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CoE Vote, Officials +Son to EF for Independent Public Enquiry on Web-Journalist Daphne Murder soon

Written by ACM
Wednesday, 26 June 2019

*Strasbourg/CoE/Angelo Marcopolo/- After EU Parliament's recent call for an "independent International public Inquiry" on the Brutal Murder of Web Journalist Daphne Caruana-Galizia in Malta, (See : http://www.eurofora.net/newsflashes/news/euparliamentvotesinternationalqueryondaphnemurder.html),

+ it's Now also the CoE's PanEuropean Organisation for Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law, which has just added another Call, "to Establish, ...within 3 Months, an Independent Public Enquiry" on that affair, with a Resolution largely Voted Today.



CoE's Resolution also Slamed "False Claims" by the Socialist Government of Malta, "about Progress in the Investigation", and, on the Contrary, reminded them their "Obligations, under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights", to Protect Human Life.

- There is Nothing serious done in that so-called Enquiry yet, and, if things stay like this, then, even the simple Executors risk to be Released soon, on August 4, without ever finding who masterminded and requested the Murder, Warned Today "Eurofora" the 2nd Son of the Victim, Andrew, who is himself a Journalist too.   



=> Meanwhile, Experienced CoE Assembly's Secretary General, Wojciech Sawicki, Replying earlier to an "Eurofora" Question, did not exclude the Possibility for the competent CoE's Rapporteur, Pieter Omtziegt, to eventually try to act, if necessary, as an Independent Investigator in that Brutal Murder case, particularly after EU Parliament's recent relevant call, followed now even by PACE's additional push.

 - There are, at least, 2 relevant Precedents, mutatis-mutandis, concerning another CoE's Rapporteur, Dick Marty, Swiss Liberal MEP, in the Famous Cases of Serbian Prisoners allegedly Killed in order to Sell their Organs in an atrocious Traffick, between Kosovo and Albania, reportedly monitored by a Turkish "Doctor", and of the so-called "CIA Reddition Flights", with Secret Prisons, etc., against Suspects cought all over the World, Sawicki reminded.

- But, it's also true that Marty had himself a personal experience in such matters, since he was Attorney himself, he cautioned.


+ At any case, soon afterwards, it's also CoE's competent Rapporteur on Daphnes' Murder himself, Dutch ChristianDemocrat/EPP MEP Pieter Omtziegt, who, Replying earlier to a relevant "Eurofora"s Question, has told us that he could really act to "Help" such an Independent Enquiry.

Meanwhile, the "Socialist" Government of Malta Narrowly Escaped, at the Last Minute, a Collective Amendment asking to "Open a Monitoring procedure", "until Concerns are addressed in a satisfactory manner".

Earlier, in PACE's Committee for Legal Affairs and Human Rights, "a Large Majority" of MEPs had initially Voted in favour of that Sanction, observed the Committee's President, Icelandish MEP Sunna Aevarsdottir.

But, now, another "Socialist" MEP from the notoriously Collapsing SPD Party in Germany, Franck Schwabe, currently Chair of PACE's "Socialist" Group, intervened claiming that such a Sanction would be "Too Much" for a Country like Malta, fitting only to Countries like Turkey, etc. Curiously, such an Important Issue had been "Cornered" in PACE's Agenda, between a Last-Minute added Debate and Vote on the "Burning" matter of Russian MEP's Credentials, and the Anouncement of the Results of the Election of a New Secretary General for the CoE (See: ..., etc), resulting in an Exceptionaly and Abnormaly Low Number of Participating MEPs, so that a Sudden Displacement of Only ...15 (out of a Total of several Hundreds !), was enough in order to make evaporate the "Majority" in that Vote, at least for the Time being...

However, given that Long List of "Concerns" already denounced by MEPs now, (f.ex., among others, also : "No News on ..Inquiry's Progress","Conflicts of Interests" for "Magistrates", "Conflict of Interest" for "the Investigating Police Officer", "the Inquiring Magistrate ...Removed by the Prime Minister", No Investigation on a Minister who reportedly had Contacts with the Suspects, allegations that a Policeman Informed the Suspects Before they were arrested, "False Claims" about "Progress in the investigation", "Failure to request possible Evidence from German Authorities", "MisLeading Statements by persons close to the Prime Minister", etc)

...it's not obvious at all that there might, eventually, be any Other Chance for Valetta to Escape from CoE's "Monitoring", unless those Problems are Fixed asap.



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It's important to create a synergy between "mutually stimulating" EU Countries' moves in order to overcome an "Unjust" Crisis "imported from USA", stressed new French Minister for Economic Revival, Patrick Devedjian, in Strasbourg, warning also that, while hoping for a vigorous Obama US Plan, nevertheless, "Time" is of essence for Europe...

In fact, it's EU's own interest to act Fast, before June 2009 EU Election, since, with Lisbon Treaty not ratified yet, it cannot face again the risk of a Majority Abstention, as back in 1999 and 2004, nor another "anti-EU" mood among Citizens, as in the 2005 French and Dutch "No", followed by the 2008 Irish "No", without endangering rare Historic opportunities, currently open for the EU, whose future is at stake.

From Social issues up to High-Tech Scientific Research, concrete action for Economic revival started from Strasbourg and its European dimension, for the new super-Minister Patrick Devedjian, who visited a Popular Social Housing and Infrastructure project at nearby Hagenau village, before meeting new leaders of Strasbourg's unified mega-University in a Scientific Labo at the Campus, close to EU Parliament and CoE headquarters.

Devedjian, who met also with all the spectrum of Local Political  deciders of Alsace region, close to FrancoGerman borders, wants for deeds to meet the words, in real practice, whenever politicians speak about Strasbourg and Europe's development.

