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French Republicans Head Wauquiez to EF for a Strong France in a Strong Europe: Start from Grassroots

Written by ACM
Thursday, 16 November 2017

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- When "Eurofora" asked Wauquiez briefly if he really Believed that we could Dream, Nowadays, for a Strong France, inside a Strong Europe in the World, his 1st reaction was Positive :

- "Yes ! Yes. I am going to Speak for that !", Alain Wauquiez sharply and clearly promised, in Reply to "Eurofora"s question.

And he really did so (See Infra)...



- Indeed, Arguying later-on for "anOther Vision of Europe", the Frontrunner candidate for the Leadership of MainStream French Opposition Party of the "Republicans" (Center-Right), due to be Elected at the Beginning of December, Experienced former Minister of EU Affairs and University/Scientific-Technological Research, Alain Wauquiez, who is also New President of the Auvergne Region where he was Elected on December 2015, (See: ...), after Fast-Track Visits at EU Parliament this Morning and to nearby Germany from Noon+, with several Last-Minute Changes on his Initial Press Program, appeared Eager to Exchange with Strasbourg's Militants of his Party, in a Meeting where he made a very Long Speech, going ..."Crescendo" on a Spiral of issues of Growing Political Importance (See Infra).

+ He didn't exclude a selective "support" to current French President Macron, whenever he may advance in a "Right Direction" for the Interests of France and all Europe, as the "Right" side of the Political Spectrum conceived them, but, in general, Wauquiez strived to Build a Strategy for a solid Political Alternative, on the main Topical "Hot" Issues, often with Sharp positions.



+ As for the Key BioEthical Issue of Risks to Authorize, for the 1st Time in History, a Massive Artificial Procreation of Human Beings, on the Pretext to allow Homosexual Couples to Fabricate thus Children for themselves from 2018 in France, Wauquiez, in substance, told "Eurofora" that it's, indeed, an important Question to be Raised asap., as he Invited us to do, giving RDV for a serious, in depth discussion the soonest.

Meanwhile, just after Replying (...in pure Deutsch !) also briefly to a short Question by a German collegue Journalist, about his Strategy vis a vis the Center, and Sarkozy's famous advise, recently, on that matter, Wauquiez did already Start practicing such an approach, from the very First Words that he pronounced right at the Beginning of his Long Speech to the Militants of the "Republican" Party in Strasbourg, (where Europe naturally occupied soon a Central place, as we shall see Infra) :



Indeed, Wauquiez was glad to see that "almost all MPs are Present", from various Fractions of the Republican Party, Together with MEPs Anne Sander and Nadine Morano, (representing Strasbourg, and all the Great East Region, respectively), as well as several Local/Regional political personalities, including Huguette Zeller, the Widow of Long-Time President of Alsace Region, Adrien Zeller, (a former Centrist).

He praised those Militants able to stand up with Dignity, even in Hard Moments. Those who Never Sold themselves. Who canNot be Bought. Do Not Betray. I Like them, Wauquiez stressed. (Pointing, f.ex., to Strasbourg's Lower Rhine Department's Secretary General, Georges Schuller, a pro-Sarkozy militant, together with whom he had arrived at the gathering, Greeting "Eurofora" at the door, shortly after we had spoken on Mobile Phone with Schuller).

- "Particularly when some others have Sold themselves. Not because they starved, having nothing to eat. But only in order to get a Ministerial Job, or just another boost to their Vanity... And they Betrayed. And they Said Exactly the Opposite of what they were Saying just 6 Months Earlier... Shame to them ! They didn't Defend France, but Betrayed their Beliefs". "They are not there for their Values, but only for their Petty Selfish ambitions. So, I tell them : "Good Riddannce ! And DoN't ever Return Back to our Family !", he slamed them, Triggering a very Lively and Long Applause by the People.


- >>> Let's Start from You : the Militants".  "Among us, we Debate, and You Decide, with Your Votes", he resumed, speaking during the current Primaries for the Election of the New President of the Republican Party.



-"Our Political Family must be Open to All Generations", he stressed, pointing particularly at a Group of Young Students, that he had Saluted First of all, when he entered the Room. - "We need a Strong, Well Structured, and Enthousiastic Youth Movement, Together with whom he shall Re-Build our Republican Family", he noted.






 - I don't seek to be in the Palaces' of the Republic, contrary to others. I prefer to Move at the Grassroots, and that's why I'm currently Touring via 90 Meetings with Militants throughout all France, because it's from the Grassroots that we are going to ReBuild our Republican movement", Alain Wauquiez anounced from the Start.

 - Some Militants Immediately Asked me me : -"Don't Let us Down !" "Don't Yield to anything !"  ("Ne lache rien !").     

I want to share with you, Today, my Motivation, what I'm Aiming at, and explain

>>> the Pathway to follow in order to ReBuild our Political Family.

At First : It's Our BeLoved Country ; France, which gives Meaning to all what we are doing.

Because there is something Irreductible in France, which canNot be Sold for some Ministerial jos, neither by Betrayals.

>>> - "An Indomitable Voice of Resistance : that of the Republicans !".


He criticized President Macron to "speek so much, going Lyric, about Globalisation, and the Global Village".

while "I Prefer France, my Old beLoved (Charming) Country, with All its Regions, all its Traditions".

instead of that Sad (Global) Village, a DisHumanized Showcase of a World withOut Roots, and WithOut History".

Because I am convinced that it's our Mission.

Here, in Strasbourg's Alsace Region, with the Contrast between the Rhin River and the Mountainous landscapes, the Dynamism of its University and Schools, the Energy of its SMEs, its Craftsmen, Farmers, etc., this Land attached to Work.

When I see f.ex. a Businessman who started from Scratch and now has 600 Workers throughout France, or a Father aged 66 y.o., who continues to Work 2 Days each Week at a Craftsman's workshop, Together with his Son, aged 26, I am Proud of My Country.

 - "France has an Extraordinary Potential.  It has Fabulous Resources. It has Everything it needs in order to become Succesfull", he optimistically pointed out.

 - "20 Years ago, German Businesses used to Establish an outlet in Alsace and Moselle (Lorraine+), because they found there a more Favorable Economic Climate, Work's Cost, and Businesses' Competitivity were Better. And we wer in Advance", he reminded.

 - But, "Step by step, our Country turned Backwards, and, progressively, with an Awful Relentless, all our Values were Droped", he Criticized, "with Sadness and Anger".

 - "Because France is a Big Country, which did Not Deserve such Hardships. Our Country used to be Focused on Work:  from Agriculture up to Factory Workers and Engineers".

    - But, Nowadays, some have "Imposed a Society of Leisure", and I see "Workers" telling me that they "travel 30 km. Everyday to go to Work for a Salary of 1.500 €, of which they are proud, while the Wife also Works, f.ex. as Hairdresser, but, at the End of each Month, taking into Account also what they have to Pay for Baby-Keeping, etc., they realize that, in Fact, by Working, they don't get More than those who do Nothing except from Acumulating all imaginable Social Aids : Today, in France, those who Work are Not Paid for the Fruits (Results) of their Efforts", he denounced.

    - "Our Country believed in being Respectfull, was able to Teach to its Children the Meaning of Effort, and was attached to Republican  Order, as Philosopher Peguy used to Say : "WithOut Order, there is No Liberty", he Reminded.

