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Danes/Finns/Dutch/Belgian Elections: Backtrack, or Popular will for Change including true Rightists?

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 05 June 2019


*Strasbourg/Angelo Marcopolo/- Recent Elections in Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, etc., triggered various Controversial Comments : What's really going on ?

Contrary to MisLeading recent claims about an alleged Backtracking of Voters towards "Socialist"/Left Parties, Facts show that People strive to reach Real and More Change, mainly through various stronger, new or revovated atypical Rightist Parties, and potential Allies of the Right/Center-right :

=> F.ex., Today's Danish Election is part of such Recent Moves, as well as, mutatis-mutandis, those, in the Netherlands (EU), Belgium, Finland, etc., in one way or another.

>>> At this Crucial Moment, when the Political InFight for the Important Choices of New EU's and CoE's Leaderships, for the Next 5 Years (2019-2024), is notoriously becoming, suprisingly "Hoter" than expected, it's Obvious that Most among those Misleading Claims (Comp. Supra) are Exploited for such Petty Partisan Interests, so that it has become Necessary for Democracy in Europe nowadays to carefully seek, Find and establish the Truth on such Topical Issues as Recent Elections.


* DENMARK : Indeed, despite the Noise currently made by some around "Socialists" in Denmark, in Fact, the Biggest Winner in this Danish Election is the ...traditional Party of the Right with Rasmussen : "Venstre", who won + 9 MPs More than it had before !

In Comparison, the "Socialists" get Only 1 MP more than what they already had...

 + In Addition, the "Conservatives" Win also +6 MPs More, a "New Right" Party Wins +4 MPs, and even Farow Islands' "Union" Party gets a +1 MP more, (etc), while "Danish People"'s Rightists still keep 16 MPs.

Thus, the Centrists of "Radikale Venstre"', with +8 more MPs, and even the Left-leaning "Socialist/Greens" with +7 MPs, are Not enough in order to seriously Modify the overall situation in any sustainable way...

So, what Really happened ?

>>> In Fact, converging indications point towards a Disatisfaction of Citizens vis a vis a perceived Opportunism of Center-Right "Liberal Alliance", (who Lost - 9 MPs Today), and an  alleged "Laxist" trend in "DP"'s Former "Rightists", (who Lost - 21 MPs now), after Years in Coalition with the Governing Traditional Right of the Establishment.

=> Indeed, this becomes even more Obvious by the Succesful Creation and Nowadays Development of anOther, brand "New Right" Party, of even More Convinced "Rightists", which Started by Winning, Today, + 4 MPs, for the First Time !


* FINLAND : What is happening Nowadays in Denmark (Comp. Supra), looks, indeed, (mutatis-mutandis), as Part of a Wider, Recent Trend in European People to "Punish" politically those who are perceived as "Betraying", UnWilling or UnAble to boost the popular Rightists' main Principles :

=> The most Obvious Recent Example of that phenomenon, is the Spectacular Electoral ...Catastrophe, on April 2019, of All those 20 MPs and Ministers, originally from the atypical Rightist Party "Real Finns"' , who had Earlier Split Away from their Party, in order to Stick to an Out-Going Coalition Government led by Establishment's Traditional politicians, by fabricating a makeshift "Reformist" Party :

>>> When the Time came for a People's Vote (on 14/4/2019's National Elections), they were ALL Wiped Out by Finland's Citizens, Unable to Elect Any MP (sic !), and condemned to get Only ...Less than One per cent of the Votes : 0,97% !

On the Contrary, the Faithful Wing of the "Real Finns" atypical Rightist Party, on April 2019 Elections, not only Won Back all those +20 MP Seats from which it had been provisionaly deprived by that Secession, (Comp. Supra), but, Morever, it Even Advanced further, among others, also by Gaining anOther More MP Seat now !

So that those ReVigorated "Real Finns", Now clearly Confirmed their stable Position at a Rank Equivalent to that of the ...1st Party of the Country, (with 39 instead of 40 MPs, and a "difference" of Votes of Only ... -0,24%) !

