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E.Tymoshenko + Lawyers of jailed f.Prime Minister +Ukranian Government to EuroFora on ECHR+ EU moves

Written by ACM
Tuesday, 28 August 2012


*Strasbourg/ECHR/- Both jailed former Prime Minister Tymoshenko's daughter, Eygenia, her Lawyer Vlasenko, and Ukranian Government's Legal Agent Kulchytsky, speaking to "EuroFora" inside the ECHR after the 1st Public Hearing on the world-famous case, clearly pointed at important EU/CoE forthcoming developments in the following days/weeks, after today's controvercy on allegations of inhuman/degrading  treatments in prison, including mainly a New Application to EuroJudges, now on the Substance of this affair,  but also at a call for EU Sanctions "directly against" those who are held as responsible for what was denounced as a politically motivated prosecution against a prominent opposition leader in the country, while the current Ukranian Authorities claim that all this wouldn't be but only an attempt to politically discredit a fight against corruption and other crimes, before the forhcoming October 2012 Parliamentary Elections.


- "EuroFora" was initially surprised by the fact, that during all ECHR's 1st Public Hearing on the case of former Prime Minister Tymoshenko, who has been already judged, condemned, and closed to Prison for almost a Year now (2011 - 2012), nevertheless,  there wasn't yet "any Discussion "about the Substance" of the issue, i.e. on the Condemnation istelf, but just about Prison conditions, as we observed in Questions raised to both Lawyers of Tymoshenko and of the Ukranian Government :


- It's "because ....this will be lodged the Day after Tomorrow", (i.e. immediately after the final verdict of the Ukranian Higher Court on Tymoshenko's complaint against her condemnation for allegedly brokering irregularly an Agreement with Russia on Gas transfert to the EU at prices now considered as excessive, by the current, Yanukovich Government), anounced, in reply to "EuroFora"s Question, Yulia Tymoshenko's Lawyer, Sergiy Vlasenko.


+ "No, the Susbtance (of the Tymoshenko case) was not included in this complaint. It was only about the preliminary procedure detention. So that the Condamnation couldn't be taken into consideration" in this Hearing. However, meawhile, "we have exchanged more concrete arguments before the ECHR through Reports by writting", added in reply to "EuroFora" the Legal Representative of the Ukranian Government, Nazar Kulchytskyy.

- "The Worst of all was that we couldn't yet raise the Main Issues on Article 6 (of the PanEuropean Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees a "Fair Trial"), because the (Ukranian) Authorities have been constantly Postponing the last Court's decision" (on Yulia Tymoshenko's Appeal), which will be published Tomorrow. And that's when we would be able to Start asking for my Mother to be Released, ......because the main point is that she's already in Prison for more than a Year", anounced also her Daughter, Eugenia Tymoshenko, speaking to Journalists including "EuroFora" at the ECHR's premisses after the 1st Hearing.

+ However, "a decision made by the European Court" of Human Rights, "would be a Support for our fight". "We need Outside Pressure,".. "because the situation inside the country is "Unacceptable", and  it's "the only way for my Mother to be Released".... "We believe that once the (European) Court makes the Decision that it has to take, and which, we hope, will be supportive in her struggle in the Prison", things can start to change. -"May be the (Ukranian) Government might not ... (fully comply with ECHR's judgement at once, but, of course we'll fight, and, still, we'll have some arguments and documents in our hands", in order to face an "Immense Pressure from the Regime", helping to prove the fact that "the Truth is on our side", the Daughter of the jailed former Prime Minister of Ukraine added.


+ Meanwhile, replying exclusively to an "EuroFora"s question on the role that EU prospects for Ukraine's European Integration might play in helping to find a mutually acceptable solution and ease the conflict in this and other similar cases, the Daughter of the former Prime Minister appeared adamant :

- "Ukrania is not only a CoE Member, (i.e. in principle obliged to comply with ECHR's Judgements).  "Already In 2008, when my  mother  was Prime Minister, were made "1st steps" towards EU Integration". F.ex., "there were discussions (with the EU) on a Trade Agreement, an Association Agreement, etc.", she reminded.