    - But, "step by step, Respect was abandoned to vanish. Those who used to Break the Law, were allowed to Impose their Law"... F.ex., Today, even armed Policemen, sometimes Feel Afraid themselves, because, in case of Violent Conflct, they have to Think Twice before Touhing their Arm, while their Adversaries can move Fast...  

 - "Recently I was at Toulouse City, where a Drug-Dealer had left a Message in Every Staircase of a Collective Building : - "Whoever Speaks to the Police, will be immediately Punished. Here, We give Orders !" Signed : - "The Management"...

     - Indeed, often, with all those Procedures, Bureaucracy, etc., as a Policeman told me recently,  -"Whenever we might Arrest someone, he will be set Free asap., and will Return Back to his Home Faster than we'll Return Back to the Police Office !"...    

     - Now the Government wants to Bring Back a "Police of Proximity", risking to Transform the Policemen in a kind of Street Artists or Social Workers"...

    - On the Contrary, "a Gangster is a Gangster, he's not a Victim of Social Oppression. And when he has Committed a Crime, his place must be in Jail", he urged.


     - "Our Rural Areas, particularly Important here, in (Srrasbourg's) Alsace Region, which Add the Strenth of the Cities to the Netwok of Villages", are Negleed, he denounced.

    - F.ex., "Funds are given to (the Capital City) Paris for more High-Speed Trains, and even the (Future) Olympic Games, etc., while, on the Contrary, step by step, our Villages see their Funding Reduced, step by stem, Condemning them to Poverty : I Refuse that !".

    - Indeed, "the Government augements the Ministerial Budgets in Paris, but Cuts that of Territorial Authorities", (i.e., Villages, Cities, Departments and Regions), denounced, more widely, Wauquiez, who has been Elected, since December 2015, as "President of Region", where "we Reduced Administrative Spending for - 6% Less", as he pointed out.

    - But, "at the Same Time, the Spending of the State  ...Augments, since the Total Public Spending is Growing, this Year for +7 Billions € More !", he Denounced.

    - Thus, "there is Not a real (National) Policy to Reduce the overall Spending. And the Public Deficit is Augmenting, (in absolute terms), while even the (External) Trade Deficit is Augmenting", without doing something serious to Change thet, Waquiez Criticized.

    - "While, as you know very well Here, (i.e. in Strasbourg's Region, near the Borders with Germany), on the Contrary, "at the Other Side of the Rhine River, Prosperity is Built on the basis of (Foreign) Trade Surplus".

    => In Fact, Despite that, the new President, "Mr. Macron persists to play as a Cicada, but thinks that he will, afterwards, manage to Charm (the German Chancellor) Angie Merkel : He doesN't know that, in Germany, they ask First to put things in Order inside France, Before to give Lecons on Europe", Wauquiez stressed in Strasbourg, applauded.

    Significantly, he said that, not only after Earlier Brief Meetings at EU Parliament this Morning, but also After a Fast Round Trip between Strasbourg and Stuttgart (Capital of Nearby Germany's Baden-Wurttemberg's Federated State's Capital City), Later around Noon/Early Afternoon, as "Eurofora" was informed.

    - "But, do we have still the Right to Speak out on those things ? Who, still, Dares say that Social Aids should Not Pay More than Working ? Who has still the Courage to Denounce a quasi-Automatic Debt in our Country ? To say that Respect and Order must be Restored ? (etc),  he Wondered, Summing up the points that he criticized earlier, (Comp. Supra).

     - On the Contrary, one has a "Feeling, that, step ny step, the (Traditional) Right has Yielded and Resigned, vis a vis such Ideological "Tabu".     

    - So that, "step by step, we have Allowed for the Left" side of the Political Spectrum, "to Decide What People might have a right and the Freedom to Debate, or Not", Wauquiez Denounced.    

    -   "What is still Authorized for the Political Right to Debate, withOut being, Immediately, Accused to be a "Hard" Right, and Excomunicated, to be Burned alive ?", he wondered.          

    - "Perhaps, Only on how to Handle Public Debt, and know whether the Deficit should be 2,9% or 3,1% ?...", he Ironised.




    >>> - "But, Real Politics, are Absolutely anOther Kind of stuff !...", Alain Wauquiez stressed firmly.

    => F.ex. "Speak about the Excessive Mass Immigration ? Ah, a very Dangerous Issue, even to aproach"...

    => "Express the Necessity to Transmit France's Identity ?", Oh, ... a Forbidden Issue, which cannot be approached, but only with an Incredible amount of Precautions"...

=> - "Speak about Values, and the Transmission of Values ? About Merits ? Or Work ? Effort ?"...

- "Certain People have even Abandoned several of these Values, sometimes Even inside our Political Family, some have Abandoned', he criticized.

>>> - "And, all that, Only in order to Buy the Indulgence of some Censors of Public Debates in France, who have Usurpated a right to give Good and Bad Points, we have Lowered and Abandoned our (Political) Line", and Hidden our Ideas, under a curtain of Restraint", Wauquiez Denounced with Anger.     

    - "I Don't Know what is the "Hard Right", Neither the "Soft Right", or "Modern Right", etc., and I'm fed up with those who abuse of such denominations as a kind of Flags, in an Attempt to Exclude the others ! I belong to the Right", "really to the Right, and that's already something"... , he conncluded, apploaded.

  - "For the rest, let's Liberate us, once for all ! Look how Debates are going on in France nowadays :

  - "After Each (Deadly Islamist Terrorist) Attack, how some are seeking to reproduct, endlessly, the Same Dramaturgy:

 - "We live, with a pain in our Heart, those Photos of Broken Destinies and Lives, Published after each Attack":

 - "F.ex., as those 2 Young Girls of Marseilles, (Brutally Murdered by Knife Attacks of Cowards recently) : They had Smiles in their Faces, and all their Life Ahead of them. But they were Massacrated by Barbary", he reminded.

- "What Measure are they taking  immediately After Each Attack (by Deadly Islamist Terrorists) ?

 -  "...They close the Lights at Eiffel Tower ! We Light Small Candles.. ", he reminded, (while Bitter Laughters were spontaneously Emerging among the People).

 - "And they pronounce those Terrible Words : - "No Amalgam ! Don't Confuse !"... "Those Words which DoN't say Anything, Which don't serve to Tell the Truth, but, on the Contrary, to Hide the Truth" :

 - "No Amalgam", for what Purpose ? In order to Prohibit Revealing the Origins of this Terrorism ? In order Not to Say that it's a Terrorism coming from Islamist Fundalentalism ?", Wauquiez wondered.

 - "No Amalgam, because some don't Dare say that there is a Battle going on inside a Religion ? In which, the Fundamentalists are trying to Dominate the Moderates ?"

 - "No Amalgam", in order to Avoid Taking the Necessary Measures ?"
 - "I was Stupefied to watch the Conditions of the Debate after Marseilles'" latest Deadly Islamist Terrorist Attack targetting innocent Civilian People, Wauquiez observed :

 - "Some Raised that Terrible Question, on the occasion of a Murderer, who had Not even any Residence Permit, who had Committed Many Thefts, who had Changed Many (Fake) Identities, one after the other", (etc)...

 - "And the main (Practical) Question that they raised, was:  -"Why wasn't he in Prison ?"

