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ECHR President +German Ambassador to CoE +2 GDR Rescapees to EF on Berlin Wall Fall and Human Rights

Written by ACM
Saturday, 09 November 2019

*Strasbourg/ECHR+European area/Angelo Marcopolo/- Speaking to "Eurofora", ECHR President, Linos-Alexander Sicilianos, from Greece, stressed that "European ReUnification, Triggered by Berlin Wall's Fall on 1989, Boosted Historic Developments on Strasbourg's Court" itself, vis a vis CoE's Member States and Citizens' protection

Indeed, inter alia, it's during the Following Years that even the New, big and original Building of ECHR was Built and Inaugurated on 1992 in Strasbourg, by former French President Francois Mitterand and f. COE's Secretary General, Professor Catherine Lalumiere, while an Important Reform of ECHR's Statute considerably Strengthened Euro-Judges' Role and stream-lined its Decision-Making Procedures, entering into force on 1998, i.e. After the CoE Became Pan-European, with 47 instead of only 21 Member States, including Russia since 1996, Helping Prepare also EU's Historic Enlargments of 2004 and 2007. It's during that Same Period of Time that CoE held 3 Heads of State/Governments in a row, on 1993 in Vienna, 1997 in Strasbourg, and 2005 in Warsaw : A Unique Era, withOut any Equivalent yet, Neither Before, Nor After that, during CoE's 70 Years of History (1949 - 2019).

It's then that it was Decided to Enlarge CoE's Membership to Central-Eastern European Countries, but also Strengthen ECHR, create a PanEuropean Commissioner for Human Rights, and Focus CoE's overall Role on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law. In this Context, was, for the 1st Time, Published an Official ECHR Report on massive Human Rights Violations by Turkey in Cyprus on 1992, followed also by the 1st ECHR's Public Hearing on the Inter-State case "Cyprus v. Turkey" on 1993, which resulted in a landmark ECHR Judgement of 2001, preceded by another Famous ECHR Judgement since 1994 on an Individual Refugee Woman's application against Turkey's peristing Refusal of any Access to her Family Home in the Occupied Territories of the Island controlled by Ankara's Foreign Army, (a Case-Law which became Popular even at UNO's Global Level). But also the First Publication of ECHR's Reports on Torture - InHuman/Degrading Treatments by Turkey's Authorities against a Young Dissident who Lost the use of his Right Hand by Torture in Turkish Prisons, and was, Later, Murdered by Gunshots when he Refused to Withdraw his Application to Strasbourg's Court, as well as against a Kurdish Family Brutaly Expulsed from its Family Home, after their Fields and Livelihood were also Destroyed by Turkish Authorities' Forces, which Obliged them to Walk on the Streets for Hundreds of Kms, until they arrived at Poor Shanty-Towns in the Periphery of Smyrne/Izmir, Condemned to Suffer from Extreme Poverty, (Famous Cases of "Aksoy" and "Akdivar", respectively) on 1995. I.e. the Same Year that, in an Exceptional Press Conference in Strasbourg, COE's Leadership on Human Rights issues, Strongly Denounced the Exceptional Problem raised, already since then, by Turkey's Numerous and Extremely Grave Violations of Human Rights, Condemned by ECHR's Judgements, But Not Yet Applied by Ankara's Authorities. However, from a Political Viewpoint, the CoE's President-in-office then Finland's Ambassador, in an Exclusive INTW with "Eurofora"s co-Founder (Publishing then at "TCWeekly" Newspaper), had the Honesty to Warn us, since 1995/1996, that nobody should have excessive Illusions about such ECHR Judgements, Because, in Fact, the Principal Aim was mainly to Convince the Former Central-Eastern European Countries to Establish Legal Institutions allowing for Trade and Investments in Cooperation with the West for a Pan-European Economy. Nevetheless, in Addition to the Creation of "Trilateral" Summits between France, Germany and Russia, since CoE's 1997 PanEuropean Summit in Strasbourg, with Chirac, Kohl and Yeltsin, a Wider Human Rights "Spirit" ("Geist") Spread, then, Even to New Technologies' Modern Issues, such as the Access of all Citizens to Modern TeleCommunications Networks at the Internet, included, for the 1st Time, in a landmark Resolution adopted by CoE's Committee of Ministers in their 1998 Summit at Thessalloniki, during the rotating Presidency of the CoE by Greece, (See "Eurofora" co-Founder's relevant Publications, then, to "MPAgency", later Fusioned with the Biggest Greek Press Agency ANA-MPA, until Nowadays), as well as the Adoption and Signature by most CoE Member Countries of a landmark Convention on "Bio-Ethics", (known as "Oviedo Treaty"), Open Also to Other, Non-European Countries across the World, which Focuses, for the 1st Time in History, on "Human Rights and Bio-Medicine", including the New Area of "Genetic" Technologies, to which was Added, at the Last Minute, (on the Rush provoked by the Controversial "Dolly the Sheep" Cloning Disaster), also a Popular, Special "Protocol" for a Global Ban on Any Attempts to "Clone Humans", strongly Supported, then, particularly by the German and Greek rotating Presidencies of the CoE, on 1997-1998.

