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New Chinese leader Jinping's call for "1 Heart and Mind with the People" to open CoE link ?

Written by ACM
Thursday, 15 November 2012

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- New China's leader Xi Jinping's call to have "1 Heart and Mind with the People", as he stressed while meeting the Press at the conclusion of a crucial CPC's Congres in Beijing earlier this morning, which adopted Changes in its Constitution and a Report pointing at "Democracy", "Rule of Law" and "a Mechanism" to "Check the exercice of Power", might boost China's links with the CoE, reviving a pioneer suggestion, by the current President of its PanEuropean Parliamentary Assembly, French ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Jean-Claude Mignon, to create a special status for Beijing inside Strasbourg's Organization for Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of Law, (See "EuroFora"s previous, relevant NewsReports : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/irish/china.html  + http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euchinaculturaldialoguecoeassemlynewchairmignonandchina.html ).


China is today the only Permanent Member at the New York headquarted UNO's Security Council, which hasn't yet got a special Status within the CoE, since USA, Canada, Japan and even Mexico negotiated and obtained such special "Observer" links to Strasbourg when Russia became a full CoE Member, already from 1996, associating PanEuropean and Global Multilateral Diplomacies together. But PACE's President Mignon has recently reiterated, speaking to "EuroFora" immediately after his election, earlier this year (2012), his initial 2008 idea to create an adequate CoE - China permanent link in Strasbourg, where Beijing's Government has already started, since several years, to regularly send some particularly experienced and well qualified diplomats in an important Consulate General.



    A Resolution of CPC's 18th National Congress on its revised Constitution, stresses, in particular, that "making (of) People's Democracy more Extensive, Fuller in scope and Sounder in practice, and improving the socialist system of Laws with Chinese characteristics, are objective requirements for keeping to the socialist path of making Political advance ..., carrying out political Structural Reform both actively and prudently, and strengthening efforts to build a socialist country based on the Rule of Law".

    Jinping also pointed, earlier, at the importance of the Report presented by Hu Jintao and approved by CPC's 18th Congress, which includes the requirement not only "to ...promote Reform of the Political structure and make People's Democracy more Extensive, Fuller in scope and Sounder in practice", but even to "ensure ...the position of the People as Masters of the country and Law-based Governance; .....enhancing the vitality of the Party and country and keeping the People fully Motivated", by "expand(ing) Socialist Democracy, improv(ing) the system of socialist Consultative Democracy, ...Community-level Democracy, accelerate the building of a socialist country based on the Rule of Law, establish a sound Mechanism for conducting Checks and oversight of the exercise of Power", (i.e. something strikingly similar to the European "Controle de Légalité des Actes Administratifs", etc), according to the official text.


Speaking to Journalists today, that he met together with all the 7 freshly elected Members of CPC's Politburo's Standing Committee, (including Li Keqiang, reportedly due to become Prime Minister), Jinping made a landmark reference to the "5 Thousand Years" of Chinese "Civilisation's evolution", that famous Greek Emperor Alexander the Great had vainly dreamed to unite with all other Ancient Civilisations known at his time when he arrived up to the Silk Road (3rd Century BC), long before the  Italian merchand from Venice, Marco Polo, succeeds a Round Trip between Europe and China on the 12th Century AC, uniting them for ever with his famous Book on the "wonders of the World", full of innovative Ideas which notoriously helped to boost Europe's Technological Development, and even facilitate Spanish explorer Colombo's discovery of America, soon afterwards (14th Century AC), before Maoism inspires part of the "Non-Aligned" International Movement and Budhism the Anglo-American "Hippie" mode during the 1960ies, followed by the Chinese "Cultural Revolution's" debates on the pro and cons of various Socialist Regimes' contradictory developments, as well as the World-wide Respect that today's basically Peaceful and Economically dynamic and cooperating China inspires, particularly during the current search of the best ways out of the recent Global Crisis in a more Democratic, Multi-Polar World.


