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Big Alsacian Majority votes Referendum, but technicality blocks. Strasbourg 70% eve of Election 2014

Written by ACM
Sunday, 07 April 2013

*Strasbourg/- A big Majority of Alsacian People voted in favor of the Popular Referendum for the reUnification of Alsace at a level as high as 57,8 % against 42,2%, with  more than +67.600 votes' Advance for the "Yes", vis a vis the "No" : More than 255.400 for, against some 187.800 only.   


(Comp. : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/alsacereferendumcavada.html )    
Nevertheless, Bureaucratic conditions didn't allow for that big Majority of Alsacian People to freely decide the Future of their region, allowing a Minority to technically block the process by seizing a tiny majority only at one area : Upper Rhine, (the smallest out of 2 Departments which compose, taken all together, the Alsace Region), where the "No" got 55,4% against 44,3%, even if in the Biggest Department, that of Lower Rhine, where Strasbourg is located, the "Yes" marked a Record High of .. more than 67,5% of Votes, (against only 32,4% for the "No")...



But the Organizers of the Popular Referendum     succeeded to bypass another Condition : on the rate of Popular Participation, reaching something well beyond 34%, despite of the rather Institutional content of the issues at stake, and even if the opposed "Socialist" Municipality of Strasbourg (whose Mayor Ries had reportedly declared that he'd "stay Home", and closed the City Hall on the Vote Day, contrary to the tradition..) invested heavily in various Deviations these Days, including a 2-Day International Conference on Europe, and even Mass Sports for Heart's Health, etc... I.e. almost a Similar Participation to that of EU Parliament's Elections back to 2004 : 38%, and not far away from that of 1999 : 42%, not even from the latest June 2012 French National Parliamentary Elections : 49%...


 - "We thank the Alsacian People, who, despite the appeals to stay home, and the campaigns of slandering, dared move to vote in favor of the Referendum for Alsace with a very Large Majority", declared from the outset the President of Alsace Region, Philippe Richet. "Nevertheless, the (legal) process stops here, because inside  the (smaller among the 2 Departments which compose Alsace region) Upper Rhine, a slim majority voted against. We respect that, as everybody must respect the clearly expressed will of the overall Majority throughout the entire Alsace region", he soberly added, without explaining yet in concrete detail what exactly he meant by that for the Future, (particularly on the Political aspects of the event, and their consequences).


+ 71% in Strasbourg !!!

* But perhaps the most important Political Revelation in this April 2013 Popular Referendum for Alsace was the Astonishing Fact that it succeeded, well beyond all expectations, to win with ...more than + 70% for the "Yes" Vote, against only 29% for the "No", throughout all the City of Strasbourg, (the Biggest in Alsace, and Headquarters of its Region, as well as of European Institutions such as the COE, EU Parliament's Plenary Sessions, ECHR, EU Ombudsman, Schengen System, EuroCorps, International Space University, etc).

Coming just 1 Year before the crucial 2014 Municipal Elections in France, such a Huge Distance taken by 71% of the People vis a vis its Governing "Socialist" Team, (the local "Socialist" Party having made a heavy Publicity against the Referendum, clearly calling to vote "No", despite a few ambiguities by some Individual politicians apparently scared by the Polls...), obviously reveals a "cinglant Desaveu" by Strasbourg's Citizens vis a vis their "Socialist" Municipality as it stands.


+ >>> Moreover, by succeeding to Win 58 %- 42 % throughout Alsace region, ad with such a large Margin as + 67% in the Biggest, "Lower Rhine" Department, even  more than + 70% in Strasbourg, mainly on the sole Political basis of an unprecedented  Center-Right ChristianDemocrat and "Greens"' objective Alliance, for the 1st time in History, (See "EuroFora"s relevant previous NewsReport, dated April 5 : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/alsacereferendumcavada.html ), i.e. even without Any Vote from the Rightists of the "National Front" (FN : particularly Strong in Alsace), the UMP and Centrist Parties proved, well beyond any expectation, that they have all their Chances to Win Strasbourg Mayorship at the forthcoming Municipal Elections, next year (2014), while, on the Contrary, the local "Socialist" Party revealled that it's dangerously Disconnected from the People....    


+ In addition, the results at the 3rd City of the region : Colmar, where the experienced ChristianDemocrat/EPP Mayor Gilbert Meyer (UMP : same party as Richert) had reportedly expressed some concerns, as well as in the "Upper Rhine" department in general, apparently indicate that even People who voted "No" now, weren't, in fact, against the main idea of Simplification and RerUnification of Alsace, but only worried about an eventual risk to downgrade the role of their area inside the overall Regional structure. In other words, even them might be willing to vote in favor of Alsace's reunification if they had been better ensured to keep playing a notable role.