- However, when "Eurofora" asked, Today, ECHR's President Sicilianos, How he Felt about the Human Rights' Prospects in the COE, Despite the Current Lack of a so Important and Exceptional "Driving Force", as it was, 30 Years Earlier, the Berlin Wall's Fall, and the subsequent Re-Unification of Europe, his personal reaction Surprised :

- "I am Optimist !", the New ECHR's President, immediately and Clearly Replied to "Eurofora"s above mentioned Question, with a Bright Smile, (Despite an ambiant Pessimism by various others inside CoE who are Speaking, on the Contrary, about a current "Crisis"), while Walking in front of 2 or 3 Authentic Pieces from Berlin's Wall, Symbolically placed at ECHR's Garden, (Even if he didn't yet find enough Time to clearly Explain for which Concrete Reasons in particular)...


Was it, perhaps, just Because of an obvious overall Positive Ambiance, Today, at a Special CoE Ceremony for the 30th Anniversary since Berlin Wall's Fall (1989 - 2019), inside ECHR's protected Garden, where Authentic Pieces from that "Wall" were at the EpiCenter, Together with the European Anthem, and an Active Presence particularly of the Franco-German EU/CoE core's couple :  the Permanent Representatives/Ambassadors Jean-Baptiste Mattei (Current CoE's rotating President), and Rolf Mafael, (forthcoming CoE's President), respectively, who Both spoke to "Eurofora", on this occasion, added to an earlier special "Statement" of CoE's New Secretary General, Marija Buric ?


- "All Europeans have a Reason to Celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall", Because of Joint "Efforts in the East and West, to Unite our Continent", "through (a) Peaceful Revolution" where "People won Freedom and Democracy", and, "30 Years Later, Europe is Stronger", Both "Economically and Politically", compared to the Past, Buric stressed Today, (before participating to the Traditional Reception, Later this Evening at Strasbourg's PMC, which Attracted Many People).


- However, she also Warned that "Peace and Prosperity canNot be take for Granted". On the Contrary, further "Efforts to forge European Unity are as Important as ever", as well as "to SafeGuard Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law", particularly via "the Institutions created" for that purpose, as the CoE, that she obviously invited to Stimulate.



- Accepting to pose, with a Smile, for a Photograph by "Eurofora" in Front of ECHR's Monument from the Berlin Wall, the current President-in-office of the CoE, French Permanent Representative, Ambassador Jean-Baptiste Mattei, (who had just Heard his Collegue from Germany, Ambassador Mafael, metion more than 2 Times "France" in an Official Speech), briefly but substantially Stressed that:  - "We really Had to be Present Here Today !", pointing at this Highly Symbolic Day and Location (the European Court of Human Rights), before Saluting us kindly...



+ More Locacious on this occasion, the Future COE's Rotating President, German Ambassador Rolf Mafael, speaking later to "Eurofora", stressed, in particular, that - "This is a Moment of Happiness, Both for Germany, and for All Europe".

- "It was Only Possible with a Peaceful Revolution", particularly "Made by the People of (former) Eastern Germany" themselves, he observed, just Before 3 Authentic EyeWitnesses having Lived those Historic Moments there, give their Testimonies at a Following Event, organized Later Today, at the European area of Strasbourg, (See Infra).