- "But now, when the situation Worsened, and Today .. we have even Political Prisoners, as a New Phenomenon in Ukraine,  of course,.... because of this existance of Political Oppression, the existance of a Waning Freedom in Ukraine", as she said. In fact, "not only my Mother is politcal prisoner, but also, until the recent past, there were also another 2 Political prisoners, now there is 1 more. But there are also Dozens of People more who are running to escape from the regime and its pressure, and it's very important to realize that Dozens of People  are oppressed now by the Prosecution Machine, controlled by (the President)", as Eugenia Tymoshenko found.

=> - "That's why, the EU obviously cannot  say that Ukraine is moving towards abiding to European commitments on Freedom and Human Rights", the Daughter of the Jailed former Prime Minister criticized, denounced from her point of view, (which largely fits most recent Critical reactions from various ΕU Officials on this and other similar cases).


>>> In consequence, "the only Influence that can be done (exerted) (by the EU) to Change the way the (Ukranian) Government is treating its political opponents, is by Sanctions  applied Directly to the People who exert those pressure against Human Rights : F.ex. by restricting their Travels, by seizing their (Bank)Accounts, etc".     

- "Because several People who are in the Government now, they don't care about the political Situation in Ukraine and its Position (vis a vis the EU)", she denounced, apparently trying to explain by that argument the relative Inefficiency of EU action until now.

- , That is to say, No (EU) Sanctions which might affect certain People, but not the whole County ?", "EuroFora" asked to clarify : -  "No, (only) Directly to the(se) Persons", Eugenia Tymoshenco concluded.


    Denouncing what they claimed to be Inhuman/Degrading Treatments in Jail, contrary to Art. 3 of the PanEuropean Convention of Human Rights, during the 1st Publlic Hearing by ECHR, Yulia Tymoshenko's Lawyers criticized, among others, also a series of Concrete Facts, concerning, f.ex., Poor Food Quality, insufficient Water for Shower, bad Heating, insufficient or lacking facilities for Physical exercive, awakening at 5 a.m. to attend Investigations against her at Courts or even "in the Cell", Artificial Lights being kept open almost all day-long, Isolation, the only Window with a hole for Air Ventilation to her Cell being located "Too High" so that it was impossible to use it freely, Permanent Monitoring by Video, refusal of Independent Medical advise and/or Tests only by persons that she trusts, etc., as well as a "Violent" Transfert to a Hospital overNight, which would have caused "Bruises" to her Hands and Body, after allegedly being "beatten" by Guards, etc.

    The Lawyers representing the Ukranian Government, dismissed such claims, pointing at several Changes by transfert to Betterr Cells, to the fact that Tymoschenko is using Food and Water by parcels brought by her Family or Friends, denied the alleged existence of permanently open Electric Lights, claimed that the Window wasn't inaccesible, (at least not in the latest Cell), contested the existence of 100% Permanent Video-monitoring and added thet Tymoshenko could ask from the Courts to stop or reduce Video-Monitoring, claimed that the former Prime Minister was in fact trying to avoid any Medical Treatment provided by State Doctors, even when they were included in a Committee with the participation of the Foreign Doctor she prefered, and denied any undue Violence during the precited overnight transfert to a Hospital, claiming that the alleged Bruises might have been caused by Herself, or be due to her supposed illness, etc., and criticized the fact that she had refused Forensic Examinations by a Medical Committee in which participated a German Doctor of her choice.


    ECHR anounced that it had asked both parties to discuss in particular the Permanent Video-Monitoring and the overNight Forced Transfert claims, while also asking the Ukranian Authorities to comment on the alleged bruises in Tymoshenko's body. Her Lawyer observed that it was her Right to freely choose the Doctor and the Medical team that she trusted for any crucial Examination, (f.ex. Blood tests, etc).