From a Democratic Principles' point of view, the Political Situation has become so Strange, that a Party continuously Voted by the People at the Top Rank for a 3rd Time in a Row (2011, 2015, 2019), might be Still Excluded from a Government Coalition exclusively composed by Traditional Establishment's Parties, which have Not Yet been able to put it into place until this June...

Which were the main Causes of what Happened in those Latest Elections (Comp. Supra) ?

Many commentators have Notoriously pointed, inter alia, particularly at a Recent big Scandal, revealed on December 2018 - January 2019, about Dozens of Children, mainly Young Girls, having been Sexually Harassed and often Raped, repeatedly, and/or by Groups of Aggressors, (reportedly, once even ..."Inside a Mosque"), mainly composed by Non-European Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Migrants having arrived  inside Europe through Turkey since 2015-2018+, so Horribly ill-Treated that  Recently at least one of those Children Victims (a very Young Girl) reportedly Committed Suicide !

(It's the infamous, Recent "Oulu (City) Child Sexual_Exploitation Scandal" in Finland, which Followed the more Notorious "Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal", earlier in the UK, that still continues to make Many Condemnations in British Courts).


* NETHERLANDS :  But Finland's case of Horrible Child Abuse (Comp. Supra), is Not the Only main Reason for which, Nowadays, European People become particularly attached to certain atypical, original "Rightist" New Parties. A relevant Recent Case in the Netherlands, helps make that point clear :

Many Noise was Recently made, Notoriously, at Establishment's Medias, about an alleged "Triomphe" of "Socialist" Candidate to EU Commission's Head, Mr. Timmermans, at the Latest EU Parliament's Elections in the Netherlands, held Earlier than others, since 23 May 2016.

Naturally, pushed also by the Extra Publicity given by his Candidacy for the "Socialist" Group of EU Parliament, he, indeed, managed to arrive 1st in those Elections in his own Fatherland, (for the first time)... Thus, he got +3 MEPs More than Before.

- But, many Other Facts, clearly show that, the Real Situation in the Netherlands is Far Away from what Mr. Timmerman's lobby abusively claims :

=> Indeed, Win +3 MEPs in the Latest EU Election, is an exploit achieved Not Only by the "Socialists", but Also by the New ..."Rightist" Party of the "Forum for Democracy" (FvD), headed by Derk Jan Eppink, who got also +3 MEPs, for the first time !

+ In Addition, the "Conservative-Liberal" Party "VVD" also Won anOther + 1 MEP more than before..., while the Other Rightists, (Members of EU Parliament's "Conservative" Group "ECR"), of "CU-SGP", with Peter van Dalen, managed, at least, to still Keep their 2 MEPs, and Center-Right ChristianDemocrats/EPP Group's members of the "CDA", led by Esther de Lange, were able too keep a least 5 out of 6 among their MEPs, (etc).

=> In these Conditions, it's Not just ... One (+1) MEP Alone, added to the "Greens-EFA", (while, on the Contrary, Centrist Liberals of Sophie in't Veld's "D66" ...Lost - 2 MEPs !), who might, eventually, change anything... So, How could Mr. Timmermans, eventually, get a Majority for his side ? Perhaps, only with Anja Hazekamp's 1 MEP for her "Party for the Animals" (sic) ?...

>>> However, in Fact, what is More Important, in these 2019 Dutch EU Elections is Not Mr. Timmermans, but, on the Contrary, what happened now with the Rightist Party of the Country, Geert Wilders' famous "Freedom Party" ("PVV") :

- Suddenly, while it had Succesfully participated in Various Other Elections during many Years, until now, Wilders' "Freedom Party" was ...Totally Excluded in the Latest EU Parliament's Election, where, UnExpectedly, he didN't get Not even one (1) MEP !

- Why such a Big Surprise ?