Meanwhile, as things stand today, it all seems as if it was an unsatisfactory (and probably illegitimate)  : - "Democracy v. Legalistic technicalities" !


 But History teaches that the Political message given by a crystal-clear Majority of  People (as now among Alsacians) always finds a concrete manner to satisfy Citizens' will, sooner or later, in one way or another,... particularly ifit concerns some among the various other topical and more "substantial" socio-political issues...


And, at any case, it certainly cannot be ignored.-

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   Renew Europe's Historic Legend with Parthenon's pure white marble at the eve of crucial 2009 EU Elections, was the ambition of an interesting Art Exhibition, with more topical Symbols than expected, organized by EU Parliament's 1st vice-President Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou and MEP Marie Panayotopoulos- Cassiotou, Chair of the Inter-group on Family policy, during March A session in Strasbourg.     

According to the Ancient Legend, God Zeus, charmed by young Girl Europe, was trasformed into a strong Bull with Wings, and when she tamed him with Human affection, they flew over the Sea to live together in a New Land with large, fertile landscapes.  

- "There, they saw the Continent with a "Large Front" ("Eureia -opse" in Greek => Eur-opse => Europe)", reminded the Sculptor, Mary Papaconstantinou, of the European Women Association, honored by awards in Paris, Athens and Strasbourg.

    Thus, Europe's Legend combines Symbols of Energy and Strength, with caring Human personality, to bring towards New, large Horizons :

    - "Modern Art for this Ancient Greek Legend here in Strasbourg reminds that Europe, placing Human dignity at its heart, always finds the strength to overcome any Crisis towards New achievements. And EU Parliament offers Citizens a chance to artfully interact", said MEP Panayotopoulos-Cassiotou.


    Structured like some Rembrand's pictural sequences, Europe's sculptural exhibition forms a series of many statutes, sized and flat as a PC screen, representing many scenes inspired from the original Legend, "according to Moschos' text, a Writer of the 2nd century B.C.", said Sculptor Mary to "EuroFora".  

    Made by sparkling pure white Marble full of Symbols, they incite to think but also to act, as in front of a Book with half of its pages full of written text, but another half, free to write on white paper..

    While several EU politicians think that one of the most important characteristics of the 2009 EU Elections is that from their outcome may depend Europe's Identity and Future, Culture Minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras (a former MEP) send the message that, precisely, such modern Art linked to Historic legends may help "EU Citizens search the origins of Europe's Identity".

     - "The Legend says that they founded a New City, Thebes, and that reminds us that Europe is always a project of Invention and Creation", added EU Parliament's vice-President, Rodi Kratsa - Tsagaropoulou.

    Sculptor Mary Papaconstantinou said that she "tried for years to find the same White Marble from Penteli Mountain that was used by Praxitelis and all those who created Parthenon", symbol of Democracy and one of the 7 wonders of the World.

    - "By shaping this millenary Greek Marble to revive Europe's Ancien Legend with Modern Art, it reminds that Europe is a Hope for a better Future after Crisis, combining Energy for Development, with care for the Human person", said the sculptor's compatriot from Chios island, famous from French artist Delacroix's historic painting, MEP Panayotopoulos - Cassiotou.
    She now lives with her Family close to Rhine river, at EU's heart, near Bonn, where had started to work for the first time on European issues the new EU Parliament's Secretary General, Klaus Welle :

    By a symbolic coincidence, Europe's legend built anew with Parthenon's marble, marked for ever the beginning of young and energetic Welle's duties as new head of EU Parliament's administration, since he saluted the retiring, out-going S.G., the experienced Harold Rohmer, shortly afterwards, at another gathering on the same floor of Louise Weiss' superb building in Strasbourg...

    Organisers of both events said that it was a pure coincidence. People are free to believe them, or hope otherwise...


    They disagree in almost everything, except from one thing :

- EU Parliament's Art unites even opposed politicians in a common belief for Europe : Cyprus' example...


Rarely united together, but posing for "EuroFora" with the statute of Europe and Zeus flying over the Sea, ChristianDemocrat/EPP's MEP Yannis Kasulides, a frontrunner Presidential candidate in 2008, former Foreign Minister and Government Spokesman, and EuroLeft's MEP Kyriakos Triantafylides, Chairman of EU - Palestinian Council delegation, from the governing party AKEL (new Left) of the elected President, disagree on almost everything, except from their common claim that Europe of the Ancient Legend, when she flew with God Zeus from Ancient Phynecia to the West, must have crossed the island of Cyprus !

Hard to prove the contrary, 3.000 years later...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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