    Earlier, EuroJudges had intervened, with Urgent Measures, mainly in order to ask for an appopriate Medical Care, which apparently was at least partly obtained, later-on, convincing Tymoshenko to stop a "Hunger Strike" that she had started, particularly after a German Doctor of her choice was allowed to follow her Health condition, and provide advise. But ECHR afterwards refused another Tymoshenko demand which included a wish to be transfered to an Independent Hospital abroad, in Germany.
    Speaking to Journalists, including "EuroFora", at ECHR's premisses after the Hearing, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's Daughter, Eugenia, described her Mother's version on what had happened during that "Forced Tranfert" to a Hospital :

- "It was late at Night", when "3 Guards came to my Mother's cell. She was lying down in pain,  and they tortured (took ?) her together. They said "we'll move you to the Hospital". She said that it was against the Law to Move her by Force. They said  : -"We've been given orders, we have to move you". ...So they grasped her, they took a blanket over her, and then, one put the Cuffs on her (arms), inside, through the blankets, ...And even though she was in the Blankets, because they didn't want to leave bruises on her body, still she had many bruises, because the Power used by the Guards was very Strong, and afterwards, she couldn't resist, and she just Cried, and cried  for Help, but .. (nobody heard her). She was kept  in the Hospital for 2 Days, and afterwars she showed her bruises", to her Lawyer, (who claimed, speakig earlier to EuroJudges, that he had immediately asked to see his Client, but was refused access for more than 1,5 Day under various pretexts).

    + By a symbolic coincidence, this 1st ECHR Hearing mainly focused on former Ukranian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's conditions of Detention, since now a Year, Christian Pope Benedict's "Prayer Intention for August" 2012, was anounced to be, precisely, "that Prisoners may be treated with Justice and Respect for their Human Dignity", as Vatican's Press service informed also "EuroFora" since the end of July 2012.                                                                                                                                                             
    After many Months of Detention, suddenly, the incidents which incited ECHR to decide taking Urgent Measures about detention conditions in the Tymoshenko case, intervened while the Ukranian Autghorities had just anounced to the Press, on March and April 2012, that they felt to possess sufficient Evidence in order to start prosecuting the former Prime Minister also for 2 other, Different cases, concerning alleged Tax-Evasion when she had been working as a Business Manager in the Past, and a suspicion to have paid the Killers who had murdered another former Prime Minister and his wife, back on 1996, who had held also a Business with opposite interests, before being brutally gunned down by Killers who had allegedly been paid by a controversial former politician currently serving a jail-sentence in the USA, with whom she had briefly cooperated 15 years ago.      

    But Tymoshenko's Lawyer strogly denounced during the ECHR Hearing what he called the "Partiality" of Courts in Ukraine, claiming that there "was No Justice" possible as long as the current President Victor Yanoukovich's team was exerting excessive  "Pressure" against his political opponents in order to exclude them from the Political game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
    President Yanoukovich's allies, including the deputy Prosecutor, etc., on the contrary, have claimed that Tymoschenko tried to discredit the Ukranian Auhorities' efforts against Corruption and Crime,  allegedly abusing of the Media and Political relations.
    Meanwhile, at an earlier affair before ECHR, former JHA Minister Lutsenko, who was the 1st to be jailed among leading politicians of the opposition,  after being reportedly slandered by German Newspaper "Bild" about a supposed 2009 incident at the Frankfurt Airport, which was exploited by his foes, obliging him to quit, etc., before the Error was, finally, aknowledged by Bild, asking too late for excuses about the way they reported on what really happened at the nearby City, (whose Press-Reporters are known for gross Publicity in favor of Turkey, a GeoPolitical "Competitor" of Ukraine in EU Accession stakes)... 


While previously, many Ukranian Media had reported that Detention was imposed to Tymoschenko for her behavior in front of the Court, on the contrary, the Ukranian Government's representative said today to ECHR in Strasbourg that the real reasons were a risk that she "might abscon", and/or "obstruct the establishment of the Truth" by the on-going Investigations, to which she was accused not to cooperate enough, but abuse of eluding tactics, (although her lawyer replied that she had been present, on time, in all Court's hearings, with the sole exception of a small delay of 20 minutes once, as he said).