It seems that there are, at least, 2 concurring Relevant New Facts, which could have been the real Causes for that event :

(A) First, "PVV"'s overall Credibility among Rightists, apparently Suffered by the UnPrecedented Revelation, (with a lot of Publicity, obviously politically Exploited), of the Fact that a Former MP of that Party, and alleged former Close Assistant to Wilders himself : Joram van Klaveren, had Recently ... "Converted" to Islam (sic !), and was even Becoming a Publicist making positive Propaganda for the ...Coran, (in a Book reportedly due to be Published asap) !

Even if van Klaveren had already Left the "PVV" Party since 2014, (precisely on an alleged Disagreement with Wilders about Morrocan Muslim Migrants), followed by a Failed Attempt to Launch a New Party, for which, Nobody Voted, and nonobstant the fact that Wilders Now expressed his "Surprize" for such a Convertion on 2019, by calling it Synonymous, f.ex., to "a Vegan seekig a Job at a Slaughterhouse" (sic !), Nevertheless, the Mediatic Exploitation of such an event, obviously, Harmed the "Freedom Party" in these 2019 EU Elections.

Naturaly, here, the Reason for Droping the "PVV" Party, was Not in order to Abandon its main Ideas and Principles, but, on the Conrary, in order to Stress that they Must be Respected.

(B) However, such a Total Exclusion of PVV, with, Suddenly, Not even 1 MEP elected, (instead of 2 or 3, as it had been expected before that), could Not be All Due Only to that Incident, given also that, obviously, any Islamic Lobby might easily Pay a Failed former-politician, meanwhile gone broke, to eventually Harm his Former Boss, with whom he had, already, Quarrelled in the Past...

=> Thus, there should, also, be Something Else, and, perhaps, even More Important, in order to Convince all those People who always Supported Wilders' "Freedom Party", to, Suddenly, Drop it Massively on 2019 EU Elections :

>>> Indeed, Facts clearly show that, almost at the Same Time, it's even a New Competitor Rightist Party, that of the "Forum for Democracy" ("FvD"), set up by Thierry Baudet, which had just Started to Compete Elections in the Netherlands, aiming, First of all, to offer an Alternative at the Right side of the Political Spectrum.

+  But, it also adds a Critical Analysis of the Political System, Denouncing the current Representative Democracy as a mechanism for Political Parties to Share Power among them, Over the Head of the People, so that it Asks for more Direct Democracy, with binding Referenda, Direct Election of Prime Minister and Mayors, a Government of Elected APolitical Civil Servants instead of Ministers, (etc).

=> I.e., simply showing that People don't want, no more, to stay Limited into Only Protecting their Security and Defending their Country's Historic/Cultural Identiy, etc., by Opposing Islamist Terrorism and Non-European Mass Migration, etc., But Also to Seek an Amelioration and Development of their Living Conditions, by some Positive, Proactive Policies of their Choice.

So, that kind of Replacement of one Rightist Party by anOther, judged by the People (rightfully or wrongly : it's not for us to tell, for the time being) as More Efficient or Productive, is just a normal aspiration for Citizens towards what they believe to be a Better Reply to the Problems provoked to their lives and/or to all the Society at large by a Questionable or Failing political Establishment. The Future will tell whether this, or that way, was, indeed, the More Efficient in order to Make things Change for the Better.

Meanwhile, a any case, the Greater Number of Dutch MEPs stand at the Right Side of the Political Spectrum, (13 compared to 11 for the Left), Even if one counted "ALDE"'s Sophie in't Veld among the latter : Something which is Not Obvious at all...


*BELGIUM : Dealing with such a "Hot" European Issue, what's Best than to Conclude right at the Heart of Belgium, in Brussels ?