- "So, the (Berlin) Wall was Torn Down by the People of the East (Germany), but this (Overall/Wider Change) could not be Possible without the Democratic Developments also in Poland, in Czechoslovak Republic, in Hungary, and in the Baltic Countries", etc, he added.

 - And, particularly, "the Confidence of our Western Partners" : especially "NATO Countries",  (i.e. ;Other EU Member States, such as France, the UK, Italy, etc, as well as USA, a.o.), "Church and Business, etc", Ambassador Mafael underlined.

+ "And, in the End, of course, all this could not have been possible without (Russian President) Mikhael Gorbatcev, and his Policy of "Glasnost"", he added, speaking to "Eurofora" at the PanEuropean Organisation of the CoE in Strasbourg, with 47 Member States, including Russia, since 1996.

=> In Consequence, concerning Berlin, "All this, for us Means another Long Period, in order to Make it Clear to the World, that the United Germany will be as Peaceful and Friendly, as the Separated Germany (FRG) has been".

+ "And", Moreover, "we are Willing to Contribute to the Peaceful Development of Democracy, Human Rights, and Rule of Law", (i.e. PanEuropean CoE's currently Core Mission : Comp. Supra), the German Ambassador ensured.

++ Nowadays, in Addition, "for us (Germany), this Also means a particular Responsibility, especially vis a vis (all) the Europeans" as a whole, "to Build a United Europe", he topicaly stressed, (given, particularly, the recent Challenges that EU has notoriously to Face, Both in Politics and Economy, etc), Ambassador Mafael underlined, on what is, probably, the most importat point;

- "We Hope that we (Germany) Shall Live up to this Responsibility, especially Next Year (2020), when we shall have, First, the Responsibility of the EU", (from July 2020), "and Later-on, of the Committee of Ministers of the CoE", (from November 2020),  he Highlighted, concerning an obviously Exceptionally Important Role for the foreseable Future. - "That's my Message", the German Ambassador to the CoE concluded, Saluting "Eurofora" with a smile.


+ Human Emotions, Curiosity, often Sympathy and/or Astonishment, were Mixed during an Interesting, Next Round, Later this Afternoon, co-organized with the reknown "Goethe Institute", at nearby "European area", particularly with 2 Rescapees from the Former "GDR" at Eastern Germany, who had Both managed to Escape from Prison and/or Other Restrictions, in order to come to Work in the West, Before the Berlin Wall's fall :

- To a Question raised by "Eurofora", however, about whether, in Addition to their Personal Liberty's immediat Needs, they had also thought, then, also, about the Effect, that the Fall of Berlin's Wall could have, by facilitating the reUnification of Germany, and, therefore, Strengthening Europe, their Replies Diverged :

-- Karsten Dummel, a jailed Political Dissident who Left Eastern Germany just 1 Year Before the Fall of Berlin's Wall, Back on 1988, in order to Join his Brother, (who had already been Jailed and obliged to Leave Earlier, since 1984), at nearby Tubingen's University, where, nowadays, he teaches Rhetorics, after a Short Stay in USA's Michigan, clearly acknowledged Today that, "No", "I did Not really Thought about a Stronger Europe, then", all of his attenion being naturally Focused on, First of all, Ensuring "Freedom".

- But, it's a somewhat Different Story for Dr Karin Sorger, a Medical Specialist for Kidneys from Leipsig,  who had been included at a Ransom-paying schema by Western Germany in order to Free Detainees at the East, (which called that : Reimbursement of Expenses made for their Education), already since 1977, before arriving to Work at Mainz University, and afterwards, at nearby Baden-Wurtemberg Region, between Ulm and Stuttgard, appointed in charge of a Huge Hospital's department for Biopsis : A Big, Collective Resposibikity, since Kidneys can be affected by Various and Many Factors, going from up to the Head, until Down to the Feet of Human Body, as she told "Eurofora". At First, she, too, had Focused on Freedom-related matters, after having suffered a lot, mainly by Bad Conditions of Everyday Life and Work, Undermining her Marriage, f.ex. with InCompatible Time-tables, too Long Hours for Transports etc., even Deprivation of an independent Flat where her Family could live in Peace, withOut Everyday Promiscuity with Alien 3rd Persons at one of its Rooms, (reportedly Reserved "Only for Workers or Peasants", as Local Authorities claimed, to which she had Replied that : -"If you doN't Need us, then Tell us to Go Away !"), etc. Neverheless, Afterwards, when she had to flee to the West, she Started to "Realize the Importance that a ReUnification of Germany could have also for a Stronger Europe in the World", (these two issues being interlinked).