    But similar claims have been already rejected by ECHR in a recent judgement on former JHA Minister Lutsenko, last July 2012, because Ukranian Courts had not replied properly to his arguments contesting the detention, while the Ukranian Authorities had motivated the deprivation of liberty by pointing to the big, National and International Press Interest for his case, alleged attempts to discredit the prosecution, while also contesting even his Right for Strong Critisicm against  excessive and/or groundless accusations. Added to rather "Selective" persecutions of mainly Opposition Politicians for alleged "Corruption", as ECHR found, Lutsenko's condemnation seems to have been made "Not only for suspicion to have committed an offense, but also for Other i.e. probably Political) reasons", EuroJudges concluded, condemning Kiev to pay more than 15.000 € to the jailed former Minister.
    EU Parliament has adopted a Resolution on Ukraine since June 2011, which expresses MEPs' "Concern  about the increase in Slective Prosecution of figures from the political Opposition in Ukraine, as well as the Disproportionality of measures applied, particularly in the cases of Ms Tymoshenko and Mr Lutsenko", particularly on "Custody", and "expressed its support for the Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner, Nina Karpachova, who has asked the Ukrainian Prosecutor General to consider the possibility of applying preventive measures that do Not involve Detention".

    At the same occasion, MEPs "stressed that ongoing investigations of prominent Ukrainian political Leaders should not preclude them from actively Participating in the political life of the country", as their Resolution said on the occasion of "Yulia Tymoshenko and other key political figures", obviously in view of the forthcoming, October 28, 2012, Parliamentary Elections.

    + In addition, the PanEuropean CoE's Parliamentary Assembly's Bureau, which meets in Paris at the beginning of September, is due to examine also the Monitoring of Ukranian October 28 Elections, while it cannot be excluded that developments on the Yulia Tymoshenko and other such cases of Political Opposition leaders threatened with jail, might be discussed  in Strasbourg both by EU Parliament's forthcoming Plenary Session in Strasbourg from 10 to 13 September 2012, as well as in PACE's October Session, 1 to 5 October.

    Meanwhile, CoE's Committee of Ministers, which holds its scheduled Meeting for the implementation of ECHR's Judgements towards the end of September 2012, might eventually start examining also ECHR's condemnation of the Ukranian Authorities, back on July 2012, in the parallel case of jailed former JHA Minister Lutsenko, which contains several Legal points apparently similar to certain aspects also of Yulia Tymoshenko's affair, (comp. Supra), as a matter of general principle on controversial imprisonment of acting political opposition leaders.

    Experienced observers don't exclude the risk, (particularly if nothing is done, meanwhile, to find a mutually satisfactory solution, or, at least, to alleviate useless or disproportionate restrictions of liberty and/or avoid more sufferings), that some Lobbies opposed to Ukraine's European Integration strategic aims, (most often because they are also, in fact Anti-European, and therefore against any European Cultural, Historic and Geographic Identity, and/or prefer Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU bid), might exploit any attitude by the Urkanian Government which might be perceived and/or presented as contrary to Kiev's Human Rights commitments vis a vis the CoE, in order to provoke even more Problems, Blockades, etc., in its unfolding relations with the EU.
    On the contrary, "EuroFora", as a matter of principle, has always strongly supported Ukrania's EU aspirations, being among those who believe that such an "unquestionably European Country", which might strengthen EU's Cultural, Historic and even Geographic Coherence and Identity, while also having an important potential on Gas Transport, interesting Airplane Technology (Antonov, etc., which could be used f.ex. in cooperation wit EU's Airbus in order to find a much better, more performant and less expensive solution for EU's Military Air-Transport needs, instead of the controversial, old, Low-Tech. and too expensive "A400M" old coucou, notoriously pushed by a pro-Turkish lobby), Danube River's Delta for Energy a.o. Ship Transports via the Black Sea, interesting Raw Materialls and good Agricultural Land, etc., in addition to its well-known, exceptional potential to serve as a "Bridge" between the EU and Russia, (both in Energy transfert, and in Culture, Language, etc).