Devedjan to "EuroFora" : "European coordination can act as a multiplicator by mutual stimulations"
Devedjian was questioned by "Euro-Fora" on his expectations for reciprocal effects of coordinated European plans :

- "We are living in a (European and Global) system where borders are transparent : When we take measures in France, they produce effects also in Germany, in Belgium, Italy, Spain, or other EU countries, and vice-versa. "So, we can have mutually stimulating effects between national revival Plans, if they are somehow coordinated", ..."They can augment each other's effects, acting as multiplicators and levers". "As a State stimulates Local authorities and Private business, similarly, each EU country's economic revival plan may multiply the effects of other EU countries' actions", he told us.

- "F.ex., when I visited Strasbourg University's Scientific labos, they told me that part of the renovation, funded by France, is realized by German companies located only a few Kms away from the border. Thus, the French revival plan benefits also the German economy. And vice-versa : when Germany takes certain measures, they can have beneficial effects also for French companies"

In an era of Globalisation, "nobody can close and isolate himself inside a Fish-Bowl !", he concluded.
Economy's revival starts from Strasbourg and Europe, for new French Minister Devedjian


This could be one of the reasons for which the new French Minister for Economic Stimulus chose to make his 1st visit to Strasbourg, the headquarters of European and Paneuropean Institutions, in the Franco-German river borders at the heart of Europe.

- "It was President Sarkozy's idea", he revealed, adding also fresh "support to Strasbourg's European vocation, not only with words, but also with deeds" :F.ex., the completion of a High-Speed Train network, due to stimulate fast links with Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary and other central EU Countries.

- "This Crisis is Unjust for Europe, because it wasn't its fault". The greatest part of the "Crisis was imported from the USA, where problems are deeper than here'', in the EU. The Crisis "wasn't due to a bad managment by Europe", who was affected by problems which emerged elsewhere. That's why Europe must be united and active enough to face this challenge. said Devedjian, who has just won +5% in popularity...

- "I hope that there will be an "Obama-effect" also on Economy, and that the Plan of the New American President will be substantial enough to face this crisis, which is worse in the USA than in our area", Europe, he added.

"Economic Revival overcomes political divisions : F.ex. Strasbourg's Socialist Mayor "Ries agreed that State actions funded by Public Debt are justified during such exceptional circumstances", noted the Center-Right republican Minister.


"Zeitnot" for 2009 EU Elections ?



"My problem is Time", stressed Devedjian from the outset, at Strasbourg's University. "I have to engage 75% of funds in 2009, out of a total of 29 Billion euros", he explained later. "Monitoring will be of essence", because we must "avoid bureaucracy or delays. No project should get lost or neglected in complex meanders of adminstrative offices' moving sands", he warned.

- "I must create activities in the middle of the Crisis", he added. Questioned by EuroFora whether he aims to start creating some "hopes before the June 2009 EU Elections", Devedjian, a former leader of the Governing Political Party in France: UMP, did not immediately reply, but revealed, later, that he "hoped to start at least some Projects on May 2009, even if the bulk of Revival Plan's effects are "expected from Autumn 2009".

However, with only 30% of EU Citizens currently aiming to cast a vote at the forthcoming EU Elections on June, (See other NewStory), the  coordinated moves' results are expected to be crucial for Citizens' participation and votes at the forthcoming June 2009 EU Elections throughout all 27 EU Member Countries...Thus, it's vital for all Europe's own Future that coordinated national Economic revival plans start to have concrete results and create hopes for new dynamics before the June 2009 EU Election...

A real challenge, since careful choices are needed : Our aim is to fund projects which "create activities", even "in the middle of the crisis", and have a "lever effect, attracting other investments", Devedjian said. Because the "Stimulus' Plan has 2 aims : A Tactical one : to create New Activities. And a Strategic one : Choose what can become efficient and useful also in the Long-term". 

- "Are you ready ?", he asked Strasbourg University's new President, professor Alain Beretz, with some 700 million euros in his pockets for Education-Research in France. - "We are !", he replied.

- "The Minister's initiative can accelerate funds, and Time is important for us. This concerns the entire renovation of all our buildings", said to "EuroFora" President, Beretz. "I showed some Scientific Research Labos to Mr. Devedjian. But, If we had more time, I could show him also some Education Amphis, whose condition needs to meet Strasbourg's new Mega-University's ambition" to reach the 10 best in the World, as Prime Minister Fillon earlier anounced here.


(Devedjian kicks off his Economic Revival tour from Strasbourg University, meeting with its new chairman Beretz, at Scientific Institute Le Bel) 


Regional Prefectures should gather and select projects to be presented for decision before the end of January 2009.

A well-known close friend of President Sarkozy, who succeeded as EU Chairman to launch, in agreement with German chancelor Merkel and even British prime minister Brown, vigorous EU actions against the Financial/Economic Crisis, (starting from the 1st Historic Summit of EuroZone's Heads of State/Government, October 12 at Elysee Palace, followed by Washington G20 Global Summit), Devedjan will have a key role in the realisation of National and EU plans recently agreed in Brussels.

President Sarkozy is expected to arrive himself in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the official inauguration of its brand New Mega-Hospital, on the 9th of January 2009, at the eve of EU Parliament's session here, Elysee confirmed shortly after Devedjian's visit.

EU is due to review its economic revival plans at March 2009 EU Council in Prague, before the April 2 London Global Summit.





Multi-facet concrete activities at focus : Stimulus Minister Devedjian at the Political, Social and High-Tech fronts in Strasbourg...


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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