 - "Well, I just ask: - "Why Was he in France ?", Wauquiez pointed out. -"Why did they Keep in France someone withOut any Residence Permit, and who had Nothing to Do in France ? Well, if they had Extradited him Out of the French Territory, then, all this (Bloody Murders) wouldN't have happened !", he concluded, widely Applauded.

  - "Among all those Families of Victims, who were present at the Court, around the Case of Merah, (the 1st Brutal Islamist Terrorist to Murder innocent People in France, including even 2 Small Children, back on 2012, at the "Hottest" point of a Crucial Presidential Election, at the Eve of then President Sarkozy's scheduled venue in Strasbourg, for a Speech on Europe's Future, while Wauquiez had also just visited here, as f. Minister of Universities and Research : Comp., f.ex., among "Eurofora"s NewsReports" then, also : ...) :

 -  "Is it necessasy that it's a Muslim Woman, with her Scarf, who tells us, a Mother who Lost her Son: a French Soldier murdered by that Barbarian,

is it necessary that it's also a Jewish Father who lost his Daughter, that I met at Toulouse, a Young Girl that the Barbarian held by her Hair while putting his Gun on her face, that they Both tell us :

- "Dont' do a Mistake ! DoN't be Cowards !  DoN't Resign ! Don't be Blind ! Open Your Eyes !"



 >>> -"The Fight that we have to lead, is a Long Struggle. It's a Fight which does Not Allow Any Resignation ! Not Any Hesitating Hand !"

 - Because, "those that he have in Front of us, are full of Hate Against all what we are. They want to Demolish Every French Value, they want to Usurpate (Hijack) Islam in order to make it a Fundamentalist and "Hard" Religion. That's the Fight that we have to give. We don't have the Right to resign. In Front of Terrorism, our Struggle must be Implacable. But, this Government Lowered the Protection Level for French People, by putting an End to the State of Emergency", (1 Month ago).

=> Thus, "I revendicate that, when a Jihadist leaves for Syria, this will Not be a Round Trip, but a Trip withOut Return : He must be Judged there ! So that he canNot, no more,  make any Step on a French Ground !", Wauquiez concluded on this Crucial and Topical Issue, Largely Aplauded by th People.


On Europe :

- On Economy, f.ex. Germans are very Keen to Defend their Industrial tissue, and particularly their Small and Medium Businesses. It's very rare that notable Public Procurements might not be offered, at first, to German Companies. In In almost every Village, you can see at least one SME, a "Family Company", which has 500, 1.000, 2.000 or 3.000 Workers, and makes possible Revenues and Jobs in that area. In Germany, the Biggest Groups work Together with Middle-size Companies, and, them, with SMEs, while the Public Authorities take Care of the overall Economic Tissue, in order to Help productive work.

- But, we, in France, rather Focus on Making ...more and more Rules. And we send "URSAF"'s Inspectors to check the Businesses. While, whenever a Company needs to make the slightest Project, we open a Procedure to Declare it a "Public Utility". When a Businessman Hires an Apprentee, we "Thank" him, by sending a Work Inspector. So that, finally, most Business are Facing Heavy Bureaucratic issues.


+ And we must learn to Defend our "Know How" : It's not rude to speak about "Industrial Patriotism", as the EU had supported, at its Founding stages, and had even endorsed at the Amsterdam Treaty, to defend "an European Community preference", Wauquiez reminded. F.ex., Nowadays, whenever there is a Public Procurement, we should say that there si No reason to accept Companies from Foreign (Non-European) Countries, which do Not accept to Open their own Public Procurements to EU Businesses, he proposed.

- F.ex., think at China, where EU Companies have, sometimes, certain Bumpy Conditions to respect, before being able to produce and sell there anything, he evoked.

- I don't want France and all Europe to be transformed into an area of Super-Markets, where People push caddies withOut anything Produced in France and/or other EU Member Countries, he characteristicaly stressed. We (EU) must be Open, but not to those who are, in fact, more or less Closed for our Businesses, he concluded.


As for the recent, ALSTHOM - SIEMENS Fusion, including on High-Speed Train, the French Mainstream Opposition Leader asked Clarifications, because he said that it wasn't clear why such an important French Industrial Company should be sold even if it didn't have Cash problems, neither Activity issues. And, without contesting the general interest to Help Build "European Champions" able to face Global Competition, he wondered why it should be always France who sells its Industries, allegedly for that purpose, without any other European Country ever selling one of its own industries to France for such an EU aim.


 - Indeed, in general, "We Need Europe". "I am a Convinced European. I know that, in Front of Globalisation, we never Needed so much Europe as Now", stressed Alain Wauquiez in Strasbourg.

 - So that "I don't accept that some might slander me by claiming that I'd be "Euro-Sceptic", etc., he added.

 - But, since both French and other European People now attest that, I want to be able to say that, nowadays, "there are also some things which do Not work well", he criticized.

 - F.ex., "when we put Too Many Countries at the Table, we arrived at a point where it's no more easy to Decide", Wauquiez pointed out, as far as the main EU Decision-Making processes are concerned.


+ And "we forgot the Founding Spirit of Europe, when we Changed the original Idea of the founding Fathers to "build Europe by Projects", Replacing it into attempts to build Europe by Legal Rules, he added.





>>> However, "I Want a Europe with Power. A concrete Europe. A Europe which Protects us. A Europe which Helps us to Face the Chinese and American Giants.  More Europe for "Erasmus", (while only 5% of Students benefit until Today). I Want a Europe for Big Infrastructure Projects".

-  F.ex., "I Dream of a Big High-Speed Train, from Madrid to Paris and Berlin, through Strasbourg", Wauquiez added, supporting an "Eurofora" idea of 2004/2005, which advanced, then, up to Moscow, and had incited, among others, also former French President's Decision to exceptionaly Organize a Franco-Germano-Spanish-Russian Heads of State/Governments' Quadrilateral Summit, at Elysée Palace in Paris, (Comp. "Eurofora" co-Founder's Publication, then, at "TCWeekly", from Elysée, at: ...). Later-on, a Joint Company, mainly on Technical/Commerical matters,
had also been agreed between ALSTHOM and a Russian equivalent Company. And China's current wish to Link Beijing to the EU, through a mainly Trans-Siberian Railroad, naturally Strengthens the GeoPolitical Interest of such a possibility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

+ And, "I Dream of a Europe which fixes, as its 1st Challenge, to Boost the European (Scientific and Technological) Research", "and become teh 1st Continent in the World to Discover a Vaccin agains "Alzheimer"" Disease, for Elders, added Wauquiez, who has a relevant Experience, after having served also as Minister for Universities and Research, (Comp., f.ex., various Statements that he has made to "Eurofora" as RST Minister, then, f.ex., at: ... , etc).

=> I.e., to put it in a nutshell, as a matter of General Principle, "I Want More Europe, whenever we are Stronger Together, but, for all the Rest, I Want (National States') Liberty", he Resumed.

- F.ex., "I want for France to become able to Recover its Freedom on Migration policy", Wauquiez pointed out.

-"Because, at this moment, EU MIgration Policies do Not work", he added to well known Criticism also oi various Other EU Top Political Leaders, particularly after the 2015/2016 UnPrecedented "Tsunami" of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants' rush to enter Europe from Turkey, which notoriously provoked many Problems, never seen before.

