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EU Chair, Austrian Chancelor Kurz on FRONTEX + Neighbouring Countries: Bring Back irregular Migrants

Written by ACM
Friday, 14 December 2018

*Brussels/EU Summit/Angelo Marcopolo/- Despite some current Controversies on FRONTEX's further development, (particularly around CoastGuards' precise role), nevertheless, its Mandate has been Strengthened, in recent proposals and practice, specialy regarding External relations to Neighbouring 3rd Countries, including their Cooperation into Bringing Back and dealing with Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants attempting to tresspass EU's External Borders, (in order to avoid Problems similar to 2015/2016), stressed Today in substance EU President in office, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, at the Final Press Conference of the December 2018 EU Summit in Brussels.

Flanked by EU Commission and Council's Presidents, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, Kurz was Replying to Press Questions particularly on "What happened to <<Europe that Protects>> ?", as far as its External Borders are concerned.

- Already since June 2018 (i.e. having Started during the previous, Bulgarian EU Presidency), there is a Stronger Focus on External Cooperation with 3rd Countries, where "FRONTEX's Mandate has been strengthened, and this is Decisive", Kurz pointed out.

- This is Key into "Reducing the Number of People Embarking for Europe", he stressed.


- Because at the moment, we have a situation where, when People set out for Europe, they are rescued by European Ships, and they are taken, afterwards, into Europe.


- But, if (f.ex.) the Libyan CoastGuards, that we (EU) are Supporting and Training, as well as the Egyptian CoastGuards, can Rescue more People, then, once they Rescue People, they shouldN't continue to Europe. These People should be brought Back, (f.ex.) to Africa.

=> - This would Deter People from setting up towards Europe, at the first place. Because that way to Europe would be Closed. There will be just a way back to Africa".



+ And, moreover, "this Removes the Basis for the Business of Traffickers of Human beings". Because "People woN't want to Take the Risk, anymore".

- That's why Kurz, together with EU Council's President, Donald Tusk; have recently Started Talks with Egypt's leadership, that has been very Helpful,  while Italy and other EU Countries are also Supporting the Lybian Coastguards, etc.

=> So, Nowadays, that kind of Massive Influx "has been Reduced - 95% compared to 2015-2016", he noted, (obviously pointing at that, earlier, UnPrecedented and UnWarned, sudden Huge "Tsunami" of more than 1,5 Millions Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants tresspassing in Europe through Turkey's Sea Borders to EU Member Greece, which was Initially and mainly Stopped thanks to the Closure of the Western Balkans' route by several European Countries, (Starting from Hungary, etc), as converging Official Data from competent International Organisations as UNHCR and IOM, have already Proved, (See "Eurofora"s relevant NewsReport, already Published as early as since the Beginning of May 2016, at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/unpopulareuvisafreefor80millionsturksuseless.html etc).

+ And, "as far as the Central Mediterranean is concerned, we have Today ZERO (0) Arrivals, as that way has been Closed !", Kurz went on to add, in conclusion.  


>>> Such Recent Developmentrs concerning EU Neighbours Egypt, Libya, and other relevant North African Countries related to that Central Mediterranean route of huge Massive Irregular Migrants' route, are naturally very Interesting also as far as it regards another key EU Neighbour : Turkey, who is, moreover, notoriously Paid more than 3 Billions € in full Grants by the EU, each Year, in order to Stop Smuggling of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants into Europe.

+ To these Sums of fresh Money, are added, Moreover, 1 Billion € in Grants per Year, as Pre-Accession Funds, as well as around 4 Billions € per Year in EIB's Loans, making of Turkey the Most EU-Supported Non-European Neighbouring Country of all !

>>> However, despite of all that, After an Initial Drop of the infamous 2015/2016 "Tsunami" of 1,5 Billion Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants, (started and mainly due to the Closure of Western Balkans' Route by several European Countries, at First Hungary, etc), nevertheless, the Number of such irregular Mass Tresspassings of EU's External Borders by Turkish Smugglers, recently, Re-Started to Grow anew, slowly but constantly...

To the point that, Nowadays, entire Islands of EU Member Country Greece, located at the Aegean Sea near the Turkish Borders, are notoriously Suffering by the manifold consequences of seriously OverCrowded Reception Camps for Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants still arriving through Turkey, Adversely affecting the Lives of Both Migrants and EU Citizens living there, to Unprecedented Levels, in Scandalous Conditions, as many have recently Denounced.

But FRONTEX's CoastGuards' behavior vis a vis Turkish Smugglers there, seems to have become exactly ...the Opposite of what Chancellor Kurz has just described, at this EU Summit's concluding Press Conference in Brussels, as being now the rule at Central Mediterranean : Instead of Protecting and Shielding EU's External Borders from Massive Irregular Tresspassings, on the Contrary, FRONTEX nowadays almost always, routinely limits itself only into ...Rescuing All the Incoming Turkish Smugglers' Vessels, plenty of Non-European Migrants from all over the World, and mainly Asia or Africa, (mots of them, heavily Islamized, at Exceptional levels, at least those that Turkey choses to Import in Europe), and Afterwards merely Bringing them inside EU Member Country Greece's land, as a lot of relevant Press Anouncements reveal...(Comp.: ..., etc).

I.e. precisely what Italy's Beppe Grillo's "5 Stars" Movement (currently in the Governmental Coalition), had notoriously Criticized as a role of ... "TAXIS" (sic !) serving Smugglers !

+ This seems to have been added also to a lot of various Other potential Scandals, apparently concerning some among those (NGOs, Businesses, Experts/Volunteers, etc) who have chosen to regularly deal (and mostly receaving EU Funds for it) with the People trapped in that kind of unique situation, as it has just Started to be Recently Denounced, (both in the Greek, as well as in the European or International Press).