    Therefore, (and while acknowledging the fact that "EuroFora" is not yet familiar enough with the rather complicated Internal Politics inside Ukraine), it seems wiser to try to find an adequate Solution able to ensure at least basic respect for Human Rights and Democracy, as well as the Stability of Ukraine, in a way which can be helpful to the Country's legitimate EU prospects.
    Attempts to accuse various Political Opponents, for differend Economic or other affairs, seem frequent, on Both sides of the Political divide in Ukraine's recent History : Even the current President, Victor Yanukovich, had been reportedly threatened himself by such methods in the Past.. But now that a basic Agreement appeared among various Political Parties on the need to both advance towards European Integration via the EU, (regardless of the Separate controversy of NATO, since many EU Members are not at all inside NATO, including the current EU rotating Presidency held by Cyprus, etc), while at the same time, now both main political sides also agree on the need to have good relations and links to Russia, the Time might have come f.ex., for President Yanukovich and/or his friends to take some initiatives whixh could honour Ukraine's well deserved place as an Historically, Culturally, Geographically and Economically integral part of a Political, Democratic Europe with a Popular identity, respecting its Citizens' basic Human Rights...

    He had already hinted himself, that he might be enclined to eventually consider taking such an initiative, that his Presidential capacity legally allows, (f.ex. decide a total or partial pardon, etc).



(NDLR : "DraftNews", as already send earlier to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors. A more accurate, full Final Version is due asap.)




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Hu Jia's prize brings SAKHAROV's wife to "EuroFora" on murders of Journalists Politkofskaya, Gongadze and Adali :

- Elena Bonner : "All Journalists' murders must be fully investigated", without Double Standards.                                                                                    

During a special Mega-Event to celebrate 20 Years of SAKHAROV Prize for "Freedom of Thought", attributed in 2008 by EU Parliament to jailed Chinese Cyber-Dissident Hu JIA, the move was reinforced by strongly criticizing the persisting impunity in three cases of Journalists' Murders, such as POLITKOVSKAYA in Russia, GONGADZE in Ukraine, and ADALI in Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus.

Any bureaucratic doubt about whether Cyber-dissidents like Hu JIA might have, or not, a right to be protected as all Journalists must be, particularly when they take risks to search, find and publish original and critical News on issues of general interest to the society, could not resist to the emotion provoked by the message of his Wife, Zeng JINYAN spectacularly transmitted at a big screen in EU Parliament's hemicycle :

- "The most important and most interesting thing he did was to ... say the Truth :.. to write about the phenomena he observed... He never stopped Publishing.. on websites, so that the Public could learn about the reality .. and understand it.  In my view, this has been his greatest contribution", stressed the young wife of the jailed man, eager to cite also the cases of other critical journalists who faced various kinds of "harassment".

 - "Welcoming all those who have suffered for defending Human Rights", EU Parliament's President, German MEP Hans Gert POETTERING, who had invited to Strasbourg all former Sakharov prize-winners from various Countries throughout the World, said that "China needs Europe, and Europe needs China : A great nation" with which "we want to have a good relationship", "association and ..friendship". "But we are never going to stop our fight for Human Rights, and No Government can expect this from us".

    - "It's impossible  to achieve goals of Peace, if Human Rights are left out. In fact, Peace and Human Rights are intrinsequaly linked", added POETTERING.

    It's in this spirit that MEPs adopted, on Thursday, a Resolution denouncing that "the criminal
investigation and trial following the murder of (a) Journalist ...raises serious concerns with regard to transparency and respect for the rule of law", when a "brutal killing has not yet been fully investigated and solved in a satisfactory way".

    The text refered to dissident Journalist "Anna POLITOVSKAYA", a critic of Tchechen conflict, killed some years ago in Moscow, where Russian Authorities have found, arrested and are currently judging two executants, while also searching to arrest also a 3rd one, allegedly escaped in Belgium. But they have not yet found the instigators.