Xi Jiping, who studied Chemical Engineering and worked also in Agriculture etc., before embracing Politics, is reportedly linked both with Protagonists of the Historic 1949 Revolution (including his own father : an important Politician, pushed aside at a stage of the "Cultural Revolution", but rehabilitated during Deng Xiaoping), and with Shanghai, (China's most "International" City, similar to New York, Geneva or Strasbourg, etc, currently visited anew by "EuroFora"s Scientific Advisor, Dr. Constantin Marcopoulos), where he served as Head of the CP, while he also met recently a Delegation from Shanghai, (for which he reportedly wished "a new situation"), led by Yu Zhengsheng.


Among Western Leaders, he has already met with former US President GWBush and Russia's Medvedev in the Past, and one of his most recent meetings was, on August 2012, with German Chancellor Angie Merkel (a former Scientist on Physics, married with a Professor of Chemistry), while French President Hollande has just anounced that he accepted his invitation to visit soon China,  (comp. recent statements of Hollande's Diplomatic Sherpa to "EuroFora" on China, during the latest EU Summit in Brussels : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/frenchpresidentsdipomaticadvisoronchina.html ).


 - Thanking and encouraged by the "Trust of CPC's Members" and the "great expectations of the People" from the new 7-Member strong Leading Team, Jinping promissed to "strive to be worthy" of that "important responsibility", "and fulfill our mission".  Pointing at China's Historically "indelible Contribution to the progress of Human Civilization", he reminded, however, that "in Modern times, ...China endured untold Hardships and Sufferings, and its very survival hung in the balance", while countless ...patriots rose up one after another and fought for the renewal of the ...Nation, but all ended in Failure, as he said, until CPC  "made great Sacrifices and forged ahead against all odds", for 90 Years,"rallied and led the ..People in transforming the poor and backward, old China into an increasingly prosperous and powerful New China, thus opening a completely New Horizon for a great renewal". "Our responsibility Now is to rally and lead the entire Party and the People of all ethnic groups in China in taking over the "Relay Baton" passed on to us by History, and ...stand rock-Firm in the Family of Nations, contributing even more to the Humankind", as he said.

- Praising the "Beauty", "Harmony" and "Culture" of the "Homeland" built "in the long course of History", by " the Chinese People, ...working with diligence, bravery and wisdom", Jinping observed Today's "People's desire" for  "better Education", "stable" and "good Jobs", "Income", "Social Security", "Medical and Health Care", "Housing" and "Environment", as well as "sound Growth" and "a more enjoyable Life", and promissed to "rally and lead ... in making continued efforts to Free up our Minds, carry out Reform and Opening up, further release and Develop the Productive forces".

As a Journalist observed, immediately after that Press encounter, it's mainly about "Continuing to Develop Production, but without losing Contact with the People", while on-going Debates with Western and Chinese Experts focused also on how to "bridge the Gap between Rich and Poor", fight Corruption, etc.


- Indeed, "under the New Conditions, our Party faces many Severe Challenges, and ...Pressing Problems within the Party that Need to be resolved, particularly Corruption, being Divorced from the People, ...Formalism and Bureaucratism caused by some Party Officials", Jinping denounced, launching a call to "make every effort to solve these ("Major") Problems", until when "we must stay on Full Alert", as he warned, because "the Party must Supervise its own conduct".

- For that purpose, CPC must "maintain Close Ties with the People", because "it's the People who have Created History",  "who are true Heroes" and  "the Source of our Strength", since "United as one, we'll create an awesome Power" able to " certainly overcome all difficulties", if we "serve the People with Dedication", "share the same destiny ...and ...work together and diligently with them for the public good, so as to live up to the expectations of both History and the People", conscious of the fact that "our Responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai, and our Road Ahead is Long", as Jining warned in Conclusion.




