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ISIS Deadly Terrorism Survivors (from 2 main Paris' Massacres) call to Help Syrian Kurds face Turkey

Written by ACM
Friday, 01 November 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Survivors from the 2 First, Bloody Massacres in Paris, by ISIS' Islamist Terrorism cowardly targetting civilian People, at "Charlie Hebdo" and "Bataclan"+, in the Beginning and End of 2015 respectively, which were notoriously Followed by a Long Series of Various Other Deadly Attacks, until Recently, launched a Call, addressed also to all Other Islamist Terrorism's Victims, in Europe, the US, and Elsewhere in the World, to Protect and Help Syrian Kurds in Face of the Turkish Military Invasion and Occupation of their Land, Because of their well known Heroic and Efficient Contribution into recenlly Defeating ISIS in Syria.            

>>>"We Call upon all Journalists, who, Back on 2015, repercuted Our Dread, to Bring, Today, Our Message Beyond the Borders", Ask Now the Survivors of Bloody Islamist Terrorism.

As "Charlie Hebdo"s surviving a.o. Journalists are due to Arrive in Strasbourg Tomorrow, for a special event of CoE's "World Forum of Democracy" 2019, while Both "Bataclan" and "Charlie Hebdo" Cases, with Investigations reportedly Concluding asap, and Focused mainly on Islamist Deadly Terrorists' various Accomplices, are Scheduled to be Judged in French Courts from April or May 2020, (even if some, particularly those Suspected to have provided the Massacres' Weapons to the Killers, are thought to have Escaped, through Turkey, in Syria, where, perhaps, they are Still Hidding, or Disguised under a Fake/Changed Name, inside an ISIS' prisoners' Camp; Guarded by Syrian Kurds, precisely in that North/Eastern Region, which was Invaded by Turkey's Armed Forces Nowadays), "Eurofora" Publishes the FULL TEXT of BOTH these 2 Groups of Terror Victims Survivors, TRANSLATED here IN ENGLISH :


(A) The Call of the "Group of 44" Survivors from ISIS' Islamist Terrorist Attacks at "BATACLAN" a.o. in Paris, on 13 November 2015, (more than 130 Civilians Killed), as it first appeared (in French) at "Le Parisien" Newspaper, Yesterday:


("Bataclan" a.o. 13 November 2015 Massacre of Civilian People is the Biggest ever in Paris)


- "We Owe our Peace to the Struggle of the Kurds"

 - "We, the 44 survivors of terrorism, declare our support and our solidarity to the People in the north of Syria, which Face, for several days, Aggressions by the Turkish Military of Erdogan and his Proxy Jihadists."

"When in 2015 we have been attacked, in our cities and in our streets, when we were counting our dead, these Kurds, Arabs, Yezidis, Turkmen, Assyrians, fought together against ISIS, an Enemy of Humanity."

"They have become Our Allies, and First Human Defense, against Hatred and Obscurantism. They were at the first line, on the ground, in Raqqa, where had been Planned the Attacks in Paris, as well as at Kobané, and in all this poisoned area, in order to put out of state to harm our Murderers, and Defeat the Islamic State."


("Le Parisien" French  Newspaper's Photo: sad Syrian Kurdish militants at a Funeral in Quamisli)


"Thousands of them are Dead (estimated 11.000). In their struggle, they have Proudly Defended the universal Values of Freedom, Equality and Solidarity, which are common with those of our Republic. We feel to Owe Our Peace, whatever it is, to their Fight."

"Since 9 October, they are attacked and invaded, in total violation of international law. Cowardly Abandoned by all, they face Alone the Massacres, Rapes, War Crimes, and Exodus."'


"As Survivors of Terrorism, we cannot remain silent and indifferent to the Permanent Attacks faced by these People, to whom we owe an invaluable debt. We are Outraged by the Passivity of France and of the International Community, which, however, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, did not hesitate to Intervene alongside the Kurds against our killers."

 - "Passivity, which Allows nowadays for Hundreds of Terrorists to Escape, and, among them, we are Afraid, the Most Dangerous French Jihadists. How much Time will they need before they Strike Again ? All these Years of Fighting and Relentless Efforts against Terrorism, are Now put into Danger."

"And Rojava, the only attempt for a social Democracy Amidst a sea of Dictatorships, Risks to be Wiped Out."

-"It canNot be So !"