- In Fact, Things "evolved very Rapidly" then, and "Events were Precipitated", added the Experienced French Diplomat, Jean-Luis Lepretre, specialized in Cultural Affairs, (by the way: The "Door" through which almost All Central-Eastern European Countries Started to Enter into touch with the CoE, then, Before they Become full Members), who worked at Eastern Berlin for Many Years, Both Before and After the Fall of the Wall, between 1983-1988 and 1994-1998, as well as in Various Other Central-Eastern Countries, (f.ex.  Tchechoslovakia, ex-Yugoslavia, Latvia, etc), while Also Continuing to Work on Germany, particularly its Eastern part, and Culture, even when he returned to the Foreign Ministry's Headquarters in Paris.

- However, to a subsequent Question whether they Expected, or, on the Contrary, were Surprized by the Berlin Wall's Fall, almost All 3 Witnesses chose the Second Reply :

- F.ex., Dr Karin Sorger, simply said that, when she saw at the TV all those People Freely Walking through the Wall, for the 1st Time in History, she was Emotionaly Moved, and Cried...

- Even Jean-Luis Lepretre, despite being such a professional/Diplomatic "Connaisseur" of Eastern Germany, (Comp. Supra), and even after having attended, the Historic Popular Demonstration of Leipsig, (which was Surprisingly Calm, "as a Family Stroll", he described), practicaly at the Eve of Berlin Wall's Fall, nevertheless, he ...Missed the Exceptional, UnExpected Event, for ...only 2 Days, as he had, meanwhile, to return back to France, for routine matters, he regretted...



+ They were joined by the New Director of Strasbourg's "European Spot", here, Sophie Coumel : When the News had arrived even at a "Red" Suburb of Paris, stronghold of the French "Communist Party", her School Professor, an otherwise Good Professional, but also Editor at the Party's mouthpiece "Huma", Soberly Advised his Students to be "Careful" : Something Fishy might be going on, he reportedly suspected !


- More Mysterious, Karsten Dummel, apparently Revealed an Astonishing Paradox :

- "Already as Early as Since 1983, I had been Warned, by a German Ambassador in China, that something of that kind should happen "Before the End of this Decade", he Curiously Revealed.


- But, Even after that Historic, Giant Popular Demonstration in Leipsig on 1989, I did Not Believe that Any such Big Change might really occur in Eastern Germany, because, on the Contrary, I Expected something Similar with what had Happened Earlier in China, during the Tiananmen Square Events at Beijing, i.e., that the Regime would soon Take Over and use Power to maintain its order, he reminded.

=> So, I was really Surprized, when I saw that the Berlin Wall, Suddenly started to Fall Peacefully, withOut Any Intervention by Force, at least from the "Old Guard" of Eastern Germany's Regime, Opposite to what I Expected, the former Political Dissident pointed out...



- But, Despite the Fall of Berlin Wall, European ReUnification will still remain inComplete, withOut the "Western Balkans", Diplomat Lepretre Regretted, as far as "Eurofora"s Question was concerned.

- Speaking shortly after France and 3 or 4 other EU Member States notoriously Opposed an Attempt to Start EU Accession Negotiations with Albania, (partly still contested), and even with North Macedonia, (recently become Easier, after a controversial but operational Deal with Greece), particularly until the EU Reforms its Decision-Making process, to make it more Efficient, the veteran French Diplomat pointed, in fact, also at "the Problem of Kosovo", that some had recognized, but Nobody still accepts to do so inside Serbia, not even among the most pro-European Politicians, as he observed.