- Since "Germany seeks More Migrants, because of a Weak Demography, (Natural Births), but a Big Economoic Growth", while France, on the Contrary, "does No more succeed to Integrate" (as in the Past) such a new kind of Migrants, "so that we (French) need to find anew our Freedom to Monitor our Migration Policy", as he Analyzed this "Hot" and Complex, current issue.

+ Another, "Bigger Difference with (the current French President) Macron, is that I Refuse any more New EU Enlargement", Alain Wauquiez stressed.

- "Because EU currently faces Difficulties, and it's Not in the Same Context of 6 or 7 Years ago", he explained. So that "Enlarge the EU to Western Balkan Countries, such as Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegobina, and Serbia, inside the EU, is Crazy, and I'll Oppose that, with all our Strength", he Warned. (The most Controversial and UnPopular case of Turkey, from the Asian Continent, being, a Fortiori, inconceivable). => In consequence, at least "During the Next Term of EU Parliament (2019-2024), there must Not be Any New Enlargement of the EU", he concluded, Applauded.


- "And, (in General), it's not merely because we have anOther Idea for Europe, than (the current French President) Macron, that we should be Accused to be "Anti-Europeans", he pointed out.

- Because, "there is Not Only Mr. Macron's Vision of Technocratic Federalism", as he described it, "but there is also anOther Vision of Europe, that we support : That of (mainly Franco-German+) Rhine River's Humanism", Wauquiez claimed.

- And, in this regard, "we have made a very Grave Error Not to Mention the Greco-Roman Roots, the Christian Roots, and the Roots from the Enlightnment" Century, "in the EU Constitution", he Strongly stressed, very Widely Applauded by the People.


+ Turning now on "the Communautarism" (i.e. Socio-Cultural "Ghettos") problem, he pointed at those who "attempt to Refuse to Debate, and to Face the Reality", as he criticized :

- F.ex., according to a recent, "Shocking Testimony of a College's HeadTeacher, in Marseille City, when a Proffessor spoke about the Equality between Men and Women, suddenly, the Kids in front f her, started to say that She did Not had the Right to Claim that, because it would be an Insulte to their (Muslim) Religion !"

 - When the HeadTeacher asked for the Pupils to meet him, and Told them that this Was Wrong, because, in fact, there was Nothing in the Islamic Religion as such, about an InEquality between Men and Women, the Pupils Replied : - "But, Look : It's written even in the Book that they gave us !". It was "a Book of Fundamentalist Propaganda". - "Who gave you That Book ?", the HeadTeacher asked.  - "The Supervising Monitor, at the SchoolYard", they Replied...

 - "Despite being Leftist, the HeadTeacher accomplices his Duty with Conscience, and Makes an Investigation : He Finds out that this School Supervisor was, in fact, an individual officially "Classified in "S" (Security) Files" by the competent State Authorities :  "i.e. he was among the Most Dangerous and Radicalized individuals !", Wauquiez Denounced, (to the great Astonishment of the People)...

 - Then, "he goes up to the Prefect" of the Region, "and Asks him to Revoke that Supervisor immediately, and put him Out of the College".

But, the Prefect replied : - "Sorry, but this is Legally Impossible, since the Labour Code does Not provide for such an action... However, you'd better Keep an Eye on him !"... (Various Strong Reactions among the Audience : Spontaneous Laugter being Followed by Noisy Discussions).

 + But, "the Worse happened when a Jewish Mother met, Later-on, that same Head-Teacher, asking him to receive her Son into that College : - "Sorry, but I canNot Accept your Son in this College, simply Becaus I canNot Guarantee his Safety", the HeadTeacher was obliged to Reply...

 - "Few Politicians dare Speak Out about that !", observed Wauquiez, in front of a quite Stunned Audience...

 - "Most Politicians Chose to remain Silent, by complacency and/or because they might Seek to Buy some Votes. But I won't Shut up !", announced Alain Wauquiez.

 - Because "I Refuse that we Yield, step by step, to that kind of ordinary Communautarism (Socio-Cultural "Ghettoisation") ! On the Contrary, "we must hold a Crystal-Clear Stance on those Neighbourhoods : That we shall Always struggle for the Children to have Equal Access to the Best Possible Education. For your Children, when they make great Efforts (in Education), to have All the Chances offered by the Republican State. So that when they want to Work, they can be Able to have Access to the Same Jobs as Others", Wauquiez promised.

- "Because here is the French Republic, and we will Never Yield, not even a square meter of Territory, to Fundamentalism and Communautarism" (Socio-Cultural "Ghettoisation"), he vowed, Lively Applauded by the People.

+ "That's why", f.ex., "in my Region", (of Auvergne, at the Center of France, towards Switzerland, where he was Elected since December 2015 : See ...), "I Refused to Fund a Muslim Institute which was, in fact, Paid by ...Saudi Arabia, (and Not by a Local, French Religious Community) because I don't want for Such Foreign Countries to Extend further their Influence inside the French Republic : That's Enough ! Lets Not allow them to Enlarge even More their (Foreign) Influence inside Our Country, under the Shade of their (Foreign-paid, and, therefore, controlled by Foreighners) Mosques. That's Enough !", he urged, triggering a Long Popular Applause.

+ More on Macron : Selective + Critical Support ?  

+ Returning back to Macron, Wauquiez acknowledged that, "sure, from times to times, he can make some Technical Reforms which go towards the Good Direction".

 - "And, since there is No Doubt about my (Political) Position at the Right, I could, sometimes, Give him my Support, when it's in the Interest of France", he announced.

 - "Since I'm sufficiently Clear about the Values that I support, so that I can't be Dissolved inside his "Let's Walk ! ("En Marche!") Movement, because there is No Doubt about Who I am", as he said.

 - "It's not even Excluded that, sometimes, he (President Macron) might, eventually, do a Little bit Better than his Precedessor...", Wauquiez Smiled, ironically pointing at the notoriosly Negative Assessment of Former President Hollande's mandate outcome, on which even himself said that he wasN't satisfied, and, therefore, Prefered To Quit his Political Career.


 - "Even if he (Macron) was his (Hollande's) main Counsellor, as its Good to Remind him, from times to times", he added on this point.


  - "But, for the Rest, he does Not have the Same Vision about France, as we (Center-Right "Republicans") have", Wauquiez stressed, as a matter of general principle.

  - F.ex., "he Never speaks about the French Nation", "but of a <<Start-Up>> Nation". And "he stressed that there is Not such thing as a "French Culture", he accused. "And he has just gone, at Northern areas' Neighbourhoods, to tell to the Kids, that, it might be also because of France's Errors that Fundamentaiism and Terrorism exist", he accused.

- "No, Mr. Macron, France is Not Responsible for Islamist Terrorism, on the Contrary, it's a Victim of that, and Nothing doesn't Excuse to take Arms against the Country which generously Welcomed you", Wauquiez reacted, applauded.


=> So that "there is a Need for a Republican Voice  in France", he concluded.

= And "When Fillon lost in the April 2017 Presidential Election, it Was Not because of the Values that he supported, (and I'm grateful to Fillon that he did Not Yield on any mai point, just in order to Please some, by making them believe that he would not have been so much at the Right Side).