     Similar texts were adopted recently also on dissident Ukranian Journalist Georgiy GONGADZE's murder, for which Ukranian Authorities have at least found, arrested and condemned 2 executants to 12 and 13 Years of jail, but not yet the instigators. For that purpose, they recently accepted an International Experts team to participate to the investigations.     

But, it's only for the Murder of dissident Turkish Cypriot Journalist ADALI, in the occupied territories of Cyprus, that Turkey has NOT yet found ANYONE responsible, and even claimed recently inside CoE that it would be "impossible" to do so !    

These astonishing differences exist despite the fact that ECHR condemned alike Ukraine and Turkey with 2 Judgements on the same year : 2005, for the murders of  Journalists GONGADZE and ADALI, strong critics of Corruption in Ukraine, and of Ankara's policies on mass-influx of Turkish Settlers in the Occupied Territories of Cyprus, respectively.    

Regarless of that, CoE's Committee of Ministers, who is entrusted with the duty to supervise execution of ECHR's judgements, has just asked Ukraine's Government to reply to further questions on Gongadze's murder before March 2009, while Turkey, curiously, got a longer postponement for answering questions on Adali's murder, until June...   

A comparison of these cases, raises serious questions about Double Standards :


    On Gongadze's murder, CoE's body speaks even about the participation of
"an INTERNATIONAL group of Experts" in the Investigation, (f.ex. of "Tape Recordings"), accepted by Ukraine.
    On the contrary, on Adali's murder, CoE is obliged to repeatedly ask (for a 2nd
time) Turkey whether, at least, it informed the victims' Family, or not...
On Gongadze's murder, CoE formally "recalls that the Committee (of Ministers) ..URGED the Ukranian authorities.. to TAKE ALL NECESSARY INVESTIGATIVE STEPS TO ACHIEVE CONCRETE and VISIBLE RESULTS in the INVESTIGATION, aimed at the Identification of the INSTIGATORS and Organisers of the Murder", and "STRONGLY INVITED the Ukranian Authorities to provide information on the PROGRESS IN THE INVESTIGATION", before MARCH 2009.

But, on Adali's murder, on the contrary, CoE's body merely .. "took note" of the "arguments presented by" Cyprus, which denounce the absence of any proof of new "investigation" by Turkey. Following Turkey's own suggestion (!), it simply "noted" that there is "no limitation period" for "any new element" to "lead potentialy (sic !) to a Re-Opening of the Investigation". Without saying who might find any such "new" fact, since Turkey stoped searching... It also POSTPONED the issue until .. JUNE  !
 -  On Gongadze's murder case, Ukranian Authorities already arrested and condemned, at least 2 suspects, to 12 and 13 Years of jail. And on Politkovskaya's murder at least 2 suspects are judged, and a 3rd one "wanted".

On the contrary, on Adali's murder case, the Turkish authorities simply claim that "it had not been possible to obtain new .. information .. on the basis of which criminal charges could be brought against ANY person" !...

Moreover,  a LETTER sent by Turkey ...2 Years after CoE's 2006 call to re-investigate anew Adali's murder case, is totally EMPTY of Facts ! As Cypus' Delegation denounced earlier, Turkey's Letter ONLY CLAIMS that a "New Investigation" was made without any result, but does NOT even cite ANY FACT to prove it :

F.ex.,on the crucial issue of the "MOTIVATIONS" behind Adali's murder, noted by ECHR, Turkey MERELY CLAIMS that "all allegations  were investigated; without result", but OMITS ANY FACT TO PROVE IT !..(It doesn't even remind which were these "allegations").. .

+ On ECHR's astonishment that the Turkish Occupation regime didn't produce any "BALLISTIC REPORT" on the Shots which murdered Adali, Turkey again repeats, 12 years later, that, still, even until now, "it  was not possible to obtain the BalisticReport"...

- As for the astonishing absence of key-WITNESSES' Testimonies, denounced by ECHR, Turkey agains repeats various pretexts avoiding to reveal anything, (Fex. that a person "left" the Occupied Territories  "on 2002", or that another witness was heard, but without revealing nothing of what he said, etc).