(Mount Tai, between Beijing and Shanghai, is the most important among China's 5 "Sacred Mountains", a UNESCO World Heritage site, with more than 3.000 Years History of worship, and Higher than 1.500 m.. Traditionaly associated to Sunrise/Dawn, Birth and Renaissance, but also to Innovation, Unity, Stability and Peace, Emperos used to pay hommage to Heaven and to Earth at its Top and at its feet, linked by a long path curved in stone).




(NDLR : "DraftNews", as already sent earlier to "EuroFora"s Subscribers/Donors. A more accurate, full Final Version may be published asap).

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Benedict's "Source" to revitalize Europe : - "The World needs Hope", Pope says, calling to relaunch E.U. via Human Rights !

Paris - Lourdes - Strasbourg : 12 - 17 September 2008.

The vital need to re-launch Europe can be succesfully met by defending fundamental Human Rights of the People, said Pope Benedict XVI in his 1st speech in France, at his meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy, who currently chairs the EU.

Sarkozy replied by welcoming Christian and other religions' contribution to indispensable Public Debates on crucial issues which affect Human Dignity, Europe, even Humankind, as BioGenetics.

- "When Europeans will see and personally experience that the inalienable Rights of the Human Person .., those of their free Education, their Family life, their Work, ..their Religious Rights, ..are respected and promoted, then, these Europeans will fully understand the greatness of the European construction and will be actively involved in it", Benedict XVI stressed.

pope_benedict_salutes_with_sarkozy_elysee_400 pope_benedict_speaks_at_elysee_palace__sarkoy_hears_400

- "It's important that during France's EU Presidency, there is, indeed, a desire for the Church to contribute to protect Human Person's integrity, and I think that there is also a growing Conscience, beyond any polemics, to defend Human Rights, and, thus, contribute to ensure respect for Human Dignity", added to "EuroFora" the Pope's Spokesman, Vatican's Press Director Federico Lombardi.

- "Nobody really told us here that Lisbon Treaty was good for this or that reason to the People. They only told us that we "had" to ratify it, and tried to scare us, but failed", said 2 Irish pilgrims to "EuroFora", after 2 Majority Abstentions in 1999 and 2004 EU Elections and 3 "NO" to Referenda in France and the Netherlands in 2005, followed by the Irish "No" in 2008, during a Decade of EU Crisis since the controversial Turkey EU- bid (1999-2008).

More than .."224 cases of Murders, Torture, "Disappearancies" or Destructions" by "agents of Turkish Security forces", where all those responsible for so heavy Crimes still remain scandalously unpunished, despite regular condemnations of Ankara by Strasbourg''s European Court of Human Rights from 1996 to 2008, were examined the same week by CoE's Ministers, who decided to launch a fresh call "urging" the Turkish Authorities to end this dangerous "virtual Impunity" of criminals, without comparison to European countries.

- "Why not Ukraine, instead of Turkey ?", asked EuroFora a Journalist from "Kiev : the city where it's enough to cross the streets in order to realize that it's a European town", as Sarkozy recently said, before solemnly declaring this week, together with Ukranian President Jushenko and EU Commission's chair Baroso, EU's "recognition that Ukraine is a fully European Country, linked to Europe by culture and History".


Europe's "Christian roots" and Values, with "openess and mutual respect" to other cultures and beliefs, were highlighted by Sarkozy in harmony with Benedict XVI.

The Human person should be protected "from his inception until his natural death", added the Pope, faithful to BioEthic principles defended by his predecessor and collaborator, John Paul II, of topical importance in France, Europe and the World today, as Sarkozy announced :

- "Fast and important progres in Genetic Science and procreation raise delicate BioEthical Questions to our Democracies", which "involve our view of Humans and Life, and can lead to Social Mutations. That's why they cannot remain only a business of experts", hestressed.

- "It's Politician's responsibility to set a proper framework for such Public Debates", as "France will do on BioEthics in 2009". "Religious and Philosophic traditions must take part, with their ideas and centuries' long experience : A positive Laicity is an open invitation to Dialogue", he said.

