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Ukranian Youth for both EU+Russia link:NGO actors to EuroFora in Christian Taize MegaEvent at EU/CoE

Written by ACM
Saturday, 28 December 2013

*Strasbourg/Hall Rhenus/Angelo Marcopolo/- Shortly after Top Political Dissussions during the latest EU Summit in Brussels, and before important geo-political developments expected at the forthcoming EU - Russia Summit on January 2014, keynote representatives of Ukranian Civil Society to a Mega-Event of more than 30.000 Young People from all over Europe gathered in front of Strasbourg's EU Parliament and CoE/ECHR  premisses by grassroots Christian movement "Taizé", hailed by UNO's Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and various other Political or Religious European and/or International leaders from all over the World, Replying to an "EuroFora"'s question, expressed their wish for Kiev to have close bonds both with the EU and Russia, unless anyone might oblige them to chose only one side.


- Reacting to a recent controversy, "EuroFora" reminded that EU has acknowledged the fact that Ukraine is, without any doubt, a "European" Country, (as it was officialy declared, already since 2008, by the then EU Chairman, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at Elysee palace in Paris, together with EU Commission's President Jose Barroso : See "Eurofora"s NewsReport from the spot), while German Chancellor Angie Merkel, speaking just afew Days earlier in Brussels, pointed at the forcthoming EU - Russia Summit of January 2014, in view of which, a renewed "EU Strategy" could be forged for links to Russia, and, anouncing a personal visit to Moscow before that, advised to search a Deal to overcome "WTO" and/or other eventual Problems in order to allow a possibility for Kiev to conclude Trade Agreements both with the EU and Russia : Something that also the Armenian President Sargsyan had recently defended at the CoE in Strasbourg (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/armenianpresidentoneuandrussialinks.html    + Comp. relevant "EuroFora"s NewsReport from the December 2013 EU Brussels' Summit, with a brief but topical Statement that gave us then the incoming EU Chairman, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, on EU - Russia issues, and Chancellor Merkel's as well as French President Hollande's relevant statements to their Press Conferences, already sent to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors earlier). Thus, we asked a group of young Civil Society representatives from Ukraine, who held a Press Briefing in Strasbourg on the occasion of the recent Demonstrations, what they really thought that is Best for the Future of their Country in this regard.

- Yes, replied positively in substance to this Topical question the Universitarian Victoria Bedzay, who works on management, taking the speech on behalf also of several among her young Friends, who included various Priests but also many other young People from differend socio-professional horizons : - We wouild like for Ukraine to be "Open", and able to reach agreements with all its neigbours without excluding anyone. May be that (i.e. to find a way to have Trade a.o. deals with both the EU and Russia); would also be Better for the Future, she agreed.

- But we are afraid that someone, perhaps Russian President Putin or another, might oppose any such agreement with the EU, so that we (Ukraine) might be obliged, as it was the case back during the old Cold War era, to choose between the EU and Russia, as in the Past, when only USA and Moscow existed, she warned.


+ Meanwhile, an exceptionaly Big number of Ukranian Young People of 17 - 35 years of age have reportedly arrived in Strasbourg for the scheduled PanEuropean Annual gathering of Taizé, the Ecumenical Christian Movement which aspires to create "New Solidarity" bonds between all People, of any Religion or belief, become conscious of the current need to work all together in order to face various New Challenges which face Humanity, (from the Global Economic Crisis, to the need to protect Nature, etc). Most, but not all, among those Ukranian Youngsters reportedly are among the demonstrators, critical to the current Government, but a group among their representative said to the Press that they are in favor of "Peaceful" only means to deliver their message, and acknowledged the fact that another part of the Ukranian population feels  afraid that an eventualy fast Entry into the EU might, perhaps, risk to hamper the Socio-Economic structure of the Country, mutatis-mutandis "as it happened in Greece", as they said, while others aspire, on the contrary to develop the Country inside an EU framework environment, that they believe as more appropriate both for Development and for Democracy and Human Rights.