There, a National Election with a Surprizing outcome, Symbolically took place On the 26th of May 2019, i.e. the very Same Day for most Votes in the European Elections, (whose Results, particularly concerning Belgium, were Even More Surprizing, and in the Same Direction : See Infra) :

- While most Estabishment's Medias were routinelly Extending, there too, their Blind Leit-Motiv Claim about a so-called "Socialist" Come-Back, (obviously peppered with a Mr. Timmerman's reference someplace...), mixed with a "Green" Wave, almost Everywhere they could Find Incredulous Naive, massively captive auditors, to Listen only to them, (and, here too, this had a Small Part of Truth, with a Leftist Party and 2 Tiny "Greens" getting, indeed, More Votes than before, at the French-Speaking side of Belgium),

>>> Nevertheless, the Real Big Thing, unquestionably was that Huge Surge of the "Rightist" Party "Vlaams Belang", of Tom van Grieken, which Won the Largest Growth of People's Votes in this 2019 Election : +15 MPs More than Before !

Comparatively, Only the Leftist, former "Communist" (ex-Maoist-inspired in the Past), "Workers' Party", of Peter Mertens, mainly at the French-Speaking region, also Won some +10 MPs More than Before. (Ie. Revealing an ..."Italy-like", "Rightist+Leftist" Paradox, mutatis-mutandis visible also, in Various Forms, f.ex. in the French "Yellow Jackets", or, mutatis-mutandis, even at US President Don Trump's landmark Inauguration Speech at Ohio's Cleveland City, back on July 2016, etc). But those Leftists got Only about 8% of the Votes, while the Rightists got 12%.

For the Rest, just 2 Small "Green" Parties, also at the French-speaking Region of Wallonie, Won a bit Less : +7 and +2 MPs More than Before, But with Tiny Scores of 6% of the Votes each, Headed by Zakia Khatabbi and Meyrem Almaci.

All Other Parties (and they are Many : Small and Big) curiously  LOST (more or less) MP Seats in this Strange 2019 Belgium's Election : Particularly those which were Closer to the Traditional Establishment, as, f.ex., the Flamish Nationalists of Bart de Wever's "N-VA" ( - 8 MPs Less than before), "the "Reformists" of current Prime Minister Charles Michel, ( - 6 MPs Less), ou the ChristianDemocrats of Wouter Beke (also - 6 MPs), the Flamish "Socialist" Party of John  Crombez ( - 4 MPs Less), as well as Wallonia's "Socialists" of Elio di Rupo ( - 3 MPs Less), etc.


=> In such a new Situation, inevitably, the Question Number 1, after that Election, appeared to be (as several Medias noted) whether a Controversial "Boycott"-like Isolation in the Past of those Rightists of "Vlaams Belang" (Comp. Supra), which had, Until Now, a priori Excluded them from any possible Alliance for a New Government, will be, at last, Droped for the Future, or not yet...

>>> This Topical Question was, particularly, raised, First of all, to the Biggest Party of the Country : the Flamish Conservatives of Bart De Wever (25 MPs, with more of 16 % of the Votes), who reportedly Agreed, Now, that an Eventual Coalition with those Rightists of "Vlaams Belang", (18 MPs, and 12% of the Votes), has to be Examined, (while also Claiming that he had Never Officially endorsed any kind of Boycott in the Past)...

+ Together, those 2 Biggest Parties of the Country have got now More than + 28 % of the Votes, and 43 MPs, (while All Other Parties Only got Less than 10% each : from 9% to 2% of the Votes, and just 20 to 2 MPs each). This Fact makes an eventual Coalition new Government with those 2 Frontrunners, (i.e. the Rightists of "VB" included), Obviously, the most Easy Solution for the formation of a new Coalition Government.

=> For that purpose, (and given also the "Hard" Precedent of ...351 Days of Delays in order to prepare a Coalition Government, Back on 2010-2011 in Belgium, that many Reminded also now), the King Philippe met with All Political Leaders, (including, this time, even of "Vlaams Belang"'s Rightists', for the 1st Time since ...1936 !), and gave an official Mission of "Information" to Experienced, mainstream Top Politicians Lanotte ("Socialist") and Reynders ("Reformist"/ChristianDemocrat-EPP), with a significantly Short Time Deadline for their Report, expected, precisely ...Tomorrow : on 6 June 2019.

