City : It's Jaume Asens, "close to Mayor Ada Colau", according to the mainstream Spanish Newspaper "ABC", etc.


A Troubling Fact is also that this Local Politician, together with another Lawyer, (Meanwhile Elected, him too, as an MP of the Catalonia Region just a Few Years after serving such Islamist Extremists), Benet Salellas, who had also Defended anOther Released Suspect in that affair of Islamist Terrorism, are Both Members of an Atypical Leftist Party "CUP", whose Controversial Political Program asks to Give a Right to Vote and be Voted to All Non-European Migrants simply Residing in Catalonia...



And one among the bigger Muslim Lobbies in Catalonia, Headquartered and Focused at Barcelona, had clearly Asked to Support those Parties which would "Respect all Muslims" and give them all (i.e. even mere Newcomer Foreigners, from Non-European Countries) a "Right to Vote" in the Elections, as its texts said.

Meanwhile, the Number of Muslim Migrants in Catalonia had very Rapidly ... Exploded, Growing from 30.000 up to 700.000 in just Ten Years, Becoming, in certain Catalan Municipalities, Bigger than 20 % of the Local Population (!), as Spain's Biggest Newspaper "El Pais" (Center-Left) had Warned, already on 2015, (i.e. precisely when the Latest Local Elections took place).

The most Alarming Fact is that, in Addition, among 98 Dangerous Mosques found, throughout All Spain, to Spread "the Most Radical" views of Islam, including "Salafism", etc., at least 50 were in Catalonia, (i.e. "More than the Half") !... They were among 216 Muslim Mosques in Catalonia, all in all, and 1.264 Mosques throughout Spain.

Since it has Recently been Denounced, even by traditional Muslim Arab Countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc., as well as by the New US President Don Trump, that some Foreign Muslim States as f.ex. Qatar, (courted by Turkey, notoriously Suspected to have Supported ISIS' Deadly Terrorism's growth around the Turkish Borders to Syria and Iraq for Years), are reportedly Spreading Radical Islamist Propaganda, (f.ex. by Funding Controversial Mosques inside sensitive Populations in European Cities' suburbs, etc) and even Violent Islamist Terrorism, it's obvious that those New concrete Findings at Barcelona Now, are very Worrying.

Today, such Deadly Islamist Terrorism personal Links between certain Mosques recently imported and established inside Europe, (as it was Revealed f.ex., in the Present Mass Massacre Casse at Barcelona and Ripoll : Comp. Supra, but also in several Other Horrible Massacres of Civilian People, f.ex. in Berlin's "Christmas Market" last Winter, etc), involving Wider than Expected Numbers of Muslim Local Residents of Foreign Non-European Origin, (as it was Revealed in this Barcelona Attack, thanks only to an Accidental Explosion of Bombs prepared by at least 12 Islamist Terrorists there, who, Otherwise, Risked to "vanish" withOut being Noticed : Comp. Supra), appears Obviously very Dangerous, particularly when it's Linked even with Personal ties to some Local/Regional/National Politicians who might have an Interest to Exploit a Clientelism vis a vis some Controversial Foreign Muslim Lobbies, able to Influence the Fight against Organized Crime, even Anti-Terrorist Operations' concrete results, and Key Political Issues of European Democratic Institutions, as, f.ex., in the cases cited above.

=> Thus, f.ex., it has Recently been Proven, beyond any doubt, that Many Local/Regional Authorities of the "Socialist" (Labour) Party in the UK had Scandalously Closed their Eyes and Covered up even the most Hideous Organized Crime Networks, Brutaly ans Systematicaly Raping, Bullying, Threatening, Exploiting and Degrading a great Number of Poor Children in the UK (Comp. Supra).

+ Mutatis - mutandis, also in Germany's Northern Rhine - Westfalia (NRW) Region ("Länder"), the Local "Socialist" Authorities have notoriously been Strongly Criticized recently for Grossly Failing to Protect (and even allegedly Covering up or Minimizing the Aggressions against) more than a Thousand of  poor Young Girls and Women at Koeln/Cologne, (depending from Pubic Transport to surrounding Villages, which had been Blocked, Trapping and Exposing them to Aggressions overNight), who were Brutaly Attacked and Sexually Abused by Gangs of Violent Thugs among those Mass "Asylum Seekers"/Irregular Migrants suddenly thrown inside Europe by Turkish a.o. Smugglers since 2015, (See, f.ex., CoE's relevant Pubiic Debate in Strasbourg on 2016 at "Eurofora"s NewsReports, such as : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/coeforenquiryandjusticeonmobviolentattacksagainstwomen.html , etc).



++ Now, even in the Present Horrible Massacre of innocent Civilian People from many European (f.ex. Germany, France, the UK, etc) and Other Countries in the World at Barcelona, Spanish Police sources, cited by Mainstream Newspapers (f.ex. "ABC", etc), Denounced the Fact that some inside the Local/Regional Authorities in Catalonia's capital, (notoriously dominated by "pro-Autonomy" Center and mainly Leftist Politicians), had reportedly ... Hindered the National Police and other competent Spanish Security Forces, (Ready and Willing to Immediately Act on the Spot), even from Approaching and Investigating the Area where 2 Big Explosions had taken place, shortly Before the Islamist Terrorist Attack with a Van and Knives against Civilian People at Barcelona :


=> That strange Obstruction had Resulted in a FALSE initial Appraisal of the Situation by the Local/Municipal Police of Barcelona, who had Curiously Anounced, at First, that it was Only a Banal "Gas" flow Accident, withOut any Relation to Islamist Terrorism ! It was only Many Hours Later, when more than ... 100 Canisters full of Explosive Substances were subsequently Found in that same location, that an Alert was, Finaly, given about something Fishy going on, with probable Deadly Terrorist implications. But, Meanwhile, such a Gross Blunder, gave to ISIS' Brutal Terrorists enough Time to prepare, run and Attack, with a Van and Knives many innocent Civilian People at Barcelona's Touristic Center, Killing 15 and Wounding more than 130 (Comp. Supra).