+ There is Also a Complicated Problem in Bosnia-Herzegovina, added the German Universitarian, Karsten Dümmel, (Comp. Supra) : It's mainly about some "Ethnic Groups", he pointed out. So that, if things remain as they are now, "all Young People may Leave Bosnia-Herzegovina for abroad, Leaving behind them Only a Country of Old Pensioners !", he Warned. But he also Acknowledged, Replying to Critical Reactions from People at the Audience, that, as a matter of General Principle, we shouldn't yet eye any such eventual EU Accession Negotiation, but Only "When the Conditions might be met" there.

Western Balkans are, indeed, also a Strategically Important "Corridor" between an Industrial Franco-German "Mittel-Europa" and straight towards the Energy Sources of Middle East : This Important Fact had become Visible, particularly during the 2nd World War, when Hitler, Seeking to Find Access to Oil/Gas, at First, tried to Pass Through the Western Balkans, until the Greek Island of Creta, facing Egypt etc., where he was Delayed by an UnExpected "No" even by a Rightist (but for National Independence) Greek Government then, so that Brittish and other Allied Forces found the Time to Block Access to Egypt from the Sea. Then, Hitler had to Launch the famous Rommel's Fast-Track Operation with Tanks, from Italy and through Northern Africa's Coasts, again Towards Lybia, Egypt, etc., which Won at First, but was, Finaly Stopped by Montgomery a.o. at the End. Lastly, Hitler attacked, shortly Afterwards, ...Russia, initialy giving the False Impression that he might Repeat Napoleon's Historic Error to go after Moscow, at the North, But, in fact, he Suddenly Changed Direction, and Started to Head Towards the South, through the Caucasus, i.e. Seeking to Reach Iraq's Oil/Gas Energy sources: Something that the Russians understood quite enough in order to Hastily but Efficiently set up a Stuborn Resistance at Volgograd/Stalingrad, and Win there. In Consequence, when the NAZI launched their Last Important Attack against the Allies advancing after USA a.o. Forces' arrival through Normandy, i.e. the Famous "Ardennes' (Forest) Counter-Offensive" of December 1944, by a lot of German Tanks, even if, at First, they had Started to Gain space against even the Americans, who had to Retreat, Nevertheless, a moment came, in which, Suddenly, all German Tanks ...Stopped, by Lack of Energy Supplies, and their Soldiers Abandoned them Empty, and Disappeared in a Fatal Retreat, (as a Spectacular USA Film from Hollywood has pictured)... In other words, If Hitler had Not been so much Hindered/Delayed at his 1st Attempt, Straight through the "Western Balkans Route", (Comp. Supra), then, he Might even have Won the War (or, at least, Blocked it in a "Pat") !..


>>> Thus, Shortly After the Fall of Berlin's Wall, at the Beginning of the 1990ies, "Eurofora" 's co-Founder Remembers well, f.ex., an Exceptional Meeting inside the CoE in Strasbourg, where Experienced German and other Senior Officers, were Showing Europe's MAPs Pointing, precisely, at that "Western Balkans' Route", and boasting about various Big Infrastructural Projects made possible Throughout it all...

+ And, precisely, Until Then, the Ex-"Yugoslavia" notoriously was the Nearest and Most Open to the West former "Socialist" Country in Europe, Both Geographically and ideologically/Politically, with Many of its Citizens Already Free to Travel in Western Europe Countries, withOut notable Hindrance, (a Fact which was an Exception throughout all Europe, up to that moment).

=> So, Normaly, ex-"Yugoslavia" appeared, then, to be the 1st former "Socialist" Country to Peacefully Integrate inside a ReUnified Europe, much More Easily and usefully than Others !

On the Contrary, Compared to that, f.ex., the former "Eastern Germany" Notoriously appeared, until then, to be (at least Ideologically) the Most "Hard Nut to Crack" of all, (Even More than the ex-USSR itself !)...

