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CoE Vote, Officials +Son to EF for Independent Public Enquiry on Web-Journalist Daphne Murder soon

Written by ACM
mercredi, 26 juin 2019

*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/- After EU Parliament's recent call for an "independent International public Inquiry" on the Brutal Murder of Web Journalist Daphne Caruana-Galizia in Malta, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euparliamentvotesinternationalqueryondaphnemurder.html),

+ it's Now also the CoE's PanEuropean Organisation for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, which has just added another Call, "to Establish, ...within 3 Months, an Independent Public Enquiry" on that affair, with a Resolution largely Voted Today.



CoE's Resolution also Slamed "False Claims" by the Socialist Government of Malta, "about Progress in the Investigation", and, on the Contrary, reminded them their "Obligations, under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights", to Protect Human Life.

- There is Nothing serious done in that so-called Enquiry yet, and, if things stay like this, then, even the simple Executors risk to be Released soon, on August 4, without ever finding who masterminded and requested the Murder, Warned Today "Eurofora" the 2nd Son of the Victim, Andrew, who is himself a Journalist too.   



=> Meanwhile, Experienced CoE Assembly's Secretary General, Wojciech Sawicki, Replying earlier to an "Eurofora" Question, did not exclude the Possibility for the competent CoE's Rapporteur, Pieter Omtziegt, to eventually try to act, if necessary, as an Independent Investigator in that Brutal Murder case, particularly after EU Parliament's recent relevant call, followed now even by PACE's additional push.

 - There are, at least, 2 relevant Precedents, mutatis-mutandis, concerning another CoE's Rapporteur, Dick Marty, Swiss Liberal MEP, in the Famous Cases of Serbian Prisoners allegedly Killed in order to Sell their Organs in an atrocious Traffick, between Kosovo and Albania, reportedly monitored by a Turkish "Doctor", and of the so-called "CIA Reddition Flights", with Secret Prisons, etc., against Suspects cought all over the World, Sawicki reminded.

- But, it's also true that Marty had himself a personal experience in such matters, since he was Attorney himself, he cautioned.


+ At any case, soon afterwards, it's also CoE's competent Rapporteur on Daphnes' Murder himself, Dutch ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Pieter Omtziegt, who, Replying earlier to a relevant "Eurofora"s Question, has told us that he could really act to "Help" such an Independent Enquiry.

Meanwhile, the "Socialist" Government of Malta Narrowly Escaped, at the Last Minute, a Collective Amendment asking to "Open a Monitoring procedure", "until Concerns are addressed in a satisfactory manner".

Earlier, in PACE's Committee for Legal Affairs and Human Rights, "a Large Majority" of MEPs had initially Voted in favour of that Sanction, observed the Committee's President, Icelandish MEP Sunna Aevarsdottir.

But, now, another "Socialist" MEP from the notoriously Collapsing SPD Party in Germany, Franck Schwabe, currently Chair of PACE's "Socialist" Group, intervened claiming that such a Sanction would be "Too Much" for a Country like Malta, fitting only to Countries like Turkey, etc. Curiously, such an Important Issue had been "Cornered" in PACE's Agenda, between a Last-Minute added Debate and Vote on the "Burning" matter of Russian MEP's Credentials, and the Anouncement of the Results of the Election of a New Secretary General for the CoE (See: ..., etc), resulting in an Exceptionaly and Abnormaly Low Number of Participating MEPs, so that a Sudden Displacement of Only ...15 (out of a Total of several Hundreds !), was enough in order to make evaporate the "Majority" in that Vote, at least for the Time being...

However, given that Long List of "Concerns" already denounced by MEPs now, (f.ex., among others, also : "No News on ..Inquiry's Progress","Conflicts of Interests" for "Magistrates", "Conflict of Interest" for "the Investigating Police Officer", "the Inquiring Magistrate ...Removed by the Prime Minister", No Investigation on a Minister who reportedly had Contacts with the Suspects, allegations that a Policeman Informed the Suspects Before they were arrested, "False Claims" about "Progress in the investigation", "Failure to request possible Evidence from German Authorities", "MisLeading Statements by persons close to the Prime Minister", etc)

...it's not obvious at all that there might, eventually, be any Other Chance for Valetta to Escape from CoE's "Monitoring", unless those Problems are Fixed asap.