- But it was because of an Exploitation (by a few State's Judges/Prosecutors notoriously Leftists) of some so-called "Affairs", (so anodynous, in fact, as the Employment of Fillon's Wife as his Parliamentary Assistant, during All his political Career, since the 1980ies, as many Other MPs used to do), which Undermined our (Republican Party's) Candiidate", he reminded, Applauded.

+ "I even Believe that there is, in France, a Silent Majority of Peuple who Expect from a Political Voice to be Raised, to Say things, to have the Courage to Fight, to Stand up, and Support what a Majority of French People shares in common with us, and .. corresponds to mere Logic".

 - "Shall we let to Melenchon (the Leftist Political leader) the Monopole of the Resistance ?", he wondered. - "The Poor Guy, he's already become (notoriously) Depressif", he observed, smiling.


- "On the Contrary, I'm Not Depressif at all ! I'm in Full Shape ! And I have a lot of spare Energy to sell ! So that the main Political Opposition, in France, will be that of the Republicans !", Alain Wauquiez (who just came from his Auvergne Mountains, full of pure  Oxygen) boasted smiling, Lively Applauded by the People.

- First of all, we are going to put in Order our Party : A leader is made in order to lead, but he needs also a Good Team around him.

- Afterwards, we must Rally a Wide support around us. We must attract All our Political Family Together with us : I like this Picture that I see right now in front of me : Some among you had supported Copé (former SG of the Party), others Fillon, or Juppé, others Sarkozy, or they were lost at some other direction, But you are All here, United Together, Tonight !", he observed.

 - Our Party had also Various Different Political sensibilities in its Past History (of the Center-Right, mainly Neo-Gaullist Movement), and we used to Discuss among us, until Late Evening, ("Not with some Negative words, in front of a Press eager to Exploit that..). But, once we had Debated and Decided Together what Direction we should Fix in front of us, then, Everybody Followed that Collective Movement, he reminded.

- "That's precisely what I Want : A "Republican" Family with All its Diversities, but, once, at the End of the Road, a Direction is Determined, Everybody Follows that : I'm fed up by those Hidden (political) "Snipers", who don't even have the Courage to Present themselves in a Democratic Election, but "Shoot" against their own Camp, Weakening it !", Wauquiez Denounced :  - "Help me to Silence those Division's bells, so that they Shut up, once for all !", he Dynamically urged, strongly Applauded by the Militants, (apparently Eager for a United and Efficient political Action).

 + "And we shall realize that great Union of the Center and of the Right", he promissed. In this regard, "I'll Never broker Any Alliance with Elected Politicians of the (Rightist) "National Front", Wauquiez promised, as the Centrists have Notoriously Asked him to do. - "No Hate, No Incompetence, No Aggressivity", he hastily resumed.

 - "But, on the Contrary, I want for us (Republicans) to Speak with those Voters of the "NF" Rightists, that we had Disapointed".

 >>> Simply "Because there are Not 35% of so-called "Fascists" and "Extremists" in France !", Alain Wauquiez stressed, (pointing at the Popular Votes gathered by the Rightists' Candidate, Marine Le Pen, at the 2nd Round of the Presidential Election in France on May 2017 : See "Eurofora"s NewsReport, then, at ...).

- "There are only People who observed us, (Center-Right's "Republicans", former "UMP"), and concluded that "the Problem with the Right, is Not that it Talks Too Much, But that it does Not Act Enough when it has the (Governemental) Power"... That's Not at all the Same thing", he Distinguished.


=> - "I stand at the Right" side of the Political Spectrum, and "I Want that we make the Alliance of the Right and of the Center. But, it's Not about an Alliance of ...the Center with the Center" (sic !), as Wauquiez characteristically Criticized, "because it's Good that the Right (really) stands at the Right" : "That's what I Believe !", he concluded, Lively Applauded.



 + "For the Rest, we shall Boost Together the Voice of that "Silent Majority" which Waits for us", (Comp. Supra).

- "The Silent Majority believes in Schools", Alain Wauquiez pertinently resumed. "Those who are Able to Give to our Children the Best Technology Tools, in order to Allow them to be Succesfull".

- "But it's also those who Believe that Schools help to Learn, to Build, and Not to Demolish. That Schools need the Authority of a Teacher, since the Children can't Learn Alone. They are those who Believe that, when we Open a Book of Litterature, we should Find there a Poem of Lamartine or of LaFontaine, and Not Necessarily Oblige our Children to Learn  rab Songs. That in France, it's Good to Read and Like Victor Hugo. And, according to that Wonderfull wording of Philosopher Simone Weyl : - "Never Forget that, Educate is give something to Love, and that should be France" : "That's the School of the "Republicans"", Alain Wauquiez concluded.


+ He added various converging Concrete Promises, f.ex., to Restore Scholarships according to School Results ("on Merits"), and Not to Parents' Revenues, (i.e. which do Not Exclude the Children of Middle-Classes).

++ As well as "Solidarity" with Old UnEmployed Workers, or Young People needing a 1st Professional Experience in order to Start their Working career.

But also Rejection of Abuse of Unemployment Social Aids in case of Refusal to Work for futile motivations of personal Confort, etc, Establishment of an Obligation to offer a "General Interest" Work in Exchange of Social "Minimum Revenue", etc.

Protection of Pensioners from Excessive Taxation, etc. To Reduce or Drop Taxes on Family Inheritance. Preserve Family Allowances without strict Conditions of Revenues, (while Criticizing Allowances given to Foreign, Non-European Immigrants even if they have Not yet Worked and Contributed at all in France). Help to Handicaped People, etc.

+ And he Concluded by the attachment of the "Silent Majority" to "France's Identity" :

- Most People "don't accept for France's identity to be threatened", Wauquiez stressed.

 - "For Generations, our County was Able to Integrate those who were coming from Elsewhere", he reminded.

 - Families of Migrants used to incite their Children to consider their Host Country, as their own, urging them to become really French : "That was the History of the Succesfull French Integration" of Generations of Migrants in the Past, he observed.

- "But, recently, step by step, Started to Happen the Contrary : Those who are arriving, not only do Not want to be Integrated in the French Society, but many even Ask from the French Society to become Adapted to themselves !", Wauquiez Denounced, (particularly as far as Recent Massive Waves of Migrants f.ex. on 2015/2016 through Turkey, is concerned : I.e. a Similar Phenomenon to what Others - even "Socialists"-  have Observed recently also in Sweden, etc). "However, it's Not for France to be adapted to them, but for them to become adapted to France", he stressed, Applauded by the People.

- F.ex., "how could we accept for so-called "Street Prayers" to persist without any action from the Police Authorities ; to have become Unable, in some Neibourhoods, to Speak in Schools about the "Shoa" (Mass Extermination of Jewish People by NAZIs during WW2), without provoking Revolts ? To have "Differenciated" Openings of Public Services in some Municipalities (as in Lille, etc), while Public Services should be Equal for all ? How to Accept that Christian Creches become the "Ennemy" Number 1 of Laicity, to the point that Even a Christian Cross at a Statute of late Pope John-Paul II may be Threatened to be Outlawed ?", he wondered, citting well known examples of UnPrecedented Controversies in nowadays France.