>>> Didier Reynders' opinion, (Many Times Minister, incl. on Foreign affairs, Defence, Economy, etc, and vice-Prime Minister), is particularly awaited by European/PanEuropean/International Observers, as, by a Timely Coincidence, he is, Nowadays, also a Frontrunner Candidate (among 2) for the Top Job of PanEuropean CoE's new Secretary General, for a Period of at leas 5 Years, during 2019-2024, starting from the Autumn, but according to a Crucial Election Vote, scheduled at CoE's Parliamentary Assembly, precisely on this ...June 2019, i.e. just a few Weeks time from Now !

The point is that 47 Member Countries-strong (including Russia+), and Strasbourg-based CoE, (that Reynders has already Chaired, for 6 Months, in the Recent Past, during Belgium's Rotating Presidency of its Committee of Ministers : Comp. f.ex. Reynders' reply to "Eurofora" Question published at ...., etc), holds a Strong and Specific Reputation as being the PanEuropean Organisation (also with a growing Global out-Reach in certain areas, including a Special Status even for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, etc) for Human Rights, Democracy, and Rule of Law :

=>  In consequence, His Opinion,(particularly on the Crucial Issue of the Inclusion or Exclusion of the Winner "Rightist" Party "Vlaams Belang" of Van Grieken, in Negotiations for a New Coalition Government in Belgium : Comp. Supra), is due to have a Special Impact, throughout all Europe.

This could, obviously, become even More Important, also in real Practice, obviously, if Reynders might be, eventually, elected, soon, in Strasbourg, as New CoE's Secretary General, before the End of June, by the PanEuropean Organisation's Assembly, where he faces an important competition by his Collegue, also Foreign and Europe Minister, as well as vice-Prime Minister of Croatia, Mariya Pejcinovic - Buric, who has also a Recent Experience as former CoE's President-in-office, (Comp. Buric's reply to "Eurofora"'s questions, inter alia, f.ex., also at: ..., etc), and whose Country will take over, also, EU's rotating Presidency, from January 2020.   

+ [NB : Partly UPDATED] Meanwhile, Reynders has reportedly just presented a first version of his Report to the Belgian King (Comp. Supra), but this wasn't judged sufficient in order to settle all the manifold aspects of the issue of how (and when) to form a New Government, so that King Philippe decided to Extend Reynders' and Lanotte's Mission as "Informators", until, at least, June 17.

>>> But Reynders, reportedly, Warned, in a Press Conference in Brussels, earlier Today, that, at any case, one thing is certain : -  Nowadays, it's No more Possible to Repeat, even the slightest part of that too Long Delay of ...531 Days in Negotiations for a New Coalition Government in Belgium, as Back on 2010-2011. Neither the Economy, nor the Social and Political Situation of Today "does Not Allow such Long Delays", no more, he stressed, After Consulting several key peuple.]

=> Efficiency, as well as Democracy, apparently Need to simply Respect People's freely expressed Verdict, and Include, Nowadays, in Coalition Government Negotiations also the main Political Parties that the Citizens have chosen, withOut abusive Exclusions.  






(Van Grieken's GirlFriend had, reportedly, Chosen this interesting "Legendary" Song to Welcome the VB's Fans just after their landmark Win ! Someone in that Rock Music Group reportedly claimed that they didn't know, and hadn't endorsed that, but others feel that, at any case, it's a fact that this Music "Fits" quite well many People's Mood)... 









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The official presentation of a "Program" respecting People's choices voted in the June 7, 2009 EU Elections, to be debated in EU Council and EU Parliament during its 1st Session on July in Strasbourg, is the No 1 Priority, according to Democratic principles, for the Franco-German axis, said the main winners at the ballot box, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angie Merkel.

