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Greek Attorneys Union defends Innocence Verdict for Rightist GD against gross Slander by Media Lobby

Written by ACM
Friday, 20 December 2019

*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- The Union of Attorneys in Greece took the unusual step to Defend in Public the Innocence Verdict for Rightist Party "Golden Dawn", just issued by Attorney Mrs Diamantia Economou, after she was viciously Attacked by a Lobby of Medias and Politicians, mainly Leftists, in an exceptionaly Long and most Far-Reaching Political Court Case in the History of the Country.

What used to be the 3rd Biggest Party during many Elections, throughout the whole Country, and often the Main Opposition Party of Greece, Even after having been officially Accused, had All its Leaders initially Arrested and Jailed, later assigned in residence and/or facing various Restrictions of movement, all their Official Revenues being "Freezed" for Many Years until Now, withOut any Interest, Prosecuted as a "Criminal Organisation", allegedly Responsible for Murder and Other Violent Attacks, and Threatened by Life or Tens of Years' ImPrisonment sentences, while even its slightest Announement was Systematicaly Censored by almost All the Medias of the Establishment and far beyond, during More than 6,5 Years of Prosecution (2013-2019), and 4,5 Years of Court proceedings, with Numerous Witnesses, Lawyers and Documents against or in favor of the accused, who also saw, during all this Time, 3 of its Members brutaly Shot by a Gunman, who Killed 2 and seriously Wounded a 3rd Victime, withOut Anyone having ever been found and arrested for such Bloody Crimes until now, while Many of its Offices were Violently Attacked, facing various Destructions, withOut most culprits being found, except only a few Days ago, routinely Insulted as "Neo-Nazi", "Fascist", "Racist", etc, Until the Party's declared Followers fell from about 15 %, down to Only 2 %, according to the Latest Poll.

But the Competent Attorney's long and detailed Conclusions found Nowadays that the Accusation to be a "Criminal Organisation" was False and/or Unsubstantiated, since there was "No Targetting", "Neither Plans", "Nor Orders" by the Direction of the Party to commit Any Criminal act ; its Political Philosophy or Ideology had Nothing to do with that Criminal Accusation, while, at any case, its most "radical" fans had been obliged to Leave that Party already as early as since 1992 ; most Accusation Witnesses' Claims were Vague Hypothesis, Inaccurate", and/or "things that doN't resist to Logic" (etc).  

=> So that "GD"'s Leaders should Stop to be Prosecuted, all Restrictive Measures against them and/or their Party should be Lifted,  - with the Only Exceptions of 2 "Isolated" incidents: the Killing of Leftist Rapper Fyssas after a rix with a Poor Fan, (former Supporter of the Communist Party !), who allegedly Feared to face a Mob Aggression, and/or the previous ill-treatment of some Arabish Fishermen from Egypt, by other Fans, Back in a remote Past, (whose Legal Qualification was Downgraded), etc.

Shortly Before that, other relevant Official Findings were just Published, including Police Statistics showing that the Number of various Violent Aggressions from Leftists, during the Last Decade (2008-2019), were More than X 3,5 Times the number of those from Rightists (1.866 against 500), and 2 Individuals were Detained for having Recently Exploded Bombs Damaging 2 Local Offices of "Golden Dawn", and Suspected to have Already done so (including Against Persons) in at least 5 Other Cases of Explosive Bombs, etc. in various Other "GD"'s Offices during the Past Years 2017-2019, (routinely Revendicated under the Nick-Names of "Brigade Durruti", "Brigade Fyssas", "Brigade Sahzat Loukman", "Brigade Abd Elsalam", and "Brigade Petrit Zifle"). However, even those 2 Suspects were reportedly let Free to go, soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, the 2 Aggressors, including the Murderer, who Shot and Killed 2 Peaceful Young Members, and Seriously Wounded a 3rd, of the Rightist "Golden Dawn" Party, in an UnProvoked Attack at Athens' outskirts, on the 1st of November 2013, still Remain, Scandalously, totally UnKnown, and Not Any Progress at all has ever been noticed in the alleged "Investigations" on these Brutal Crimes, (which have been Filmed by at least 2 Videos !), during More than + 6 Years now (1/11/2013 - 20/12/2019) !.. It's Obviously the Leftist former Government of 1/2015-2019 which Bears the Main Responsibility, but a possible Application by the Victims' Families to the ECHR in Strasbourg (for Violations of Articles 1, 2, 6 and 13, as well as Protocol 14), can not be excluded at all.  