But, this was withOut Counting, inter alia, also, f.ex., with some Globalist "Socialist"/Liberal USA Presidents, then, as Bill Clinton, (i.e., a priori, More enclin than others to Impose a strictly Hierarchical, Bureaucratic International Division among Countries), during the 1990ies, and Barack Hussein Obama, on 2014, who, notoriously, played a Bad Role into Provoking Bloody Conflicts and Leaving Europe with 2 Big "WOUNDS, still Partly Open Bleeding", at its Former-YUGOSLAVIA area of the Western Balkans, Later Followed also by UKRAINE, in the North-East Borders with Russia, (Contrary to the Initial Vocation of Both these 2, until then Peaceful European Countries to become "Friendly Bridges" between Western and Eastern Europe in the foreseable Future)...


Concerning at least most among those "Ethnic a.o. Groups"' Problems, particularly in Bosnia, but even elsewhere, still nowadays, inside the Western Balkans, about which had spoken Today Karsten Dummel, (Comp. Supra), it's Also, among others, a Young man from Serbia, living in Strasbourg, who had also Denounced what he felt as a kind of Provocative Pressure, Risk, and/or Massive Spread of a more or less Extreme "Islamisation" throughout Some among those ex-Yugoslavia Areas, surprising "Eurofora" during a recent meeting. And, at any case, it's Impossible to Forget the crystal-clear Fact, that, even in that Notorious "CIA Video", Published just After 9/11 Terrorist Mass Murder of Civilian People, supposed to show Osama Bin Laden's Responsibility, in fact, OBL reacts to Gross Provocations by an Elder Islamist Extremist related to Bosnia.

Recently, North Macedonia was Criticized in CoE's Assembly for being reportedly reluctant to speak about so-called "Bosniac" and/or "Kosovar Minorities" inside the Country, where Publications of regularly updated MAPs showing the Demography of Ethnic/Religious Groups inhabiting each City or Village in that Country, have been Suspended, after showing Many White/Blanc spaces in the Latest Editions, (mostly suspected to correspond to various Muslim Albanian, Bosnian, Kosovar or Turkish origin). The area includes a lot of Forcibly Islamized Populations, already since it was invaded and occupied by the former Ottoman Turk Medieval Empire, (after Long and Fierce Armed Resistance, led by Historic Christian Albanian and Hungarian-Serb Leaders, as Skanderbeg and Hunyadi, etc), and it has Not yet Applied any Automatic Massive Cancelation of Forced "Conversions" to Islam (unless some might Individually Ask to maintain that), as it had been Ordered, f.ex., by the landmark International Treaty of Sevres since 1920 already. Moreover, various converging informations have circulated, Recently, among European Circles in Brussels and/or Strasbourg, about alleged Massive Distributions of Money often Paid by Foreign Countries and/or Networks to Poor Women in Bosnia or elsewhere in the Balkans, in order to convince them to systematically bear an Islamic Scarf, particularly in Public Areas.

Such Facts remind EPP President, Experienced Long-Time former MEP of Strasbourg, Joseph Daul's recent critical observation that "there are much Less Scarfed Women in ...Istanbul, than in some of our (EU's) Suburbs !", but also World Famous Arab and Non-Aligned Movement's Leader, Nasser of Egypt, who had Denounced the Fact that a Chief of Islamist Extremist "Muslim Brotherhood" Grouping (later OutLawed, as prone to Terrorism), had already asked him, back on 1953, to push All Women Walking in a Public Area to Bear an Islamic Scarf, as the ...Number 1 Demand for an eventual political deal : Something that Nasser naturally Rejected, as he described in a Landmark Video-taped Speech, which has regained Actuality Nowadays, after a relevant Controversy on Recent Statements by French President Macron, on a similar issue...





However, Despite such Problems in a Periphery, at least, in Core EU Areas, it seems that, Silently but Progressively, a Franco-German and/or other EU Integration among European Culture EU Citizens is Advancing with Concrete Steps, Naturally Facilitated by the European ReUnification trend, 30 Years After the Berlin Wall's Fall :

- F.ex., inter alia, Dr Karin Sorger, Despite her Origine as a "Hoch-Deutsch" (German of the North) from Leipsig, told "Eurofora", that, after having seeked and found adequate Working Conditions at nearby Southern German Cities, Near the French Borders, First at Mainz (Mayence), and Afterwards at the Baden-Wurtemberg Region, neighbouring Strasbourg, she became also Member of a Franco-German Friendship Association, and Started even to Learn the French Language, (in addition to her English)... As for Karsten Dummel, another "Hoch-Deutsch", his arrival to Nearby Tubingen University, also at Germany's South, was Even accompagnied by ...his Marriage with a French Lady, who has Helped to Make him Learn Nowadays to Hear and Speak also the French Language Fluently ! And even the New Director of Strasbourg's "European Spot", here, Sophie Coumel, a former Teacher of German Language and Litterature, from Paris' Sorbonne University, had also married with a German Gentleman, as she told "Eurofora"... 