Turkey obviously "FAILS TO MEET THE CRITICISM made BY THE COURT" for lack of any efficient Investigation in Adali's case, concluded Cyprus' Government.
Replying to our Question which COMPARED these 3 outstanding cases of "JOURNALISTS MURDERS", Adali, Gongadze and Politkovskaya, in order to avoid "Double Standards" by asking from Ukraine and Russia more than what is asked EU candidate Turkey, many European personalities were critical /

They criticised Ankara's recent claim at the CoE to stop investigating, because it would be "impossible to find anyone" responsible for the 5 bullet shots which killed Kutlu ADALI in front of his Family Home, contrary to the other two Journalists' murders, where Ukraine and Russia at least arrested the executants, searching now for the instigators :


    - "Where was that ? In Turkish Occupied Cyprus ? WITHOUT ANY DOUBT : Any murder of Journalist should be investigated in full ! All these Murders must be investigated !", replied the famous SAKHAROV's wife, Elena BONNER to our question on Adali's case, compared to Gongadze and Politofskaya.

    Elena Bonner spoke us EXCLUSIVELY shortly after being honored by the President
of EU Parliament on the occasion of 20 Years of her husband's SAKHAROV Prize.

    A strong personality, Sakharov's wife even had to struggle against an anonymous EU staffer who, astonishingly, tried to stop her speaking when h heard our question on "Turkey" (!) : - "Please, let me translate, she continues
speaking, don't stop us !", had to cry Sakharov's daughter, (a Journalist
herself), who was translating her mothers' reply, (obliged to speak louder to
make her voice heard despite the harassment).. (= + Audio Proof !)

    Earlier, Elena Bonner also fustigated "Double Standards" at another case, on
Western countries' attitude vis a vis Kosovo and the Kurds : -F.ex. "You have
recognized a few 400.000 Kosovars as an "independent" country, but you still
deny that to 30 millions of Kurds in Turkey !", she denounced.
    - "This (ADALI's murder) is an issue which should be pursued by the Committee
for Human Rights. That's why we have one, and it's its duty to examine cases of
Journalists' murders as the one you referred to. You should bring the case in
front of that Committee", suggested in reply to our question on Adali, EU
Parliament's President, German MEP Hans Gert POETTERING.

    - "It's impossible  to achieve goals of PEACE, if HUMAN RIGHTS are left out :
in fact, Peace and Human Rights are intrinsequaly linked", added POETTERING.
    + "For us (European/International Federation of Journalists) it's clear :
Whenever a Journalist is Murdered, the Investigation should continue until
those Responsible are found !", replied earlier to another question on ADALI
EFJ/IFJ's Secretary General, Aidan WHITE.

    Speaking as a matter of General Principle, White asked us for "concrete data"
on the execution of ECHR's judgement on Adali case, in order to "look at it in
depth" and "make a formal statement", in comparison with the other Murdered
Journalist case, also pending at CoE's  Ministers for completing its execution,
on Ukranian Gongadze.
     From EU Rapporteur on Human Rights, vice-President of EU Parliament Liberties' Committee, MEP Giusto CATANIA, we were told that, since there is an ECHR judgement in both Adali and Gongadge's cases, "Turkey must naturally execute the judgement and make a full and efficient investigation, until those responsible for the Journalist's murder are found and punished".

    Even if "we (Catania's "EuroLeft" Group) support Turkey's EU perspectives, this does not mean that Ankara should not behave properly. On the contrary, it means that they have to meet tough conditions, particularly on Human Rights", was added on the occasion of Adali's murder case.

    Moreover, "since you raise the issue of Mr. Adali's muder as a part of a Series of Journalist's murders, including fex. Gongadze, Politkovskaya, ao., tthen we (EU) could also act together with CoE's Commissioner on Human Rights, Thomas HAMMARBERG, it was suggested.

    - "We (EU) must step up efforts against the problem of IMPUNITY : Real Peace cannot exist without Justice",  stressed also this week at EU Parliament in Strasbourg, French Minister on Human Rights, Mrs Rama YADE.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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