They stressed  that the New EU Commission's President must have a "Program" in favor of an EU which "protects" its Citizens, regulates financial markets and aims at a "Political" Europe" : a wording they have used as incompatible with Turkey's controversial EU bid.

They also declared ready for a "political" endorsment of "Mr. Barroso's candidacy" in June's EU Council, considering that an official decision would have to be made after EU Parliament's debates and votes, possibly from next month (July), with the legally necessary final acceptance shortly after Lisbon Treaty's entry into force, hoped for September or October.

- "A Program, and Mr. Barroso" : This resumes, in substance, the anouncements made by Sarkozy and Merkel, on the question of current EU Commission's President, Barroso's declared wish to succeed to himself for a second mandate, to be extended during the following 5 years.

 In their 1st meeting after EU Elections, they observed that "the Franco-German axis counted in European Elections' campaign... But, we both keep a realistic view : We saw the number of those who abstained, and we must absolutely give them an answer. We also see the disilusionment of an important number of Europeans vis a vis Europe, and we are aware of the responsibilities we have".


 - The "Duty" of the new EU Commission's President, after June 7, 2009 EU Elections' result, "is to act for a Europe which protects the Europeans, to commit himself into working for a better Regulation of Financial transactions, ... and to have a Political will for Europe", underlined Sarkozy.

Therefore, "we have asked M. Barroso... to clarify, to officialy present the intentions he has", he anounced.

- "We want to speak also about the Programme", explained Merkel.

- "It's important that for the next EU Parliament's mandate (2009-2014) we take the right Decisions for Europe.  Obviously on Persons, but mainly Decisions on Issues", she stressed.

- "It's not simply a question of a Person, it's also a question of a Programme". We are "really asking Mr. Barroso to commit himself on a Program, and on Principles, on Values", Sarkozy added.

EU President-in-office, Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer, accepted the Franco-German stance :

- "Barroso must present his Programme. The Czech Presidency agrees with that", Fischer reportedly said later, after meeting Sarkozy.

But Press reports from Brussels claimed that Barroso had preferred to be officially appointed by EU Council since June, (i.e. next week), "because this was implied by the current Treaty of Nice, according to him", and considered any delay until the possible ratification of the new, Lisbon Treaty on September/October, as "undemocratic".

- "At any case, independently of what Germany and France ask, it's also EU Parliament's wish". "We shall propose Mr Barroso's candidacy... But even in the framework of Nice Treaty, EU Parliament has to be associated in this Decision", the French President observed.

If this is correctly done, then "we support Mr. Barroso's candidature", and "if the (EU) Parliament agrees, we might ratify this decision since July", (i.e. next month), they both said.


- "France and Germany support Baroso's candidacy, But we want to speak also on the Program. We believe that this Program should be established in close cooperation with EU Parliament, and that's why we have followed an appropriate way", said Merkel.  - If EU Parliament wants, this election can take place on July,  but this must be done in full agreement.

- "We shall support Mr. Barroso's candidacy, without doubt", said Sarkozy. "But we have asked from Mr. Barroso, as I told him yesterday, to put into detail.. his intentions, at the eve of his 2nd mandate, if the situation avails itself.

    France and Germany "don't want to take an Official Legal Decision by writting" during "the next (EU) Council" (on June 18-19), declared Sarkozy.  Because they prefer, at this stage, only "a Political decision" on June, "so that we (EU Council) can work together with EU Parliament", which starts to meet only Next Month, since July in Srasbourg, "leaving a Legal decision by writting for later".

    - "If the Conditions are fuillfiled in EU Parliament, we (EU Council) are ready to give the agreement and make it offficial", said Merkel

    - "But, now we are working in the base of Nice Treaty. If tommorow we want to work in the spirit of Lisbon Treaty, we have to find a proper way", she added.

    - "Of course it's Legally complicated, because we are going to make a Political proposal to the forthcoming Council, for an EU Commission's President, on the basis of Nice Treaty : So, we (EU Council) will not appoint the Commissioners. Only the President.  If EU Parliament agrees, it could endorse this position on July", explained Sarkozy.