Meanwhile, Both those two Rescapees from the Former "East Germany" regime, have Written and Published an Interesting and sympathetic Autobiographic Book for each, which would certainly gain if it was also Published at the Internet, sold as an "E-Book", Facilitating Both Material Access at any moment, and Digital Translations in Many European a.o. Languages. But, at least, as far as it concerns its FrontPage Heading Title, that of Karin Sorger, certainly can make People Dream :

- "The Secret of Happiness is Freedom !", it declares from the outset. "And the Secret of Freedom, is to be Audacious" ("to Dare"), it Concludes...




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 In Democracy, the forthcoming choices for EU's Top Jobs, as the New EU Parliament's President, new EU Commission's President (+ probably EU Council's President, EU Foreign Minister, etc) should be made according to EU Citizens' Votes in June 7, 2009 European Elections, and main EU Governments' strategic policies.

At the heart of the biggest EU Countries, in France and Germany, EU Citizens clearly voted for a renovated, non-technocratic but Political Europe based on Values, declared explicitly incompatible with Turkey's controversial EU bid.

This main choice was also supported in several other small or medium EU Countries, such as Austria (cf. promise of a Referendum), Spain (cf. EPP program's reservations vis a vis Enlargment), etc., while EPP Parties won also in Poland, Hungary, Cyprus, etc.

In other Countries, whenever Governing coalitions didn't make these choices or eluded them, continuing to let a Turkish lobby push for its entry into the EU, they paid a high price, and risked to damage Europe, by obliging EU Citizens to massively vote for euro-Sceptics whenever they were the only ones to offer a possibility to promise  real change and oppose Turkey's demand to enter into the EU :

It's for this obvious reason that British UKIP (IndDem) succeeded now (after many statements against Turkey's EU bid) to become Great Britain's 2nd Party, unexpectedly growing bigger even than the Governing Labour Party, as well as the Liberal party  ! Facts prove that it's not an isolated phenomenon : A similar development occured in the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders "Party for Freedom" (PVV) became also the 2nd biggest in the country, (after EPP), boosting the chances of a politician who had withdrawn in 2004 from an older party "because he didn't agree with their position on Turkey". And in several other EU Member Countries, even previously small parties which now focused on a struggle against Turkey's controversial demand to enter in the EU, won much more or even doubled the number of their MEPs (fex. Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, etc).

On the contrary, whenever Socialist and oher parties were explicitly or implicitly for Turkey's controversial EU bid, they obviously lost Citizens' votes and fell down to an unprecedented low.

In consequence, EU Citizens clearly revealed their main political choices, in one way or another : They voted to change for less Bureaucracy, but more Politics and Values in a Europe really open to EU Citizens, but without Turkey's controversial EU bid.

Recent political developments are obviously different from the old political landscape which existed in the Past of 1999-2004, when Socialists based on Turkish 1% vote governed undisputed not only in Germany, but also in the UK, Greece and elsewhere, France followed old policies decided when it had been divided by "cohabitation", before the 3 "NO" to EU  Referenda since May 2005, before Merkel, before Sarkozy, etc.... before the surprises of 7 June 2009 new EU Elections.

If the current candidates to the Top EU jobs promise and guarantee to respect People's democratic choices, OK.

Otherwise, Europe must find new candidates, really motivated and able to implement these democratic choices of the People.

The beginning of crucial, final Decisions are scheduled for the 1st EU Parliament's plenary session in Strasbourg, in the middle of July, and they could be completed towards the October session, when Lisbon Treaty's fate will have been fixed.

See relevant Facts also at : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/2009electionsandturkey.html



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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