However, a Young Lawyer, described how she succeeded, recently, to save a prosecuted dissident who risked to be condemned to many Years in Prison, as she said, just based on "New" Ukranian Laws closer to EU standards, while also expressing concerns particularly about the way in which non-transparent political dealings still settle too many issues in the country, according to her view. Moreover, even those aspiring for a rapid Integration in the EU, acknowledged a need for Ukraine to previously reform and strengthen its Economic, Social and Legal Structures, in order to prove in front of all (including the  Majority of EU's Public Opinion) that it really deserves to come much closer and eventually enter into the EU in the Future, where Kiev might also bring an added Value interesting for all those involved.


At any case, any attempts to eventually exploit any kind of Religious differences in order to Divide the Country, should be condemned, stressed also to "EuroFora" Greek-Catholic Reverand Volodymyr, pointing also at what he called as an Official Joint Statement by the Pan-Ukranian union of all Christian Churches, which mainly spoke for a Democratic and Peaceful solution without artificial Divisions. Something which could be at least symbolically supported by the remarked presence also of Christian Orthodox representative, of the Moscow Patriachate, Archimandrite Philarete from Ukraine, Today in Strasbourg, (already at the Press Centre together with one among the most active Taizé movement's organizers, responsible also for Press, Brother Benoit from France).


Taizé Head, Brother Alois' message : "create a Community of Friendship"


But the best Symbol in this regard, obviously applicable also to Ukraine's potential role in the Future as a Bridge uniting EU and Russia, instead of pretext for more Tension, Conflicts and/or Wars, was European/International Christian Movement Head's, Brother Alois, 1st message, in his Welcome Prayer, later Tonight, at the Biggest among many parallel Mass Gatherings of more than 30.000 People in several locations in Strasbourg, speaking right in front of EU Parliament's and CoE/ECHR's buildings :

- "We have come to Strasbourg as pilgrims of Peace and Trust", he stressed from the outset, speaking of "this City, in this region of Europe, which is Today a Symbol of ReCociliation after the Terrible Wars of the 20th Century".

 - In fact, "there is a place for All, and, therefore, for each one of us", with "Jesus" Christ,, "because he loves us", and "even gives the Place of Honor to those who seem to be Far from God, or who Feel Far from God", he added, commending a Gospel's reading about a meal "involving all Differend kinds of People". Thus, "jesus offers his Friendship to all", he pointed out.

=> Indeed, "create and strengthen a Community of Friendship", "is a contribution that Christians can make to the Future of our Societies", Brother Alois went on to add with force. "Christ invites us to leave Behind the spirit of Rivalry, which brings about Oppositions and Injustices, and become Creators of Friendship : PeaceMakers".


- Today, "there are so many Challenges to face : Unemployment, Precariousness, the Gap between Rich and Poor, within each Country and between Nations, and, related to this, the Degradation of the Environment", while "many Young People aspire to anOther kind of Economic Organization", he observed. - "Is it possible to find Answers to these Challenges, without Beginning by, First, Creating Bonds of Friendship ?", the Head of the Taizé European/International movement wondered, advising "to Seek visible Unity, Friendship, among all those who .. put their Trust to Christ, and also to all those who want to be Witnesses of Friendship in the World", (as he said at the Beginning of a 3 Days period of manifold parallel Meetings all around Strasbourg, including also between Christians and Muslims, Jews, agnostics, etc.

=> - "Christ calls us all to Widen our Friendship", and "we can do this very Simply .. : By a Shared Meal, by a Visit, and especially by Spreading ...Trust, all around us. ...we can be Pilgrims of Trust", he concluded, already pointing at the "proposals for 2014", (part of a 2012-2015 collective Project to create "New Solidarities" able to help all "Humanity" to succesfully face several growing "New Challenges").

Words, and/or religious Music, soft Lights, and a long period for Silence and Meditation, for a collective Prayer in the middle of the "Vineyard"'s decor of Rhenus Hall No 21, together with Strasbourg's ArchBishop Jean-Pierre Grallet, inspired a surprisingly great number of Young People from all over Europe, to wait in order to have a chance to personaly greet and be blessed by Taizé's "1st Prayer", Brother Alois, welcoming them to Strasbourg until late Night...