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Fillon invites EU to invent "New Horizons" behind Oil crisis


geothermal_plant_400_01Soultz-under-Forests, June 13, 2008

A pioneer Franco-German research project on GeoThermy, near Strasbourg, served as "Symbol" of EU's will to become Independent on Energy by developing innovative Technologies, while imported Oil prices threaten to provoke a World-wide crisis.

It's essential to demonstrate Europe's will to "invent New Horizons", by creating Environment-friendly, Independent and Renewable Energy sources, while price rises continue for Oil, a polluting old ressource with insufficient stocks, stressed French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, anouncing that this will be a focus during the forthcoming French EU Presidency (July - December 2008).

countries fillon_close_01

Fillon symbolically injected a 1st KWh produced by GeoThermy into Strasbourg's Electricity grid, during a special gathering of German and French officials at Soultz-under-Forests ("Soultz-sous-Forêts"), using a geothermal innovation which is "the most advanced in the World" :

The innovation uses Strasbourg's underground water richness to capture Heat, by injecting liquid among Rocks 5 km deep, where temperature is 200 c. Thus, it can be activated at any moment and location, even without natural warm water springs : A big advantage compared to old biothermal tools.

Engineers, Scientists and the Industry will have 2 Years to invent practical ways for this innovation to become productive and cost-efficient in real Economy, said Fillon.

115 Millions of Euros invested, 15 Research Labos, 430 Scientific Publications including 34 Doctoral PhD, and a systematic cooperation between French and German Governments and Public Agencies on Research, succeeded to prove that the new method works.

Already able to serve Electricity to a village with 1.500 inhabitants, the pioneer project intends to reach a capacity to serve 20.000 inhabitants before 2015, as part of a larger Plan to make all Renewable Energy Resources (together with Wind, Solar, etc) able to cover more than 23% of all Electricity needs before 2020.


- In fact, "behind the challenge" faced with the current Oil crisis, there "is a New Horizon that we can shape all together", by "creating New Tools for the Future", Fillon launched towards EU Member States.

Meanwhile, we should intensify Energy Savings, simplify Transports, and help the Poorest cope with growing Oil prices, until EU joins a World-wide lead into inventing reliable and sufficient Renewable Energy Sources, he added.

Many, technologic and other Challenges exist, but they can be overcome : F. ex. the new GeoThermic method tested at Shoultz since 1987, had provoked an Earthquake at a nearby site, close to Bale, by injecting big volumes of pressurized Water in underground broken Rocks near a Seismic Faultline in 2003. But the move was rectified later-on, by diminishing the amount and pressure of the water injected in underground rocks, so that no Earthquake is provoked.


geothermy_map heat_data

More than 1 Billion Euros are invested by France on Scientific and Technologic Research about Sustainable Development until 2012, aiming to take a 10 years advance, there where innovation can become source of Growth, Competitivity and Jobs, which, according to some evaluations could reach more than 220.000 before 2020, Fillon observed.

During the forthcoming French EU Presidency, together with our German friends, we shall do all necessary efforts for Europe's World-wide lead against Global Warming, thanks to Energy tools able to ensure its Independence, Growth, and Citizens' well-being, he concluded.


The "Enhanced Geothermal System" (EGS) stems from pioneer research initiated by teams from France, Germany and Italy, joined also by Swiss, the U.K., and Sweden, even U.S. and Japan, since the 90ies.

In 1996, a European Economic Interest Group (GEIE) was founded, in order to exploit Electricity-produsing Heat from deep underground Rocks, including France's EDF and Germany's PfalzWerke.

In 2002, a Pilot scientific project started to be tested in Soultz-under-Forests, 50 kms north of Strasbourg.



2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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