=> - "We Call upon All Survivors of Terrorism to Join us and share our Message of International Solidarity. We call upon all People of the World, without exception, who have no other interest than live in Peace, our Friends, who in the aftermath of Paris' Attacks, were all United Against Barbarism, to Support Now the People of Rojava. We call upon all Journalists, who, Back on 2015, repercuted (Echoed) Our Dread, to Bring, Today, Our Message Beyond the Borders. We call upon all Heads of State in Europe and in the rest of the World, who, in 2015 had said together: "Never Again !", to take, anew Together, and with the greatest discernment, their Responsibilities vis a vis History, which Neither forgets, nor forgives."

"The Peoples of the World have Nothing to Fear from EachOther, But Everything to fear if they (are Instumentalized by Alien Interests) become Instruments of Interests which are Not Their own. In these Ground-Breaking Times, all our Thoughts and Acts must Look to Those who, wherever they are, Fight, Flee, or are Victims of Barbarism and Oppression."

"To our Friends, Beyond the Mountains. "

(Terrorism Survivors' Group, supporting Rojava's People.)


+ Just a Day Before, the French NATIONAL ASSEMBLY had Voted a Resolution, backed by All Political Groups, Urging the Government to "Adopt all Measures Able to Support our (Syrian) Kurdish Friends and Allies, Protect Civilian Populations, and Restore Stability in Syria's North-Eastern area".            




(B) Statements of "CHARLIE HEBDO"'s CEO, Press Cartoonist Riss, to "FranceInfo" mainstream Radio :


- According to "Charlie Hebdo"'s  CEO, Riss, (himself a Survivor, Wounded during the 1st Bloody ISIS Attack in Paris), the Syrian Kurds have "Given their Lives to Fight this Scourge that is Terrorism", but they are "Not supported sufficiently".

- The Kurds "Deserve Better, than to be Treated like that," said Riss, Director of Charlie Hebdo, on "France-Info" Friday the 1st of November, while Turkey has launched Since 9 October an offensive against the Kurds of Syria.

- Shortly After the "Bataclan" Massacre's Survivors Signed a Collective Appeal at "Le Parisien" Newspaper, (Comp. Supra),  to Defend the Syrian kurdish People, and denounce that the French Government has "Let them Down", Riss said he "Share(s) this View". "

- "It's true that the Kurds have given their Lives to Fight this Scourge, that is Terrorism, this Fascism, as represented by ISIS. We doN't Support them enough. When we are Fighting against this kind of Totalitarianism, we must have Solidarity":

 -"There are not a lot of People who are Able to Fight ISIS: many Others have Broken their Teeth on that. They (Syrian Kurds) were Able to do that, and they Deserve Better, than to be Treated like this."



Strasbourg, 11/1/2015 Popular Demonstration for "Charlie Hebdo" (Eurofora)


 + "Eurofora" remembers well that, in the "G7" Summit at "Elmau Castle" in Germany, on June 2015, former USA President Obama, speaking to the Press, had annouced his Intention to urgently contact the Iraqi Prime Minister in order to see if he would manage, or not, to find, at last, some soldiers Really Motivated to Fight efficiently against ISIS, as he had Pointed Out then, but seems to have Failed to do so, afterwards...









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Paris - Bruxelles - Strasbourg, 2 septembre 2008


Le spectaculaire succès du Président français, Nicolas Sarkozy, (en tête de l'UE jusqu'a décembre), à obtenir de suite un cessez le feu inattendu entre la Russie et la Georgie, immédiatement après sa visite aux Présidents Medvedev et Saakashvili, au pire moment de tensions et heurts violents meurtieurs, qui avaient tué plusieurs innocents et provoqué le deplacement forcé de réfugiés par milliers, lui donne incontestablement une stature vraiment européenne :

A ses liens personnels bien connus avec l'Hongrie, la Grece, l'Italie ou l'Espagne, en sus de son amitié avec la chancelière allemande Merkel, son souhait d'essayer d'attirer l'Angleterre au jeu européen, etc, s'y ajoute, maintenant, une réussite, fragile certes, mais importante, au combat pour la Paix dans la "grande" Europe du général De Gaulle, "jusqu'a l'Oural", qui inclut naturellement la Géorgie, l'Arménie et d'autres pays, et ne peut exister qu'avec rapports de confiance et partenartiat stratégique avec la Russie.