+ Meanwhile, Christian Catholic Pope Francis (referring also to a previous, Rome popular gathering, with his predecessor and friend, pope emeritus Benedict, with whom he just met for Christmas), together with the Patriarcat of Moscow, Canterbury's ArchBishop Welby, Lutheran World Federation Secretary General Junge, World Reformed Churches' union's SG, Rev. Fykse-Tveit, are among the Religious Leaders who already send their messages to Taize's Annual European gathering for the 1st time in History in Strasbourg, (the 36th in a long series of such Mega-Popular Meetings held each Year at another City), added to European Political Leaders, such as EU Council's President, Herman van Rompuy, and UNO's Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

(NDLR  : "EuroFora" is due to  discuss selected parts of the main messages, in the framework of an overview of the entire "Taizé" Popular Movements' developments, at a forthcoming occasion).


("DraftNews", as already sent to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors, earlier. Amore accurate, full Final version, might be published asap).


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Fillon invites EU to invent "New Horizons" behind Oil crisis


geothermal_plant_400_01Soultz-under-Forests, June 13, 2008

A pioneer Franco-German research project on GeoThermy, near Strasbourg, served as "Symbol" of EU's will to become Independent on Energy by developing innovative Technologies, while imported Oil prices threaten to provoke a World-wide crisis.

It's essential to demonstrate Europe's will to "invent New Horizons", by creating Environment-friendly, Independent and Renewable Energy sources, while price rises continue for Oil, a polluting old ressource with insufficient stocks, stressed French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, anouncing that this will be a focus during the forthcoming French EU Presidency (July - December 2008).

countries fillon_close_01

Fillon symbolically injected a 1st KWh produced by GeoThermy into Strasbourg's Electricity grid, during a special gathering of German and French officials at Soultz-under-Forests ("Soultz-sous-Forêts"), using a geothermal innovation which is "the most advanced in the World" :

The innovation uses Strasbourg's underground water richness to capture Heat, by injecting liquid among Rocks 5 km deep, where temperature is 200 c. Thus, it can be activated at any moment and location, even without natural warm water springs : A big advantage compared to old biothermal tools.

Engineers, Scientists and the Industry will have 2 Years to invent practical ways for this innovation to become productive and cost-efficient in real Economy, said Fillon.

115 Millions of Euros invested, 15 Research Labos, 430 Scientific Publications including 34 Doctoral PhD, and a systematic cooperation between French and German Governments and Public Agencies on Research, succeeded to prove that the new method works.

Already able to serve Electricity to a village with 1.500 inhabitants, the pioneer project intends to reach a capacity to serve 20.000 inhabitants before 2015, as part of a larger Plan to make all Renewable Energy Resources (together with Wind, Solar, etc) able to cover more than 23% of all Electricity needs before 2020.


- In fact, "behind the challenge" faced with the current Oil crisis, there "is a New Horizon that we can shape all together", by "creating New Tools for the Future", Fillon launched towards EU Member States.

Meanwhile, we should intensify Energy Savings, simplify Transports, and help the Poorest cope with growing Oil prices, until EU joins a World-wide lead into inventing reliable and sufficient Renewable Energy Sources, he added.

Many, technologic and other Challenges exist, but they can be overcome : F. ex. the new GeoThermic method tested at Shoultz since 1987, had provoked an Earthquake at a nearby site, close to Bale, by injecting big volumes of pressurized Water in underground broken Rocks near a Seismic Faultline in 2003. But the move was rectified later-on, by diminishing the amount and pressure of the water injected in underground rocks, so that no Earthquake is provoked.


geothermy_map heat_data

More than 1 Billion Euros are invested by France on Scientific and Technologic Research about Sustainable Development until 2012, aiming to take a 10 years advance, there where innovation can become source of Growth, Competitivity and Jobs, which, according to some evaluations could reach more than 220.000 before 2020, Fillon observed.

During the forthcoming French EU Presidency, together with our German friends, we shall do all necessary efforts for Europe's World-wide lead against Global Warming, thanks to Energy tools able to ensure its Independence, Growth, and Citizens' well-being, he concluded.


The "Enhanced Geothermal System" (EGS) stems from pioneer research initiated by teams from France, Germany and Italy, joined also by Swiss, the U.K., and Sweden, even U.S. and Japan, since the 90ies.

In 1996, a European Economic Interest Group (GEIE) was founded, in order to exploit Electricity-produsing Heat from deep underground Rocks, including France's EDF and Germany's PfalzWerke.

In 2002, a Pilot scientific project started to be tested in Soultz-under-Forests, 50 kms north of Strasbourg.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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