- "France engaged in Europe at another Debate on how to make Financial Capitalism more moral", and the "Social doctrine of the Church fits well what is at stake in modern Globalized Economy"

- "But, a "Real Dialogue is not for an elite of a Globalized world : It penetrates deep into the People : That's why Churches should actively participate : .. It's bringing New Oxygen to Public Debates", stressed Sarkozy.

- "Democracy must not be cut off Reason", which is "compatible with Faith", thanks to "the meeting between Christianism and Greek philosophy ", he added, referring to Pope's views. "It means to advance with logic arguments, search what's best and respect common principles of thinking :... It's an everyday need for Public Administration and the Political Debate", he added.
Pope Benedict's 1st visit to France looked like the start of a brillant, manifold demonstration that this was well-founded and could become true in the lives of the People : After its Theoretical foundations unfolded at a "speech to the world of Culture", inaugurating Bernadins' cultural centre, and its dogmatic instrument shaped at an address to the Clergy in the Historic Notre Dame' Cathedral, he started to resolutely reach out to the People :


The move went upwards like Bach's music : Begining with a call to more than fifteen thousand enthousiastic Youngsters gathered at Notre Dame's parvis with overnight celebrations, it gained strength in an impressive open-air Mass at Paris'central Invalides'area facing Alexander III's bridge, attended by more than 150.000 people, French Prime Minister Fillon, many Ministers, Foreign Ambassadors, etc, and culminated in a series of pan-European Mega-meetings at Lourdes 150th anniversary, together with all French Bishops, EU Commission's vice-Chairman Barrot, and some 200.000 enthousiastic People from all over Europe and beyond : After a Sea of Lights astonishingly braved Saturday Night's rain, an open-air mass at riverside fields among Pyrenees' Mountains Sunday Morning, was followed on Monday by a Sea of "Compassion" to those facing Health or Life threats, surrounded by an endless gathering of People, whose gigantic dimensions obviously surprised the organisers..

Meanwhile, Benedict had the occasion to speak to the French Priests at Notre Dame of Paris, and with the Bishops at Lourdes, where they prepare a crucial November plenary meeting, due to take important decisions on imminent EU debates and choices about Europe's identity, BioEthics, etc.
- "A new way of thinking about Laicity has become necessary", agreed the Pope with President Sarkozy at Elysee. While keeping the "distinction between Politics and Religion, to guarantee Citizens' Liberty", "religion is important for shaping Consciousness and contributing, together with others, to create a basic Ethical Consensus in society".

- "Searching Essential realities", (as "God" for christians), needs "Speech : "Logos" in greek, i.e. Reason", "able to shape a Community","with creative work transforming Human History". But "Dialogue" is instrumental for "Reason", because it's the way to "search" for Truth", in "Liberty", according to Greek Platonic Philosophy, with Socrates' dialectics. "Reason" implies "Spirit and Liberty", hence the polyphonic "Music" of "Dialogue", in a responsible, "well balanced" way, to avoid "destruction".

Starting with a "Dialogue between christians and intellectual or artistic movements" highlighted at Bernardins' Cultural Center. with former Presidents Chirac and Giscard d'Estain, UNESCO's chair Anastassopoulos, etc., as well as representatives of Muslim Communities, (including a separate Turkish), after contacts with Jews at Vatican's Embassy, the Pope turned towards the People :

To French Priests : "Church built on the rock" !


- Speaking to thousands of French Priests at Notre Dame's Cathedral, Benedict highlighted a solid "Church built on the Rock" of conscious and active persons, transmitting "a lively, energetic and sharp" "God's Speech, actively working on Human History".


"Praying together" with "representatives of Christian Churches and ecclesiastic communities", (as Orthodoxes, Armenians, Protestants, etc), he called "to reinforce the Unity of the church", against "any form of Division", around Holy Spirit', "the Word","Christ's Justice", and "Love" to fellow- humans : Essentials which "resume all holy scripts", as he said.