Something which May have been Prevented, if the experienced and well equiped Spanish Police and Security Forces had been Allowed, by pro-Autonomy Local Politicians, to simply Enter and Investigate the area of that Earlier Explosions, which had Revealed the existence of a numerous Islamist Terrorist Group Ready to Attack the City, mainstream Spanish Newspapers denounced...



Even more Worrying, relevant Fact : What was Delayed, and/or Risked to be Ignored, by that Strange Obstruction, was, inevitably,  also the most Important Finding, inside that Location where had taken place an Accidental Explosion of some among the many prepared by a Gang of Islamist Terrorists (Comp. Supra), obviously were the remains (and a Hand-Written Letter Announcing a Massacre) belonging to its Ring-Leader, that Extremist Imam of Ripoll City's Mosque, whose identity Revealed (for the 1st Time so openly inside Europe) the Existence of Links between various Radicalized Mosques and Imams (f.ex. in Barcelona, Ripoll, Belgium, etc), including also with Politicians who had Recently benefited from a "Push" by a Part of the Local Population in order to be Elected at the Head of Barcelona's Municipality, or as MPs, etc., of an extremely Pro-Muslim Lobby Party (See a series of Facts cited Above).

>>> All these alarming Recent Facts, in Spain, the UK, Germany, etc., seem to clearly Warn that Something much More Dangerous -  than only some alleged "isolated" "Lone Wolfs", merely "Tele-Guided" from just a Few Accomplices located Exclusively in some Far Away Foreign Countries, (Comp. Supra) - Threatens European Citizens and Society Today.


It would be Blatantly Irresponsible to Hide this !


(Comp. also, in this regard, Experienced former Defense Expert and New US President Don Trump's Strategy Director in the White House's Security Council, Rich Higgins' Analysis, about Risks for systematic Combination of openly Terrorist and apparently Political methods for Shady Criminal Lobbies to infiltrate and Impose their Agenda with UnDemocratic means associating Manipulation to Blackmails and Violence, etc, f.ex. at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/hamburgattackrevealswidesecuritygap.html).










("DraftNews", as already send to "Eurofora" Subscribers/Donors, earlier. A more accurate, full Final Version might be published asap). 






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An appeal to make the "World more Human", by defending basic Human Values, helping those in need, and paying hommage to Nature, figured high in Pope Benedict's long-awaited speech at his "First Angelus" in the symbolic, beautiful historic small town of Brixen/Bressalone at the Alpes.


- "No Dictature, nor any destructive force can rob us of the most important goods wich are God's gift", stressed Pope Benedict, referring to elementary Human Values, in a last-minute improvisation of his draft speech, before launching also a call to "help those in need", in order to "make the World more human".

- "Jesus is the focus .. In him is Justice and Freedom", said earlier Brixen's Bishop Wilhelm Egger, after prayers including calls to "Truth, Justice and Freedom", read at a Mass of thousands in the town of Archangel Michael, known as defender of christians against the devil.


In what looks as a reference to BioEthics' dillemas of crucial impportance, raised at Strasbourg's unique in the World legally binding International Treaty on BioMedicine and Human Rights (1998, with the "hottest" issues added later through additional protocols, some of whom are imminent), he spoke also of the splendid "Nature" at this Alpen's ressort : This fits well Vatican's earlier anouncement that Pope Benedict's "prayer intentions for August" are mainly to "respect God's design for the world", and "become ever more aware of the great gift of God which Creation represents for us".

- "The most important things in our lives cannot be bought, but are only given as holy gifts : The Sun and its Light, the Air that we breath, the Water, the beauty of Earth, Love, Friendship, Life itself", Pope Benedict added, extending also to Natural Environment, another topical issue after recent Climatic upheavals at several parts of the World.



The "preparation of Pope Benedict's visit to France", which currently heads the EU, at mid-September, among exceptionaly important Council of Europe meetings on Human Rights in Paris and Strasbourg, is part of his work, together with his "book on Jesus", during brief Summer Holidays in Brixen, said his Spokesman, Federico Lombardi.

- The Pope's message is mainly religious, theological. But we are living in a concrete world, and ideas may be taken by readers as references to the actuality. However, it's better to wait to se what the Pope will say in Paris and at Lourdes, added to EuroFora Lombardi, who is also Director of Vatican's Press Office.


Brizen/Bressanone is similar to Strasbourg by succeeding to make a fertile synthesis of Germanic and Latin sources of Europe, like the two local rivers who meet at the historical center of the town, among spectacular ressorts at mountains' hights.

Headquarters for an Historic Religious Seminar, it attracted recently also a Free University's Educational studies. Well-known as a long-time preferred rest place for former cardinal Radzinger and his brother Georg, it includes areas named "St Benedeto" and "St George"...


But Pope Benedict's first speech gave also another symbolic rendez-vous :

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