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Tajani plays cards-up on 3 Airlines' privatisation and slots' guarantees for 2010+

Written by ACM
Вторник, 10 Март 2009

Tajani clears Alitalia and Olympic privatisation, eyes Austrian airlines, and guarantees slots for 2010+

    EU cleared out the privatisation of AlItalia and Olympic airlines, in Italy and Greece respectively, and started contacts about Austrian Airlines, but "does not know yet who might come next", said to "EuroFora" EU Commission's vice President for Transports, Antonio Tajani.

    Speaking to Journalists in Strasbourg, Tajani stressed that, while monitoring the respect of EU Law on State aides and Competition, EU also wanted to help Airline Companies' sustainability and "defend Workers" at this period of Economic Crisis.

    That's why, at the same time, EU Commission decided to ask to firmly keep the Airport and flight Slots guaranteed to each Airline company for 2010, at their 2009 level, regardless if they use them all, or not.

    The measure is intended to help Airline Companies to adapt to the Crisis, fex. by temporarily limiting their activities, without losing their slots for next year. Normally we expect that the crisis would end in 2010. But if it continues towards 2011 we shall adapt and probably prolonge further the measure, he ensured.


    Meanwhile, AlItalia's sale for 1,052 million € to CAI was assessed by EU Experts as corresponding to "a fair market value", even if "in the lower margin". But AirFrance/KLM bought a 25% share from CAI, for 323 million €, some 10% Higher than expected, probably because of market changes which occured in the meantime, (fex. synergies and less social tensions, Lufthansa competition, etc). In conclusion, the Italian Government took Legal measures to recover a previous 300 million € loan of State aid, earlier declared illegal by the EU, and this allowed  EU Commission to give now its green light.   

 After an initial bid for Olympic on September 2008, when the Global Economic Crisis started, did not yield offers at its real value, the Greek Government decided to make a direct sale, in order to get a higher price in a faster way, avoiding the interruption of isolated islands' airlinks. Olympic was bought in 3 parts of 44,8 (Suissport etc. for ground segments), 45,7 (Marfin etc. for maintenance management, etc) and 16,7 millions, totalling some 107,2 millions €. The new company will be 100% private, and slimer that the old one.    

The EU Commission's vice-President praised the "good cooperation" he had with both the Greek and Italian Governments.     

Questioned by "EuroFora" which other EU Countries are coming next, Tajani said that he "didn't know yet who" might be on the privasation's pipeline.. But he announced that he had recently started contacts also with the Austrian government, initially for a loan, and may be later for the sale of Austrian Airlines.



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Europe brings Development dynamics at Global Crisis' Summit debates


    Thanks also to EU Parliament Plenary's Strasbourg gathering, EU, during the French EU Presidency, managed to integrate the Development issues at Top Debates on the World Summit against the Economic Crisis  :

    For the 1st time, it's at the same moment with the Wahington G-20 Summit that EU Commissioner Louis Michel co-organizes here with the French EU Presidency parallel mega-events for the "European Development Days", starting from this Week-End and concluding at the eve of a landmark debate in EU Parliament, next Tuesday, on the outcome and follow-up of the Wash.DC Summit.

    EU and its Member Countries are the biggest donor for UNO's Millenium Development goals, with 56%, but the 27 are currently struggling to develop a collective leadership in Economic and social matters, that the 15 of EuroGroup (together with the UK and other countries interested to be usefully associated) are starting to spearhead, after the initial success of the 1st EuroZone Heads of State and Government Summit, of October 12 in Paris, according to a New Repport by MEPs Pervench Beres and Werner Langen on the 10 Years of EuroZone (1999-2009) debated Monday and voted on Tuesday.

    EU, CoE and World personalities will interact here with Heads of State or Government from Tanzania (African Union chair), Burkina Faso (CEDEAO + UEMOA chair), Zimbabwe (MDC chair), Madagascar, Haiti, Mali, Benin, etc, and some 3000 participants from the Economy, Civil Society, Media, Experts, etc, while the City of Strasbourg adds various related Citizen-events.

    Opened by French Secretary of State Alain Joyandet on November 15, and followed by a video-contact with EU Commission President Jose Baroso on the Washington Summit Sunday, the EDD are concluded by Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on Monday, while their main concerns cannot be ignored in the Debate that EU Parliament will hold on Tuesday, (followed by a Resolution on Wednesday), jointly on the G-20 Washington Summit and on EU Commission's work program for 2009.

    A practical opportunity for EU to reflect where it's better to spend EU Citizens' money...

    The move is prolonged in several Paris' meetings of EU chair, French President Nicolas Sarkozy with African Heads of State leading regional Organizations, as from Tanzania (A.U. Chair), Burkina Faso (chair of Economic African organizations), Togo, etc, (in parallel with a Ministerial EU - African Union conference in Ethiopia, followed by a visit to Tchad), logically concluded by a meeting with Robert Zoellic President of the World Bank.

    Many have already warned that an eventual aggravation of Development's Gap accross the World might become much more dangerous to Global Economy, Security, Values and Quality of Life, than Global Warming and/or other, even more serious challenges...

    Will they find an innovative and voluntarist way to really deal with the Development Gap, which might also contribute to help face the Economic Crisis ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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