To the point that, the Question raised by that Journalist in EU Summit's concluding Press Conference Today in Brussels, about : -"What has Happened to that <<Europe which Protects ?>>" (Comp. Supra),

is inevitably here Doubled also by the Addition of another one : - "Why, and until When will Europe allow Turkey to still Behave Worse than some African Countries ?", (Comp. Supra).






(NDLR : "DraftNews", as already send, Earlier, to "Eurofora"'s Subscribers/Donors. A more accurate, full Final Version, might be Published asap).




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ECHR's President to "EuroFora" on Journalists Gongadze and Adali murders : Principles must apply to all States, without discrimination.

+ ECHR's Statistics on Freedom of Expression (See below).

 European Court of Human Rights' President, Jean-Paul Costa, questioned by "EuroFora" on Journalists' murders, as in Gongadze and Adali's cases etc., strongly stressed all CoE Member States' obligation to make efficient Investigations to find and punish those responsible, and underlined that ECHR's case-law's principles must apply to all without any discrimination.

His call was clearly supported by various Top MEPs who denounced a risk of "Double Standards" if some Journalists' murders are investigated, while others don't.

To avoid such risks, CoE's Parliamentary Assembly adopted a Resolution, on the occasion of Ukranian Journalist Gongadze's murder, "stressing", as a matter of general Principle, "the importance it attaches to the safety of Journalists and political activists, especially those linked to opposition groups, in ALL member states of the CoE". All "crimes against journalists and political activists must be investigated ... as a matter of priority, without political interference".

Costa was replying to "EuroFora"s question on the fact that, after CoE's Committee of Ministers, also CoE's Assembly had just adopted a Resolution on Gongadze murder case, based on an ECHR's judgement of 2005, asking a full Investigation from Ukraine, who has found and condemned  in 10 years of jail 2 executants, but not yet the instigators.

While nothing similar was yet done for dissident Turkish Cypriot Kutlu Adali's murder, with 5 bullets shot at his head out of his Family's home in the territories of Cyprus occupied by Ankara's army, despite another ECHR's judgement of the same year 2005, and despite Turkey's claim that nobody was found among those responsible for the murder, and that there was nothing more to do..

In order to be credible and efficient, CoE's mechanisms shouldn't find a way to at least ask for full investigations of all Journalists' murders anywhere they might be committed, without exceptions ?


- "On the larger question that you raised, I'd like to say, since we are in a period of stock-taking on ECHR's 50 Years, that the Court's case-law developed certain concepts ....such as the Positive obligations of States, part of which are also the procedural obligations", started to reply ECHR's President.

 - "Whenever Journalists, Lawyers, Defenders of Human Rights, or even simple Citizens are murdered, the States are held responsible, not only if its their own security forces' agents who committed these murders, but also if they didn't make sufficiently substantial and efficient Investigations", he stressed.

- "I want to strongly underline that we (ECHR) have found in many cases numerous violations of Articles 2 and 3 against States, ....(about) murders or torture, ...because they didn't make enough Investigations in order to try to find and punish those responsible".

- "We (ECHR) do that vis-a-vis all 47 (CoE) Member States, without any discrimination".

"Naturally, the circumstances in each particular case may be differend, and we can't ommit to apply the rules of proof, or the rules of criminal procedure".

"But we try, by all means, to apply these principles of our case-law, to all States", he concluded.


      Costa's call was strongly supported by several Top CoE MEPs, from various Political areas

- "To investigate the murder of one Journalist, and not of another, looks like Double Standards", denounced the President of EuroLeft Group in CoE's Assembly, Dutch MEP Tiny Cox.  

- "What is the reason ? Politics or specificity of a case ? Of course, if Cyprus and Turkey are involved, it's always a Political case"..

- "Murders of Journalists should always be fully investigated, because killing Journalists is not only killing persons, but also killing Free Press".  "We (CoE's Assembly) should do our outmost to help People who are working on Free Press and they are under threat or murdered".

Because for Free Politics, Free Press is a pre-requisitive : Parliamentarians  cannot  function without a Free Press. Not investigating, is not protecting ourselves".

So we should investigate all Journalists' murders : We are talking about Gongadze, about the Cypriot man (Adali), about the Journalist murdered in Moscow one week ago, etc", Cox concluded

- "CoE can' look at these cases differently. CoE can't wear Blinckers  !".
- "If the one is investigated, so has to be also the other. Why there wasn't full investigation ? Why's that ?", wondered British  Socialist MEP, Alan Meale.

- "A good idea" would be to "make a Motion for Resolution", and "join all Journalists' murders. Adali and Gongadze etc", said to "EuroFora" EU Parliament Political affairs Committee's President, Goran Lindbland, ChristianDemocrat MEP from Sweden.

(See also earlier News at "EuroFora" on similar issues).

ECHR's Statistics on Freedom of Expression :

    Almost Half of condemnations by ECHR for violations of Freedom of Expression in 2008, concern Turkey : 20 out of a total of 48 for all CoE's Member States.

    Russia, Poland, France and Moldova were condemned only 3 times. Romania, Greece, Portugal, 2 times, and the other CoE Member States only 1 time, or none.
    During the last Decade : 1998 - 2008, Turkey was condemned for violating Freedom of Expression in ..169 cases, while Austria only in 24.

    France and Moldova in 14 and 13, respectively, closely followed by Russia and Poland with 11 and 10, respectively. The rest of CoE Member States had less than ten condemnations.    


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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