 - "Our Country has its Historic Roots. And it's Not by Erasing its Historic Roots that we shall "Welcome" better those who arrive now. The Best Way to Welcome them is to sincerely and clearly Tell them : - "Here are the Rules of our Repblic : Make them Yours, and you shall have your place under the French Sky, but you must make them yours : That's what we expect !", he stressed, widely Applauded by the People.


+ Last, but not least, "We must revive our Pride" and Dignity : "France is a Country which has a Great and Beautiful Culture. A Big and Good History. It's Standal and Molière. It's Jaurès and De Gaulle. It's Delacroix and Matisse. It's Versailles and Saint Odile Mountain. It's the "Tour de France" and Louvres Museum. It's the Senegalese Soldiers and the Italian Masons. It's the Laicity in our Schools, and Church Bells in our Villages. At the same time, its Christian Roots, and the French Revolution. France is a Country which wrote Beautiful Pages of History, However, it's Not a Nostalgy, but a Promise for the Future. We must, anew, Trasmit the Love of France !", Alain Wauquiez concluded, lively applauded.

 - "My Friends, I need you in order to Find anew that Energy which always was the Energy of our Political Family. That Nicolas Sarkozy brought after 2004,  when he marked his Best Victory on 2007 (Presidential Elections). That Energy that Jacques Chirac found on 1981, when he Re-Builded anew our Political Party, creating the "RPR". Which was also the Energy of General De Gaulle on 1947, when, Betrayed by many, he didn't resign, but found the Energy to prepare the Renaissance of France on 1958. In our Political Family, we Never Resign. We Never Surrender. And even when any Hope seems Lost, we have Always found how to Search, Deep in ourselves, the Energy of New Victories, and of the Recovery. France Needs the Right, and needs for that Right to be Really the Right. It's that Energy that I Want to Help you Find anew. That Pride that I Want to give you back. Vive la France, et vive la Republique !", Alain Wauquiez said in fine, Galvanizing the Center-Rights' Militants in Strasbourg.






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     La Turquie, test-clé d'Independance de l'Europe face aux USA, les aménant de chercher en commun des nouvelles idées pour se mettre d'accord ?  

 Le débat, amical mais clair, entre les Présidents Américain et Français, Obama et Sarkozy,  la veille des elections européennes du 7 juin 2009, a montré que la question controversée sur la démande de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'Europe est actuellement le point central et le test le plus pertinent de l' indépendance de la France et de l'Europe par rapport aux Etats Unis.   

 Les electeurs européens, aussi bien en France qu'ailleurs en l'UE, auront une seule chance à trancher, ce dimanche 7 juin 2009, en choisisant leurs eurodéputés pour la période 2009 - 2014, car après ca risque d'être trop tard, vu que tous ceux qui suivent les affaires européennes dépuis des décennies savent qu'en réalité, le moment des décisions sur la Turquie viendra au plus tard en 2013, date rétenue dépuis longtemps pour une importante révision des "Perspectives Financières" de l'UE qui reflètent des choix Politiques fondamentaux.

    Le Président français, (récement encore représentant de l'UE, dans laquelle il joue un rôle important, ensemble avec la chancelière allemande Merkel, et autres leaders européens, ayant une influence notable auprès des Citoyens Européens, comme les derniers sondages montrent), réagissant à la repétition, par le nouveau Président Américain de la vieille position traditionelle de l'Washington poushant toujours vers la démande de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'Europe :

     - "Je ne peut pas laisser détruire l'Europe, (qui) est un élément de stabilisation du Monde", réponda Sarkozy. "J'ai dit au Président Obama que pour moi il était très important que l’Europe ait des Frontières", a-t-il souligné, confirmant la position Franco-Allemande commune, récemment rappellée ensemble avec la Chancellière Merkel.

    - "Il y a une différence (entre France/EU et les USA)...  sur les modalités. La position traditionnelle des Etats-Unis d’Amérique, c’est l’intégration" de la Turquie au sein de l'UE. "C’était la position du Président Bush, du Président Clinton, de tous les présidents américains".     

- "La mienne vous la connaissez : Ce n’est pas l’intégration dans l’Union Européenne. Mais j’ai proposé que nous réfléchissions, l’Europe, la Russie, la Turquie à la création d’un Espace Economique et de Sécurité en commun", a ajout Sarkozy rappelant son invitation de créer quelque chose de neuf et mieux adapté.

    Mais, "cela ne veut pas dire qu’il faut repousser la Turquie dans les ténèbres. La Turquie est un allié dans l’OTAN, (et) une Passerelle entre 2 Mondes, voilà quelle est la meilleure modalité. C’est cela dont nous avons parlé", revela-t-il. Si "nous avons une Différence sur les Modalités, nous n’avons pas une différence sur l’Objectif : Faire de la Turquie un élément de Pont entre l’Orient et l’Occident", Sarkozy assura Obama.

    - "Laissez-nous au moins une légère divergence sur un sujet, cela vous permettra de bien réfléchir pour les prochaines échéances", ajouta Sarkozy en réponse à un journaliste de l'opposition Socialiste qui avait soulevé la question de la Turquie, en la melant (comme un lobby turc notoirement essaie de faire pour exploiter la manipulation de quelques Arabes, la Civilisation Historique desquels fût pourtant detruite par l'ex-empire Ottoman-Turc) avec une question tout à fait différente : celle de la voile islamique (!), avec laquelle elle n'a rien à voir.

    - "Sur la Turquie, Monsieur, vous appartenez à un journal ...qui a appelé à voter, au moment de la présidentielle, pour mon adversaire.... Quel était votre argument à ce moment-là ? Vous disiez : « Attention, Nicolas Sarkozy va trop s’aligner sur les Etats-Unis d’Amérique », et je vois que deux ans après vous dites : « Ah, il y a un sujet sur lequel le Président Obama et le Président Sarkozy ne sont pas d’accord » Cela devrait vous rassurer, Monsieur" , réponda-t-il, en faisant sourire même le président américain, (et laissant entendre que trancher définitivemen la controverse sur la Turquie pourrait être au coeur de l' Elections Présidentielle  en France pour 2012 )
    - "Ce que les Etats-Unis peuvent faire, c’est encourager ....TOUT PROCESSUS qui permettra à la Turquie d’être convaincue qu’elle a des amis, que ce soit la France, les Etats-Unis ou l’Europe", réponda Obama, apparamment n'excluant pas, a priori, le point de Sarkozy sur la création d'un espace commun d' économie et sécurité entre l' UE, la Turquie et la Russie (v. supra).

    "Les Etats-Unis ne sont pas membres de l’Union Européenne, nous ne pouvons pas dicter si un pays quelconque adhère ou n’adhère pas à l’UE"; Obama a admis, parlant de la "Turquie, (sur laquelle) le Président Sarkozy et moi nous sommes entretenus sur ce dossier avant".  "Maintenant le Président Sarkozy représente un Etat membre de l’Union Européenne et il a une position différente", opposée à démande turque d' entrée dans l'UE.    

 "La Turquie par contre est un allié de l’OTAN très important. ...La Turquie a fait connaître son intérêt à une intégration croissante avec l’Europe et nous (USA) encourageons cette attitude. J’ai souvent dit que l’adhésion de la Turquie à l’Union européenne serait importante".     