>>> It's in such a Context that Many Medias, particularly of the Left, have launched a lot of Harsh Personal Attacks against the Attorney who has just Concluded in favour of the Innocence of "Golden Dawn" :

- Among various others, even the Traditional Mainstream Multi-Medias Company "Labrakis", (the Biggest in the Left), Claims, in its Largest Circulation Newspaper "Ta Nea", to feel a Risk for "the Institutions will be seen as UnAble to Stand up against a Criminal Organisation", and even points at "Many Indications or Insinuations that, even inside the Institutions of the Republic, there are Sympathies for "Golden Dawn'"s Policy and Ideology" (sic !), with alleged (but UnNamed) Factual "Indications for its appeal to Security Services and the Armed Forces" .... but even among the Judges (sic !)"...    

>>> - "Circles of Deep State - even Para-Military" (sic !) -  who "Covered up for Years the Criminal Action of "Golden Dawn", (Now), "with Access to the Attorneys, and in Complicity with that NAZI Gang (re-sic !!), attempt to White-Wash the Criminal Organisation, and Bring it all back into the Political System. That Attorney was presented Today as the MouthPiece of such a Plot" (re-re-sic !!!)...    

+ Many Other such Leftist Medias go as Far as to Claim, in Addition, that the Small Rightist Party now threatens to become ..."the Richest (sic !) Party of all", just Because the State would be legaly Obliged to, at last, Return Back to all the former Long-Time MPs their Seized Wages, which had been "Freezed" for Many Years (Comp. Supra) : Abusively, they call that : "State Subsidies" (sic !), Instead of what it really is : Late Return of Elected MPs' SalarIes, after having been Confiscated for Many Years, (withOut the slightest Interest), Obliging them to Work for Nothing, withOut being Paid not even a Dime !


=> In Consequence, the Union of Attorneys of Greece, felt Obliged to Issue an Official Anouncement, ensuring that "Attorneys exert their Duties with a High Feeling of Responsibility and on the Basis of the Constitution and Laws, withOut being Beyond Criticism, even Sharp".

>>> - "But, When (that Criticism) extends Beyond the Necessary Measure, and is issued Before the Definite Judgment of the Court, it is DANGEROUS FOR JUSTICE, and the Necessary Separation and INDEPENDENCE from the Other Constitutional Powers", the UAG sternly Warned.      



As for that Lobby of mainly Leftist Medias of the Establishment, which is now so grossly Slandering an Independent-Minded Attorney, after having Totally Censored, for Many Years, what was then the 3rd Big Party of the Country, often even the Main Opposition Party, (Harassing and/or Threatening also anyone who might Publish Anything from them, Against elementary Press Freedom),

its Credibility is seriously Damaged, since it was practically the Same Abusive Lobby which had been, earlier Censoring also ...All Public Announcements made by a Democratically Elected Government, (that of Center-Right Party "New Democracy"), already, sortly Before the "Golden Dawn" Incidents, back in the Summer of 2013, when it had notoriously Tried to Reform the National Radio-TV "ERT", by Changing it from a Money Wasting outlet where Previous Governments, (mainly of "Socialist" PASOK Party), had abusively Appointed their Lackeys for Decades, into an Efficient Media composed by Journalists hired in Transparency and according to their Merits : Not even the slightest Official Press Communiqué, issued by that Government, could Not been Published, then, elsewhere than at a ...Web-Radio Site of its Party's Youth (sic !), as the Government Spokesman Simos Kedikoglou had told "Eurofora" then, and CoE's Director for Press Freedom, then, had great Difficulties, initially to Understand what was the real Problem, when we simply Asked him if  a Government could evoke the Freedom of Speech principle in order to Protect its own Legitimate Rights in front of an Oppressive, illegitimate and UnDemocratic Lobby of Medias Owners, (See, f.ex., at: http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/geekgovernmentspokesmanandcoedirectoronertissue.html, etc)














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 Rapporteur on "Energy innovation and sustainable development", Dr. Bedrich Moldan, vice-President of Czech Senate's Environment and Regional Development Committee, added that Climat issues, price uncertainties and diminution of accessible Fossil energies, played together with EU's RST potential in order to make RES both a need and "an opportunity". However, in cases as "Solar Energy, even if the main Scientific ideas are already here, we have to make some technologic breakthroughs in order to find how to produce it on a large scale, store and transport it", Dr. Moldan added to "EuroFora".     

Czech interest for RES was also expressed, earlier in Strasbourg, by Jan Kohout, the deputy Minister pf Foreign Affairs who participated to a workshop on "Renewable Energies" organized by the French EU 2008 Presidency : - "The focus is on Development", he told us.    

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