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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Elxis 2008 has a powerful mechanism that produces search-engine and human friendly URLs. SEO PRO is not a component or some sort of additional software, it is an integral part of the Elxis core. Plus, it demands no additional settings other than its activation! The URLs are automatically produced from Elxis, based on your SEO titles, that you type during the creation of an article, the addition of a link, the addition of a category, e.t.c. SEO PRO is equipped with an automatic suggestion and validation mechanism for SEO titles, that uses AJAX technology. The internal functions of this mechanism allow the romanization of any word, in any language, in order to make it appropriate to use in a URL. SEO PRO is created especially for Elxis CMS and is exceptionally quick, because the whole front-end part has been optimized for the fastest creation of SEF URLs. Finally, the backward compatibility has been maintained in order to use the classic 2006.x. SEO or to intstall a new software from a third party developer.

An additional range of features optimizes the website for search engines. During the creation of articles, and in case the meta data are not filled in, then they are automatically filled in by Elxis. Elxis also produces automatic multilingual meta data in dynamic pages like blogs, user profiles, links, e.t.c. These data derive from the requested content. Elxis HTML code emphasizes important words or phrases of the content, and relates it with suitable HTML elements. For example, it uses h1 tags for the titles of the articles, h3 for the headers of the modules, e.t.c. In the end, all the links contain title tags, the images contain alt text, the form fields contain labels, e.t.c.

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    EU-educated charming young Chinese presence started to be felt in Council of Europe's corridors in Strasbourg at the aftermath of an Historic Resolution adopted by its Parliamentary Assembly in favor of opening the possibility to give China a special "Status" in the PanEuropean Organization.

    - "My proposal to offer to China an official status as "Observer", in short term, under conditions, was welcomed" by the CoE : "The road to Dialogue between China and the CoE has now been opened", declared after Strasbourg's debates and votes the Head of France's delegation, MEP Jean-Claude Mignon.


    "Neither complacency, nor a mere condamnation of China", but a "wise approach of a political issue of great importance", advised Mignon to all those who'd either overload claims on Democracy, Human Rights or Minorities, or close their eyes to anything, there as elsewhere... A balance which was not exactly followed during debates, contrary to Mignon's personal stance, which appeared rather even-handed.

    China is the only UNO Security Council permanent member which has not yet any status at the CoE, being still obliged to be represented in Strasbourg by a General Consul : USA and Canada, even Japan and .. Mexico, have already got a special Status at the CoE, following Strasbourg's decision, back in 1995, to counter-balance the accession of Russia (1996) by creating special links to traditional "Western-world" allies.


    All former "Socialist" Eastern European countries started to have relations whith the CoE through its former sector on Culture and Education, before becoming full Members of Strasbourg's paneuropean organization. Speculations were unfolding recently about establishing a probable concrete link with China through the topical issue of anti-doping in Sport, on the occasion of the 2008 Olympic games.

    More spectacular, a meeting co-organized a few years ago in Strasbourg, by EuroFora and the International Space University between EU Parliament's long-time Rapporteur for EU's Satellite Navigation system "GALILEO", German MEP Brigitte Langenhagen, and a group of postgraduate students, attracted special interest from Chinese experts, and was followed, in less than a month, by the anouncement of China's intention to support EU's GALILEO project with a participation of 200 million €.

    Compared to that, revendications of .. "Turkish" Minorities, by Turkish MEPs, this week in Strasbourg, spreading through a wide area extended ...from Greece up to China, appeared less worrying, than pittoresque...

    Meanwhile, France's political will to start involving China and other important countries in European and Global affairs was due to be raised also at the forthcoming G-8 Summit in Japan by President Nicolas SARKOZY, (NDLR  : confirmed on July 5)


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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