"Mais, (en tout cas) je crois qu’il est important de noter que le Président Sarkozy appuie fortement le travail que la Turquie fait au sein de l’OTAN et je crois qu’il s’intéresse à une intégration économique plus intense avec la Turquie". (Ce qui pourrait se faire, justement, avec un "parténariat privilegié" adéquat et/ou l'idée de créer un espace commun EU - Turquie - Russie  : V. supra).     


Est-ce que l'effort du Président de la France, soutenu par la chancelière Allemande et l'opinion publique de la plupart des Citoyens Européens la-dessus, de trouver un accord entre l' Europe et l' Amérique sur la Turquie, en proposant de sortir des chemins battus et créer du neuf, en etablissant "un Espace Commun d' Economie et Sécurité" (v. supra), suffira de calmer un lobby traditionaliste à quelques bureaucrates de Washington DC, datant dès l'époque de l' ex-"Guerre Froide", beaucoup plus ancien que le nouveau Président vénu de l' oxygen des "grands lacs" près de Quebec du Canada : Chicago, connu comme "la ville du vent" nouveau ?
Le Prémier Ministre Fillon appele à "faire vivre le Rève Européen"


 Seul l'avenir le dira. Mais, entre-temps, l' Europe ne peut plus attendre et perdre encore plus du temps et d'energie vitale sur la démande controversée de la Turquie, qui a notoirement menacé d'arrêter l'édification européenne dépuis 1999-2005 :

    Comme le Premier Ministre François Fillon a clairement dit, un peu plus tôt cette semaine, dans un discours éloquent sur les enjeux de l' Election Européenne de ce juin 2009 (V. résumé envoyé aux adhérents d'"EuroFora"),


    - "S' abstentir, c'est laisser à la Technocratie le pouvoir de dominer" la vie des Citoyens européens, qui devraient prendre l' Europe en branle le corps", et commencer d'agir par toutes les voies politiques démocratiques, prennant conscience que "l' Europe c'est Nous, (i.e. les Citoyens), et "Pas eux !" (i.e. les Technocrates), selon une image symbolique.

    - "Je me souviens de l' Europe obligée de faire Silence, (au Passé), quand "les Grands" décidaient de son sort", rappela Fillon.  "Je me souviens de l'Europe divisée, de l' Europe dominée" par d'autres, '"de l'Europe appauvrie""Je me souviens de Berlin occupé, muré, divisé comme un butin qu'on tire aux dès. Je me souviens du Silence de Varsovie. Je me souviens du Silence de Prague"..   

 - "Nous, les Européens, nous avons bien failli sortir de l' Histoire, et dévenir, pour du bon, les dès d'un jeu joué par d'autres".     

- "C'est pourquoi je ne peux pas concevoir une Europe qui ne serait pas Souveraine, une Europe qui ne serait pas Maitresse d'êlle-même", aujourd'hui et démain, martella-t-il. "Le Monde s'est habitué trop longtemps à une Europe faible, que l'on pouvait traiter avec condescendence".  

 - "Le moment est venu de rélever le défi : Le moment est vénu de montrer que, nous les Européens, avons décidé d'être débout, et d"être nous-mêmes".     

"Dépuis 2 ans (i.e. dès les Elections Présidentielles de 2007), avec Nicolas Sarkozy, nous avons oeuvrer pour relever notre Identité Nationale (de la France), dont nous sommes fiers. Et bien, l'' Identité Européenne mérite tout autant, elle qui prolonge les Génies de nos Nations".


    - "Je crois à la présence d'une Civilisation Européenne", déclara Fillon, largement applaudi par des milliers de personnes ayant entendu une série des Musiques entremelées characteristiques de differents pays européens, et des images lumineuses géantes avec des extraits symboliques de Goethe, de Victor Hugo, de Shakespeare, et d'autres auteurs italiens, espagnols etc celebres à travers l'histoire.

    - "L' Humanisme, la tolerance, la Liberté de la Conscience. La Solidarité. L' Etat de Droit. La confiance placée dans la Science, l' Innovation, le progrès. Toutes ces Valeurs, elles disent clairement où commence et où s'épanuit cette Europe" que nous voulons, observa-t-il.

    En harmonie avec les positions soutenues par le Président du Parlement Européen, eurodéputé allemand, Hans Gert Poettering, et la Chancelière allemande, Angie Merkel, sur la "Dignité Humaine" au coeur des "Valeurs de l' Europe" moderne. Ce qui fait qu'" avec un Elargissement sans fin", même vers la Turquie, c.a.d. "sans Frontières, l' Europe Politique, l' Europe des Valeurs et l' Identité européenne" ne peuvent pas exister, comme a dit aussi le Président francais, Nicolas Sarkozy, recemment à Berlin.

    Fait important : Cette observation de Fillon a été faite le jour-même que le Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l'Europe à Strasbourg concluait une semaine de réunion semestrielle sur les Droits de l'Homme, qui a examiné un grand nombre d'affaires des pires Violations (pex. Tuéries scandaleusement non elucidées, Persecutions et privations arbitraires de Liberté, personnes portées "Disparues", Tortures et "traitements inhumains et degradants", Usurpations illégales des Maisons et Patrimoines privées de Réfugiés, etc., pour lesquelles la Cour Européenne a condamné la Turquie dans plusieurs jugements, dont on attend toujours l' application)...

    - "C'est pourquoi un Elargissement sans fin de l' Europe ne peu pas être un objectif en soi. Parce qu'il ne peut que diluer l' élan européen, et detruire l' Idéntité Européenne"

    -" Voilà pourquoi nous disons, très sereinement, que nous ne sommes pas favorables à l' adhésion de la Turquie dans l'UE", conclua le Premier Ministre de la France; largement applaudi par des gens qui soulevaient le drapeau européen.


       "Ce n'est pas un Slogan de meetings. Ce n'est pas la marque une "Hostilité" au régard de cette grande Nation (i.e. la Turquie), qui doit être étroitement associée à l' UE", pex. par un partenariat priviliegié, ou une autre formule adaptée.

    - "Mais il lui faut des Frontères à l' Europe, il lui faut des Frontières stables, qui lui permettent de renforcer son Unité et son Identité", a-t-il expliqué.

    - "Alors, c'est au nom de cette Europe charnelle, que je m'engage avec vous. Mais, cette Europe-là, ne peut avancer qu' à une seule Condition : celle de l' Europe Politique".

    "Nous avons longtemps douté qu'elle soit possible : Aux années 1970, Henri Kissinger (le notoire ex- Secretaire d'Etat Américain aux affaires etrangères, consideré, à tort ou à raison, comme chef d'orchestre du renversement du Président Allende en Chili, de l' invasion militaire de la Turquie à Chypre, etc), disait, avec une ironie blaissante : - "Ah, l' Europe ? : Quel numero de Télephone ?..." Pendant les 6 mois de la présidence française de l'UE, (7-12/2008), Henri Kissinger n'aurait aucune difficulté de rejoindre l' Europe !", observa-t-il en suscitant des nouveaux applaudissements nourris.