    But, on Autumn, "if Ireland ratifies Lisbon Treaty, there will be, at any case, a 2nd Decision, to appoint the Commission's President, this time on the basis of Lisbon treaty, and then, we, the EU Member States, would have to appoint (also) the EU Commissioners", he added.

    As for the precise Timing :  - "Everything is suspended until the Irish vote... Now, we must all make everything possible to help Ireland to say "Yes"" to Lisbon Treaty... The Irish Referendum, ..will take place either on September or on October. It's a Question which depends on the Irish. And,  then, we shall have the Choice of the Candidates for the permanent Institutions of Europe".

    However, "if Ireland says No, we, French and Germans, have to assume our responsibilities, and we'll do so", he concluded.

    But British and Swedish governments were reportedly eager to have a final EU Council decision on Barroso since this month, on June's European Council. While the other EU Member Countries are divided, several of them preferring to wait until EU Parliament pronounces itself, on July, and/or until Lisbon Treaty might be ratified by Ireland at the beginning of the Autumn. Barroso's current mandate ends on November.

    There are also various, contradictory and/or unpredictable reactions inside EU Parliament vis a vis Barroso's wish to continue a 2nd mandate, because many MEPs are openly or secretly opposed, reluctant, or hesitating.

    In the biggest EU Countries, as France and Germany, EU Citizens voted on June 2009 EU Elections for a renovated, non-technocratic but Political Europe which cares for its Citizens, with an Identity, Values and Borders, declared incompatible with Turkey's controversial EU bid, by mainstream, pro-European Governing Parties. Similar choices were also supported in several other small or medium EU Countries.

    On the contrary, whenever, in other Countries, Governing and other mainstream Parties didn't make these choices or eluded them, EU Citizens massively voted for euro-Sceptics whenever they were the only ones to to promise anti-bureacratic change and oppose Turkey's demand to enter into the EU, (f.ex. in the UK, Netherlands, etc).

    It's seems to be an Open Question whether Sarkozy and Merkel's conditions will be really accepted by Barroso, who was appointed on 2004 in a different political context, (with Socialist Prime Ministers in Germany, France, etc), had rejected in the Past the idea of EU becoming "equal to the USA" as "ridiculous", and pushed for Turkey's contoversial EU bid, trying to "soften" or contain the changes desired by the People who voted for Merkel and Sarkozy with another policy vis a vis Turkey on 2005 in Germany and on 2007 in France, as they did all over Europe on 2009.

    In addition to many EPP Governments, it's 3 remaining Socialist Prime Ministers : Gordon Brown in the UK, Zapatero in Spain, and Socrates in Prortugal, who support Barroso, as well as Liberal Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt. But their Parties lost the June 2009 EU Elections.

    Questioned whether there was still "Time" for "other" possible "Candidates", Sarkozy and Merkel did not deny, nor made any comment on that, but simply said that "it's not for us to make publicity for any candidates. We anounced our choice ("A Program, and Mr. Barroso"). But we respect any other candidate".

    Among various other names cited are former Belgian Prime Minister Verhofstadt, former UNO's Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson of Ireland, Italian former EU Commission's vice-President Monti, etc. Meanwhile, Luxembourg's PM Juncker, (who had been unanimously accepted by EU Council for EU Commission's Presidency on 2004, but refused), announced his intention to resign from "EuroGroup"'s Chair. Thus, he might be available for another Top EU job.

    As "EuroFora"'s "opinion" said (See publication dated 9/6/09) : - "If the current candidates (i.e. Barroso, etc) to the Top EU jobs promise and guarantee to respect People's democratic choices, then, it's OK".

"Otherwise, Europe must find new candidates, really motivated and able to implement these democratic choices of the People."

    Because, "in Democracy, the forthcoming choices for EU's Top Jobs,...should be made according to EU Citizens' Votes in June 7, 2009 European Elections, and main EU Governments' strategic policies".



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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