To Young People : "New Horizons"
To some 15.000 enthousiastic Young People at Notre Dame's parvis, along Seine's river, Benedict spoke about "the Energy of the Holy Spirit" and "the Mystery of the Cross" : - "The Holy Spirit opens New Horizons to Human Intelligence .. and makes it conscious of the real greatness of Christ's sacrifice, dying and resurecting for World's life".

Some "may slander you as crazy, laugh at you, or even persecute you. But, "the Holy Cross is a symbol of God's love", and "givesmoral strength" : "Witness of People's pains, it's at the same time, a precious, unique expression of their Hopes", he told them at Paris' dawn.

Invalides' plateau : "People chosen to become God's friends"
At the 1st open-air Mass in Paris' center area of Invalides, facing the Grand Palais, along the river Seine, during an impressive gathering of more than 150.000, French Prime Minister Fillon, Ministers Alliot-Marie, Bachelot, Dati, Jouyet, Assembly's President Accoyer, Senate's Chair Poncelet, former 1st Lady Bernadette Chirac, former Prime Minister Raffarin, many foreign Ambassadors, and other political personalities were present. (While earlier, from the Socialist opposition, Paris' Mayor Delanoye, artist Robert Hussein a.o. assisted at the Elysee meeting).





But the "Entry Song" focused on the "People chosen to become God's Friends". The September 11 mass was Dedicated to "Saint Chrysostomus, that great priest of Constantinople", with his "wonderful eloquence and great courage to face challenges", who "made out of despaired and godless people, a people of brothers", opening a possibility to "become all one complete entity", as Pope Benedict reminded.

- "Reason never enters in real contradiction with Faith", stressed Pope Benedict, who prepared his speeches for France during a short Summer rest at Brixen/Bressanone's Seminar, whose Library honors both "Faith and Science".. - "We must use not only our Reason, but also our Faith" : "Get away from Idolatry", "cupidity", "avidity for money, power or even knowledge deviating from essential aims", and other "falses appearances". and "build your Home on the Rock", "with the force that Holy Spirit gives to those who let it act in them", he said to the People of Paris.

Benedict at Lourdes : - "Become Light (even) in the Dark !"
- "Our World needs Hope", stressed Pope Benedict, addressing an impressive TorchLight procession at Lourdes' sanctuaries, where a Sea of Lights held by Hundreds of Thousands of People gathered at Pyrenee's Mountains from all over Europe astonishingly kept their flames despite a heavy Rain at a windy Dark Night...

- "150 years earlier (1858 - 2008), ..here, in the cave, ... a simple young girl, Bernadette .. saw a Light". "The everyday life of her Family was, however, made of Misery, Sadness, Sickness, Misunderstandings, Rejection and Poverty... It was hard to live in Jail". Today, "we think to all Human Beings who suffer : The innocent Victims who face Violence, War, Terrorism, Hunger, Injustices, Catastrophes, Hate and Oppression, Violations of Human Dignity and of their fundamental Rights, of their Liberty to act and think. We also think to those who face Familial problems, sufferings from Unemployment, Sickness, Infirmity, Isolation, or their situation as Immigrants, without forgetting those who suffer and die for the name of Christ", he said.

- "But the Shadows of the Earth, did not hinder Sky's Light to shine : <<The Light shines in the Dark>>" ..."A Way full of Light opens in Human History even in its Darkest moments" : ..."As Night falls, Christ tels us : <<- Keep your Lamps alight !>>."Hold a Light while walking in the Night .. sums up our condition as Christians on their way : "We need light, and we are called to become Light !", Benedict stressed to People setting in motion Lights, Flags and Songs with enthousiasm.


"<<- She looked at me as a Person, who speaks to another Person>>, the poor girl had noted."Light emerges from such a Dialogue", stressed the Pope : "A small Flame called Hope, Compassion and Tenderness dwells inside those who return after being moved by Lourdes' experience". "Christ .. entrusts us with the Mission to let the Light of Charity shine : To make of our Prayers an Act of Love to our brothers and to Fraternal Charity", he concluded.





2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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