    "J'au vu l' Europe Politique se dresser, et prendre ses responsabilités : L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui agit sans délai, et avant les Etats-Unis, pour stopper des faillites Bancaires qui s'enchaînent, qui nous auraint plongés dans une Depression pire que celles des années 1929. L' Europe Politique est celle qui, maintenant, doit mettre un fin à un Capitalisme Financier, qui a perdu sa boussole. L' Europe Politique est celle qui a réussi d'etablir le règles les plus ambitieuses au Monde dans la lutte contre le rechaufement Climatique. Samedi, nous celebrons l' anniversaire du debarquement de la Normandie, où nos amis Américains ont pris une part décisive à nôtre libération. Mais, en décembre 2009, à la Conference (Mondialle) de Copenhague, c'est nous les Européens, qui allons leur montrer le chemin vers cet avénir commun" pour la sauvegarde de l'Environement naturel. L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui, en août 2008, lorsque la Guerre faisait rase entre la Russie et la Géorgie, s'est interposée pour imposer la Paix. Et c'est elle qui doit, maintenant, se doter des moyens Militaires de se défendre par elle-même, pour elle-même", ajouta-t-il en évoquant clairement la création d'une Défense Européenn Autonome.


    "L' Europe Politique c'est celle qui doit bâtir des grands champions Industriels Européens, comme nous avons fait, auparavant, pour (l'avion) Airbus ou (la fusée) Ariadne. C'est celle qui doit exiger la Reciprocité dans les rlations Commerciale avec nos grands partenaires", sans Dumping Social ou Environmental, ni autre Concurrence Deloyale. "C'est celle qui doit se doter comme objectif d'être "le Continent de l'Esprit", réunissant les plus grandes Universités du Monde, en multipliant les Connexions, entre Scientifiques et étudiants."

    "Nous respecterons nos engagements, jusqu'au dernier", souligna le Premier Ministre de la France, peu après que les candidats-eurodéputés de la coalition Gouvernementale (UMP : Mouvement pour la Majorité Présidentielle) ont signé solennement, devant plusieurs milliers des Citoyens, une spectaculaire pancarte-géante avec "7 engagements" pour les Elections Européennes du 7 juin, auxquels figure aussi l'engagement de "s'opposer à l' adhésion de la Turquie dans l'UE".

     - "Parcque ce respet des engagements est une exigence si nous voulons rétablir la Confiance entre les Responsables Politiques et les Citoyens", conclua Fillon, la veille de ces Elections Européennes de juin 2009, après les Abstentions Majoritaires de 1999 et 2004, suivies de 3 "NON" à 3 Euro-Réferenda dépuis 2005, (dates auxquelles, quelques gouvernements du Passé, avaient donné le statut d'un "Candidat" et commencé des "Négotiationa d'adhésion" avec la Turquie, suivies d'un blocage sans précedent de l' édification européenne)..


"Nore Europe n'est pas n' importe quelle Europe : L' UE Technocratique n'est pas la nôtre. ... L' UE sans Frontières n'est pas la notre. L' UE desincarnée n'est pas la notre". "Nous portons une idée de l'Europe" qui "n'est pas celle des Statistiques et des Bureaux(crates). L'Europe ce n'est pas qu'une Monnaie. Ce n'est pas qu'un Marché. économique".

- "L' Europe c'est d'abord une Culture. L'Europe c'est une Histoire", a-t-il dit, largement applaudi.


       "L'Europe c'est une rencontre entre des Nations qui sont Millénaires et qui sont Brillantes. L'Europe c'est Paris. C''est Madrid. C'est Prague. C'est Londres. C'est Rome. C'est Varsovie. C'est Berlin. C'est Vienne. C'est Athènes : Quant on énonce ces Villes, alors on "sent" nos Héritages et nos Cultures entremelées qui circulent dans nos veines".

    - "Je suis Européen, parcque profondément Français, je sais ce que je dois aux influences de l' Atlantique et de la Méditerannée. J'aime ces Traditions qui offrent à chacun des nos Nations leur éclat. .. J'aime ses saveurs, ses paysages divers. Ils sont également miens, ou, plus précisement, je suis également fait d'eux. Je suis Européen, car, Français, j'aime l' Europe ouverte vers l' Amérique, vers l'Orient, vers l' Maghreb. J'aime les quais de Vénise, ceux d'Amsterdam. J'aime les quais de Thamise où sont vénues pendant des siècles s'amasser les richesses et les nouveautés du Monde. J'aime l' Europe curieuse. L'Europe qui rêve des lointains : L' Europe de Vasco de Gama, de Magelan. de Bougainville, de Charcot, de Monot... Cette Europe qui, aujourd'hui, s'élance vers l' Espace. Je suis Européen parce que Français, j'aime l' Europe qui prospère et qui invente. J'aime l' Europe des Trains à Grande Vitesse. J'aime l'Europe des Satellites et des Fusées. L'Europe de la Mode et des Atéliers d' Artistes. L'Europe des Grands Laboratoires, des Ingéniers. des Entrepreneurs, des Grands Architèctes, des Traditions Ouvrières. Comme rançais, j'aime l' Europe qui dit "NON" à la Tyrannie et qui se soulève à l'appel de la Liberté", a-t-il dit en

"Je me sens lié à ces femmes et ces hommes sans nom, qui ont levé la tête, et qui ont sécoué le joug sous lequel .. on les avait fait pliér", dit-il en évoquant pex.. la Révolution Française de 1789, le Siècle des Lumières, l'appel du Général de Gaulle contre l'Occupation NAZI, et les pires heures obscures qu'un  "Fascisme" ou "Communisme" devoyés, suivies de la Guerre Froide avaient plongé l'Europe au Passé.

"Ils sont des millions, ces Héros Anonymes de notre temps, que nous croisons sans le savoir dans nos rues et nos places. Et je ne peux pas concevoir l'Europe sans eux, et sans tous ceux qui poursuivent leur combat contre l'arbitraire et le fanatisme", ajouta Fillon. Faisant pex. rappeler un récent Film allémand, primé au Festival de Vénise, qui décrivait la vie d'un cadre à l'époque d'un régime oppressif, qui avait été chargé d'espioner la vie privée et familiale d'un couple soupçonné d'être dissidents politiques, mais, ému par leur honnêteté humaine et leur sacrifice pour sauver d'autres, a preferé risquer sa place et sa propre liberté pour les sauver, sans même qu'ils le sachent, condamné dépuis à faire un bas boulot d'anonyme perdu dans la foule..

"Quand je vois l'Europe moderne, je vois les résultats de l' Audace de ces hommes qui ont brisé les traditions de conflit et de violence. Je vois des nations soudées autour d'une monnaie unique et protectrice. Je vois 27 jeunesses appelées de grandir ensemble, sans défiance. Je vois 27 peoples unis, qui nous interdisent de jouer les blazés ou les indifférents".

Jettant "un régard lucide sur les errements de la construction européenne", Fillon a observé que "l' Europe n'a pas bésoin d'être idélisée pour être ce qu'elle est ; Cad. une aventure humaine, avec ses faiblesses et ses forces".

"Vous voulez que l' Europe agisse ? Fixez-lui des objectifs clairs. Vous voulez la Démocratie ? Agissez en Citoyens. Vous rédoutez la prétendue Bureaucratie des Bruxelles ? Alors renforcez, par votre Vote, les instances élues au Parlement Européen" qui sont chargés de la contrôler.

- "Si nous voulons faire vivre "le Rêve Européen", .. alors nous avons tous le dévoir de l' engagement", a-t-il conclu, appelant de "engager pour le drapeau tricolore et le drapeau étoilé, car ils symbolisent tous les deux la fierté de nôtre nation et la force de nôtre union".




2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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