Apres avoir réussi à debloquer la situation au Liban, (pays avec liens culturels historiques en Europe), lors du Sommet pour la Méditerranée à Paris, juillet dernier, (comme atteste maintenant le prémier accord d'echange d'Ambassadeurs avec la Syrie), Sarkozy activa maintenant une présidence française de l'EU bien entreprenante, à l'autre bout de l'Europe, à Moscou, où, contrairement à Napoléon, il a été reçu avec soulagement par le nouveau président russe, ami de l'experimenté Vladimir Poutine.

Cet homme politique rélativement nouveau au plan politique européen, avec une vision souvent critique ou même critiquée, à tort ou a raison, mais ambitieuse et concrete a la fois, qui aime s'adresser aux "Européens", comme il dit, n'est-il pas bien placé pour stimuler le fameux débat sur l' "Identité de l' Europe", qu'il a proposé au Parlement Européen récemment à Strasbourg, moins d'un an avant les Elections européennes de 2009 ?

En 2007, il a réussi à faire monter spectaculairement la participation citoyenne aux élections présidentielles en France, obtenant des récords historiques :

N'est-ce pas, justement ce que l' Europe a bésoin, apres 2 abstentions majoritaires sans précedent aux Elections de 1999 et 2004, et 3 "Non" aux réferenda pour ses institutions en 2005 et 2008, pendant une décennie trouble 1999-2008, (marquée surtout par la demande controversée de la Turquie d'entrer dans l'UE eclipsant les avancées de la Monnaie unique et de la liberté de circulation à l'espace Shengen, avec consequences mal-ressenties par la majorité des citoyens, bien au-délà des clivages du passé), qui a failli stopper l'integration européenne ?

Et cela, au moment même ou une globalisation galopante met l'Europe devant un choix crucial entre saut qualitatif en avant, apte à valoriser une occasion historique exceptionelle à se développer résolument, après les vaines destructions, querelles et tensions des guerres "chaudes" ou "froides" qui lui ont couté son rang dans le Monde, ou réculer définitivement en décadence...

Alors, que certains de nos amis à la Commission en Bruxelles, lui laissent au moins un peu d'espace de mouvement, et qu'ils l'aident à tenter d'insufler de l' oxygène frais et vivifiant aux rapports entre les citoyens et une Europe qui a manifestement bésoin et mérite de retrouver d'urgence un nouveau dynamisme populaire, avec un souci de réalisme mais aussi une vision passionante pour son avenir !

Après tout, les Etats Unis d' Amérique ne se sont pas faits à coups de bureaucratie, nécessaire et utile, mais manifestement insuffisante : Sans l'impulsion d'hommes politiques originaux, d'intellectuels vraiment engagés, et, surtout, sans l'enorme énergie émanant de la conscience d'enjeux à la fois pratiques et grandioses, bien resentis par des millions de citoyens, stimulant leur adhésion active comme pioniers d'un nouveau avenir commun à construire, ils seraient encore une ex-colonie périphérique, affaiblie par stériles divisions, passif et impuissant spectateur des convulsions tragiques d'un Monde à la dérive...

Que les vrais "européens" ré-lisent au moins les fameux discours historiques sur l' Europe d'un Sarkozy bien inspiré à Strasbourg, aussi bien avant qu'après avoir gagné les élections françaises, le 21 février et le 2 juillet 2007, après son 1er sommet des Bruxelles, qui a adopté le nouveau Traité de l'UE en conclusion de la presidence allémande : Bonnes lectures pour cet été 2008, afin de préparer l' avenir qui s'ouvrira (ou fermera) à partir des élections européennes de 2009.

Peut-etre revelera-t-il plus, en ce sens, lors de ses 2 discours-debats prochains avec les eurodeputés, prévus lors des sessions plenières du Parlement Européen a Strasbourg en octobre et décembre 2008... 


Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner had already unveiled President Sarkozy's intentions, during a particularly "hot" Press Conference in Paris, where he faced some's insistance for "sanctions", with a call for "a common EU stance". In the meanwhile, he was consulting "all these days" most of his EU, Russia and Georgia counterparts, (as Sarkozy's Spokesman, P-J. Henin confirmed to "EuroFora"). This allowed him to obtained the desired result, as EU Chairman, at a short, exceptional EU Summit in Brussels, afterwards.


But, Sarkozy's No 1 official, Presidential palace's Secretary General Claude Gueant, active at Elysee during the 2008 Ambassadors' Conference, (together with his Top Diplomat, the experienced David Levitte), is well known for having an overall view : A link with 2009 EU Elections at the horizon ?


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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